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Why is Half-Life combat so ass?

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Because first and foremost it was a tech and engine demo, with the dynamic of engaging combat encounters as a secondary priority.

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git gud
also bait thread

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It's not its strongest point but some of the set-pieces are downright perfect and still remembered all these years.

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Let's save this thread

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Because you lack skill and abstract thinking. Shouldn't you be playing fortnight instead of posting on a Vietnamese macaroni making image board?

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I agree Half Life is terrible, but at least play it on hard mode to give it a fair chance.
t. younger than hl

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Because it's an overrated game. Truly ground-breaking regarding the way it told its story but its story is bad, the world is boring, the NPCs all look the same, and it caters too much to neckbeards who want to feel bad-ass.

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go back zoomer

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Good thing I never browsed /v/.
Stop playing on easy mode.

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im not op btw

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What's the matter, don't you like having to use explosives to kill basic grunts in a reasonable timeframe and weapons that feel like utter dogshit because of a lack of feedback and enemy stagger? Must be underage

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imagine being this bad
literally go back.

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what mods is that using? I don't remember gibbing in HL source

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Brutal Half-Life

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>double shotgun blast grunt at point blank range
>same little flinch animation

just ain't fun man

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>mfw this cancer infects other FPS

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Fuck off. No game needs to have enemies that obnoxious spongy. Not even other shooters from the era were that irritating.

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lmao all this zoomers mad at hl.

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git gud

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Not him but it's true. There's no sense of damage or breaking down enemy constancy. It's just binary bullet sponges. Not to mention grunts literally follow invisible dot-to-dots setup within the level and not much else.

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ok casual

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That is on hard mode.

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this is a bait thread like all fps threads outside the fps general and you are falling for it.

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Damn didn't know HL drones were Soulsfag tier in dodging any criticisms, the game isn't even remotely difficult compared to most shooters that preceded it either so it's completely misplaced

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a shitty webm is not criticism. now back to /v/ if you want to keep making these bait fps threads

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why does it have physics? isnt brutal HL a goldsrc mod?

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ah I see it kinda simulates it, pretty awesome mod desu should have tried it sooner thanks

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Bullet sponge enemies with lack of flinch. Not only does this make the guns feel unsatisfying, it also means that you're inevitably going to tank damage when exchanging with the sponges which is shit. Their AI is also retarded, they'll run in random directions for no reason, doesn't even matter if you're shooting them in the face, they might just stop and stand there in front of you just 'cause.

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so fun

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can you play through the entirety of HL with it? For now I've been doing the doom 1/2, quake maps, shame they didnt port all the doom maps lol

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yes you can

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Because it's an FPS

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Isnt half life just a quake engine mod? if its combat is ass than so is quake friend

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Neat, I didn't know Half Life and Quake had the exact same weapons, enemies and levels.

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>using the HD mod
>using the MP5N against armored enemies


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>assault rifle
>50 round magazine
>super inaccurate
>needs half a magazine to kill an enemy

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you suck

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Half-Life does not have the best combat but you are definitely not using your arsenal correctly for that situation.

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iirc half life source fixed a lot of the ai weirdness. despite fucking up certain other things

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>Why is Half-Life combat so ass?
Because the AI is buggy and broken as fuck.

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cringe post and thread

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not bee-handing everything from cover.
fuck yeah bee-hand

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That webm is probably playing on hard which does nothing but turn everything into a damage sponge. Very unfun. Half-Life started the lame trend of Normal being the only skill level worth playing on. before HL, higher skill meant a faster paced game, not a slower one.

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They made the guns inaccurate and enemies bullet sponges in order to prevent the player from killing enemies so fast that they never see their AI patterns. Each enemy type had a different AI pattern.

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whats the point of this thread?

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That's just the version on Steam you faggot.

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>the combat is "fun" when I know where everything else and do a bunch of pre-rehearsed scripted BS like throw explosives in advance for enemies I haven't even seen

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You know you can reactively use explosives

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Holy hell you all are bad at FPS games. It sounds like you all just stand in place and unload the SMG on enemies and bitch about how they're "OMG BULLET SPONGES" later on because you took the most barebones and slow approach to killing enemies, not bother to use any other tools the game gives you.

The game's enemies are weak as fuck. A good 1/3rd of the game's arsenal can kill most enemies in one shot if you think and bother to use them instead of trying to waste everything with the SMG at range. You can even beat most of the game with just the fucking pistol with ease as long as you keep your distance to tank HGrunt accuracy.

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Yeah you can "reactively" throw grenades (which he's mostly not doing in that vid, he's throwing them in advance, and most of his actions are performed using advanced prior knowledge), and then have the scripted enemy randomly run away from them as you wait for them to explode. You can reactively use alt-machine gun explosives, but you're acting like you have unlimited supply of its explosives which you don't.

Put up your own longplay of Half Life on hard anon. I'd love to see your 1337 (read: shithouse) gameplay.

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First off the enemies aren't scripted to run away, it's literally their AI to run when there is a grenade on the floor. And it sounds like your complaint is you run out of ammo.

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It sounds like you've resorted to strawmanning like a typical 4channer. It sounds like you can't put up a longplay because you're undoubtedly shit at the game.

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Pretty sure you're the one coming in here saying you have difficulty playing the game

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Show me where I complained about difficulty.

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Why are you bringing up the pistol as if its super weak? Its a good gun, the game just has all around shit balance. The worst part of the webm imo isnt even the smg its the enemy completely disregarding shotgun blasts, an absolute crime for such a staple weapon.

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Primary fire is for taking out trash like Headcrabs and Alien Slaves. Alt-fire is meant for more heavy duty foes like Human Grunts and even Alien Grunts if you're got the room to maneuver around.

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It is much better against grunts than either assault rifle or shotgun, and you litetally destroy them with headshots provided uou can put some distance between you.
The entirety of "We've Got Hostiles" is best (or at least safest) to be carried by pistol. From PowerUp onward it (as a dedicated anti-grunt tool) is supplanted by magnum and underbarrel grenades, but can still be used on distances to save up on good and rare ammo.

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What other games have a useless SMG / AR? Secondary fire doesn't count, that's a grenade launcher, I'm talking about shooting bullets.

Deus Ex comes to mind.

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I never liked how quake2 or dx felt or looked.

Hl mp5 sounds and looks great. It feels like it should do more damage than it does though

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Quake 2's SMG is great if you learn how to control the recoil. If you just hold down the trigger and compensate for the muzzle climb by pulling down on the mouse, you can do a lot of damage fast with it. Unfortunately you don't have a lot of time to git gud with it before it gets outclassed by the minigun, and Q2's minigun is fucking amazing, so I think the SMG gets an unfair reputation for being hard to use just because players didn't spend much time with it. I played a lot of Counter-Strike before I played Q2 so the recoil control felt easy and satisfying to me.

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Yeah with bursts and compensating for the recoil you can get something like respectable accuracy with the Q2 SMG. Doesn't take long to see that with the HL SMG is this is not the case at all.

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In doom 2 the chaingun is the weakest weapon you'll actually use, typically. Not that it's bad though.

Quake 3 naturally has a bad machinegun since it's the starting gun.

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>Why is Half-Life so ass?

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go back

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imagine being so bad at half life that you need to make this thread.
/vr/ is getting worse everyday.

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Because enemies don't react to being shot.

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stop bumping this bait thread

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Unreal was bad on that front too.

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doom really brought a generation of casual gamers.

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Why did shit get deleted?

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>being this bad

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Whenever I play that section or that game the enemies are always hyper aggressive and kill me just by being near them even on the easiest difficulty if I stand in one spot for a short period of time.

How do you get them to behave like that?

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By being hyper aggressive yourself. As a child, I remember the marines being really hard because if you're trying to stick to cover and play carefully, they'll use grenades to flush you out and rush you. Basically, they keep the pressure on.

As an adult I find them surprisingly stupid (but in a fun, endearing way) because I'm experienced enough in FPS's to feel comfortable going after the marines like it's a deathmatch game. Because the shotgun and SMG are both close range weapons (I know SMG's are usually mid-range but not in this game, too inaccurate and burst fire doesn't change that) I found myself playing hyper aggressively just so that I could close the distance quickly enough to kill them fast. They end up trying to run away a lot of the time, just like in that webm.

Interestingly, the game manual discourages "playing aggressively like you would in any other FPS game, this is a tactical game" (paraphrasing) but upon reflection I suspect that's a deliberately misleading statement because they didn't want players doing that. If you play passively/defensively, the AI appears to be much smarter.

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Oh, it also has to do with how much HP they have. If that webm had sound, you'd probably hear that last marine shouting, "Medic!" as he ran away. If their HP is low enough they're likely to try to run away from the player no matter how retarded it is to attempt.

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chaingun is amazing for hitscan enemies

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>he doesn't know you can use the HD models on the WON version

KYS newfagglet.

>> No.5579229

HD models originated from pre-Steam you faggot zoomer

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Why did a bunch of shit get deleted?

>> No.5579465

lmao so what virgins? it's the steam version, I didn't mod shit. feel free to stay triggered about gun models in a video game though

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It's a checkbox in the options and you are a tasteless faggot, that's all.

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but I'm not the one that enjoys half life :^)

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It was Brutal Half-Life. No idea why it got deleted.

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Go back to v.

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Fantastic combat bros, this is really great stuff, I love it.

Also note throughout exhibits A-D only weapons available to the player are pistol, shotgun and machine gun (no nades for the launcher yet).

The optimum strategy if you want to minimize damage, no matter how much you like to meme and tell me I'm bad and git gud etc, is to hang back and keep distance from the grunts to minimize their hitscan damage. The result is fucking awful gameplay like this.

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If they died too fast you wouldn't get to see their advanced AI in action.

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lol you call running around like a retard with no care to what the player's doing (as seen here >>5579616) "advanced AI"? k lol

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That marine is trying to run away from the player because his HP is low, if there was sound you would hear him shouting for a medic.

>> No.5579673

and what difference does that make? the combat is still total shit

>> No.5579679 [DELETED] 

And no, a lot of the time he's not "running away" a lot of the time, for example between 26 - 29s in >>5579616 he's running right towards me while I stuff his sponge ass with bullets. Is he literally too retarded to turn around? Amazing advanced AI in action.

>> No.5579685

And no, a lot of the time he's not "running away", for example between 26 - 29s in >>5579616 he's running right towards me while I stuff his sponge ass with bullets. Is he literally too retarded to stop and turn around? Amazing advanced AI in action.

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slightly ot but these sprite explosions that were just videos of explosions, looked way better than the fumbling attempts people did to make geometry based explosions for about 8 years after this time. Rather sit there lobbing hl1 grenades and seeing this than anything in hl2. and for that matter seeing sprite sparks flash off things in goldeneye rather than solid yellow geometry blimp 'sparks' in perfect dark

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because the rest is tits and thighs

>> No.5579853

the yellow geometry blimp sparks in Perfect Dark is probably part of the reason it ran like ass compared to Goldeneye, too.

>> No.5579919

Yeah, the muzzle flash from the AR looks so cool, along with the shell casings streaming out. It sounds awesome, too. It's a real shame it's been designed to be such a poop weapon in terms of actual core mechanics.

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Why so many hl bait threads so lately?
Wasnt the rpgcodex poster enough?
Why this board loves to shit on this game?
Btw these webms are fucking retarded. Unironically kys.

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I love Half-Life but for its feel and atmosphere, and its history as a modding platform, but its combat is poor. If it had better weapons and enemies it would still be relevant for mods.

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Underage trolls from /v/

>> No.5580439

Except thats not the reason why the hl modding has declined and you clearly dont like the game. So i recommend stop posting shitty webms and return to /v/.

>> No.5580456

Not my webms, I'm a different guy. I like HL. Why do you think modding for it has declined?

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Now maybe is, back in the day I remember shitting bricks when I fought the soldiers first time as I tried to back into a corner to use the tried and true tactic of wait for them to come to me and shoot them first, like you did in any other shooter before hl.

Then I heard the grenade's "clang, clang, clang", they used to flush me out of hiding... enemies didn't do that then, or not so good (thanks for the engine's cheating...)flushing you out of cover, laying ambushes, and supressing and moving on teams was totally unheard off.

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>adding a kick button
kicking should be in every fps
i want to kick you for being so stupid

>> No.5580527

>steam version
for one, you're a fucking retard for using steam, steam is for faggots
two, the steam version is gay as hell, ultimate cuck shit, you should be playing the retail version
sorry brah, that's just how it is, but yknow, i gave you advice, so i expect you to thank me

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thanks incel-kun

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You literally have no argument to >>5575213 which is why all you can do is fall back on ad hominem. You can go through areas in the webms faster, but only if you're willing to tank through a lot more damage. It's just really shitty design kiddo. Of course the webms are retarded, HL is a retarded game, demonstrated most clearly with its retarded AI in the OP webm.

>> No.5580609

>You can go through areas in the webms faster, but only if you're willing to tank through a lot more damage.
*Or of course, if you have areas memorised in advance and have an optimised weapon path laid out where you know you'll use your nade launcher here, revolver there, grenade there, etc.

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>being this obsessed

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This thread sucks. This is game journalist levels at sucking at games

>> No.5581018

and of course op will desperately samefag again posting more webms.

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modding in general has declined.

>> No.5581028

OP is a faggot