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Discuss games released after 1999 for retro consoles. My favorite is Spyro Year of the Dragon, what's your favorite?

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Mine is also Spyro Year of the Dragon.

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What about current millennium computer games running on '90s retro computer hardware?

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i like dragon: spyro of the year

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Technically Windows 9x was supported up to about 2004 or so.

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I was born in the same year as Spyro Year of the Dragon, and it was one of the first games I played.

So I'll probably have to go with year of the spyro dragon

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>Discuss games released after 1999 for retro consoles.
Well given that the Game Boy Advance, Playstation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and last but not least N-Gage are all retro consoles, this would be a rather broad discussion.

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Sin and Punishment

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GBA, PS2, NGC and Xbox are >>>/notretro/

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Any system that's at least 18 years old is retro in my book.

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That's nice, dear. Let us know when you age into retro status yourself, kiddo. :^)

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I`m 33 and was playing PS2 in high school. I don`t really understand why PS2 isn`t considered retro still.

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please read the sticky

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You act like zoomers give a shit about sixth gen.
Protip: they don't.

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Whatever ya say, sport. Say, how about you go upstairs and play quietly and you can have yourself a little more screentime tonight, champ? That sound nice? Here's your tablet.

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See >>5556674
If they can like 5th, they can like 6th.

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Reddit-tier cringe humor

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Please learn to think for yourself.

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No contest

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Perfect Dark

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The King of Fighters '98

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Can anyone link to an archive of that 6th gen thread from earlier? It had a list of Xbox exclusives I wanted to look at.

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I'm one of the few people that like FIFA Soccer 2005 on the PS1.

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>classic 'that's not funny'/that's so reddit' response to getting btfo

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PES all the way

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Not him, but I am going to put this out there as food for thought.
It's not about thinking for yourself, it's about the fact that people much like yourself have come to a community that has been fine for some time now and are mad that you have entered a community that doesn't pander to your preferred section of gaming.
This is okay, mind you, there's always room for improvement, but myself and others here have expressed that we don't want to change the rules here, there's plenty to still talk about. But for some reason, the new blood coming to this board have decided that they can't just let a community have what it wants, they have to change the rules to fit them, instead of finding somewhere else to talk about the things they want to.

I'm all for people wanting to talk about PS2, GBA, Xbox, etc. But I'd like it if 4chan just made a new board for gaming that comes after the turn of the century. It'd be a little limited at first, but give it 2 years and you'll have a ton of extra content to talk about.

GBA released 01
PS2 in 00
GC in 01
Xbox in 01
PS3 in 06
360 in 05
Wii in 06
This isn't even counting portable platforms and the black sheep consoles that came out around this time either. With the consoles already listed here, that's more than enough to warrant your own board with PC releases, especially seeing as gaming took a huge shift in design at that point in time.

Maybe instead of attempting to be smug on a board dedicated to 1999 and prior, you should be asking gookmoot if he'll just open a new board for you and the rest of your ilk to go enjoy discussion about things that while already allowed on /v/ but aren't generally well looked upon because they're more interested in current gaming, and then you could stop bothering the rest of us who don't really want to talk about these things here because we're happy with what is allowed on this board.

Again, just food for thought. Hell, I'll send Hiroshimoot an email now if that'd make you feel better.

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Oh for fucks sake, there’s enough video game boards as it is.

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>One for current
>One for retro
>One for Pokemon exclusively because of literally the same situation you're in right now
>One for the Generals threads
And you really think it's too much to ask that perhaps another board be made for talking about THE YEAR 2000 up to around 2010/2012 that could be added to for up to the next few years?
/vr/ already covers 30 years of vidya. /v/ doesn't even cover 20, but gladly spends its time shitting on anything that isn't running the latest and greatest of keeping up with the joneses video cards and processors.

There was a little thing that I grew up with back in the 80's. It was a concept called "understanding when you're not wanted." It meant that if a particular place didn't appeal to you for one reason or another, you'd leave instead of pitching a bitch that it didn't pander to you and your preferences. You could go find another place that did that for you, or, and this is a real shocker, people used to start their own communities for things they enjoyed, and they'd do similar things to what I'm doing exactly right now: Telling the people who aren't happy with it that they can go do the same.
For the last 5 years I've watched people much like yourself complain that these weren't considered retro by this board, and the mods and admin team have still not seen fit to change that. And again, it's okay to want a place dedicated to those, but I'm happy where this place is and so are others.
Instead of bothering us with it, bother the admins about it, please.

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zoomer pretending to be big boi

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Furthermore, there's 9 boards for anime/japanese stuffs. This isn't even counting the NSFW boards. Would 5 boards really be too much for video games, arguably one of the most popular pass-times in the world in the current year?

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>anime poster
>trying to get more zoomer /v/tards on this board


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I don't think he meant Virtual Console releases.

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OR Hiro could just purge the faggots from /v/ and no split boards would be necessary at all

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This site has been a home to shitters and shitposting since the beginnings of the annals of time.
Great to know you haven't been here long, friend.

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>There was a little thing that I grew up with back in the 80's
Nice try Captain Born-In-1998, but you're not fooling anyone with this.

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You guys don't get the entire problem. The 6th gen consoles came out almost 20 years ago, that is true. Problem is, the last PS2 games came out in 2013 or something so if we allowed PS2 discussion it would have to include games that are less than 10 years old.

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The GBA is the most retro of all those consoles in terms of how its hardware works.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't the only PS2 games still coming out in the 2010s FIFA releases or something?

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That's nice. Now please use a screwdriver to poke holes in your brain, and die.

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Even 18 is old, anything over a decade is retro really.

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Have fun with that projection, but I'm sure glad you weren't around at the time.

This is a pretty good point.

This is true, and it's closer to a portable SNES, of all things, however, it still shares titles with it's contemporaries of the time. I don't even mean pokemon, I mean games like
Ace Combat
Splinter Cell
Tomb Raider
Rayman Raving Rabbids
Need for Speed

What about all the movie and tv show releases that got games on other platforms?
Teen Titans
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Shark Tale
The Penguins of Madagascar
so on and so forth

You'd have to include the games from other releases because as much as you're already on about the GBA, yet another person will want to talk about how whichever platform's version was best and you have to acknowledge, etc etc etc.

Just throw it on another board that's dedicated to those games and onward.

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Fooled ME, anon.

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Same, 30yo boomer here, everywhere else besides this one board 6th gen is retro. These old fart 50yo dinosaurs who use this board are just buttmad that once 6th gen finally gets inducted here, they can kiss their 2600 threads, ancient euro PC threads, and NES threads goodbye and will be relegated to page 10 followed by a quick 404 or archive soon after.

It’s like those AARP card holders who can’t cope with the fact that Japanese sports cars from the 80’s & 90’s are classic cars now because according to the US department of transportation any car 25 years old is a classic car, and their 1956 winga dinga chrome laden land yacht isn’t the star of the show anymore because only other grey hairs care about that old shit.

The same will eventually happen once PS3/X360 becomes retro, the 4th & 5th gen threads will start to go poof to page 10, and so on. Because the people who were kids when those systems came out will be boomers who just wanna relive their youth.

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26 yo here. Yeah I played PS2 when I was a bit younger, but it just doesn't feel retro. Also, the length and try-hardism in your post just confirms that it's better if the forum tries to keep people who think like you away.

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You are trying too much, bro. I would never talk about ps2 games with you.

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I’ll always be here just like I always have been. It’s just annoying that I can discuss my favorite MegaDrive and PS1 games here but for some weird magical reason PS2 is a no-no even though Dreamcast which is also 6th gen is fine all because of one (1) year. /v/ is exclusively a shitposting and e-celeb and ‘game journalist said a thing on twitter’ board now and discussing anything other than the newest flavor of the week game is impossible there.

Making a 6th gen general is the best way to go, just like how /o/ made a motorbike general and trucker general on their board because hiromoot isn’t going to make a trucker board or motorbike board. Hiromoot already said no more new video game boards. So making a 6th gen general is sensible.

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The formative years of videogames (from 1st to 5th gen) will always be known as the Retro Period of videogames, and there's not a damn thing you soillennials can do to get 6th gen included in it.

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Ok man.

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Well don’t worry because you won’t have to anyway because of the gay rules here.

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Discuss PS2 in /v/ then.

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>/v/ is exclusively a shitposting and e-celeb and ‘game journalist said a thing on twitter’ board now and discussing anything other than the newest flavor of the week game is impossible there.

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And /vr/ isn't made to discuss PS2. Get out of here, you're not welcome.

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it’ll happen eventually get ready for gramps.

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Not him but (You) are a colossal faggot.

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I'm 28, I just don't want the lowest common denominator that grew up with the 6th gen to destroy this board forever. It ain't happening, being considered "retro" has nothing to do with how many years have passed. Anything after 2000 is contemporary, deal with it zoomers.

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>being considered "retro" has nothing to do with how many years have passed
mental gymnastics

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Sure it is.

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Nothing stays contemporary forever, everything becomes classic eventually.

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6th is just low res 8th

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7th gen right now is older than the Dreamcast was when this board was created, 6th gen at the very least should be allowed here. Of course the only response you'll get from the nostalgia blind circlejerkers on this board is 'but muh rules!'.

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No, otherwise people will ask for 7th gen on /vr/ in a bunch of years. We are good as we are.

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>turn of the century
Arbitrary date for guidelines irrelevant that technology gives 0 fucks what day it is. Dreamcast is 6th gen, and all 6th gen IS retro.

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Why doesn't Hiro already just make a board for 6th/7th gen?

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Starting age wars is the lowest form of debate.

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He's said he has no plans to create any additional video game boards.

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>I'm 28, I just don't want the lowest common denominator that grew up with the 6th gen
If you're 28 you grew up with the shit, dude.

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You could for the time being only allow the first 2-3 years of games, say 2001-03 which would solve the issue of >>5560153

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>y-you entered into my community!
No, people have been asking to add 6th gen for years.
>doesn't pander to your preferred section of gaming
Not everyone's autistic like you. This isn't my toy vs your toy. I will freely discuss sixth generation games in addition to previous generations whether this board allows it or not. Not only this, but the fact you consider first-fifth generations a "section" of gaming, just because some terribly thought out board says so, shows how you can't think for yourself. Sixth generation games have far more in common with the previous generation than the first/second generations do.

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>the last PS2 games came out in 2013 or something so if we allowed PS2 discussion it would have to include games that are less than 10 years old.
This is a non-issue. Games released THIS year for 5th gen/earlier consoles are allowed to be discussed. The last actual PS2 games were around 2007 with God of War 2. Nobody's going to be discussing Fifa 13 mate. Fifa 2005 was released for the PS1.

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All this shitposting started because Dreamcast gets a free pass here while the other sixth gen consoles are verboten. We need to revert the sticky so that none of the sixth gen systems are allowed on this board.

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>I will freely discuss sixth generation games in addition to previous generations whether this board allows it or not.

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Don't lump us all together. I'm mid way into my 40's and also think 6th gen should be allowed here, but don't care enough to argue about it.

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Dreamcast is more Gen 5-1/2 though.

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Dreamcast is Gen 5-1/2 just like the Colecovision is Gen 2-1/2. As soon as the PS2 arrived, Sega knew the jig was up and packed it in.

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The ACA considers any car to be an antique when it's 25 years old. It might be a bit disturbing to think a 92 Chevy Corsica can get classic car plates now, but oh well.

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The AACA considers any car to be an antique when it's 25 years old (they're also exempted from emissions requirements). It might be a bit disturbing to think a 92 Chevy Corsica can get classic car plates now, but oh well.

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Final Fantasy IX

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Ah yes, based mods remove my post regarding my intent to do what everyone in this thread is already doing. Can't be up front about things can we. Or was it because my sound arguments for allowing sixth gen threads had to be silenced? Only proves my point. I suppose it was the only way to balance against the very un-sound arguments on the contrary (besides the fact it would require making a change — something which 4chan's administration is always too lazy, frightened, indifferent, or dumb to do so).

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Go ahead and make a PS2 thread on /v/ right now. I dare you.

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The thread got autosaged.

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