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I finally got my amiga up and running and now I want to get software for it. What's the best way to copy games onto 3.5 inch floppies? Use an old PC I've got lying around with a floppy disk drive? Get a USB disk drive? Do I need to convert the .ipf files to anything different? Do anything else to make it work? Sorry I don't know much about this stuff, but I want to learn

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Get an Amiga SD card adapter. It's well worth it and makes things a lot easier to deal with. Btw, what Amiga do you have?

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You don't. Get an HxC.

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2000. I have some disks that still work, and some that havent lasted that i'd like to replace, but i suppose an sd card would be easier. I just like the authenticity of popping the disks in

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I can understand that, but finding a good source of disks is a bitch and a half. SD card reader is easy. And the Amiga 2000 has the ability to have IDE hard drives, so you technically are keeping with the authentic feel if you use a IDE to CF or SD card read adapter.

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>I can understand that, but finding a good source of disks is a bitch and a half
New 3.5" DD media to my knowledge has not been made since the 90s. I saw a Usenet post from 1994 saying it was already becoming difficult to find them.

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Which is why I suggested the SD or CF card adapter. For like $50 to $100 anyone can easily get around the issue of hardware becoming impossible to find.

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Hell, I just looked. Gotek makes a USB floppy emulator for $36 USD. So worth grabbing.

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Oi m8, that James Pond was a rousting good game on the ol' Amiga. Can't believe Yanks played that Mario rubbish instead.

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>New 3.5" DD media to my knowledge has not been made since the 90s.
>I can understand that, but finding a good source of disks is a bitch and a half.
I just googled 3.5 floppy disks and got all kinds of Amazon links to newly made disks from Maxell and Memorex. How can you people not google?

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Yeah I'm seeing those too. And external USB floppy drives are like $13. This gives me more hope to copy them. So does anyone know if I'll need to convert the .ipf files or what else they need?

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After more research, it looks like hooking an amiga up to a PC with a null modem cable and writing .adf files onto the floppies is the way to go. If anyone is still interested

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I wouldn't recommend Amiga games they're pretty bad.
OP should listen to tracker music or watch some animations by Eric Schwartz. He's American btw and the mod composers are from northern Europe. Brits used this fine piece of hardware as a toilet to dump their shitty games that should have stayed on the ZX Speccy.

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Get a nice Windows 95 setup going and you'll get my attention. Otherwise keep it in a /degeneral/ or something.

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You mean get a Gotek and install FlashFloppy.

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Amiga is for graphics / music creation, not for games

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Except for all those good games that were on it.

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So Knights of the Crystallion.

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They're NOS.

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Besides, 3.5" media is less than reliable. Especially when the disks are 25+ years old.

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Some are ok, just avoid arcade ports and anything that tries to replicate console-style gameplay.

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Eh not really, they're all pretty clunky and have ports available which are much better.

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From the box of games from my childhood that my dad still had lying around about 80% of the disks still work. If I have an easy, reliable way to copy new disks, I don't mind replacing them

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>new disks
In that case, get you a time machine back to 1988.

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1. Read the thread
2. Learn to Google
We've already established they still make and sell 3.5 inch floppies, despite the apparent common "knowledge" that the ancient technique had been lost to the sands of time

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Get a floppy emulator. Not the one shillanon is shilling here >>5578597

Easy to find unless you're literally retarded. Almost as retarded as if you actually use them

You got trolled kiddo

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Maybe 1.44MB disks, not the DD ones.

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I always hated using floppies back in the day. No idea why anyone would still willingly subject themselves to that in 2019.

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Fuck that noise, mate. 99% of the time the cracktros were better than the games.

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>99% of the time the cracktros were better than the games
I'd rather look at the crack screen than play Double Dragon or Yolanda too.

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Transferring games via null modem cable is painfully slow. Expect to lose your shit if you want to copy much over. Back in the day when I was doing things that way I was dumping stuff in to ramdisk on an expanded A1200 - not sure what your options are on a 1MB machine with no internal storage.
Not sure of a way to write them PC side without specialised hardware. There are ways to read them if you've still got a PC with a real floppy controller (no USB shit) and a pair of drives, but not aware of being able to write stuff out.

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If you value authenticity too much to go for the simple option of a floppy emulator you're looking at about £100+ for a zorro II IDE interface. There were cheaper options but like all Amiga stuff stock is scarce. Get a CF/SD adaptor and you're good.
You can probably get a RAM expansion + IDE combo for about the same price if you're willing to go the ebay route. Get 4MB and you're good for running 99.99% of WHDLoadable OCS stuff, though if you're still on KS1.3 you'll want some 2.0+ ROMS for that. They can be had pretty cheaply.
A SCSI-IDE bridge would also be an option, but you're looking at a similar price for less functionality.

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(...Also what the fuck are you doing asking on 4chan, my dude. Get over to EAB.)

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gotta goto germany, austria, chech republic, and poland where the only good original amiga games ever developed were in the mid-90s central europe
only real market is in europe for that jew trash cause it was shit on them after the USSR fell apart

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Pretty much.. OP is just going to get trolled and "HURR DURR AMIGA BAD BECAUSE I'M 17"

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They sell some great stuff but not much to help OP. The Buddha has been sold out for a billion years now and fetches 4x their listed price on ebay and then some.
Their other Zorro II IDE card is €100 and at that price I'd go for a 2nd hand fleabay RAM expansion+IDE at the same price.
Saw their SD to SCSI adaptor and was intrigued until I saw "Standard SDSC (1GB maximum size)" tucked away at the bottom of the spec list. Huh. Sufficient for just shifting some disk images to right out I guess but damn. I'd be interested to know where that limitation actually comes from.

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Hope you've sorted out that barrel battery, OP.

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>Brits used this fine piece of hardware as a toilet to dump their shitty games that should have stayed on the ZX Speccy

Thankfully there are many fine American games from the likes of EA, SSI, and LucasArts you can play instead.

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Total worldwide Amiga sales for its 9 year run were about 4 million units, the A500 being the biggest selling model. The UK and Germany were the two largest markets, accounting for about 70% of total volume.

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The exports of Germany are numerous in amount. One thing they export is corn, or as the Indians call it, "maize".

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The Amiga's custom chipset was a complex piece of hardware that required a lot of coding skill to master and the British software industry seldom did it justice since they wanted to crank out games assembly line style on as low a budget as possible.

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I doubted them based on that too but found DD floppies with a quick search. Try it, there's NOS DD floppies out there somehow.

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Also the fact that a lot of Amiga games were produced by copypasting Atari ST code. The two machines are radically different and have nothing in common except the CPU, so trying to port Atari ST code on the Amiga was pretty much doomed to fail from the outset.

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Amigafags are still mad they never got a port of Oids.

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It's another thread where Amerifats pretend their interactive storybooks are games.

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Up to about 1990 or so Amiga games are usually better than the PC equivalent.

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Fuck games. I'm not playing games on my expensive A2000/A3000/A4000.

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This is a fair point, but I've gotten some useful info on the different opinions on how to go about it.
Yep. Dug the computer out of dad's basement, opened it up and sure enough, it leaked all over the CPU. The board was still ok though, so we just swapped out the socket and it runs great. No battery at all right now, might replace it sometime

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Those blue barrel batteries were forged by Lucifer himself.

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