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Best games for the saturn? I'm looking into picking one up and I've barely touched it other than a couple of shmups. Can either be exclusive or superior versions of PS1 games.

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Panzer Dragoon Zwei is the best one.

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>superior versions of PS1 games.
Unless you're into 2D fighting games, good luck.

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>I’m looking into picking one up
>doesn’t know any games for it
So why are you even looking into getting one in the first place

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Feel the sunshine anon.

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Legend of oasis
action rpg with a ton of unsolved mysteries.

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Grandia, Dead or Alive, and Thunder Force V say hi.

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dont they say bye cause they are jponry

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>ton of unsolved mysteries.

like what

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Playing imports is easy on the Saturn. You can install a region switch or use an Action Replay Cartridge. Going further you can also easilly install a Mod Chip or get a Pseudo Saturn to play burned games and then you can just patch the region code with easily available software.

Dead or Alive and Thunder Force V have little to no Japanese text in them, and Grandia has an English Patch in development:


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supposed seventh companion teased in the manual,the little robot statue at the beginning of the game,the unsolved statue puzzle in the sky levels,pink rat ect.

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Panzer Dragoon Azel/Saga is also an obvious must.

Just don't buy the original copy. Pirate it.

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i bought a saturn to complete a sega set from 80s onwards but the price of games is ridiculous so its a shelf filler ast the moment

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>superior versions of PS1 games
Silhouette Mirage. Though it was a Saturn game first.

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I do whatever youtube says is cool

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Anarchy! In The Nippon
Bulk Slash
Nekketsu Oyako
Fighters Megamix
Virtual On
Die Hard Arcade/Dynamite Deka

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>ctrl+f powerslave / exhumed
>0 results

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I get the feeling that this game pick up on popularity after DF retro made episode on it.

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this and dragon force. play dragon force, OP

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Magic Knight Rayearth is the best 2D Zelda.

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Been looking at recommendations here. There's a metric fuckton of japanese only games, surely there are more that can be played without knowing jap, right?

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Scorcher is a fun hidden gem on the Saturn

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few of my faves

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Bulk Slash

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Death Crimson
Planet Joker

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Mostly fightan, shmups and beat em ups/belt scrollers. If you’re a fan of RPGs or adventure games you’re outta luck.

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What? Death Crimson is HORRIBLE. Death Crimson O.X. on the Dreamcast is serviceable, if you like hearing skeletons make glass shattering noises when they get shot.

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Didn't get the joke you autist

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This is my top faves.

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a classic

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If the youtube man says a good game is good then we all have to pretend it sucks, that's how it works around here.

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Fuck this looks fun, but I can't imagine playing it with the saturn gamepad.

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Fuck you and your shit for ruining the thread you mega autist

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It plays great with pad.

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Yeah, I just checked the controls and it doesn't seem that confusing.

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true hidden gem, don't let the tourists tell you otherwise, im a real gamer

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Like many kusoge, this has some obscure cult following in Japan

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Shinobi Legions is all right.

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If you don't mind lesser known games, check out Zero Divide The Final Conflict

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Kinda looks like it was built around Virtua Fighter's game system

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Every game wanted to be VF in mid 90s.

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Fuck, good one bro.

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Shining force 3

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Dynamite Deka ( Diehard arcade ) fun in the arcades :D

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I'm not too much into tactical RPGs but I heard Shining Force 3 with all scenarios and premium disk is the best thing on the saturn.

Is it required to play the previous 2?

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lol no

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Get good.

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check out the rpgs and 2D fighting games. MAke sure you got the ram cart though.

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Aside from arcade ports?

Saturn Bomberman
Panzer Dragoon
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei
Fire Pro Wrestling S
Guardian Heroes

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>good games
choose 1 lad

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cringe bernieposter

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what's stopping sega from making a saturn mini?

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Good emulation.

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burger nintoddler detected

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it's a joke you mongoloid.

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it's a joke you mongoloid.

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Here's some interesting stuff, even if not all is actually great:

The Panzer Dragoon series is ace, definitely pick them up. Top fucking quality.
NiGHTS is fun and has nice graphics for the machine. Bit short, but it's entirely built around score-attack play.
Bulk Slash is a fantastic transforming mech game with cute navigator girls you can discover in each stage (or if you don't care, just pick up the one on the first level). It's JP only, but you don't need to understand jack shit to play.
Most of the Model 2 ports range from okay to fantastic. Virtual On, Virtua Fighter 2, Sega Rally, that sort of thing.
Sonic R kinda blows due to its short length and awkward controls, but it's got nice graphics and cool music.
Psychic Assassin Taromaru is super rare and expensive... but you can just burn a copy these days and it's a neat 2D with polygons sidescroller. Great fun, lots of style.
Ninpen Manmaru is obnoxious as fuck, but it's an original 3D platformer on the machine. Starts off really easy, eventually becomes full of obnoxious perfect jumps in 3D.
Wipeout on Saturn runs at 20fps instead of 30 and has an altered soundtrack, but it also has more forgiving collisions and might be worth playing for that.
Die Hard Arcade is one of my favorite beat-em-ups, but I haven't actually played it on Saturn in some time. Should be arcade perfect, other than loading. I've mostly just played the PS2 release these days.
Sonic Jam has the cool 3D Sonic World. Shame about the heavy, random slowdown in Sonic 2 (it's present but not really an issue in S1 or S3&K) and shitty sound effects. It's got time attack and other cool shit, and easy mode if you're really bad at Sonic.

dunno if it's my Saturn, Pseudo Saturn Kai, or what, but TFV has obnoxious framerate issues vs on PS1 for me
like, anything in TFV with any substantial 3D geometry on screen makes it drop frames like mad


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NHL '98.

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>anything in TFV with any substantial 3D geometry on screen makes it drop frames like mad

Must be your Saturn, for me it only drops frames in maybe 1 area that really matters (the Guardian Mother bossfight). It drops frames in some other cutscenes, like the forest boss blowing up, when you enter the water on stage 1, or when the final final boss changes forms, but that do not affect the gameplay.

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