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I just started a new game with the knight, I forgot how good the combat in this game was. What are your thoughts on Blade of Darkness?

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Fantastic game. Truly an underrated gem.

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>What are your thoughts on Blade of Darkness?
pretty good, but it's no Die by the Sword

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I couldn't get into the game because of the gameplay mechanics. I loved the concept and the dismemberment system, but I thought it was difficult to handle.

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>Die by the Sword
how the hell do you play that game, I barely managed to reach the giant boss and he is unbeatable

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Great game, I managed to nab the spanish limited edition -- probably the rarest box in my collection.

Blade is a better game in pretty much all respects. Sword gives you fine control which is cool, but it doesn't make it more fun/engrossing overall.

Been a long time, but I remember crouching and swinging for legs on enemies that proved difficult to decapitate.

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post some severance dismemberment/cool combos webms

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Amazing game.
A pity its half finished.

The amazon is borked.

I absolutely love its atmosphere, the engine and music it uses. It has that weird dark fantasy feel we kinda lost. Which was a weird mix of conan sword an sorcery and tolkien.

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back to /v/ with your game, zoomer

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excellent game but sorry anon, it's not retro
>spanish limited edition
what did it have from normal editions?
fuck off with your shitty meme you nigger

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what's wrong with Amazon? She was playing fine for me.

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The game was finished, sort off, for both Sargon and the Tukaram. The dwarf and amazon were not finished.

Looks at the move list, in fact the game becomes piss easy with the amazon. Almost broken.

Playing with the Knight and barbarian is a much better experience and amps up nicely with the better weapons and movesets.

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