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>Be me, 22
>decide to boot up an emulator and play Super Metroid
>Have fond memories but never being able to beat it or know where everything was
>Decide to stream it thinking it's going to take a long time
>I beat it within 4 hours without looking up a walkthrough

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the only things i beat these days is my dick

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Wow, this board is turning to garbage quick.

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t. every trooper, every day, since 2013

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>dug up my late brother's snes
>put Axelay in, not having played it for years
>only beat in hard mode once years ago
>finish the game on hard
>finish it again on very hard
>get secret Axelay 2 ending

Pic related is a photo I took then.

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If you want actual discussion, try not using a shitty meme picture next time.

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I agree, posting pepe memes is a bannable offense by resetera rules. Right, fellow old timer 4chan user?

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When I was a kid, like 6 or 7, I had Earth Defense Force on SNES.
Shooter that was surprisingly hard.
Like really hard.
One day I somehow managed to spill some Orange Juice on the cartridge.
I didn't bother trying to clean it, nor did I know how to.

When I booted it up,
for some reason I had infinite shields or lives.
I was finally able to beat the game.

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Yeah, I would cry too if I had to live through that.

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The SNES had such atrocious slowdown across the entire board of its library due to being such an underpowered and underclocked piece of shit that the difference rusulting from NTSC/PAL basically didn't matter and was just secondary to its slowdown suckage.
I recently replayed earthbound after 19 years and holy fucking shit, there were times when it hit single digit fps. On a 60 Hz NTSC model nontheless.

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Something about the way you exaggerate things makes me glad it frustrates you so much

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For some reason, for almost 3 decades I never really got past the very intro to terranigma (for one reason or another) where you're still walking from tower to tower. Last year I started it for like, the 27th time, played through it, it was a different game than I thought and I loved the fuck out of it. And of course, finished it.

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'pepe memes' in 2019 != sadfrog like it was in 2009
Don't act like all those pepe (and for the record wojak as well) edits are 'old 4chan' instead of shit directly imported from social media and 9GAG (why do people still visit that garbage website, seriously). It's not even reddit tier anymore at this point but a low effort attempt at trying to fit in with the cool internet guys or in your language "it's become a normie thing".
But hey keep on strawmanning if that comforts you, I won't judge.

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Not OP but I just think Pepe is a cute mascot. The fuck is wrong with me?

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You've poisoned your brain with non-4chan canon, fuck you and your irrelevant outsider opinions.

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I'd honestly rather want to see another Pepe than a shitty Spongefag image.

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Nice projecting skills newfag. Go cry to your friends on reddit that people like me are a 'normie' to you.

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I remember the weekend afternoon where I beat Top Gear

was so excited I ran to my parents' bedroom to tell them

they were still sleeping

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He's right retard, nobody called it "pepe" "wojack" or even knew those terms. I still even have my old filenames for some of them.

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Never had a snes.
Played earthbound through for the first time. I used to think it was overrated but I get it now.

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The comic character the frog was based on was named Pepe. I can't remember if I saved it, but I know there's a page where a friend of his catches him pissing with his pants entirely down.

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>be me, 23
>SNES is released
>get games, play them, beat them

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>Be me, 13
>Played Link to the past constantly since I got it for Christmas.
>Finally at final dungeon
>get ass kicked by dungeon
>stop before boss room
>Full potions, and ammo
>Not done yet.
>Ask parents to let me do chores before starting so I don't get interrupted
>Finally in fight.
>Had to figure out mechanics without help.
>Used all potions
>Finally win with three hearts left.

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>View 4chan through the lens of experience with all this non-4chan garbage
Eat shit and return to whatever your main site really is, I'm a newfag to 2003ers and nobody else.

You too rednigger, who said anything about what they're called except the other faggot who's oh-so-concerned about what 4chan is becoming in light of the world outside of 4chan?

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>obvious outsider
>attempts badly to fit in
>when called out, "no u"
>gets offended at mundane shit
>zero sense of humor
>sassy, vicious, toxic attitude
>obsessed with "being taken seriously"
>immediately tries to police language and change the local culture
>only value of the space invaded is how much personal worth in their in-crowd
>everyone i don't agree with is /pol/

For some reason there's a lot of interest by resetera in this place (easy content repost ressource, they often send members to infiltrate or even interrogate people at places they hate to then come back with juicy info they use to try and cause harm or distress somehow to that party - they even have dedicated doxing op discords)
It went beyond suspicious thread timings to screencaps where they brag about flaming internet strangers in places they hate (this very place first)

That reseteratard attacked the OP of a childhood memories topic, unprovoked, because of a reaction pic that's pretty normal (others before him here were yelling at "anime avatars", in 4chan /vr/, seriously)
Don't touch the poop.

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Me and a friend beat Super Metroid when we were like, 6
>get Digimon World and Monster Rancher 2 for 5th birthday
>didn't beat Digimon World until I was 13
>still havent beat the last Big 4 tournament in MR2 and I'm 26
You need a goddamn degree in mathematics to figure out how to get high stat combinations in that game

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Not really that I can remember. I have vague memories of getting to the Factory in SMRPG one day early morning. School must have been cancelled or delayed due to snow or whatever. I remember playing in my room with the lights off, it was still a little bit dark out.

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