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How the fuck do I set up my xbonx 360 controller on fightcade please help me i am mentally challenged

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Have you hit tab after starting up the game?

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Just tried and it has done nothing, what is it supposed to do?

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Login, go to a game lobby, double click your own name on the right to launch the game in single player mode. Click "game" at the top of the game window and press "map game inputs" or just press F5. There are some buttons you cant bind in this menu, but you can manually bind in the games individual config file if you choose.

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Fuck me, Final Burn Alpha uses F5 to change controls, doesn't it? Not tab. Sorry, bruv.

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I think this is where my problem is, im in the map game inputs menu and it works fine when i click any key on my keyboard, but when i hit a button on my controller to map it nothing happens

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Are you using a wired xbox pad and a windows pc? If it's a wireless pad you can't use the cable to play on PC; its just for charging.

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No its just a normal wired controller, it works fine on other things like steam games, Fightcade just seems unable to detect it

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Are you double clicking on the inputs your trying to map?

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I can single click, double click, triple click, it never inputs the controls no matter how i try.

the map inputs screen just acts like my controller isnt there, no matter what i click it wont assign a button, despite the controller being connected

i've even gone into my devices just to make sure my controller is connected, which it is

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Well you could always try x360ce, joytokey. xpadder or something like that.

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