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Thoughts on Neon Genesis Evangelion: Iron Maiden?

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Is that Shinji dressed as a girl?

Why is a series about giant Kaiju and robots that fight them so gay?

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That's Mana Kirishima, Shinji's girlfriend of steel.
>Why is a series about giant Kaiju and robots that fight them so gay?
What do you mean?

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Fuck this and all the other eva VNs. All i wanted was a fucking action game simulating the eva fights, maybe some melodramatic cutscenes between, whatever. No one asked for these stupid simulators

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GoS is legitimately good though, its sequel, however, felt doujin-esque.
Also the game you wanted exists, it's NGE on N64.

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Kirishima Mana based girl

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the only gay part is kaworu but all of hte main characters are kind of bitches (though they're different kinds of bitches, the whiny type, the cold emotionless type, the obnoxious type)

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Can Kaworu really be considered gay, though? I know superficially he is pretty homo, and he was actually supposed to be based on Ikuhara (who's Anno's friend), but canon-wise, Kaworu isn't even human, and he isn't really interested in Lilim more than as a curiosity, like a scientist observing ants.
The reason Shinji feels good with Kaworu is because Kaworu knows exactly how to be likeable to any human, not even in a sexual way. If he had to seduce Asuka instead of Shinji to fulfill his mission, he would have done so.
The only other character that wouldn't fall for Kaworu's charm is Rei, who instinctively knows Kaworu is an enemy, and also Rei isn't a human herself.

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honestly people try to do psychoanalytic examination fo the characters btu what's most remarkable is how each of the three manages to capture each sense of the word "bitch". shinji is a bitch, rei is a bitch, and asuka is a bitch. but the word means a different thing for each one. lol

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imagine thinking it's gay to love your bro...

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though it's worth noting that japense people use the word bitch to mean slut because they're retarded, so this couldn't be deliberate

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Preach, brother. These kids today think showing any kind of affection to your bros is gay. They don't know, man. Hell, back in the day it was normal to give your buddy a good luck handy in the locker room before the game.

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>wanting an action game out of fucking EVA of all things
new levels of low IQ we never thought possible are being measured RIGHT HERE AND NOW

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people who think the show is psychologically or symbolically deep are retards. this ain't a henry james or marcel proust novel. it's a cartoon with pretty basic characters and goofy misplaced religious symbols. theo nly things that make it "good" are the directing, some of the visual design, and the action/animation. which are things that matter in an action game.

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Only posers got into Evangelion for the psychological aspect.
True pioneer patricians come to Eva for the action scenes and stayed for the rest.

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>muh books
Literally every single time someone wants to criticize an anime, video game, whatever, they always resort to talking about some books being superior. Leave the herd, you fucking sheep.

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ugh fine then replace them with ingmar bergman film or something. still the same thing.

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Is it better than avengers endgame?

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well tony and black widow don't die in it while captain america stays in the past so i guess not

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i guess almost everyone who was going to has already seen it by now so spoilers are pointless, ho well

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Mana - The Best Girl There Is, The Best Girl There Was, The Best Girl There Ever Will Be.

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>/vr/ is fond of a girl who's SUPER into autists

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>Thoughts on Neon Genesis Evangelion: Iron Maiden?
I do have one actually, what is the significance of the title in relation to the game and NGE? I only know the TV series myself.

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>anything in the title of a japanese anime or game having anything to do with anything

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>No one asked
Literally everybody asked nigger
VNs were popular as fuck at the time, almost no EVA games were produced except for VNs and strip mahjong games (official) because they sold like hotcakes
You aren't the market you dumbass, you would just pirate the games anyway

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she's into metal-dildos

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She rides a robot, not an Eva as Eva's are more of an living things than robots. Maybe that?

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not him, but why would an action game be good? every fight was incredibly unique. the whole game would be railroaded as fuck.
nge64 is a good example. it's not outright terrible, but very railroaded, little replayability, and more like a puzzle game.

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How the fuck do you play the N64 game? I don't speak nip.

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The instructions for each level show the buttons
Just press the buttons and figure it out, you don't need to know nip and the story is mostly the same except for the harder difficulties

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I came for the action scenes and music, stayed for Misato

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my nigga

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It could be though, there's nothing that contradicts the series' canon.
It's like an extended Jet Alone episode.

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It adds nothing of value to the overall story and at the end it's status quo. Might as well have never happened.

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I dunno, I liked the whole situation about Nerv having to deal with other robots piloted by humans (Jet Alone was remote controlled or AI).
I'm not saying it adds any vital part of information to the actual series, but it doesn't contradicts anything either (as is the case with GoS2 which is mostly fanfiction-tier where shinji can date kaworu and shit)

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why is it that whenever this cartoon gets brought up, all these obnoxious faggots come out of the woodwork?

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>complaining about weebs on a site made by weebs for weebs
You reposted in the wrong neighborhood, motherfucker

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The other way around, why is it that whenever Evangelion is brought up, there's always people like you who absolutely NEED to let the world know that they don't like it?

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What a mess of an illustration that poster is. Imagine a non-Eva fan trying to make any sense out of it.

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I'm an Eva fan and just now I realized it's the T-riden-T over Eva-01

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What if i only cum for teh rei?

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I like mecha and eva and shit and I honestly have no idea what's happening here

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It's the t-riden-t smashing the eva-01 against a building.
pretty cool illustration actually but hard to make it out at first sight.

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I hadn't even brought up the series' "depth," I only said that expecting an action game from a series known for mostly shit other than its action aspects is silly. It's kind of interesting how shit your reading comprehension is despite being a "BUT MUH BOOKS" fag, huh?

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>little replayability
well, the main attraction of Eva 64 is that it's the only game that faithfully recreates the action scenes in the series and lets you control the evas without it being an RPG, VN or something like that.
It has some replayability, depending on how much you care about it. Unlocking every single special attack can take some time. Also a few missions having slightly different outcomes depending on your actions. There's also the simulation mode.
>and more like a puzzle game.
Genuinely curious, how exactly is it like a puzzle game?

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Not him but in reality, it's not that absurd to want an action game. The series is notorious for other aspects, yeah, but action still comprises a large portion of Eva. To say that asking for an action game is "low IQ" is like saying that asking for a burger at a pizza restaurant is "imbecilic". It's actually worse really. Action is an expected genre of a large majority of adaptation games. Even if it's something like a literal book, it's almost subconsciously expected for it to receive some form of an action game adaption, and in most cases that's exactly what it gets. It's really more odd to want an interacting novel than an action game actually.

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maybe puzzle game isn't the best wording, but
>mash these buttons in the correct order to instantly win
>aim really carefully to instantly win
>move the camera around and then press the right buttons to instantly win
then you get the few missions where it's a pseudo-fighting game with very simple combos with grapple attacks that devolve into button mash until your fingers break
it's not a very complex game. once you figure a mission out there's no variation, which is why the whole ng+ cycle is kinda pointless even if there's more content. it's still the same railroaded game.
I generally enjoyed it though.

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Yeah, it's not a complex game when you know how the system works.
It's actually like a spiritual successor to the SNES Ultraman game (at least the battle missions)

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Play the game to find out.

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I just want a good tower defense-like evangelion game. Create your own tokyo and defend it

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fairly sure there are guides on gamefaqs

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Isn't Super Godzilla similar to that?

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Idk man but it's neither rare or new phenomenon.

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>feeling other male's body in tub
>not gay
You forgot the !no homo" part.

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I admit, this is pretty comfy.

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>bordered image inside of another border

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first time seeing a VN GUI? All things considered, Iron Maiden's is rather sober.

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Rei has autism, Asuka has some sort of narcissistic disorder, and Shinji is probably a male pisces

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Rei is not even human.

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I thought she was genetically human, but with an angel soul artificially implanted in her?

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Right, the angel (actually SoL, Lilith) soul is her personality, the body is a clone of Yui, but Yui's soul is inside Eva-01 (which is a clone of Lilith).
Rei recovers her memory as Lilith toward the end, when she finally rejects Gendou, and goes back to her original body.

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i thought you were genetically male but with a retard brain artificially implanted in you?

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T・RIDEN・T is my waifu.

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Can't believe no one made the obvious reference yet

Maiden rules

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Speaking of music, what bands did the Gainax guys like besides ELO and The Pillows?

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wonder why eva 64 didn't ever get translated considering the huge fanbase of the series

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Back in 1999, the western Eva fandom was still in their baby steps. EoE didn't even get an official western release until Manga Films' release in 2002 or 2003.
And even when Eva got more massive overseas, no Eva game ever got officially released outside of Japan.

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Well, Rei's character was inspired by a song from the band Kinniku Shoujo-tai.

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>still no EVA-VR-game
COME ON, it's a no-brainer.

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Faggot, the official one has been out for years.

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Link: https://vrzone-pic.com/shinjuku/activity/eva.html

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w00t w00t

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only if you can sex teh rei

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Do you have a link to the song?

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Best girl gets squeezed outta the competition so it sucks

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How can you fuck up this badly? Just standing and shooting an angel, which is the least effective method of killing one.

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I never played past the opening where you see Asuka's butt. Why couldn't they have made a normal video game instead of a Japanese visual novel?

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>Why couldn't they have made a normal video game instead of a Japanese visual novel?
Because the idea was to make a visual novel.
The "normal" Eva video game was released on N64.

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