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How are those scores and/or 1cc's going, lads?

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shut the fuck up

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(This person is busy)

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>arcade only

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You can sick grab PCBs too, anon

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post your compile clears

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For what? Thousands of fucking dollars? Fuck all that

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So it's all about collecting I see

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Been playing Hyper Duel, its not half bad. Almost hit 2 million on my last run, getting a bit bored of it but that 2m is tempting. Would recommend to someone who wants something easy to 1cc with super simple scoring.

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Tired of trolling shmupg with RPG shit to death?

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No I'm tired of shmupg getting trolled with RPG shit to death

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Have fun with vr's RPG superplayers

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What's the game in OP? Also what are some good shmups to start with?

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Batsugun Special Version

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Nowhere else to go and I don't want to give those fags bumps, rather just let them try and keep the threads alive for a couple of weeks before they give up and go back to RPG's.

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Oof, this post... Be careful, sweetie, remember where you are
RPG hate speech is not free speech

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Espgaluda is quite friendly despite its appearance, if you want to get into bullet hell.

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Reminder to our BASED mods to prevent a shmupg raid on vr, remove all those shitposters. This board is for REAL rpshmup fans

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>Also what are some good shmups to start with?

Darius Gaiden, start with autofire then work your way to no autofire after you've learned the game.

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Someone's hosting a shmup radio, so you can listen to random STG jams.


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oh shit, I didnt know about m3u files, thats neat
is there a way to get to the site in case I want to know the name of the tracks?

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I'm chipping my way through Dragon Blaze. Second loop is seriously tough.

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thanks for this. all over the place, but cool.

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Shmupg is dead, and we killed it.

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nah, it just lives on as a (((discord))) chatroom now

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Opening it in any decent media player (like Foobar2000) should let you know what's playing currently.

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Congrats on being non-player cancer, I guess

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Shmupg already died when Tardo joined

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When cee got banned from system11 and came here instead, you mean.

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Cee has pretty much always been there, but when tardo joined it was like having 2 Cees at once (except tardo is a fraud)

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Its lame but Nier Automata got me back into shmups.
Ive been playing my turbographx-16 like crazy recently. Forgot how much fun they are.

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Based Yoko Taro, at least he cares somewhat. Too bad about everyone else

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Recently getting more into shmups, revisiting some classics that I didn't finish as a kid.

Recently got a no-death run on R-Type on the Master System, and 1CCed Life Force in the NES.

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2nding this. I've got the 1CC and the only really difficult part is the final boss. Don't rely on the auto-bomb, because manual bombing uses much less meter.

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>niggers on stunfest
what a shit show

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OP pic is from Dogyuun.

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thank you

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>missed gus' futanari superplay on stunfest

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more like cringe play

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no bulli

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no seriously, stunfest this year is ultra cringe

give it 1 more year and it's basically agdq tier

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>start by having fun then work your way to not having fun

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Shmupg died so that Psikyo could be resurrected, praise Allah.


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>praise Allah.
I'd rather not...

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So this is going to be developed by the same guys who remade Zero Gunner 2 and forgot to include the second loop? Looking good lol

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CAVE btfoed

long live psikyo

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Psikyo is dead

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then how come another strikers game comes out?

checkmate cavedrones

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Not the same people.

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Recs for shmups by other devs that play like psikyo? I love the fast gameplay, but have never been into "retro" shmups too much. Psikyo games have always felt like a halfway point between shmup and danmaku.

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>asked if the title indicates a 2020 release, Harakami said would be bad if it were a 2021 release

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OK, how often did your mother drop you?

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psikyo games may seem a bit unoriginal at first glance but they are actually pretty unique

i find psyvariar feels a bit psikyo inspired though, just more modern and scoring focused

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Danmaku is a sub genre of SHMUP, they can't be separated

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also, mushihimesama has modes with fewer and faster bullets, especially mushi 1.5

it feels a bit psikyo style too there

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Traditional shmups feel completely different. I don't particularly enjoy R Type, Gradius, Darius or Gaiares for example.

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Danmaku are shmups, retard

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I didn't say they're not, I'm just referring to them separately to distinguish between traditional and bullet curtain style games. You understand what I mean, no need to act shitty.

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At the moment i am training my imaginary wife to do the 1cc's for me. It is easier for me and i have more time to shitpost. The other day she nearly beat Catlevania Blood Wings on very easy!

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>niggers and literal spastics at stunfest

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19XX, Raiden 3 and 4 maybe. Nothing quite like them, especially not the later games

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How's the hell is Psyvariar ANYTHING like Psikyo, it's almost the polar opposite, scoring focused, slow bullets, tons of milking, tiny hitbox with a shitton of iframes, etc.

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psyvariar is very fast paced too, it is very memorization and execution heavy, it has cool dark sci-fi style like strikers, and the patterns are often kinda similar to patterns in strikers 1999, very strict and tight patterns

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also notice how short the stages in psyvariar are, and the multiple variations, kinda like in psikyo too

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What exactly is autofire?

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To be fair, this is what killed it. Nobody even knew who this fag was but there was this cheerleader fanboy sating cee this cee that in every thread, anyway, no sweat. Jarpigs killed vr long before. Modern gaming is no accident, kinda a shame really, when you gotta admit speed trannies at least know how to play unlike the great majority

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CyberConnect has some ex-Psikyo members, though...

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What killed it is newfags like (You) shitting up the place, reporting and calling everyone a samefag while knowing fuck all about the posters.

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Cry me a river
Back to your discord

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The frequency at which a button is tapped over and over. In DG having a high autofire speedkills bosses so you miss some of their more elaborate patterns. Also you should play the Extra hack on the 2P side which has you go through every level in the game once you are good, it's real fun.

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desu i'm surprised shmupg even survived that long here on 4chan, considering how small and competitive the community is with everyone having different tastes playing different games

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Gotcha, thanks. So basically synonymous with turbo

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Got a 3cc in Bakraid Advanced earlier. I'm getting closer to dat ALL, lads.

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Go fuck yourself "lad"

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Too busy having a life right now. Sorry.

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He says while using 4channel.

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Responded awfully quickly there. Struck you too close to home huh?

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Not really, but keep projecting if it makes you feel better, sweetie.

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Oh I'm sorry is it against the law to phonepost while I take a shit now? But keep crying over your pathetic genre being viewed as exactly that, pathetic.

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What makes it any more pathetic than any other videogame genre? Because you get triggered being reminded you're trash at games that take some skill to enjoy?

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o i am laffin

go learn how to speedrun a jrpg pleb, now that takes true skill

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So an arcade genre shmups with very low session length should be perfect for you

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Suicide bullets are problematic

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>tfw kraut is back to bohemian loner billy no mates changing his twitch name to try being less hated in chats whilst i chill with the best shmupg peeps in a comfy discord

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who here has a comfy discord with no trannies or kraut where you can say what you want allday?

feels good man.

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I've been playing a lot of Parodius the past week or so, mostly Gokujou and Jikkyou Oshaberi. I really like Sexy, but I don't like the mission style gameplay they went with.

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daily reminder kraut this is the mod you keep running to for help lmao, yes really.

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I had never done a shmup 1cc before, so I decided to work through this list from easiest to hardest:

So far I have 1cc'd Final Soldier and Trouble Shooters. I'm working on Battle Mania Daiginjou now, and occasionally playing Power Gate. I think I will do Burai Figher on NES after Battle Mania because they are similar, even though Burai Fighter is not on the list.

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Any recommendations for lesser known shmups that are fun to play for survival? I don't care about playing for score but I enjoy 1CCing challenging games.

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>using leftycord
shiggy diggy


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Lesser known by whose standards? Does Psikyo count, they make the best survival games. Gun.Smoke is great too if you don't mind the length, very dynamic enemy AI

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The fact that M2 never releases their shit on PC is mildly infuriating

that and all the other cool shmup re-releases that went straight to console and never made it to PC
so we are stuck with MAME

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Just buy consoles

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