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Preservation is dead. Is this the future you wanted?

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i do not care

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yeah I could literally care less about a promotional version of DDP having the game itself is fine

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cave is a terrible company the sooner you accept that the sooner your life will move forward

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Why won't they be dumped tho?

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>some actually unreleased stuff
>mostly slightly tweaked versions of already known and dumped games
I'm more concerned about Marble Madness 2 and Beavis and Butthead.

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Most of those seem like GameShark tier "versions"

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There are very few true preservationists on this board. This is a pirate board.

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For everyone that claims it's dead, even the preservationists waste too much on dumping discs and cabinets while the ones who have no money could spend time on archiving the freeware, ROM hacks, Flash games, homebrew or whatever. You got a copy of Command & Conquer: Attack Copter from pogo.com laying around? Do you have the original versions of SFXVI for X68000 laying around that was on the original website? No? Exactly.
>tfw No-Intro handles digital DLC for disc-based systems & Redump handles disc-based PC games, but neither of the faggots have preserved official update patches for PC games from the original sites
Do something, lazy cow.

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Don't pretend you care. You'll be dead and nothing will matter. All you want is to play even more free stuff that you don't have a right to.

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video games are toys for children.

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The tone of your post suggests you are blaming me, the reader. Why? How is this helpful? What should I be doing to correct this?

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Well I’m sorry I didn’t live in Japan and purchase some limited edition PCB for the three seconds it was available for preorder and then dumped it for you to play. Is that what you want me to say, okay fine... Sorry.

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Your post suggests that I should preserve my Xbox 360 instead. Jokes on you, I did.

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Japs are non confrontational cowards. Go to Cave's office or underpass or wherever they are now, look them in the eyes and in an authoritative tone say "where are the cabinets".

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Okay! I’m on my way!

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I don't think anyone really cares about Jap games.

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That's how we got the Sonic 2 prototype. Some Chinese guy just walked up to one of the devs at a convention, snatched it out of his hand and walked off.

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SW proto came from New York you dumdum

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Which they were at.

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>Naka What? You're kidding! Tell me more. I'd really like to get that back. *laugh* I guess we know what happened to that now... You see, back in mid-1992 we had taken a demonstration cartridge to a toy show in New York. It wound up being stolen, and although we searched and searched all over, it was never found. So that's probably where the data comes from. What's the Hidden Palace in this one like?

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good point tbqh
going to be much more difficult the newer the games are and if they were tied to one of the drm-stores.

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Wake me up when Vertexer gets dumped

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Caveshit? Good riddance! As long as Touhou games are preserved all is well.

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Nobody gives af about incomplete prototypes, sperg

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Touhou sucks

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Arrr me matie, what makes ye think that this here be the domain of the black flag. We be wantin’ To preserve the booty of games that there be out on the high seas.

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All those games are probably shit.

I can't believe people give a shit about some undumped beta of a piece of shit game but don't care about preserving things like god tier amateur porn in high quality. Shit is disappearing fast or only avaliable as reencodes with giant watermarks.

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Then you had no business posting here.

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Are you a Nintendo rep?

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Kill yourselves, dumb 30yo materialist boomers.

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Collecting digital data is the opposite of materialism, especially if you use it as a substitute for real human interaction.

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>ching chang chong shit
yeah no

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>bunch of shmups
Can't you just play one of the other thousands of identical games in that stagnant genre?

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Literally nothing of value lost.

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>everyone complaining about Cave and shmups
>not realizing that there's only 1 (ONE) retro game in that list
Yeah this shit is barely /vr/.

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>ITT: rom hoarding zoomer is buttblasted because there's a few megs on his SD card not filled with shitty versions of games he'll never play

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Not retro.

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>rom hoarding zoomer
Well it'd be great if kids were smart and downloading complete rom sets but that's probably not the case. More likely to be a rom PRESERVING boomer, who plays and enjoys old video games regularly.

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Unless you were planning to take all these games to the afterlife with you, get over it

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>as a wise old zoomer once said
top kek kid

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well, that's too bad
there are also lots of old H-games for PC or PC-98 that aren't dumped
But life goes on, somehow.

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>Well it'd be great if kids were smart and downloading complete rom sets but that's probably not the case.
Well, I bought my first flash cart when I was 17, downloaded a complete rom set.
So I'm not 100% sure what you're on about.

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