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This is the worst character portrait I've ever seen in my life. It absolutely disgusts me.

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beandog gay

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honestly. it looks like a tranny.

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I wonder who's behind THIS post?

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Reminds me of Dylan Klebold.

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It was a different time, with different sensibilities and men's beauty standards.

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it's included in the original

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beemdeg es gelty ef a nember ef cremes

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Beamdog is indeed guilty, dumb tranny.

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>infantile speech patterns again

Why is this a running trend with you 'people'?

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looks like ops mom

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someone just drop the pasta already

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What for, the paid janny is probably already lurking around ready to put an immediate stop to any wrongthink

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looks like something straight from Road Rash

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Reminds me of VoDKa

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that's the only way they can "argue".

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classic Paul Dano

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Came from an amazing game though

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BG has some of the most disgustimg portraits ever. Look at the romances in BG 2, all 3 of them look like abominations.

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D&D always had pulp (=shit) aesthetic.

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Only nu-D&D

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Yes, anon, we all know what kind of super-serious and realistic aesthetics old D&D had.

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That's pretty bad

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>I found a few shitty artworks, that means BG and BG2 and the entire D&D franchise have shit aesthetics, checkmate

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nu-fag detected

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Tried to unfuck it and failed.

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You created Handsome Squidward.

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It's a miracle I got that far, the lighting is really questionable and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the hell the mouth was suppose to be doing.

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Gets me hard to this very day

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Around Elves, Watch Yourselves

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Seen this thing speedrunning in gdq

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All of the BG1 portraits are literally BioWare employees at the time posing towards the camera and then the graphic artist would just trace it and add details, so you just have to blame the guy who decided to make a stupid face on camera.

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Is that some kind of bear?

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Looks like Ross from Friends

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Schtolteheim Reinbach III

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What are you on about? Old D&D art was good for what it was, yeah it was often minimalist without much shading or perspective, but that's because TSR was just a bunch of nerds operating out of a crappy rental office and they had to keep their production costs low. Yeah the modern D&D art is undeniably way better, but it's also the reason D&D books cost 30-50 bucks a pop.

The old art was simple, but effective. Look at this loser about to get his face punched off XD

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It has SOUL

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Please I'm begging you. Kill yourself

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What's strange is that the portrait basically fits only to an Elf Druid. In Baldur's Gate, elves can't be druids, so the portrait, if you want it to be lore-friendly, is useless.

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Came here for this

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thats not my point

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"Good for what it was" just means "It's bad but I don't want to say that."

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he looks like a ranger or thief

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Looks like projared.

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Did anyone else whack it to the IWD character portraits when they were kids, or is that just me?

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is that brianna wu?

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Trips are full of self-loathing. They crave negative response.

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t. the chest openers.

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