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Can we netplay Mario Party yet?

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Yes, I have been doing it for years(since 2013-2014?)


Desync happens rarely, usually on the first few bootups, but after once or twice you can play for hours with buddies.

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How does this whole netplay thing even works in theory? I can understand running emulated servers for games that originally had an online multiplayer like Phantasy Star Online or Resident Evil: Outbreak, but Mario Party 2 only ever had local multiplayer

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Guessing instances run locally on each computer and have a protocol built into the emulator to sync up the game state.

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Can you taunt in the later Mario Parties?

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I'd assume it's sending deltas of the RAM since it's small enough.
I run the game, something happens to change the state, I delta that with my previous state and send the delta to you within some set delay window. Maybe handle desync with rollback or full resync or something.

I bet someone else will know.

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Exactly this >>5578319
All n64 games run like if playing in the same room. I've been playing using various netplay plugins since 2011 give or take, been working for awhile.

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Not retro but I want to play the gamecube Mario parties with my friends online. Is that possible now? What about the need for analog controllers?

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Shoo zoomer, shoo shoo.

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Yes, you can play all N64 and Gamecube Mario Party games online

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>anon is a zoomer because they play games that are only 17 years old not 20 years old

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Why doesnt /vr/ ever have weekly netplay threads? We could be doing tetris attack

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When Dolphin 5.0 came out, there were netplay sessions for the games on /v/ for a while. We had Kirby Air Ride, too. It was fun.

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>tfw live in 3rd world south american shithole
>nobody wants to play fucking mario party there
>want to play with some people I meet online
>they're from NA
>have high ping and fuck the whole match
>have to quit because I lag the whole match
fuck this country and their people

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I dunno about netplay but I'm so happy I just wanted to post I got a sweet yellow N64 cartridge yesterday with Mario Party 1,2, and 3 on it with I think fifteen NES games too. It was $50 the price of Mario Party 3 alone. It saves for each game too!

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>fuck this country and their people
No one should be ashamed of who the-
>nobody wants to play fucking mario party there
Kill them all.

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retro netplay is generally a mess for anything that's not running GGPO

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Just use Parsec.

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Kirby Air Ride is a different beast entirely, since it and Mario Kart were two of the only game that had the ability to link up multiple Gamecubes to do multiplayer on multiple TVs at once. People have been abusing that functionality to trick Gamecubes into doing online play since 2003.

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i know you can in 4 and 5 but you cant spam it like you can in 3

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