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>N64 had no good RPGs
Ogre Battle 64 would like a word with you.

Also, fuck you... I liked Quest 64.

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>only two noteworthy RPGs
>one of which seems universally said to be meh

Yeah I can see you have your preferences OP but only two of note is still a bad thing. Didn't N64 also have Paper Mario though?

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It also had a Mystery Dungeon game.

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The Paper Mario spinoff began on N64 and was originally suppose to have been a sequel to Super Mario RPG for SNES.

I loved Paper Mario even though I wanted a true sequel to Super Mario RPG.

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Explain whats good about Quest 64. Dont say soul, thats a /v/ buzzword. Like describe whats good about it. I am skeptical but I never played it

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I never played a game so braindead easy where you just sit there and wait on autopilot like this. I've never been so bored in my life.

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OB64's more a strategy rpg than regular rpg.
Still fun tho.

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Good taste

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the only n64 game i played because i love ogre battle in snes.

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It has a unique battle system, very colorful world/graphics, unique level system that encourages exploration, and great character designs. Bad is the very unbalanced difficulty and that you can permanently fuck up your magic progression by leveling the wrong spells.

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there is nothing good about Quest 64. One of the most disappointing rental experiences of my entire life. saddest kid ever.

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I should clarify that the fear of leveling wrongly is nothing really to worry about, especially near the end of the game when you're a beast you can always use Gameshark codes to level every element to its max, though

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I really enjoyed the battle system, how it was turn based but you could move around and dodge enemy attacks during their turn.

The difficulty was also good. If you didn't know that earth element had two incredibly broken spells and utilize them to break the game, Quest 64 was actually really difficult. I remember my first time beating the game felt so goddamn good. I had been leveling up water for the healing spells and then fire to see what offensive spells it had. I ultimately brute forced my way through the bosses with a combination of powering up my staff and using a spell that made my melee attacks steal health back.

The soundtrack is really underrated, too.

The songs really helped add to the game's atmosphere.

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The best thing about it is it has soul, other than it's shit

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This game is the most Ogreratted game there is.
I fucking love it, would be cool if it got a switch port one of these days

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Why are so many faggots trying to defend Quest? What shitty e celeb propped it up?

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>Oh no! People have a different opinion than me! Better call them faggots and assume that it's because of an e celeb or something.

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