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Name a better color than atomic purple.

Guess what? You can't.

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The clear japan-only model is better

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>Name a better color than atomic purple
Fire Orange.

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Get that offensive garbage out of here. The only other two acceptable N64 consoles are the standard black one and the special Hey You Pikachu one. Maybe the clear green DK64 one.

Fire orange is disgusting and should never have been made.

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What an odd thing to get worked up about

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The pikachu n64 looks like it was melted in the sun. It's an abomination.

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No color

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>and the special Hey You Pikachu one

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for me it's fucksia

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poo brown

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I like my clear orange and clear black N64. I think they released a Gameboy with that color scheme too.

I think the clear orange is nice. But I do have to wash all the dust from it now.

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That filename. Fuuuuuck. I've been through probably hundreds of N64 controllers over the years because of that shit. I still have my original two controllers, though they don't work anymore. The grey/white one that came with the Goldeneye N64 bundle and my atomic purple one that I got alongside it to play multiplayer.

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literal pleb. The only acceptable N64 besides the black one is the Ice Blue one.
>hey you pikachu
t. autist

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>Have two GBCs
>They're both atomic purple
Feels good, man.

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I really wish electronics manufacturers would bring translucent colors back. I loved that shit and still do.

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Rad and Atomic Purple pilled.

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Ah, a man of taste as well I see

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