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Is there any /vr/ character that's as cute, friendly, innocent and worth your respect and love as Tails?

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you :)

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I can think of one character that needs my love more.

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>his sonic-fu is Tails
Nigga you gay.

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>weabooing in 2019

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not after the good slap he will get on his ass

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Why are Sonic characters butt-ass-naked but Amy is always wearing clothes? Is she ashamed of showing off her ass, the place she poops from?

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I never understood the hate for tails, he’s such a little cutie. I loved having him tail along and helping out. Based tails.

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>I never understood the hate for tails, he’s such a little cutie.
That's why. Tailsfags are obnoxious and usually degenerate furfags.

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He forced Cream and that other kid to shit in each other's mouths. Tails is a sick fuck.

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>being this late to the party

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He steals my air bubbles even though he doesn't need them. He hits the boss before me as I jump to hit him, so I go right through him as his invincibility period wears off, which means I take a hit and die. Bench Tails.jpg. Also, when playing as him I keep accidentally flying and losing my momentum.

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What happened to the cute buckles?

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>ywn see Amy Rose cagando
Why live?

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I don't get it either, but considering Shadow is a popular character, and how Kirby is always pissed in US covers, I think people are just edgelords.

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>implying mom is gonna let me buy games with NAKED girls

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Amy is not a girl, she's a hedgehog. She's got no human rights, so you can literally buy her like a slave and fuck her in the ass on camera. Sonic can't do shit about it.

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Why can this motherfucker spin jump and spin dash while Amy can't? Do you need to be naked to do it?

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That comic was full of shit. I don't believe any of it.

I mean, Cream is a cute girl. She can't possibly do something as shameless as pooping.

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you mean the bdsm slave gear? no idea why they got rid of it. maybe he was freed from being sonics bitch

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Why hasn't Sega made a game like this featuring Tails?

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Sucks you must of had no friends or siblings to take over tails with the second congroller. I rocked Sonic and then when i got to the boss my bro would pickup controller 2 and demolish Dr. Robotics punkass

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1.5 player games need to make a comeback. There's so much untapped potential for gaming with our bottoms

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The last one I can remember was Mario Odyssey where player 2 just gets to be the hat.

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Don't post it.

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Why do Tails threads seem to attract either pedofags or edgelords?

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he cute

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Maybe Klonoa?

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Normal people are like, "yeah, tails is cute" and move on.

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because only those who care enough to ruin something care enough to pay any appreciable mind at all unless they're the creators or fanatics.

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only based boys like Adventures Tails.

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because you aren't Dreamcastxz1.

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>Also, when playing as him I keep accidentally flying and losing my momentum.

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Toxic masculinity, being a male who is gentle and kind is extremely offensive to Americans.

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Put your trip back on so we can filter your idiotic opinions, thanks.

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Is this from a yaoi story?

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I've always found this moment to be erotic when I was a kid, just love the delight on his face as he forces his way gently pushing himself towards the center of the screen.

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Seek help

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He already got the furry dick.

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I used to love Tails and think he was very cool since forever, but now I can't even look at him because of fucking Tumblrites

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Gayest thread on /vr/ right now

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You have no idea.

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Everyone is Sonic's bitch.

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it's never gay if it's with Tails

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Literally perfection.

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I prefer Splatoon girls.

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