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>Several gaming publications found the game's title to be strange.[1] Several publications, including Next Gen, GameFan, Official Sega Saturn Magazine, Mega Console, previewed the game calling it "Wrinkle River Story".


What in the absolute hell is this game's title supposed to mean? There's no "Lickle", Livers, or anything like that in the game. Wrinkle River story makes way more sense. There's a focus on rivers in some areas. Maybe one's called Wrinkle?

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it can be basically be boiled down to

>wara wara we no speaky engrish rinkery uriva sutory we highest iq on pranet

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Title screen literally says "Linkle Liver".

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It's the story of Linkle, a transexual furry elf on a quest to find an organ donor so that xhe can have surgery for xir failing liver.

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>transexual furry elf

The story is about furries, and it just hit me that this is the only reason it got translated. Out of all the random action rpgs, that was the on that got an English fan translation?

There's still Community Pom, and Brave Prove, among others.

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Since the title's by Japanese speakers I expect it to not necessarily follow normal English rules. Also the Romanization of the title might or might not match the actual original words that inspired the title.
"Liver" might be being used to mean "one who lives."
The game has themes of "life" and "eternal life."
"Linkle" (linkal) might be an Engrish adjectivified version of "link" making "linkle liver" mean something to do with linking one life to the next.

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people with animal ears and tails aren't furries technically (furry has a very technical definition)

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Game users water for upgrade system, so I think River is what they were aiming for.

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>people with animal ears and tails aren't furries technically (furry has a very technical definition)

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Does it really matter now? If SOA or SOE ever had this picked up back then for release in the west they surely would have changed the name first. 100%

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They would have called it Guardian Squad or something generic and lame like that.

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>I dnot spek engilsh
>lte em tyr meak engislh titel
>linkel live sotry
Id love to see them confronted about stupid titles like that

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Mobile Light Force 3 for PS3.

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Someone should in fact make a Mobile Light Force 3 as a joke.

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>Full translation got released

Fingers crossed that it's either Langrisser or Far East of Eden.

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Who cares its cute.

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This was likely just a one-off translation that took years by someone interested in a niche game. Not part of some grand under-taking. You're likely gonna get no more.

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The gameplay in this one left a lot to be desired.

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>The gameplay in this one left a lot to be desired.

Random saturn games aren't gonna be all super polished.

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Same for the posts here

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You know nothing about japanese language, anon. R and L in japanese are interchangeable.

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newer chart with actual examples

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>Out of all the random action rpgs, that was the on that got an English fan translation?

It's possible that it got a translation simply because it was easy to do. RPGs usually have gigantic scripts, with hundreds of control codes in the text display, can be in a custom compression, etc. The team doing this could have done it in order to familiarize themselves with the Saturn end, so they can then jump into bigger projects (or the experience of finishing this was enough for them to swear off of Saturn projects).

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calarts ruins everything, even furries, and furries already ruin everything.

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Translator who works with Japanese game developers here. English is a very thoroughly integrated into the Japanese language at this point and Japanese people tend to be, if no confident, fairly comfortable making up nonsense English that sounds cool to them and potentially other Japanese people. If you confront them about bad English like in OP, I know from experience they'll just handwave it off. "It may not be 'technically accurate', but it sounds cool and I like it, so that doesn't matter." sums up their attitude.

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Just like Asian character names in Western fiction.

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I love engrish, if I wanted western proselytism on why their own audience of white males are horrible people and they don't want them I'd watch Captain Marvel.

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I love engrish, if I wanted western proselytism on why their own audience of white males are horrible people and they don't need their money I'd watch Captain Marvel.

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This art is actually cool as opposed to most furry designs that look disgusting.

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kys furrylover

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>t. 97 IQ lightweight

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I only love very few furries that's the problem, I want to like them but most look disgusting.

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That is literally everything that counts. Fuck Anglocentrism. I would type in my language but you Anglo monkeys only speak Spanish as 2nd lanuage.

t. HK anon

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consider yourself lucky for not being that into furry stuff because that is some sick shit

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Supreme furry. You like horses now.

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After seeing what kero and his crew did to some poor animals the answer is nope.avi

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Day of the leash when?

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>I know from experience they'll just handwave it off. "It may not be 'technically accurate', but it sounds cool and I like it, so that doesn't matter." sums up their attitude.

Yeah, funny about that, there's a usenet post where someone says just that:

>Funny thing about thetitle. When I asked the producer about it, I wanted to know if the translation should be "Linkle River Story" since "L" and "R" can be interchanged in translation, and it sounded more logical than "Liver". However, he said that, no, "Liver" was correct. The intent of the title was that it was a story about the people that LIVED in Linkle - the Linkle Livers!

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Better question
Is the game any good, or just another "lol so randum" obscure japanese title?

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It's fairly generic but it's a 2D title with polygons mainly used for special effects so that alone makes it not as terrible compared to the rest of the ugly pathetic Sega Satan library.

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A Sakura Wars game would be nice, although for all I know there may have been translated ports on later systems that I didn't know about. If it is low on kanji I will probably get around to trying it without an English translation eventually.

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This? #Notallfurries

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>Sakura Taisen 1
>Grandia Digital Museum
Work in progress
>Apocalypse IV
Doable, many attempts, many turned off it
Too much trouble
Got translated then team has no interest in anything else
>Silhouette Mirage
Wrecking Design fans made sure bullying the one person interested who only did balance hacks before, so that it never happens
>Lunar Magical School
Got a private english menu patch by same russian romhack guy who made linkle liver story possible, but he thinks the game is too mediocre to continue.

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Has this shit been translated yet? I've been waiting for years since I loved Crusader of Centy, and this is supposed to be that game's spiritual successor.

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no offense anon but grandia and silhouette mirage are both a waste of time, and I would rather nobody put effort into translating/hacking them. Simply because they are already available in English. We've no need for redundant releases. Newer releases would be far more preferable.

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yes, and the game isn't as good as Crusader of Centy. It's sorta a sequel ish, but not as good.

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There's also
>Castlevania SOTN
work in progress

And I looked at Madou Monogatari, the game uses a custom compression that needs to be cracked first for translations to be possible. Even then, the script is incredibly complex and seems to have the random encounters mixed in with the scripts for an area, so it needs a lot of work.

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Somebody should look into translating GBC Tokimeki Pocket or whatever. It's short and the text format should be easier than the CD remakes.

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That'd be interesting. I know the game isn't great, but it's one of those odd duck games that you know someone poured their heart and soul into. It's a neat setting. That's a prime game for a remake.


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There's also the fact the story to silhouette mirage is unnecessary and MAKES NO GODDAMN SENSE

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>Wrecking Design fans made sure bullying the one person interested who only did balance hacks before, so that it never happens

Is that why those romhacks are only on the forum and not romhacking.net proper? If so that's nonsense. Just tell the weirdos to buzz off.

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Why are people not translating more Saturn games?????
And why they are just focusing on fucking SNES/NES/Genesis games only? Fucking it is EASY to hack Saturn GAMES. You SEE PIC related?? It took me 15 minutes to create a full text table, and I was able to change the text from JP to eng.
this people are fucking brain damaged for saying such things and thinking like this when delivery of translation is not difficult at all when it comes to hacking section

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Cartridge systems are easier to work with, and they are VERY well understood. CD based games are another matter. and they often have compression algorythms that have to be de-coded.

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>Fucking it is EASY to hack Saturn GAMES.
It's a case by case situation. You still have to figure out how to reprogram it to display with a proportional font, or at least a smaller font. Otherwise the text won't fit on the screen.
Someone tried what you just did with Evangelion Rei Ayanami Raising Project on DreamCast and had to drop it because 16 letters each line is hardly enough to fit any significant prose.
Then of course there's whether the text will fit inside the memory internally, and so on.

I agree with the overall sentiment.
Shouldn't we get a translation romhacking thread started for those? There was one for WonderSwan Color but it kinda died

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w/e dude, prose or not if someone brings it in English, it becomes playable. Then someone smarter can come along and hack the fuck out of it to fit more text.

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You know what's easy? Learning Japanese.
It took me 2 seconds to simply read what's written there.
>but my 3 alphabets
this people are fucking brain damaged for saying such things and thinking like this when learning a language is not difficult at all when it comes to scripts

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>The intent of the title was that it was a story about the people that LIVED in Linkle
So what >>5556830 said as far as "liver" goes.
But what the hell is "Linkle"?

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Yeah, ther'es no "lickle" in the story!

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Believe me, it's not that simple.


Translators are less motivated to work on a translation compromised that bad. Not only those who want to "localize" the hell of it and be the next Vic Ireland, but those who want a short clear concise to the point translation.

Double the original character count is the bare minimum.

But there are some cases where the jap font is big enough to host as much double character glyphs needed for combinations of english text acceptable for that (one scanlation team for detective conan got out their own translation for a DS game this way, and the current romancing saga 3 english patch too) Not to say this method doesn't have its problems.

Any patch within the same character count as the Japanese text especially if it has kanji, will be heavily compromised, and useless to iterate on and improve by someone more skilled. You would be wasting away effort for nothing.
It's better to do it properly. The above method is the bare minimum, hacking the game to support single byte, ascii is the next best thing, then adding compression and efficient repointing of the text. Then maybe variable width if the game is text heavy and really needs it.

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It's a good action rpg.
>It's sorta a sequel ish
It's not.
>Why are people not translating more Saturn games?????
Because there are barely any hacking docs/tools available for the Saturn compared to those other systems.

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Gamefan thought it was too short.

>> No.5562292

>It's not.
Same development house, both games have Zelda sword swinging combined with dashing and platforming mechanics.

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not a valid argument. I have low IQ and it took me 15 minutes to build a full text table and alter the text. the necessity of documents is a meme

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Not Growlanser anon, but here

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Try Madou Monogatari

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>Super Tempo

Shit game.

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Gamefan was such a garbage mag. Seriously.

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All the US magazines were. EGM at the time was no better.

>> No.5565701


The Good mags:

>Super Play

>Consoles Plus

>Video Games
>Mega Fun

>90% of them since they're amazing


>> No.5565705

Great game, brainlet.

>> No.5565706

>>Video Games
>>Mega Fun

seriously, no.

t. boomer

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>The UK Sega Saturn Magazine compared the game to the game Rayman, however noting that Rayman was the better game and cheaper than importing a game from Japan. They noted the graphics were "colorful", however they seemed rather basic and said it looked too similar to 16 bit games. They also said that some stages were inappropriate for children, including a pet cemetery stage that includes the ghosts of dead yard animals.[4]


>> No.5565710


Better than that piece of shit Maniac.

>> No.5565712

Who gives a shit about what western game "journalists" say, brainlet

>> No.5565717

Maniac fell from grace 2-3 years after its debut, basically when the fifth-generation landed.

>> No.5565718


I like GameFan because they covered a lot of import games, but their layout is beyond hideous, and their opinions often super plebby.

Gamer's Republic was a short mag that ran 98-2000, and was great. It was slick and gorgeous looking, tons of import reviews, and such.

I've found the German mags to be the most "American" styled of the Euro mags. The French ones I like again because of import title reviews.

>> No.5565721


I don't understand how, out of all of the german mags, Maniac is still around.

>> No.5565795

We had a short-lived US version, titled Next Generation. It was instantly the best US magazine starting at issue 1.

And when I say they were all bad, I say that as a subscriber to Nintendo Power, EGM, GamePro, and Video Games & Computer Entertainment throughout the early '90s, referring only to that period. By the early 2000s, both EGM and GamePro had mostly shaped up, though the non-gaming pop culture stuff they sometimes showcased was unwelcome.

>> No.5565967


Just in terms of production and visuals, it's shocking how bad American mags looked. I looked at a 1995 copy of Edge, and I actually thought it was a modern retro mag since the production values and graphics were so good. It takes up to 2000's for American gaming mags to actually not look like total trash.

I single out GameFan as one of the ugliest most amateur productions ever.

Meanwhile, the JP mags are on another level of production. Some of them are even outright gorgeous.

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Yo, peeps.

I have trouble applying the translation patch to this. The readme says I should use the redump version but that one has three bin files besides the cuesheet. Which one do I have to apply the patch to? Or do I need a single file version?

>> No.5566671

>I have trouble applying the translation patch to this.
Ooooh boy, get ready to pay the retard tax

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Could you please answer my question instead of insulting me?

>> No.5566705

>Reiwa 1
>being an EOP

>> No.5566709

Where did I insult you?

>> No.5566710


> retard tax

How do I apply the patch?

>> No.5566712

that is not an insult, the retard tax is a thing

>> No.5566713


Why is it impossible to get a straight answer on 4chan?

>> No.5566714

why is it impossible to get reading comprehension on 4chan?

>> No.5566716


How would that help me if nobody writes down the answer to my question?

>> No.5566723

>reading comprehension
>How would that help me

>> No.5566730


Where can I comprehensively read the answer to my question then?

>> No.5566739


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Thanks for nothing, asshole.

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Fuck you dude. Sure, Hiragana and Katakana are simple but Kanji is not fucking easy. Prove me wrong by providing a good source.
Kanji is my friend when it displays gana on top of it, otherwise it's a fucking nightmare.

>> No.5566778

>reddit spacing
holy fuck you have to go back

>> No.5566798

>Prove me wrong by providing a good source.
Source for what?
The kanji you find in most Saturn games are easy to recognize.

>> No.5566804

lol at your life EOP

Personally I learned Japanese and moved to Japan. The immersion helps with further learning and upkeep of one's ability.

>> No.5569035

EGM was pretty good for a while.

>> No.5569154

Sure in a way, it was great for pics of import games, previews, etc., and they were more than happy to feed my fighting game + JRPG focus. But even as a kid I could tell it was an amateur hour operation in terms of layout and editing, and GameFan was even worse. Both were real "fanboy"-type publications for teens that benefited from being the only way lots of American kids would have any idea about what was going on in Japan.

>> No.5569807

>Western game journalist said it's bad and offensive
Your point?

>> No.5569815

get out of here faggot

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Found this on tumblr. Where's it from?

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File: 196 KB, 500x634, tumblr_pis31sfDCV1xcftkbo1_500[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Another one.

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jap mags.

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How about you go back to your feminist sub

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