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Diablo 2 thread.

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Ran into this guy on my way to kill Hell Shenk.

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not retro

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>runs on retro hardware
Is retro. Zoom zoom elsewhere kiddo.

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>plugy windowed
>scales my cursor speed with the window's difference from 800x600
>awkward pixel scaling

>3dfx windowed
>does very weird things to my cursor position when opening/closing inventory screen

Relatively sad times, honestly.

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How does Uber Diablo just spawn randomly???? Wtf?

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I'm playing full screen glide. No issues to really complain about so far.

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I've just settled for 1280x960, works good enough.

Also damn, having storage space is so wonderful. Can actually keep my runes nice and organized. Mal, Gul, Ohm and I'm not even at Act 3 hell yet, feels bretty gud.

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>Mal, Gul, Ohm and I'm not even at Act 3 hell yet, feels bretty gud.
Must be nice! I'm on A5 now and the only decent rune I've gotten is a Mal, which I got from the Hell Hellforge. I got an Um from Countess, but that's a pretty low rune in comparison. Feels pretty bad.

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Just seems so wrong to me.

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Yeah I'm honestly not used to having decent luck. I found a Hellslayer earlier too, but had to vendor it due to a lack of space.

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Is it same shitposter?

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Don't you have to sell a bunch of SOJs to vendors?

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Plugy simulates world event including other people selling sojs I believe.

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been playing a couple weeks now lads. i finished nightmare days ago, but have been farming andy and meph for better gear, because it was taking while to kill in act 1 of hell. anyway, i got my first soj today. i've been trying to get the tal amulet though.

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That's all they sell for? So they were used as currency back in the day for the stats? Is it the best ring?

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Who doesn't want +1 skills and +25% max mana on their ring slot?

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I want it. Guess I just misinterpreted its use as currency. Is it the best ring?

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Sorc is way slower to start than I remember...chugging mana pots gets tiring. Running around with this thing (found on pally or nerco) and spamming frost nova when there is enough stuff to murder with it.

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You could get better rings, but it wasn't super easy. +1 Skills at just level 29 is pretty huge.
It was also not *too* uncommon, farmable at a low enough level, and only took one inventory slot, which just kinda made it a nice currency item. Small charms with good stats were also popular for trades(especially life/poison with res), but their values were less consistent. Perfect/chipped gems had value, but took too much space, etc.

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Jamella 3.0

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I just noticed how accurate to the game these images are.

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Srsly. Everyone said do sorc do sorc so I did and normal was hell and I doubt I finished NM b4 quitting

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>look up what the lowest req 5 socket weapon I can get for CtA is
>think I'll need to go farm for one
>5os flail casually drops in hell halls of the dead
Just an ist to go and I'll have gotten my first high runeword that's not been on a private server.

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Not valid. I've had a thread deleted and been warned for posting about a game that runs on retro hardware but released in 2001.

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I never played late game extensively, nor have I ever gotten high-level runewords. How long does it take to farm them?

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Oh, 1999 and D2 is 2000, figures. It seems like it comes up a lot on the board pretty frequently though, Do mods just let it slide or something?

Honestly me neither, I've just been getting very lucky. Mostly it was on private servers with buffed rune drops, or on bnet where I could trade. I think you'd need a bit of luck, and a lot of patience. I don't know the numbers for actually farming them, but I can't imagine it's a speedy process. I think the play is to see what rune drops you get and go for runewords that you've already gotten a bunch of the harder runes for.

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Why is the original so much better? So much deeper with strategy, and harder, with still good multiplayer.

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The real diablo is the friends we make along the way.

Going through some D2 burnout right now, despite not playing it much at all recently. Burnt myself out on the game making the fucking mod. Christ. It's weird too, I actually want to play, but every time I boot the game up, I lose the will to play in like 10-15 mins.

Why does this one faggot come at the start of every new thread to complain about it not being retro. Definition of insanity something something

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unfortunately lacks in replay-ability though

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sorc is for meta fuckboys. Unless you play some cool shit like firewall+thunderstorm, you deserve a bullet.

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I'm level 17 and switched to Lightning/Chain Lightning.

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I miss thunderstorm being good.

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>got burnt out on MFing Ancient Tunnels and leveling other classes up to Hell Act 1 only to sit there until they're geared
>started playing Ragnarok Online again to scratch the same "collect rare items" itch but to mix things up a bit
>been playing 2 weeks straight now and still no cards have dropped
>see people in the server get 2-3 cards an hour and i'm just incredibly unlucky
>consider just quitting the diablo/Ragnarok etc "collect rare gear" genre altogether
what do you guys do when RNGjesus fails you?

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Plugy randomly spawns him at low chance (simulating people in Bnet selling SoJs) or you can force spawn him by selling a SoJ yourself.

Not that i get why anyone would actually willingly sell a fucking rare and OP item like a SoJ for fuckin gold though wtf

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Tal amulet is considered the rarest Tal piece. You'll likely get everythin else first, except the body maybe.

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something along the lines of D2 was supposed to come out earlier but something delayed release, plus it runs on retro hardware (literally runs on a Pentium 2 233mhz) so cuz of both of those reasons it's generally OK
but once in a while a newb janny/mod kills the thread

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Unironically just willpower through it more often than not, people are too faggoty these days and give up too quickly.

I supposed you could also jerk off then go back to the game, that tends to flip a few switches in the brain. Stop playing for a few days. Go for a walk. Play a different game. Do something else in the game.

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>Stop playing for a few days. Go for a walk. Play a different game
yeah i think i'm just in one of these stages right now. been playing some other stuff and every now and then i'm like "yeah I wanna do some Meph runs" or something.
I guess main sticking point is i'm needing some high runes but I dont have the patience or autism to grind LK runs and I'm sick of doing Ancient Tunnels/Mausoleum runs.

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I wish I didn't know about racks. I found a shako one and I'm absolutely going to run it ~400 times.

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Lower Kurast, hell difficulty. I'm assuming that has some effect on the odds but I'm not entirely sure what.

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Lower Kurast, hell difficulty. I figure that has some effect on the odds but I'm not entirely sure what.

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Third time's the charm...

Lower Kurast, hell difficulty, idk how that affects the odds.

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For what possible reason could you want that information? They drop from any rack in an area that the shako drops. Annoys me when I see youtube comments filled with idiots asking where a specific item dropped, like they're gonna go there and drop it themselves straight away.

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Where is the rack that drops Shakos?

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>So much deeper with strategy

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Nah the armor is more rare.

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>look @ me and my super cool and hip meme builds guys

Yeah, nobody cares kid.

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Thank you LK for most useful rune.

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>not a ber


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>have infinity now
>not sure what to build to use and where to farm with it

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I had the same problem.
>waited soo long to get infinity
>so used to playing blizz sorc I don't want to change to lightning
>prefer insight
It kicks ass with fury javazon.

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They implemented dclone originally to create a sink for the gigantic rosters of mules full of duped sojs. I'd would love to run plugy but I just can't give up on kolbot

Congrats. A light sorc with infinity can run keys (countess/summoner/nihlathak), kill the council, full 85 area clears, baal runs, there's plenty to do.

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fuck only needs griffons

>> No.5588987

I prefer lightning over blizzard though. Just can't pick a zone right now, or if I should play a javazon.

I can't decide if I should run p3 full pit clears, or p1 but kill only champion packs, or if I should run p3-5 CS or p3 baal runs.

I really want a griffons too. Did thousands of pindle runs without getting one, so I just focused on farming my infinity. Supposedly the pits are the best place to drop one, but RNG is a big fat fag.

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what /players setting reaches the absolute cap on drops? 5? 7? 8?

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literally every elemental/caster build my dude.
sorc, fire or wind druid, javazon (poison or lightning), trapsin, bowazon, poison necro

all those mobs you usually have to teleport past, runaway or wait and hope your merc kills for you.. you can kill them now.

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Do you guys think I should larzuk this uglyass boi for a fortitude or just yolo cube it? I'm not sure how much I'm into this appearance.

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Just cube it, you'll find more.

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I have recently reinstalled and got to play it on a private shard ( Path of Diablo, for the intrested ). I didn't play it since DIII came out, but I've been a hardcore DII nerd for a decade.

I just can't fathom how did Blizzard manage to strip just about anything intresting from this game and release the turd that is DIII. That is a level of incompetence that is bordering on a sabotage.

I've got every goddamn class in DIII to 70 and 1k-ish of paragon, yet I had more fun running around with a gimped necro in the last few days then in all that 'improved' DIII play.

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A summoner necromancer that is hell-viable and can MF with ease can be geared with vendor bought gear and tad of luck during the playthough. Just don't do retarded shit, like getting boosted to hell and being totally undergeared for it.

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>Path of Diablo

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I accept this kind donation of a (you) and raise it one.

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I would play it, and want to, but the fact its necessary to be online instantly turned me off the mod. Bad enough d3 does that.

What kinda faggoty ass mod creator forces online?

>> No.5589314

A reddit one.

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I keep seeing white diadems and lacquered plates and it's triggering me to no end.

>> No.5589589

I just noticed that the Barbarian sometimes sounds like Charlton Heston.

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I was in a vent reset team doing endless baal runs a few years ago, and blue and white shakos were dropping everywhere, no end in sight.

We noticed this and started yelling out shako whenever a blue/white one dropped and laughing at the screen like hysterical virgins. RNGesus heard us and in a misguided attempt to stop us from having fun, the shakos started turning gold

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I want a Herald of Zakarum so badly ;_; but NM meph isn't giving up the goods.

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You know nothing of HoZ pain.

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I've never seen a SOJ, and I've been playing this game forever.

>> No.5589740

Have you ever actually tried farming for it specifically, for a long period? I see people say what you said all the fucking time, but they've never actually tried for it.

It's really not that difficult to get.

>> No.5589752

I've been killing Hell Andariel for god knows how long trying to find a Tal's ammy....was hoping a SOJ might pop up. I got nothin.

>> No.5589761

Questbugged nightmare andy at 400 mf with a middle of the road player count can get it to drop like 1/1500. So much more likely than hell andy.

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sure kid

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>Not that i get why anyone would actually willingly sell a fucking rare and OP item like a SoJ for fuckin gold though wtf
maybe because díablo clone drops an even rarer and OPer item than soj? Do you know the existence of anihillus small charm rigth?

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>he doesn't know about aussieb

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No one cares about me and my HoZ odyssey.

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File: 710 KB, 566x642, 1553949863270.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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ez game ez life

I'd say that was probably around 50 racks, not bad.

>> No.5589914

dope. Might have to get into this at somepoint, seems faster to finish of the grail this way.

>> No.5589923

You'll have at least 50 shakos by the time you're at your last few grail items.

>> No.5589924

I am at my last few grail items m8. The two griswold set pieces are the main ones I'd like to farm from racks.

>> No.5589963

I assume you are on plugy? Did you just reset you Kurast map by going in and out of NM/Hell until you found a Shako rack?

>> No.5589968

You can't get those from racks?

>> No.5589973

Yes to both, but I wasn't actually looking for a shako rack, nor was I really spamming map resets, I was just kind of absent-mindedly clearing LK for exp. Noticed a shako drop from one, and it turned out to be reliable from the waypoint direction.

>> No.5589976

I dunno, maybe, why are you asking me? I haven't tried yet. Did you miss the

>Might have to get into this at somepoint

>> No.5589984

You can't.

>> No.5589991

What prevents it?

>> No.5590008

The game.

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fuckhead. Do they just not drop Coronas or something?

>> No.5590026

1/1500 with 10 minutes per run => 250 hours of doing nothing more then running after 40 bytes of data like a tard. At 250 hours one can learn an useful skill - one that yields proper monetary benefits ( also known as a "job" ).

I like the mechanical part of the game, but the pointless item hunting was retarded.

>> No.5590028

Yes, retard. Lama literally says it in the guide you posted.

>> No.5590034

The level of stupidity I see in these threads never fails to amaze me. Enjoy your no SoJ, moron.

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>10 minutes for a nightmare andy speed clear
You people never fail to disappoint.

Been a while since I've done runs on her, but you get a run done in less than a minute with even a shit sorc.

>> No.5590052

Dear sir. After playing the game for a decade ( probably close to 4-5k hours ). I found:
- 2 shakos
- 1 high rune ( ohm )
and no other elite unique or a HR. Everything else I have traded for, because after bazillion dupe waves the game suffered on several occasions there were a ton of items in the economy that would not be available otherwise in those quantities. Especially when 1.08 items or 40/15 jewels.

>> No.5590065

Lowering it to 2 minutes lowers the time to 50 hours.
> spend a week hunting for 40 bytes of code without actually playing the game, because lvl 80 character overpowers everything in NM
> have a life

Choose 1. The sad thing is that I was, at one point, doing Meph runs for days on end.

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File: 62 KB, 382x395, 1550605828925.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only ever found one elite unique in a decade
What the literal fuck have you spent that "decade" doing in game? You're either the living embodiment of the most unlikely odds in the history of the universe, or an absolute brainlet of incomparable proportions.

Kill hell baal three or four times and wow you've increased your lifetime elite drops by 400%.

Play a different game because single player is obviously not for you, or play only online, and stop complaining about drops.

Am I being le epin trolled? Is that what this is? No one can be this fucking retarded.

>> No.5590113

>What the literal fuck have you spent that "decade" doing in game?

Playing, doing mods, having fun. I kind of fell off when the baal-run bots took over. Do you know that in patch 1.10 it took 1/14000000 to get a ZOD if a rune dropped from a proper TC? Some tard tried once to convince me that it takes a month or so of farming to get one. Are you that kind of an idiot?

> Kill hell baal three or four times and wow you've increased your lifetime elite drops by 400%.

I've done that couple hundread times. Once even it took me and my team two hours, because we played on a fresh private server and doing Hell Baal at lvl 60 is not healthy. Fun times.

Btw - I have also never found a class specific unique.

>Play a different game because single player is obviously not for you, or play only online, and stop complaining about drops.

Drops in DII are retarded low. Always were. It is the sole reason why blizz made elites drop in DIII drop like candy.

I recall that in patch 1.09 there were a total of _three_ griswold caducei on the battle.net and Windforce once sold for $1000 on ebay. Two weeks before the first major dupe wave. Go figure.

BTW in 1.09 finding a white elite plated belt ( war belt was it? ) was rarer then some uniques. TC90 was an idiotic concept.

>> No.5590119

>I've done that couple hundread times
>not one elite unique
I call you liar.

>> No.5590175

So sir. This is how this game works. Getting an elite drop is fairly rare. Getting an elite and unique is even rarer. There being just a few uniques is also not helping.

To give you a glimpse - in order for Baal to drop from TC 87 ( top tier items ) you need to hit 1:989 chance. Which means that in 1000 baalruns you might _never_ get TC 87 item from him, let alone an unique one.

Now, come to think of it, I might have found some of those garbage ones - like Blackoak or Gladiator's. I dunno, its been a while.

>> No.5590183

Elite uniques are not limited to TC 87.

You're making things up and spouting hyperbole. I am done with this conversation, liar.

>> No.5590196

No, they aren't, but the pattern remains. The higher something is on the TC ladder, the rarer it drops. Baal does not shit out TC81 or even TC72 items. People were running for years after a Herald of Zakarum or Occy and those are TC50-something.

Ferfucksake, I never _found_ my own Shaftstop. All those I had I traded for.

>> No.5590325

yeah thanks for the tips. i have a good summoner necro though, slowly plinking my way through act 5.

>> No.5590332

get on a sorc or javazon, roll a good catacombs and it should only take you 2min per run if you're being lazy

>> No.5590368

How do I know if Andy was properly bugged? Does it matter if I take her portal or my own?

>> No.5590384

I enjoy making a new char and clearing Hell with it (especially with plugy). I am seriously doubting whether I have the autism levels necessary to farm the runes for something like Enima or Infinity though. Maybe I'm getting too old now idk.

>> No.5590387

Killrob did a great video on the andy bug


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File: 1.71 MB, 1920x1200, 1482854538377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be necro
>the wand that makes your poison damage even viable is the second rarest item in the entire game
>even if you do get it, and trang'ouls, and bramble, you have no way to break poison immunity

>> No.5590690

Holy shock/zeal pally from the last few threads here. I made a Crescent Moon in 1h sword, which I used for A2 to A4 until I found a Baranar's Star, which seems to be much better. My merc currently has an Insight which isn't really doing anything. I was wondering if I could make another Crescent Moon to give to my merc? Would I still be able to make use of the -35% LR? Does he have to hit a mob for it to work?

>> No.5590709

Only works for the wielder as far as I know.

>Baranar's Star
Used one on my hardcore zealer a while back, really quite good. I think I even swapped to Fanaticism as my main aura with it.

>> No.5590740

>Baranar's Star
Congratulations! You've found a valid end-game weapon. You can certainly beat Hell Baal with it.
And if you want a weapon upgrade for your merc, make an Obedience polearm (if A2) or if you somehow don't need the aura (you certainly might not need one with a Holy Shocker, though with Baranar you can also respec to Fana and go Might+Fanaticism) and want something unorthodox, Harmony Blade Bow (for A1 Rogue, I sometimes like her support as a meleer) or Lawbringer one-handers (for an A5 barb).

>> No.5590795

>Beat hell baal
>Instantly burn out
I made a mistake...

>> No.5591012

I'm gonna play vanilla til I kill hell Baal then downgrade and try mods

>> No.5591098

What builds would you guys recommend for a fresh play through? Preferably something that can solo hell

>> No.5591103

Speaking of mods

What adds the fancy item info? I tried searching but couldn't find that one.

>> No.5591113


>> No.5591119

Elemental druid

it's not plugy, it's a item filter.


>> No.5591127

summoning necro.
put puts evenly into skeletons and skeleton mastery.
1 point into amplify damage, 1 point into decrepify curse.
20 points into corpse explosion
then dump whatever's left over into a golem of your choice, bone armor or whatever.

pretty retard-proof build that you cant fuck up and you dont even need gear. as you go through the game hang onto gear with good resists and +skills and you're set.

>> No.5591153

I switch over to a monster building game like monster rancher 2 or monster seed or jade cacoon or (insert monster builder here) and play that for a week. I also grind out monsters and levels and items in legend of mana

>> No.5591161

I'd put a point into each golem, a couple points into golem mastery if your clay starts dying alot, and 1 into summon resist b4 maxing CE. Can always respec later if needed. Clay + 1 pt in decrepify is needed for bosses.
Having a couple extra points in amplify is nice for the larger cast size for the fast small numerous minions, at least until you get + to skills and then can respec them back to a single point.

>> No.5591202

Is shako a cap? If so I just got one in nightmare.
was regular non magical. Got it in cold plains of all places. if so what am I supposed to do with it or what makes it so special

>> No.5591247

Shako is the short way of referring to Harlequin's Crest.

>> No.5591267

Was fucking around with my barb last night. Respec'd him into a WW trav gold runnung barb. Had about +1400 gold find on main and about +1800gf and 350mf on swap with dual ali babas. I was getting about 300k-550k gold per run on p1. Interesting build but he's still too weak/need better gear to run it effectively and was burning through my rejuvs like no tomorrow.

>> No.5591297 [DELETED] 

NOW THAT GOD IS DEAD (and sadly, Deeblo hasn't yet risen to take His place) and morality has been undermined, the endeavor for meaning is more frustrating and futile than ever before. To reflect this, there are unceasingly more works of art that expound upon the premise of perpetual pointless progress in purgatory, and I can think of none more successful than Blizzard North's classic computer game from the turn of the millenium: Deeblo Two.

This is your invitation to play Deeblo Two, over the Internet (and for free!) with a sexy young twink bro who has a nice dick. I've posted this ad in the understanding that, for some, this may be preferable to not doing anything whatsoever with a sexy young twink bro who has a nice dick. I live alone, but I cannot allow you to come over with a laptop to play, because I do not support the oxymoron of laptop gaming. Likewise, I cannot allow you to come over with a desktop computer to play, because it's 2015 and LAN parties just aren't cool anymore, old man. If anything about you ought be straight, make it your priorities.

Besides, I'll be in no state to have company over since I'll be naked (pics related), as I often prefer to be when I play games. I've learned the awkward way that being naked around others is not conducive to a properly immersive gaming environment. And Deeblo Two does require both hands to play, if not much else. If you're reading this ad on a computer with a mouse and keyboard attached, you're all set. Follow the link below to an IRC channel I reside in, and we'll help you get prepared to play. Don't worry about legality; I've got spare legit keys and am generous when need be. No, this isn't any scam of any sort -- it's a chatroom, the all-text kind, and it's more convenient for me to manage than playing email tag with so many separate people. Please pick a unique nickname when you join. Also, please be patient, leave the tab open, we're not always on our computers or looking at the chat, etc.

>> No.5591303 [DELETED] 


I posted this in casual encounters because I assume you're mostly casual gamers, and this is a fine opportunity to train you faggots into real men (or women) capable of putting down Deeblo. No, but really, the only people who still play this dead game are either not people (bot programs) or lame-o spergs who've already hit max level with every class and copy all the cookie-cutter builds and skip the cutscenes. Fuck that. I've tried getting my select group of Internet friends (the people in that chatroom) to play it with me, but they've all been put off by it. One of them is straight, lives with his girlfriend, and actually bought Destiny at launch. He thinks he's somehow above Deeblo Two and never wants to play it, even though he loved Deeblo Classic and Deeblo Triple.

I don't understand straight people. Please represent me, so I don't have to understand anything anymore. Please celebrate the civil rights victories you've fought for on my behalf with petabytes of inane forum posts and petitions. Please understand. We've run out of time; we've run out of space. There's just no place for the subhuman race. Nintendo ain't dying, but we are... you and me are.

>> No.5591305

eh i see the other golems as kinda shitty compared to clay, though fire can be OK if you end up against a pack of ghosts and other physical immunes (though Amplify Damage usually removes the physical immunity so meh no big deal).
clay golem gets really good with levels, his +slow stacked with a single cold skeleton mage and decrepify on bosses is awesome.

>> No.5591306 [DELETED] 

The real appeal to me of playing Deeblo Two on Hardcore -- and only on Hardcore -- is the ecstasy of sudden, violent, permanent death. When you die, it's over. Oftentimes I even uninstall the game just after for maximum satisfaction. It is like the taste of air after nearly drowning, or better: Deeblo Two is the cure for the cancer it provides. The cancer of clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, and caring about comparing so many shitty swag drops to get the best damage, the best numbers. Always bigger numbers, multiplying just like cancer. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata died of cancer about a week ago. He never got the chance to play Deeblo Two with me and experience the cure for cancer. You may admire him, but you don't have to make the same mistakes he did.

The only deaths that matter are those of leaders and artists. Satoru Iwata led a company that had given up on artists.

>> No.5591307 [DELETED] 

Deeblo Two is a cooperative game for up to eight players. It also has PvP, but it's optional and it sucks and we won't talk about it. We will share the same screen-space, for heightened intimacy and tension, with all our attack skills causing kaleidoscopic carnage. Every enemy in Deeblo Two is half bloodbag, half slot machine, and all easy (until you get to Hell, or so I've heard). You click them, they die, and then they drop random swag (also known by the pedestrian term "loot") which you can equip to kill bigger things quicker for better swag. The biggest risk is getting surrounded and gangbanged to death. When this occurs to you, I will not mourn your death, and I will instead promptly divest your corpse of its swag and parade around with it, killing what you couldn't while you feel dead and cucked. This is similar to not only finding another man with your lover, but already on his way out the door, wearing your clothes and with a copy of your housekey on his lanyard (formerly yours). That's just what you get for being a shitty player and not investing your stats into good synergies.

But we will feel guilty for not adequately protecting you, and we will miss you. So there is that. As Harlan Ellison wrote in his afterword: For a short time you were here, and for a short time you mattered.

>> No.5591308 [DELETED] 

Sex. Death. No strings attached. DRM-free. Are you chill? Are you clean? Are you discreet? Are you Anonymous? Can you feel shame anymore?

The only consolation for death is choosing it in advance. Clicking that checkbox. There is no reason to play otherwise. But I don't want to die alone. Not yet. I haven't given up yet. I don't deserve to die yet. I don't want to play Deeblo Two alone.

Some people may have been offended by the gender stereotyping in my previous ad, where I jokingly implied that women are averse to videogames ("You must be a man because uhhhhhhhhhhh videogames.") What I actually meant by that, of course, and what the ad was partly about, was sucking dick. If there are any women out there who are hardcore gamers and have dicks that need be sucked and were offended by my ad, I apologize profusely. But I think I'm done with smoking cock for a while now. I've had many chances to smoke cock, but I've never yet had the chance to play Deeblo Two properly. We could help each other. We could get ahead, not just get head. Maybe it does get better. Also, sucking dick is gay. Maybe not for women, but they're all terrible at it anyway, and go figure since they're all lesbians OOOOOOHHHHHHH

>> No.5591312 [DELETED] 

(Haha. That's going on my stand-up routine. Haha. I gave up on women because I'm pathetic and men are so much easier. Haha. I'm a fucking attention whore with an abhorrent personality and I can only feel wanted for my body by shallow faggots, which is better than nothing. Haha. I'm a faggot. Haha. I'm the most pathetic cocksucking faggot ever, and I'm not even particularly attractive. Haha. If you offer any sympathy I'll make you regret it by laughing at you, just to redeem my toxic self-esteem. Haha. This is all ironic, this is all hilarious, don't you get it??? Some of you people just don't understand!!!)

The lyrics on Remain in Light are eerily prescient, particularly these lines: I'm a tumblr, I'm a government man // Drowning cannot hurt a man // All I want is to breathe, won't you breathe with me?


It could be read that David Byrne is singing about government oppression, but I think a more logical understanding is a prediction of the dehumanizing effects of operant conditioning chambers, such as Deeblo Two, or discussion involving memes. After all, this is the same man who, in 1983, prominently featured the proper spelling of the word "VIDEOGAME" (ONE WORD, DIPSHITS) in the background of their unforgettable Stop Making Sense tour (see image above). This, decades before internet degenerates would dedicate their whole idle lives towards shitposting about "video games", as if they understood anything about anything. As if they could ever understand. A lot of them bought Destiny at launch.

>> No.5591316 [DELETED] 

I just wanted to play Deeblo Two with normal people. It's all I've ever wanted, for at least a few days since the last dick I sucked. I know it's dead, I know it's hopeless. I might as well just whore myself out on here as a final resort. I might as well play it alone until I die and find some other excessively time-consuming way to lament the death of meaning. I might as well just kill myself.

Wait a moment...
Are you listening?

I understand now



m4mm m4mw m4ww m4www m4wwww m4mw2 (best of the series desu)

>> No.5591394
File: 26 KB, 480x478, take him away.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your delusional and spreading misinformation. Comrades take him to the infirmary.

>> No.5591483

Just put blackbog's sharp and clear the pit

>> No.5591550

How much life leech do you have? Maybe you need some more. I just made a WW barb myself, ripping through big ass mobs and almost never having to worry about health or mana is really satisfying,
especially when you're in the middle of the action.

>> No.5591560

How much magic damage reduced by do you have? What about fire resistance and +max fire resistance?

>> No.5591604

I normally play frenzy barb and have ok/good gear but I eventually want to go into this gold find build. I'm playing plugy hg and thought I would try it out. All the gear except main weapons were for +gold. Resists were pretty low, probably under 30. I don't think I had any life leech either.
It was just an experiment to see if I could run trav well enough.

>> No.5591620

Anyone here had trouble Installing the Median XL mod? Ive done it about 3 times now and I'll i have achieved is corrupting the game files. I have the game installed on my desktop, for reference and was wonding if you guys got that mod.

>> No.5591638

The cumulative damage from all the hydras can really fuck you up, but decent MDR also shuts them down hard. Since you're looking for gold find anyway, you can't go wrong with Infernostride + dual Dwarf Stars; it's literally the cash set-up for Trav specifically.

>> No.5591658

>can't go wrong with Infernostride + dual Dwarf Stars
Yeah that's what I was using and - goldwrap, chancies, ik helm, wealth armor, gheeds and full of gf charms.

>> No.5591693

>wealth armor
Sounds like your problem might be a lack of defence, possibly coupled with insufficient leech.
With a good armor + Shout and Iron Skin you should be able to avoid most of the damage if it isn't elemental damage giving you trouble.
Leech % is reduced to a third on Hell and councilmembers have like 33% leech resistance IIRC, so you need a fair bit of it to be effective. What weapons are you using? You might want to use an arreats face or vampire gaze instead of IK hat.

>> No.5591954


>> No.5592084

Ah aight so nothing special in that cap. I' ll throw it on my merc. thanks anon

>> No.5592119

You can't cube superior items you dingus.

>> No.5592205

I just put 1 in each to buff the clay. Sometimes I'll make a blood when /p8 and getting hit alot.

>> No.5592565

Congratulations on being the most pathetic human being in history.

>> No.5592580

It's a maphack from a shitty reddit mod called slash diablo, and with it comes a simple loot filter you can configure really well. You don't have to use the maphack features (I don't), but you need it to run the filter.

It's pretty mandatory imo. Filters out worthless shit like antidote/stamina potions, small potions, id/tp tomes, garbage rares/blues/whites that you'd never pick up, small piles of gold, etc. Gets rid of clutter real good.

>> No.5592596

Neat, I'll check it out.

>> No.5592605

If you're getting someone else's configurations though careful where you get them from. I got mine from the worst mod ever made (PoD) and had to reconfigure it because it fucks shit up due to the differences in the games.

>> No.5592813

>decide to kill Duriel for jokes
>233/16 raven
>my best one yet


>> No.5592874

I'm assuming you mean this one? I should be fine configuring it from scratch. My only worry is it's gonna make my vanilla/plugy game explode.

>> No.5592876

>it's gonna make my vanilla/plugy game explode

Why would it?

>> No.5592885

then just make a backup before you try

>> No.5592990

Easiest to install it on a fresh install.

>> No.5593192
File: 464 KB, 1280x960, 190521-00.11.13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reroll my really really good superchest lower kurast because I really want some runeword bases for my merc that's still using a shitty excep polearm
>get this pretty much first try
life is good

>> No.5593219

So what's the deal with Clay Golem and Golem Mastery on a summon necro? I've been shitting all over everything with /p7 up until A3 NM and now my Clay Golem feels a little squishy and is getting dumpstered by the tree guys. Do I put more points into it?

What do you guys think about Bone Armor? It seems like it could be useful, but it doesn't feel like a "one point wonder". Is it worth putting points into it?

>> No.5593235

You can put a few more points into it at the moment, to keep it alive, but down the line you'll get more +skills from gear, so you can reallocate the invested ones later.

Bone armor is breddy gud for not dying, I use it on all my hardcore necros. Similar to above, but some people actually choose to max it. But pro tip, don't max the skill itself if you are going to, it actually gets more damage absorb from the synergies than the skill itself.

>> No.5593273
File: 3.08 MB, 4032x1960, 20190511_042908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do this for bone skills just for making a bone wall to block off mobs for my skeles to kill.

I'm also curious about golem skills. I figure 20 in skele and 20 mastery, 20 in CE, and 20ish for one point wonders. Then rest in clay? Or mastery?

>> No.5593373
File: 2.74 MB, 1280x960, 190521-01.38.54.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's so painfully efficient and I HATE it. I'm pretty sure it's faster for me to just grind out the rsi than it is to cube the eth ones that drop.

>> No.5593405

Nice. Fucking fast.

>> No.5593414

>teleport bound to q
A man of taste I see.

>> No.5593442

>teleport bound to q
Good to see I'm not the only one who does that. I also use things like E/R for swapping between guided arrow and magic arrow for immunes.

>> No.5593583

i put points into Clay golem just so his +slow% is stronger. by the time I have a good 10 or 15 points into it he has enough slow that I can switch my Merc away from a +slow polearm like Kelpie or Razortine to something with more damage like Obedience. Clay golem also has a decent amount of HP with points put into it.
Blood golem used to be the best golem in old patches where Iron maiden & blood golem together were bugged. now he's just kinda shit.
Iron golem is cool if you give him the right item but if you use a good item on him and he despawns, dies or you log out of the game you lose him. always seemed like a waste of time to me.
Fire golem does decent additional fire damage which is nice, I sometimes use that like if I'm going through Arcane Sanctuary or somewhere with a lot of ghosts.

>> No.5593590

lately i've been only putting in points into CE just to get it up to like 10 yards or so radius instead of maxxing it at 20.
The extra points dont increase it's damage, just it's range and when you consider that 10 yards covers most of the game screen then just any more just comes across as points I can put elsewhere, but that's just me.
bone armor is good, worth getting to 20 if you have the spare skillpoints. means the difference between an archer pack 1-shotting you or you dying if something gets the jump on you. obviously you can just play more carefully to avoid those kind of situations but it's nice if you like to play lazy semi-afk Necro.

>> No.5593703

Any of you guys fux with botting on bnet?

>> No.5593742
File: 566 KB, 612x600, 190521-05.01.32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I took a break, then got lucky when I came back.

Don't do racks, kids.

>> No.5593910

>playing diablo 2 before 1.13 patch and hr droprate increase

Damn son.

>> No.5593950
File: 407 KB, 542x593, 190521-06.52.45.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welp, I got robbed.

>> No.5593993

My question, does the +1 skill affects these, meaning you cast lvl4 bc, lvl 2 bo, lvl 5 bcry?

>> No.5594001

It does, as does any '+ to all skills' from other gear. The +1 from battle command stacks as well.

>> No.5594017

>been seeing this thread scrolling thru for the last few weeks
>still have it installed with plugy from about 9months ago
>been working on a low lvl necromancer with no real goals past a few skeletons and some poison
>having alot of fun and also started work on a paladin with nothing planned past getting some levels built up

>> No.5594056


awesome. Let us know how its going sometime

>> No.5594072

Thank you. My mancer and paladin are both lvl 10 and 12 and ive used a few charms from my plugy stash to give me an advantage here and there. Got 2 giant charms that give me a total of 50 poison over 5 seconds ive been using on my paladin to hit harder for where im at. Mostly been running blood raven on my paladin and clearing the 2 dungeons she has.

>> No.5594149

fuck, I didnt know this.
fukken nice

>> No.5594150

nice dude, glad to have you in the community and good to hear you're having fun.

>> No.5594364
File: 402 KB, 806x629, gf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I made a couple of tweaks to gear and skill distribution. Swapped out chancies for laying of hands, ik helm for arreats face, now using highlords ammy and kept the skillers I have instead of going all gf charms. Survivability seems ok but I have only done 2 runs so can't really tell yet, I am hitting max light and fire res though (75L, 85F). Gold find has taken a hit coming down to about 800 main and 1230 swap (and ~300mf on swap) but still managed to pull +300k each run. Main weapons are grief and lightsabre and merc is using eth reapers toll but he dies pretty quick - will mess around with his gear tomorrow, see if I can keep him alive.
Before I was relying on sheer hp from max bo to stay alive with only a coupe of points into iron skin and natural resist. With these changes it seems to be a lot better. I think I only used 3 rejuvs and some mana pots for mana burn.

>> No.5594372

I hate the function key defaults for skills, but I cannot seem to shake off the habits

>> No.5594576


Revives for Hell.

You can't use CE on Baal or Diablo so your best bet is to teleport right on top of them with enemies with crushing blow and high HP (udars, minotaurs, balrogs, etc.)

Unlike Diablo 1, D2 enemies can stack infinitely. They just don't due to their AI.

But when you teleport next to Baal with 10 skeletons and 20 revives, they will all be adjacent to him. Add in a might aura, some and a merc with freezeing and slow, plus decrepify and you can pin him or Diablo.

Revives will have tens of thousands of life and if you have fanaticism on they will rape their life bars.

Only bosses require good gear. A necromancer is the only class that can do Hell naked. CE just screen wipes all regular mobs. You can lure Meph near bodies.

>> No.5594609


Jeez, they really gimped the fuck out of melee in later patches.

I got up to level 86 with similarly good gear and an absolutely amazing rare elite great maul with 40% IAS, dual leech, Barb skills, and cruel+grand masters.

Still couldn't compete with my shit gear sorc or necro.

>> No.5594610

How many points into Revive?

>> No.5594696


I forget. I realized that with decent + to skills maxing amp and CE wasn't totally necessary. Maybe 15 points.

Decrepify you need and blind for Gloams. Terror isn't bad to have for crowd control early on, but you can respect it out.

That left me sinking 15+ into revives. It's good if you want to sit afk and be more hands off. You have so many meat shields.

>> No.5594904

You don't need revive. Summoner necro in hell can solo any boss using clay golem ( slow ), decrepify ( also slow and amp damage ) and a mercenary with a crushing blow/damage gear. This combo pretty much bugs the boss out and you can farm the mofo with +700mf gear.

Its pretty pathetic with hell Baal, because it bugs him so hard, he can't even attack - gets perma-stun locked.

>> No.5594915

A bare-bones summoner necromancer needs:
20 skeleton
20 skeleton matery
1 summon resist
1 revive
1 clay golem
1 golem mastery
1 corpse explosion
1 amp-damage
1 decrep

+2/+3 summoning gear can be bought off vendors and blue ammy with +3 summoning will drop at some point. Getting more then 1 skill in revive is pointless, as +skill gear will take care of extras, and getting more then 10 is kind of hard to keep up. +10 skills on clay golem with mastery makes him close to invincible in hell.

All other skill points you have you can spend on just about anything else, its a matter of taste - like skele-mages, corpse explosion, bone-armor or whatever.

>> No.5594959

You want a thresher though. ;_;

>> No.5594961

Its not great w o teleport. Or modding them to stay like skeles and not just disappear around a corner and despawn

>> No.5594970

I'll survive, I'm sure. With my luck I'll probably find a thresher rack that's just as quick anyway.

>> No.5594972

Took me hours. But now that I have infinity I see eth threshers in the pits often. How ironic.

>> No.5595039

>158% ed 6/10/12 string of years


>> No.5595270
File: 411 KB, 1280x960, 190521-21.40.56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are the odds... I found another one, same distance.

>> No.5595524

Finally beat duriel with a barb. I leveled up to 24 to get frenzy and had about 12 full rejuv potions. Used up all but one lol couldn't for the life of me find any cold res gear & I had pretty shitty gear either way. Got a charm that would do cold damage to duriel and that helped a lot. I was pretty much slowed the whole fight but I finally got him!

>> No.5595672

Gotta chug them thaw potions b4 hand, feed them too your merc too. They stack.
He's such a bitch to kill. Feel bad for sorcs, they must get one shotted constantly

>> No.5595701

I usually just let duriel hit my merc while I wail on him with fire bolt/ice blast, then tp and resummon my merc when he dies.

>> No.5595770

Usually summon my skele mob and just keep spamming clay and decrep. Everything usually gets wiped out but can respawn clays fast enough to avoid going back to town.
Should make it through act 2 NM today so we'll see how that works in a higher difficulty. Like an idiot I went and cleared the cube tomb instead of just going directly for the staff.

>> No.5595834

Install D2SE.

Max them. You don't have anything else to put your points into. People will whine about them disappearing, but it doesn't really matter. Just revive everything you see along the way, with preference towards minions since they keep their bonus stats.

>> No.5595917
File: 3.30 MB, 4032x1960, 20190521_205206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How retarded would it be to Rhyme this? Have Milabregas Orb currently 44def 20%MF.
In NM act 2

>> No.5595930

I'm sure you could find one with +skills you need, but sure why not, Rhyme is piss easy to make at least.

>> No.5595965
File: 3.06 MB, 4032x1960, 20190521_210457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah they are can always go farm those runes if I get lucky later. Finally out of the red for res and a bonus 5% MF and 15% mana regen. Lel look at this POS I found in a pot I accidentally kicked.

>> No.5595970

desu I don't mind it on the merc, as I feel like they die to poison all the fucking time

>> No.5595986


You're not soloing Baal with just a merc and golem without top tier gear on the merc. Otherwise the damage is shit.

Whereas any teleport staff bought from vendors let's you face rape bosses with revives.

>> No.5596260

Kill me just burned 4 runes on a ladder only runeword

>> No.5596272

>not using the ladder runewords file
I think it'll fix it if you actually put it in

>> No.5596352

>already sold it
Just fuck my shit up sempai
I've got spare runes but need another 4 socket polearm now

>> No.5596356

I forgot to use them, my cold res was like at 17% , poisoning and slowing him down worked pretty good and the rejus helped out a lot. My merc held on for a good bit but he got killed lol

>> No.5596406

Jesus christ dude, learn how to take a damn screenshot

>> No.5596407

God damn it I got the Dirk Diggler AGAIN! Well I guess Ill use this one for an iron golem.

Hope he was cheap, mines like 25k to revive now. Just cleared Act 2 NM, accidentally went into Duriel w /p8 so it took forever but decrep had him going slow as fuck. Surprisingly only lost 2 skeles for the rematch. Usually cleans them out.

>> No.5596415

Skelies get pretty damn tanky beyond normal

>> No.5596425
File: 2.48 MB, 4032x1960, 20190521_235236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not my fault Hiroshimoot can't make phone pics work properly, how's this one bub? Should I crop it more to help ease your autism fits?

>> No.5596427

My man, how fucking dumb are you that you cannot take a screenshot? Just google it, it's seriously not that hard.

>> No.5596431

just play windowed and use the clipping tool lmao

>> No.5596439
File: 22 KB, 317x267, 1497691483660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5596472

we have multiple people here in our diablo threads that dont know what the prtscrn button does

>> No.5596480

Its faster to shitpost on my phone and play on my computer dumb dumb
I was prtscrning b4 you were even born

>> No.5596702

The last time I tried to print screen plugy all I got was black.p

>> No.5596734

Pretty much. Diablo 2 only scratches your autism itch with grinding and trying to find items. That is what makes Diablo 1 so much better because it doesn't feel like it is centered around item grinding unlike games after it.

>> No.5596908

You know you can finish D2 on Hell without autistically grinding ultra high end gear. D2 will always be better than D1.

>> No.5597018 [DELETED] 

get fucked zoomer

>> No.5597047 [DELETED] 

Jajajajajajajajajajajaj stay mad nigtard

>> No.5597250

Get plugy, idiot.

>> No.5597258

I'm a D1 fan but
>You know you can finish D2 on Hell without autistically grinding ultra high end gear.
is correct for every class in the game.

>> No.5597303

Don't reply to him. He the type of nigga to run LK on nightmare.

>> No.5597325
File: 214 KB, 345x336, 1490730267591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck me I remember that fella. What an idiot

>> No.5597345


>> No.5597351

Speaking of idiot-like things.
I think I might have unironically not bugged my hell andy. Is there any way to correct that, or would I need to roll a new character?

>> No.5597361

New character. Hero editor might work if you re-do the quest. Just back up incase.

>> No.5597374

>being a cuck

>> No.5597386

You can un-flag the quest with the hero editor.

>> No.5597392

Oh, duh. Thanks.

>> No.5597564
File: 479 KB, 800x600, Screenshot008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>run pindle

>> No.5597575

>get a basic item everyone has multiples of

>> No.5597576

I didn't get it from Pindle.

>> No.5597580

I didn't ask.

>> No.5597728

Emphasis on can. You can, and it is a slog. The game is obviously made with item grinding in mind, more so than the previous game.

>> No.5597747

>start doing lower kurast hell
>end up getting two shael runes in 1 run
i'll take it

>> No.5597818

I've been running bitchass nithalak for a whole hour with not a single key drop on fucking p5. Fucking bitchass cuckass "boss".

>> No.5598037

It's not dropping because you're a retard who uses the term cuck.

>> No.5598046

Starting to wish I just kept only chipped gems except Topazs for curbing runes. Luckily I had a sapphire to cube a Shale to make a runeword. Finally found a decent 2 socket superior Necro shield to get me thru NM.
Got a +1 Necro skills circ I'm saving to socket, just going w 2 p topaz helm for now.

>> No.5598098

Shit's comfy af. But by all means feel free to keep having fun with that sad default stash.

>> No.5598167
File: 49 KB, 500x451, reziarfg-large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just now as I zoomed in do I realize what kind of pictures they used for Reziarfg. That "neck" just above the "body" with the legs looks similar to blue waffle and that mouth is obviously a vagina too.
Cheeky bastards.

>> No.5598272

Who's the highest level enemy? I assume Baal but I thought I saw Nhilithak was higher but has worse drops?

>> No.5598279

Baal is 99, Nihlathak is 95.

>> No.5598286

OK thanks. Do people run Nihlathak or is it just too far to be worth it? Assuming you keep the red portal open.

>> No.5598295

You need to farm him for keys, but I really don't think he's worth farming otherwise unless you're bored.

>> No.5598305

I like killing him w corpse explosion. Turnabout is fair play.

>> No.5598424

He's not that much further than meph, and you get pindle on the way, so it's not a bad deal. Only real pain is him spawning with immunities which might void the trip for some builds.

>> No.5598436

If I'm in Hell and want to reroll my map, but have a good NM map, can I just goto Normal and prevent NM from rerolling?

>> No.5598514

No, any change will reset all maps.

>> No.5598516

If you're in hell, your NM map is already gone, I believe.

>> No.5598562

dickhead's back

>> No.5598696

OK thanks, not in Hell yet but was just wondering. Fuckin NM tower is right next to the way point but I don't really want to do a bunch of NM runs on it. Already have all the runes I need that she can drop. Just looking for a good polearm base now.
So what's the best place to grind gear in NM anyway? Meph runs?
How long should I wait before doing the 3 ancients to maximize xp bonus? Grind until I'm ready for Hell and then finish act 5?

>> No.5598743

I'm a pretty new player, but so far meph and andy depending on what you need, seem to be worth doing.

>> No.5598765

>Meph runs?
Definitely, if you can kill him fast enough/not die to the council on the way.

>How long should I wait before doing the 3 ancients to maximize xp bonus?
It doesn't really matter dude, not in the long run. Nothing you can make back after a baal run or two. Just do it and get the skill point.

>> No.5598836 [DELETED] 

So I followed this
to get ladder runewords in single player and now when I runeword something it doesn't take and just gets the 2 individual rune attributes, has anyone else experienced this?

>> No.5598850
File: 209 KB, 700x700, 1555348474005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You've obviously done something wrong, which is amusing because it's brainlet tier easy to do. Also, what the fuck is that guide?


You fucked up the file path or shortcut somewhere.

Are you sure you spelt the folders correctly with capitals? Are you sure you typed the shortcut properly?

The only thing I can think of is that you might need to put the folders/files in your save game location as well, I heard one guy had to do that, but I've never had the need on any game version.

>> No.5598930

Just got another SoJ doing nm Andy runs, but still no tal ammy. god damn it.

>> No.5599106

I thought he was good for high rune drops? At least that's what I read somewhere

>> No.5599117

If you're willing to give up the pindle portal, he can actually be very, very fast with a set map and a TP sorc. While this is true, and he can drop every item in the game as well as top level charms, it's not better than just killing a dozen elites in the worldstone keep on the way to baal, plus all the trash mobs at the same time.

He's got a decent drop chance for anything Vex and above, but you're still better off killing for greater numbers of enemies over one guy who has a better drop chance individually, it's why no one really farms ghosts in the arcane sanctuary, sure they have a much better rune drop rate, but there's so few.

Efficiency is key here, it's only "worth" killing him if you're bored and want a change of pace or are trying to get keys.

>> No.5599158

So basically it's better to kill huge mobs in lvl 82 or higher areas if you want high level runes? Also where do you find which areas has the best chances? There's only one guide I've seen and it says the best areas are chaos sanctuary and cows.

>> No.5599171

I run a Necro summoner at 556% MF, and yet have to add Gheed's. Then I'll have 596% because I'll find a perfect one.

>> No.5599172

Unless your directly targeting a specific item, killing huge mobs is best for literally everything in the game. Any areas with high density. Cows and Chaos are of course among the best, worldstones not bad, same with the later act 5 "battlefield" areas outside, along with the hell portals across act 5.

But if you really want high runes? LK runs are probably the best bang for your buck.

>> No.5599174

D2s dead, try Path of Diablo mod. Its like a 1mb mod that fixes and improves on EVERYTHING making this one of the best video game of all time.

>> No.5599178

Does it matter if you equip merc with light or heavy armor? I read somewhere it affects their run speed so they always lag behind.

>> No.5599179
File: 85 KB, 611x508, 1503630979290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Path of Diablo
>requires online for everything to work
>can't grail

Aahahhaha no.

>> No.5599181

Armor types affect runspeed for both you and the merc. Try out what you have and if it's too slow for your tastes, then get something lighter. You can look up the specific speeds in the wikis.

>> No.5599184

But what makes LK the best for high runes? Is there a specific monster that drops those runes or is it something else? Is it better than hell cows?

>> No.5599185

Lower Kurast chest runs. Look em up.

>> No.5599190
File: 3.38 MB, 4032x1960, 20190523_025741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What should I max next now that my skeles and mastery are done? My Mages are starting to fall apart in Act 4 NM, should I even bother adding more?
Where's the point of deminishing returns w CE, 10 points?
Is bone spirit meme?

>> No.5599191
File: 33 KB, 591x352, 1484620411557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5599193

Sometimes I wish I didn't know about LK or racks. I should really get a macro that does the whole quit-remake sequence to spare my wrists a little.

>> No.5599195

>What should I max next now that my skeles and mastery are done?
Revives are an okay choice, but I'd put a few more points into summon resist, they need it for hell.

>My Mages are starting to fall apart in Act 4 NM, should I even bother adding more?
mages are trash outside of cold ones for slow and posion for the very rare enemies that heal. Neither are worth the effort though.

>Where's the point of deminishing returns w CE, 10 points?
There are no diminishing returns for CE, unless you're talking by percentage of what you already have. It gains 0.3 yards per level and 0.4 yards every third level forever. I wouldn't go more than 4-5 levels invested, get the rest from +skills gear. The range becomes unnecessary once you go beyond the screens edge, unless you're building a cow farmer.

>Is bone spirit meme?
sucks unless you are a full bonemancer, even then it's not great.

>> No.5599201

You're saying it's for the chests in the area? How high can they drop, all the way to Zod?
I dunno this stuff, what do you want from me lol. I'm just trying to understand where to get the best odds.

>> No.5599202

I should have said at what point do you not need more into CE because it's big enough for practical purposes. I'm at 7 w gear bonus points.

Is there a guide for how item effects iron golem stats?

>> No.5599205

Just go watch the LK super chest video on YouTube.

>> No.5599206

faster hit recovery, attack rating charms, any good? worth keeping?

>> No.5599210

In a nutshell, the LK superchests have set drop patterns, and a large proportion of those contain high runes, so the effective drop rate for high runes is one of the highest if not the highest in the game. Plus, it doesn't require gear to farm.

attack rating combined with another good stat with a high roll, maybe.
faster hit recovery, I'd stash a bunch; not a primary source of fhr, but you might find yourself needing just 5-10 more to reach the next breakpoint in which case they'd be useful

>> No.5599212
File: 442 KB, 533x358, 1523255864342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what part of "look them up" is hard for you to grasp? It's a big thing that requires a lot of explanation.

I'll dumb it down for you, but you're still probably gonna come back here asking questions cause you're so retarded you'd actually go to 4chan for answers over google for stuff that's been perfectly documented for decades.

>Lower Kurast will spawn 1-2 fireplaces, with buildings around them, in the map
>building above has one chest
>to the left has two chests
>they spew items from a set list, with 65536 possible item combinations of gold, blues, rares, runes etc
>they are significantly likely to drop runes, compared to other areas
>up to Ber
>the drops are also affected by player count. Google that, I'm not typing all that shit out
>magic find has no effect

>Is there a guide for how item effects iron golem stats?
yes. google

Yes. Hit recov is good for reaching breakpoints, attack ratting is great for bowzons, barbs etc

>> No.5599214

>I should have said at what point do you not need more into CE because it's big enough for practical purposes. I'm at 7 w gear bonus points.
Whenever it feels like it's good enough at clearing the screen for you. There's no hard set rules for this stuff, it depends on where you're farming, too.

>> No.5599215

Thanks for the advice guys

>> No.5599230
File: 48 KB, 176x322, 190523-09.35.04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3 Ums, 3 Mals, 3 Guls, and an Ohm.

What about other rune?????

>> No.5599267

I guess Ist is good but idk bro

>> No.5599270

I ended up cubing two of my mals into an ist for my call to arms, felt kinda questionable.

>> No.5599426

May as well just cheat at that point

>> No.5600135

I just traded some dude on battle.net my arachnid's mesh for his +6 bo cta. I don't think I've ever done a more one-sided trade than this. I don't think the dude knew how valuable his cta was. To top it off, the mesh was fucking personalized with my stupid character name.

Anyone else made some nice one-sided trades?

>> No.5600145

On NL I once traded a 15med insight for a CA infinity

>> No.5600206

Meph just dropped half of the Milabrega set for me at once. Too bad I already had the shield. And aren't a pally. I'll take the Fal rune as it's named after best gun

>> No.5600270
File: 398 KB, 800x600, ber.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cube runes in single.
>Enigma & Infinity
>stash full of runes that are doing jack shit for you

>> No.5600543

Does MF affect racks? Can't remember if Llama touched on this

>> No.5600548

no if I recall it does not the odds are preset

>> No.5600635

At what point do good charms start to drop? Fuck this +5 to lightning rez grand charm shit.
OK good.

>> No.5600693

I found most of the charms I'm actually using on normal~nm, everything on hell has been garbage

>> No.5601095
File: 77 KB, 640x480, desu fgsfds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the +skills gcs (qlvl 50) drop most often from regular mobs in act3 nightmare because less useful higher level mods are not crowding the field; OTOH you miss out on the Vita suffix (qlvl 77 and 91)

>> No.5601158
File: 658 KB, 1886x1041, Screenshot_20190504-011411_VLC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More good info. Helps that the game has been "solved". Just slaves of the dice.

>> No.5601205

Wtf don't screw with my mental images of a vagina please

>> No.5601208

I got a griffon out of him

>> No.5601238

Congrats. I dropped an SoJ from a fallen elite in hell, doesn't mean I'm gonna farm them.

>> No.5601258

np, if I were me— hypothetical here— I would pgem reroll a gc from the flayer jungle nm, or a gc from hell baal or nihlathak. I think they are the only two nomsters that can roll the +45 lifer

>> No.5601287

Wondering what to do w all the non topaz perfects.
Are gems meme at this point? Besides Topes for helms

>> No.5601318

Socketing things, for the most part, especially in cases where you need <max sockets, or don't have a larzuk to spare.

>> No.5601338

I make p amethysts all the time and p rubies sometimes for crafting. Caster amulet and blood rings, best possible jewelry.

>> No.5601817
File: 3.37 MB, 4032x1960, 20190524_011905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God fucking damn it
Made my first Caster ammy. So close yet so far.

>> No.5601963

Yeah but also got several high runes and elite uniques alongside keys. I meant to say griffons as the summit of things i got from him. I always include nilatahk in my runs. Sometimes I clear the whole area too.

>> No.5601969

Back to /v/ faggot

>> No.5601989

Ancientfag here.
back in the days of scamming, occyrings, conrings, 3/20/20s,
then later on, marrowwalk glitch, dream stacking, town killing glitches

banned a few times for maphack, haven't played on official servers in over 13? years now.

if anyone has any questions about the good old 1.09 or before days let them rip. I'm actually playing d3 ps3 on rcps3 for the first time. waited over 10 years for d3 to come out and waited 7 more after it was released to play it(for free).
I'm so sad we never just got another 4 acts for d2, even the d3 alpha had to be better than the real d3.

>> No.5601995

just play torchlight bro

>> No.5602000

If I cast a lvl 5 decrepify and my merc has a weapon w chance to cast lvl 1 decrepify upon striking does that over ride my lvl 5 or boost to lvl 6? I assume overrides it

>> No.5602005

Overrides. Every cast of every curse will override the previous. Only thing that can't be overridden is attract.

>> No.5602006

thought about pirating it and playing it instead before i finished act1 of d3, it looks more like WoW asthetically and I hate that fucking style.
it probably is a better option considering who made it, but i probably wont play it. tried path of exile before they patched the last act in and didn't have very much fun because of the skill system. i tried grimrock years ago before it was finished and might consider trying it again eventually. none of these games come close to d2 imo.

>> No.5602008

override works on everything i can think of.
got a warcry barb? hook the party up and wait for that one level 60 retard to cast his lvl2 bo and fuck everything up for everyone.

>> No.5602010

Grim Dawn is the closest I've found overall.

>> No.5602013

>hook the party up and wait for that one level 60 retard to cast his lvl2 bo and fuck everything up for everyone.
Fuck that shit probably explains why I prefer to play most games solo. You're bringing back bad memories of D2 idiots.

>> No.5602030

playing hardcore meeting a new person, ask them for a waypoint, durance 3 for example to save an hour and a half in act3.
gives you waypoint and then TPPKs you.
nothin personal kid.

save up for a good item, shako for example.
give a really good offer to someone for a shako, they put a cap with a p emerald in the trade box and you push OK before you double check.

Guy says he can dupe shit for you, just stand on the other side of this act1 wall or act2 palace and drop the item, dont worry it's totally legit.
>picks up your items and leaves game

have to xfer items, go into a low level normal game and drop $100 worth of gear in the corner of rogue encampment, other person in the game comes to act1 as soon as you spawn in and you have to race them to save your gear.

go into duel room, guy with stacked dream stands out in the middle of the bloodmoor and zaps your retarded ass as soon as you step in.

you're in hardcore and go into a duel room, theres an intricate setup to launch arrows through a persons merc into the town and kills you.

these are just things ive seen or done that i can remember off the top of my head.

>> No.5602043

t. triggered cuck

>> No.5602078

*crack* *siiiiiiip*
Glow charms, now THAT was a cool mod.

>> No.5602080

hardcore > softcore

can't beat the rush

>> No.5602101

I should make a hardcore charactor but meh I dont play online and the draw for me was the risk online. eh who knows maybe i'll roll up something that is ez-pz to play hardcore with

>> No.5602113
File: 27 KB, 555x555, 1516880672707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've done both. HC at 99 and near a full grail in SC. These days I prefer SC cause I mostly play to relax. I do love the rush though, those near death moments are amazing.

>> No.5602115

Hey guys, please guess my next torch. My torches decide what character I roll next. I'll ID after some posts.

Love you.

>> No.5602116


>> No.5602118

14/17 ass

>> No.5602121

I'm not into cuck stuff bud

>> No.5602125

I bet.

>> No.5602154


>> No.5602196

No more guesses? ;_;

>> No.5602219

11/14 barb

>> No.5602230

>14/20 amazon

Man fuck an amazon. ;__;

>> No.5602234

fuck you amazon is the best

>> No.5602235

Fuck you I already have an amazon and a 16/16 torch. I wanted a druid one instead.

>> No.5602295

What build are you running torches with?
I'm yet to get a torch probably use either my pally or frenzy barb but don't wanna get stomped. Nihlathak keys are a pain to get - I have nightmares of those snakes.

>> No.5602296

>go into a low level normal game and drop $100 worth of gear in the corner of rogue encampment
this one hits home, I had some real close calls back in the day

>> No.5602336

Yeah fuck those bitchass vipers. I run a bitchass smiter pally since it's the absolute cheapest and easiest. I'm gonna make a frenzy barb for the fun of it, but it's more expensive and harder, so I wouldn't recommend it for a first uber killer.

>> No.5602776

>organizing my grail
>can't find a few items I specifically remember I found and tracked


>> No.5602828

What's this grail thing that people keep talking about?

>> No.5602840

Getting the plugy mod and collecting every item in the game solo on single player. The ultimate Diablo 2 experience. The holy grail.

>> No.5602847

I almost got an entire botd with full cookiecutter gear because the dumbass put it in the rogue encampment. other times I would stalemate with them and wait around for them to start moving to the gear to give me a clue. Sometimes as soon as they left the game I would just leave and hopefully void out their gear forever.

>> No.5602864

You're a good person, anon. Better they learn this lesson online than IRL.

>> No.5602880

I got a full Boner gear (CoH and all that stuff) from that "get killed 12 times" dupe scam.

>> No.5602885

Ah, I'd sort-of started doing that. I was dedicating 10 stash pages each for normal/excep/elite unique/set items. Got the space, so why not.

I honestly forget what my strategy for solo muling stuff was. I think I'd just pick "let's clear normal" games, and go drop my stuff in the already-cleared den of evil or something.

>> No.5602903

I think i had my inv full on a really low level or something because I saw the gear as he was picking it up and clicked furiously but didn't get anything out of it. might have been a fraction too slow, i know i made that fucker sweat bullets and probably never attempt something that fucking stupid ever again.

>> No.5602907


Here's your holy grail tracker as well.

>> No.5602917

you would think someone with that good of gear wouldn't be that dumb.

you just reminded me of body popping scams

my actual strat was to go into any game older than 5? minutes and try to drop a safe distance from a waypoint in act1(if i was muling to a lvl1) I had plenty of successful mulings as I was basically a horder. Sometimes I would surf the entire waypoint system in all acts after I suspected someone of trying to mule and would catch one every now and then. I can't remember stealing any gear but Im sure I did at one point, I think i let them have it back several times as well.
I would have kept that faggots botd if i had got it, might have been in hardcore so it would have been an easy $10+

>> No.5602925

oh yeah, just remembered a good trade story.
At one point I got really good at trading, like really fucking good.
the best session I can remember was one entire day where I got an el rune and decided to trade up to an enigma as fast as possible (i think it was my first enigma) about 30? trade games later and I had aquired a jah and ber and finally made one.

I wish I had logged the entire thing because it's been so long i have no fucking clue how i did that.

>> No.5602949

sure you did bud

>> No.5602982

when someone wants a rune right fucking now and you make a game called (blank) rune here, they tend to give you something good for it.
I jewed as hard as I could jew that day.
never used jsp or forumgold or whatever that shit was, but right before i stopped playing the game didn't have anywhere near as many people trading and it was hard to do anything anymore.

>> No.5602985

whatever helps you sleep at night champ

>> No.5603008

I remember when you got so wealthy in the game (relatively) that you went to basically a new trading demographic. Occyorbs weren't very expensive or anything, but my friend needed one and I ended up trading 15pgems to some dude for it. my friend had been playing longer than me and was amazed someone would even do that.
remember another time, one of the two times out of the 7 years I was playing, when someone had shown me a 40%mf ring. They aren't very good but they are insanely rare. He had traded something stupid to a nub in a baal game for it.

i remember i traded something, probably good, for a fucking unique decapitator, hellslayer iirc. back when i was just starting out and thought i was so fucking cool until i started finding them a few times a week and throwing them away.

>> No.5603045

>8 unique phase blades
>all lightsabres
>not a single white pb
>not a single azurewrath

That's kind of insane.

>> No.5603370

Is pindleskin the fastest high level unique you can run? Assuming no teleport.

>> No.5603386

Yes. Though you could make the case for if an elite spawns right near the waypoint in worldstone level 2, it could technically be faster.

>> No.5603442

Most efficient solo barb leveling build until WW is unlocked?

>> No.5603451

I would go concentrate
yeah but he never fucking drops anything worth a fuck. id rather buy a telestaff and do meph over and over

>> No.5603457

Fuck me I think I got the worst durance map ever. Fibonacci spiral from the way point.

>> No.5603460

I unironically hate the durance even more than the maggot lair.

>> No.5603462

Just reset it.

>> No.5603490

Must not be a Necro
I probably will after I beat NM Baal and find a tele staff. Not sure what I'll need for gear, never made it to Hell b4.
My merc is 1500 def and rarely gets below half life in NM.

>> No.5603508

if you're that new then maybe you dont know that mercs can wear etheral gear and it wont break.
also NM act2 offensive is best merc if you're physical damage.
when you get to hell, you're going to want as much resistance as possible or you'll get raped during act1

>> No.5603663

>Most efficient solo barb leveling build until WW is unlocked?
Double Swing. With 9 points, it stops costing mana, and two TirEl Flails are easy to come by. I wouldn't do Concentrate (>>5603451) unless you insist on using a large twohander like a polearm or a maul, but 1h+shield Concentrate is going to put you to sleep in Normal. It will certainly be a safe build, though.

>> No.5603674

I bought this game again years ago and had a fun nostalgia trip. I remembered playing way back when it came out and I was young as fuck, but my dad let me play it with him.
I want to pick it up again though. Any tips or suggestions for going through the higher difficulties solo? Previously in would just beat normal with every class using whatever gear dropped along the way.

>> No.5603683

Look up runewords. That's it really, use what you think looks fun and you'll figure things out.

>> No.5603694

Yes I had a 250 def ethereal laq plate on him, just bought a 450 def one in act 5 NM. He is a act 2 NM offensive to boost my skeles. He's Lvl 67 currently and has maxed res. Meanwhile I'm 10-50 res. I've got 2 p topaz helms for us but they're pretty weak at around 85 def. Mine has +1 to Necro skills so keeping it.
Finally upgraded mercs set Bill from act 1 to a unique Athenas battle scythe.

>> No.5603706

Get plugy.

>> No.5603726
File: 437 KB, 800x600, Screenshot033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dabs on your meta builds

>> No.5603750

>Any tips or suggestions for going through the higher difficulties solo? Previously in would just beat normal with every class using whatever gear dropped along the way.
Nightmare can be easier than Normal for some builds if done that way because a lot of builds hit massive powerspikes (loads of AoE).
Hell is harder and will require you to have items, and is a true test to kill Baal there. But that doesn't mean you have to grind: you can get decent items with Horadric Cube crafting and runewords.
Some quick tips:
>You don't NEED to re-run areas
The game can be beaten single-pass without repetition of areas, but it's harder that way and requires some understanding. It's no shame to run bosses or profitable areas, but you don't need to grind for grind's sake. Only grind when you feel like it.
>pick a character who scales primarily with +skill and not weapon damage
This takes an edge off of worrying about finding a good weapon to progress. Sorceress, Trap Assassin, Javelin Amazon, any Necromancer are classic babby's first solo builds for a reason
>hybridize damage
Pure single type damage runs into problems on higher difficulties. Equip a merc, get a secondary skill, use a multi-elemental weapon on switch, or run past monsters you can't fight.
>switch it up
Collect jewelry with specific resistances and get some other useful utility weapons to switch to, just in case. Don't neglect resistances.
>when in doubt, pump Vita
Get Strength only to carry items (60 STR is a good minimum due to Plated Belts).
No build ever needs Energy. You might only consider Energy if you're running a Softcore Sorceress (or some Energy Shield Sorceress) and want to ease up on the blue addiction, but it still sucks and you will respec out of it anyhow.
Dexterity only to hit Max Block, it's not a good source of Attack Rating.
Otherwise, get Vita.

>> No.5603770

>check vendors
Whenever you feel like your gear sucks and nothing drops, check your vendors. Early on they're often a source of 2 socket grey weapons (and similar; 3 socket bows and so on) and for example Elzix can gamble you a Plate Mail when it's still not on sale at regular vendors. Bone Shield of Deflection from Drognan will help against Duriel. At later levels they provide +100 life plated belts and +300% Enhanced Damage weapons, so don't underestimate the "blues". Act 2 Normal Drognan is also your #1 shop for staves, wands and scepters with multiple +3 on caster skills, some in which you can also put a runeword in.
>ONLY "GREY" (normal socketed weapons) CAN HAVE RUNEWORDS. NOT UNIQUES, NOT "MAGIC" BLUES. Also, DOUBLE CHECK your runewords before you fuck it up. Get a Runewords mod or similar functionality (I think PlugY has it) to be able to use all runewords in Single Player.
>Act 2 Mercenaries
They provide tanking for casters and a Might aura for melees (the Attack ones from Nightmare). They're easy to itemize thanks to fairly easy to make runewords (Insight, Obedience) and a Horadric Cube recipe for a Savage Polearm (look it up). They can really help you push an additional edge or round out a weakness.
>Cube is your friend
Cube up your gems and runes, cube potions into Rejuvs, craft stuff you're lacking, upgrade good uniques that are running out of style (Steeldriver and Ribcracker are godly for this). Use obscure crafting recipes like the aforementioned Savage Polearm. Learn the cube, love the cube.
>give me a cookie cutter build
in an "ease to play" tier list order from top to bottom, all of these can beat the game without much problem or item-finding woes, with decent safety
Summoner Necromancer ("Fishymancer")
Meteorb (though it's more of a Fireball/Orb...) Sorceress
Trap Assassin
Lightning Javazon (or hybrid Lightning / Frozen Arrow)
Wind Druid / Holy Shock Paladin
2H Berserker Barbarian

>> No.5603779
File: 50 KB, 592x574, 1491256694043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate this so fucking much. People that go looking for guides and recommendations to play a game deserve nothing more than to be dragged into the street and fed a bullet.

Just play the fucking game and figure it out for yourself, at least for your first playthrough. Why deprive yourself of half the fun?

>> No.5603780

throw together a 3 flawless topaz armor and get to grinding andy until you find some chanceguards and a goldwrap and you'll be set for mf for a little while. or wear them while you do baal if you can muster it and hope for some good drops.

>> No.5603803

Because the game has some counterintuitive mechanics and there's a prevailing notion is that Diablo 2 is a loot treadmill game where you can't beat Hell without first grinding Nightmare Lower Kurast until you're level 80. There is not a whole lot of info on playing solo self-found.

Whatever I write this guy about the game won't help the fact that he still has to execute it on his own, pick according to desired flavor, and deal with his own unique flavor of RNG.
Basically I felt like helping someone who probably considered your question and figured he doesn't care. While also stipulating discussion and passing info on a message board. Probably better than acting 2 cool for school.

>> No.5603805

Running a stealth runeword 110 def armor now, not the sturdiest but I've yet to be 1 shotted. 6 something life currently.
Gloves are 15 MF and boots 25 MF and 70 MF w rings and ammy. Plus 4 p Toaps between the 2 helms.
Thanks I'll try that. Is Meph that much better than Andy for grinding? Is Andy better than Duriel?

>> No.5603816

>Is Meph that much better than Andy for grinding?
Meph (both NM and Hell) is an everyman who drops a lot of solid uniques (not all of them, though). He's the go-to choice for a broad variety of wealth.
Andy is notable primarily for the bugged quest drop and an extraordinary chance for unique jewelry. NM Andy is technically the best source if you're looking specifically for SoJs* and Hell Andy is a good source for jewelry (and other stuff) in general.
Don't run Duriel. There's no point - he takes forever to reach and his drop isn't anything special. For me, he often drops shit like a pile of gold and 6 scrolls of Town Portal for some reason.

*You will only find Nagels and Dwarfstars anyway because David Brevik hates you

>> No.5603830

You must have missed the part where I said I’ve already beaten the game on normal with every class years ago. Tips and suggestions was more me asking if there’s anything specific to do other than running the other difficulties normally. Unless a full play through to you means normal -> hell blind.
All those tips should be useful to keep in the back of my head though. I already understand most of that stuff, aside from specific runewords and builds but I’m not sure if I’ll need that stuff. All I remember is taleth early on.

>> No.5603841

andys just easier, which is why i suggested it.
i just typed a shitload of stuff out and accidently refreshed the page before i posted.
mf doesnt stack unless the merc gets the kill.
when merc kills i feel like the drops almost always suck.
get less items with higher mf and keep the extra stuff in the stash until you find better. chanceguard and gwrap have high drop chances at andy, even in normal if you want to run it that way.

>> No.5603847

When a bunch of SOJs are sold and Diablo spawns does it say which act? Does he stick around til you find him even after you quit or do you have to run around til he's found?
Oh right the bug, wondered why she was ran so much.

>> No.5603849

>i just typed a shitload of stuff out and accidently refreshed the page before i posted.
My entire 4chan experience. Anyone else ever do that thing when trying to drag over text to reply to, then it shows you dragging an image and the image opens instead. Drives me fucking bonkers.

spawns and replaces the very first elite you would encounter next

>> No.5603937

How do I bind to non F keys? Do you need Plugy?
>c*mputer posters
Serves you right :^)
But yeah i refreshed a longpost by accident ITT.

>> No.5603942

options > configure controls > skill # > click it and press button

Then you just press whatever that button is when hovering over the skill like usual

>> No.5603978

>work late
>get home, put frozen pizza in cuz top tired to make anything real
>turn on d2 and play summon necro while I wait
>pizza is done
>take pizza out and keep playing while I eat because summon necro

>> No.5603993
File: 342 KB, 638x478, 1486458308648.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>take pizza out and keep playing while I eat because summon necro

>> No.5604003

Ty bby
This desufampai.

>> No.5604064

Finished hell, got burned out, started diablo 1. Anyone knows this feel?

>> No.5604067

i downloaded d1, but haven't played it yet because i'm retarded and can't figure out how to play it windowed.

>> No.5604069

I couldn't figure it out either, on windows 7. Ended up just accepting it and playing anyway. Tried so much stuff to get it working windowed.

>> No.5604240

play median XL either on ladder or SP
vanilla D1 is rather boring and can be easily beaten in a single sitting you're better off installing tchenobog

point being if you get bored of D1/2 the mod community has put some amazing stuff hell MXL has been updating for 11 years and they just released a heavily modified game engine this year that has been in development for a very very long time

>> No.5604435

grab the gog version, there is the windowed option

>> No.5604443 [DELETED] 

i feel quite the contrary, i enjoy d1 simplicity. It's rather quick yes, but more immersive and enjoyable than d2 imo. I tried the hell mod once but it felt super buggy. Median feels weird, i might give it a shot.

>> No.5604578

>waaah stop trying to be efficient with your time
>everyone must do things exactly like meeee
>be like mee or dieeee waaah

>> No.5605292

>tfw just modded my whirlwind to act like it did in classic
>no IAS required
>leveling with two bloodletters smashing shit around

Most fun I've ever had.

>> No.5605606

Enjoy your repair costs.

>> No.5605702

I'm using obedience now.

>> No.5605994

I can't decide between playing SP with summancer for easy playing or a sorc or MP and embrace all the weird leveling bots and shit.
Is it frowned upon to play the game in anything but the native res? 1920x1080 might take some getting used to.

>> No.5606028

>I can't decide between playing SP with summancer for easy playing or a sorc or MP and embrace all the weird leveling bots and shit.
Do the one you've done the least of.

>Is it frowned upon to play the game in anything but the native res? 1920x1080 might take some getting used to.
you mean using a mod of some sort? It does make it easier for ranged characters, as enemies won't agro you past a certain distance.

>> No.5606074

I run two monitors and after booting up D2 LOD on my main screen it moves all my windows to my second monitor. Is there a config file I can edit to stop this when D2 goes to 800x600?

>> No.5606363
File: 503 KB, 800x600, 2019-05-25_1834.32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

granted, nothing of value dropped, but I have never, ever seen something like this from a chest

>> No.5606794

Last night of Diablo for the next month. Never get jobs or a life. Learn from my mistakes NEETs

>> No.5607109

When does changing /player take effect? If I go through a door? Or if I do it before I go through a door will the enemies in that room be /p8 for example. Doing tower runs.

>> No.5607149

I suggest putting /players X in right after loading a game. And yes I think it's when you load areas so you could kill blood raven put in players 8 and clear her 2 dungeons with that setting I think.. been awhile since I messed with it mid game

>> No.5607158

probably 3 screens away. There is a magical radius out there where objects are perceived by the client, AI starts running, experience for party members' kills awarded, etc

>> No.5607161

Definitely on loading a new area, might kick in when enemies themselves are loaded in, so some certain distance away.

>> No.5607265

Was just trying to rush down to lvl 4 of the tower and then /p8 for countess to save time

>> No.5607324

Why is this thread so popular all of a sudden?

>> No.5607329
File: 81 KB, 748x717, 4w562465645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My guess is because the new D3 season started and thus people are already bored with it, but want to play diablo still.

Nice drops

>> No.5607565
File: 407 KB, 806x629, dia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you keep it ?

>> No.5607568

Nah. Even with amazing cast rate her frames still suck ass. Would need other better stats to be worth it.

>> No.5607575

Yes, because I'm a high class white alpha male that plays plugy, and a 20fcr diadem has it's uses.

>> No.5607582
File: 127 KB, 889x779, 1510528479536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cluttering up your pluggy

Enjoy wasting time digging through pages of crap to find your "gg" item while I'll be lmaoing at your life

>> No.5607583

>one page is clutter
>he doesn't know how to organize it so he finds stuff fast

Classic Australian shitposting. Quite based if I do say so myself.

>> No.5607590

>only has one page of misc
You need to play more friendo, when you starting running beyond a few hundred full pages of stuff you'll never touch, then you can say you've played diablo

>> No.5607593

>quoting things I never said

My grail is at ~85%, and I have 5 times your Zakarum shields. I'd say I've played enough. You need to learn how to go through pages quick. The 100 and 10 page buttons are there for a reason.

>> No.5607598 [SPOILER] 
File: 118 KB, 538x538, 1558863432755.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and I have 5 times your Zakarum shields
Fuck you nigger.

>You need to learn how to go through pages quick. The 100 and 10 page buttons are there for a reason.
Yeah I'm just fucking with you cause I'm burnt out with the game and bored at the mo. Maybe I should do a playthrough of D1 like those fellas were talking about earlier. Been a while.

>> No.5607604

No, D1 is garbage. What you should do instead is 1000 maggot lair 3 runs and document your findings for us. Or better yet make a youtube channel, or stream your grail hunting.

>> No.5607607

my only findings would be a need for more alcohol after that

>on rural aussie internet
Good one

>Or better yet make a youtube channel
I'll think about it. Could be fun.

>> No.5607617

Ok, make it now so I can subscribe and not have to scroll through hundreds of posts to see you announce it.

>> No.5607636

Here ya go mate. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL7lq4SO-K14LXdGzMf17Sw/featured

Will almost certainly never upload, but there's always a chance I get bored enough.

>> No.5607649

>aussieb is related to John Smith

Hella based.

Also, do you or anyone else use superior armors for higher end arnor runewords like fort/coh/enigma? Personally I don't fuck with them, and I use dusk shrouds only for the looks. Might make a CoH in a wire fleece for the amazon though.

>> No.5607650
File: 40 KB, 443x559, zon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

100% go for looks. Wire fleece is the only possible choice for bowzon.

>> No.5607658

Yeah it looks pretty based, but I'll play javazon instead. I wish I had more runes to make different armors, since wire fleece looks ugly on everything else but her.

>> No.5607661
File: 151 KB, 483x490, haha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I duped a few runes a while back to make the same runewords, just for looks and cause I didn't wanna bother transfering between chars.

>> No.5607665
File: 616 KB, 244x156, 1530100648864.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've actually been considering this, but didn't want to admit it here.

>> No.5607668

based. Just accept it and don't care. It's singleplayer, no one will give a shit if you don't.

>> No.5607743

>kill pindle on the way
>kill the council on the way
I mean you can if you want but if you're just running the bosses it's quicker to just take the waypoints.
If you kill Nithilthak you lose the red portal I believe anyway and though the council "can" drop good stuff once in a while it's just better overall when you can just run 2 or 3 Meph runs in the same time as killing the council&Meph once.

>> No.5607750

You only lose the portal if you take the halls of pain waypoint.

>> No.5607757

oh really?
good to know. i thought you lost it if you killed Nith.

>> No.5607762

How have you been doing thousands of Pindle runs until now?????

>> No.5607881

odds: farm up a set of keys in order to receive a 20/20 druid torch
evens: farm pits
0: kill myself

>> No.5608016

Alright friends, I've got the keys and I'm about to farm up a sickass torch.

Any bets while I'm killing the ubers please?

>> No.5608183
File: 454 KB, 800x600, Screenshot027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to die.

>> No.5608297
File: 79 KB, 362x173, 190526-17.21.11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd still use it.

>> No.5608464

>tfw my gf the countess drops two keys

>> No.5608647
File: 65 KB, 400x184, Rogue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 keys
>2 orifices
>2 terms
hell yeah

>> No.5608665

>2 terms

I don't get this one. Terms?

>> No.5608685
File: 847 KB, 1927x1079, Screenshot_20190504-010614_VLC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Couple "new" players and this is where we can talk about it. I don't use plebbit
>he doesn't know

>> No.5608762

>using my meme against me


>> No.5608820

>farmed keys for a second run
>unironically and literally got the same exact torch again

Literally what are the fucking odds that I'd get TWO 10/10 SORC torches in a row. Not even a different class. Fucking sorc. Ten ten. TWO times. In a row.

What the fuck???????

>> No.5608837
File: 665 KB, 1946x1063, Screenshot_20190525-025607_VLC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>finally find 4 socket polearm to rune for merc
>fuck I cubed a rune I need to save space
>do a couple tower runs until I find rune
>drop polearm next to stash to move stuff around in tiny vanilla stash
>save a quit to do a few more runs b4 picking it back up
God damnit

>> No.5608894

the range on the two stats is 11 inclusive, and there are 7 classes, so the odds of getting the same permutation twice in a row are 1 in 717,409.

I suggest buying a lottery ticket

>> No.5608903

Based math nerd. I could have used that luck to get a griffons or some shit.

>> No.5608964

He already used up his luck today. Don't buy lottery tickets.

>> No.5608984

well he used up his BAD luck, or at least he thinks it was bad, so I said buy a lottery ticket

Personally I would have less than zero problem at all getting two storches in a row. They are more valueble than most of the other classes at any roll. Like If I were on the realms and jsp two 10/10 storches would move fast, and for reasonable profit.

>> No.5608990

What are some comfy places to MF/level? I've taken a liking to the Halls of Anguish recently. Sometimes takes a few pindle runs to not get awful enemy combinations like all ranged, or devilkin, though.

>> No.5608994

I'm not a moron, and I play single player plugy.

>> No.5609162

Hiro wont update the deadline to 2004 Until next year or so if this korean soup imageboard still exists by then

>> No.5609180

i dont waste my time, I do Hell Meph, Hell Baal or I do Tunnels/Mauso/Pit runs

>> No.5609263

Is there something like plugy for the current 1.14d version of the game? Do most of you just play on an older version of d2?

>> No.5609290

That's not me, m8, that's some other guy who jumped into the convo

>> No.5609309

PlugY is compatible with 1.13d, and most other mods are compatible with at least 1.13c.

As far as I know, 1.14 didn't add anything meaningful, so the only reason you'd want to update is if you want to play on official realms.

>> No.5609918

Anyone bot on bnet? Is kolbot safe to use?

>> No.5609930
File: 40 KB, 600x759, 1510823234028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in this day and age
Fucking hell dude.

>> No.5609947

I think I'd like the management part of it, trying out different classes and killspeeds. I'm kind of autist like that. Ever play Port Royale 3?

>> No.5609951

>I think I'd like the management part of it, trying out different classes and killspeeds.
Then just play singleplayer and download an item pack.

>> No.5609965

Kill speeds I mean run speeds. Efficiency. I like management type games

>> No.5610036
File: 253 KB, 800x600, 2339.53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

walk act4, man

comfy af

>> No.5610052

Is that all you?

>> No.5610087

yeah I don't have any friends in this game, just kolbots

>> No.5610147

How does botting work? I've never done it

>> No.5610203
File: 267 KB, 800x600, 0113.41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have not been on the realms in a long time, so I do not know how likely you are to be detected and banned in 1.14. The public cores are D2NT (Etal) and D2BS (Kolbot).

I just run these followers in single player 1.13. I do not recommend going through the long setup and learning process simply for single player.

>> No.5610464
File: 3.15 MB, 2711x1561, 20190527_041408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Halp he won't die. Does amplify break his immunity to physical? Should I just decrip?

>> No.5610491

You should be able to kill him with amp and decently leveled skellies, if he's not dying, you can click on the pedestal in the middle of the map, which will restart the fight with the three of them again, it re-rolls their stats so he may be easier to kill. One other thing you can do is restart, but summon a few poison skeleton mages, they prevent healing.

>> No.5610506

if this is nightmare it won't for him, he has too much physical resistance for amp to lower it

if you have mages them and the fire golem should eventually do it but you'd have to leave anyway so you should just reroll them

>> No.5610534
File: 2.62 MB, 2557x1960, 20190527_044716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit /p8 ooops. Yeah my Mages and merc died early for some reason. Restarted it a /p5.
Got this

>> No.5610539

Its NM, so just decrep? I've got 4 into bone spear from items should I just spam that til I run out of potions?

>> No.5610540
File: 304 KB, 722x768, 1503386938033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doing ancients on anything other than p1
For what reason

>that screen
The fuck did you do? I've got probably over 5000 hours in this game and have never seen the screen like that before.

>> No.5610556

yes or lower resist if you have it. decrep and chill from a frost skelly mage is usually good enough for single targets

>> No.5610576
File: 524 KB, 868x588, Screenshot_20190527-050945_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bonus xp?
No idea was just spamming bone spear when it glitched. Had to quit after I killed them. Fine now.
Next lvl I'll have LR

>> No.5610578

The xp they give is unaffected by players count unfortunately.

>> No.5610583

Is there a work around to up an item twice in single player vanilla?
Damnit. Well I'd have slayed them in /p1 @ lvl 68.

>> No.5610590

>Is there a work around to up an item twice in single player vanilla?
Work around? You should have no issue going from norm to elite, then elite to exceptional. Only place you can't do that is non ladder I think.

>> No.5610624
File: 3.87 MB, 2737x1960, 20190527_053904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh I see now, thought it was ladder only. Well looks like I'll have to move to Hell slightly sooner and farm a Ko and a Lem from Countess.
Prob going to get raped w my shit resistances.

>> No.5610628

Your HP is alright, so as long as you've got meat shields in the way you should be fine, but some bone armor never hurt either. Could be worth giving your summons a level or two more in resist as well, those archers in act 1 hell can really shit in your lunchbox if you're not careful.

Good luck with the rune drops!

>> No.5611307
File: 3.17 MB, 4032x1960, 20190527_031157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


9 skeles and a clay help. I've got 5 in summon resist too (50%).
Not really sure what to pump next, have 10 in CE too.

>> No.5611842

Imagine being isekai'd into Diablo 2's universe, but it's hardcore, and only you're aware it's a game and only you know the mechanics. You spawn as a random class at lvl 1.

What would you do? You have to use your current game knowledge and you have no internet access or access to guides.

>> No.5612019

Play act 1 super safe, hoard gold, then blow it all on narlant weed once I get to lut gholein,

>> No.5612030

Really? You're gonna stay in shitty sand in your pants lut gholein and not get to comfy harrogath?

>> No.5612119

Act 1 is comfiest. It's basically like my home state.
Better hope I spawn as a Necro cuz that's all I know

>> No.5612170

Your home state is a small camp with tents?

>> No.5612247

More than most states. And I meant Act 1 in general, stony fields etc

>> No.5612308

Spawn as paly and fuck charsi over and over with my big black dick.

>> No.5612423

1 - Amazon
2 - Druid
3 - Assassin
4 - Barb
5 - Necro
6 - Sorc
7 - Paly
8 - Warrior
9 - Rogue
10 - Sorcerer

>> No.5612427

wait what, pally is black?

>> No.5612436

I always thought he was supposed to be sort of Moorish.

>> No.5612595
File: 141 KB, 440x357, 8.39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I assembled 15 caster ammy sets over the weekend and what I have to show for it are these stupid things.

These two ammies got perfect 20fcr rolls (random 5-10 from crafty, and then the apprentice mod, always 10, appeared as well) which are a huge asset for reaching breakpoints.

so of course with these awesome rolls by a 93+ character who can regularly get +2 skills or tabs on crafties, I get one with +1 druid summoning and one with fuck all

>> No.5612606

It's true. Look up the concept arts and the render to see that he has always been a black guy.

>> No.5612701
File: 358 KB, 440x620, virgin pally and chad barb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Charsi makes it pretty clear she digs barbs.

She doesn't know paladins from the contents of her chamber pot.

>> No.5612984

Grind like no man ever has before. Fuck I'd probably leave act 1 at level 50. You might ask why not just stay in act 1 and make a life for yourself. Well Diablo and his brothers are gonna win if you do that and then everyone dies, so I assumed you'd have to go through the story.

I'd just abuse the fuck outta grinding and magic find. Might not be the best life, but it's better than dying.

>> No.5613031

Honestly, just grind to like level 60 then make the prime evils your bitches.

>> No.5613472

This is the only game I've been playing since 2012. I

>> No.5613473

just love the comfyness.

>> No.5613846

True, thicc girl needs a thicc boy.

>> No.5613872

Please go back to v.

>> No.5614557

Stop being a little bitch.

>> No.5614956

You'd figure 30yo boomers wouldn't be so soft

>> No.5615138
File: 258 KB, 463x362, 190528-23.11.47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wew, this might be the first time I've gotten one myself legit. Thank you NM Meph.

>> No.5615181
File: 147 KB, 372x371, 4562646.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like it desu, damage is on par with the windforce, just slower. It also negates the need for knockback, as the freeze target coupled with the 100% pierce is more than enough crowd control. Every now and then I retool my build to have fun with it.

>> No.5615194

What is that supposed to be?

>> No.5615209
File: 594 KB, 684x612, 190528-23.15.45.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A big meme back in the day. It suffered heavily from the guided arrow change in 1.10, though I don't remember if it got its stats nerfed or not.

Naturally I got garbage rolls, but hey, it's still something my amazon will appreciate come level 41.

>> No.5615215

bugger on the roll, mate. I've got an upped 198% sitting around somewhere.

>> No.5615340

It's a bare minimum Hell viable weapon for a "valid" build that has overall one of the lowest DPS values in the game, so I'd be happy nonetheless.

Otherwise I'd just keep rerolling Harmonies in MBs/GMBs.

>> No.5615446

Man, I remember getting this from shenks and putting it on my druid werebear when I was a kid. I felt so clever using a bow in bear form. The damage and freeze was very nice

>> No.5615624

The best game of all time with the best soundtrack of all time.

>> No.5615801

Is there anyway to make an iron golem tanky enough to make out of a Beast runeword and not die?

>> No.5615816

Just hold the beast yourself lmao, it's not worth losing the runes unless you're online. I'm pretty sure it beats out whatever +skills weapon you could fit in the weapon slot, especially if you have torch and anni.

>> No.5615887

I had some some problems with beast iron golem on the realms.

First and worst, using iron golem permanently means you can't clay/decrep bosses and the ubers. The fire golem has an aura that draws all the aggro so it's quite useful too.

Another big problem is that fanat is not especially good with skeletons. Skeletons have a hard 15 frame delay between swings that is not affected by IAS. You just don't get much out of it percentage-wise

The -defense on Infinity is all you need and much stronger for skeletons' hit rate than the +AR on Fanat. Might+Infinity merc obviates it, really, and leaves your hands open for something good like hoto.

>> No.5615964

I wanted to hold an Enigma and free up the mercs hands so he didn't have to hold the Beast. Also I'm playing single player.
Well you can decrep but yes better w clay.
Wait I thought fanat worked on skele? That was why I wanted one

>> No.5615978
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>hold an Enigma

>> No.5615994

God, rolling halls of anguish with flayers/skeletons as a blizz sorc is so good. Pity I'm only getting 6.5% for a clear of it now. I guess hell baal takes over as primary exp from 90-99?

>> No.5616026

Yeah especially the late 90s. Only baal himself and nihlathak give noticable xp, and only baal if we're being really honest

>> No.5616030

Right, body armor. Either way wasn't going to hold a Beast myself

>> No.5616161

fanaticism helps revives more than skeletons

>> No.5616194
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>> No.5616353

Die and pick up your body like a man.

>> No.5616407

This will teach you to put at least a row of purple potions on your belt.

>> No.5616492

>Wait I thought fanat worked on skele?
It does. Fanat from Beast boosts their attack animation from 18 to (IIRC) 14 frames, but beyond that they also have a 15 frame delay between attack animations where they just stand around and don't play their attack animations; what that anon means is that Fanat will then effectively take you from 33 to 29 frames between attacks.
It's still a ~12% dps gain by itself, coupled with the bit of extra ED% it's adequate reason to use Beast in your main hand. Just keep a king leo or golemlords on switch to raise your skellies with.

>> No.5616697
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Thank you Mr. Pindle!

>> No.5616889

Holy fuck the rarest fucking amulet with a near perfect roll. I want one so bad. I've dropped only one my entire life. It's so rare some grail autists either don't have it or get it within their last 5 items.


>> No.5617197

>muh pindle drops shit

>> No.5617230

Rarest thing my pindle's dropped so far has been Templar's Might, which doesn't seem so great.

>> No.5617923 [DELETED] 

I made it, but I'm gonna wait until I have better gear to push past 90. Blizzard is too frustrating against single targets, especially ones that don't move.

>> No.5617932
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I made it, but I'm gonna wait until I have better gear to push past 90. Blizzard is too frustrating against single targets, especially ones that don't move.

>> No.5618907

This thread has lost gold and experience

>> No.5619204

I want a Ber from LK but all I get is other runes. Feels such a waste to cube Surs.

>> No.5619204,1 [INTERNAL] 

>pics related

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