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smash players, why dont you showers?
it only takes 5 minutes, what's your excuse, stinky bros

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all nerds stink

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Honestly I enjoy my natural scent and expect others to also. Otherwise they can move away from me or breathe through their mouth instead of nose.

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They do shower, just white guy showers where all they do is stand there, shampoo their hair, and stand there a bit more.

Showering does cause skin to produce extra sebum, and leaves a void quickly filled by smelly bacteria, so you may smell worse after 16 hours than those who clean their butts do after 16 days.

The easiest way to minimize your stench is to shave or closely trim your pits, so there's less surface area and your deodorant can contact your skin.

Modifying your laundry procedures can also help:


I do one or two hot bleach loads, and shirts and pants separately in their own loads.

Do you think I can hook up with any smelly SGDQ bois this year?

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wrong board idiots
and I don't say smash64, nobody plays that competitively
now get the fuck out

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Smash players are a completely different species

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Does anybody else like to cum in their pants and then exercise before leaving the house? That mixed scent of rotting cum and sweat is strangely adoring and I enjoy seeing people's reactions to it when i'm in public.

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As opposed to black people showers where they don't shower at all and douse themselves in cologne?

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I don't know about black guys. Haven't been with any yet. They're always saying white people don't use washcloths, because we don't. I know Indians actually wash stuff when they shower, so their dicks don't smell like poop. A white guy I tried dating often had a poopy smelling crotch at zero seconds out of the shower.

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you've got it all backwards
washcloths are exclusively an old white people thing, and indians always smell like poop

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Reminder: These people will be browsing /vr/ if 6th gen is allowed.

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Hasn't been my experience with engineer curries. Their sweat can be a little spicy, but they're clean. They do tend to not be handy because trade labor is so cheap there.

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