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The first decent Goemon game. Why did Konami take so long?

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>wanting to infest Goemon threads with castlevania-style shitposting

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>current fucking year PLUS 4
>still no translation

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still no translation for this and 2?

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Excuse me sir, but I'm going to have to ask you to delete this thread. If you had checked the catalog prior to the creation of this thread, you'd have known that there is already a Goemon thread up. There is no need to have two separate threads, even if they each have a more "specific" topic. If you do not delete this thread, I will have to alert the moderators in order to help clean up the board.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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castlevaniafags are so sick of shitposting their own games they have to do it now to other franchises.

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I do not believe people who shitpost Castlevania are actually fans, sadly. If they were they would actually talk about the fucking games they're posting and not just say shit to induce flame wars.

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Goemon 3, MNSG, and Akogingu: the only good Goemon games desu

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Most likely it's a single guy wanting to separate the Goemon fans into "platformer vs tansaku".
I'm thinking it MIGHT be australia-kun. There isn't any Sega goemon game so he can't use his anti-nintendo tactics since most of the better Goemon games are on Nintendo systems anyway, so he resorts to genre-war.

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same cunt who says "it's Seega, not Sega"?

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yeah, also one of the main reasons /vr/ can't discuss Castlevania. It used to be worse though.

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Have you fucking retards ever realized that maybe the reason you cant discuss these games is because of you, not him? Let him shitpost and flamewar all he wants, if you ignore him then normal discussion is still possible. Bending over and going "oh god this guy's so annoying, he's ruining our threads" is fueling the problem more than him shitposting 100 times.

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>one of the main reasons
Anyway as I said, it used to be worse. He's not as annoying as he used to be, but several years ago the guy was insufferable on CV threads, and I think he still pops up every now and then.

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this, also it's pretty funny desu. Australia rocks

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>Australia rocks
He's legit one of the worst and most repetitive shitposters I've seen on 4chan. Like a cheap bootleg copy of ACfag.

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can anyone really top "BBC poster" in /v/ in regards to shitposting?

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The only good Goemon game was the first one for arcades. Everything afterwards has been tainted by (((console))) and (((jarpig))) elements, also waifufagging.

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*laughtrack intensifies*

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Was that in 3 first, too? Damn, why can't we get a translation?

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Why was the ninpo technique you get for Sasuke so shit?

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He should've parodied Joe Musashi's self-destruct explosion jutsu, since he's a robot and can re-assemble himself. Would've been funny.

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now THIS is the sort of contrarianism i come to /vr/ for

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I wish they'd kept the style of the 8-bit Goemons (1&2 on FC and then the first Gameboy Goemon) instead of turning into run-of-the-mill standard sidescrollers. Those were nifty and original, like bmup platformers with slight tansaku elements (e.g. having to find 3 passes per stage, or find the Lord on the castle levels).

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>tansaku elements
Stop this shit.

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>he still hasn't learned Japanese yet

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