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itt vidya moments that turned boys into men

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This boss comes at a perfect time in your level of growth and can just destroy you, and you're trapped in the castle so you cant grind.

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You don't need to grind to beat Wiegraf as long as you can change into Squire.

1. Keep your distance while you spam Yell to boost speed and get many turns in a row as you like.
2. Keep your distance while you spam Accumulate until you are strong enough to one shot bosses.
3. ???
4. Profit!

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speed break
torture him to death

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Can you use break skills as a squire? I don't remember if you can transfer them to another job as long as you have them mastered.

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This platforming section in v1.0 of Turok on N64.

You have to platform onto 30+ pillars, with a deep fog that makes it look like it goes to infinity. If you miss a single one, you die. You have a limited amount of lives until you get a game over and have to start the whole level again.

In v1.0 of the game, there is a glitch where if you get caught on any piece of geometry or polygon, your momentum will build indefinitely and release simutaniously as soon as you get unstuck, sending you careening to your death.

This is the end of level 1.
On an N64 controller.

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as far as i know, characters can equip a skill from other class if they have learned that skill.

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These dragons are brutal if you do the quest early on.

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Garai was a harder and more dangerous boss.

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I never touched squire in my first playthrough of FFT, I played a black mage/oracle Ramza. This fight was hell, but thankfully I did have auto-potion which made it easier.

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Yep, this was the game where I realized I was a furry.

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What other games helped?

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Buying the sketch from Graham the Cartographer in Gothic 1. I cannot post the actual thing since the janny will probably delete it, just google "gothic 1 sketch".

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Is that a naked roree?

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Everyone who played Legend of Legaia remembers this guy.

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I actually somehow had enough points randomly dumped into Squire to cheese my way through the fight but he made me stop and replay the game up to that point with way more efficient leveling than I had before. Still cheesed him again anyway because fuck that

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Is Legend of Legaia any good?

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requires some grinding, but it's an ok game

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This level

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A tried and true tactic.

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ramza used orator skill to mentally abuse him?

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legit curious

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>see filename
twink to link

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He's using "Yell" to boost his speed. We don't know what he's yelling tough in the games, but we can assume that it's hyping himself up.

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Not that guy, but Xain really fucked me on my first time playing

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Not in terms of raw difficulty, but instead as a symbolic representation of the barriers we build for ourselves in our own minds. Wisdom, not knowledge or ability, is what overcomes this obstacle.

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The moment the engine starts

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I like that this thread has gone two ways.. Difficulty and seeing tiddies in a game.

Pic related, level 6 wizzrobe/like-like/bubble rooms.

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and to add insult to injury you have Gleeok as a mid-boss, who is probably the most offensively effective boss in the game. If you spent both your potions on wizrobes...

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Yup he fucked me up lots.. I had to get to him without using a potion to pass him.

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Are the maps stored in array or something? Kinda neat how you can see the manji map in there.

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Fuck the all knobhandlers who can't tell a Manji from a Swastika. Since my childhood I have to hear shit about it.

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zelda 1 dungeon maps can be combined

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That's fucking hilarious

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>16 x 16

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fuck that stone circle....always skipped, ground and came back to that

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>full white field

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F for Lynx and Harle

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wheres the fuckin swatsika dungeon posted right above you? you photoshopped this shit

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You're blind, son. Look to the left of the blue moon dungeon at the top right.

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That's the start of level 3, and there's a savepoint at the start of the gauntlet. Did you even play the game? The controls are tight anyway.

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shit game
good game

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meant to say end of level 3

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im away from my computer, anybody have my "Hey Wiegraf!" one?

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this was fucking stupid

with bombs you can avoid the dragon though

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>Implying most kids didn't just skip ahead to the ice cave

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>not killing all enemies

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She isn't even hard if you know how to beat here but this fight separates the retards from the people with normal IQ. I played the shit out of this game in the first grade and of course only being a little kid I thought the optimal strategy for RPGs was always to just use your best attacks so I was one of the retards. The game is actually really easy if you understand the mechanics though. Kung Fu attacks are ridiculously OP thats why my main dude is always human I build into karate master

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