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Your favorite titles?

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Crazy Taxi.

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Didn't you just ask like five days ago?

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Welcome to /vr/, newfriend.

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Jet Set Radio

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memecast is le not retro

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It's jet GRIND radio...

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Marvel vs Capcom 2. Too bad Ebay sellers want ridiculous prices for it.

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begone newfag

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>"it's not retro"
>posts pic where it clearly says it is retro
What did he mean by this?

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Skies of Arcadia
Powerstone 1/2
Soul Calibur
Chu Chu Rocket
Space Channel 5

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>muh capcom

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Rush 2049
NFL Blitz 2000/2001
Propeller Arena
Zombie Revenge
Alien Front Online
Toy Commander

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No welcome to /vr/for you, we have an archive for a reason, these threads are spam

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Ready 2 Rumale Boxing Round 2. Fun as he'll fighting system especially when you're playing a friend who is on you're level. Tons of great characters who are all very fun to unlock. Had the DC and PS2 version back in the day and the DC one performs a little better.

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Soul Calibur
Garou MOTW
Gunbird 2
Zero Gunner 2
Mars Matrix
Neo Xyx

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Record of Lodoss War: Advent of Cardice
Maken X
Star Wars Jedi Power Battles
Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage
Bomberman Online
Floigan Bros
ChuChu Rocket!

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Last Blade 2
Mars Matrix
MvC 2
Power Stone
The fishing games

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sengoku turb

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>Skies of Arcadia
Fantastic but holy fuck that random encounter rate

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Superb taste

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I tried to play Berserk and it was a huge pile of shit. What's good about it?

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Berserk is good. It's your taste that's shit

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He's right, though.

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Based newfag.

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>berserk is shit
You don’t deserve to touch a Dreamcast or any video game for that matter.

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Are you a fan of the manga?
I Can only see people who are already beraetl fans enjoying this movie.

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I recently got EGG and it's great. Might have to replace Grandia II with it but I'm too lazy.

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Are you a fan of the manga?
I could see that this game might only appeal to people who are already fans of Berserk.

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I don't mean the manga, I mean the game. Guts' Rage.
Haven't read the manga. I tried the game for the gameplay and was disappointed.

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the ps2/xbox versions go for way more despite being inferior ports

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crazy taxi
sonic adventure
lack of love
toy commander

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Bangai-O (USA) Conspiracy Entertainment 2001 Shoot-'Em-Up
Blue Stinger (USA) Sega 1999 Adventure
Boku no Tennis Jinsei (Japan) Bimboosoft 2001 Sports/Tennis
Bomberman Online (USA) Sega 2001 Strategy
Border Down (Japan) G.Rev 2003 Shoot-'Em-Up
Bust-A-Move 4 (USA) Acclaim 2000 Puzzle
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (USA) Activision 2000 Platform
Caesars Palace 2000 - Millennium Gold Edition (USA) Interplay 2000 Casino
Cannon Spike (USA) Capcom 2000 Shooter
Capcom vs. SNK (USA) Capcom 2000 Fighter
Capcom vs. SNK - Millennium Fight 2000 Pro (Japan) Capcom 2001 Fighter
Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Millionaire Fighting 2001 (Japan) Capcom 2001 Fighter
Capcom vs. SNK 2 Fan Disc (Japan) Capcom 1991 Miscellaneous
Carrier (USA) Jaleco Entertainment 2000 Adventure
Castle Shikigami 2 (Japan) Media Quest 2004 Shoot-'Em-Up
Centipede (USA) Hasbro Interactive 1999 Shooter
Championship Surfer (USA) Mattel 2000 Sports/Surfing
Chaos Field (Japan) MileStone Inc. 2004 Shoot-'Em-Up
Charge 'N Blast (USA) Xicat Interactive 2001 Shooter
Chicken Run (USA) Eidos Interactive 2000 Adventure
Chu Chu Rocket! (USA) Sega 2000 Strategy
Cleopatra Fortune (Japan) Altron 2001 Puzzle
Coaster Works (USA) Xicat Interactive 2000 Strategy
Confidential Mission (USA) Sega 2001 Gun
Conflict Zone - Modern War Strategy (USA) Ubisoft 2001 Strategy
Cool Cool Toon (Japan) SNK 2000 Rhythm
Cosmic Smash (Japan) Sega 2001 Sports
Crazy Taxi (USA) Sega 2000 Driving
Crazy Taxi 2 (USA) Sega 2001 Driving
D2 (USA) (Disc 1) Sega 2000 Adventure
D2 (USA) (Disc 2) Sega 2000 Adventure
D2 (USA) (Disc 3) Sega 2000 Adventure
D2 (USA) (Disc 4) Sega 2000 Adventure
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix (Japan) Konami 2000 Rhythm
Dance Dance Revolution Club Mix (Japan) Konami 2000 Rhythm
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (USA) Acclaim 2000 Biking/Sports
Daytona USA (USA) Sega 2001 Driving
Dead or Alive 2 (USA) Tecmo 2000 Fighter
Dead or Alive 2 - Limited Edition (Japan) Tecmo 2000 Fighter

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Personally? I like
Mr. Driller (USA) Namco 2000 Action
Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness (USA) Namco 2000 Action
MTV Sports - Skateboarding Featuring Andy McDonald (USA) THQ 2000 Skateboarding/Sports
Musapey's Choco Marker (Japan) Ecole 2002 Puzzle
Namco Museum (USA) Namco 2000 Miscellaneous
NBA 2K (USA) Sega 1999 Basketball/Sports
NBA 2K1 (USA) Sega 2000 Basketball/Sports
NBA 2K2 (USA) Sega 2001 Basketball/Sports
NBA Hoopz (USA) Midway 2001 Basketball/Sports
NBA Showtime - NBA on NBC (USA) Midway 1999 Basketball/Sports
NCAA College Football 2K2 (USA) Sega 2001 Football/Sports
Neo Golden Logres (Japan) Success 2000 Pinball
Netto de Tennis (Japan) Capcom 2000 Sports/Tennis
New Japan Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 4 (Japan) Tomy Corporation 1999 Sports/Wrestling
Next Tetris - On-line Edition, The (USA) Crave 2000 Puzzle
NFL 2K (USA) Sega 1999 Football/Sports
NFL 2K1 (USA) Sega 2000 Football/Sports
NFL 2K2 (USA) Sega 2002 Football/Sports
NFL Blitz 2000 (USA) Midway 1999 Football/Sports
NFL Blitz 2001 (USA) Midway 2000 Football/Sports
NFL QB Club 2001 (USA) Acclaim 2000 Football/Sports
NFL Quarterback Club 2000 (USA) Acclaim 1999 Football/Sports
NHL 2K (USA) Sega 2000 Hockey/Sports
NHL 2K2 (USA) Sega 2002 Hockey/Sports
Nightmare Creatures II (USA) Konami 2000 Adventure
Omikron - The Nomad Soul (USA) Eidos Interactive 2000 Adventure
Ooga Booga (USA) Sega 2001 Action
Outtrigger (USA) Sega 2001 Action
Pen Pen TriIcelon (USA) Infogrames 1999 Action
Phantasy Star Online (USA) Sega 2001 Role-Playing
Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 (USA) Sega 2001 Role-Playing
Planet Ring (Europe) Sega 2000 Puzzle
Plasma Sword - Nightmare of Bilstein (USA) Capcom 2000 Fighter
Plus Plum (Japan) Takuhiro 1999 Puzzle
POD - Speedzone (USA) Ubisoft 2000 Driving
Power Stone (USA) Capcom 1999 Fighter

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Make sure to check out:

UEFA Dream Soccer (Europe) Sega 2000 Soccer/Sports
UEFA Striker (Europe) Infogrames 2000 Soccer/Sports
Ultimate Fighting Championship (USA) Crave 2000 Fighter
Under Defeat (Japan) Grev Ltd. 2006 Shoot-'Em-Up
Unreal Tournament (USA) Infogrames 2001 Shooter
Urban Chaos (USA) Eidos Interactive 2000 Adventure
Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service (Japan) Capcom 2000 Fighter
Vanishing Point (USA) Acclaim 2000 Driving
Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense (USA) Activision 1999 Driving
Virtua Athlete 2000 (USA) Agetec Inc. 2001 Olympic/Sports
Virtua Cop 2 (Japan) Sega 2000 Gun
Virtua Fighter 3tb (USA) Sega 1999 Fighter
Virtua Striker 2 (USA) Sega 2000 Soccer/Sports
Virtua Tennis (USA) Sega 2000 Sports/Tennis
Virtual On - Oratorio Tangram (USA) Activision 2000 Fighter
Wacky Races (USA) Infogrames 2000 Driving
Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour (USA) Eidos Interactive 2000 Driving
Wetrix+ (USA) Xicat Interactive 1999 Puzzle
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Europe) Eidos Interactive 2000 Game Show
Who Wants to Beat Up a Millionaire (USA) Berkeley 2000 Action
Wild Metal (USA) Rockstar Games 2000 Action
World Series Baseball 2K1 (USA) Sega 2000 Baseball/Sports
World Series Baseball 2K2 (USA) Sega 2001 Baseball/Sports
Worms Armageddon (USA) Hasbro Interactive 1999 Action
Worms World Party (USA) Titus Software 2001 Strategy
WWF Attitude (USA) Acclaim 1999 Sports/Wrestling
WWF Royal Rumble (USA) THQ 2000 Sports/Wrestling
Xtreme Sports (USA) Infogrames 2000 Sports
Yu Suzuki Game Works Vol. 1 (Japan) Sega 2001 Miscellaneous
Zero Gunner 2 (Japan) Psikyo 2001 Shoot-'Em-Up
Zombie Revenge (USA) Sega 1999 Beat-'Em-Up
Zusar Vasar (Japan) Real Vision 2000 Driving

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Here's a few hidden gems

Skies of Arcadia (USA) (Disc 1) Sega 2000 Role-Playing
Skies of Arcadia (USA) (Disc 2) Sega 2000 Role-Playing
Slave Zero (USA) Infogrames 1999 Action
Sno-Cross Championship Racing (USA) Crave 2000 Driving
Soldier of Fortune (USA) Crave 2001 Action
Sonic Adventure (USA) Sega 1999 Platform
Sonic Adventure 2 (USA) Sega 2001 Platform
Sonic Adventure International (Japan) Sega 1999 Platform
Sonic Shuffle (USA) Sega 2000 Action
Soul Calibur (USA) Namco 1999 Fighter
Soul Fighter (USA) Mindscape Inc. 1999 Beat-'Em-Up
South Park - Chef's Luv Shack (USA) Acclaim 1999 Game Show
South Park Rally (USA) Acclaim 2000 Driving
Space Channel 5 (USA) Sega 2000 Rhythm
Space Channel 5 Part 2 (Japan) Sega 2002 Rhythm
Spawn - In the Demon's Hand (USA) Capcom 2000 Shooter
Spec Ops II - Omega Squad (USA) Ripcord Games 2000 Shooter
Speed Devils (USA) Ubisoft 1999 Driving
Speed Devils Online Racing (USA) Ubisoft 2000 Driving
Spider-Man (USA) Activision 2001 Adventure
Spirit of Speed 1937 (USA) LJN Ltd. 2000 Driving
Sports Jam (USA) Agetec Inc. 2001 Sports
Star Wars - Demolition (USA) LucasArts 2000 Driving
Star Wars - Episode I Racer (USA) LucasArts 2000 Driving
Star Wars Episode I - Jedi Power Battles (USA) LucasArts 2000 Beat-'Em-Up
StarLancer (USA) Crave 2000 Simulation
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (USA) Capcom 2000 Fighter
Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike (USA) Capcom 2000 Fighter
Street Fighter III - Double Impact (USA) Capcom 2000 Fighter
Striker Pro 2000 (USA) Infogrames 2000 Soccer/Sports
Stunt GP (Europe) EON Digital Entertainment 2001 Driving
Stupid Invaders (USA) (Disc 1) Ubisoft 2001 Adventure
Stupid Invaders (USA) (Disc 2) Ubisoft

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For me, it's

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4 years ago
Shenmue 1 & 2, Skies of Arcadia, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Soul Calibur, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Samba De Amigo, Space Channel 5 part 2, Power Stone 2, Headhunter, Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves, Fur Fighters, Jet Grind Radio, Phantasy Star Online ver 2, Cool Cool Toon. To name a few. But definitely the first 5 or 6 of those.
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4 years ago

Sonic adventure - very great game

sword of the berserk: Guts' rage - a great hacka nd slash

House of the dead 2 - probably my favorite rail shooter

soul calibur - first 40 ever on famitsu, great fighting game.

phantasy star online eps. 1 & 2 - if you've never played, play these, wonderful mmo styled gameplay, still some free servers up too.

runners up:

Jet set radio - genre? Skate and paint, very fun and unique game

blue stinger - survival horror, fun with enjoyable voice acting

maken x - first person action rpg, fun and different
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4 years ago
Toy commander is a lot of fun and not mentioned yet.


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4 years ago
I second this, great call

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Sonic Adventure 1 & 2

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Thanks for copy-pasting the Wikipedia article on Dreamcast releases.

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You faggots won't even meet up with me online

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>crazy taxi
>power stone

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You forgot to type "2" next to Power Stone and Crazy Taxi.

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>liking inferior products

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What's up, you don't have friends to enjoy the 4 player feature that wasn't included in the boring prequel?

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Gotta make an sd card. See you in 6 months.

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u wot m8?

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Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!

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Gotta get an std. See you in 6 months.

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dreamcast can go fuck itself
probably sonic shit i dont know

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What are some good dreamcast games that never got ported forward is some fashion?

I mean I have one but I feel like just about everything of worth can be played else ware. For the time it had a lot of cool exclusives but the only game that comes to mind of being 'trapped' on the Dreamcast is Seaman.

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Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram (favorite)
Crazy Taxi (second favorite)
Rez (pretty sure you should probably just play this on PS2 though, IIRC it runs at 60fps there, it's 30 on DC)
Power Stone
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

I played a bunch of Triggerheart Exelica on the thing, but I dunno if I actually like that game. The swinging mechanic is kinda wonky.

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Best home console port of my favorite arcade game.

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>No one here like Phantasy Star Online
Fuck /vr/. I'm leaving

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Go read the rules. The new rules you autist.

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The original name is jet set radio. It was only called jet grind radio in north america.

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When will people learn that the Dreamcast is the final video game console? When will people learn that PS2 all the way up until Switch have ZERO right to exist? I cant wait until 50 years from now when I'm old and get to watch Xiggers cry over their Xtrash no longer working while I laugh and play my REAL consoles like NES and Atari because theyre not made of shit parts and will outlive me.

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>Beautiful visually-appealing interesting art-style and graphics
>Fun engaging gameplay
>Absolute motherfucking SLAP of a soundtrack thats up there with the very best of all time
God do I love this game

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Wow man /vr/ sucks

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I feel like 9 squares isn't really sufficient and I'm leaving off some kino games.

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I heard it was Jet Grind, and they changed it to Jet set because English pre-SJWs said grind meant like a chick grinding her ass on your dick so they changed it in PAL and future releases.

>> No.5630459

Improved on the arcade version so much. So many hidden extras, game modes, secret paths, and the wings too.

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No Tokyo Extreme Racer 1 or 2?

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Seaman's on ps2 as well

>> No.5631202

same but COTH (1) instead.

>> No.5631203

Any major difference between REN and RE2 on Dreamcast and the ones on PS1?

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read the sticky, retard

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read the rules, retard

>Sixth generation and later consoles are not considered retro.

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Playing Zombie Revenge right now.

It's fucking hard as fuck and they only give you 5 lives and you can't get any more in the original. You can put it up to 15 in the original mode but that's cheating

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>Last Blade 2
I hear the DC version sucks.

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Graphics are better, different options, some extra content

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Your safespace bubble here doesn't decide what is retro in the real world, which considers those games retro in 2019. Time doesn't stand still. Deal with it.

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Censorship (US only) that led to accidentally preventing one of character endings that requires bisecting your foes, no arranged tracks, and so forth. Compared to the Neo Geo CD and PS2 versions it's pretty mediocre, but the Dreamcast version has Musashi from the first game playable like the Neo Geo CD, and allegedly doesn't have the same slowdown/sound problems as PS2. The Neo Geo CD version is arguably the best home console release overall unless you somehow cannot tolerate load times at all.

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I still want to buy it so I guess I'll import the jap version instead.

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Definitely a big fan of Shenmue. I replayed them again this year and enjoyed them a lot more than I expected to, considering I've finished them multiple times on release.
Something about them still holds up so well, the music, characters and environment are excellent and all fit perfectly together to be something special. The gameplay of following clues and the combat is still really fun for me too.

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>To build a DreamPi, you need the following hardware:
>A Raspberry Pi
nah i'm good

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