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Since most who played pre-2000 systems the first time around are now at least 30, is this board mainly jobless kids afraid to torrent?

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What makes you think I ever moved on from 4chan?

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We use emulators here.

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This. It's funny but for some reason, young people think that some places of the internet belong to teens or young adults, and anybody above the age of 30 automatically stops using the internet altogether (despite it was us who were using the internet before they even existed).
It's really weird.
Anyway, 4chan is rather old. Actual zoomers probably use other social platforms like tiktok now, 4chan is also probably seen as "problematic" or not very good in modern society's eyes.
Also, OP, you can browse the internet from work. In fact, you can browse the internet anywhere, you should know.

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It's mostly zoomer collectors who just buy whatever game their favorite e-celeb is shilling this month, but there are also 30+ autists like myself.

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I'm 29, I've been on 4chan since it was first made. Was linked here from shoujo-ai.com's forum's hidden hentai board.

I don't generally emulate if I can avoid it, I like to collect original releases and play games on original hardware. I'm gainfully employed, and have enough disposable income to buy anything within reason.

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I feel like the age range of /vr/ has dropped dramatically in recent years.

Pic related for testament to my age.

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Yep, looks like something only an underage faggot would post

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That is likely, with 25-30 now being excluded by the 2014 rules.

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Don't post that, it might offend someone.

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I actually used to like the young people here when they were a small, respectful minority.

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>shoujo-ai.com hentai board
Fuck, another former shoujo-ai member. I'm 30 and I think that's where I first heard of 4chan as well, back in 2004. Came for the /h, stayed for /b and later some other boards, and /vr is what made me come back to regularly visiting several years ago.

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>tfw you were first linked because your friend ran one of the first servers.

Feels pretty much like nothing, just being old

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I know there was a big surge around 2007/8 that changed the culture, but I feel like there's been another big surge over the last couple of years that has been even worse, aided no doubt by the sanitising efforts of the discord trannies.

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Jobless kid here, I like it better here since most people are 30 or older. This board has far less shitposting then the other video games board. At worst I can tell a poster is older as they'll post a meme from a decade, it's kind if cute though, like watching a senior talk in their lingo and such.

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Transsexual zoomer here. I'm here to change the culture of the board whether you oldfags like it or not. Move over guys, a new era has dawned.

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Yes. And the rest are millennials who think being "old" makes them less retarded than they actually are.

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>edgy oldfag thinks trannies haven't been on 4chan since day 1


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I outgrew my retro hipster phase by the end of 8th grade. Why do most take longer?

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It's all about developing confidence. It took me until about 11th grade to be comfortable in my own skin, which meant I didn't have to project that kind of curated appearance. If anything, it's probably unusual to grow out of phases before you're through puberty

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>going through 'phases'

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You best start believing in phases, sweaty, You're in one

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Shut up Dewy.

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How is a fucking 28 yo excluded? I had more retro games as a kid than most of you combined. What a /v/ tier thread. Imagine actually trying to make yourself feel good about your age post 30.

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31 year old nurse practitioner here. Been playing vidya games since I was like 2 years old. I just like video games, man.

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36 here. I always find it strange that people 30+ wouldn't be on the internet, isn't it more likely they would be as young people should be out living life, friends, parties etc. If you are 18 here all the time you are much worse than a 50 year old here.

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>born in the 90s

It had to be past the mid 90s before you even starting really gaming.

>inb4 I was gaming at 2 years old



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You math is shit. I was literally a kid in the 90s, playing games older than you are. And post 2000 not only were there still games and ports, but there was still renting.

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I was playing some Red Baron flying game and Q*bert on my grandpa's DOS computer and Donkey Kong, Pitfall some truck game, and a few others on his Atari and Intellivision when I was 2 years old. I also distinctly remember trying to play some Dungeons & Dragons game, Tron, and B-17 Bomber, too, but I couldn't figure them out at that age.

My cousin had an NES that I played Mario on a bit, and there was another NES at the daycare I went to that I played Castlevania and Contra on. I remember being amazed at two of the older kids at daycare finally beating Contra. There were like 10 of us gathered around watching.

When I was 4, I got my own SNES for Christmas, and I loved it. Super Castlevania IV became my favorite game, and still is to this day.

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>I was literally a kid in the 90s, playing games older than you are
That makes you cool anon.

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Not as cool as you, grandpa. You're so cool, being thirty. Lmao

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>>inb4 I was gaming at 2 years old
From my parents told me, I started playing Super Mario in 1990 (when I was two years old). I don't think it is unheard of, however, I don't personally remember gaming until I was around four.

This. 15 years for me and I still can't move on from this cursed website.

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I am also 28 and was gaming at 2 years-old, thanks to 2-player Gen games with my big bro.

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get saved, bro: Romans 10:9

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>You math is shit. I was literally a kid in the 90s

If you were born 1990+ that means to be playing games you really had to be at least 5, so at the very earliest you started gaming in 1996.

I left high school in 1992. Whatever older systems you played, you never played them at the time, you were not part of that. The same way some teenager playing a nes today could not understand what it was like to play it on release.

To really remember them though and to fully enjoy them for what they were you had to be at a certain age. A 2 year old can't game. Playing Red baron at 2 years of age, really?

You must be a genius. Most of those systems I was around 10 plus or a teenager. I just see that as a true experience to really bring back nostalgia.

>be 10
>gaming with friends

As opposed to button mashing at 2 years old.

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>I am also 28 and was gaming at 2 years-old

Lol right. An average 2 year old can only speak in 2-3 word sentences. Yet here we have a whole bunch of people who at 2 years old were gaming, reading the screens, using quick reflexes with fast reaction times.

Is your IQ about 3000 right now?

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>two button game is hard
>need over 9000 iq

Sorry to hear about your low 80s iq.

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>If you were born 1990+ that means to be playing games you really had to be at least 5, so at the very earliest you started gaming in 1996.

Do you have a point here? I have concrete gaming memories at 4. I've seen kids beat games at 3. The 90s stopped roughly around 9/11 in terms of a cultural shift and a gaming shift. That's also when millenials start calling gen z zoomers. So what gatekeeping is going on here, really? You think you know 5th gen, but I was born in it. My sentiments towards the console are much more raw and intimate. If there's anyone who can defend the merits of a primitive 3D game, it's me.

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I remember enjoying them with my cousins and friends at that age, and I wasn't just mashing buttons. I was a good listener and good at remembering things I was shown how to do. I was even able to start up the DOS games on my own.

Are you functionally retarded? I was reading Dr. Seuss books on my own at 2 and 3. My three kids also had no trouble playing stuff like platformers and temple run games at the same age.

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Because you are talking nonsense, the very fact you are not aware of how ridiculous this is indicates that it is you with the low intellect.

2 buttons have nothing to do with it. It's what is on screen and the interactions.

Games for 2 year olds are based on simple shapes and sounds. No 2 year old could play Mario. 2 years are learning to pick up a toy, place a shape in a hole. Clearly you know nothing of children.

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You're talking to a gamer, don't be mean.

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based boomer pretends he knows all about children

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Sorry that you think that because you can't do something means that no one else can. You seem very arrogant. Super Mario is a simple game. At least to those with three digit iqs. lol

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I've got three kids. You're wrong. :)

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I beat SMW and DKC at age 3 with help on a few stages.

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We used to play Sonic 2-3&K nonstop, and World of Illusion, Great Circus Mystery (VERY hard but satisfying), Ms. Pac-Man (my mom's favorite) and Spinball every once in a while (these are the only ones we owned, though we bought the terrifying/hard Shinobi III a little later), and each got to rent a game of our choice every Friday, at least by 1996, can't remember if we did that before that year. It was always time for more Sonic for us. My brother also had a Game Gear and a Game Boy (by 1994; came with Link's Awakening), which I'd very occassionally get to play, but usually just leaned over his shoulder to watch him play. We also had a sweet hot blonde babysitter named Christina who I can still barely remember. Great times.

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Sure thing, zoomer.

I've seen every release from the early 80s and on.

>Are you functionally retarded? I was reading Dr. Seuss books on my own at 2 and 3

Are you? An average 2 year old can't even count to 5. Your memory is mixed up. They speak using 2 or 3 words. You could read books though...

A tiny percentage of people have memories from when they were 2.

But hey, here we have people who can remember when they were 2, they played games, they read books. Yeah OK.

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I sure hope I'm not stuck here posting what you're posting when I hit your age.

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I literally have the labelled VHS home videos my mom and dad took from my childhood, and there are plenty from when I was 2 and 3 of me speaking full sentences, reading books, and playing and beating games with my cousins.

There is literal labelled, documented proof. You're a retard.

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I do. You are just zoomers who don't and have confused your 6 year old self with 2. try using a little google. A 2 year old is basically still a baby and can only do very simple things. Gaming just ain't it, chief.

>You seem very arrogant

Because I am highlighting how ridiculous some of you sound and have you have no idea how stupid a 2 year old. They can barely walk let alone have the motor functions to move characters on a screen and avoid things.

This is a 2 year old playing mario and he has to be guided at every part and is very slow just moving the character up and down.


So just quit with the BS.

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And I'm a 42 year old child psychologist so what is your point?

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Great anecdotal evidence you presented. Some retard's kid on youtube proves nothing. And you can see that other Anon's have similar stories. It's funny that you think everyone is lying.

>> No.5578964

>i have proof because i said i do

Circular reasoning.

>you're a retard

Lol oh the irony.

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That's nice. My three kids were doing fine playing A Hat In Time when it first came out. Only thing I had to do was help them with reading and explain the controls. My oldest is turning six this year.

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ever seen this one?

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Just google it then, google 2 year old milestones or whatever. They are very basic. People lie online and others join in. It's like if you see an IQ thread every person jumps in with a high IQ. That's how how crowds work and the psychology of them, duh.

The fact is only a tiny percentage of people have memories of being 2 years of age and even then they are not vivid at all.

>Most children learn to read by 6 or 7 years of age. Some children learn at 4 or 5 years of age.

Yet here we have people aged 2 reading books and having high functioning motor skills to play games aimed at children much older than they are.

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Like I said, you must be a genius and obviously your genetics have been passed on. Well done. It's not the norm though, that's the point.

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38 here, been on almost daily for about 3 years. Started on Atari 2600.

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If you remember from >>5578882
I already said that I don't remember it. However, why would my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and parents lie that I played a game when I was two? They gain nothing.

You keep saying two year olds aren't smart enough yet. Fair, I never claimed I was good at it. All I said was that I was told that I played it as a two year old. The only other hint is that I was given was I could get through the first few worlds. I don't think I beat it until around 1993 when I got the remake for SNES.

But whatever. You don't have to believe it. Just know that not everyone is the same. :^)

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I forgot, I also bought pic related probably around 95, and we eventually bought the last Sega game for sale at Blockbuster, Power Rangers: The Movie. I also played Gunstar Heroes sometime between 1994 and 96, which quickly stuck in my mind as the best game ever (my bro (SAID he) hated it, though), and didn't play it again until we learned about emulators in 2000-2001.

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A shining example of one of those retarded millennials who think being "old" makes them not retarded. In fact, they're actually more retarded because they should be old enough to know better. Instead, use their "age" as a crutch to try to hide their stupidity. The funny this is they're so stupid they don't realize they're not fooling anyone. Even the newest of zoomers is laughing at this 28 year old man child.

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i bet they can code c++ when they were 2 years old too.

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Yes you probably pressed the buttons, you were not really playing the game, of course a 2 year old can do that and as you don't remember (as most people wont) you can't really say you were a gamer back then.

If someone said you were pushing buttons on the nes at 3 months old you can't really say you gamed on the nes exactly. Most of my posts are aimed at those saying they could remember, read books, understood the games and so on.

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Agreed, and I'm the blogposter. Mills are an egotistical and failed generation, and zooms look up to them for the sheer lack of original content in their generation

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Seems like you needed to spend more time outside than indoors!

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Alongside writing novels in their 3rd language

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>like watching a senior talk in their lingo and such
The degeneration of the English language is very sad to witness. A part of me dies inside every time I hear some adult millennial say "that's a thing," not to be humorous but because they no longer can think of any better word to use.

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You're right. We had a great backyard with a swingset and a slide, but got rid of that by the end of the 90s. Mom and Dad did the hip 90s thing of getting divorced, and it permanently ruined my brother (I was only 1 at the time, so didn't affect me much at all), giving us little time for parental guidance and care. TV and games raised us mostly, for the worse.

>> No.5579208

He's right, though. Why do you think zoomers are known as such unimaginative retards?

t. took those same grammar classes in uni that you did

>> No.5579214

>old bad new good
Everything has always been shit. The water's getting warm so you might as well swim...kid ;)

>> No.5579218

fug i got the meme backwards haha sorey aboot that eh

>> No.5579249

>I literally have the labelled VHS home videos my mom and dad took from my childhood
The earliest footage from my childhood is recorded on super 8mm motion picture film. I was born in 1980, so am the last generation to have home movies on film - and yet, I had WWW Internet as a teenager.

What a time, the end of the 20th century.

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>a thread about boomers and zoomers without any actual boomers or zoomers
this board is a joke

>> No.5579464

Zoomer here. I just think they're neat.

>> No.5579481

>Traps didn't exist before 2018

>> No.5579486

That's pretty transphobic of you to label transwoman wrongly.

>> No.5579487

The gatekeeping in this post gave me temporary autism

>> No.5579491

Nvm.the gatekeeping in this entire thread gave me autism

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>shoujo-ai.com's forum's hidden hentai board
fuck me man. That's a blast from the past.

>> No.5579639

The 2007/2008 surge have now assimilated. The last big wave was 2014.

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>Mills are a failed generation
Nigger, our median age is only 30 and we came of age during the 2008 crisis. A lot of millennials weren't even able to get career-oriented jobs until like 28 because of how shit the economy was, which is why that retarded 'bloomer' meme exists.

>> No.5579664

I'm a 32 y/o who substitute teaches. I don't make enough money to afford new consoles and my current PC has a fried GPU I can't afford to replace yet, so I'm relying on an integrated GPU which can only play retro games.

>> No.5579674

>t. seething self-hating 30yo boomers

>> No.5579675

There's plenty of excellent new games that play perfectly on integrated graphics, but you can't get them from shitty ad sites so you'd need to pay or torrent, the latter being risky if you're not on a thoroughly curated private tracker. Ever try rogelikes? The pure ones are free (because a mainstream gamer wouldn't pay for a game with literally no graphics) and very challenging.

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>torrenting retro games

>> No.5579683

24, make $62k. Not afraid to torrent but don't need to since any 9/10 or above retro vidya is available on Steam or GoG. I don't play B-tier games.

>> No.5579687

You need to work on your reading comprehension skills. Put down the games and read some books. Iain M. Banks' Culture series is a good read, and a major influence of some of the games you've likely played.

Torrenting new PC games is risky, because they're native executables.

>> No.5579692

Sorry I don't read trashy genre fiction written for manchildren who flaunt their IQ on Tibetan shadow puppet forums.

>> No.5579694

That's a pretty pseud position, and this is a children's toys forum.

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>assblasted millennial faillord

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>watching some random jackass stream because the AI tournament stream went down
>dude has a loli voice for his text to speech like a dumbass
>send him a dollar
>Haruka-Chan tipped one dollar. Onee-chan please dont do this. We're both girls, this is wrong. Not only that but we are sisters. Onee-chan don't, it feels weird. No, please don't put your mouth there it's dirty. Oh no. Please don't stop, onee-chan
>streamer becomes flustered and ends the stream
I got my dollar's worth.

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Justin is the one you're wanting.

>> No.5579782

Did someone record this?

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>I’m a weird faggot xD
>watch out you silly old cis genders
Go back to your hug box twitter and or Discord faggot.

>> No.5579801

it's not prescriptivism dumbass. There's a difference between complaining about creative new uses of language for good reasons (or even fashion) and just being too fucking lazy or incompetent to articulate ideas clearly. I have the opposite feeling when I meet some low-class boomer who probably graduated high school with a C average using complete, grammatically correct sentences and well-chosen words.

>> No.5579812

What is a discord tranny

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Reminder that if you're 30+ with no wife and kids, you have no business boasting to younger people about anything.

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Why can't I boast about not having a wife and kids?

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Afraid to torrent? I've downloaded nearly a terabyte of games ranging from the Channel F to PS2. And collections of old Magazines to boot. Afraid to Torrent? Bitch put this on I2P and I'll fucking jack into it.

>> No.5579917

29 here. Still haven't moved on and don't plan on doing it.

>> No.5579920

Fox News is ironically the one that advertised this board to the general public. Stupid dumb fucking bastards. I've always said they were controlled opposition.

>> No.5579925

All trannies should die.

>> No.5579926

Kids are a money scam and a time sink.

>> No.5579930

Kids are your fucking retirement. There's going to be a point in time that the elderly can no longer rely on becoming burdens of the state.

>> No.5579936

You'd do better saving/investing what it costs to raise them. Don't make new laborers for free.

>> No.5579941

In what, the last 5 years when your body is already a broken husk and you've already accomplished everything you wanted to do? Great investment and pay off.

they're meant to be exploited much earlier than that, they're meant for talent exploitation and living vicariously through their success!

>> No.5579959

don't have kids for financial reasons.
have kids if you want a family and don't want to die alone.
If you can manage a harem of under-25 girlfriends who are actually loyal and will stay with you until the end, go for it otherwise your best bet is children.

>> No.5580051

I prefer the idea of being with a good friend or many all your life without the kids involved, gay or not. If you have zero friends or family, you have better chances paying off a good care taker. Most kids grow to avoid their family and see them as a burden. Even if they love you enough to help, their hearts are not in the right place for they have their own life / lover / family to worry about instead.

>> No.5580097

But the Dreamcast, PSone, and even the N64 were still releasing games into the early 2000’s.

>> No.5580108

Doesn't matter. They were born 10 years earlier than you, therefore they are k00l and you are not.

>> No.5580110

Probably not too relevant to this thread but I remember in the mid 2010’s everyone got pissed off with being associated to millennials and having high hopes for le based Gen Z. Ever since that zoomer/boomer meme now no one wants to be associated as a zoomer. Generational cohorts are just another thing for tribalist nogs to have an identity to latch on to.

>> No.5580117

Get a load of this delusional faggot. All I see kids doing is putting their grandparents in a retirement home to rot. The Smith & Wesson retirement plan is my choice just as it was for Hunter S. Thompson.

>> No.5580124

A /pol/ boogeyman/"anyone I don't like".
Some sicko fag was brainwashing feminine fags to become traps to hopefully fuck ,then one shot himself. That is where it all came from.

>> No.5580125

That's how every other x'er acts on this board, though.

>> No.5580129

No one here is born on the same release date as the console. Teehee silly millennial, games don’t stop magically disappearing after the console’s release so it does matter. By the way are you really using consoles as a form of an identity? I’m giving you the “out” so post wisely.

>> No.5580131

meant for

>> No.5580137

Can you rephrase in English what you think I'm implying?

>> No.5580149

If you really need help, then work on your comprehension.

>> No.5580157

If that really means what I think it means, then it's retarded and likely replying to the wrong post, because the post he is responding to has absolutely nothing to do with it. That's why I asked for clarification.

>> No.5580175 [DELETED] 

Endangering half of everything you have, possible even having to pay a woman a fucking allowance for the rest of your life (alimony) just to have a governmentally sanctioned "marriage". Real cuck move, that.

Overrated, especially in the west thanks to "nuclear families". Since we toss kids on the street at 18, they return the favor by tossing your ass in a nursing home to die alone and forgotten in a pool of your own piss. From the biological perspective, the criterion for life success of having kids blows up your theory as well - a ghetto man with 30 illegitimate offspring, none of whom know their father, will always have more Darwinian right to boast over some white family cuck that barely has the resources to raise 1 without welfare etc.

You are a fool.

>> No.5580249

t. amerimutt
hope you enjoy dying a virgin, zoomer

>> No.5580268

Are you Chinese or Japanese? Still have extended families in your country? If not, KYS.

>> No.5580286

32 here, actually mostly have a job (learned programming while NEET, do freelance) and I torrent more shit than anyone else alive. Emulate everything. Come at me bro

>> No.5580302

Basedest anon ITT.

>> No.5580316

>Still have extended families in your country?
Yes. It's only americans that are backwards retards and lost all notion of family traditions. I speak the same languages my great-great-grandparents spoke and so do my children.
You've probably not been born in such a family so you have no idea how it is really. I have four brothers and so did my father, and, if I didn't have kids, my older brother's youngest kids would have no cousins to play with on weekends.

Also, Asians have no notion of family or filial tradition either. Know of any Japanese family in which at least fifty blood related people congregate to share a meal every Sunday? I don't.

>> No.5580350

Sadly, America was brainwashed in the 20th century to make consumerism the god, in the process disposing of family and making everything about the ego of the boomer and his immediate surroundings.

Kid kids to the curb at 18, abandon your parents, it's all about the shekels.

>> No.5580397

I'm well aware of that, and I presume my great-great-grandfather already was since he chose to settle in Argentina and forced my great-grandfather to do the same instead of moving to the States after the family house was burnt down to the ground in the London bombardments. My great-great-grandmother is Italian, and my great-grandfatherlived with them until he married, as did my grandfather, my father and as I did as well. All tradition is passed down and preserved as closely as possible. This includes morals and worldviews, which at some point resulted in my family being largely anti-Semitic.

>> No.5580480

There are two different issues. Large extended families and keeping traditions aren't the same thing.

Basically you have small nuclear families western Europe dating back to feudalism in the middle ages. This led to individuals becoming smarter, more self-sufficient, and more oriented to public community compared to the inbred, blood-feuding clannish people.

Loss of family traditions is an American thing because so many Americans came here to leave behind the rigid inflexibility of old Europe and embrace freedom and progress.

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File: 1.06 MB, 1277x1826, 1543791313550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

evil beings

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oh nice another veiled data mining thread courtesy of the fbi and Cлeдcтвeнный кoмитeт Poccийcкoй Фeдepaции...

>> No.5582775

>An average 2 year old can only speak in 2-3 word sentences.

I don't think this is true. I mean, it might be if you don't mean unintelligible nonsense, as my son at around 15 months would often yammer on almost non-stop on occasion for a good 20-30 seconds.

>> No.5582850

I'm 22 and I've never bought a single game in my entire life, I torrent everything.

>> No.5583381

>Asians have no blah blah
Your example is poorly chosen and your claim has no merit anyway. Filial duties are core Confucianist values, but you're not going to see some enormous Sunday dinner because (a) regular weekly get-togethers aren't a tradition or culturally significant and (b) Confucianist Asian families are tiny as fuck, there are no 7 sons of 7 sons. Japan's population is both aging and shrinking, mainland China has childbirth restrictions, etc.

The big exceptions are Westernized/Christian Asians. You'll find big families, siblings looking out for each other, etc. But even then taking care of previous generations remains a top priority.

>> No.5584103

boy, sure is a society we live in, huh.

>> No.5584124

34 here

Nearly exclusively emulation these days. I sold my flash carts because I preferred to use the money for a better GPU for my computer to play modern games, and then learned what you could do with that GPU in regards to shaders. Haven't really looked back since, and actually want to get rid of most of my remaining video game paraphernalia and go exclusively to PC + nice USB controller.

>> No.5584150
File: 3.15 MB, 1400x1039, 1554425635207.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based on this pic and your main childhood era here, are you Gen X, Millennial, or Zoomer?

>> No.5586276

>at least 30
I'm only 26 anon, stop overestimating things. And people poorer than me kept playing PSX for even longer

>> No.5586285

core millennial into late apparently, born 95

>> No.5586289

people like this should unironically be in prison, coming as someone who voted left in 2016

>> No.5586298

>is this board mainly jobless kids afraid to torrent?
I pirate games for almost 15years anon

>> No.5586307

>no wife and kids
this is good

>> No.5586315

what bothers me the most is that they wrote 'doxxing'

>> No.5586319

who the fuck took the time to make this pic

>> No.5586345

I was a part of the 2007 wave back when chocolate rain was the ebin meme. I actually feel like since about 2016 4chan has been losing traffic and I really don't mind it.

>> No.5586357

Nah. I'm 32. I still like playing video games. If I actually have time to play video games is a completely different matter.
And I actually stopped pirating games some time ago. Well, I can afford them and GOG exists, so what else would I spend my money on? Drugs and cheap whores?

>> No.5586494

I'm someone who was impoverished as a kid in the end of the 80's/90's/2000's so I'm only just getting around to emulating all the stuff I missed. Being doing that for the past 9 years.

>> No.5586520

Gradually, I began to hate them...

>> No.5586565
File: 56 KB, 284x529, 66C77D8F-9D9A-47E2-8DE1-7629E6126864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

30 and still gaming and shit posting on 4chins. Unfortunately not as much time as I’d like to do either these days though.

>> No.5586579

It's normal to use the internet at age 30, what's not normal is lurking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as if you still were a teenager. Also it's been widely documented that social network including 4chan, cause anxiety, self esteem issues and depression. Everyone should cut this garbage out of their lives.

>> No.5586586

>posting from work

>> No.5586609

I'm quitting this site again. Just waiting for my current posts to get bumped off. It would be helpful if you all would make more threads.

You could go places and do stuff with fun guys?

>> No.5586631

4chan is not social media. Say what you want but the culture of the main boards of 4chan is healthy and freshly anti establishment.

>> No.5586662

why are you all such sad depressed fucks? getting older doesn't automatically mean life is over. surround yourself with people you enjoy being around and do things you enjoy and practice healthy habits (exercise, eating right, etc).

>> No.5586787

Early millennial I guess, but that pic is so America centric I can't fully relate to any of those eras.

>> No.5586861

You just didn't read the thread at all, not being a loud manchild doesn't mean we are sad or depressed, still if some of use were there's plenty of valid reasons to be like that also shown in the thread

>> No.5586867


I read it. your all mad about pointless things you cant change.

>> No.5586889

Why would anyone be mad at things they CAN change? A problem that can be fixed is not really a problem, anon, just a temporal inconvenience.

>> No.5586902


why be mad at all? Nothing is going to change no matter how hard we try. just be happy and healthy and play games.

>> No.5587618

LMAO not even close on any of those claims

>> No.5587765

You need to clearly define mad, then
Because you are making it sound like getting mad is a horrible taboo that makes you a cripple or something, I can say you are getting mad of "us" getting mad and you can shrug it off as nothing and i for one know I can be mad at something yet shrug it off as easily as I assume you can

>> No.5588003

>most who played pre-2000 systems the first time around are now at least 30
But I'm 18 and grew up on mostly pre-2000 systems.
is this why i never made friends with anyone my age?

>> No.5588170
File: 144 KB, 1280x720, ECBECA48-BC17-4813-8C57-2FA8DA700BDB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of us are dudes with families. Other than a few outliers, this is probably the board with the fewest colored folk.

>> No.5588225
File: 51 KB, 750x757, D5RRPb9XsAIAJPL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine people thinking mods are heroes instead of just jannies now.

>> No.5588604

My first game console was an Atari 2600. Favorite game was River Raid. I was 12.

The year was 2008. I found it in my grandparents' attic.

>> No.5588612

I'm 40 and have a full time job.

>> No.5588631

According to birth year, zoomer
According to the media I mainly consume and consumed in childhood, somewhere between late Gen X and Gen Y, with many elements from earlier thrown in. (Schoolhouse rock, willy wonka, pink panther, best superman movie, star wars (orignals), muppet show)

My most recent console is a Wii, and the only games I really play on that are Smash Bros. Melee and the gamecube version of Twilight Princess. I enjoyed Invader ZIM, The Incredibles, Avatar: TLA, etc., but also grew up biking to the public library and checking out older cartoons on VHS and later DVD's. Watched Wacky Races, Animaniacs, Ren & Stimpy as much as I'd watch Ben 10.

My parents did a good job of enculturing me. We watched movies ranging from the Marx Bros. comedies, "Smokey and the Bandit," Austin Powers movies to films like The Great Escape.

Also, this "early gen X culture" thing shows Mr. Rogers, despite him creating new episodes up through the early 2000's. When I was little he was still making new content.

I can hold conversations with boomers about Sid Caesar's "Your Show of Shows" (classic comedy) or the late 60s/early 70s counterculture lead figures (like Abbie Hoffman) about as well as I can discuss Avatar: The Last Airbender or my favorite Vines (RIP) with my peers born in the mid 90s to early 2000's.

If you're curious about something and you look into it, you can become knowledgeable about anything.

>TL;DR Trying to divide things by generation as a way of being exclusionary is retarded and all culture exists in a non-exclusionary way as part of the public record

>> No.5588632

Late Gen X for sure.

>> No.5588635

I'm more depressed because of student loan debt and my shitty job desu

I'm also into 80s cars, though, so going to car meets kind of keeps me in a social setting and stops me from feeling worse

>> No.5588901

Been on 4chan since almost the beginning.
I have a wife, who knows I browse this place, and a successful career. I also have some hobbies, playing retro games being one of them.

That being said, and to keep it /vr/, I mainly emulate home consoles and use the original portable consoles.
I also have chink portable emulators which are a bunch of fun.
FFX, snes and nes FFs > psx FFs

>> No.5589134

core/late gen y but with a household full of late gen x shit

>> No.5589151

he's right though. Most other sites require an ID and censor anything against the grain.
I'm on 4chen because the rest of the true net is dead.

>> No.5589180

The point you're missing, and what creates generations, are that an age group experiences very similar cultural touchstones which lead to social cohesion. Generational talk has devolved into advertising research now, but older people innately feel the bond of shared cultural experiences. That's what you don't have. Not a big deal.

Late gen x, early millennial here. Born '84.

>> No.5589229
File: 67 KB, 256x358, Zelda_II_The_Adventure_of_Link_box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It always amazed me how into retro gaming a lot of younger people are. I'm 32. It always amazes me when I talk to teenagers who have played FF7, watched Evangelion, have played a lot of the better NES games and so on. What's even more amazing is that a lot of them have played the same games at about the same age I played them at, which is remarkable, given that I played them when they were new, and they're playing them when you can't even buy them in stores anymore except specialist retailers.

It's a good thing. It means that younger generations are rejecting the overly slick, soulless CG stuff that is all about showcasing the latest graphics hardware instead of creating something genuinely fun, or at least that has real artistic value.

>> No.5589291
File: 8 KB, 300x168, index.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Born in 93, one of my first memories is my siblings getting a SNES for Christmas 95 and staring at Super Mario World.
I was playing Mario 3, Kirby's Adventure, Mortal Kombat, and Sonic as far back as I can remember
My first game was Kirby Super Star.

Biggest graphics jump I ever saw was going from SNES -> opening cutscene of FF8 on PS1. Next biggest jump was CoD 2 in 2005.

First system was Dreamcast w/ Sonic Adventure. I was legitimately mad at Sega when I saw SA2B coming out on Gamecube

My uncle gave us all his Atari 7800 and a shitton of 2600/7800 games back in 1998. It was well before my time, but I got good at some of the games (Keystone Kapers, Frogs N Flies 2P, Air Sea Battle, Superman, etc etc). I don't think I'll ever beat E.T. I don't have the patience

It's funny. I was always looking for people to play old games with and no one gave a shit so I had to go to fringes on the internet like Assemblergames. Now that I've mostly grown out of it and don't have time to play games anymore, everyone and their grandma is playing retro games.

>> No.5589404

> an age group experiences very similar cultural touchstones which lead to social cohesion
Exactly, if there's any real blurring, it happens where you have someone grow up in a rural area and/or spend more time with older friends than younger friends.
I watched "Get Smart," "Dragnet," and "The Rockford Files" as a kid with my parents, but that didn't make me a boomer. And sure enough, just looking at that chart I can instantly tell where I "belong" because I recognize every single one of the images (even if it was something I didn't personally watch or own). (Late Gen X, born '79)
>Late gen x, early millennial here. Born '84.
'84 is pretty solidly early millennial, although it is in that very small sliver that might remember a time in their childhood before the internet and social media, unlike the rest of the Millennials. Early Millennials often identify with Gen X more than the N64/Pokemon generation.

>> No.5589469

>Also, this "early gen X culture" thing shows Mr. Rogers, despite him creating new episodes up through the early 2000's
Yeah some things have long lifespans. Star Wars is another obvious one.
But if you aren't actually Late Gen-X, there's almost certainly some shit in that collage that you don't remember or at least wasn't a relevant part of your social life as a kid. Inspector Gadget? Cabbage Patch Kids? Playing Oregon Trail on an Apple ][ at school? Everything there was a part of my childhood, either directly or indirectly via other kids talking about it (usually with great enthusiasm).
Meanwhile, for every other category, there's a lot of stuff I either don't recognize at all, or only remember as being "for kids" (eg Tiny Toons, Pokemon) or "old" (eg Super Friends, Atari 2600).

>> No.5589618

I was born during that first era, but thanks to reruns in addition to being generally the most immature guy of all my friends, the breadth of my first-hand pop culture exposure encompasses the first six of those eight eras. The cut off is pretty severe too, as I don't care at all about just about anything in those last two boxes (including some of those consoles).

>> No.5591045

>if there's any real blurring, it happens where you have someone grow up in a rural area and/or spend more time with older

You're correct. Was born in rural South and one parent is silent gen and one is boomer.

>> No.5591091

I’m 32, I have a pretty good job (close to 6 figures) and my gf is super hot. I think if I posted a pic (would never) the nerds here would flip out. I only emulate and I spend more time on other hobbies like hiking than I do gaming. It’s whatever works for you, everybody is different.

>> No.5591104
File: 73 KB, 500x500, IMG_4609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Discord is popular among socialists/lefty shut ins who get their friends to astroturf threads.

There are also tranny discords, but over time the meme merged the two and it gets the lefty discord fags mad (plus many ancoms are malformed tranny freaks anyway)

>> No.5591152

Still own some of my original systems including NES, Genesis, and N64. Stopped gaming between 2001 and 2016 because life. Recently have begun playing older games again. Got an everdrive for the N64 and have had a blast reliving those times. Nostalgia hits hard in your thirties.

I have emulated NES, SNES, Genesis, and N64 games. You'd have to be rich or an idiot to put money into buying actual game cartridges. I got the SNES mini and loved it. Prolly will pick up the sega one later this year.

>> No.5591167
File: 296 KB, 529x720, Confusion.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mainly jobless kids afraid to torrent
... what?

>> No.5591173

19, part time job. Don’t really care to collect much (don’t wanna end up like one of “those guys”) but I have a few systems laying around. The main reason I don’t really use them though is because I love upscaling to a higher resolution, especially with PS1 games it almost hurts my eyes to play them without upscaling. When I see people with NES cartridges and stuff it’s just kind of sad and I genuinely just feel sorry for them.

>> No.5591747

succinct and accurate

>> No.5592501

>When I see people with NES cartridges and stuff it’s just kind of sad and I genuinely just feel sorry for them.
Do you have the same opinion about people who collect other small things just for fun? Sports memorabilia, die-cast cars, stamps, etc?

>> No.5592624

lol, i torrent everything that i can't wget, even stuff that my uni offers me the official loicense for cuz funny enough the torrent is faster...

>> No.5592631

However during the era that torrenting 2 gigs took a literal month i just bought original games for my gamecube from a local small store, not buying from wallmart has benefits as the owner would eventually give me discounts for being a regular customer, eventually got a chip mod for my GC to play backups

>> No.5592754

>An average 2 year old can only speak in 2-3 word sentences.
Not really relevant because most 4channers have above average IQs.

>> No.5592759
File: 864 KB, 693x513, 1558132250037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5592867

27, have social life with friends and girlfriend. Don't really need to work because I got lucky in life. Occasionally play retro vidya with them, but on an emulator using PS3 or PS4 controllers. Never really understood collecting, always kind of looked at it as a mental problem. I can't remember if it was torrents but I got all my ROMs a long time ago.

>> No.5592881
File: 290 KB, 600x600, 1558356919923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

32 year old Boomer. Haven't left in the ten years I've been posting here.

>> No.5592948

No, things like team scarfs, jerseys, or metal car figurines can never really "break" until they actually deteriorate in thousands or millions of years. Video games are just a few decades from not working. Also, the hobby of video games is a lot less social than sports. Furthermore, most people would agree sports and cars are more of an adult interest than video games. I guess there are a lot of reasons but to answer your question no those hobbies don't give me the same "sad" reaction.

>> No.5593035

I'm 30, have a wife, dog and job. Mostly just emulate but I have a real Sega Genesis in the attic. Only a few games for it though and I don't have much free time between spending time with the girl and seeing friends so I like to savescum when I play, so I use an emulator. My friends aren't into gaming so it might be weird to bring them into a room completely dedicated to gaming, not that I would have that kind of setup if they were into gaming anyways. I don't think the wife would want to fuck anymore.

>> No.5593927

You think "zoomer" started around 2001? Why do you try to rewrite history anon? Zoomer is about three years old on 4c and I've never heard a human being in real life call a kid a zoomer. I assume is just some agenda speak to make 12-21 year Olds hate anyone older than them and vice versa.

>> No.5593936

Yeah, compared to an average 2 year old

>> No.5593941

40 here
this is the only 4chan board I still use tho

>> No.5593943

87-94 is my core nostalgia period
I was born late 78 but I never think or have ever thought much of my early childhood. 1984 is the first year I can remember living in and I barely remember any pop culture until 2-3 years later than that

>> No.5593945

So you didn't have any older siblings/cousins, and your parents had money. Got it.

>> No.5594004

So you're like my dad's age (early 50s) yet were into cartoons and vidya up till 2005? Huh. Interesting.

>> No.5594013 [DELETED] 

>Early Millennials often identify with Gen X more than the N64/Pokemon generation.
Generations are kinda forced and not really cohesive. Like people who were 8 in 1992 are millennials but so are people who were 8 in 1999. Yet if you look up old commercials and stuff the 1992 ones are like an ancient vaporwave time to grow up in while the 1999 ones are more modern.

>> No.5594029

>Late gen X
>Born 84
But you were only 0-5 in the late gen x era. Not many people remember that much from those ages. Do you have a really genius memory or something?

>> No.5594030

Why did you delete?

>> No.5594032
File: 530 KB, 1000x1500, 1538280759068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This, desu.

For all of its faults, 4chan does a lot more good than it does harm. Being able to have unfiltered discussion is extremely useful in this day and age.

Anyway, to answer the OP, I was born in 91 and I've been browsing 4chan since I was 18. Before then I mostly browsed GameFaqs, GameSpot, the Shroomery, and whatever other random shit my friends and I would send each other on Facebook and AIM.

I like this board because retro games are fucking amazing and most of the people here seem to be genuinely knowledgeable about vidya and vidya accessories. Whereas /v/ is just /b/ for the most part, this board really does talk about games.

Idk what the fuck you mean by afraid of torrenting, but it seems like /vr/ has a lot of purists and hoarders who think emulation and piracy is bad. /v/ has the same thing. Frankly, they can eat shit.

That's all.

>> No.5594078

OK, so what about people who collect other electronics? Stereo equipment, vinyl records, tape recordings, CDs, computers, non-game software, etc.? Those devices and media are equally as susceptible to damage and degradation, enjoying them isn't necessarily a social hobby, and so forth.

>> No.5594080

is everyone on this board oldfags? Ive been here for 12 years, I thought you guys were a doujin circle.

>> No.5594098

>Muh seekrit club

If retro players didn't use emulators they wouldn't have been made to begin with. This thread is cancer and mods are fags

>> No.5594175

I'm 31 and work 2 jobs. Luckily I can shitpost at work so there's that.

>> No.5594214

>rabidly defending the status quo or how things were a few years ago is anti-establishment
Also the social dynamics here are pretty similar to most social media. If you've been around for a decade+ and are familiar with the rest of the internet, you've probably realized that anonymity on 4chan doesn't really change much. At most it just makes it easier to disengage from fights you don't want to be in. We avoid a lot of drawn out bullshit that way which would be a lot more frequent if we had proper accounts and usernames. Our culture never killed the ego through anonymity, we just made it so you have to loudly announce who you are with every post and reply.

>> No.5594263
File: 100 KB, 564x545, 1533076947766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>avoid a lot of drawn out bullshit
Are we using the same 4chan? It's an endless frequent repitition of shitflinging to the point where actual discussion is flooded out, anonymity gives anons the safespace of actually fighting without consequence, you don't see this type of shitflinging on any other site cause of being afraid of the reprecussion and muh special karma/ego points. If you use this site to boost your ego in fighting meaningless disputes then you haven't reached the bottom of the barrel here. Saying awake way to long fighting with some faggot only to have the thread be delete 15 Minute lauter and leaving you in the realisation that it all was for nothing, repeating every day just with different characters. This is the Definition of drawn out bullshit

>> No.5594872

30, work 3 days a week, no kids
lots of booze, drugs and video games though
It's the best, fuck family life

>> No.5594953

That way of life gets old past your mid 40s

>> No.5595134

I mean i'm only 6 years older but i feel like when i was a teenagers more kids i knew would go back and play games the were to young to remember or from before they were born.

I think it's more of culture in general this decade going back to a sort of 80s sense of commodification, where the bohemian hipsters of the 2000s or now normified and those entering their 20s this decade were never similarly bohemian, and the 17 year zoomers less so and with less interesting interests and personalities. I doubt you could even talk about something like FFX with other autistic zoomers.

>> No.5595151
File: 110 KB, 366x388, 45225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>leaving you in the realisation that it all was for nothing
but those are the ones I remember the most, anon

>> No.5595181

>a lot of them have played the same games at about the same age I played them at, which is remarkable, given that I played them when they were new, and they're playing them when you can't even buy them in stores anymore except specialist retailers.

Zoomer here. I was introduced to retro gaming through the Wii Virtual Console.

>> No.5595186

No those are more adult, they just aren’t as pre-teeny or sad.

>> No.5595259

It's already pretty old, which is why I have booze and drugs

>> No.5595407

So you just skipped over the early y stuff?

>> No.5595426

Early 40s now actually, so that sixth box was mid-late 20s for me. Nothing odd at all about that. But even for someone as old as your dad, you'd have no trouble finding 50+ year-olds who grew up with games and still care about modern games today (even though I don't as someone 10 years younger, for the most part).

>> No.5595461

OK cool, I just wanted to see if the social aspect and physical deterioration were real parts of your argument and it sounds like they aren't, looks like it really just boils down to what you perceive as mature vs. immature. I can understand and even respect your opinion but I don't agree. If we were to go down that road then we could look at people engaging in immature non-collecting activities as their hobbies, and I wouldn't judge them any more or less harshly (adults who get together to play playground games like kickball and dodgeball, adults who watch and discuss superhero movies online, etc.), and to me game collecting in general falls in line with all kinds of similar things I'd consider perfectly healthy outside of fringe cases.

>> No.5595472

Ok, just as long as you're aware most of the rest of the world disagrees with you, and views a physical video game collection as extremely immature, cringy and sad.

>> No.5595490
File: 213 KB, 489x500, 1324503195002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sports and cars are more of an adult interest than video games

>> No.5595498

This. I'm 33 and I don't know where else to go to. Yes I have a life. I work, I'm not single but does this hold me back from browsing the net on my phone like everyone else? I don't use Facebook so I come to this place because mostly the conversations are more relaxed and mature here. People can write proper sentences.
Sadly most places are full with little kids and this is the only adult place I have found on the net.
I wouldn't argue about stuff with teenagers in real life so why should I on the internet?
Sticking to your old people hobbies and talking about nostalgic stuff keeps the little kids away . It's kinda sad given that I'm just 33. I have no clue what I'll do once I'm 60. One could say I now know how old people feel but they weren't online and would only hang around with people in their age and not those young folks.

>> No.5595560

That's a thing has become an accepted idiom. You can rage about it, but it will not go away.

>> No.5595570

The average age of a sports fan is literally measured as decades above that of an average gamer. You are a dumbass. Also those girls are ugly, so you probably are too.

>> No.5595572

i'm 37, I'm glad that today's youth like some of the games I like even if they are lazy entitled half-white marxists

>> No.5595573

Parasocial interaction is not healthy, and please stop bumping my thread so I can be done with this site.

>> No.5595584

People are people. There's always lazy and entitles people. Boomers are well known for it. I knew a teacher who paid Geek Squad to come to her home and plug in a VCR and digital tuner. In 2010. What job would she have instead if teachers were paid what teachers say they deserve?

>> No.5595591

>zoomer: the post

>> No.5595616

You've been posting the same thing about how you're "going to be done with the site soon" for about a week now. No one wants you to stay, and there's no reason you have to wait for your threads to die before leaving. You're continuously trying to call attention to yourself. You're a faggot.

>> No.5595626
File: 123 KB, 850x1203, The-Sally-Anne-Task.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That must have been a different poster, or you're perceiving time inaccurately.

>> No.5595657

It's going to end up being a generational thing the same way our parents and grandparents watch a lot of TV without really using the Internet much at all while we do the opposite, the way young kids see it though we probably all collapse into the category of "old people" to them

Hell, I'm still talking to people online who I met on various message boards 20 years ago that somehow still exist, though I've long since parted ways with those forums themselves

>> No.5595739

So that wasn't you a few days ago who made a new thread saying you were just making it so that your old thread got killed, so that you could leave the site? Also, why are your threads dying a requirement for you to leave? Also, why did you create multiple threads if you want to leave the site?

>> No.5595832

This place is barely social media. I just come on a few boards to see what the current talk is about games and to see if there are any threads about games I haven't heard of here, then I go look for mega links to new porn that's come out. Then I just go play games or read or something the rest of the day. I don't like people enough to spend any kind of time with them outside of random posts here that are probably just an echo chamber that I may or may not even care enough to come back the next day to see if there are any replies.

>> No.5595893

>I represent a planet half-full of dumb people
I can't even mind that, anon

>> No.5595908 [SPOILER] 
File: 440 KB, 850x1203, 1558486287011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In case anyone was wondering the answer

>> No.5595923

Why would anyone need to "play it when it came out"?

You sound like a faggot.

>> No.5595924

I enjoyed this post :-)

>> No.5595941

Based Asian Sally understands the true nature of Anne the white devil

>> No.5596143
File: 507 KB, 850x1203, nigger stole my ball.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not quite obvious enough

>> No.5596203

Make the ball an onigiri for massive damage.

>> No.5596475 [DELETED] 
File: 452 KB, 850x1203, nigger stole my lunch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5596479
File: 452 KB, 850x1203, nigger stole my lunch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5596856

The white devil's true evil lies in rewriting history and blaming everything on the darkies!

>> No.5596935

Nah. They're more likely to rewrite history make the darkies look blameless.

>> No.5596942

I have no idea how to respond to that in a graceful, non insulting way.

>> No.5596951

You Darkies would have already starved to death if it wasn't for the White Devil named Tolerance.

>> No.5597027

Empathy is truly a pox.

>> No.5597169

I am satisfied with this sequence of events

>> No.5597602

This is what rightwing incels have been brainwashed to believe since forever. Fear mongering shills have tried to scare the younger users of this site with the alimonyboogeyman since before /pol/ was a thing. Turns out its all complete lies to scare the average user away from a happy life.

Alimony happens in TV shows and your imagination, not in real life.

>> No.5597607

More boogeymen please. PLEASE!

>> No.5597686


>> No.5597734

/vr/ reflects the same demographics as the rest of the site: edgy 20-somethings, lolbertarians and East Europoors who get paid to endorse whatever flavor of the month politics the Kremlim wants to push on social media.

Anyone still visiting this site over the age of 30 either has stunted mental growth or is a clinical sociopath subsisting on disability income. I'd wager you probably don't care to know why such individuals choose to play retro games, assuming they do so at all and aren't just here to troll or spam politics at you.

>> No.5598449

Basically just padded out my NES library until I got an N64, though we had Windows 95 I suppose. And nearly every show/movie on that list is very dear to me, though of course there are several from early y as well.

>> No.5598545

Divorce is hell financially even without alimony and yes it fucking happens in real life.
It's important for young men to understand that so they aren't meme'd or manipulated into getting married prematurely without understanding the risks, which is exactly what women are biologically programmed to do. A roastie like you with nothing to risk should probably not be mouthing off about it.

>> No.5598567

>t. single mom of 3 trying to find a source of income for Tyrone's kids

>> No.5598665

Look man, I've been in this black hole since 2010, fuck my college roommate that introduced me to this site.

>> No.5598693

>4chan is not social media.
It's worse. Here, there are zero repercussions to social missteps which means long term users develop anxiety issues when they have to interact with people in a way in which they can't just close a thread and pretend it never happened if they embarrass themselves. Combine that with the fact that you will see the unfiltered, worst possible version of some pretty shitty people here and the idea that all people are that mean-spirited and just keeping it to themselves while silently judging you for everything you do will eventually pollute your thoughts.

4chan is extremely bad for your mental health.

>> No.5598798

I'm 28, married, and most of my "newer" games are pirated. My spouse has a pretty extensive retro collection, as do I, so we have a lot of older games. According to that chart I identify most with Early Gen Y. The first system I got was a SEGA Pico of all things, followed by a SNES. I had cousins and neighbors with a NES so I played on that too. I enjoy having a physical collection but I do play ROMs for some of the harder to find and expensive retro titles. My favorite PC games are from the early to mid 2000s which I mostly pirated or bought for a dollar on a Steam sale. I got my first computer (and dial up) in 1998 and I've been on gaming forums since then. I was introduced to chan culture in the early days of /b/ before all the anonymous shit happened. I left 4chan for other chans after that, but to be honest I got pulled back in in recent years because of my wife of all people.

>> No.5598821

All you need is to do is go away from 4chan. Literally anywhere else will provide the hugbox safe echochamber you're looking for.

>> No.5598825

Does your wife's boyfriend play games too?

>> No.5598837

She's always on /pol/ and /k/ hahaha

>> No.5598838

>4chan is extremely bad for your mental health.
Nah, if anything 4chan teaches you how to deal with assholes in a healthy manner.
Sticks and stones and all that. If I were to despair everytime someone called me a faggot I would probably hang myself at this point.
And if you're not an asshole on 4chan, 90% of people have no reason to be an asshole towards you and then you can have an actual conversation. And if they are assholes to you anyway, they probably weren't bringing anything to the convo anyway and you can safely ignore them.

>> No.5599050

It's a term millennials in their early 30s and late 20s have adopted to make their sjw filled generation seem better. And in 20 years time most of the people here being called zoomers will be recognized as millennial rather than gen z (those born 21st century onward)

>> No.5599095

Millennial was meant to refer to people born early 80s-mid 90s who were school-aged in 2000. It seems to have stuck onto that age group fairly well even though it confuses/phases off people. But idk maybe it'll change to those born 2000`+ in the future, the "way it should've been from the start" according to some.

>> No.5599101

I think people born in the late 90s are being called Zoomers because they don't remember 9/11 and are closer to early 2000s babbies than older millennials.

>> No.5599141

My point is that in 20 years time people won't care if they can remember 9/11 or not, but they will care whether they were born in the 90s or the new millennium. People born in the late 70s used to be considered millennials, because they had more in common with early 80s babies. Yet now they are strictly considered late gen x, due to being born in the 70s rather than the 80s.

>> No.5599170

33, semi retired but sometimes work, hot wife. Not autistic so got rid of my physical shit but still emulate the hell out of some 4th and 5th gen consoles.

>> No.5599182

>being this casual that you would marry a roastie in the first place
>not being able to spot a roastie
>ignoring the existence of a prenup

>> No.5599523

>strictly considered late gen x
Only by self loathing late 70's millennials

>> No.5599750

>hugbox safe echochamber


>> No.5599783


How convenient to be able to dismiss everyone you don't agree with simply by accusing them of being (insert buzzword of the week here). I guess it's easier to blame everyone else for your social indeptitude rather than admit that you're probably a schizoid or have some other deeply rooted pathology that's going to fuck with you for the rest of your life.

>> No.5600224

sjws are literally waging a culture war dumb fuck it's not a matter of agreement or disagreement. If that's all it was the term wouldn't exist. SJWs don't believe in free speech or tolerance they only care about their own ego, peer status, and pushing their ideology (usually in that order, which is why pointing out inconsistencies and shit never works).

>> No.5600227

>decent woman to marry
I'm 100% in favor of traditional family values and morals, but that's no longer an option.

>> No.5600315

>late 70s used to be considered millennials, because they had more in common with early 80s babies.
This is the absolute truth, the 1980 cutoff is the lazy bullshit way to do it. 78, 79ers were the same home videogame, cable, vhs, then internet as teenagers kids that 80-83ers were. They don't remember the 70s at all.

>> No.5600438

playing videogames yourself > watching other people play sports
watching sports is passive entertainment
the fact that old normals do it makes it generic, not "adult"

>> No.5600465
File: 351 KB, 1439x2048, F9C444C9-3126-4FE3-BD88-776564E0058C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shoujo-ai.com's forum's hidden hentai board
My onee-chans

>> No.5600498

This is such a miserable virgin thing to say lol

>> No.5600503

Virgin lol

>> No.5600608

In the US, any rolling window of (at least) 4 years is going to produce culturally similar kids thanks to school. Decades are artificial delineation points.

>> No.5601227


“Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”
― C.S. Lewis

>> No.5601373

C.S. Lewis. lol

>> No.5603469

31 and i feel the same way

>> No.5603930

>I left high school in 1992. Whatever older systems you played, you never played them at the time, you were not part of that. The same way some teenager playing a nes today could not understand what it was like to play it on release.

I call BS. If I started gaming in 96 (which is approximately when I did), if I'm playing like game boy and SNES games and stuff, they would be like what, 5 years old about?

Would we really look at someone playing games released in 2014 today and say "you weren't there at the time man"? no.

>> No.5603951

I guarantee in 15 years anyone playing Fortnite for the first time will not be sharing the same experience as today's kids. For kids in 2019, Fortnite is something they'll share with everyone in their generation. Hell they don't even have to play the game for it to affect their childhood memories.

>> No.5603952

Core millenial, seems about right. Though i also experienced a lot of the Early millenial and late millenial stuff too.

>> No.5604006

I’ve reached the end of SMB1 at the age of 3 without knowing the existence of the warp rooms. I just assimilated the game, I remember only koopa was still feeling hard to me with those hammers + flames. I’m not the same anon that you have quoted.

>> No.5604130

>If I started gaming in 96 (which is approximately when I did)

>> No.5604154

gtfo poser

>> No.5604769

>If I were to despair everytime someone called me a faggot I would probably hang myself at this point.

This. This is why twittards and tumblrinas kill themselves through "bullying". We kill ourselves for the lulz.

>> No.5604970


Not him. 36 here, multiple children, job, life, etc. Come here when I'm bored and the kids are asleep because you can't just go out whenever you feel like it.

Anyway, born in '83, my dad had an NES. I would go down and play Super Mario Bros before going to kindergarten/1st grade. But I sure didn't know what the heck was going on around me at the time.

I grew up in the second half of the SNES/Gnesis era and PSX/N64.

Likewise, if you're born in 1990+, your generation at a minimum was N64/PSX. And if you were born 1992 or later then your first real gaming generation was PS2. That's when you were actually old enough to play the games well and know enough to ask for vidya for Christmas and birthdays.

There's no shame in this. Just don't try to be something you're not. The NES was not my generation's toy of choice and the PSX/N64 wasn't yours.

In other news, yy children at two years old were able to "play" video games, in that if I put a controller in their hands they would press a couple of buttons and maybe try to eat it. Even at 5-6 years old, they try to play Rayman which is the best I can get to a modern day equivalent to Mario, but mostly fail. My 8 year old is able to get it down, though. So bottom line, if you remember being "good" at games at 5-6 years old, you are misremembering.

>> No.5604976

I'm 25 and my first system was the Genesis/Megadrive and I only do emulation for retro games.

>> No.5605007

You are missing his broader point.

You may have played those systems as a toddler or at 5-6 years old, but you had no idea what was going around you from a cultural perspective. You didn't know what games were considered "hot." You didn't go to school and talk about being stuck on some point of a game or finding secrets. You didn't argue with friends over whether the SNES or Genesis was better, assuming you even knew the latter existed. You didn't ask for those systems. You just popped in whatever was lying around your house that you could get your paws on.

So when the guy you're responding to says "you were not a part of that," that's what he is talking about. You have some fond, nostalgic but probably inaccurate memories of playing vidya as a small child, but that doesn't make you part of the system's generation. You just didn't have the situational awareness to soak that all in.

>> No.5605046

Late Millennial/Gen Y here.

>> No.5605074

>Alimony happens in TV shows and your imagination, not in real life.
Peak roastie brain right here.

>> No.5605082

Don't misunderstand: I'm basing it purely off the picture that shows the cultural milieu of the times. I don't claim to be a member of Gen X. Of course I'm just part of the older millennial group. I don't remember politics and social movements of the time, but I remember watching G.I. Joe, Smurfs, Transformers, Inspector Gadget, Voltron, He-Man, and Ducktales; I also saw every one of those films during the mid or late 80s. Plus had lots of toys for those corresponding media. Again it's just shared cultural touchstones, whether they were referenced in 1990 or 2000 I was aware of them.

Before the internet, culture wasn't moving at light speed. The local video store was a big part of it. My dad's best friend owned it so I would spend hours there looking at movies and video games while they were hanging out, and I would get to rent as many as I wanted for as long as I wanted, as long as it wasn't new. It was a sweet set up that I miss to this day.

>> No.5605108

Made aware of this site in 2009 by a weird buddy of mine. Still don't consider myself an oldfag

>> No.5605117

Same, except it was a really good friend of mine and we were 16 years old.

>> No.5605123

To further illustrate my point: I remember playing Super Mario Bros. with my dad in 1988. My memory doesn't specifically tell me it was 1988, but there is a dated photograph, that's when it happened. My 25 yo uncle was a huge Zelda fan so I played Zelda with him and I remember vividly him showing me how to not get my ass kicked in Zelda 2. This must have been during 1989 and 1990 because he moved across the country in 1990. Again I personally don't remember the year, my young mind wasn't online in that sort of way yet, but that's when it happened.

>> No.5605242

My only criticism of this pic is that it shows cartoons that a 5-6 year old would watch in a separate block of time than the vidya they would play.

E.g: The cartoons I watched growing up would put me in the late Gen-X category, but the vidya I played from 10-17 would put me in the early Millenial category.

>> No.5605291

That's a good point and I think everyone necessarily straddles at least 2 or 3 different boxes. It focuses on youth culture with just a few wider cultural identifiers, which is indicative of how youth see the world. In the pre-internet past there would be a bigger hangover/lag where one generation is flowing out of awareness of current youth culture and a new one coming into awareness of current youth culture. It's one of the more accurate to life generation identifiers I've seen.

>> No.5605489

Depends on how simple the game. I was pretty good at Super Breakout using the official 2600 paddles at 6, because I'd been playing since I was 4. I was still unskilled at anything more complicated than that, though I did spend time playing around with many such games that my family owned.

>> No.5605581

There's probably too much focus on kiddie culture in each box. Add more things that teens of the time would be into, like major sports events or news events that teens would be aware of. I'm from '83 so things like Michael Jordan's Bulls dominating the NBA, the Tyson/Holyfield fights culminating in the ear biting incident, Hulk Hogan turning heel, the rise of the NWO in wrestling come to mind, also in broader news like the Unabomber getting caught, Michael Jackson being a pedo, and the OJ Simpson trial. I dunno but keeping it so kiddie oriented makes it less accurate to capturing the older cohort of youth.

>> No.5605695

Not that the kiddie culture is bad, but it should be moved right a box.

In other words, if you're from '83 you probably watched GI Joe and Ninja Turtles, but that's when you were like 5-8 years old. You probably had an SNES or Genesis, but that was when you were 8-12 years old. Hence these things belong in the same box, but they are separate.

>> No.5605734

The main problem is that childhood last too long like 10 years (3 to 13) and the boxes in the chart last 5 years in average.

>> No.5605812

Accurate yes. Sega Genesis was the first console I wanted and saved allowances for. Mortal Kombat with blood baby! Still remember how excited I was to play it only to realize I needed a code to do it. Asked around school but no kids my age had the game. Some older kids said they knew it but they wouldn't tell me. A few weeks later I got my hands on it. I had to wait until I was able to go to a store and finally I found a strategy guide book. Of course mom wouldn't buy it for me so while I was there I hand wrote as many of the special moves down as I could before my mom dragged me out of there. I still remember when the screen changed once the blood code was entered. Holy shit

>> No.5605838

MK2 was my first purchase. Got the Genesis for Christmas with S3&K.
Similar experience though.
Played lots of MK2 on 11" screen camp tv, even with my sister. We had to make rules against playing with Milleena, because her special moves are difficult to counter.

>> No.5605913

Nice! I didn't have the best luck with the series as a kid. Saved up and bought the first one. Then I rented MK2 a lot. But I saved and bought MK3 when it came out. Of course MK2 was the best, and it was the one I didn't own lol. Thought it would finally end well when I got MK trilogy on N64, but the fuckin controller wasn't very good for fighting games. I'm still like WTF when I think about it.

>> No.5606040

I'm born '84 and I strongly agree. I can relate more in real life to people born late 70s early 80s than someone born in 1992-1996 (even though Millennial is 1982-1996). Didn't have a computer until senior year of high school which then went with me to college. The internet as we now know it didn't really begin until around 2003-2006. I didn't have social media until I was 21 and I didn't have a smart phone until I was 30 (will admit I was a purposeful holdout on the smart phones).

The generation thing is arbitrary. It's much more accurate to say that you're closest to your peers that were born either 5 years before or after you were born. After that the common ground gets foggy. Especially with all the technological changes we saw as a generation.

>> No.5606658

It's not that arbitrary.

Did you have a cell phone before you were 25? Yes - You're a millenial. No - You're Gen X.

Did you ever buy albums on casette tape or vinyl with your own money? No - you're Millenial. Yes - you're Gen X.

>> No.5606664


This board is a mix of old farts abd younger players some who use hardware and others emulate.
What makes you think we're affraid to torrent?

>> No.5606671

Yup! 4chan popularized traps which is what makes the weirdo stormfag conservatives who come here and get triggered by them super funny. Good fishing waters these days.

>> No.5606751

But I answered yes to both...

>> No.5607017
File: 24 KB, 707x432, brule.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>afraid to torrent

>> No.5607023
File: 206 KB, 1563x1098, c64_ad_agg40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

C64 user here.

>> No.5607179

Was born in 92 and I feel like as kids we still saw the tail-end transition of the stuff you guys grew up with, i.e. VHS and cassettes. And while those my age did have internet as kids unlike those your age, it was still Web 1.0 and not all-consuming, so we still played outside a lot and stuff.

>> No.5607251

I'm in my 40s and my answers to both of your questions supposedly say I'm a millennial

>> No.5607412

Do you feel bad about missing out on the stuff before that or did you manage to get reruns of it?

>> No.5607584

Why do you pretend the non-internet world's social interactions matter? Pretty soon we're all going to be uploaded.

>> No.5607862

>we're all going to be uploaded
If I copy your brain and kill you, you still don't survive. You'll just be dead and I'll just have a copy of your brain. I could upload it all over the place and all it would mean is maybe other people could look at your memories, or they could run it like a brain rom in a brain emulator to interact with it as something that thinks in a way you used to think (according to the abilities of the emulator program). But that whole time, while people are treating copies of your brain like a toy, maybe even doing disgusting things like subjecting it to emulated obscene torture and laughing at its responses sadistically and uploading it to youtube as "Dead anon's brain gets fucking tortured over and over again while the copy of his dead mom's brain watches helplessly", the real you would still be dead. Of course there might be positive uses, like being able to have multiple copies of the same genius cooperate to solve some problem in parallel.

Personally I would want to avoid having my brain copied as part of my human right to dignity, because it's too exploitable.

>> No.5607908



>> No.5607910

You might very well be a millennial. It's not like there's an official start date for millennials and some people have put it as early as 76. If you think whatever wikipedia say this week is the "real" year then you're a confirmed millennial. But of course the zoomer you replied to is full of shit. I had a GSM phone when I was 25 and I had a few AMPS ones before that and I was born in 69. But if you give a fuck what some dumb kid on the internet thinks you really might be a millennial.

>> No.5608007

Late millennial/early zoomer, but I remember 9/11 and grew up mainly with gen Y culture stuff

>> No.5608083

Oh look, one of the 3 people who had a brick cell phone in the early 90s posts on 4chan. Who could've guessed that?

>> No.5608086

The issue is that the 9,000 clickbait articles written to paint a stereotype on millenials has over-exaggerated the generational differences.

>> No.5608094

almost 40, identify as Gen X.

Got a pretty decent job that pays decently within my country's pay levels. (Which means dirt poor compared to you first worlders.)

I torrent 100% of what I play. And emulate as well.

Aside from the fact that I earn a third world salary and believe that vidya costs are first-world-centric, physical media is expensive here because of customs import taxes. And internet is expensive/slow so Steam/digital distribution is an option for the rich.

And "original hardware" is very hard to come by here (except for Playstations and Playstation 2s). NES and Genesis never released here, we had Famicoms. Mega Drives weren't as common, and only rich kids had Super Famicoms. NeoGeo, 3DO, Saturn, etc. weren't a thing here. Nobody had Dreamcasts - my country is Playstation central.

>> No.5608096
File: 106 KB, 612x491, c7c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you still bumping my shitty thread and why hasn't it been deleted?

>> No.5608098

>oh look, one of the millions of dumb zoomers who are clueless about history

>> No.5608106

> Oh look, I make stupid assumptions about others because I'm the outlier and I haven't developed the social cognition in my 40 years of sorry existence to understand that there are always going to be exceptions to any general rule.


>> No.5608121

yes and yes.

what now?

>> No.5608190

I've watched most cartoons from Core Millenial thanks to Cartoon Network reruns and I also had consoles from Early and Core Millenial thanks to my cousins who gave to me some of theirs old consoles and games instead of selling them.

>> No.5608195


>> No.5608201

>dad screams at you for something
>you feel sad because of it
>you pay a streamer to cheer you up from your dads wallet
that's a double win in some peculiar way

>> No.5608386

Got a flip phone when I was 19 at college so the parents could keep dibs on me.

The first album I bought was Green Day Dookie on a cassette in 1994

>>5606040 is me

>> No.5608443

I don't agree. The differences are there because of all the technology changes. Someone born in 1975 is quite different from someone born 1985. And a person born in 95 is very different from someone born 85.

I promise you that someone who was 6 when 9/11 happened has a different worldview than someone who was 15 or 25 when it happened.

>> No.5608625


>> No.5608654
File: 31 KB, 319x260, 3BEF1A87-BE7F-4D35-9EBC-139DCF0E3F50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does age matter? Shouldn’t you be happy that younger generations are appreciating the medium which you hold so dearly? For one to come from a period in which the games are no longer new grants the community with a fresh perspective. The elitism of the boomers on this board just inherently stems from the fact that you have been around for longer, thereforce you experienced the games “authentically” and have had more time to engross yourself deeper and deeper into the medium. Well guess what faggots I made it to this board and I love me some retro vidya!!!

>> No.5608672

Gatekeeping and elitism run rampant here for most unaccomplished people. I agree, it makes more sense to bring new people in so a new generation grows care for curating and playing the games that came before them.

>> No.5608679

there was a single (1) thread where info was polled on ages. The result was a bell curve in which median ages fell in the 26-29 years range. That makes sense to me, as people of that age would have possibly/likely played something from the 90s as their first consoles and were also likely teens/young adults during the first half of 4chan's existence. Younger members do happen here since some people are always curious about older things (else classic movies would have stopped being shown a long time ago), older is just the same but for early 90s/late 80s/earlier.

>> No.5608714

really the line for 'millenial' shouldn't be pushed backward, it should be pushed *forward*

The real change happened when late 00s social media had everyone put their real identities on the internet and shifted a large part of everyday socialization related to real life to that social media.

The people who have lived their childhood years in that environment, people that at the earliest were born late 90s (and really, more post-2000) are the actual millennials.

People born late 70s, 80s, early 90s (the /vr/ audience, by the way) are all the same, really. Regardless of the cartoons or vidya they watched and played all that media was much more alike in those years than it is to now where the phone is becoming the only culture feed.

>> No.5608728

>The people who have lived their childhood years in that environment, people that at the earliest were born late 90s (and really, more post-2000) are the actual millennials.
No, they're zoomers. People think millennials are zoomers, but that's not true. You have to witness the turn of the millennium to be a millennial. Zoomers born late 90s and up do not.

>> No.5608737

I wouldn't put the cutoff at 1980, if anything i'd put it a few years later.

From what I've noticed, people born around 80-82 are mostly like "We're 80s kids, we're gen x, not bitch ass millennials." But the people born in 83-84, only slightly younger, associate their childhood more with the 90s than 80s, say they don't remember shit from the 80s, and say they're more millennial than gen x. People born in 80-82 just seem a lot more ancient than those born in 83-89.

>> No.5608768

You did not buy Dookie with your own money that you earned at 10 years old. You bought Dookie with money given to you by someone in your family.

Thanks for playing.

>> No.5608772

30 year olds are millenials though

>> No.5608779

Blame the post-WWII boom and the Reagan administration for that one.

>> No.5608780

If you want to say that the generation cutoffs at 20 years vice something smaller like 10 or 15 years would be more accurate, I can buy that for a dollar.

The same thing happened with boomers. An early boomer grew up in the late 50s and had to deal with being drafted into 'nam. A late boomer was just starting kindergarten when Nixon ended the war and grew up in the mid-late 70s.

>> No.5608785

Your argument is actually that millenial should be pushed left (1975-1990) vice right.

>> No.5608792

'gen x' vs 'millenial' vs 'zoomer' is going to seem like really irrelevant middling in the future.

There will be 1. pre-internet people, 2. transitional people -this includes everything from my mom born 58 on Facebook, 60ers, 70ers, 80ers, and almost all 90ers- and 3. people raised entirely within a networked social existence

>> No.5608824

Listen to yourself and look at what you're talking about.

Brazil has always been Sega: The Nation.

>Shouldn’t you be happy that younger generations are appreciating the medium which you hold so dearly?
You're making assumptions (a) that all of us aren't and (b) that anyone other than yourself cares whether we are or not. I've always been pro-inclusion when it comes to the enjoyment of old games.

>> No.5608836

No, my argument is that gen x should be like 1965-1982 instead of 1965-1979, and Millennial should be 1983-1996 instead of 1980-1996.

>> No.5608842

>Blame the post-WWII boom
For what specifically, and what would have been your solution for it?

>and the Reagan administration
Same questions.

I want to see if you're just another kid who's watched Wall Street and hates "old people".

>> No.5608843

Yea, sorry man but someone born in 1967 did not have the same cultural experiences growing up as someone born in 1980.

>> No.5608849

the only thing old fucks have over younger kids is money and even that isn't true anymore for the current generation

>> No.5608876

This is why I enjoy discussions like this. It's mostly arbitrary and devolves into minutia like this >>5608768

But its fun because I do wind up thinking about something that I haven't remembered in years.

>> No.5609137

Far off in the future current generations will be classifed like this. Except without the transitional category. It will be pre/post internet and smartphones. So many people that are legit Boomers, Xer's, Millennials are really starting to blend together because everyone is being affected by new technology. My mother born in 1945 doesn't use the internet and still has only a landline phone. She is very different from my sister (born 1968) and me (born 1984). Aside from the media we grew up with, I don't feel a big generational divide from my sister.

>> No.5609171

So what, I want the anon who wrote that other post to support his claims.

>> No.5609350

Well obviously you have to make assumptions somewhere, it’s an anonimyous image board

>> No.5609364

people that are old would give anything to be young again. nothing is more depressing than getting old and not accomplishing anything. if you're over 30 and on this site you should kill yourself

>> No.5609485

>he doesn't plan on being here forever

>> No.5609562

lol buttmad millennial

>> No.5609782

>oh look, I'm assmad because I got called out for being a retarded zoomer and I can't into simple math
Cry harder little bitch. And stay in school. At least until they learn you simple arithmetic.

>> No.5609803

>until they learn you simple arithmetic.

You could use some English lessons. Unless you are from Northern Europe, then I can understand why you typed "learn you."


>> No.5610050

I make more money than you and am more successful than you. There's really nothing to cry about here.

>> No.5610057
File: 150 KB, 640x480, Whatcraft.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

beep beeeeeeep boop pahsskohhsshh pakkhhh na neeee na naaa kashhh kishishhhh

>> No.5610061

You're thinking of something else. Think of the movie Matrix. We're going to sit down in pods that sustain us, hook cables directly to our skulls/brains, and interact with the online dreamworld as ourselves. It will be us, we won't be dead. Kind of like full-dive vr but all of humanity or at least those in the first world hooked up to a giant ai ran super-computer where we get create our own paradises. Either in closed off sessions alone or with people we're closed to or in massive universes with everyone able to connect to. No one will be dying, but most people will finally start living.

>> No.5610124

He's right though.

>> No.5610134

Bing bing wahoo!

>> No.5610148
File: 47 KB, 604x403, ed1088c495d1910a43bcd0c5e143a705d79864ce30b81ccea009960acc958f0c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

29 year old here and I think this is pretty much how most of the "boomers" on here feel. The fact that 4chan is one of the last few populated sites on the internet that feels like the "old" internet is a big factor as well.

> It's kinda sad given that I'm just 33. I have no clue what I'll do once I'm 60. One could say I now know how old people feel but they weren't online and would only hang around with people in their age and not those young folks.

I've been thinking about this alot lately and realized that we (80's-early 90's kids) are basically the first generation that "grew up" with the internet so we are essentially destined to be the Cro Magnon Man of the following internet generations.

>> No.5610153

I forgot to add that it yeah, it sucks getting older but the silver lining is that we have the camaraderie within our generation that's supposed to bind and draw us together to make it suck a little less.

>> No.5610167

mostly everything that's hot now existed in 2005
>social media
>instant messaging
better cameras, more bandwidth, more memory, same basic things in principle
facebook needs to die, btw. for all the short-lived sites that existed in the early-mid 00s (friendster, xanga, myspace etc) - how the fuck has facebook remained the go-to since 2007?

>> No.5610223

>i only speak zoomer
Zoomer detected

Yet here you are crying and LARPing and showing everyone what a little bitch you are. Epic irony.

>> No.5610227

(((Take a guess)))

>> No.5610274
File: 60 KB, 472x630, 5DE495DC-79B0-4436-AC48-CA21D4C81315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>whatever dude I’m just like way better than you cause I make money and like I’m not insecure or anything like I’m not shitposting on 4chan

>> No.5610278


>Got a flip phone when I was 19 at college so the parents could keep dibs on me

Similar for me and a lot of my peers. Those were the Nokia n5110/3210/3310 days. It was either those or beepers. No color, no real sounds, just snake. And a 15-30 message limit.

>> No.5610282

Yea, sorry man but someone born in 1980 did not have the same cultural experiences growing up as someone born in 1996.

Especially in my country.

>> No.5610295

>social media
Friendster, Myspace, Multiply, Livejournal. You had your page. You went to other people's pages to see their shit. There was no singular *curated* "live feed" like Twitter/Facebook invented.

Content was very different. Back then, it was just stupid home videos uploaded by people. Very few videos were of the production quality, level amd commercialization we see today.

>instant messaging
required some level of tech-savvy since you needed a specific program. ICQ, Y!M, AIM, etc. There were very few usable web-based ones.

Once again, needed tech-savviness. Aside from the fact that you needed an IM program that supported camming, you needed to be at least competent enough to choose, buy, install drivers, etc. for a separate webcam. And I remember shit like Logitech Quickcams weren't as plug-and-play as they are nowadays.

Also, laptops back then cost an arm-and-a-leg. Everyone was on desktops.

>more bandwidth
This is one of the major lines I'd say are important in distinguishing zoomers from late-millennials. Even a 1mbps ADSL connection is a world of difference from dial-up.

>more memory
I'd say disk space was a bigger factor back then. Those were the times when a 120gb HDD was already yuge. So you didn't reall yhave enough space even for VCD rips (700mb max) of movies. And downloading them took days.

>> No.5610359


>> No.5610391

This could apply to every eastern bloc shitehole

>> No.5610431

These voices sound too real
When did TTS get so good.

>> No.5610459

i started gaming in 1982/83 at the age of 2/3yo. my parents had atari 2600 and quite a few games and i was attracted to it like moth to a lamp. space invaders, frogger and asteroids were supposedly my favourites as a child. so yes, little kids do get into gaming at really young ages. what are you? retarded? down syndrome? have you never seen how little kids are with computers, mobile phones, tablets? you lead a sheltered life in your mother's attic. get out the house, pull your obese head out off your prolapsing asshole and feel the warmth of the sun on your face for the first time in your miserable existence.

>Is your IQ about 3000 right now?
your IQ = beach sand

>> No.5610503

>Content was very different. Back then, it was just stupid home videos uploaded by people. Very few videos were of the production quality, level amd commercialization we see today.
when google bought it, the site rapidly turned into a corporate hellhole.
>how the fuck has facebook remained the go-to since 2007?
probably same reasons why people haven't left 4chan ever since it came online. i still have my fb account from 2009. rarely used it in recent years, but it still (miraculously) exists. every time I go there it's just depressing. people reposting memes from here, people that think they know absolutely everything (/g/ syndrome is real!), the clickbait shares, reading posts from friend's i care about that are in deep shit and i can't do anything to help since im thousands of miles away from them.. then i remind myself: why did i create this account? was it so i could feel horrible about the world, argue with people i don't know and watch friend's suffer or struggle and have people add me from school 30 years ago just to see 'what im getting up to these days'? such a cancerous website.

>> No.5610613

>he's as crazy as me
I know

>> No.5610761

you really fail to understand the point

>> No.5610793

Not retro.

>> No.5610794

Eh, count me out. Mite b cool for the physically handicapped.

>> No.5610814

Not that guy but
>Do you have a point here? I have concrete gaming memories at 4.
4 is vastly different than 2. A 2-year old will have difficulty putting together a 12 piece puzzle with a kangaroo on it. Claiming that they "play" space invaders by holding the joystick and mashing the button is like claiming they "play" the piano by repeatedly smacking the keys with their palms. I'm sure your parents told you you played games but if you actually believe it was anything more than that you are a fucking dumb fuck retard.
>I've seen kids beat games at 3
I call bullshit unless you're talking about some simple shape-and-color matching game or iPad puzzle. A really precocious 3 year old might be able to complete a level of a simple platformer but no way in hell is any 3 year old going to beat any game worth claiming to have beaten.

>> No.5610828

The point is that you're an fucktard who quotes a crazy childrens story writer to deflect from your insecurity. You may think there is some other point but that only exists in your zoomer mind.

>> No.5610845

My two year old is starting to git gud at excite bike.

Hes alsi got this math game on his tablet with blobs matching to the exit. I should get him playing lemmings.

>> No.5610847

>I have concrete gaming memories at 4
there's a reason person/subjective evidence carries almost no weight in a legal setting. if you've ever played telephone you'd know that people mess shit up after hearing it 10 seconds prior.
it's possible to self delude by telling yourself things or thinking about something for long enough. it's called a false memory.
you don't remember much of anything from that age.

>> No.5610854

Not that guy but the statement is simple and agreeable enough. Once you grow up, as in really grow up to the point you understand your priorities and can handle your all shit on your own, you don't have to stay obsessed about staying grown up.

>> No.5610908

I'm not insecure at all. Meanwhile you seem to have a huge bug up your ass about CS Lewis despite the very sensible an obviously true quote.

>> No.5610953

>facebook needs to die, btw. for all the short-lived sites that existed in the early-mid 00s (friendster, xanga, myspace etc) - how the fuck has facebook remained the go-to since 2007?

All of those other sites allowed you to make a custom web page, and it was up to the user to look at other people's pages. And the flavor of how those web pages were made looked like a teenage girl's bedroom wall turned into a web page, and it attracted all of the creepy teenagers/young 20-somethings you'd expect.

Facebook (post its creepy knockoff of hot-or-not) had a more professional layout, a feed, and limited its user base to college alumni. It was the more 'professional' and 'adult' social network.

From there, Zuckerberg realized he could turn it into the largest advertising site in the world and here we are.

What I can't understand is how twitter became a thing.

>> No.5610967

>and it was up to the user to look at other people's pages
Livejournal had a twitter/facebook style feed of friends that you added.

>> No.5610970

Yes, but 4chan never promoted transgenderism in its current form. Not really fair to lump in 4chan trap culture with current lgbt rules.

>> No.5610989

What's your point?

>> No.5611023

Core millennial.

>> No.5611031

It was no more up to the user to look at other people's shit than facebook/twitter.

>> No.5611032

Ok, cool story. And what's your point?

>> No.5611045

a combination of early/core millennial.

>> No.5611062

>American reading comprehension

>> No.5611090

>cause anxiety, self esteem issues and depression
What units are anxiety, self-esteem, and depression measured in?

>> No.5611095

Are you just pretending to be retarded?

>> No.5611134


But in essence, a lot of countries that were not very politically stable in the 70s-90s. Kids born in the 90s didn't know the dangers of growing up during crazy 80s, where you had dangers of soldiers, rebels, political instability, economic instability, etc. Countries like ours only got shit the west got after like, 2-5 years lag-time. At best.

>> No.5611135

We're essentially arguing over which /vr/ people count as retro and which ones don't.

>> No.5611137

>how twitter became a thing
People want to shout at the world and have the illusion that the world is listening. That's why SJWs love Twitter.

>> No.5611143

>how twitter became a thing
The character limitation forced people to use it for quick alerts and comments instead of long-form blogs. I might not join a social network where my friends blab for pages about their lives, but maybe I'd be fine with the occasional pic and a few words.

And that's what it's become, unfortunately. It used to be like a more public form of texting, now it's mostly memes and noise.

>> No.5611163

One thing missing in the generation talk is personal characteristics that typify a generation.

A hallmark of millennials are that they type things on the internet and love it when people somewhere else are paying attention to them. Thus the rise of facebook/myspace and reddit. A hallmark of Gen Z is posting a photo of themselves or a meme. Both generations have gravitated towards posting extreme political views and literally hate people that disagree with them. Boomers/Xers don't do much of that stuff as a generation.

>> No.5611173

Cross dressers have been on 4chan since day 1. They were used as a joke to get someone to ask for nudes and then post their cock and call them a faggot. You can still see remnants of this on 420chan. The /cd/ stands for cross dressing. This widespread thing where mentally ill people really believing that they're women if they cut their cock off is something different.

>> No.5611208

They literally were. The guy that ran the server for the beta was also a furry

>> No.5611225

>old bad new good
Correct this is what zoomers actually think despite the exact opposite being true. Even most religions talk about how it will always get worse and worse and worse until it culminates in the world ending. Even ancient people saw clear as day the rot and deterioration from one generation to the next, but you zoomers take it to an extreme level in that you're almost proud of how shitty you are.

>> No.5611238

What you're describing is a cultural bias called juvenoia. It's a childishly oversimplified perception of the world.

>> No.5611280

Traps are girlish looking men who dress like women for sexual thrill or other pleasurably reasons.

>> No.5611303

>From there, Zuckerberg realized he could turn it into the largest advertising site in the world and here we are.
Facebook didn't start generating a lot of revenue until mobile ads, which account for over 90% of its revenue.
It was probably propped up by the US government because it was a such a comprehensive and detailed database of the population.

The fact that facebook didn't let people customize is the meme reason why people say it got successful. It played a role but the real reason is that they continued to innovate and improve its platform both for users and customers (app-sellers, advertisers, etc.). MySpace, on the other hand, didn't seem understand what it had and did not innovate anything.

MySpace probably could have remained successful if it had really focused on streaming music features. In its day, it was the only site on the internet where users tolerated pages with auto-playing music. Instead it just kind of half-ass tried to copy facebook and basically didn't seem to know what the fuck it was doing or what its users really wanted.

>> No.5611308

>What I can't understand is how twitter became a thing.
Extremely low barrier to entry. Very easy to use. Feels personal and chatty. People who wanted to reach a large public audience found it very convenient. Imagine you are an author, and want to advertise a book-signing event. It takes 2 seconds to announce it on twitter to a thousand followers.
That's how twitter grew at first.

>> No.5611316

I actually remember reading an article way back that Twitter came up because its feed algorithms didn't filter as much content based on your browsing history, which allowed users to reach more people for announcements and ads.

>> No.5611318
File: 3.22 MB, 1440x2880, yvhnvcwe1ht21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Everyone should cut this garbage out of their lives

I repeatedly try and fail. I've even put 4chan in my devices' hosts files at but then when the mood strikes I'll bend over backwards to browse.

I'm 27 and 4chan is the worst part of my life, but it's been a more difficult addiction to break than amphetamine, porn, masturbation and booze.

getting myself banned wouldn't work, my ISPs assign a new a IP every couple weeks it seems

>> No.5611326

>MySpace probably could have remained successful if it had really focused on streaming music features. In its day, it was the only site on the internet where users tolerated pages with auto-playing music.

> Open MySpace
> Click on friend's profile
> Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" blaring, black background, tons of pictures at the beach drinking underage
> Click on another friend's profile
> Genie in a Bottle starts blaring
> Pink background with sparkles
> More pictures at the beach drinking underage

MySpace was doomed once its core user base grew up.

>> No.5611343
File: 549 KB, 1600x1009, 19du6ps20mynyjpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For example it's my day off and there's solidly 5 important things I should be doing, but I've been glued to this place for 3 hours already. I don't even play vidya anymore

>> No.5611656

>had danbooru gold/founders account
>have 20k favorites
Duck I need to stop looking at porn
>give account away
>good for 2 months
>now I'm back and just as bad as before, it's just slightly inconvenient

>> No.5611673

I get why the feed was important 12 years ago, but I don't understand why everything just stopped dead in its tracks there. Hell, you couldn't even embed videos or music on Facebook until like 2012 and when you could it was a big deal.

2005-06 Youtube was great. Literally every single copyrighted thing you could have torrented or downloaded off Limewire was there. January 07 was when Viacom sued and started the domino effect of what's now known as copystriking.

People used to make Youtube videos for fun just to do it. Save for a few channels like Smosh who got outside media exposure or AVGN (then the Angry Nintendo Nerd) who knew a thing or two about filming and producing, it was impossible to make a living off Youtube. Once corporate advertising came in, people could "make it" from a Youtube channel. Making shitty videos with Windows Movie Maker was OG YouTube, snotty e-celebs who manufacture drama for profit is modern YouTube. I gave up when Fred became popular. That shit was so gay.

I've noticed that zoomers get really upset if they hear someone is using an ad-blocker on YouTube, as if we're monsters depriving the content makers of their revenue. YouTube didn't used to have ads at all. It didn't stop them from slapping them on uploads from 2008 that I never made a dime off of.

Right on that actually doing video chat was more indirect and the webcams were shit.

I remember when some piece of shit Celeron laptop cost 4 figures and running homebrew on a Sega Dreamcast or especially an Xbox had a tremendous economic advantage.

I haven't had to use dial-up since 2002. My memory of AOL and people getting kicked off when the phone rang is a bit hazy. I had a ton of siblings and they were always hogging the internet, so I only got the chance to use it every now and then. It was a special experience. Our first broadband connection was 256k iirc. The status bar for loading a page jumped considerably faster.

The transition to 64-bit architecture was huge

>> No.5611692

I think MySpace fell apart when that auto-playing paradigm couldn't deal with third world internet infrastructure. So they just missed millions and millions of potential users.

I know I never paid attention to mine because of that shit.

if 4chan is the "worst part of your life", consider yourself lucky.

>> No.5611697


yuri milner lad

>> No.5613319

Then "put away childish things" and shitpost about adult things. Preferably somewhere else.

>> No.5613396

t. doesn't get it at all because he hasn't grown up yet

>> No.5613518

>I've noticed that zoomers get really upset if they hear someone is using an ad-blocker on YouTube, as if we're monsters depriving the content makers of their revenue.

Holy fuck, and I thought Millennials were brainwashed.

>> No.5613604

t. projects like a mofo

>> No.5613798
File: 56 KB, 300x250, PVmb439.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been on 4change for over 10 years. For a while I was the guy posting Stu making chocolate pudding at 4am every night. Anyway, I don't like the new influx of younger people who think the whole point of this site is to be an asshole. Nobody has a sense of humor or chill anymore, and it seems like it's always the same guy posting basedjak at you for enjoying just about anything.

Also the /pol/ution is starting to get too smoggy to even bother coming here anymore.

>> No.5613802 [DELETED] 
File: 46 KB, 917x599, 542.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5614710
File: 864 KB, 640x640, wryy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi, anon. I'm twenty-one, and I'll have been on the site for roughly ten years as well (sorry). For a long time I just lurked /b/ or whatever with my friends in Skype calls and we'd send each other jokes, porn, or gore that we found.

I understand that I was one of those younger people at some point, but there was a different energy back then. Nobody ever did anything with ill-intent. Sometimes we'd fuck with people to fuck with people but people don't do that anymore, I don't think. Nobody makes jokes, nobody's having fun. Everyone's got some weird agenda, and I know firsthand that boards change over time, but /b/ is just porn at this point and /pol/fags are everywhere but I just want to talk to people and have fun, you know?

This place raised me, I guess. It wasn't all good, I came out a little too cynical, and sometimes I find myself hating things for no reason. But it's too much now, and I don't think it's just me growing up. I don't know what'll happen when it gets worse, and I don't know where to go.

I'm really sorry for hijacking your post, I guess, but for some reason it really resonated with me. Thanks.

>> No.5614752


>> No.5617493

Just because we're old and have jobs doesnt mean we dont shitpost. Ubiquitous computing puts that ability in my hands at every break.

Reddit is where all the kids are.

>> No.5617497

I was playing what this board calls retro games in 8th grade

>> No.5617513

>reading the screens
Simple games like smb, duckhunt, mario 3, punch out, etc didnt really need reading. And thats not to mention all of the 2600 games that i had that didnt even have text at all.

Sure, no one was playing RPGs or anything that early, but action games were easily playable.

I played from 2 years old too. I didnt need to know how to read for games until the mid 90s.

>> No.5617556

So you're saying most people don't play video games until at least the age of 11?

>> No.5617631

>I played from 2 years old too.

No, you aimlessly mashed buttons and lost in like 2 minutes.

>> No.5618023
File: 30 KB, 320x200, 20190530_6844994753945899553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I was playing some Red Baron flying game....

Hell yeah !! Props for Red Baron, didnt think about that game for like 20 years.
LHX Attack C... (?) was fun too.
38 here. Still love games and it is a legit hobby.

>> No.5618543

So he even played better than a modern gaming journalist.

>> No.5618587

BOOM headshot
You just gibbed the guy who wrote the Xbox book but couldn't even get through the Cuphead tutorial

>> No.5620243

I remember playing Ms Pacman on the Atari. And my parents say I used to play Adventure as well. And I screamed while being chased by monsters/ghosts. I don't remember much of that, but I guess I was kinda "gaming" at around 3-ish. It's possible when you only have one button and have a stick. Sticks are very intuitive versus d-pads.

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