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When was the last time you've stepped into an actual /vr/ store? How was it?

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>that dogshit 3rd party Dreamcast controller
Every fucking time.

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There was a cool /vr/ store in my college town. They had an actual copy of battletoads for 300 bucks haha. Pretty funny guys all around besides this one really cringy sperg with a bunch of shitty vidya related tattoos who’d always talk shit on whatever game I was trying to buy

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It was pretty $100 copy of SMB3, OP.

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There was one at the mall I used to go to, I just checked to see if it’s still around. When I went to it during the mid 2000s it had used games and a lot of figures from anime and visual novels. Going by their Facebook it looks like they sell less videogames and are more into selling figurines and tcg stuff now.

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its a strange mix of good and bad deals

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>They had an actual copy of battletoads for 300 bucks haha
But what if you actually wanted to purchase a copy of Battletoads for a non meme price?

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About two years ago. I took in a bunch of old stuff I don't actually use anymore to give it a new home and clear some space in mine. It went quite well, I made a little under $1200 which I'm sure I could gave got more on selling through ebay but it was worth the convenience and it was a fun trip.

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it was pretty stupid actually. they were just straight up selling repro n64 mario party 3 for like 64 dollars.

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Every ma n pop store that has survived this long that I have been to does the same shit. They sell new stuff. The compare prices to everyone else (ebay/amazon/etc), ignores quality of the thing they are selling or what customers want. They sell mostly to 100% ignorant people (parents or people wanting nostalgia that refuse to do any research) or those collectors that have just enough money to pay more to "help out my friendly local store".

All of them sell games a few days early for new releases. All of them sell slightly below MSRP for brand new stuff as well to out do things like 5% back at BBY or Amazon (though most couldn't compete with the Gamers Club).

All of the strictly /vr/ stores are extinct because these stores always sell the "next generation" shortly after it is the current generation.

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I would buy retro vr but most of the time it's more expensive

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My mom went through all my old game shit while I was off at college years ago and apparently sold my nomad and genesis collection to GameStop for like 20 bucks total.
Didn’t know how rare they were until years after the fact. Apparently those nomads are worth a pretty penny these days....

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theres 2 within walking distance of me I never go to anymore cause im done buying games

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Yesterday, it was pretty cool, bought the world is not enough for PSX

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I fucking hate Chinese Knock Off Consoles. I'm done ever selling another one of those worthless pieces of shit.

It seriously makes me sick to my stomach to see those cheap hunks of plastic.

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Oh... So you're talking about a Gamestop.

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Heh, I haven’t even inside a GameStop since Shin Megami Tensei IV came out.

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There is a large near me. The prices are better than some but not great. I guess you would call it paying for convenience. They have front facing windows in a bunch of light that washed out most of the xbox game covers. I normally pick up ps2 stuff. All the retro stuff is too pricey for me to be interested in. Staff are always friendly and don't mind a chat.

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At least you can grip the fucking thumbstick on that one. The original controller is the dogshit one. That one is just bad. The only real solution is an expensive PS2 to dreamcast adapter.

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It's cool but can be overpriced
Last time I bought this

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Went to one in Duluth, MN, and another out in the sticks a couple years ago. They had lots of sixth gen. There was also an antique shop going out of business. They had lots of Atari carts no one wanted.

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Last weekend actually, went to check GBA games and when i took out my GB Micro, the guy went like ''HOLY SHIT that's rare bro.''

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>go back to childhood game store
>aisles and aisles of sports games
>"hmm, guess the good stuff is in the cases. I remember seeing copies of Mega Man X3 and Earthbound there back in the day."
>look behind glass
>Sonic 1 and 2
>Ms. Pacman
>Pokemon Stadium
And then I left.

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Year ago.

Crap. Prices worse than eBay.

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That's how retail works. It costs money to have a storefront and someone standing idle behind the counter all day.

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About a month ago.

I spend more time in thrift stores and general purpose pawn shops, because while the /vr/ stores may have more gaming stuff, in them they also know a lot more about what it's actually worth to people.

Prices are frequently more than double would you'd pay in more generalised stores.

Case in point, I saw a SCPH-1001 in the pawn shop, bought it for $20. Walked literally 50 yards down the road, sold it the retro gaming store for $30. They'll sell it to some schmuck for $50+

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I found TWO snes complete kits with a shitload of games at a garage sale down the street from me a few years ago.
The lady asked 20 bucks for all that and I haggled her down to 10. Lol.
Sold one of the consoles for 50 and kept the other for myself. Can’t believe I got away with that.

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I went to one yesterday to pick up an N64 memory card. (It was dead, needs a new battery.)

/vr/ games are overpriced. 6th gen, 7th gen, dvds, and blu rays are priced fairly.

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It was back in late 2017 and the mall near my home had a brief opening as a promotion for the store's main location at another mall. I went in there and bought Vexx, Zurik, and Crimson Skies for original Xbox.

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Unless it was not released on a better format, a DVD is never priced fairly. For well over a decade, I've refused them for free.

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About a year ago. Absolute dog shit. Luckily they went out of business 6 months ago.

EBay prices for torn labels, bad selection and the doucheiest unwashed basement dweller owner. He had furry art of him and his girlfriend playing video games on a couch as dragon furries. Pic related I can't make this shit up.

Also would say he had something you asked about and it was in the back room or in his car for a convention then he would never bring it to the store. This is after you said you would buy it, and he agreed to have it ready the next day. Also he had an unemployed crew who haunted thrift stores and garage sales and such, killing any chance of finding stuff in the wild.

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I modded my stock dc controller to take a white aftermarket ps4 stick. Works fucking wonderfully. I used a controller with a fucked up case because you have to slightly enlarge the hole to get a full range of motion. The ps4 stick cylinder/stem is thicker, thus making the material removal necessary.

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Last Thursday. It wasn't bad, but they didn't have anything for systems I collect for.

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retro stores are honestly not good. >>5578798
sums up pretty much every experience I had in the 5 retro game stores I've been to in the last 6 months.

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The mall has one that’s run by some 2nd- or 3rd-generation vague Eastern European manchildren. The reason I call them manchildren is because I actually had to call one of them once as part of my own job and found out their parents still manage their basic life affairs — this is unrelated to the topic, but I found it amusing. The store itself is pretty much what you’d expect. There isn’t anything exceedingly rare in there, and all the middle of the road retro and other nerd-curio type things aren’t any better price-wise than anywhere else, so there’s just really no reason to ever step foot in a place like that except if you really just like to window shop.

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All the stores in my area are run by horribly depressed people. Is it just my area or is business that bad?

Part of it I think is because the people who open stores like this don't know the stress of owning a business before starting it.

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Nope, they're generally miserable people and quite rude to people they don't know.

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Post pics of store insides.

I love seeing stores and the way they display their stuff.

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Maybe 6-7 months ago. It was okay, they had a handful of games I was thinking about buying at that time. Staff was friendly.

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today, I like it.

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About a week ago to repair my broken PSP
They had a Sega CD section but it was all FMV shit

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the only good one I have enjoyed going to has been pink gorilla in seattle.

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You should cut her head off

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Fuckin' this. I don't even know why I keep going back to them every few months hoping they don't keep selling at eBay/Amazon prices. They're too used to selling to clueless people, so when I try to haggle they won't budge since they can just sell it to clueless idiots willing to pay their higher prices.

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I go to one every couple of months to check out what they have. Went in April last because I needed a new composite cable for my PS2. It's a cool place and the people working there are always super nice to chat with.

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A few years ago in Palm Springs
They had SMB3 in a glass case for $40 and Contra for $60

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A few months ago. Absolutely picked clean of any desirable title. Even for extremely high selling systems like DS or PS2, my store is a wasteland.

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I go there for OG xboxes, they always have some and it's easier than doing the ebay shuffle and cheaper than the pawn shop. Slap a 2tb hdd in there and I make 200-300 in profit.

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>They're too used to selling to clueless people, so when I try to haggle they won't budge since they can just sell it to clueless idiots willing to pay their higher prices.
Good for them

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It's a bad habit they get into from all the dumb fucks they have to deal with. It's a real bad habit and most people into /vr/ aren't the greatest socially anyway.

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I haggle nearly every chance I get. I've even rounded down just to be a bro sometimes. My greatest negative is that I'm just messy and unorganized as all shit.

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No such thing in my country anymore.

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>actual /vr/ store?
lol. Never even heard of a game store that sells second hand stuff but didn't start selling dreamcast until the mid 2010's and is mostly full of handheld emulators and anime waifu figurines

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No such thing here, but there's a store that sells quite a lot of /vr/ stuff, just it's maybe 30% of what they sell. They also sell used smartphones and mostly modern games. They just have nowhere near as much as those retro stores. At best, 20 games per very popular retro platform (forget about turbographx for instance).

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Same thing for me, I live around Milwaukee. It’s great if you want old dvds though

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Congrats on the NBA finals. You're probably getting the ring this year.

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A couple months ago. Went back tonight and found they closed a few weeks ago. Its fucking depressing how many game stores in my area are going under

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I work at one of these shitholes out in the hood and am always surprised at how many stupid fucking niggers show up with their roach infested broken consoles.
>its pretty much brand new
Every fucking time. If you were thinking about getting a job at one of these places just don't its not worth it.

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My town has a somewhat different, and possibly less depressing, spin on retro gaming, in the form of an 80’s themed arcade bar.
All of the arcade cabinets are from the 70’s through 80’s, the only newer games being one VR chamber which appears to get swapped out from time to time, a 4-player PacMan table, and some of the racing games (one MarioKart vs Namco and one motorcycle street-racer from the 90’s).

A few of the cabinets will have faulty joysticks or sticking buttons from time to time, but they seem to do a pretty good job of having them serviced whenever the need arises.

Seriously, if you want to take a less depressing nostalgia trip where people actually /enjoy/ their work, see if you can find a decent retro bar.

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Last week. It is a wonderland of Funco Pop! figures. Once those fall out of fashion, I don't know how they will survive. They got you covered if you are interested in Retrons, Retrobit systems, @games, and controllers from 8bitdo/Cirka/Retrolink. Wall to wall Madden, FIFA, NBA, and baseball titles. Shelves of 2600 games only $3 a game. Buckets full of Guitar Hero controllers and Wii balance boards guaranteed to have been stored next to GameStop employee toilets. For their wealthy clientele, behind the counter and glass, you can treat yourself to Mario/Duck Hunt or Aladdin.

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Is pretty average. Games are overpriced, vinyl for 5 bucks more than shipping and handling online. I think they stay afloat on mtg and warhammer/tournaments. But it was the only place I saw Kings Field in the wild and I'm a sucker for those ps1 longboxes.

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I went to a local shop to get a dreamcast memory card. It was a converted living room in a trailer that was overloaded with games. Someone was bragging about how people sold Super Mario World for 25-30. The whole store is worthless to anyone that's smart enough.

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Whoa! That’s pretty much exactly what my local store has, right down to the DVD’s.

Off topic. Nothing wrong with DVDs. 4K doesn’t really enhance your enjoyment of Fletch or Terms of Endearment, or whatever non action or Sci-fi flick.

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Man I can't imagine trying to stay afloat solely on retro stuff. They've gotta have something else to offer just to keep the electricity running.

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Most places I've been to have Magic, Gunpla, records, movies, CD's, the whole deal. I dont think even gamestop sells only games anymore?

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A decade ago...all it was was the guy's shitty NES games he didn't want going for $30+ each. It was gone a month later. The whole store only had like maybe 15 games in it.

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Last Thursday. There wasn't anything special that wasn't worth a shit ton of money.

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>the Bluray may shmuckmay meme

Fucking normie, enjoy your shit compression MPEG shit looking like ass on any modern TV, get with the times.

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Mexican here, on Facebook, nothing but parasites cockroaches begin to people to donate any worthwhile games for misery prices to flipped up to retards via inbox only and they all had the misleading FREE tag to bait people, nobody puts the real prices anymore.

I did got some decent games from the very few legit people remaining locally, but that was literally years and years ago.

I can even name the titles.

Got nicer copies of Little Memo the Dream master for 7usd/100 pesos (traded my old copy for another game)

Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle for trade up (traded my old copy of Rescue Rangers).

Later got a new copy of Rescue Rangers for 8usd/100 pesos.

Got DBZ Super Butoden 2 locally and Japanese DKC2 also locally for 150 pesos each, (basically 10 bucks)

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I even sold some stuff like a spare copy if megaman 3 alongside a spare Famicom adapter, a Genesis with a copy is sonic and Kid chamaleon and I don't remember what else.

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So basically, Supply in the wild dried up!

>> No.5585426

Went to videogamesnewyork in Manhattan. Was pretty nice, got a new Dreamcast.

>> No.5585447

About a month ago. I bought a copy of Tales of Phantasia JP for PS1 for like $15.

>> No.5585520

Lucky fuck

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pretty much this.

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I was in Brighton to see a friend. Was a pretty good store desu with nice staff

>> No.5587314

The owner was a asshole so i'm not going there anymore

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I have two OG xboxes laying around , please give me a short explanation of how you put a 2 TB HDD in and make 2-300 in profit

>> No.5587341

Sorry, trade secret

>> No.5587350

Good friend of mine owns a business like this and tells me that they pretty much survive on Funko Pops, tcgs, and ignorant kids willing to pay way too much for Nintendo carts without doing any research.

If anyone wonders why finds in the wild have dried up, he actually has a group of lackies he sends out before the sun comes up to ask people if they can pick through their stuff while they're still setting up for yard sales/flea market. The great thing for him is that he's got these kids doing this in exchange for a few packs of Pokemon cards or whatever. I'd imagine this is a common practice in a lot of communities with stores like his.

>> No.5587353

Couple months ago.

Retro Age in Athens. Owners are bros.

>> No.5587368

I went into one yesterday. All the common games were on the shelves for pretty reasonable prices. Most games in the display cases seemed priced decently. They had a sealed copy of Kings Field for 200 bucks which was kind of neat to see.

>> No.5587396

>They had a sealed copy of Kings Field for 200 bucks
Jesus christ, I get its sealed but I'm >>5584327 and it was 25-30 bucks or some shit. Did Soulsfags really drive it up that much or were they always rare/sought after?

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>little memo

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There are few of them in my town. They're not exclusively selling vidya, but also movies, comics, books, vinyl records, trading cards, and all the usual hobby collecting things. Some of them have the nerve to still hold on to those retarded meme prices for retro games. As if something being on Super Nintendo means it's automatically worth gold. They should hand out those sports games as freebies with every purchase; buy one game, any game, and get five Madden's with you for free.
Only the PC games are reasonably priced these days. No one wants them except the extreme giganerds. You can literally get all the classics, big box edition, complete in box, for 10-20 bucks each. Simple game cart and game manual combo on SNES, no matter what game, is easily two-three times more expensive than the best of the best used PC game. I just don't understand it. At least collecting PC games is "easy" nowadays.

>> No.5587435

Its went up in price over the years. It was like 90 bucks 10 years ago. I haven't been there in years so I figured it would have sold but I guess they keep raising the price which seems counter intuitive

>> No.5587614

He loads a ton of isos on the hard drive.
Secret revealed.

>> No.5587635

Well that sucks. I've been to the one in Corsicana and thought it was rather nice; little/no merch besides actual games and consoles(dvds too, but they deserve a pass), a handful of rare games at parity with ebay, and tons of repair stuff like 72-pin NES connectors.

Staff was friendly and didn't try to push reserves or anything like that on me, and seeing a mind-boggling amount of used consoles from atari to current lining the walls was pretty neat.

>> No.5587841

don't got one nearby

closest one is like over 1 hour drive one way.
and their prices sucked.

>> No.5587847

dude, that is EVERY retro store

shit in the front, good shit in the cases, stuff they won't sell displayed like god touched them.

>> No.5587848


combo breaker;

no one is fucking making that much, assholes.
and im sure the OG xbox can't read above 500 or 1TB at the tops.

>> No.5587872

OG Xbox reads 2tb, no more.

Anon is putting all the games worth having on there + all the cartridge games + arcade games and probably putting some fancy lights on the case while he waits for the files to FTP over. Knew a guy who did that in undergrad, he made pretty good money.

>> No.5587880


time to report his account....
for selling roms, like a faggot...

you do this shit on craigslist, idiot fuck!

>> No.5587892

Went to a music festival today and found a local store I didn't even know existed. Half the store was used movies, but the video game half was fun to pick through. Prices were really weird, everything was either extremely overpriced or a really good deal.

>> No.5587903

>implying the ebay listing I listed was anon you're bitching about
The odds of that are slim. Still, you might wanna check that page and see where it says there's any roms or isos on it. People have been selling these on ebay for years and years. No one cares.

>> No.5588260

How do they make money?

>> No.5588279 [DELETED] 

/biz/ here, kneepads.

>> No.5588356

collectors spend a lot of money in there

>> No.5588386

Like last year. Awful. Heard recently (from my mother of all people) that the one in my hometown got outed as purposefully selling repro cartridges as authentic. Apparently a guy bought a game, opened it up, saw that it was fake, tried to return it and the owners wouldn't take it.

>> No.5588412

>I guess they keep raising the price which seems counter intuitive
I'd say that's usually true but with this hobby there are either enough retards who buy without doing some research, or it's someone who thinks they need it before the price goes up again to make an easy buck sitting on a single game.

>> No.5588440

Soulsfags definitely drove up the price. Another example is people simply speculating that Sekiro's first teaser was for a Shadow Tower game caused the price to go up.

>> No.5590313

2 years ago. There is literally only one in the entire country, 200km away from where I live. They had a handful of JP SNES games, so that's something, I guess.

>> No.5590318

>that magnetic tape, Febreze, and light cigarette smell

>> No.5590324

About 2 years ago. They went from having a huge store to a small hole in the wall in hardly any time, and the original owner that I got to know stopped running it altogether. They had less retro games and more DVDs, and when I said "wow this store sure has changed," the lady at the counter told me they were planning on turning it into full on pawn shop "for the community." It's sad because they used to be the least money grubbing retro shop in town.

>> No.5590363

Never been to an actual Retro store, but I went to a comics shop one time that sold retro games and they had a copy of Megaman Anniversary Collection for GC in a case asking for $120. I chuckled and bought the PS2 version new for $15 off Amazon. They also had other meme shit like a boxed copy of OoT for $~300

>> No.5590476

>find a beat up copy of SMB3 with the label half torn-off and BRADLEY written across the face for $10 above internet prices for a cart in good shape
You're really gonna charge this much?
"Well, Mario's Mario"

>> No.5590578

It was pretty lame. This particular store has probably the worst selection of any of the stores near me. I only keep going there because it's an excuse to go on a long drive and just chill out for a while.
There's a store at a mall closer to me that I really enjoy going to, they have a decent selection, even got a couple of PC-FX and AES games.

>> No.5590584

A few weeks ago. I sold my N64 and games and really strong armed the liberal cuck owner into giving me basically 125% over average eBay prices.

>> No.5590640

Good job. Leftists need to be destroyed.

>> No.5590643

Conservacucks are so easy to swindle out of their few pennies they have. That's probably why they're always so poor.

>> No.5590667


>> No.5590717

Few months ago. There's a popular "record exchange" type of store near my house that mostly specializes in music but has a really incredible selection of retro vidya. Blows my mind how much some N64 games sell for now. If only I would have known.

>> No.5590757

>So jaded to politics and so inexperienced with social interactions they think the conservative store owner was liberal

This is funny. Liberals know how to price games and kick retards like you out when you attempt to jew them like a rePubelicken.

>> No.5590780

sir get baited more please.

>> No.5591238

One opened up in my old home town, and I bought some rom hacks from there.

>> No.5591245 [DELETED] 

republican: buys cartridges of bad games, takes picture showing political stance and “collection” to brag on internet
liberal: just emulates/buys digital copies, goes outside

>> No.5591251

me: why are politics video games?

>> No.5591254

>zoomer’s first realization

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>> No.5591265

I can't imagine selling someone's personal things without consulting them first. I hear this story all the time and it always bugs me.

>> No.5591283

>what are politics omg mommy why

>> No.5591302

I guess there is nothing wrong with dvd if your blind.

>> No.5591334

Do you think you sound smart right now? This is a thread about video game stores.

>> No.5591412

They probably weren't his personal thing. They were shit his parent bought him years ago that they'd been asking him for years to get rid of. After he went off to collage, on their dime, and failed to make progress on his degree in ethnic gay womens studies they decided they'd had enough of wasting an entire room on a worthless shit who wasn't even using it and got rid of a bunch of old shit they'd bought him that he'd been hording for years.

>> No.5591987

i found that off-brand snes multitap for 2 dollars last summer at a thrift store.

>> No.5591994

week ago, I've bought ps2 a/c cable ( white :^)) for 5 slavaridos (~ 1.5$) and Dynasty Warriors 4 for 29 s. (~8.5$). I'm happy about both, since I could eventually run my ps2 for first time (bought w/o knowing if it's working or not for ~8$).

>> No.5592416

Not entirely true. My mom is compulsive and has a history of giving all of my family’s stuff away without asking. It’s been the cause of a few rows growing up.
She’d even give my shit to an annoying neighbor kid that would charge me to get it back. Little fucker.

They DID get me that nomad, so you’re right. But that was the only console I ever owned (pc gaming was way cooler when I was growing up) so it was kind of sentimental. Oh well.

>> No.5592458

retard: posts things like this: >>5591245

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