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Faris is my favorite Final Fantasy character. She's a really cool guy.

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I used to draw porn of her when I was 11 years old

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you must have been a very neglected child

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Didn't Amano ever get tired of getting a pat in the back with his paycheck and then his character designs completely ignored?

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Yeah around FFVII iirc

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I wanted to fuck her so bad when she wore the dress

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What I expected

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What I got

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faris a shit

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She was the basis for Setzer, originally a male gambler

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I like how when it comes out she's a girl she just says 'problem?'

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>Faris (along with Terra of Final Fantasy VI) is one of Yoshitaka Amano's favorite designs.

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I think I think mine got thrown out, because I didn't care.


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she looks awfully intimate with her sister

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>dat ass on Lenna

Baby's got back

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so that's why they always looked similar.
so that's why Setzer always looked like Alu- I mean you know, whatever.

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I don't remember, was everyone on her crew aware she's a woman and play along because they're in love with her?

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That's what I always assumed. they knew it was a chick werent rapey pirates and over time fell in love with her. if we go by the actual game presentation of things thats what I came up with. ahh to be young and innocentish again

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>ahh to be young and innocentish again

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