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So I just started playing Blood on lightly boiled for the first time in my life and these brown faggots are just the absolute worse.

I thought it was a meme that you had to memorize enemy placement, but it's so fucking true.

>Open a door and a cultist reacts immediately and blasts you for 40 hp
>have to approach every corner crouched like it's a tactical shooter because brown cultists have a fuck you in their pocket and .03 seconds reaction time
>Some rooms literally open a wall behind you with two or three of these faggots facing you
>designers are constantly hiding them behind corners, pillars, and other shit to catch you if you don't toss dynamite around every corner once you hear the cultist chant
>not even kidding that every time I threw dynamite around a corner I heard a cultist scream

Like I just finished Episode One and it wasn't impossible or anything but I maybe died twenty times just due to these fuckers. Like not even kidding these fucking shotgun cultist are literally the worst enemies I've encountered so far and you meet them in E1M1. This is like if Doom had you encounter the chaingunners starting in E1M1 by hiding them around corners.

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It starts harder than Doom because it was made for people who had already played Doom to death and wanted something more challenging.

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Several other Blood related threads available, just saying

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Shut the fuck up you backseat janitor. Imagine actually being so god damned pathetic you pretend to be a janni of all things. Jesus Christ dude find purpose to your life before you end up jumping off a bridge or sucking a few dicks.

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This honestly.


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crouch, jump around, move faster etc, it fucks with the AI's aim

but throwing dynamite sticks around corners is a valid strategy too

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imagine being a shit OP that cannot use catalog. if telling people to cease doing things makes anyone a janitor then that makes you one by definition

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>seething so much

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>imagine being a shit OP

Imagine playing janitor. If they don't want this, they'll remove my thread and life will go on.

I started doing a lot of that later in E1. My first experience jumping in was that people exaggerated Blood being hard. I didn't really have too much of an issue until I opened the dinning hall room on the train and got literally deleted.

>posting k-on in 2019

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Calm down. Noone was even talking about CRTs. Just use the catalog, its easy. If you actually get that angry over these things, you should take a break

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Shut the fuck up janny
I bet you're a tranny
Go cry to your nanny
or I'll knock you down on your fanny

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use catalog

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I seriously hope you're not playing via Fresh Supply because besides the bugs and different feel, that version is toned down a lot regarding difficulty, If you're having problems with that one you may as well avoid this game. If you're playing through BloodGDX or NBlood instead, just git gud. There are some ways to not get instakilled, like crouching and using weapons effectively, for example.

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what's wrong with k-on?????

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If you're in Fresh Supply you can customize it

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There is literally nothing wrong with playing and enjoying it via Fresh Supply, not everyone is a resident /vg/ autist that cares about the miniscule things changed and a couple of bugs here and there.
Deal with it.

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not shit carry on

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>dining hall on train level

man that shit was absurd, after finally cleaning up the room after many tries just to find out
reflective shots just chilling there.

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I always just grab the guns akimbo powerup, pull out the shotguns, then run and jump around the dining cart like a crazy motherfucker

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Considering that the level has two life seeds, you can allow yourself to tank ~100 hp.
Also >>5567717

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>lightly boiled


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HOW IN THE FUCK do you shake off the severed hand things in Blood? I'm using BuildGDX if that makes a difference.

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spam 'use'

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This is the way to do it. The dining cart is supposed to be an insane blood pumping shootout.

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Did this game undergo ANY playtesting at higher difficulties, or did Monolith just shoot the shit and hope someone was patient enough with the onslaught of bullshit that gets thrown in their face at every turn? My GOD the gray cloaked cultists might be the worst fucking enemies in any shooter I've ever fucking played. Jesus fucking CHRIST they're unfair.

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>clear out most of a level
>almost die several times
>backtrack to find a key
>find dual wielding powerup instead
Gee, thanks.

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How about you stop playing this like Doom and learn the crouch 'n bounce trick?

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if you jump and crouch they have a really hard time to lock in on you

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File: 1.22 MB, 1600x900, Blood - BloodLines TC Beta (BloodGDX) - E2M4 Gallery of Dreams.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Man, not only do I have to put up with the clunky weapons, but I gotta jump around like a fucking kangaroo just to survive? Fuck that shit.

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I said CROUCH, not jump.

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Good dont let the door hit your ass on the way out

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Surprisingly, it did. Here is a single mention of it
Dunno whether the highest difficulty at the time was Well Done or Extra Crispy, but I don't remember any mentions of them adding a new difficulty in those updates (although there is a gap between them stopping to post updates on 3drealms' site and game' release - by the way, did .99 shareware have Extra Crispy?).

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It's not the same game though. It's a modern remake, not based on the old source code and thus NOT RETRO

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I've never jumped around like a bunny in Blood and I've finished it just fine. The cultists are difficult, yes, but you just have to play better. Use dynamites and/or focus-fire on them when they appear.

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actually this
i'm a dirty casual that hasnt cleared doom on nightmare and as such blood's too hard for me still without savescumming a million times on a low difficulty

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E1m2 is even worse. But thats like first 2 big spikes and rest is all clear. So dont worry.

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As soon as you get the napalm launcher and some ammo you'll be cackling like Caleb while roasting these assholes

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I crouch all the fucking time, man. It still doesn't help half the time, especially when you talk into a room with like ten of the fuckers waiting in ambush. You don't have any weapons whose attack animations outpace theirs, so it's usually a matter of tanking as little as possible and getting them to follow you around a corner so you can take them out while they're still moving.

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Y'all niggas gay.

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I never played it when I was younger but I downloaded it a couple years ago and flew right through it. All this talk has reignited my interest so I might go back and beat it again

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Just finished the first episode on well done, the secret level and the one before the boss were fucking crushing. Also having cultist so high up you can't even see them but them still being able to shoot you is some grade A bullshit

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You are slowly starting to UNDERSTAND.

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It's not so bad if you run and circle round them. I thought they were tough the first few levels on well done, but if you're brave they are dead easy.

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Why do you suck so badly at FPS?!

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here i got it running in dosbox the controls are as bad as i expected even after setting them up THE ONLY PROPER WAY TO PLAY A SHOOTER meaning WASD the mouse aiming is still weird so can i go play fresh supply now or are you faggots going to continue being faggots?

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First off, there are two free fan ports that have almost perfectly accurate gameplay - NBlood and BloodGDX. Nobody said you have to play in DOSBOX.
Second, if you still want to play in DOSBOX, use bmouse.exe to fix mouselook.

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java so no
likely hard to impossible to setup and probably based on eduke which is garbage in its own right

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You're just bad. Blood isn't even hard unless your doing Well Done pitchfork start. EC is just retarded solo

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here's your (you), now fuck off and go play something else

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im already playing on fresh supply not sure why your against it so hard

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>likely hard to impossible to setup
So are you only pretending to be retarded? Just read the README file that comes with it.

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but why when im already playing fresh supply?
good game BTW

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>I claim loudly that I play the broken new port and refuse to play the old ones because I am a literal retard and I have only one objective, letting as many people know that I am indeed a literal retard that craves (you)s
Go suck a bag of dicks you cocksucking mongoloid.
You're not playing the game, you're shitposting on /vr/, stop lying. You should indeed play it, it would be more fun for anyone involved.
I don't even know why I'm bothering to reply to bored underage fucks, go fuck yourself nigger, that will be more productive than trying to piss people off by pretending to be an obnoxious down syndrome tard.

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in what way is it broken?

>> No.5570468

movement is different, jumping is higher for no reason, black cultists will throw dynamite but they don't have dynamite in their inventory so they just do the animation with no stick going out, fire damage has been drastically reduced for no reason and the bonuses it theoretically adds to enemies vulnerable to fire are not there, it crashes for no reason, etc.
I know you're baiting but here you go.

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Ducking makes hit scanners miss like 5-10% of their shots.
But you usually don't need to know that on lightly boiled.

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ya but like i said i dont want to install java cause java is cancer

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Yes, because you are a fucking retarded mongoloid, as I said.

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>implying java is fine

>> No.5570510

it absolutely is, I don't understand what is your problem, aside from your craving for cocks and (you)s

>> No.5570524

>he actually thinks java is fine
its a massive security hole

>> No.5570538

Java Browser plugins were a security hole, the JVM is fine.
It does literally the same thing as .NET.

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>the JVM is fine

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>Java Web Start Applications
>Java Applets
>Gained Access Level: None
>All literally require you willingly run untrusted code, and they are all focused on webservice APIs, which is something more enterprise oriented, not something you'd typically use on a desktop java app

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That's just this month. Check out the other 601.

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Longtime Blood fan (and ultra-obscure non-celebrity youtube channel) Austin Adams is doing a series of videos to demonstrate the differences (mostly regarding the things that are either glitches, weird mistakes, or just outright laziness) between Blood in its original form and the remaster ("Fresh Supply"). His first part is out and I would highly recommend watching this if you are interested in seeing the issues currently with the remaster, as his video is extremely well done. No pun intended.


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Night Dive is a guilty of a number of different crimes. Here are the major ones.

1. KEX Edition is essentially a collection of free mods that had existed for nearly two years. SVKaiser gathered them all up, slapped KEX Engine on it and resold it as a new product. There's very very little in the Fresh Supply that wasn't already out there, and most of it is stuff you don't want (like bugged FOV slider).

2. The remaster didn't sell so well and the original was still far outselling it, even twenty years after their release, so Night Dive had EVERY DRM-free digital distributor stop selling the original and ONLY sell the Fresh Supply. If you want to buy a digital copy of the original now on GOG, it's "bundled" into the Fresh Supply. Now these scumbags can claim sales from people just wanting to buy the original as their own.

3. The infamous 600+ bugs on launch. The game is still riddled with bugs (as even a perfunctory glance over their forums show) but the fact that it took Kaiser around two years for them to get a game that had been working fine for 20 years to reach playability after launch is telling of their wild incompetence.

4. This is where we get to the ones that really piss people off. Night Dive couldn't just remaster the game, they had to fuck with the content too. New dialogue for existing enemies like cultists was written in to make the characters more progressive and leftist friendly. Night Dive shills will argue that "adding content isn't changing content XDDD" but it is when the new content changes the core personalities of the existing characters. This is in addition to removing gibs and nerfing fire, discouraging people to use some of the most fun weapons in the game.

5. Doesn't use the motherfucking Build Engine on which the original was built on and that gave the game half of it's feel.

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wow it's fucking nothing

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>New dialogue for existing enemies like cultists was written in to make the characters more progressive and leftist friendly.
Are you off your fucking meds again

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based and redpilled
just two small things, replace the bit about new dialogue with new source code, and add a screencap of that sellout eceleb shilling fresh supply with obvious lies about said source code and it's good to go
we'll see if kaiser will start paying jannies or infiltrating employees in the mod team to purge 4channel of this pasta
But the janitor on beamdog's payroll will probably take care of that himself

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>4. This is where we get to the ones that really piss people off. Night Dive couldn't just remaster the game, they had to fuck with the content too. New code for existing enemies like cultists was written in to make the characters more broken and incapable of behaving as intended. Night Dive shills will argue that "adding content isn't changing content XDDD" but it is when the new content changes the core behavior of the existing enemies. This is in addition to removing gibs and nerfing fire, discouraging people to use some of the most fun weapons in the game.

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Should be fanatics then as they try to throw dynamite, when they shouldn't.

>> No.5572561

Now I remember what I wanted to mention in this post but forgot too.
NO CROSS STORE MULTIPLAYER ON PC. Like what the fuck is this shit?

>> No.5572576

They fucked up hard on this

>> No.5572582

Based Beamd-- I mean Nightdive-poster.

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bait or Doomlet, can't tell

>> No.5572687

The first episode starts overly stingy with ammo. It's totally doable if you understand how the weapons work though (i.e. don't unload a million flares into one guy, don't bother shotgunning zombies, etc.)
There's a portable medikit in the first level that you can use for 100 health, basically an extra life.
It doesn't. After some practice playing the game it's pretty easy to calculate the right trajectory for the dynamite based on your hold time and view pitch.

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>There's a portable medikit in the first level that you can use for 100 health, basically an extra life.
And a bonus for 100 extra health too.

>> No.5572842

Get in the oven...literally.

>> No.5572879

There are a ton of flares though.
Played a bit on Extra Crispy yesterday and Flare alt-fire usefulness isn't to be underestimated.

>> No.5572882

>There are a ton of flares though.
My point is that mooks only need 1 or 2 flares for them to burn to death. I've seen noobs play the game and just unload flare after flare into one guy as if they're using a bullet weapon.

>> No.5573035

An ex-pro counter-strike player has been playing Blood on twitch and it's pretty entertaining.
He thinks he's playing on the second highest difficulty but it's actually extra crispy since Fresh Supply has that new custom difficulty at the bottom. Impressive since I've always found extra crispy way too annoying although I've only played DOS Blood.
He beat the gargoyle bosses at the end of the first episode with the pitchfork since he doesn't know any secrets and is basically always out of ammo

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File: 962 KB, 1280x720, Blood (1997) - Extra Crispy Walkthrough Episode 1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bloodfags think this is even remotely defensible

This is from a walk through of extra crispy by a guy who knows the game like the back of his hand

>> No.5573138 [DELETED] 

>>462056779 >>462056780 >>462056919 >>462056942
I remember reactions like this on my play through of ep 1 on Well Done, but nice try.

>> No.5573163

No shit. Doom's difficulty settings had the right idea, adjusting monster placement and count but nothing else. Giving monsters more HP on top of that is the laziest way of doing difficulty ever, and it's indefensible.

>> No.5573170

git gud

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>pitchforking everyone
Fucking Doomlets, ive played through the game for the first time a few weeks back and never had ammo issues. Are you firing 5 flares into every cultist you see or something? Because the DOT of a single shot will kill any of them that arent the new cultists added in Post Mortem.
1 for a cultist
2 for zombies
2 for butchers.
Im assuming you are playing on well done. If you are doing lightly broiled its 1 less flare for zombies.

>> No.5573263

Looks like you shot him just as he shot you. Fair's fair.

>> No.5573265

I think some people go into Blood not realizing that damage types matter. 2 flairs kill a zombie, but a zombie can take up to 4 shotgun shells sometimes. Fire is extremely effective against butchers too, whereas they can be absolute tanks against the shotgun and machine gun.

>> No.5573268

Are the cultists the greatest henchmen in videogame history?

>> No.5573272

>tfw hastening the process by forking a flared cultist or zombo and making them erupt into flames immediately.

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File: 1.07 MB, 750x818, 1540128551264.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They def are up there.

>> No.5573345

Can NBlood do fan voxels and hi res skyboxes? I can't seen to find out how to get them to work.

>> No.5573680

>I want to save twenty minutes in order to play a signficantly worse and inaccurate version of something beloved

Do you need a reminder of what board you're posting on?

>> No.5573871

I have literally never bunny hopped in the game and do just fine.
It's all about clearing corners and leaning out just far enough to hit them but they have trouble hitting you, a lot like real life gun combat.

>> No.5573879

low diffucties in Blood are as easy as Doom, what are you doing? only saved like 2 times in whole Post Mortem because Cheoghs are niggers

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So what's the best version of this game? NBlood or GDX Blood?

I want to play it but apparently Fresh Supply sucks ass.

>> No.5574942

For the playing the base game with maximum comfort and multiplayer - NBlood.
For convinience of playing mods and slightly better accuracy at the cost of "GL" colors and wonkier controls - BloodGDX.

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should have named the game Bloody Hoppin

>> No.5575373

don't fall over that EDGE

>> No.5575454

Nah he's right , fuck off if you can't play a game as simple as Blood

>> No.5575649

where can i download this game

>> No.5575712

All the assets and game data are the same. Stop being a pedantic faggot.

>> No.5575748

NBlood and GDX are literally remakes too

>> No.5575753

I thought GDX at least used some of the source code from the leaked alpha?

>> No.5575773

I think the guys from another world/ out of this world are better

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Fresh Supply got an update


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Stop making shit threads zoomers

>> No.5576442

>Did this game undergo ANY playtesting at higher difficulties
of course not, why the fuck do you think there is quick saving in pretty much every pc game? No one has time for that shit.

>> No.5576450

wtf is wrong with the mouse aiming? This isn't fucking quake 3. Just aim in the general direction and you'll hit something.

>> No.5576540

Originally Blood can not handle diagonal movement on its own, and handles it as vertical and horizontal mouse movement. It also can't do both types of movement on same tic, so instead it does diagonal movement over 2 tics in a jagged pattern.
This results in a noticably wonky and wobbly aiming, and feels really unpleasant.

BMouse driver fixes some of the mouse problems, but not all and requires some tweaking.

>extracting archive into game's directory is "impossible to setup"
>java bad bwoohoo
Grow up and stop being a whiny baby. Your rig most probably already has java on it, running a software written in it is not going to inject you with any more aids than you already have

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>> No.5577479

>Add support for private and friend lobbies

Any images of this please?

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I finished the first episode too and at first had a hard time but towards the third level I started getting into a groove. I think it's too early to tell but i MIGHT like it more than Duke.

>> No.5577525

so true i keked

>> No.5577717

Descent 1&2 do difficulty levels the best by just altering enemy aggressiveness

>> No.5577719 [DELETED] 

Doom is literally a fps for casuals.

>> No.5577757

>have to approach every corner crouched
Wrong. You need to jump and duck like a madman.

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I've been a Doom fanboy since the 90s and just only recently played the big 3 build engine games. I can't believe how much better they are. Doom is hard to go back to now, it just seems bland.

>> No.5577872




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File: 943 KB, 2560x1440, 1557949205202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey Kaiser.

>> No.5578107


>> No.5578129

Shameful display

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The fucking gibs still aren't nearly as plentiful as in the original or the fan ports.

>> No.5578146

Is it advisable to dump Death Wish into the same folder as the rest of the Blood files or should it be in its own subfolder?

>> No.5578156

Don't play DW with Fresh Supply, even the first level is bugged, the cultists and zombies never get out of their car lmao.

Use NBlood, just dump the files into the root directory and then choose dw.ini in the launcher.

>> No.5578552

What about with BuildGDX?

>> No.5578581

I didn't understand all the complaints about the "voxels" being messed up. I'm playing post-patch and I haven't noticed any bad voxels. I get why people were mad about the voxels now though! Those are some top aesthetics.

>> No.5578654

About to finish the 4th episode of Blood, are the expansions worth it or should I just go to Death Wish?

>> No.5578741

can someone upload 1.8.8 plz

>> No.5578892

Cryptic Passage is consistently OK, Post Mortem varies from great to extremely mediocre

Death Wish is consistently incredible, so if you play the official expansions after it you'll probably be disappointed

>> No.5579027

Just use NBlood man seriously

>> No.5579034

Death Wish has even got me disappointed in the main game
It's incredible

>> No.5579042
File: 78 KB, 741x442, Clipboard01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>BMouse driver

there's also buildmfx.exe, which permanently patches the mouse code inside the executable itself. runs inside dosbox or on a actual DOS machine. supposedly works on other build engine games too though i haven't verified that yet.

>> No.5579048

Both of the expansions are phenomenal. Death Wish is even better. But you have to understand that Death Wish, if viewed as a separate release, would be one of the greatest games ever made. It is so high in quality that for it to have come from an amateur is almost unbelievable. So saying that it's better than the official expansions doesn't mean the official expansions aren't still fucking incredible, because they are.

>> No.5579053

No one asked which to use, dumbass. They asked about what would be best in BuildGDX. Telling them to use a different source port is both pointless and autistic.

>> No.5579057

Just use NBlood man, seriously

>> No.5579061

goddamn I remember some autist on the 3DR forums who kept calling Duke Nukem 3D duke3d.exe and insisted it was the true title

>> No.5579063

deathwish is the best vanilla user made map pack ever made in any video game ever

>> No.5579127

Yes we all watched the civvie video retard. There was a patch recently.

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File: 2 KB, 55x70, B1_hand_from_hell.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you kill this after it grabs your neck?

>> No.5579136

Lets go she bitchbox

>> No.5579137

Spam the use button (I spam e and space just to be sure)

>> No.5579139

How come in nblood the movement is sluggish compared to gdx and dos

>> No.5579175

My friend was telling me that back in the day, his brother used to blow dynamite on his feet to kill this hand. Of course it's a horrible idea but they didn't knew how to get rid of it.

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>play cryptic passage with patched fresh supply
>get to steamboat
>open the doors with switch
>try pressing switch
>the doors close instead
>can't beat the level

haha oh wow
also it's really bad idea to show cryptic passage maps in user maps, I didn't know you had to load the addon from options and the graphics were glitching the fuck out

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>> No.5579740

>wonkier controls
Nblood has more bizarre controls than GDX. Movement speed also appears slower for no good reason.

>> No.5579742

Thanks for replying this to a 4 days old post retard.

>> No.5579743

And the patch still didn't fix everything.
Give it a few months and it might. But as of now, it's yet another fucking alpha released way too soon.

>> No.5579937

Don't enemies in blood respond to sound like how doom enemies do? Can't you alert them by throwing dynamite around corners and even hear the ones behind walls? Not saying it isn't a savescummy game on higher difficulties but you can probably reduce your save-load frequency from 150 per chapter to ~20 by playing smarter.

>> No.5579952
File: 43 KB, 800x436, nighthawk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5580004

The Blood port was borderline unplayable before they launched the updates a few days ago, what the fuck is nightdive even doing.

>> No.5580216

Shh.. Just let it happen.

>> No.5580264

hookers and blow

>> No.5580329

No they don't respond to sound, but they respond to you peaking around corners if you want to bait them, if you're fast enough hitscanners won't hit you. Except if they are really close but you should throw alt-fire dynamite first in that case.
If you have to reload 150 times per level (even 20 is pushing it, there aren't a lot of levels with that many parts tough parts, don't reload each time you take damage) it's time to lower the difficulty and git gud instead of crying about the game. Or play something else.

>> No.5580460

>texture filtering


Also always crouch when peaking.

>> No.5580482

What a beautiful and so full of character game I missed.

This alongside Thief would have made those late 90s summers even better.

Man I wonder what we could do with modern engines. We will never have Blood 3 instead just trash like Eternal and Rage 2.

>> No.5580501

>New dialogue for existing enemies like cultists was written in to make the characters more progressive and leftist friendly

What the fuck? Really?

>> No.5580570

So when you walk down slopes, the camera kinda points down with the slope

Is there any way to turn this off? It's really disorienting. I'm using BloodGDX

I thought the "slope tilting" option was maybe for that, but it doesn't appear to be the case

>> No.5580635

Nah, that's a pasta IIRC

>> No.5580675

You should probably update your BloodGDX, some versions had a bug where slope tilt option did not work.

>> No.5580932 [DELETED] 
File: 676 KB, 1920x1080, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

def top 5
not the greatest tho

>> No.5580943
File: 469 KB, 960x664, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

def top 5
not the greatest tho

>> No.5580954

Literally go back zoomers

>> No.5580961


>> No.5581034


>> No.5581658


>> No.5581701

i got banned for posting the beamdog copypasta modified to nightdive's faggotry with the new blood released.

Like, why even ban me for that

>> No.5581826
File: 160 KB, 1200x800, seriously.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surely no one thinks this game is hard, right? You can just jump around like in Shadow Warrior and all the cultists miss you. Every monster has an easily exploitable weakness, and even when things get hectic you can just jump and crouch like a madman.

>> No.5581842

fuck stephen kike and his trash "remaster"

>> No.5581851

I've been straight wrecking this game and I picked it up three days ago. The game is only "hard" if you grew up on zoomer FPS games.
It gets a bit crazy on the hardest difficulty but that same difficulty was meant for coop playthroughs so

>> No.5581852

>i got banned for reposting spammed content
it is a mystery

>> No.5581854

jumping and crouching wont solve your problem on hardest difficulties if you go out in the open vs 3+ cultists

>> No.5581860

it hasn't been spammed at all and it was clearly a parody, no reason for jannies to ban me

>> No.5581884
File: 202 KB, 1280x720, MARANAX AND FEAR MOOT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5581921 [DELETED] 

Just crouch faggot.
They tend to miss you if you move and crouch alot.
Either way your going to lose alot of hp dealing with a crowd of them so make sure your hp atleast over 100 if your going into a room with alot of these fucks.
Save often too anon. This game isn't nice.

>> No.5581923 [DELETED] 

I don't really want to clear doom on nightmare desu anon.
I hate respawning enemies but yeah I can say that I beat both Doom 1 and 2 and honestly the hardest levels were the first few in ep 4 D1.
Who made those garbage heaps?

>> No.5582176
File: 171 KB, 1024x768, caleb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>savescum often

>> No.5582269

the beamdog copypasta has been spammed to death, my dude

>> No.5582287 [DELETED] 

this is a doombabby territory, don't expect people to actually have gaming skill there

>> No.5582441 [DELETED] 

Because >>https://warosu.org/vr/thread/5402232#p5408278
There's a janny, most likely on beamdog's payroll, who made it his personal crusade not only to delete the pasta from this board (and pretty much any negative mention of beamdog while he was at it) but to be a seething jobber about it.
The only thing it did was killing the good infinity engine threads there had been this past year. Because who would want to debate BG in depth when an obviously mentally ill faggot is monitoring every thread and could snap at any moment deleting random shit if enough people respond to the pasta and start discussing it before he has time to delete it.

>> No.5582497 [DELETED] 

>All the deleted posts simply for going against b*md*g
Oh boy I never get tired of seeing mods powertripping with the only form of power they'll ever obtain in their miserable fucking lives

>> No.5582512 [DELETED] 

Wait my apologies, jannies*
Mods are pretty based desu

>> No.5582669 [DELETED] 
File: 45 KB, 1864x479, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The shit is this? Hey mods, people use 4chanX you know.

>> No.5582715

You can't savescum in FPS's

>> No.5582726 [DELETED] 

This is good moderation in effect, they still don't believe in Streisand effect and would rather count on lassitude and the slow nature of the board apparently
Hi janny, long time no see.
You still suck at your job.

>> No.5582729

You can in any game that allows you to save at anytime

>> No.5582795
File: 57 KB, 370x409, 283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>use flare gun alt-fire
>shoot at enemy in such way the flare explodes into projectiles in front of him
>he takes every single projectile in and evaporates

I love this gun and it's just a basic starting gun

>> No.5582802

Welcome to Blood.

>> No.5582816
File: 683 KB, 492x692, 1558090207411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5583075

That is how the game is designed you the weapons and the enemies are overpowered.

A thrill, unlike modern fps.

>> No.5583119 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.15 MB, 368x270, 1558109536380.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FUCK that dark tunnel.

>> No.5583150
File: 66 KB, 372x573, Cultist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5583152
File: 284 KB, 762x1080, THIAF 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Considering how modern shadow warrior was, what would guys think Blood would look like made with modern devs and sensibilities?

>> No.5583162

hes not talking about the beamdog pasta, but the parody of it

>> No.5583167

it would be like duke nukem forever levels of linearity and low mob count with gay ass jumpscares

>> No.5583293
File: 75 KB, 480x533, 1 hp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw finally beat everything on extra crispy
wish i didn't have to savescum quite so much though.

>> No.5583315

If you savescummed, then you didn't actually beat it.
Try again lad.

>> No.5583323

Lets be real here hitscanners are cancer.

>> No.5583326

>"I want jojo, I want jojo!"
Caleb is cute. CUTE!

>> No.5583350

Patch is only on steam?

>> No.5583358

No, the beta for it was steam-only.

>> No.5583609

cultists can be "stunlocked" with tommy gun
they will move but they won't attack

if not just right click them with flare gun

>> No.5583710

the beamdog copypasta has been spammed to death, my dude

i can guarantee you an /ogg/ parody would still get banned

>> No.5583729

That's why we remember to save napalm in E1 ano!

>> No.5583823

Yes I know, but still. I think classic fps would be better without hitscaners.

>> No.5583841
File: 61 KB, 720x644, 1552778193626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today I discovered that gargoyles die instantly when they enter water. Has anyone tried this for other monsters (besides hellhounds)?

>> No.5583846

It works the other way round for bone eels

>> No.5584302

Doom on UV isn't very hard, Blood overall is somewhat hard but just learn how it plays.
Doom on Nightmare! is genuinely hard as fuck.

>> No.5584763

doom on nightmare is completely unfair if it's your first run. If you know the map/locations then it's manageable

>> No.5585171

The monsters are actually easier on Nightmare than they are on Ultra Violence, but the infinite monster respawning more than makes up for that.

>> No.5585223

how come? the projectiles are way faster on nightmare

>> No.5585405

He might be thinking of Quake. Some say it's easier on nightmare because monsters like the ogre don't chase the player much (since they're nearly constantly firing projectiles).

>> No.5585507

I'm also a new player. Unlike the faggotron of OP I did realize that running around would get me killed quite fast. Game is fucking fantastic once you get in the rhythm of things. Just wanted to ask where the fuck are the secret levels. I could only find the one in Ep1.

>> No.5585532

Your problem is not hitscanning but enemy reaction times. They are very short in Blood.

>> No.5585557

OP knows how to make a good thread.

>> No.5585619

I did finish Blood and I kinda loved it (right before the fucking remaster came out, because of course) but I have to agree that the people who think it's the strongest of the holy trinity are fucking insane.

Lo Wang > Douk > Caleb, at least for me

>> No.5585624


>> No.5585627

If at distance just left click with a flare on each one and move away so they burn to death.

>> No.5585636
File: 704 KB, 1920x1080, blood guide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5585686

but plopping cultists with lame all normal flame shot is not as fun and unleashing a hurricane of flaming death with lots of collateral damage

>> No.5585808

>Lo Wang > Douk > Caleb

Literally the mirror-flipped version of my list

>> No.5585819


>> No.5585984
File: 42 KB, 600x597, babby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5586012


>> No.5586056

The Ogre is not exactly the type of enemy that chases you but two of them on Nightmare is enough to fill an entire room with bombs and makes it super hard to dodge. It all depends on the design of the level.

>> No.5586176

are you the same faggot that was shitting up /v/ about being casul filtered by this masterpiece?

>> No.5586786

New videos on some Blood Fresh Supply issues:



>> No.5586860

So even the RoR is fucked in Fresh Supply?
How did they even manage to fuck up?

>> No.5586863
File: 65 KB, 217x394, 1446586561131.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5586864

KEX is not a BSP engine, so it is likely that regular ROR just converts to a true 3D space
And it can't do that with non-euclidean space the possibility of which they simply forgot about since it's not used in vanilla Blood maps (at least I don't remember such instances)

>> No.5586865

Second episode's secret exit is in The Overlooked Hotel. Third's is in The Sick Ward. Fourth is in Crystal Lake.

>> No.5586963
File: 1.47 MB, 480x336, Vietnam Rising Storm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ammo is limited
>Can instantly die within seconds in a fire fight
>Explosive weapons deal far more damage to either you or the enemies
>have to use a charge meter to use throwables
>Can enemies ablaze.
>Napalm launcher
Now this is a fun game.

>> No.5586967
File: 115 KB, 795x593, blood1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is this?

>> No.5586975

git gud

>> No.5586982

What did he bean by this?

>> No.5586985

A homage to Elvira, mistress of the dark

>> No.5587004 [SPOILER] 
File: 173 KB, 960x540, 1558215213800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

possible source

>> No.5587093

but it's just pretty much a portal so it can't be that hard to properly implement

in kaiser's defense you can't hold him accountable for not implementing properly every weird undocumented shit from all the mods ever made

>> No.5587126

It actually is tricky in a non-bsp engine

However Kaiser has no excuse since line portals are feature that is used allover the place in Build engine games for all purposes. Non-euclidean space is just one specific use of it that is rarely used, but still familliar to any Duke/Blood modder, and was even used in one official map - a secret level of Lunar Apocalypse is a 720 degree ring loop.

Had he implemented portals properly this would not have happened, but he used a simpler method of just converting BSPtree into 3D environment throwing the portals out of equation completely.

And this is the case where it turned around and bitten him in the bottom

>> No.5587156

>weird undocumented shit
Nothing about this is weird or undocumented. The ROR implementation varies from title to title, but the original BUILD creator was involved in every instance. Kaiser is just not up to the task and the statement that it's reverse engineered from original code is a blatant lie.

>> No.5587709

How to get music playing in BuildGDX? It says "initialization failed" or something like that.

>> No.5587983

There is a way around it. Go to settings. Use gervill on the midi option. Always works for me.

Still to be honest I hope fresh supply gets completely patched up.
I really like its smoother mouse look.

>> No.5587987

And by settings I mean the GDX settings inn the launcher before starting the game.

>> No.5588021

Thanks for the response.

Is there any reason to not just use Microsoft MIDI Mapper instead? Or any of the other options?

>> No.5589679


I can get behind that, it also alters their weapon deadlyness (damage and projectile speed)

>> No.5589821

Is there a way to get a more stable frame rate?

>> No.5589853

>doom on nightmare is completely unfair if it's your first run.
Well it was added in a patch as a joke, basically as a "Try this, you fags." towards people who complained the game was too easy on Ultra-Violence.
They never seriously expected people would really play it, and most never would, so there was little thought to fairness, aside from double ammo pickups.

>If you know the map/locations then it's manageable
Sort of. The original maps weren't at all balanced for the changed monster behavior, so you'll have plenty of situations where the monsters are way faster than the mapper accounted for, and you still have the monsters respawning every 30 seconds, which is another problem.

If you want to see some insane pro-plays, look at this guy speedrunning Plutonia on Nightmare! mode:

>> No.5589917

I dont think so. The fps is stable its the mouse smoothing hat is a problem.

That is why fresh supply is smoother.I hope they fix it.

Fuck a new lighting for blood would give this game a really nice vibe compared to the other build engine games, the Duke anniversary looks great.

>> No.5589970

They really are not.
On other difficulties, the pinkie is deadly in groups, or if you're too careless, but on Nightmare!, a lone pinkie is absolute rape, because he's so incredibly fucking fast, you don't have the time to do a double-take and handle the pinkie as you deal with another group of monsters, you can't really easily keep backing away from him.
It's like they're moving at Benny Hill speed, while your speed is unchanged.

>> No.5589974
File: 367 KB, 750x850, truthh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5590017

This weeb tells it like it is.

>> No.5590072
File: 12 KB, 500x447, garrett8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah except I finished with minimal savescumming in well done.
My honour is restored.

>> No.5590548

Pinkies are still as easy as ever because they still stop and bite with the same animation speed so they're dodged the same on all skill levels.

>> No.5590592

Good. Tried the expansion yet?

They catch up to you way faster though, it's really easy to get cornered before you realize it.
It's not like with other difficulties where you can just trivially circlestrafe even a bunch of them, and they can't ever catch up to you if there's any space around you.

Like you may dodge one, two, even three, but more can easily move while you're trying to dodge, and they catch up so fast after each attempt to bite.

>> No.5590620

>what is situational awareness
Have you considered not cornering yourself?

>> No.5590650

I generally try to avoid it, but on Nightmare! they're twice as fast.
It's overall a less easy to predict way of playing, and there's genuine reasons very few people have managed to do full no-death runs of Final Doom on it.

I'm not saying it's not possible (and I'm not saying pinkies are the lone reason for difficulty), it certainly can be done, and has been done, but you gotta be real good, and I'll freely admit that I'm just not an elite player.

>> No.5590658

Extra Crispy is Hell.

>> No.5591769

I don't even know how I cleared it with extra crispy aeons ago.

All I remember is dying to tchernobog a shitton of times.

>> No.5591942

You must’ve had the luck of the gods with you.

>> No.5592249

>Good. Tried the expansion yet?

No actually.

Been on a run of classic fps lately and its been so fun. Something triggered in me after being bored to tears with some modern games. And I already played Thief 1\2 a thousand times.

Finished Hexen 2 and Quake, had to get a walkthrough for that motherfucker. playing Duke, because I never got to finish it 100% back in the day.

Also want to play Sin again also didnt finish it, and try Red Faction which is one of the few I never actually played.

That said Blood is amazing. I cant believe it aged so well. It bumped its way into my favourite games of all time with ease.

>> No.5592379

>I cant believe it aged so well
games don't age

>> No.5593183

I guess the best dont.

When you finally get the rhythm, and just strafe like hell and not afraid of wasting shotgun ammo its fun as fuck. Every single weapon is fun.

The punch of the dynamite is great.

>> No.5593242

They don't have any sort of stunlock animation right?

>> No.5593276

fun website to wayback to, this page for example has some very wholesome content. Wish I could see more from game devs like this!


>> No.5593287

Romero did E4M2, quite infamously so

>> No.5593302 [DELETED] 

Yeah it was funny watching him play his own level and say how bullshit some of the garbage he threw at the player.

>> No.5593310

That's not surprising. When did he do that video? I didn't see. I'm assuming it was recently? If so, I could definitely see a guy now in his early 50s talking shit about the stuff he did when he was in his mid-20's. At the very least, you just can't keep up with your younger self at that point.

>> No.5593349

Perfect Hatred is correct. Because I hate that son of a bitch for that level.

>> No.5593684

Yeah they do, sometimes.

Like with some games, they're pretty good, but then they get a sequel or other followup, and the sequel improves on the formula so conclusively that when you look at the first one, in spite of being pretty alright, it's just not as fun anymore, because the next one raised the bar so much.

Simcity, Worms, Heroes Of Might & Magic 2, and Wolfenstein 3D come to mind. All good games, but with their amazing sequels/followups, it almost feels tough to motivate yourself to play them.

>> No.5593997

It just sucks for every parts unless you are drown into a nostalgia of crappy MS Synth.

>> No.5594007

>Heroes Of Might & Magic 2
Heresy. All things considered HoMM2 aged rather well. The cartoony graphics really hold up and the gameplay is still solid. If anything HoMM1 aged way, way worse.

>> No.5594568

Depends. Some games just have an innate charm that really ages well.

>> No.5594779
File: 6 KB, 448x96, get-psyched.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would say Wolfenstein 3D in particular has that;
>cartoony and stylized graphics with lots of color
>all bosses are simply just fucking huge dudes with big guns, regardless of if they're supposed to be like superhuman monsters or not (Schabbs and Hitler are basically the same size as the Ubermutant or Angel Of Death, for instance)
>lots of blood in death animations, particularly in boss death animations, which will sometimes include the Deathcam (TM)
>weird enemies like three-armed murder mutants, and the really not explained 'fake Hitlers' (I've heard some people say they're supposed to be puppets on strings with flamethrowers)
>some of the music is pretty good
>"Get Psyched!"
On just the visuals, it's delightfully stylized, I love how it looks, and it has a wonderful tone.

You also have aspects of gameplay which were very typical of the times, how the game has all this vestigial arcade stuff that's just there, because you simply just had lives and a score counter in action games in 1992.
I love the style, I love shooting Gnatzees for points, finding hidden treasures, eating food items for health, all of that, but looking at the gameplay itself, it lacks so much variety and complexity.
>enemies are like 95% dudes with hitscan guns, some of the bosses use physical projectiles
>weapon variety is knife, pistol, machinegun, and faster machineguns, the guns share their 99rd ammo pool, there are physical projectile weapons in the base game, everything behaves extremely conventionally
>architecture is extremely limited, there are only 90 degree walls of fixed increments and no height variation, you can't have elevated features or stairs or anything
As a result of simplicity like this, there's not a lot you can actually do and still have novel level design or enemy encounters, and I can't help but feel that Wolfenstein 3D in its original form basically runs out of novelty and interesting gameplay, really by the time you're done with the second episode.

>> No.5594857

wolf3d is pretty much unplayable without a map

>> No.5594907

I wouldn't say that, but some of the ports add a map, and it does improve the gameplay a lot.

>> No.5594913

Difficult to say for me, some 16bit platformers for sure.
Early 3D is wonky.

Blood holds out for me, but that is a discussion for a whole thread.

The more style early 3D has the better it ages if it has decent gameplay. I still love Homeworld. But then there are forgotten shit I also love like slave zero.

>> No.5594932

no it's not
you just have to stick to left or right wall and eventually you'll find way

>> No.5595678

why does it take literally 40 seconds to save? it freezes the whole game and i cant do anything

how do i fucking fix this

>> No.5595826

thats just fresh supply being fresh supply. it takes 10 seconds for me. must depend on your computer specs or something. just use nblood or bloodgdx, saving is nearly instant

>> No.5595874

This, Fresh Supply is BloodCM2, stop using it. Inaccurate, buggy piece of shit only dumb zoomers would like lol

>> No.5595883

shitty programming that requires saving almost as much data from memory as the entire game takes up on disk

>> No.5595935

For a better mouse control use "bmouse"


>> No.5595974

based and undeniably redpilled

>> No.5596001

Cultists are the most fun enemies to blow up in the entire Build Engine holy trinity. This is fact.

>> No.5596039

Now tell us something we don't know.

>> No.5596368

I prefer blowing up the Zombies or the Coolies in Shadow Warrior so they don’t come back.

>> No.5596476
File: 143 KB, 918x870, D51879DC-65CC-4095-A2C3-7776A7F20296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5596626


>> No.5597236

>new to internet

>> No.5597268


>> No.5597439

To all you no-good nincompoop jigaboos unironically shilling nBlood:
I played DOSblood since windows had native DOS compatibility and you can immediately tell how fucking wonky it is
Software renderer is also a piece of shit that stutters on shit being blown up
Movement is just wrong, AI behaves erratically and wierd sound/AI/Gibs glitches present throughout

Play BloodGDX, for it's been out the longest and about as close to DOS as it's gonna get (minus sofwtare renderer). Mouse aim is also better without distortion (that is actually DOS accurate on nBlood's part)

Oh yeah, and depsite chucking well over 200 hours into Blood over the years, Extra Crispy still wrecks my shit, even in co-op what with the lag.
Lightly Broiled though is piss easy, and I can beat the entire game without a single save, pitchfork start is rough but deaths do happen. Spam that fucking flare gun alt fire and you'll never have any hitscanner trouble/

>> No.5597559

I like how Fresh Supply plays and looks honestly. I just wish the ugly warts were taken out before they released this mess.

>> No.5598056

it's even worse than nBlood right now, but they might actually patch it
nBlood had exactly 1 update that fixed only the most glaring bullshit, so much for open source LMAO

>> No.5598059

Can you install all the voxel shit and true 3D perspective Fresh supply has into GDX?

>> No.5598096

GDX already has the extra voxels and kinda-sorta true 3D, meaning no vertical aim distortion but limited aiming angle still

>> No.5598103

>GDX already has the extra voxels and kinda-sorta true 3D

It does have all the voxels fresh supply has.

Also the true 3D seems less capable than in Fresh maybe because its a whole different engine.

>> No.5598112

havent played fresh supply yet, I'll wait another 6 months for it to stop sucking
there's little to no advantage of being able to look straight up or straight down in blood cause the maps are designed for build engine's ~70 degrees vertical aim anyway. GDX doesn't have the headache inducing DOS/nBlood screen distortion

>> No.5598115

I meant it does not have all the 3d voxel models Fresh has.

Shotgun shells, barrels etc.

>> No.5598120

Yes but its slightly less disorienting than in Fresh. But its probably how it simply is. Cant do anything.

>> No.5598129

Oh man, how can it have those kinds of problems yet play the demos included with the DOS version without going out of sync? Since demos are literally just replayed control input everything would fuck up if anything you said was true.

>> No.5598175

those are community made and freely distributed with GDX, goes into autoload folder (voxels.zip)

it does go out of sync

>> No.5598184

Likely nBlood guy used the "attract mode" demos as benchmark, and those play fairly accurate. However try recording your own demos in 1.22 dosbox blood, then play em in nBlood. Desyncs within 30 seconds.

>> No.5598212

desu open source works better when people report bugs instead of samefag shilling

>> No.5598392

>those are community made and freely distributed with GDX, goes into autoload folder (voxels.zip)

Really? How?

>> No.5599671

True that, but who's gonna fix em. You need contributors first and foremost, and GDX vodka coder is not sharing his special sauce.

it has extra voxels on by default IIRC, dunno what you're doing wrong. Kaiser did not make those.

>> No.5599929


>> No.5599940

Yee I just got the voxels to work.

Can you make the perspective as good as in fresh supply? I does warp a bit when you look up and down. Alongside ambient occlusion and fresh is irrelevant.

>> No.5600014

Are those invisible walls still a thing? Think I have couple weeks left in my GoG refund period.

>> No.5600589

Of course Fresh Supply has voxels, they stole them to the other fanports.

>> No.5600595

Yeah I just figured that out now.

I am just playing gdx now. The colour seems more correct. And I can do without the ambient occlusion and better 3d perspective.

Wish it had the smoother mouse look. There is something off with gdx.

>> No.5600598
File: 24 KB, 469x128, open.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please don't post if you don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.5600603

The mouse is literally the only issue it has right now. In my case I fixed it by halving Y sensitivity in comparison of X.

>> No.5600765

GDX has been open source for a little while now.

>> No.5601572

Good on him, that means nBlood is obsolete and DOA because a fork of GDX with nBlood renderer code can be cobbled together by anyone who cares enough. I don't think anyone cares enough, but give it time.

>> No.5601813

Is there any place to get previous versions of BuildGDX? I want to compare performance between versions. Or alternatively is there a place to download BloodGDX? All I can find is BuildGDX.

Also, how do you run mods in Blood? In DOSBox I mean. Not with any source ports or the remaster. I want to be able to compare accuracy in the mods vs. how they run in other versions.

>> No.5602145

Maybe if they joined together they could make the best port of Blood? Super Blood

>> No.5602152
File: 26 KB, 499x499, 0e9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>best friend seethequit blood duels because of randomized burning status length fucking him over consistently
Out fucking skilled

>> No.5602303

>start on well done becquse I though it was the normal difficulty
>have to quicksave after every succesful encounter

>> No.5603162

>out of 5 difficulties #4 is normal

>> No.5603237

Are some GDX versions kind fucked up?

For some reasons some enemies in my game don't seem to react to some dynamite and secondary flare fire as I remembered.

>> No.5603289

Are you using the newest version? Because I'm having some performance issues with it myself.

Does anyone know if there's a way to get the older versions of BuildGDX or BloodGDX?

>> No.5603350

It was a weird bug, I think the newest version actually. 0.952 solved it.

The flare didn't ignite properly, and dynamite had radius issues.

>> No.5603543

try nblood

guy who makes bloodgdx make post on duke4.net forum saying he use java because is faster for his trial error approach for reverse engineering game, because compiling many attempts takes very long

it gives quick result but not accurate one

>> No.5603795

It's ironic considering GDX is, among the other things, more gameplay accurate than NBlood.

>> No.5604016

in what way is more accurate? I'm myself want to compare and seeing result

if accuracy will be bad like fresh supply it will be easy to showing precisely how is bad

>> No.5604163
File: 20 KB, 460x215, blood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nblood has issues
eh it's still blood and a fun game, stfu autists there's no source code so they can't be 1:1 stop sperging and enjoy
>bloodGDX has issues
eh it's still blood and a fun game, stfu autists there's no source code so they can't be 1:1, stop sperging and enjoy
>blood: fresh supply has issues

>> No.5604212

the issues plaguing fresh supply have been a lot more substantial than shit like a texture blinking or not blinking

kaiser is doing a better job of fixing the problems than we thought he was going to do, though

>> No.5604361
File: 355 KB, 1920x1080, scree0040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You found a super secret

>> No.5604367

>in what way is more accurate? I'm myself want to compare and seeing result

>> No.5604951

Well if he wanted to beta test he should have release as a beta. then lool for peoples comments and fix shit.

>> No.5605604

>Fucking Doomlets, ive played through the game for the first time a few weeks back and never had ammo issues

"Fucking Doomlets, ive played through the game for the first time a few weeks back and never had ammo issues"
This, the game forces you to vary up your ammo strategies and get good with dynamite.

The only way it's stingy with ammo if you die and restart a level with full health. Dynamite kills most enemies pretty quickly if you can land an attack.

Also this.
Plus Fresh Supply lets you make your own custom difficulty.
>I want to play it but apparently Fresh Supply sucks ass.

>> No.5605621

I feel like /vr/ is the only place that still has comments like this. I'd call it senseless bitching but desu this kind of stuff still shouldn't be allowed unless a dev simply doesn't have the money or time left in development to bugtest properly ala The Masquerade: bloodlines, and even then it's not OKAY, just it has an excuse.

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