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Could we please stop recommending knock-off Russian "ports" like NBlood and BuildGDX now that the official remaster is out?

It's confusing the shit out of new players and giving them a bad time.

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A thread died for this.

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Your post represents the ugliest form of progressive leftism.

You start from the premise that individuals possess no ability to compare alternatives, no ability to make judgements and make decisions based on those judgements. In short, no agency.

In truth, it's extremely easy to try out all three modern recreations of Blood, that is BloodGDX, NBlood and Blood Fresh Supply. I don't see what's confusing about them. Anyone can try them all and choose the one they like the most.

But instead of telling people to do just that, you instead appeal to authority, forgetting that there's absolutely no guarantee that an "official release" is any better than the unofficial ones. But you don't actually care about quality. All you care about is denying individual agency and making others entrust their life to authorities.

What you're forgetting is that it rarely works. But in the case of video games and outside of them. For example, remember how the official releases of Bethesda games are buggy pieces of shit that needs to be fixed by fanmods? Yet you'd have everyone forgo modding and only play Bethesda's shit. And for example, remember 12 year old Samantha from Britain? She's perhaps one of the most striking victims among the girls raped by Muslims. A one of thousands, but remarkable, because she managed to escape, only to be caught by other, unrelated Muslims and raped again. Bad luck, you'd probably say.

In your world Samantha shouldn't have even attempted an escape, she should have waited for authorities to save her. Sadly they didn't. And now, you want new Blood players all to be like you think Samantha should have been. Just close her mouth and take it. Or open her mouth, depending on what the Muslims were doing to her at that moment, I guess.

Screw you. They can escape and try the unofficial ports too.

(I hope I'm remembering Samantha's name correctly. Anyway, a report page describing her plights has been posted around 4chan.)

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Well, that bit fell flat on its face.

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Fan ports are extremely hard to set up and janky as fuck, no shit they would turn off a lot of potential players. Why not just give them a Steam store page link for Fresh Supply instead? It's literally a one click solution to playing this amazing game.

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>copy files
>run exe/jar

Are you sure you're not a console player? It would be consistent with your appearent worldview too.

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Dude, just don't engage those autists. It's literally yet another Beamdog situation. Those people would unironically recommend spending hours modding the old broken version instead of just getting the remaster and playing it right away. It's like a right of passage for them.

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Luckily Disable EE NPCs mod games EEs playable.

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>Why not just give them a Steam store page link for Fresh Supply instead?

Why not give them a Mega link you fucking shill.

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You are either insane or hopelessly stupid.

Why is them being made by Russians bad, you xenophobic cunt?

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>paying for mods

I'll spent my $10 elsewhere, no thanks

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Civvie-11 gave Fresh Supply a Raw/10 and recommended waiting until they fix the shitload of bugs before playing. I've never played Blood, but I trust him enough to listen to his advice.

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But GGGManLives disagreed!

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GManLives said it was good.

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they already patched all bugs

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Literally all the bugs have already been fixed, spew some more bullshit you Russian shill.

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ALL the bugs?
you guys are not getting paid by NightDive right

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That's so far from the truth and I wish that was the case.

I have to choose between having sound or being able to run the game at an acceptable frame rate.

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>Russian like GDX actually is
Nah, the creator is Polish

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>lying on the internet

>NBlood (or Nuked Blood) is a source port for Blood using EDuke32 as a base. It was created by Alexey "Nuke.YKT" Khokholov of Yakutsk, Russian Federation

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Maybe someday there will be an xBloof like there is an XDuke

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Not him, but how is this bad

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Fresh Supply shills are trying to go with the faulty logic that everything made in Eastern Europe is somehow substandard.

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>Eastern Europe
nigger you just what

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File: 93 KB, 728x425, 18025-yakutsk-locator-map[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Eastern Europe
nigger you just what

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>I have to choose between having sound or being able to run the game at an acceptable frame rate
WTF kind of PC are you using? A Windows 7 machine from 15 years ago? With integrated GPU?

Fresh Supply is a modern game running DX11, OpenGL 3.2 and Vulkan, of course you're going to need (relatively) modern hardware to run it. It's a remaster, after all, not literally an old game in an old engine.

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hey i never played Blood before but my laptop isn't too powerful, anyway is the official version only way to play splitscreen Blood? I like these classic games but i'm too stupid to play gzdoom without weird lag playing lan wirelessly with a friend in same room.

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>muh russians
>source ports are confusing
Low quality bait

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I see no problem with GDX, But I'd like to see an XBlood as well as an XSWarrior. XDuke is already a thing, so why not XBlood or XSWarrior?

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XDuke as good as it was is pretty much dead, and doing something like XBlood would either require you to fork NBlood's or GDX and repurpose it so good luck with figuring out that jungle of a code and how it compares to the original.

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How is XDuke dead? What happened?

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The last version was released around 10 years ago (and its last version didn't even see a source release). You can still use it to play online, but it's unsupported, unmaintained software with possible growing incompatibilities and zero accessibility.
Unless you get the last released source snapshot and and try to re-implement the fixes to the last one so that people can work upon it, it's basically dead, Jim.

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I wonder what happened to the creator?

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Not Blood related, though still Build related, but has anyone ever taken a crack at un-fucking the hit detection in Witchaven? It seems like there's a semi-decent game under all that jank.

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>is the official version only way to play splitscreen Blood
Yes. The multiplayer code is generally a lot more professional than in the fan ports.

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and for LAN on gzdoom are you meant to use a cable ? why is it so weirdly laggy at random times. Playing coop in these games with people in the same room would be ultimate fun without lag

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I'm done with this port

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Just started playing this game thanks to the release. It's pretty cool. Can't wait to play some more

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We should stop recommending Blood in general. Another overrated game by vr

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Already some blood threads, use catalog

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Still better than Doom and Duke 3D.

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As Fresh Supply shows it's shit.

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>The multiplayer code is generally a lot more professional
Have they fixed integrated wallhack yet?

>> No.5583781

Of course.

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don't use multiplayer in gzdoom, it uses extremely inefficent networking that maybe worked for early nineties

play doom multiplayer on zandronum

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go shill somewhere else stephen

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t. Doomlet

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The port is shit. I forced myself through it and it just feels weird most of the time.

>> No.5584481

it feels like a cheap recreation on a different engine

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Respectfully, I don't like GML very much and I find some of his tastes and recommendations questionable. Not all of them, of course, but when he and Civvie disagree, I'm going with CV11.

I haven't played it. Do you really think it's a better experience than a modern source port? What does it offer me that NBlood doesn't?

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This question:

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yeah OK buddy

reminds me of gggmanshills' claim of 100% accuracy

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I personally saw the dyanmite bug playimg last night.

Movement is still weird. Caleb steps up on to surfaces he wouldn't normally, eg the rope bridge sides in Death Wish e1m1

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Conspiracy time. Nightdive caused this controversy for publicity. Have achievements quoting civ but seem to give gggman a copy (and a better performing copy at that) for him to praise and release the broken version to the rest of us. thus manufacturing outrage.

Both youtubers are very gay tbqhwy

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The angle is the same as in the DOS version, can't look directly up. It can also (optionally) emulate the warped software renderer perspective.

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I dunno. That seems a bit much. Did G and CV get advanced copies? The game's already in the wild. I was under the assumption that they both bought it. Or at the very least, CV did. What do you have against Civvie, anyway? He's a Luke Smith tier unaboomer who has a high production value, an interesting personality, and he is very knowledgeable and opinionated about the topic he is creating for.

Another reason I think your conspiracy is wrong is that having niche content creators with decent purchasing power in their audience counts saying not to buy your game is not good. In game development, your first public month is absolutely make or break for your game being considered a success.

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Fucking support this remaster, you pathetic autists.

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I'm done with this. Back to BuildGDX.

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>t. Russian bot
$0.01 has been deposited in your account

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Time to pull Kaisers dick out of your ass

>> No.5586538

I would if they hadn't released an objectively inferior version of the game.
Like christ, the game is a million years old it can't be that hard to get right when some assuredly hideous ruskies downing vodka in their basements managed to get it right.

>> No.5586560

Daily reminder that Civvie lurks and probably posts on /VR/.

>> No.5586572

>objectively inferior
And I suppose you can provide some OBJECTIVE PROOF, huh?

>> No.5586582

Holy shit, I'm done here

>> No.5586607

>Extremely hard to set up
I know like next to nothing about computers and I got bloodgdx running pretty quickly. Minus the cutscenes of course but they're shit anyway.

>> No.5586668

The game does look more fluid for some reason.

But on the other ports I always maintain 60fps as well. Its weird what's happening?

>> No.5586739

because the correct answers are bloodcm and zbloody hell

>> No.5586745

>It's like a right of passage for them
we are not to blame for you having a room temperature iq

>> No.5586748

The mouse look is somewhat bad for me in NBlood and GDX too, compared to Fresh Supply where it's 100% perfect. Nuke.YKT promised to rewrite the mouse code for the next update though, so we'll see how it goes.

>> No.5586754

OH its the mouse. Might be.
I hope they fix shit with this remake.

>> No.5586776

New videos on some Blood Fresh Supply issues:



>> No.5586868

Kaiser could spend the next year or so trying to fix all this shit, just from the looks of it.

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For me, it's DOSBox.

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>Why is them being made by Russians bad, you xenophobic cunt?

They hacked our elections and forced Trump upon an unwilling population. We will never forget or forgive them for this.

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Quick rundown?

>> No.5586965

How about you go an felate a cactus you clown? This meme needs to stop.

>> No.5586983

Shill harder, faggot. No one wants to buy your shit port.

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Hello again Poe.

>> No.5587025

Let's call it concerned. I didn't pay for a Blood port that isn't Blood.

>> No.5587026

I knew Civvie was in here

>> No.5587028

Hi Gman

>> No.5587032

Literally what's wrong with this?
Who doesn't want a port to be 1 to 1 in accuracy?

>> No.5587039

Imagine defending bugs on a game

>> No.5587110

Imagine defending literal Russian spyware.

>> No.5587225

open source spyware hosted on github huh

>> No.5587227 [DELETED] 

So you blame a random dude who made a port and gave it for free in your stupid and corrupt voting system failing?

>> No.5587229

wew lad

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I can't get music to run in BuildGDX. It says "initialization failed". What can I do to fix this?

>> No.5587830

Both NBlood and BloodGDX are open source so any kind of backdoor/telemetry definitely wouldn't fly under the radar.
He's just a shill who gets it up the ass from Kaiser

>> No.5588103

I will not even bother listing all of the problems with BloodKEK, I could fill an entire book with it and I assure you it's not only bug/glitch related stuff. Keep using BGDX or NBlood guys, there's no need to play with this inaccurate, poorly thought, bug-ridden piece of shit.

>> No.5588721

Just play Fresh Supply instead.

>> No.5588754

but then he would have to deal with all kinds of random stuff in the game malfunctioning

>> No.5588827

Such as?

>> No.5588834

>obvious bait thread
>100 posts

fuck you /vr/

>> No.5588851

unironically this. we need to support night dive and this remaster to show there is demand for these types of games. imagine night dive remastering redneck rampage or no one lives forever...

>> No.5588864

They were actually working on NOLF1+2 remasters and even managed to acquire the source and put in some work on it. However, they got cockblocked by IP holders.


>We had managed to get a hold of the source code for the first game and the second game. We had already created a laundry list of updates and enhancements and bug-fixes that we wanted to do to the original titles. So, essentially what we would've ended up with was a definitive version of both of those games. We were about to commit a large chunk of development time in making sure that No One Lives Forever 1 & 2 were 100% compatible with Windows 8 64, Linux, OSX, had a full complement of Steam features, achievements, working multiplayer, dedicated servers… this is our baby, and we really wanted to give it every chance that we could, to make sure that people would play it again, and enjoy it to its fullest extent.

>> No.5588865

>Redneck Rampage remaster.
Surprised Civvie hasn't done Pro Redneck Rampage yet.

>> No.5589035

Nobody cares about Redneck Rampage, easily the worst Build game.

>> No.5589048

>progressive leftism
bro you're on a thread talking about a 22 year old video game.

>> No.5589052

>a youtuber is right because he said so
I almost want to believe the civie/gggman drama is a stealth marketing campaign for fresh supply and they are both in on it.

>> No.5589057

>unironically telling someone to kill themselves over this old ass video game
Fucking /v/ is more mature than this board.

>> No.5589092

Oh boy are you wrong...

>> No.5589112

Cant you play nolf easily these days?

The demand is there by all these games like dusk, amidevil and now wrath, ion maiden etc.

But they all lack something. Something we left in the 90s. Character.

>> No.5589119

What are you, stupid? He's not right because he said so, he gave his opinion and I'm taking it on faith that he knows more about Blood than I do. Considering I've played three hours of Blood, I think that's a reasonable assumption.

>> No.5589123

You think Ion Maiden lacks character? Have you actually played it? It's unusually close to the holy build trinity in quality

>> No.5589162

Its okay I guess. I dont really like her compared to duke, caleb etc.

>> No.5589165

Sir this is a drive thru

>> No.5589169

>few different textures, few different sounds
fucking autists, who cares about few TINY differences

>> No.5589185

Keep seething tranny shill

>> No.5589208

We do

>> No.5589217

install blood from gog and literally just run nblood.exe, you're done

>> No.5589227

ur mums a tranny

>> No.5589237

Don't assume everyone to be a computer hacker.

I don't know what is nblood.exe and where to find it. Most people don't. Most people will just buy the fucking game instead of fucking around with files and folders. How come you autists can't understand it?

>> No.5589240

technological ineptitude is a gruesome fate.
don't end like this anon.

>> No.5589245

How do you even get through the day you brainlet

>> No.5589260


>t. night dive shill

>> No.5589265

keep projecting

>> No.5589268

talk about politics/shit post politics someplace else you daft cunt, you are cancer that's been running rampant on this site for a very long time

>> No.5589517

>How come you autists can't understand it?

Not that anon, but its not rocket science and its usually two google searches away.

Fuck now I know why zoomers don't even know how to get a torrent.

>> No.5589565

Same. I just can't get behind all the "lol dude just pirate this obscure old version and apply this fan fix" autism when a perfectly capable modern remaster is already available on Steam/GOG for the price of a coffee. Those people are fucking delusional.

>> No.5589593

If people can figure out how to install BloodGDX, they definitely won't be able to install the remaster.

>> No.5589614

Get off your Mac or whatever you are using and do something purposeful. Sitting in front of a computer does not seem to be one of your strengths.

>> No.5589615

That's fair. I think she's a little too "action hero" in referential way. Like Duke was ironic, and a parody of the zeitgeist. Caleb was straight up a solid character. I like her better than Wang though. But I don't think she's "bad" and I'm willing to see what the game does to characterize her.

>> No.5589629

She is better than Wang for sure. Wang fell flat on his jokes too much.

I think she tries too hard to come across as a badass female TM. Compare her to Archer.

Still better than the sue gender swaps we see in entertainment where its just fun to make this dude a grill and call it a day.

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File: 448 KB, 1367x1098, 1546717804864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Duke 3D was a parody

>> No.5589643

Well, at least now we know exactly who the Fresh Supply is intended for

>> No.5589657

I would agree that she comes across as trying really hard to be cool, and that her delivery isn't as on the nose as St. John's Duke. If she was a little more dry, I think she'd be better. But yeah, she's not a swap, and I honestly don't think that Bombshell is a "grrrrl power" character.

He was a Schwarzenegger and Stallone with a handful of Campbell. He was such an obvious riff on that whole action movie badass archetype, cranked up to 11.

>> No.5589662

ur dads a projector

>> No.5589670

He projects his huge cock up your tranny ass

>> No.5589691

I think he means that Duke was more than a parody. It was a walking parody but also badass in his own way.
Storytelling could be balanced to genders unlike the politically charged bullshit we have today.

She just comes across as boring.
I think a nice fit for her would be like a bit more unhinged and wild. More Heavy Metal magazine cover. Dry and cool we are full of those fake women.

>> No.5589706

ur ass is a tranny and a rostie
big bloomer put goatse to shame

>> No.5589709

Duke 3D is pastiche.

>> No.5589717

cringe response, time to accept you got btfo kiddo

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File: 653 KB, 500x445, 51KSBKSK6FL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, she comes over as a bit bland and sanitized...probably to fit into the bland and sanitized zeigeist. A bit more "out there" and on par with the frantic tone would be nice, but that's the way things are.

>> No.5589749

Tongue in cheek is a better phrase

>> No.5589750

have sex

>> No.5589753

I know like the evil girl in Sin but for the forces of good.

Say stupid shit, and mock like Bayo but without going too far.


>> No.5589765

He fucking HATES the game. He'll only do it if he brings back "old and crap" (his original series).

>> No.5589767
File: 37 KB, 330x570, 1529131098164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I liked her original DNF look.

>> No.5589778

Pretty sure the "old and crap" refers to his perception of the video's quality, since that subtitle wasnt always there

>> No.5589895

This. It's mostly due to the audio quality being awful on some of them.

>> No.5590334

>install blood from gog
DOS Blood is no longer sold on GOG. It's been replaced with the NDS remaster.

>> No.5590374

wow, fuck these guys.

>> No.5590404

That's a new word for me, but that's exactly what he is. Thank you

>> No.5590416

Stumbled upon a thesaurus, have we...eh anon?!

>> No.5590439

You can still get it, it's just bundled with Fresh Supply now. Still, kinda sucks, since Fresh Supply costs a bit more.

>> No.5590492

You mistyped "BuildGDX.jar"/"BloodGDX.jar".

>> No.5590557

How illiterate are you that you've never heard that word before?

>> No.5590581

I knew it, but it makes you sound like a pretentious poofter

>> No.5590596

I dunno, I write technical documents and proposals for a living, but I find that there's always a new word to be learned, every day.

>> No.5590608

The English language knows over 1,000,000 words, many archaic or obsolete...I'm not a walking dictionary.

>> No.5590615

Stop tardraging.

>> No.5590623

The poofter is right, shut up.

>> No.5591054

How is that job, and how did you get it?

I'm 32 y/o substitute teacher with a BA in English that I want to try to use for a decent job because I'm tired of being poor but I don't want to be a teacher, lol.

>> No.5591750

>ever recommending java shit

>> No.5591759

Blood floating in the air.

>> No.5591774

that java shit can never compete with something based on eDuke32

who knows why they even host it

>> No.5591813

>NOLF-remaster is actually unironically NEVER EVER
This is why we can't have nice things.

>> No.5591830

They are afraid

>> No.5592256

Is the gog version being kept up to date?

>> No.5592315

That would be Tekwar. Redneck Rampage still has merit in its creative aesthetic and level design. Tekwar has no redeeming value.

>> No.5592327

>Blood is a riff on classic horror movie tropes
>Shadow Warrior is 70s Kung Fu
>Duke is Action Movies turned up to 11
>Ion Maiden has Cyberpunk nailed down
How come theres no Blaxploitation build engine FPS?

>> No.5592346

No market for that in the 90s, no devs around who gave a shit

>> No.5592353

That honor goes to Extreme Paintbrawl, by far


>> No.5592357


>> No.5592364

Maybe in wakanda some all black dev team made one.

>> No.5592803

SJWs would start a smear campaign claiming it's racist

>> No.5592886

I love it when well-fed white liberal soccer moms see themselves as the voice of blacks in America.

That aside, what would a Blaxploitation FPS even look like? Some reverse Moonman mod?

>> No.5592912

Shadow Warrior with black protagonist that says stereotypical black things instead of stereotypical Asian things, and big butt black girls with afros instead of anime, funk soundtrack

>> No.5592916
File: 45 KB, 474x430, 1530176354454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5592919

Would cause some astronomical butthurt on both ends of the spectrum.

>> No.5592920

>I deliberately choose to be a dumb fanboy over gameplay accuracy
lmaoing at you

>> No.5592925

You got it. This is why you use BuildGDX.

>> No.5592936
File: 3.00 MB, 640x480, Blood (BloodCM Shotgun).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BloodCM is fucking garbage.

>> No.5592937
File: 2.78 MB, 640x480, Blood (BloodCM Zombies) [01].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5592940
File: 2.72 MB, 640x480, Blood (BloodCM Zombies) [02].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5592942
File: 2.84 MB, 640x480, Blood Zombies.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For comparison.

>> No.5592943

Fresh Supply tier accuracy

>> No.5592951

Shill harder. The fan creations are easy to use and functional. If the remake does a better job and actually enhances shit, they'll have my cash. Until then, I play what I like.

>> No.5592958

>gib other build games love instead!!

>> No.5592961

If someone makes a mod of that, I'd play it!

>> No.5592974

Isnt that how the zombies work on the very lowest skill of blood

>> No.5593050

Sin Ritual entertaiment?

The protag is black? ish?

>> No.5593175

>he thinks buildgdx is less accurate than nblood
oh no...

>> No.5593180


>> No.5593268


>> No.5593351

how do you know your dad has a huge cock

>> No.5593362


>> No.5593365

i would rather waste money buying a period-correct DOS machine than ever touch java garbage

>> No.5593382

By looking at my cock

>> No.5593408

>java meme
You're just a nigger parrot, there's literally nothing wrong about java in 2019.

>> No.5593495

What if we made the protagonist a walking Pam Grier reference? Afro and all.

>> No.5593510
File: 270 KB, 1024x768, Ion Maiden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5593515

you're your own dad? interesting

>> No.5593516

git gud

>> No.5593517

one rupee has been deposited into your stackoverflow account

>> No.5593547

Not an argument.

>> No.5593901
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>> No.5593917

Eh you never know.

>> No.5593921

There are 4 ways of playing old games. There is Traditionalist, Modernist, Separate But Equal, and Compromised.
Traditionalist, playing the original game in its original resolution with period-accurate settings and controls, make no accomodations for modern sensibilities.
Modernist, the opposite of the traditionalist, will install reshade and put HD fan-made texture packs on everything. Also run it in 4k 120fps in a 3d engine and bump map everything too.
Seperate but Equal is when you are given the option to press a button and go back and forth between Modernist and Traditionalist on a whim. Compromised is the worst of both, giving you the original game's graphics and sound but in 1920x1080 and OpenGL with modern controls. Clearly, Compromised is the worst option and Separate but Equal is the best option. You can have your classic DOSBox Doom, and your tricked out GZDoom. Why settle for just Amish GZDoom?

Now apply this to Blood.

>> No.5593934
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>> No.5593937

hard to pick something for modernist since all blood ports are trying to emulate original look and feel

the closest is fresh meat since it has ambient occlusion option

>> No.5593961
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>> No.5593971

Stop it hurts.

>> No.5593980

PowerslaveGDX when

>> No.5593983

Nightdive's discord server has a "mystery game" channel and most people are assuming it's going to be Powerslave.

>> No.5593984
File: 76 KB, 400x480, crimson_skies.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5593989

Damn, this makes me really want a Build mod/game in the style of Black Dynamite, could be so funny and fun. But you just know it would NEVER fly today (it wouldn't even have flown back in the 90s).

>> No.5593995
File: 206 KB, 1152x864, Voyager-Elite-Force-Hazard-Team-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5594020

>obvious bait thread
>200 posts

fuck you /vr/

>> No.5594145


>> No.5594874

I just installed bloodGDX and i cant get the mouse settings to feel quite right, what have you guys got it set to?

>> No.5594952

In what way "not quite right" ?

>> No.5595062

Turn off vsync, if that still doesn't feel right, then try NBlood. Although to be fair, Fresh Supply does have the best mouse look out of all the three ports.

>> No.5595069

Can you put the 3D height look mod and those voxels on the other versions separately?

>> No.5595079

Yeah but what good does that if it feels like a different game

>> No.5595102

How was the leaked version?

>> No.5595118

what makes the mouse look in fresh supply seem better than nblood for you?

>> No.5595164

sobering...for lack of a better word.

>> No.5595174
File: 145 KB, 981x211, sdfs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This game needs more achievements, guys.

>> No.5595357

Who gives a shit about achievements? Do I win a special prize? Will my dick grow? No?

Fuck it.

>> No.5595515

>Kaiserfag in a nutshell

>> No.5595521

>owns a computer but does not understand how to click on files and folders
it's really funny to me that mass computer literacy was some sort of brief historical aberration and kids today are as confused about computers as my grandma.

>> No.5595692

>he doesn't know you gain an additional .5 inch in girth and length for every game you 100%

>> No.5595710

The cherry on top for me would be for someone to make new sprites so we can have different types of cultists and zombies instead of the same axe zombie.

>> No.5595772

Yeah...no. You do it yourself. It's either massively frankensteining the existing sprites with whatever resources you have or create them from scratch.

>> No.5595781
File: 65 KB, 838x358, artofim_9[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For Ion Maiden they just created 3D models, took still shots and then painted over them.

>> No.5595806

Thats a really fast way to make sprites.

>> No.5595823

Fresh Supply is cool but this thread is useless bait and you're all fags. This board is shit.

>> No.5595847

>new players
lol, who the fuck hasn't played this game for at least 5 minutes before going to Duke or Doom?

>> No.5596035


>> No.5596278

beta patch 1.9.1

>> No.5596282

wtf does that even mean douche?

>> No.5596542

No it isn't. The work needed to create good clean sprites is still immense.

t. artist

>> No.5596562
File: 570 KB, 670x551, this will ruin the magic of all indie games.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5596589

Sorry sweetie, this isn't how it works at all. Nice trolling.

>> No.5597020

Based Kaiser still fixing bugs.

>> No.5597126
File: 943 KB, 1500x2086, Ion Maiden Character Shelly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saw that Ion Maiden had a steam update, anybody know what it was for?

>> No.5597452

Hi Kaiser, your port sucks

>> No.5597467

only for cybering other /v/irgins purposes

>> No.5597508

there wasn't actually an update

>> No.5598083

Seriously what a shit nobody character.
And we cant even have tits in 2019.

>> No.5598092

>And we cant even have tits in 2019
Oh, my sweet summer child. You weren't even alive when reactionary right-wing groups like the Comics Code Authority imposed themselves on everything. Casual nudity is more than acceptable these days, or at least more acceptable than it was 20 or 30 years ago. I can't watch a single movie or load up a new game without tits being shoved in my face.

>> No.5598094

I hate you Murica. I want sleazy Elexis SInclaires in all games.

>> No.5598158

What exactly is the purpose of this gif? The end result looks like complete shit. It still needs manual pixel editing by someone with artistic skill. As you can also see from the before & after pic of Ion Maiden's sprites (left is straight model rip, right is after editing).

>> No.5598162

Watch porn and/or have sex

>> No.5598226


What´s the matter johnny some lewdness in games makes you uncomfortable?

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