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Blood: Fresh Supply (BloodKEX) vs BloodGDX vs NBlood

Which one is better and why?

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Already a Blood Thread and a fps general.

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Oh! and Build thread

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Blood GDX is very very close to how Blood originally played, so close that you may as well stop making newer ones unless Blood's source code is released.

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Windows XP, VDMSound and Blood.exe

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The FPS general is pretty much a Doom general and stuff like this is ignored sometimes, or at least it most probably is considering that thread had 400+ replies by now. I didn't see the Blood thread, sorry... I should've used ctrl+f but they weren't talking about this matter anyway, which is imo the greatest question at this moment, something that deserves the very sentence in the OP as the main topic. If you aren't interested just go on one of those threads you mentioned and don't bump this one, easy.
I agree with this

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I prefer nBlood

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So can we expect any news at E3?

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BloodGDX and NBlood are pretty trash, so it's not like KEK has to even be great to come out on top.

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Low quality bait, you're literally playing yet another reimagination of a game, only this time is official. This doesn't mean however that it's good, actually, it's the other way around. It's not BloodCM mind you, but it's not that great either. I've been playing it all day and I'll gladly switch back to GDX... This thing is bugged and it doesn't feel, look and sound the same. But there's a lot more stuff to it, probably the worst of all is the AI... This anon right here >>5561597 >>5561713 better explained the matter and I bet this is only the tip of the iceberg; at least Blood got some recognition after all this time, something good did come up from this pile of garbage.

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Low quality bait, you're literally playing yet another reimagination of the game, only this time it's official. This doesn't mean however that it's good, actually, it's the other way around... I've been playing it all day and I'll gladly switch back to GDX. This thing is more bugged than the most prominent sourceports which is laughable, and it doesn't even feel, look and sound the same as the original. I bet there's a lot more stuff into it, probably the worst of all is the AI though... This anon right here >>5561597 >>5561713 better explained the matter and thinking this is only the tip of the iceberg that was found the very first day makes me laugh and cry at the same time; at least Blood got some recognition after all this time, something good did come up from this pile of garbage.

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Given the fact that it's Night Dive though, is there a possibility that they secretly are using the source?

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What's a namesake got to do with anything. They didn't use Build specifically so they didn't have to adhere to any pre-established (most of all, unavailable to them) source code and they could write their own from scratch with modern libraries and not pay any royalty to Ken Silverman and shit. The most accurate description of Flesh Supply is a remake.

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What's going on here is that apparently Warner Bros. owns the rights to Blood. And that means they charge a whole mint for the source code to be used at all. Let alone releasing it.

I guess the best Night Dive could do is get the rights to a KEX remaster. At least it uses the original files?

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Fresh Supply confirmed for being a highly inaccurate, glitchy and broken piece of shit.

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How do you get Inherit the Earth and/or Hostile Takeover running in Blood?

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Fresh Supply is literally OG Blood. Can't really get more accurate than this.

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How do you get Inherit the Earth and/or Hostile Takeover running in Blood?

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GGGManLives probably got an advanced copy of it for review purposes. I agree with him that it's amazingly fun and some things are incredibly convenient. But the fact of the matter is that it's not 100% accurate. The biggest problem though BY FAR is that it's having difficulty running mods. And until I can play any and every Blood mod with it I'm going to stick with One Unit Whole Blood.

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>Gggman said it so it must be true!
Here, in this same thread, there are plenty of objective reasons telling you to not go near that mess, but I guess some people would rather listen their favorite eceleb instead.

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>A few things I found:
01:00 There is A LOT of missing blood flying "particles" when I blow up the zombies. This used to be satisfying
01:00 Wrong sprite for mid-air explosions
01:05 What's with all the floating blood?
01:24 All the voxels are so horizontally stretched I almost can't reach the window with the pitchfork (also, what's with the wobbling of my char)
02:07 Cultists never make that sound
02:40 Look at that auto aim sticking my flare into a rat. That is impossible in vanilla Blood.
03:26 Showing wrong palette swap in the cultist gib animation (Thx Doruk)
Other: Enemy AI doesn't behave propertly
Other: Zombies ignore the player after getting up from a "faked" death
Other: Cultists sometimes fire at... nothing
Other: Stone Gargoyles don't play pain sounds propertly
Other: Missing Deathmask palette
Other: Fanatic and Cultist voices are mixed
Other: Some sounds sound muffled while others just right, with higher sampling rate
Other: Reflective Shots is missing the soun echo effect
Other: Screen doesn' even turn red many of the times you take damage
Other: Stoned gargoyles use the full morph when awaken. Was Just 1-2 frames in 1.00, none later on.
Other: Cheogh's eyes use the blue glow when firing
Other: Music volume slider doesn't affect CD Audio music
Other: No Steam Workshop integration as of now

>tfw it's only the first level

Will Kaiserfags ever recover?

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Talk facts or piss off. This is an amazing port based off the ACTUAL original game source code, not just some fan made recreation by literally who's.

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That guy is a cunt

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Is this bait? Every sourceport is based off the original source code, the problem is only a few got closer to it (NBlood and BloodGDX). As it is now, BloodKEX is unplayable to every veteran who actually know how the game should be.

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>BloodKEX is unplayable to every veteran
Yeah, keep spinning that tale while Fresh Supply is drowning in hundreds of positive reviews on both Steam and GOG.

Fucking autist, get a life.

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Yes, by zoomers like you who never played the original title. Either that or you're Kaiser, if that's the case fuck off, your game is bad and you know it.

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>zoomer argument
As I said, talk facts, or just stop being so bitter. Nothing's wrong with your "secret club" retro game finally getting the attention it deserves.

This new remaster is an amazing opportunity for everyone to finally experience this oldie. No need to be a negative Nancy about it.

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You got it totally wrong, everyone here wants people to experience this game, but literally no one wants that shit to be their first approach with it; it's also very funny how you already got a response but you blatantly skipped it because you knew you hadn't an argument for it. >>5563521

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Not him but seething about what? It's just an overrated eceleb with debatable video analysis on his channel. You zoom faggots always been spitting the same buzzwords when you can't deal with people disagreeing with you. Stupid nigger.

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Thanks for saving me 5 bux.

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That's only the tip of the iceberg. Also I suggest you to buy or the cheaper version and use a sourceport instead, that is if you already didn't.

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I was just wondering if I wanted to buy it, it's a shame because I have this mouse movement issue on the java blood sourceport, mouse feels unsmooth and inconsistent, was hoping this would fix it, sad

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Alright... BUT here's the important Question.

>Will Fresh Supply support Midi?

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Yeah that's literally the only issue with BloodGDX, imo. Someone said that the Y axis speed should be halved in comparison of X for a better experience, but idk if that really makes a difference. I dealt with it a lot and then I just found my personal favorite settings, you should do that too but in the end it's still better than playing BloodKEX aka BloodCM2.

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>dude just mod the old version
Is this another Beamdog situation lmao. You autists are fucking hopeless.

I'd rather just pay $5 more and get a game that "just werks" instead of fucking around with fan patches and fixes for hours on end.

But you do you.

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It does, but it only supports the shittiest one, while afaik BGDX makes you use pretty much any soundfont/soundtrack you want, so not only CD audio but various midi versions too

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youre the guy from the /v/ thread I assume? I tried pic related and it feels way better, still not perfect but way better, thanks

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>drag and drop a bunch of files in the game folder is rocket science
Go play whatever you want, zoomer. You already proved how stupid you are so it's not that big of a loss.

>> No.5563823

Try playing a little with those settings and waste some time on that screen, in the end I think it really pays off.

>> No.5563836

yeah I'll try thanks, one more thing, I'm not sure if my soundtrack is properly configured with bloodgdx, what's the best chapter to test it? Sometimes I'm not sure if the track is ambient or im just not hearing anything, what midi device thing do you guys use on bloodgdx?

>> No.5563838

The old version works with dosBox, no fiddling needed, you absolute lazy persom. Why don't you just go buy a console instead?

>> No.5563843

I do hope they fix that version, but shit like floating sprites and lack of gibs like in that guy's vid would bug me, if it's fixed I'd buy it just for the achievements why not

>> No.5563846

is Gervill the goto midi device?

>> No.5563854

I use plain CD audio because I like it a lot, but some guys will rightly say they prefer the midi version (which one was the very good one btw? I forgot). The game's music is often a lot more ambient than anything, but it's not like there is none, it's rather subtle. Some other times is very prominent, so I would suggest to search for those ones. On the top of my head I would say that the very first episode has an episode with that kind of music, which is The Dark Carnival.

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The CD Music is fine, but I really really like Midi from a Roland SC. And even the Original's Midi with out being Patched Sounds like Absolute SHIT.

BTW What is that Midi Patch for OG Blood that fixes it's Midi?

>> No.5563879

ah yeah it seems to be working fine now, must have been using an older version of bloodgdx when i last played blood, one more thing though and its prob dumb, what's the correct way to load death wish with bloodgdx? user content > deathwish lets me select individual maps but I believe it should have like a campaign selection screen

>> No.5563921

Based, it's either CD audio or Roland. Literally any midi from Roland sounds good, or at least all the good games I've played back then always had outstanding soundtrack with that
I suggest you to go into the game folder and create a new one called simply maps or something like that, with all your usermaps inside it. Or else it becomes chaotic when you have like, 20 of them. Anyway, just go into said folder through the game (simply go to New Game > User Content), then into the death wish folder and finally select DW.INI; i think it's always a .ini the one you need to start the whole campaign

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Well Fresh Supply is the first remaster using the actual Blood source code, so it's really best by default. Though NBlood and BloodGDX are still worth using as faithful reverse engineering works.

>> No.5563935

>load the .ini
thanks! is it normal to be strapped for ammo in blood any way, replaying episode 1 rn

>> No.5563945

Episode 1 is super skimpy when it comes to ammo.

>> No.5563948

It does not use source code.
Source is owned by WB and Nightdive only got a license for "recreation" from Monolith

>> No.5563962

I'm pretty fucking sure it's using the source code. >>5563501

>> No.5563969

>Fresh Supply is the first remaster using the actual Blood source code
lol who told you this bullshit? Not only that, this maggot doesn't even run on build
As he said >>5563945 btw anon is this your fist time with Blood? Because if that's the case you may need to play it as intended, jump a lot, run, crouch everytime it's needed (you'll dodge bullets this way albeit cultists may do the same), use weapons and ammo efficiently and most importantly use alt-fire wisely. I pretty much never use the primary fire of the shotgun, for example. Also, some enemies are more vulnerable to certain weapons than others... There's a lot more stuff to it, but this is the basics. If you already played this and didn't need any input, then I'm sorry and ignore this. Have fun anon.

>> No.5563973

Why the hell is it such an inaccurate mess then?

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>source: (((Gmanlives)))
oh no... oh... no... that man is more stupid than i thought

>> No.5563979

>This is just another Beamdog situation
Nah, Night Dive is usually much better than Beamdog. But this sucks ass and other options are better, it's just fact.

>> No.5563983

played it a while ago the first 2 episodes, but yeah im no expert, thanks, overall even if the source port is buggy it's probably a good thing that it's getting more people into blood

>> No.5563987

It's okay. As it currently stands it's probably inferior overall to the other souceports but it has a few decent new features. If they start ironing out the bugs, it might surpass them before too long.

>> No.5564015

The fact is that not only it is ridden by bugs but it's not even nearly as accurate as the fanports are by now. You're right though that Blood is finally getting some recognition, I'm just sad that the majority of users don't seem to realize that they're missing out... Hey, at least they aren't playing Blood 2.

>> No.5564024

>Blood 2
lmao, thought about buying that back when I first played blood, seems like a fun flick, something like daikatana

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fuck e-celebs

>> No.5564041

or rather quake 2, that's a more apt comparison, but quake 2 is universally loved despite being so different from 1

>> No.5564048

It's not.

>> No.5564052

Me too, actually. The concept wasn't that bad either, not perfect but not that bad. The premise is pretty nice, Caleb in the future along with the Cabal which evolved into a major corporation... Too bad the development was rushed at ridiculous levels, perhaps something good would've actually come out from it.

>> No.5564069

why can't they just provide the source code? now that the game just got rereleased and all...

>> No.5564074

>why can't they just provide the source code?

Who? Kaiser doesn't have it.

>> No.5564080

I meant the original license holders or developers, didn't they let this guy resell their IP?

>> No.5564085

I'm sure Warner Bros. will give it up if you ask nicely with a few million dollars.

>> No.5564095

>Famous people opinion BAD
>Random anonymous faggot opinion GOOD

>> No.5564098

so they sold the rights to it but they're still hogging the source code becausee?

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File: 20 KB, 400x96, signature.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol "e-fame"

>> No.5564102

All the press materials hint that Atari did this on their own. They claim they have the rights to re-release the original game, with the right to update it for modern computers, so they did.

Nowhere it is mentionned that it is a joint venture with Warner Bros, the original devs, or anyone else that may be involved with Blood and its franchise.

Are you sure they even have it? They don't even have the publishing rights to the original Blood, Atari does. Atari does not have the sourcecode, else Kaiser would have used it, so why would Warner Bros have it.

>> No.5564105

You're literally an idiot devoid of a brain, ecelebs brainwashed the little grey matter you had left in your zoomer head. Kaiser himself said this was a reverse engineering and he didn't have the original source code, Gmanigs is literally spreading misinformation. Read this you absolute spastic negro. >>5564048

>> No.5564109

WB owns Monolith. https://blood-wiki.org/index.php/Future_of_Blood

>> No.5564110

No? Selling rights and rights to the source code are held by two different companies.
Atari was the original publisher of the Blood.
>Are you sure they even have it?
Even if they themselves don't have it, someone from the devteam did and promised to release the code given the permission.

>> No.5564116

weird, so what are they waiting for? They plan on making their own HD blood sometime in the future and selling it alongside this one?

>> No.5564119

How do you get Inherit the Earth and/or Hostile Takeover running in Blood?

>> No.5564121

with bloodgdx

>> No.5564123

Is that your channel?

>> No.5564124

When are they going to fix it so that we can run 100% of Blood mods with no problems?

>> No.5564125

t. seething anonymous faggot

It's so easy to trigger you, it's like milking a cow for keks.

>> No.5564127

nope, i wish. he has some neat stuff there, literally "PRO" Blood but actually pro.

>> No.5564129

Probably never, unless they somehow get it to surpass nblood.

Even then, there's stuff that runs on zblood that isn't going anywhere IIRC.

>> No.5564130

Stop spitting buzzwords, dumb zoomer. No one here is seething, if not you after realizing how stupid you are.

>> No.5564132

is Kaiser aware of all the discrepancies? He seems like a good lad, may fix them soon

>> No.5564136

Warner Bros aren't interested in doing anything with Blood really, but they don't want to give up their assets either.
It's how big corporations work.

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none are perfectly accurate and i'm not gonna shit on any but fresh supply is an official release and the standard going forward (are they including one whole unit?)
I suspect it will be released soon, I saw a tweet a while back that it's complete and they've been playing it through from beginning to end so it's just QA left

>> No.5564148

I don't a damn about what Kaiser or anyone else is saying about the port or whatever, I just noticed that the new Blood port is making faggots like you to be absolutely seething, like, massively so, and I'm just extracting keks from this, lots of keks.

>> No.5564149

You never know, someone may want to make a really stupid movie.

>> No.5564151

finally an oldschool fps with a waifu character

>> No.5564158

Actually that's some very well thought kind of damage control, you're slightly smarter than I thought.

>> No.5564160

And how do you setup mods in BloodGDX? And how do you deal with java? Because java is some bullshit.

>> No.5564165

I know they're including one unit with the GOG release of fresh supply at least. Not sure about steam but it's still for sale separately there.

>> No.5564171

They pulled a Beamdog on GOG, and one whole unit was bundled in.

>> No.5564172

>claims damage control from the opposition as your damage control
Smart move out there.

You're still a faggot for seething as if your life depended on it about literally nothing

>> No.5564175

Nice projection you got there, little boy.

>> No.5564179

I have one whole unit on gog that stays there and I guess if you already own it on steam you keep it but they should really include the dosbox package as well like with system shock and duke/shadow warrior releases

>> No.5564182

Just put the mods into a folder then start a new game not by clicking a vanilla episode but one of those maps instead, it's as easy as that. Drag and drop, done. People overexaggerating the java deal don't really know what they're talking about, imo.

>> No.5564202

>DirectX 11, Vulkan, OpenGL 3.2
>Even GMDx uses a Directx10 renderer.

Yeah I get it, futureproofing... but does Blood even make use of those effects in a way that's worth this fancy stuff? I know GZDoom has mods that make it possible.

>> No.5564293

Bought it now just to see how bad it is.
Jesus christ almighty I didn't even finished the first level. It's that shitty for me.
It doesn't feel like Blood at all with this BloodKEK. All the issues anons pointed out are true and there's probably even more. Haven't even tried the multiplayer because I don't care about it and the state of this BloodKEK made me care about MP even less.
I remember Kaiser bragging about how he's been dissasembling the game for years and how he knows shit. I was really thinking he'll make it really well because I liked all his previous works.
From awesome af Doom64EX to this downgrade of a sourceport.
BloodGDX and NBlood are still the way to go for me.
Thank god there's refund system on Steam. Because this shit's not even worth 5 bucks.

>> No.5564314

It definitely needs work but I think you went in with too much bias, it's not THAT bad

>> No.5564347

Yeah, considering how BloodGDX and NBlood were more complete at their release than this """""port""""" it will need LOTS of work. Until then my money is not with Atari/Nightdive.
Funny thing how a group of paid developers fucked it up while two slavs each on their own managed to get their shit right FOR FUCKING FREE.

>> No.5564358

This is your brain on seethe, everyone

>> No.5564364

Just read through thread and all I see is:
Are you obsessed or something?

>> No.5564368

Yeah and NESticle running Kirby's Adventure is accurate because it's using the original ROM

>> No.5564372


>> No.5564374


>> No.5564386

Finally people are beggining to see Nightdive's true face.

PowerslaveEX was just as bad. Few people were vocal about it simply because few people knew the original well enough, most discovered it because of EX, and also because the game was free.

The entire System Shock thing is a disaster as well.

>> No.5564390

No, you are, obsessed with "proving" that some Russian bootleg source ports are better than the new official release, genuinely bothered that it exists, as if it was a threat. It doesn't really matter which is better, but it's hilarious to see your butthurt.

>> No.5564395

going too far desu, bloodgdx is amazing work

>> No.5564398

>ever defending that java shit
fucking hilarious mate

>> No.5564401

Powerslave EX never got an official release, and the version that's available is unfinished. There is nothing wrong with System Shock.

>> No.5564403
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>5 bux

>> No.5564405

>Imagine being a GDXill

>> No.5564407

existing blood owners got 50% off coupons

yeah it's java, but it ~works~ and is remarkably faithful to the base game, this has the potential to becomee better maybe one day

>> No.5564412
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>existing blood owners got 50% off coupons
well shit

>> No.5564414

I got it that way myself. I probably wouldn't pay more than that but I'm hoping issues will be ironed out in the future.

>> No.5564418

Now how do I get my 1997 purchase to count? I still have the discs.

>> No.5564420
File: 100 KB, 788x682, herpderp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow what a bullshit artist. Kaiser even said Fresh Blood is a reverse engineer... and it's a really fucking bad one at that.


Anyway why are people here trying to shill this turd so hard? I don't get it. Good goys feeling bad that they were marketed into buying trash or what? I bought it, too, it's not a big deal, it was only $5.

>> No.5564423

if you want I could trade you mine desu

>> No.5564428

Probably because people have been waiting for something Blood for forever.

So desperate that they'll take this shit, hoping it's good because the guy made Doom64EX.

>> No.5564432

BloodGDX... potential but the Java is shit meme might have something to it. I look around on the first episode and get acute instances of judder (running on 8th gen i5 and rx 580). I check my fps while this happens and it doesn't move, it's a locked 60fps (using Vsync just for testing, because it should, regardless of input lag, be absolutely consistent). I think this could be a frame timing issue, though it still reports 16ms.

>> No.5564456

Funny enough free "bootleg" slav ports are far better than the official release when it should be the other way around. I cared about BloodKEK in first place not because it was a threat to something that already exist but because I was hoping for improvements upon existing works made by other people.
Here's the last (You) from me, enjoy it retard.

>> No.5564468

Honestly, nBlood is better. It uses eDuke32, so at least you're looking at a similar engine that should be working fine for you.

>> No.5564484

>Probably because people have been waiting for something Blood for forever.
We have GDX and NBlood now, and they're free, too. There's no point in this awful shoddy piece of shit "port" whatsoever.

>> No.5564489

this but unironically
I believe anonymous user's thoughts on an issue over any academic, celebrity, or politician

>> No.5564493

You still need Blood to run them, it's not exactly freeware. Of course, a piratefag wouldn't have known this.

>> No.5564498

Sure, GDXill. Go play your slavshit.

>> No.5564504

From what I'm reading in GOG's reviews, it's mostly "oh god we can drop these like hot rocks, this is much more proper!"

To be fair in a perfect world where Night Dive could get the source code, it probably would've been.

>> No.5564507

NBlood currently isn't as gameplay accurate as GDX is. I've never found demo desyncs with GDX, with NBlood it's another story using those same demos (yes, even with 1.01). NBlood also gets nasty performance issues for me that happen randomly. Visually NBlood is better than GDX though.

They both drop a huge turd on BloodKeks though.

>> No.5564516
File: 296 KB, 324x360, mfw2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I am needing to go over the disassembly multiple times to make sure everything is perfect

btw can someone turn this epic webm into a gif so I can use it as a proper mfw, thanks. it will be dank new OC

>> No.5564530

Meanwhile, Pokemon at least has been getting it very right, and those not complete are taking their time to get it right.

Crystal and Red are good shit there.

>> No.5564546

I love how this gets no response.
>muh uffishal product
>muh steam cheevos
>muh gamer cred
>muh gggmanshills
>muh russians
Go home faggots >>>/v/

>> No.5564549

I really don't understand why he did it that way. I thought the slav java port was based off of leaked source code.

>> No.5564568

That probably would've worked if he just wanted BloodEX.

But Night Dive would probably get sued if he used that leaked code in a thing you pay for.

>> No.5564609

No one cares about nitpicking irrelevant details. GDX has a very inaccurate renderer, but it's still shilled to hell and beyond.

>> No.5564616


You're that guy who always went on about retroarch shills, aren't you?

>> No.5564642

>GDX has a very inaccurate renderer
Yeah, I don't know what that guy who wrote Polymost was thinking.

>> No.5564646 [DELETED] 

Pokemon? What are you talking about?

>> No.5564649

Pokemon? What are you talking about?

>> No.5564660


He's just using them for comparison's sake in disassembly status, they really have nothing to do with Blood.

>> No.5564664
File: 15 KB, 592x141, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5564672

At least there's that.

Maybe down the road it will be better.

>> No.5564673

Russian bootleg shills BTFO

>> No.5564681
File: 10 KB, 146x85, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is he in this thread?

Hello Samuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.5564693

Nah. The only mention of CM at all is one person calling it CM2.

BloodCM is shit.

>> No.5564706

>its inferior to BloodCM
Sure, it's not inferior to BloodCM. It's a sequel with the same quality. :^)

>> No.5564802

While I'm appreciative, I don't see a goddamn Early Access tag on this thing.

I get that Kaiser does game projects where it's expected that something you first put out is going to be rough, but we are paying for this now. It's not just some fan project anymore.

>> No.5564804

It's perfectly playable as is, what remains are bugs and a few imperfections, to be fair

>> No.5564818

Those can all be fixed, unlike GDX' renderer.

>> No.5564832

>unlike GDX's renderer
Why don't you put your money where your mouth is instead of whining about supposed butthurt? https://gitlab.com/m210

>> No.5564851

> amazing opportunity for everyone to finally experience this oldie
So this is the first time you've played Blood and you're defending your shitty purchase of this shitty port :DDDD

>> No.5564870

Kaiser, fix this shit

>> No.5564875

Well that's nice.

>> No.5564903
File: 247 KB, 390x342, 1545963163267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unfunny wojak edit as profile pic

>> No.5564926

>Polymost can't be fixed
Ken Silverman BFTO

>> No.5564937

I still don't know which of the ports I should play.

>> No.5564943


>> No.5564958

Honestly, Dosbox if you can help it. We don't really have a situation like Doom here, where there's a billion source ports that are all good ways to just play it.

>> No.5564998

Not this guy: >>5564937 but how do I setup mods in Blood? Is BloodGDX required for this? And if so what exactly is the process of getting mods to run? I want to get into mods for this game and I thought Fresh Supply would be the perfect opportunity, but it looks like that's not the case (at the moment, though hopefully this'll eventually be fixed).

>> No.5565004
File: 1.59 MB, 324x360, 1557512342930.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get bent fagit

>> No.5565012

You just drop bloodgdx in the game folder then drop the death wish for example folder into the folder too, open the game with bloodgdx go user maps scroll down to find the death wish ini run thst and it'll load its campaigns

>> No.5565014

And that's why GDX's Polymost is being rewritten, you fag

>> No.5565053

What about other mods? Like say if I want to run the old map packs by the guy that made Death Wish.

>> No.5565078

You again? Holy fucking shit dude GET A FUCKING LIFE!

>> No.5565079

Wanted to buy the game on Steam, looked up comparison videos, decided to postpone purchase until they get all the shit right

>> No.5565090

>bunch of wall of text with literally no sources to back them up
Yeah, nah.

>> No.5565091
File: 64 KB, 200x200, 1479654462045.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good luck with that

>> No.5565098

You can get it now if you really need to and are worried about muh legal; the Blood assets included with Fresh Supply are compatible with what nBlood and BloodGDX need to run. So you'll just have to treat Fresh Supply as muh legal way to get Blood assets to use in superior open-source ports.

>> No.5565171

Looking into BloodGDX right now. Do I need the regular version or the JRE version?

>> No.5565174

Same deal but with their .ini file

>> No.5565180

Just get jre so you don't have to dll Java if you don't have it

>> No.5565182

Regular if you have some kind of Java installed on PC, JRE if you don't.

>> No.5565191

Well he already said he was working on it for years, why would he drop everything he worked on because of the other ports? Its not even a bad version, its just different. You people would have really admired fresh supply if it came before GDX and NBlood. Kaiser gives you online and splitscreen multiplayer AND mod support and people still bitch

>> No.5565213

Because everything is glitchy as fuck and """mod support""" doesn't even work with the only mod people are going to be playing (Death Wish). What the fuck, did they even playtest any of this.

>> No.5565218

>the Blood assets included with Fresh Supply are compatible with what nBlood and BloodGDX need to run
So what stops him to not buy One Unit Whole Blood which regarding moddability is the same thing at this point with the only difference of it being cheaper?

>> No.5565219

I think the newest one is BuildGDX, not BloodGDX. Go for the first one, because apparently is the most recent version available and you only need that file and nothing else.

>> No.5565231

>unfunny wojak edit
funny how you're what his "wojak" represents

>> No.5565245


>> No.5565310

Not a single wojak or wojak edits are funny.

>> No.5565321

I heard OUWB is not available for purchase any more?

>> No.5565331

It's still available on Steam, while on GOG it has been merged with Fresh Supply. Both versions are DRM free though, so you may as well buy it from the former.

>> No.5565345
File: 670 KB, 681x698, UCC0MyE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw nBlood master race
I'll be enjoying my accurate palette emulation, 100% Java free.

>> No.5565346


>> No.5565358

so bloodgdx is still the best one right

>> No.5565361
File: 170 KB, 1108x1067, cortex (3).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enjoy your gameplay inaccuracy, to each their own I guess.

>> No.5565364

Yeah, now it's greater than ever.

>> No.5565371

been out of the loop for a couple of months. was there a recent update on it ?

>> No.5565498

I don't know all the nerdy stuff, but I found out that now it has way more options and it feels even more faithful. The newest update consists in a whole new .jar file, which is BuildGDX and not BloodGDX. I think you can use it with pretty much every supported GDX-build game. I also found out that now you can play not only CD audio and midi but also more soundtrack versions (midi too, of course). There's probably a lot more stuff to it but I would rather read a changelog instead of trying and summarize this in a bad and unprofessional way.

>> No.5565548

thx mate i'll look it up

>> No.5565550

"Faux Accurate retrofags" are the new left
>>>/pol/ was right after all, the retro scene became infested with these s0yl3nt driven shits who never fucking touched the original games and whants to come here at /vr/ to claim that the remakes or source ports are shit.

Blood CM was a shitty conversion, BloodGDX was fucking java and full of bugs with both gog, retail and steam versions, Nblood isn't accurate.

this is the closest shit to the ORIGINAL DOS game due to
A) it was built on the fucking source code itself that everyone including jace hall, and atari devs and their mothers who fucked your parents to pay for your isp so you can post with your shit smeared fingers in your mother's basement here on fucking 4chan can prove it.

B)Kex engine besides its autistic bugs is better than OG build by a mile.

C)Before some autist shits about the music, they cant put soundfront compatible midi legally due to Roland being a bunch of jews asking for more money, so grow up a spine and use the fucking CD music as anyone back then DID because by the time when the game was released EVERYONE had pc's with CD rom audio support by default.

D) go fuck yourselves, eat a sack of baby dicks, drink bleach woth rat poison and buy this fucking game that so i can Murderfuck you NIGGERS in DM, because the previous ports has Zero to None MP support that work well.

>> No.5565579

You tried so hard.

>> No.5565581

It has nothing to do with the source code >>5564048
But yeah I think people are being too autistic, I think if kaiser irons out the bugs which it seems like he will >>5564664
Then I'm happy, glad w my purchase any way, any excuse to replay blood is good

>> No.5565583

>BloodGDX was fucking java and full of bugs with both gog
What version did you play? It's nearly perfect as of now. Also I don't understand the java bitching, seems a meme to me.
>inb4 muh security
Yeah, stuff that happened god knows how much time ago, let alone the fact java is releasing more and more updates even to this day about this matter too, and they're almost done. There's literally nothing wrong with it as long as you don't go to hentai websites and give java permission to who knows what malware ridden popup.
>Nblood isn't yet accurate.

The rest you said are simply memes to me, because you cleary didn't inform yourself very well about this matter. This thing has tons of problems, some of which can't even be fixed because they're intended as features or something like that. Have fun with your "closest shit to the original game", the important thing is believing it, right?

>> No.5565634

>people that analyzed something with evidence thanks to the power of autism vs australian reviewer who couldnt tell the mancubus in 2016 played completely different from his doom 2 iteration

>> No.5565645

kek, this reply is new but i can already smell an underrated post from miles away

>> No.5565726

And got so far

>> No.5565738

But in the end

>> No.5565774

It doesn't even matter

>> No.5565821

Actual proof of reddit infestation

>> No.5565828

zoomer scum pls leave

>> No.5565830

I've put my trust

>> No.5565858


Beck to your regularly scheduled autism

>> No.5565910
File: 63 KB, 427x559, cool-kid-w-sunglasses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5565950 [SPOILER] 
File: 9 KB, 184x184, 1557545546839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does the N in NBlood stand for

>> No.5565954

They were just fucking talking about this in detail though.

>> No.5565971

>It is literally OG Blood
Why do people listen to this e-celeb quarterwit when he doesn't know fucking shit?

>> No.5565994

Because a bunch of different entities own bits and pieces of the game and none of them are willing to do a full compromise. Atari and Nightdive made do with the shit they were able to use (funny because neither of them really even own the game itself just the rights to pump it out on the market) but for what we got it's not very good given the other efforts out there are quite better.

>> No.5566004

His other EX projects are pretty damn good, I was lucky enough to snap up his Powerslave EX download when it was still available and that's now my preferred way to play the game after having been fine doing a really fucked up custom mapping for the PSX version. I think for Blood he's been held back because 1) it's a fucking mess 2) he has to work within the constraints of what he's allowed to code in due to the series's legal hell 3) no source code obviously

>> No.5566007

Not necessarily

>> No.5566010

this. kaiser literally stated on twitter itself that his version doesn't use the source code, this e-celeb right here is really dumb there's no other explanation

>> No.5566107

Hell yeah! My bitch ass can finally play Blood with modern controls.

>> No.5566185

If this new port gets popular, would we get a new modern Blood game like Shadow Warrior did?

>> No.5566220

>tfw it's only the first level
Do you mean they only did one level and are charging 10 bucks for it?

>> No.5566224

He obviously meant he found all garbage just by playing the first level.

>> No.5566229

Maybe the original game had a lot of stuff tied down to something like refresh rate or some hardware polling, which needs to be recreated somehow with modern systems.

>> No.5566241

Best, based on eduke32, closer to the original build engine.

>> No.5566256

Why are you responding to a non-question? It's not based on any source code.

>> No.5566276

This game is so fucking HARD. I'm trying to get through it on Extra Crispy/PistolStart but i've never played Blood before and the regular cultists are just fucking my ass. They blast me with the shotgun the second I enter their vision range so peeking them just results in hemorrhaging HP.

And is it just pointless to use the shotgun on axe zombies? It seems like it only kicks them on their ass, but they'll just get up later with seemingly zero damage taken.

>> No.5566284

the first episode is tough on hard because of all the cultists and lack of weapons/ammo

>> No.5566315 [DELETED] 

>This game is so fucking HARD. I'm trying to get through it on Extra Crispy/PistolStart but i've never played Blood before and the regular cultists are just fucking my ass. They blast me with the shotgun the second I enter their vision range so peeking them just results in hemorrhaging HP.

Focus on throwables - the game is like playing a bad Duke Nukem 3 D with a focus on pipes

>And is it just pointless to use the shotgun on axe zombies? It seems like it only kicks them on their ass, but they'll just get up later with seemingly zero damage taken.

Just pitchfork them, the game basically comes to a crawl, but thankfully with the port you can find sharp angles to poke at them from if there are too many

I knew Blood sucked.

>> No.5566356

Youre insane dude. EC was literally not made for single player, its coop difficulty. And pitchfork start is really hard compared to doom pistol start. Drop your ego down a notch and just play the game normally

>> No.5566365
File: 136 KB, 466x486, 1525545799030.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just play the game normally
perish the thought

>> No.5566374

I'm not going to play at low difficulty.

>> No.5566383

Yeah EC is meant to be a coop difficulty. It will spawn two copies of each boss etc.

>> No.5566390

That's why it has an internal ticrate to prevent that.
Playing through dosbox ignores that since it does not give access.to actual processor, emulating it instead, which ends up with the game thinking it runs at proper rate even if its not.

All ports easily fix this issue.

>> No.5567075

Not him, but teach people how to use the catalog and CTRL+F

>> No.5567079

We would have praised it if came before GDX and NBlood because then we wouldn't have anything that already runs somewhat closer to the original game.
Think a little before you type things out, anon, please.

>> No.5567089

>Second level

I'm playing on Lightly Broiled because people mentioned how difficult Blood is and holy shit, these assholes will tear you a new one. How the fuck are you supposed to kill them without taking absurd damage?

>> No.5567115

based and bloodpilled

>> No.5567126

Just play it at low difficulty. This isnt Doom where you need to play the hardest difficulty because the lowest ones were gimped since they were made with keyboard only aiming in mind, or because the low difficulties were for people with lower end computers that couldnt handle so many monsters in Doom's shitty engine.
Lower difficulties in Blood are actually suitable for modern standards. Now sit down.

>> No.5567234

Fucking oath.
You so much as peek out for half a second and you're already chunked.


>> No.5567665

Kill them first?
Using alt-fire of flare gun, shotgun and dynamite helps.
You will still take some damage, but there is nothing wrong with that.

>> No.5567704

idk what people are smoking who are talking about Fresh Supply having "different gamefeel".
I never played this until now, just finished the first 3 levels in BloodGDX and Fresh Supply back to back to in well done difficulty to compare and it doesn't feel different at all.

>> No.5567718
File: 24 KB, 559x142, 2019-05-11-171041_559x142_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5567725

Hey, it's better than ZBlood, despite running on a different engine. That counts for something right?

>> No.5567756
File: 65 KB, 780x439, 12_Fiji-Smiles-People-holidays-780x439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Highly unlikely

>> No.5567763

Official port BloodEx is obviously better than some dodgy russian illegal "port" using stolen code. Once I got BloodEx I deleted those slav ports.

>> No.5567770

I don't understand Kaiser, if he's gonna change shit like sounds and balance, why not just fix the game's native bugs and make a complete overhauled version? a true remaster that doesn't strive for accuracy but rather tries to bring the game to 2019 standards.
Instead we get something inbetween that doesn't really know what it wants to be.
It makes enough changes to make it obviously inaccurate, but not enough to be considered a "remaster" or updated version of the game.

What was the point of rushing this out?

>> No.5567794

God I hope not

>> No.5567802

Blood 3 by Gearbox

>> No.5567806

written by Anthony Burch

>> No.5567818

Just installed and checked all three ports and my opinion is:

BloodEx > NBlood > BloodGDX

BloodEx - nice looking ambient occulsion, best movement and mouselook, extra voxels

NBlood - movement is ok, but mouselook is not full as in BloodEx

BloodGDX - shit movement and worst mouselook. Accurate to the original doesn't mean good.

>> No.5567819

t. kaiser

>> No.5567824

Also for BloodGDX: No pallete tonemap

>> No.5567842

I think movement in gdx is fine, but the mouse aim is indeed fucked

>> No.5567852
File: 50 KB, 1045x286, engine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5567864

>clear outline of how everything works
>except for basic things like dynamite explotions having different animations for hitting floors and walls

>> No.5567881

>plays it on literally the hardest mode possible
>>wtf guys this game is so hard
>okay well lower the difficulty

>> No.5567912

Kaiser should just check the behaviour in opensource alternatives at this point.

>> No.5567921

>jumping boots don't cancel fall damage
Nice "remake" kaiser

>> No.5567931
File: 2.04 MB, 3440x1440, 6666666666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BloodEx works with latest ReShade.

>> No.5567938
File: 2.09 MB, 3440x1440, 666666666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this kind of stuff.

>> No.5567945

looks shit, what's w zoomers and their reshades

>> No.5567948


>> No.5567992

HOW IN THE FUCK do you shake off the severed hand things in Blood? I'm using BuildGDX if that makes a difference.

>> No.5568029

Every version - mash "Use" (open door) key.

>> No.5568042 [DELETED] 

people on internet keep saying this was made using "original code"

how did nightdive get away with it

>> No.5568047

They didn't.

>> No.5568048

People are retarded enough to buy a 23 y/o abandonware game in the most inaccurate way possible just because it's "accessible" in the platform they were brainwashed to use for non-physical game collection

>> No.5568065

How come when I start the game it doesn't play demos?

>> No.5568124

Because it's not accurate enough to play demos

>> No.5568179

shut up faggot, it's 8$, it'll give attention to the IP as well

>> No.5568183
File: 2.46 MB, 3440x1440, 66666666666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is BloodKEX censored? Just tried tried exploding enemies using cheats and there's no fucking gibs, only blood that soon dissapears. On this screen it is BloodGDX and IT HAS GIBS. THESE ARE MISSING IN BLOODKEX!

>> No.5568184

Nigger none of the original devs will get a single penny. You're just giving away your money to a bunch of atari jews who sat on the Blood IP for years

>> No.5568185

abandonware does not exist

>> No.5568189

t. atari employee

>> No.5568193

God I hope so

>> No.5568216

There are, but a bit less , kaiser will prob fix it though

Isn't it Warner Brothers fault that the source code is forever lost? I'd like to rather blame those twats

>> No.5568225

>There are, but a bit less , kaiser will prob fix it though

No, there's no gibs at all. I was testing it on a few levels many times and I didn't see even a single gib that stays on a floor.

>> No.5568260

How could gmanlives give this a thumbs up fucking sell out

>> No.5568262
File: 2.79 MB, 3440x1440, kex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Comparing violence in BloodKex with BloodGDX. On this screenshot it is BloodKex. Next will be BloodGDX.

>> No.5568265
File: 2.90 MB, 3440x1440, gdx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's BloodGDX. I did the same thing - shot zombies with fireball launcher.

BloodGDX has gibs, BloodKex doesn't

>> No.5568279

Yup, just checked and had the same exact experience. No gibs whatsoever in Fresh Supply

>> No.5568289
File: 245 KB, 2250x1080, bloodgdxvsbloodex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5568310
File: 766 KB, 1920x1080, kex_gibs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5568329

KEK Engine

>> No.5568352

Same version 1.8.4 but no gibs. WTF?

>> No.5568364

Dunno, I have noticed that the chances of gibs spawning are quite a bit lower.

>> No.5568467

I moved to another level (E2M2) and had some gibs there when I threw dynamite in the window where two cultists were standing. So there are gibs, but chances are rare.

>> No.5568521

what's the deal with this video?
are they planning to license the engine to indie devs?

>> No.5568531
File: 71 KB, 608x453, 6666666666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WTF is this? Found it in BloodEX.kpf

How do I enable bloom and shadowmaps?

>> No.5568604

KEX engine supports lightmaps (Strife VE had it out of the box) and BloodEx seems has modding supports, so when we'll get a mod adding lightmaps into Blood?

>> No.5568654
File: 504 KB, 640x480, Blood explosion in DOSBox.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just don't use BloodCM.

>> No.5568661
File: 514 KB, 1364x768, Blood explosion in BloodCM.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5568663

Still more accurate than Fresh Supply

>> No.5568675


Was there a System Shock remaster?

>> No.5568721

So what's the definitive way to play this series? Like can I just grab a torrent and dos box the OG or is all this remaster/port talk because the OG isn't playable? I'm confused.

>> No.5568723

Dosbox uses too many resources
BloodGDX is an accurate port but it lacks software render
NBlood is a new port that's not as accurate but supports software render
This new remake is even more inaccurate but adds shit like CoD wheapon wheel and ambient occlusion

>> No.5568727

so sounds like the best way would be having a PC that could play it then right? Or is this game like not easily found.

>> No.5568759

Mouse controls wise, from smoothest to jankiest it's

The remaster > NBlood > GDX >>>>> Dosbox

>> No.5568764

Ideally yes.
The game is easily found.
Use BloodGDX if you wanna play it on modern systems since it's the most accurate remake so far.
Until the other remakes can show something like this, they're automatically inferior

>> No.5568767

>Windows XP, VDMSound
But why? If you're going to have an old box around for DOS games... why not have one that can actually do DOS?

>> No.5568768


>> No.5568797

It's not the original source code, it was leaked alpha code.

>> No.5568802

Does BloodGDX come with the full game. All episodes and expansions?

>> No.5568803

No, you have to get the original game first like any source port

>> No.5568806

yeah a couple of years ago called enhanced edition, initially it was using SSlink with some community mods built in but was updated last year I think to the kex engine which fixed a bug with the reactor code but I think screwed the low gravity physics up on the R&D level compared to the original or sslink
>BloodKEX is unplayable
don't be so over dramatic

>> No.5568810

Only the remaster comes with the game. The others are just source ports, the game itself needs to be obtained somewhere else.

>> No.5568812

I'm assuming the dos version of the game is needed.

>> No.5568818

you need the original DOS version (one whole unit) to use bloodgdx etc
apparently one whole unit isn't being sold anymore and i'm not sure if the original version comes with fresh supply but it should

>> No.5568825

BloodEX is already it's self-contained source port.

>> No.5568826

>why not have one that can actually do DOS?
You don't even need a 20 year old computer to install DOS, thank god Intel likes making all their hardware backwards compatible all the way back to the 8086 era of technology. Obviously DOS won't be able to take advantage of new hardware (that is...unless you want to make your own drivers); but there's nothing stopping you from buying a prebuilt and installing DOS or any derivative of it on it.

>> No.5568835

this blood abandoned ware? Anyone got a link?

>> No.5568836

Blood Fresh Supply does not come with the old DOS binaries but it does come with all the original resource files which are needed to run the other source ports.

>> No.5568838

isn't this still under development

>> No.5568839

The original is still available on Steam.

>if the original version comes with fresh supply but it should
The System Shock remaster does come with the original bundled, so it's expected that every one of these remasters also offer that

>> No.5568843

the page is still on steam but you can't buy it
yeah that's the point i was making, just add blood classic or something same as system shock

>> No.5568848

aight so get it from gog then apply the GDX files?

>> No.5568852

Buy it on GOG. Then download BuildGDX, extract it somewhere, start it and point it towards the directory where you installed Blood Fresh Supply and then you can start it.

>> No.5568856

i'm pretty sure gdx is as easy as dragging the exe into the same folder and launching it

>> No.5568858 [DELETED] 


>> No.5568860

it's very obviously not abandonware as it is still being sold

>> No.5568862 [DELETED] 


>> No.5568867


>> No.5569228

Is it okay to play without vertical mouselook(GDX)?

>> No.5569240

Sure, if you hate yourself and want to die for no good reason.

>> No.5569337

if autoaim is turned on yes, otherwise no

>> No.5569347

This ended up being fixed today to fix a completely different issue in Death Wish

Because Death Wish relies on spawning some pickups as gibs from explosions that the player never sees, Bloatoid figured out something was wrong when things like red potions weren't spawning in Fresh Supply; it turned out that because of a screwup in the script, no gibs were spawning at all in Fresh Supply

>> No.5569693

There hasn't been an update though?

>> No.5569702

How do I switch from CD to MIDI audio? I'm using DOSbox and the option doesn't do anything

>> No.5569715

Change the line which actually launches blood.exe by appending -NOCD to it.
If you have the GOG release the file containing that line will be dosboxBlood_single.conf

>> No.5570003
File: 18 KB, 727x431, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only idiotic thing with Fresh Supply is that it is taking 6 seconds to quick save and its killing me.

I don't quicksave often, just every 1-2 minutes, but that fucking delay is just wrong.

>I even tried to put the save folder on a ramdrive, and symbolic link the folder there, etc. Still stutters

Also the save files are 15 Megabytes? What the fuck.

Actually what the fucking fuck. Skyrim saves are smaller than that.

>> No.5570036

there's your problem

>> No.5570061
File: 644 KB, 1920x1080, anuket_x64_2019_05_12_13_50_07_125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fresh Supply is fucking great for its custom difficulty feature. This is something that should have been in the original game.

Difficulty settings were always a flaw in Blood since anything above Lightly Broiled ranges from tedious to downright impossible if you don't know every secret. These are my settings which make damage taken like Pink On The Inside while have all the extra enemies and encounters of Extra Crispy. Most fun I've had with the game in a long time.

>> No.5570089

Before I put it on the ramdisk, I had it normally at
>%appdata%\Nightdive Studios\Blood EX
And that is on my Samsung 860 EVO SSD, and it was still taking a long time to save

Shut your fucking mouth if you don't know what a ramdrive is, or if you don't know shit about computers in general.

>> No.5570112


>> No.5570151

>BloodGDX has a custom difficulty feature too but its mouseaim is dogshit
>Fresh Supply has custom difficulty and good mouseaim but it incorrectly emulates the original behavior of the game
>NBlood has good mouseaim and is the most accurate representation of the original, but has no custom difficulty
why must you make me suffer so

>> No.5570152

There is nothing wrong with Java and Build is closer to original Blood engine than remakes.

>> No.5570380


>> No.5570389

wtf i love civvie now

>> No.5570408

Compare this to that other e-celeb GGGman's "review". Good to see some honesty rather than blind praise.

>> No.5570413

Why is gman such a fucking shill, that tweet could not be more wrong.
Absolutely based.

So why was BloodEX released in this unfinished buggy mess of a state? Was Atari or Night Dive just wanting to get it out the door because of all the progress being made to BloodGDX and NBlood recently, and they were paying Kaiser to remake it in KEX so they figured they'd cut their losses and get it out there and get a return on investment before the mainstream boomer fps audience started using their old copies of Blood with the other far more accurate reverse engineered ports?

It is kinda weird how after all these fucking years of people making garbo reverse engineering attempts (and non-attempts like ZBlood) and hoping for source code releases there's 2 mostly accurate ones (GDX & NBlood) and the official remake release of Fresh Supply all in the same window.

>> No.5570418

Gotta say, it's nice to have Blood Fresh Supply around for the time when you can't choose what to play - Blood 1 or 2.

>> No.5570425


>> No.5570427

Not even mentioning he could just peek at GDX and nBlood's source since it's out in the open and make the proper adjustments to his own with zero QA. It would be a scummy thing to do, but it's basically what people are asking.

>> No.5570457


told ya

>> No.5570458

Civvie does what shillmanlivesdon't.

>> No.5570462

One of the devs said in a Doomworld post they didn't enough time to fix all the bugs/inaccuracies. So yes, it seems either Atari or Night Dive rushed it out in an unfinished state.

>> No.5570473
File: 209 KB, 1300x866, shekelsmaketheworldgoround.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why is gman such a fucking shill,
>Why do people endorse shit
It's a mystery

>> No.5570476

You mean Quasar? The post that was just wiped?

>> No.5570479

>b-but ggman says is gud, so i must do the same that he does

>> No.5570484

My comment on GGGJews Blood FS video got deleted after just one minutes lol

>> No.5570486

>source port developed without access to the original source
>forced to adhere to a release date
this was a terrible idea from the start, desu
i thought it was suspicious being announced so soon after GDX was released, turns out it would have been better if they'd just stolen the gdx code

>> No.5570491

the other day I went into his discord to mention how he implied that it used the source code while it didn't and if any one called that out already and his retarded edgy 12 year old mods got really pissy and banned me 5 minutes later, oh well, I used to really like this guy

>> No.5570504

Personally I've never really liked GMan's reviews or respected his opinions because he's a Thief 3 apologist and that game is shit so i'm safe. Civvie makes good vids tho because he actually cares about the games he likes.

>> No.5570506


>> No.5570525
File: 12 KB, 318x318, angrynpc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>e-celeb has opinion I agree with
Based!!! I told you all I was right!!!

>e-celeb has opinion I disagree with
>Trusting e-celebs
They're all shills!!

>> No.5570528 [DELETED] 

Fresh Blood sucks, it's a fact that has been documented without any e-celeb intervention.

>> No.5570530

>GMan lives claims the game uses the original source code when it's physically impossible for that to be true, and says that Fresh Supply is the most accurate reverse engineer job
>Civvie displays real issues and problems with Fresh Supply and has real video evidence of them existing which proves that it isn't as accurate as GDX or NBlood
Gee who should I believe.

>> No.5570550

I kept telling people since late 2018 that the Nightdive Studios port will be a disaster.

>> No.5570554
File: 782 KB, 666x400, gggman_blowing_corporate_dick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


GGGman, it's time to stop posting

>> No.5570561


>> No.5570587

nblood isnt the most accurate

>> No.5570590

it is visually

>> No.5570592

What ins't accurate about nBlood.

>> No.5570593

This video is probably the best breakdown of the issues with Fresh Supply.


>> No.5570608

No, whats that all about?

>> No.5570632

this is why civvie is based

>> No.5570640

>Civvie was the most excited for this
>Civvie even got himself into the official steam achievements
>Has nothing to gain by shitty on it
>Is so brutally honest about how shit it is, sounding utterly defeated by his own admission of how disappointed it is
Say what you want about the man, but he has integrity

Seems like Blood fans are just fucked forever.

>> No.5570661
File: 103 KB, 640x640, 891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5570683

>defending thi3f

>> No.5570716

man, I leave /vr/ for a week and this happens. I've missed everything.
How has Blood Fresh Supply been received?

>> No.5570724

The board has been flooded with shills (not sure if they're real) and trolls (people who want to wind up blood fans that know how much they care about the small details). Fresh Supply is shit and inaccurate, just watch Civvie's video that has been linked like 500 times already if you want the quick rundown.

>> No.5570731

Shelly a cute.

>> No.5570735

Many shills shitting on the new release, and insisting that people keep on using illegal Russian bootleg stuff. They're really desperate.

>> No.5570737

Another thing not mentioned in the video is that IT DOESN'T RUN DEATH WISH. No idea about other mods, as once I realized Death Wish didn't work I just gave up on even trying any others.

>> No.5570738

Just watched it. Crazy, he even called gggmanlives out in it, kek.

>> No.5570739

See: >>5570380

Sums up MOST of the issues. PLUS DEATH WISH DOESN'T WORK WITH IT (you can play the first episode, but then it crashes). And the dynamite physics are a little different, which is kind of bullshit. And shotgun blasts don't send enemies flying as far, which is disappointing.

>> No.5570742

I knew I was right when I subscribed to civvie but not gmanlives.

>> No.5570746

They'll def fix death wish next patch, but what I want addressed asap is floating blood sprites and how there's less gibs and blood in general specially when using dynamite, it just feels less satisfying

>> No.5570749

It will be fixed someday. GDX also didn't run Death Wish, then ran it with many errors, and only much later it was able to run it stable. Many mods still don't run with GDX, and the ones that do, often need a specific release optimized for GDX.

>> No.5570756

nblood > gdx, I tried it today actually and it's insane how tight it feels, only on the 2nd release I believe, runs death wish fine too

>> No.5570757

Not a civvie fan, but the man's right on the money here.

>> No.5570764
File: 13 KB, 366x195, epic moment.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What an epic gamer moment.

>> No.5570772


>> No.5570783

Understandable. I didn't expect the thing to be perfect right out the gate and mod support is something that source ports still struggle with big time, so I am not the slightest bit surprised that this is an issue with the remaster either.

>> No.5570785

What differences are there between NBlood and BloodGDX (I'm including BuildGDX with BloodGDX since at this point they're basically the same thing)?

>> No.5570794

Non-shit mouse aim lol, mouse aim is perfect in nblood, just try it its a 2mb download drag and drop and open the exe and run a e1m1, doesn't conflict w anything

>> No.5570814

Beta 1.8.6 is up

>> No.5570815

What an eloquent response. How old is this clown?

>> No.5570825

Awesome, look good, especially the dynamite wall impact anim

>> No.5570836
File: 348 KB, 515x612, 1550252841004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5570857

Aha nblood and gdx fans btfo

>> No.5570862

Still a while to go for that

>> No.5570912

>still no fix for the shotgun and dynamite physics
c'mon kaiser
If I shoot a zombie I want to send him flying across the map, not have him get gently "pushed" away

>> No.5570916

Night Dive is a guilty of a number of different crimes. Here are the major ones.

1. KEX Edition is essentially a collection of free mods that had existed for nearly two years. SVKaiser gathered them all up, slapped KEX Engine on it and resold it as a new product. There's very very little in the Fresh Supply that wasn't already out there, and most of it is stuff you don't want (like bugged FOV slider).

2. The remaster didn't sell so well and the original was still far outselling it, even twenty years after their release, so Night Dive had EVERY DRM-free digital distributor stop selling the original and ONLY sell the Fresh Supply. If you want to buy a digital copy of the original now on GOG, it's "bundled" into the Fresh Supply. Now these scumbags can claim sales from people just wanting to buy the original as their own.

3. The infamous 600+ bugs on launch. The game is still riddled with bugs (as even a perfunctory glance over their forums show) but the fact that it took Kaiser around two years for them to get a game that had been working fine for 20 years to reach playability after launch is telling of their wild incompetence.

4. This is where we get to the ones that really piss people off. Night Dive couldn't just remaster the game, they had to fuck with the content too. New dialogue for existing enemies like cultists was written in to make the characters more progressive and leftist friendly. Night Dive shills will argue that "adding content isn't changing content XDDD" but it is when the new content changes the core personalities of the existing characters. This is in addition to removing gibs and nerfing fire, discouraging people to use some of the most fun weapons in the game.

5. Doesn't use the motherfucking Build Engine on which the original was built on and that gave the game half of it's feel.

>> No.5570926

Not even close

>> No.5570936

What the fuck are you talking about with your 4th point

>> No.5570937

>New dialogue for existing enemies like cultists was written in to make the characters more progressive and leftist friendly

>> No.5570941

Nightdive also stole my little brother's candy last Halloween. bastards

>> No.5570942

>giving money to kikedive
lmao just pirate it

>> No.5570945

remember when old games released finished, good times.

>> No.5570950

I don't know what the fuck he's talking about with politics, but they did give the cultists new pain/death noises for some reason.

>> No.5570951

Early access is one of the worst things that happened to gaming, but "Games as a service" will even beat that.

>> No.5570952

good thing Games as a Service is fucking dead
Everyone saw through stadia shit

>> No.5570956

They will find other ways to push their shit. They always do. :/

>> No.5570967

Its been out for 2 days calm down

>> No.5570995

>being this new

>> No.5571020

Nothing new from NiGmanLives

>> No.5571024

And this is coming from the man who reviewed Failout 76 and said that it was an okay game and since he hadn't had any problems recording footage, people were salty bitches blowing out of proportion how broken it was upon release.


It's his most disliked review, and for good reason. $$$manlives is a hack and any $$$man apologist should neck himself.

>> No.5571031



>> No.5571051
File: 39 KB, 460x215, header.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>game I'm actually excited for "leaves" early access
>it's a big game, so play longer than two hours
>game is an unfinished hunk of pissy wet shit and the devs release a "roadmap" after FUCKING LEAVING EARLY ACCESS

Last time I just buy a fucking game without doing research on the people making it, I tell you that much. The faggots who made this game are mostly mobile game devs. Should've known better.

>> No.5571060

I do enjoy having blood splatters levitate in mid air after blasting a few zombies, though.

>> No.5571062
File: 12 KB, 406x285, 100%.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5571073

Why is he lying?

>> No.5571092

Because he never likes being in the wrong, he shat out the review to get as much attention as possible out of the release and now he won't back down from what he said in it, If you question him he will either just say "no you're wrong lol" or just do this >>5570764 because he's a child.

>> No.5571096

I've tested this lots of times and blasting groups of zombies w tnt in nblood is way more satisfying thanks to not having reduced gibs bs

I believe they reduced the gibs to make their shit bloated unoptimized engine run on worse PCs

>> No.5571103

Longtime Blood fan (and ultra-obscure non-celebrity youtube channel) Austin Adams is doing a series of videos to demonstrate the differences (mostly regarding the things that are either glitches, weird mistakes, or just outright laziness) between Blood in its original form and the remaster ("Fresh Supply"). His first part is out and I would highly recommend watching this if you are interested in seeing the issues currently with the remaster, as his video is extremely well done. No pun intended.


>> No.5571119

He also got advanced copies and probably a few bucks to shill it. He ain't gonna bite the hand that feeds, and that other faggot, Civilian 69s dudes down at the truckstop or whatever his name is, ain't big time enough to get a check from a dev yet so he's taking the opportunity to poach viewers and subs for his paymetons by being honest.

>> No.5571121

is he playing on nblood? that doesn't seem like DOS, but yeah some of these are bs, it's a shame

>> No.5571123

>NBlood currently isn't as gameplay accurate as GDX is.
>Visually NBlood is better than GDX though.

Is this 100% agreed upon to be true?

NBlood LOOKS better, but BloodGDX (or BuildGDX) PLAYS better?

>> No.5571129

Until NBlood can show off something like this, it's automatically less accurate
It's still a more accurate representation than KEK engine Blood

>> No.5571131

for me movement and ESPECIALLY mouse aim in nblood is way better, 2 years and the Russian can't put in raw input in bloodgdx baka

>> No.5571136

They should allow customization of as much as is realistically possible in the game. They've already done this with customizable difficulty (which is great, and one of the best things about the remaster in its current form). There's no reason why they shouldn't do it with gibs. Have a REALLY thorough Options Menu and allow stuff like that to be customized.

>> No.5571137
File: 14 KB, 794x201, iplayedmorethanyoulmao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He also got advanced copies and probably a few bucks to shill it.
Yeah wouldn't surprise me at all given his track record
>he's taking the opportunity to poach viewers and subs for his paymetons by being honest.
Viewers getting poached from that faggot can only be a good thing

>> No.5571146

He's gotten advanced copies of other stuff as well. That basically compromises anyone's position on anything and is a major reason why no reviewers in any medium can be trusted.

>> No.5571154

Telling that to pagb666 is comical.

>> No.5571179


>> No.5571182

That's ironic, when this re-release is completely broken and those "bootleg" versions are open source. It's almost as if you have an axe to grind.
Tell your boss to fix his shit before release instead of hiring human garbage like you to do damage control.

>> No.5571192

>Awesome, look good
Holy fuck, are they hiring russian bots to market this shit? This is baffling.

>> No.5571195
File: 72 KB, 960x688, 55901906_2339009422796916_5481528629441593344_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alrighty bois, what's the best way to experience Blood out of GDX, N-word and DosBox?

>> No.5571197

>some anon makes a minor typo

>> No.5571201


>> No.5571203

nblood is probably best unless you have autism because of its good mouse and palette

>> No.5571204

>The normal way:
BloodGDX - Accuracy
NBlood - Colors/Mouse

>The nerd way:
Virtual Machine

>The CHAD way:
90s hardware PC with Windows 98 installed

>The retarded shill way:
Fresh Supply

>> No.5571206

>that video

That is a thing of beauty.

>> No.5571207

>or whatever his name is

>> No.5571209

N-blood is both more accurate and performs better than GDX, but the differences are negligible.

>> No.5571212

He's not the only one "making typos" while defending this shit. I seriously hope I'm wrong, but I wouldn't put it past them.

>> No.5571213

The new one.

>> No.5571214

See the video in this post: >>5571129

>> No.5571219

>The CHAD way
I actually have a 1994 laptop with Blood and Windows XP on it stashed somewhere in my house, might actually try that

>> No.5571220

To make Blood works natively on WinXP you're gonna need VDMSound

>> No.5571253
File: 129 KB, 825x1125, servo-wm-825x1125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go play with your fake puppets some more, nerd.

>> No.5571256
File: 72 KB, 277x259, 1548127931645.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I actually have a 1994 laptop with Blood and Windows XP
>Windows XP

What the fuck are you doing, that thing must barely have enough RAM not to shit itself not to mention an instruction set worth a damn and you put in Windows fucking XP. And I'm not even talking about basically throwing 80% of its compatible software down the goddamn trash with compatibility issues up the ass and system level emulation. I hardly ever feel this fucking mad, what are you DOING.

>> No.5571270

god I wish there was a gz like source port for blood, it's like doom2 variety and complexity turned up to 11

blood modding and map packs would be cool as fuck

gah i want gzblood

>> No.5571274

>god I wish there was a source port for blood

>> No.5571284


can look good, but god that bloom

>> No.5571297
File: 143 KB, 1000x723, 1557680271910.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so why dosn't WB release the source code for Blood? They arn't doing jack shit with it and is it really that valuable to them?

>> No.5571301

WB owns the IP
Atari owns the source code for Blood but they don't really care and will never release it or even acknowledge its existence

>> No.5571302


>> No.5571330
File: 13 KB, 383x254, 1557691748559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's unfortunate that we can't honestly call any of these source ports. They're ports, yes. Some are damn good, yes. But they don't directly use the source code of the game itself. Some use leaked code, but from an alpha build.

The situation is like the recent remakes of Spyro, more or less.

>> No.5571339

lel, they have actual shills on /v/

>> No.5571341

It doesn't matter if they use the source code if the end result is identical gameplay. GDX can run demos of the entire fucking game recorded in the original DOS exe perfectly.
Fresh Supply should be as moddable as GZDoom since most of the actors are in editable AngelScript code.

>> No.5571381

One last thing: can you run mods with NBlood? Kinda want to play Death Wish

>> No.5571383

so how's it render voxels, squares or cubes. couldn't really make it out from youtube footage.

>> No.5571386
File: 340 KB, 589x383, Space-Dandy-episode-10-reaction.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK maybe it's a bandwidth issue or something but I have to sit and mash E on the doors until they finally open. This is when I join a server, haven't tried hosting yet.

Also sometimes items appear on the ground but can't be picked up by the host or anybody. Random fall damage occurs for even the smallest falls. I walked off an inch high ledge and took 50 points of damage for no reason!

Then you have randos joining and refusing to leave. One of them told us we were stupid for not selecting "private" or something but I think he's full of shit!

Gman you fucking shill!

>> No.5571391

Has anyone made a video showing the bugs in multiplayer? It sounds like multiplayer is MUCH more fucked than single-player!

>> No.5571403

theoretically you can run user mods, but people reported being able to run Death Wish until a certain map where it crashes

>> No.5571407

That dude was asking about NBlood, not Fresh Supply.

This dude: >>5571403 is talking about Fresh Supply crashing Death Wish, not NBlood. I've never tried NBlood, so I can't speak for the accuracy of mod support.

>> No.5571409

>New dialogue for existing enemies like cultists was written in to make the characters more progressive and leftist friendly.

Examples or sources?

>> No.5571480

How do you load Death Wish in NBlood? Please respond :(

>> No.5571493

The difference is one is factually right and dislikes it and the other is factually wrong and loves it.
Make of that what you will, but it's not just mere opinion. One is a remake that is unfinished by the creators admission.
Hopefully he fixes it though. Kaiser doesn't deserve the shit he's getting from you faggots.

>> No.5571501

Oh my bad
Open nblood and select game dw.ini and custom directory death wish (or whatever the folder is named)

>> No.5571502

what the fuck

>> No.5571515

Fukking lol.
pagb is a peach
i never watched gmanlives but im pretty sure he's a fucking retard.

>> No.5571525

Not that anon but cheers m8, N-wordBlood is amazing

gmanlives was good years back, I watched some of his recent videos and the hyper-exaggerated accent instantly took me out of it. His accent is like a weird cliché of what it would sound like to an American, and I say that as an Aussie myself

>> No.5571526

Civvie knows his BLOOD

He wasn't even hostile to this redux, just didn't have a rea$on to be di$hone$t

>> No.5571539
File: 96 KB, 475x258, 1553735670882.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe I'll check him out if I have nothing better to watch, but we'll see. I just started watching civvie, and he's aight. I don't agree with him on everything (Redneck Rampage is p good), but at least he seems honest.
Saying he played more Blood than pagb666, who i have watched in the past, was fucking stupid though. He couldn't even be bothered to click on his youtube channel. Feeb.

Anyway. Here's hoping BloodEX gets fixed. The more I read the more it seems like they were pressed for time.

>> No.5571571

Everyone who was around and cognizant of vidya gaymes on PeeCee during that time knows Blood. He just makes 30yo boomer jokes you zoomers lap up.

>> No.5571586

>GGGman says BloodGDX isn't accurate
>BloodGDX can literally play vanilla Blood demos without error

He's an idiot.

>> No.5571590

>sees thread about blood
>clicks thread
>nothing but gman vs civie e-celeb drama bullshit over an electronic toy made years ago
Never change /vr/.

>> No.5571596

>Open nblood and select game dw.ini and custom directory death wish (or whatever the folder is named)
Tried that with Bloody Pulp Fiction, doesn't want to open the first map. Using a version that's compatible with Bloody GDX. Only works if I just stick the mod files in the main folder and overwrite the base game files.

Anyway to make a shortcut to make it load mods from a different folder?

>> No.5571603

At this point he's just a paid shill, saying what he was paid to say.
His first F76 preview, then Anthem, now this.

>> No.5571605

Maybe there's a CON file conflict or something?
Better ask people on Duke4 forums about that.

>> No.5571607

>anyone with an opinion I either don't like or is uninformed is a paid shill

>> No.5571613

He literally admitted he got priveleged treatment from publishers and get to see the products early. When they get negative reception from audience and he got called on BS he said in his previews, he went back on almost everything he said in those previews to appease his subs.

He has no real opinion of his own and will say whatever he was paid to say or whatever (he thinks) his subs want him to say.

>> No.5571618

Just tested it with this version
and it works fine. But you have to move the ini file to the main folder with nblood for it to be recognized. Remember to select both the ini and directory.
Blood does not use CON's.

>> No.5571623

Yeah, he does have a real opinion but you don't like it because, for whatever reason, you think him having early access to the game invalidates what he has to say. But it's okay, because if his opinion was something you agreed with, this won't not be a problem right? It's only a problem because you don't like what he had to say. The only time I hear people whine about "paid reviews" is when the reviewer said something they didn't like.

>> No.5571632

If he had any real opinion he wouldnt have backpedalled on it so hard the moment he began losing subs.

I do watch a few people whose opinions I don't always agree with, because they can present their reasoning for those opinions. That has never been a problem to me.
Examples: DWT - he's an ass and may be a retard some times (esp. when it comes to RTS and RPG), but most of the time he can explain why he thinks the way he does
Razorfist - some times his opinions are retarded, but he's at least entertaining in his rants about them.
and some others who are not relevant to videogames

Stop projecting and thinking that everyone is as narrowminded as you are.

>> No.5571664
File: 80 KB, 256x256, blood_dock_icon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fiddling with shitty java crap
>playing some buggy payware
nBLOOD all the way. 1 easy exe, how it should be. Play & forget.

To commemorate the occasion, I created an oldschool dock icon. You can convert the png into ico easily online via convertico.com.

>> No.5571679

only legit Fresh Supply review
>verdict: buggy. wait and see.

>> No.5571696

btw, you should also try Rednukem. Same great quality from same guy. You can grab them at http://nukeykt.retrohost.net/

>> No.5571745

is BloodGDX still the only version of the game that has the extra voxels? Last I checked they did not load in nBlood.

>> No.5571748

I never bothered with BloodGDX. I don't want Java crap on my rig so it's a no-brainer. Voxels might be nice but I can live without them. What I can't have, is some shitty jar file I have to run with Oracle's spycrap installed.

>> No.5571752

nBlood and Blood Fresh Supply do have voxels, they just don't have the extra voxels.
BloodGDX has a bunch of extra ones.

>> No.5571775

>nBlood and Blood Fresh Supply do have voxels, they just don't have the extra voxels.

They will soon. The guy who made them said he's going to release them seperately soon.

>> No.5571797
File: 46 KB, 300x300, Blood Fresh Supply.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Civvie knows his BLOOD
Not really. he's dogshit at the game. the things he pointed out in his video would be glaringly obvious to any real blood fan and/or anyone with some semblance of non-retardation (which /vr/ is mostly severely devoid of, being that it's full of a bunch of doom babby retards). I feel civvie's "love" for blood is exaggerated, kind of like a redditor desperately trying to flaunt his "gamer cred" because he thinks it's the "cool" thing to do. regardless he did do the right thing here so credit to him. civvie circle jerks a lot on the blood discord with the eduke32/build engine faggots, and they knew this thing sucked.

Anyway, it sure shows how pathetic this board is in that the only way most of the faggots here can discern whether or not Bloodkeks is good is purely on the basis of e-celeb opinion. "gggmanshills says this obvious pile of shit is real blood, so it must be!" "welp, civvie says it's not, so gggman is wrong!". then you also have the idiots claiming this Blood-wannabe abomination must be better than nblood/gdx just because it's "official", calling the much superior ports "bootlegs", when this entire "port" is a made in taiwan shitass knock-off. fucking shitass board.

>> No.5571803

I think the only marketing Fresh Blood had was literally GGGManShills. He got early access to review it and no one else did and it makes sense. Where else would you market this relatively obscure product?

>> No.5571804

take your meds & fuck off

>> No.5571814

Let's take those upvotes back to /v/, sport.

>> No.5571826

Where do glide wrapper and VDMSound/NOLFB fit in?

>> No.5571831

>tfw no Ray Liotta action figure
Just die in my sleep already.

>> No.5571835

>Where else would you market this relatively obscure product?

... everywhere? Several big gaming sites shared the news when the thing was announced. Honestly, it looks like Ataria didn't give a single fuck about marketing, or about the game itself, and just wanted to be done with it. It's weird as fuck.

>> No.5571838


Obviously I meant Shitari

>> No.5571851
File: 1.95 MB, 708x1256, unf.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you lads just imagine for a second if Monolith had released Blood's source code like everyone else like 15 years back? None of this BS would have ever existed. I think Bloodfags are cursed to suffer forever.

Well yeah. Atari is retarded, there's a reason they keep going bankrupt.

>> No.5571867

>Can you lads just imagine for a second if Monolith had released Blood's source code like everyone else like 15 years back? None of this BS would have ever existed. I think Bloodfags are cursed to suffer forever.
There are two good open source recreation efforts. At this point this official release doesn't really matter as it doesn't offer anything new, except for being a possible introduction to the game and community.
The only thing that Blood really needs nowadays is a good map editing tool that current users of Mapedit would be able to easily pick up, while not being too hard on newcomers.

>> No.5571881

Civvie is another /vr/ retard as you and me

>> No.5571893

Strange, death wish workied with fresh supply.

>> No.5571959

Reading this whole thread I'm not even more confused about which way would be best to play this game.....No one can agree on a port. It sounds like GDX is the way but the mouse and colors are fucked up but......at this point I'm more confused.

>> No.5571991

It's basically like ZDoom vs PrBoom. Different ports for different things
For someone who just wants to get into the game easy way NBlood is probably the best and it looks more authentic with software renderer. Multiplayer works better too.
GDX is perfectly fine though and has some advantages like easier addon setup, but I don't think that is something that a new player really needs.

>> No.5572020

Thanks anon.

>> No.5572028

+accuracy to the original
+easiest to run custom maps
-will not run mods that modify gameplay, like weapon packs
-inaccurate renderer, the colors are all wrong
-mouselook is kinda wonky

+accurate renderer
+mouselook is excellent
-not as accurate as GDX overall
-harder to run custom maps
-same restriction on gameplay modifying mods as GDX

>Fresh Supply
+best mouse control
+accurate renderer
+officially supported, any issues with it are guaranteed to be fixed
-least accurate port
-many bugs so far
-will not run custom maps nor mods

+100% accurate, it's the original
+will run anything custom made
-bugs corrected in other versions are still present
-limited resolution and graphics options
-terrible mouselook

>> No.5572032
File: 1.40 MB, 500x281, 1548878784018.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any issues with it are guaranteed to be fixed

>> No.5572036

Much more likely than the illegal Russian bootleg ports, yes

>> No.5572046


>> No.5572050

I wouldn't say any issues. There are some that flat-out can't be fixed (we may never get full mod compatibility without the source), and some that may or may not be intentional features (player movement for example).

>> No.5572054

>-not as accurate as GDX overall

like what? If you're referring to those old videos, maybe download the latest version and try again.

>> No.5572064

>Muh Nightdive

>> No.5572071

His responses boil down to "I don't like Polymost."

>> No.5572097

I'm getting flashbacks to his F76 video

>> No.5572104

It's still not fully demo accurate. That said, it's good enough to play and not worry.
Polymost is objectively wonky.
Like have you ever looked in the sky in Megaton Edition/any Shadow Warrior ports/BuildGDX?

>> No.5572106

KEXtoddlers BFTO

>> No.5572114

Where's the proof?

>> No.5572120

>officially supported, any issues with it are guaranteed to be fixed
Actually, it makes it less likely.
Kaiser and his team will have to move onto their next projects soon and fully reproducing Build in his engine isn't the easiest of jobs in the first place. They really have time to fix only the most glaring issues here and later maybe some more if they will decide to work overtime.
NBlood and GDX are passion projects by actual fans that also are opensourced. And even if Nuke.YKT and M210 will burn out and drop the development, someone else will be able to pick it up. With NBlood it's almost guaranteed.

>> No.5572125
File: 450 KB, 1000x900, 1556475484050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fresh Supply
>+accurate renderer

>> No.5572135

Can you change your FOV in BloodGDX or NBlood? I didn't see an option in GDX and I haven't played much of NBlood.

>> No.5572137

Compared to GDX it is.

>> No.5572147

I don't get this meme. Why are you even pretending that only GDX uses Polymost?
Also while Polymost isn't fully accurate, it's still way more authentic than the way KEX renders stuff. Like, it was made by Ken Silverman himself and I doubt anyone ever knew Build inner workings better than the madman himself.

>> No.5572196

You can in nBlood, under display options. Currently impossible in GDX.

>> No.5572257

uno brapo @ 0:10

>> No.5572263


>> No.5572267

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed how forced his accent is now. Nearly everything of his from the past year or so reeks of dishonesty.

>> No.5572268

Explosives are very janky in GDX

>> No.5572324

newfaggot here, can someone explain to me what the fuck is nblood?
i have already played GDX and dosbox, but i never heard of this nblood thing you're all talking about and google gives me nothing

>> No.5572352

Google gives results about it perfectly, you lying faggot.

>> No.5572353

no it doesnt you nigger loving fuck

>> No.5572354


It's basically GDX's step brother, only that it doesn't run on Java and is more thoroughly based on EDuke32. As of now it's Windows only, but that may change in the future.

>> No.5572360

thanks for the reply

>> No.5572402

took me a while to get it, but then I had a laugh

>> No.5572601

Take some fucking medication, dude. Whatever you find, pills, needles, just grab it by the handful and shove it into your body and never stop.

>> No.5572636

>fucking around with fan patches and fixes for hours on end
Is extracting a file too hard for you?

>> No.5572676

>I've played the original game and the remaster more than you have.
>telling this to pagb
I swear GGGman is actually a fucking poser acting like he's a veteran FPS player for boomer cred, anyone who's even mildly into the classic FPS scene knows who pagb666 is, and if GGGman is saying this shit to pagb with full knowledge of who he is then those are some fierce fucking fighting words.

>> No.5572790
File: 307 KB, 1920x1080, 20190513214214_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

eh at least they seem to have fixed death wish on the beta patch

>> No.5572810

What, it works?

No bugs?

>> No.5572838

Before it crashed upon entering episode 2, seems fine for now

>> No.5573010

Civvie dated himself in a vid recently and I'm apparently older than him. Which is weird because he has old man face.

>> No.5573121


>> No.5573182

That face is from carmageddon

>> No.5573269

Google really gives fuckall about nblood, you have to look up the wiki and go from there

>> No.5573273

Huh, this isn't just Civvie's face in the style of Carmageddon rather?

Anon if you're still here just play NBlood, looks great, plays great, you'll have a /fun/ time I promise

>> No.5573369

I am still here and thanks. I'm happy I stayed with this thread because I've never heard of Civvie till now and these videos are great. Really making me itch for some DOS FPS. Going to give nBlood and play then hit up Dusk

>> No.5573373

>Civvie is another /vr/
Civvie actually hates /vr/, as do most sane people. He's actually disappointed by the bugs and hopes they get fixed. This is in stark contrast to the misanthropes on these boards who either gets some sort of genuine perverse satisfaction out of seeing failure, or is just roleplaying that way for the memes.

>> No.5573521

speaking of carmageddon I really wish OG carmageddon had a remaster like turok and blood, multiplayer in that game would kick ass and its fun as fuck to play on a laptop

>> No.5573547

Death Wish is actually better than vanilla Blood, I can't believe it

>> No.5573620

deathwish is the best modded content available for any game ever made

>> No.5573757

Imagine seeing a bunch of spoiled kindergarteners try to do something as complicated as reverse-engineer a DOS game, while making baby noises and playing with toys and shit and then saying "it's fine" when it really fucking isn't and people sucking them off to no end because it's the OFFICIAL DEFINITIVE EDITION SHUT THE FUCK UP. How do you not enjoy seeing this blunder and absolute waste of money fail? It can never be fine, not in a million years unless Kaiser mans the fuck up and checks GDX's code against his own shit and cross-references it with his available disassemblies (not illegal). Only then I will be fine with this, even though not using Build is in itself a bad.

>> No.5573764

>This is in stark contrast to the misanthropes on these boards who either gets some sort of genuine perverse satisfaction out of seeing failure, or is just roleplaying that way for the memes

>taking 4chan posts at face value

Anyway, there were some clear indications that he at least browsed /vr/doom/

that would actually be against cleanroom development rules established in the industry. He can't take even a whiff from stolen source, even if it's just cross referencing, without his own code becoming liable to legal reprecussions from WB because such act could be considered "plagiarising" their property, if they decide to actually press the issue and there are no guarantees that they won't.

>> No.5573895

>stolen source

The alpha source was just used as a basis, there's no stolen code within GDX or nBlood.

>> No.5573901

From clearroom development standpoint that does not matter, their code is already contaminated even if they only used it for reference.

>> No.5574459

Jesus christ, it's a fucking videogame. Smoke a joint or something, you wacko.

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