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So when does it get good?

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If you don't like it by the time you unlock triple techs, you should probably give up.

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When you meet Ayla I guess.

Or maybe when you recruit Magus. If you're still not digging it at this point, then it's safe to drop it I guess.

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when chrono dies

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If you don't like the game since before you start playing you fucked up. Stop playing, convince yourself that it's an unparalleled masterpiece, and then try again.

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When you turn it off and play a better and not massively overrated game

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I wasn't really feeling it until after the stone age level.

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after you kill yourself

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The Cataclysm is when shit really gets Zeal.

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What is boring you about it? The controls? The battle system? The story? If it's one of the first two, drop it. If it's the last one, you will eventually find a point that you like.

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>present and the forest was kind of cool
>cathedral was ok
>don't remember a lot of shit
>decently funny courtroom antics
>now in the future, pretty cool
>robot has never gonna give you up as his theme
>boy I wish the combat wasn't both braindead and didn't have unavoidable encounters
>more forgettable segments
>out of curiosity try to beat lavos, fail obviously
>now in the past with the cavemen
>get bored and stop playing
How close to the end was i?

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Probably 50% of the way. The caveman part is probably the most boring part besides the future part. It gets way better after the caveman part, in my experiences.

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Cool. I will have to pick the game again sometime.

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What about me, I got to the Magus fight and dropped it because I fucking despise the ATB combat system. How close was that to the end?

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never, because it isn't good

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You're like a third of the way through.

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Huh? The Magus castle is way past the prehistoric stuff. I fixed the sword, recruited Frog and then cleared the castle but couldn't be bothered to fight Magus with this annoying combat system.

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the first time you time travel

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I wasn't the one who said 65 Million B.C. was halfway through. Your first trip there is definitely less than halfway.

The Magus confrontation is roughly a third of the way through the game, then this >>5578259 is roughly two thirds through (you'll understand what it is when it happens), then things open up and a bunch of optional (but very much recommended) quests and the final battle make up the last third of the game.

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This triggers 28 years old boomers

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Fighting the fucker in the castle is barely halfway through? I got tired of having every attack nullified to shit from his healing antics and I said "Fuck it, it's the last boss, I'll do it another time"
Gf beat the game a while ago and I was thinking it's damn short but here I am, totally wrong

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Keep playing, you pussy

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Nah, just not worth it anymore. The game's pretty basic and not that much fun as an adult. Imagine watching a Disney's cartoon stretched on for 30+ hours.

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If you didn't like it from the moment you booted it up and saw that awesome intro then you need to fix that shit taste of yours.

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You gf should dump your ass.

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Chrono Cross is better.

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Unpopular Opinion (maybe): I never played on due time, but I played last summer.
My take: it was ok, but not awesome. I'm glad I finally played an historically acclaimed game, but it's not that 10/10 Game of All Years.
The question is why some of it's mechanics were not used anymore on next RPGs, even FFVII, etc? I think Chrono Trigger was like an experiment of cool ideas that somehow worked well enough.
I'm european and I couldn't play that game because it was not released. Instead I played Terranigma and... I'm ok with that.

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>not chrono triggers

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If you didn't think CT was a master piece after hearing 'Yearning of the Wind' for the first time, you should just stop playing video games and accept that you will never know love

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>barely halfway through
Less than halfway through.

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>30+ hours
The game is not all that long. If it takes you over 30 hours to 100% complete the game including all side quests, you either took your time or grinded out levels when you didn't need to or got lost somewhere.

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When the game start

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I loved it from the start.

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The part where it goes tick, tock

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Not sure I care. You sound like the most boring person on earth holy shit. You realize that anything on this earth can be made to be boring by a dumb faggot who refuses to see the virtues of it.

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I got news for you retard. You're so fucking bad at games that your GF made you look like a bitch and by your own admission, you can't beat something that you consider at the level of a Disney cartoon. I beat the part you're talking about when I was 10.

You suck at life.

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In the second (third) game.

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If you didn't fall in love with the game the moment your in game mother walks up the stairs and opens your curtains then you're just not the right person to be playing this game.

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You cared enough to reply, babycakes

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>a game is a Masterpiece because it has good music.
It doesn't work quite that way.

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That's when I fell in love with crono's mom

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After unga land.

>> No.5581259

I think he meant that after that point there are no more lows and the game just keeps getting better. Like a "love at first sight" kind of thing.

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Stop playing JRPGS that don't have tactical or action battles because this is one of the high points of the genre. There are even some tactical elements because the enemies move and your magic does area damage.
Consider playing some computer WRPGs that aren't Bethesdashit.

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>mom comes up
>opens curtains
>goes downstairs
>get out of bed
>close curtains
>go back to bed

I can't be the only one.

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I don't understand the argument you're trying to make. Is Crono Trigger tactical or non-tactical?
Because the impression I get with how easy it is to roll over enemies and how little damage they do, with how many healing items you get and how strong your magic power is, is that crono trigger is very non-tactical. With the fact that it is action based being pretty much irrelevant.

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Definitely not a tactics rpg but the moving enemies plus attacks that damage all enemies in an area or a straight line make the combat more interesting than most line-up-and-fight JRPGs.

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That gives it about as much depth as something like paper mario, where enemies have spikes or wings or hang out on the ceiling.

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