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No, you just need to know where to look.
Google those:
"the eye"
"archive.org <console>"

Now get out.

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This was a fun thread.

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i dont know even know what rom site to use all i know is i can find any game i want with a quick google search cause im not shit at the internet

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This is how I know you're not a zoomer. Only boomers can search and find. If it's not an "app" they're fucked.

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you know we got an emulation general and a wiki that will tell you all that you desire, from what's the best emulator for a given system and where to get games for it.

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most of those got deleted, or replaced full versions of DOS games with shareware.

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I've been torrenting ROMs since 2003. You smoothbrains should just buy the official emulation products.

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Orly? I never find any seeds for game torrenz, even when i wait a few hrs everyday for a week. I have better luck with animes and porn. Retro gamers never seed.

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EP still works if you google the workaround

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Cut off one head, 2 will grow.

If you look for it you gonna find a lot of nice sites. If it's not swarmed with ads, or makes you download special launcher to download game then it's fine!

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Imagine not being able to find things on the internet during current year

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where the fuck do you live?

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Not too hard to imagine really.
For certain things, I find it more difficult now than 15 years ago.
The internet is now far more clogged with vapid and useless (but SEO'd) bullshit than it used to be. There's far more dishonest shit to sift through. Sites change url schemes or just remove content. If your search is something that has been covered with an official narrative in corporate gayfag media, have fun sifting through piles of fake news just to find something simple and informative. Instead of useful and informative public forums with good discussion everyone's on fucking discord.

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Doesn't seem so.

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what obscure rom site was taken down now

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if you can't find what you're looking for with google try yandex or something. Russians pirate like crazy.

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You obviously have a bad torrent. When I get home from work I'll post a few magnet links. I get whatever I want instantly.

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yeah actually try some of these sites, you'll just end up downloading SECRET_OF_MANA.EXE

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Vimm's Lair is still up and I've been using it for nearly the past 15 years.

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yeah and we're not telling you where to find the rest, NINTENDO. fuck outta here

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>he hasn't had fullsets for at least all 8-16-bit consoles downloaded for years already

Big oof.

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Not all of them. Honestly, the problem with the arcade stuff on archive is that it's too goddamn cluttered with them. It's hard to find your version.

Your Archive Fu is weak.

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Check /t/

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yes go back to modern games faggot

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Get >>>/v/ , scum.

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>Relying on public sites
>Doesn't already have everything /vr/ related and then some.
Imagine being this much of a plebian. Just imagine.

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No, there's still tons of them. Emuparadise still has download links you can restore with a browser extension. There's Coolroms (use alternative download links only), Wowroms, ROM hustler, Vimm's Lair, Nicoblog, CDRomance, The ROM depot, Portal Roms. Edge Emulation, The Eye, and Archive.org.

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>He thinks there's such thing as a 'fullset'
Even if you're just looking the dumps no-intro catalogue there are new games added every week.

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>Not using linux.

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>There's far more dishonest shit to sift through.
>He doesn't remember the days of "ROM TOPSITES VOTE FOR US TO ENABLE DOWNLOAD LINKS"
>He doesn't remember the days before the likes of No-Intro, TOSEC, etc.
Even with Nintendo throwing their tantrums it's better and easier than it ever was back in the day, even if you're a public site pleb.

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>Vimm's Lair

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You are aware there is an emu paradise workaround right? The ROMs aren’t gone. Just google it lazy fuck.

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or check the box to show file extensions, and why would you ever double-click a ROM? But you should be torrenting ROMs instead of getting them from shitty ad sites.

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i am not much of an emulation guy so i've never really understood why everybody wants no intro collections. why would i want a games intro gone? or what do they do?

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No-intro is the name of the group. They verify that dumps are clean. No-intro and redump are good things to look for when getting rom or ISO sets.

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alright, that makes a lot of sense now. thanks anon

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Suck my peepee Nintendo.

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Whats wrong with vimm's? Been using it for years no issue.

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"Scene" dumpers like to put "cracktros" in GBA games and various others which show up before the game starts. No-Intro started as a way of removing the cracktros... instead of redumping them. Now they learned, but kept the dumb "No-Intro" name.

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>Retro gamers never seed.
Ok, I am home from work.

No-intro 2018

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ah, of course. i completely forgot the existence of these. makes even more sense now, thank you

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If someone replies to you with a resetera style "OH NONONO" you can disregard their post.

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>A history of adding/editing ROM headers to carry the site's name and URL. Still does this for some systems.
>Repeatedly doxed/threatened to dox dumpers who wished to remain anonymous when they've asked him to cut his shit out
>Slaps a promotional watermark on other people's manual scans and ups them to his 'vault'.
>Repeatedly been caught bulk-importing and watermarking other group's collections. Has repetedly throw a hissy fit and claimed they'd been downloading his stuff and 'removing the watermark'
>'Implicated' in the takedowns of several other sites back in the day. To the point of being screenshotted bragging about it on IRC
Vimm is a cocksucker who doesn't care about preservation, the integrity of what's being shared, the community, or anything beyond self promotion.It adds nothing and exists solely as a means for him to make a name for himself peddling the real scene's hard work.

Oh hi Vimm!

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you all idiots sound pathetic and how come you've been playing games for over two decades but you still haven't downloaded full sets?

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>i completely forgot the existence of these
its always really comfy when you find a rom that has an old as fuck demo listing its bbs or a trainer I think I still have a bunch of snes roms saved somewhere

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>Implying MUH ROMZ kids on a Taiwanese fishing lure webring like /vr/ care about accurate preservation.

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'Full sets' don't exist outside of a tiny handful of systems. There is new stuff being found and dumped constantly, dumps being verified/found to be inaccurate and discarded, etc.

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That reminded my of a guy in Brazil, nicknamed "Cauptain" (yes, with the typo). He made his own PSX rips where the only thing he changed was this text in the image. It said "by Cauptain" instead of "Licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment America".

I mean, I understand someone who wants to put his name in the title screen of a romhack or translation he made. But putting your name in a game where you didn't change anything? Cracktros had rad chiptunes, but the GBA ones were annoying as fuck. Some were more than 1 minute long and also unskippable.

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Shhh. He's got Mario 1, 2, AND 3. Sounds like a pretty full set to me! :3c

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>but the GBA ones were annoying as fuck
don't shit on mode 7 they were based as fuck

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>"Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

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Listening to this shit every time I booted a game up was not "based as fuck".

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Thanks gonna report them all to Nintendo. Bye.

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>He made his own PSX rips where the only thing he changed was this text in the image. It said "by Cauptain" instead of "Licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment America".
That's kind of hilarious. I actually think there's an argument for contemporary cracktros and stuff being preserved, as long as people know what they're getting and good clean dumps are also readily available.
As an Amiga scene kiddie I've got strong memories associated with that stuff and kept a lot of games I had zero interest in actually playing because someone had done something cool or novel with their cracktro. More generally there's a huge part of the system's history that's being gradually lost to time as people slowly vanish from the scene - nobody ever really recorded he stuff going on behind the scenes.
This is, of course, very separate to the likes of Vimm just tainting and upping other people's work. Fuck that guy in the ear.

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>contemporary cracktros and stuff being preserved
speaking of look at what I just found

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>tiny handful of systems
le fullset is never full
i have a prototype
it's $20k
plz post ur credit card information here & i'll ship it to u

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>When you kept that one game just for the savage diss in the cracktro.

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>buy 'official emulation products'

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bad thread

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Yes. You have to buy all your games on ebay now.

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Damnit. Who's got time for that? What's even in there? 2018 of what exactly?

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Nice intro, scenesters. Only problem I found is that their roms only worked with VisualBoyAdvanced for me. That and and the clone emu for Android "GBA.emu".

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The "fullset" i ever bothered to download was for GB , and it lacked pokeymans and was full of bad dumps and clones.

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Fucking hell. If you're going to post a shitty, out of date no-intro collection at least post one that's slightly LESS out of date.

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Wow what a shitter i had no idea

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Ok.Looks like it includes a whole bunch of Intellivision and Commodore 64 stuff I ain't caring about. Thanks but no thanks. I'm no autist completist.

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>Vimm is a cocksucker who doesn't care about preservation, the integrity of what's being shared, the community, or anything beyond self promotion.It adds nothing and exists solely as a means for him to make a name for himself peddling the real scene's hard work.
Oh boo fucking hoo. 90% of people are just there to get roms and don't give a shit about the integrity of some "scene".

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As foretold in the prophecy.

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>Thanks but no thanks. I'm no autist completist.
What system do you want a magnet for?

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t. lamer

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What are you going to do about it.

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I am unable to find these working ROMs that work on my Hackchi mini SNES.

>Act Raiser 2
>Space Megaforce


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Guys, two things

which rom site do you think is gonna be the last one standing

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I usually looked for torrents of specific games for PC Windows 98++. At least I used to. Now I just have too many GOGs in my backlog.

I was complaining about full PC games getting removed from archive.org...

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Something russian or chinese. Maybe not chinese, since most chineses seem to be addicted to mobage gambling now

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Some sekrit club shit we'll never hear about.

>> No.5601501

What do you have to gain by assisting someone so stupid that they can't even utilize a search engine to find what they're looking for?

Why give the sites more exposure to potential takedown? What is the actual thought process of you retards?

>> No.5601516

I really meant public ones, old style since those have the balls to be out there, serving users out in the open whilst making themselves prime targets

secret clubs can suck my shiny ding ding dong for all I care

>> No.5601543

Why don't rom hosts just get an onion domain and forget about takedowns?

>> No.5601628

IPFS, Freenet or ZeroNet would be preferable. I also want an excuse to use ZeroNet. If there's ever a migration to ZeroNet's Millchan, it'll be fun.
Probably Romnation. They removed the Nintendo ROMs when the DMCA was sent to them 10 years ago instead of trying to play the hero.

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>I was complaining about full PC games getting removed from archive.org...
Ten-Four. I don't know shit about torrentz and am a 40 year old boomer, but someone posted a great list of "magnets" months ago with some decent full ish sets of pretty much everything console ever. Since I am half retarded with a PC, I haven't seen or saved a win9x set of game torrentz.


>> No.5602250

>listed on first page of google results
i actually agree with you on OP being a stupid faggot, which isn't news though

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Fuck torrents, have some Mega links for full libraries.
psx: https://mega.nz/#F!U6wl0RgA!qsuYTh9QCSKTAF7EoXCUQg
dreamcast: https://mega.nz/#F!x3o3EIRA!NE5ZWLJ7XB3Dp41D4QHbwA
saturn: https://mega.nz/#F!gzJyQKBL!iHGsqzRuW2FP80OHUTMp6A
pc-engine cd: https://1fichier.com/dir/imuVPzFC?af=116809
mega-cd: https://1fichier.com/dir/EBPeMazn?af=116809

Have fun.

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>Now get out.
Why would you post this?

>> No.5605116

>using anything but rw or ntu

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>> No.5605404


Aah brings back memories of my atari/amiga/c64 days.

>> No.5605405

Can I just save the links and download the games some other time, or should I download them now because the link will get taken down? Thanks dude

>> No.5605418

>temporary 4chan
pick one

>> No.5605508

You're welcome.

It's up to you, I don't really know. The Mega links have been up for 6+ months, but others I had got deleted (like the whole pc-98 and pc-88 library).

>> No.5605554

How to spot a zoomer:
They think every site on the internet stays up forever
Here's a protip, if you find some hot warez it would be prudent to download them NOW and not treat illegal rom sites like your own personal off-site cloud backups.

>> No.5606023

I see. How do you find these kinds of links?

>> No.5606347

this kind of thinking is how I ended up with 2tb of archived downloads from sites that are still active 5 years later

>> No.5606956

>i was the first 5yo with a 2tb hdd

>> No.5606970

Just get full romsets and keep them on an external drive. Most before cds/dvds were used are small enough in size and space shouldn't be an issue. Sets are easy enough to find in google or the duck.

>> No.5606975

Basically what i'm doing now with a 4TB seagate with USB3.0 I just got. 700+ games for the systems and titles i'm interested in, but not downloading literally everything.

>> No.5606976

>an external drive
You mean 2 external drives.

>> No.5606981 [DELETED] 

Where the fuck do you even find the verified Redump ISOS?

I found full rom sets in archive.org, but the PS1, PS2 and Gamecube games are nowhere to be found except random blogs that may or may not have perfect dumps.

Where am I supposed to look for those?

>> No.5606985

4tb should be overkill unless you're hoarding roms or moving on to ps1/ps2 isos. Would you really need 8tb for roms? A 4tb external costs a little more than $100, well worth it.

>> No.5606987 [DELETED] 

This. Never EVER trust a single drive with all your important shit. They can die randomly.

Also never buy a single new drive, buy two. And if you want to replace your aging drive, copy all the data to the new one from the old one AND do it again for the backup. From the old drive in both cases. Don't make the mistake of transferring everything to the new drive and then from IT to the backup drive, because if the new drive happens to be defective and is silently damaging the data as soon as you transfer it over, you'll be transferring that damaged data to the backup drive, effectively making both useless and losing your data.

>> No.5606993 [DELETED] 

I need a 4tb drive for storing roms and isos. And a second one for storing the exact same data as a backup.

>> No.5606995

In the right places, tax aside, you can get >>5606975 for like $89. And honestly I compress all of my PS1 ISOs into PBP after some CDmage work to get things down into a single bin. I only ever get emulator issues, not file content problems, and it cuts down on the damn bin/cue issues.

>> No.5606997 [DELETED] 

Money isn't an issue when all the entertainment related stuff I ever buy are HDDs. Exclusively. I never buy a single game, console, movie or comic. Let alone music.

>> No.5607000 [DELETED] 

Jesus. Do what you like with your isos as long as they work, but don't upload them anywhere. You are most likely damaging them in some obscure way. We don't need any more bad dumps floating around.

>> No.5607003

There's a reason why emuparadise have PBP as separate downloads. None of mine malfunction so far from testing, but the same can't be said for the ones uploaded already.

>> No.5607007 [DELETED] 

>moving on to ps1/ps2 isos
This makes me realize that there are people right now obsessively collecting every single version of every single PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Wii and PS1 games. Every single one of the shitty games takes up around 1 or 2 GB.

>> No.5607072 [DELETED] 

Same here, no fucking idea.

>> No.5607114

The amount of time and space that could be saved if those were in a superior compression format is maddening. Why are we still .zipping in current year?

>> No.5607119 [DELETED] 

Thanks, but where did you get those games? Did some random Mexican dump them? I don't trust a random guy not to fuck up the dumping process or to check that the game is not damaged.

>> No.5607120 [DELETED] 

Where did you even get those? Torrents?

>> No.5607134

Good work anon, you are well prepared for Romageddon
>tfw dropped a bunch of yearly sports games and guitar hero and eyetoy games from the inital ps2 download to save space, need to go back and get them to be a completist chad

>> No.5607135

What do you recommend?

>> No.5607173

Either RAR or 7zip; whichever one works better is situational. 7zip works better on similar files like ROM packs, while RAR tends to have better success on certain audio formats that may or may not be on discs.

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File: 59 KB, 1024x706, a58iww9tblz21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No sadly all roms ever are gone forever.

>> No.5607847

You don't even need to "move on" to PS2 little zoomer. You can easily fill 4TB with /vr/ legal stuff. Well maybe not (You) but someone who's not retarded could.

>> No.5608165

GGn. Good luck getting an invite though

>> No.5608173

How about a dual bay NAS?

>> No.5608187


but really just search for five seconds and you'll likely find the rom you want.

>> No.5609048

>Relying on GGn for retro stuff
Christ. Imagine living this way. Just imagine.

>Hard to get in to

>> No.5609049

Hi /vr/, /g/ here for your daily reminder: NAS is not backup.

>> No.5609159

There is like a grease/tampermonkey script to download stuff from Emuparadise.

>> No.5609168

Oh no, is it stilldown?

>> No.5609172

emu paradise has a browser add on workaround

>> No.5610415


No idea, a kind anon posted them long ago, I'm merely sharing to help you guys out.

>> No.5610512

"Now get out" is a tradition on /vr/. From recommendations to asking for rom links. In the sense of "Here's your answer, now get the fuck out. You're not welcome." (in jest, I believe).

>> No.5610593

>one guy occasionally forget's which board he's shitposting on and posts it here

>> No.5611237

It's not hard, but just time consuming if you're not on any other tracker. And they have redump sets, so what's the problem?

>> No.5612228

maybe if you stopped posting these "in public" the mega links would still be alive.
some maybe. they're redump sets.

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>ywn download snes classics from coolroms.com over 56kbps dialup and hide them on the family PC again
It hurts to realize

>> No.5612441

>tfw hiding your burnt cd marked "games" full of roms and your zsnes executable

>> No.5612447
File: 76 KB, 680x834, DKSz3SWUEAAZv7n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your dad finds your roms and deletes them because they were slowing the computer down

>> No.5612451

Does it sadden you guys to know that in say 20 years no one will play "roms" and will just play steam re-releases or streaming versions from PS7 or Xbox -1 or the Nintendo Change or whatever abominations are out then?

>> No.5612457

not my problem

>> No.5612468

I doubt society will last another 20 years. Us boomers will be trading rom sets by hand in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

>> No.5612475

>implying civilization hasn't been eradicated by nuclear holocaust by then and we'll all be playing roms by candlelight

>> No.5613952

May I suggest a tampermonkey (or greasemonkey for Firefox) script workaround for emuparadice if you are willing to painsteakingly download individual games?

>> No.5613971

you may not

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