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Hi anons.

Last summer here I was trying to lead a SMW collaboration hack here, in a similar vain to the ones held on 5channel and other places. I sadly had to step out for medical reasons, although certain things have recently drawn me back (those main things being the release of Lunar Magic 3.0 which allows for huge levels both vertically and horizontally along with the amazing JUMP 1/2 Hack). When I first ran the project, we got some support with a few levels contributed, although there was some debate about which direction to take the hack as certain anons wanted to fill the game with ASM and others wanted to go for a purely vanilla aesthetic. Creating a hack here with certain anons would certainly be a nice experience, and now that my medical issues have cleared I'd still be happy to lead it.

The main thing I wished to discuss in this introductory post is mainly the direction of the hack itself and how to set up certain content. The main thing we settled on in the end prior was a hack that was mainly Vanilla (ie, no major asm) in nature so that we could feasibly complete it, and then expand into ASM later on much like the VIP series on 5channel. Certain exceptions could be allowed here and there such as gfx that don't alter the game much, or custom music. Ideally I would say this would more than likely be the best case, especially if the hack only ends up being 30 or so exits as I had initially planned. When ran last year, we got around 6 or so levels completed within the first three weeks, and a lot of anons generally showed much interest in the project itself.

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In terms of the content needed to start hacking itself, I'll detail the first few things below:
> For the actual general usage SMW Editor, you'll need Lunar Magic - https://fusoya.eludevisibility.org/lm/
> You'll also need an emulator...I recommend ZMZ - https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=5681
> You'll also need a SMW rom, which you can easily find on a general google search.

Once more traction is set up again, I'll set up a serious claiming chart up for stuff such as Map16 and actual stages themselves, along with the baserom to compile all the levels of course. I'm looking forward to hearing the general opinion of all the anons here and looking forward to working on this once more!

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I have some nasty mario maker skills if any of that carries over. Vanilla with spikes of nani are the best way to go.

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That was sorta what I had in mind, and what the VIP series did best. Once we have a lot of levels complete they can be organized in terms of that to provide a cool difficulty curve.

Additionally for ease, I'll be using a tripcode to help organize the production better.

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Do you plan on reusing the levels from last year? If so I still have both of the ones I did for that, though I never ended up finishing the second one.

Regardless, I'd still like to contribute with 1 or 2 more levels if this picks up again.

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Is the cape going to be nerfed in any ways? I'd like to have a cape section in my level, but I don't want to break the rest of the game because of my level. I could resort to forced damage, but I feel that's not good level design

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Here's v1 for my level. Any feedback appreciated as it's still a work in progress.

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All the levels submitted used vanilla resources, so I don't see why not. However, I dont have all the levels that were submitted (only 4), although in that case the anons who made them could recontribute. Good to have you back too !

If we are going with no ASM then thr cape would not be modified.

I played through this. It's fun but very empty. If some enemy setups were added itd make a good first castle.

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Thanks for the input
I tried to keep the number of sprites low since it's a no SA-1 hack, but I beefed up the enemies like you suggested

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Yep, I'd say this is good to go now.

In the event that we use the levels from the last attempt, to be clear with the other anons we'll be continuing in the path I mentioned before? I want to get a few more opinions before committing to a base rom and setting up sign up sheets.

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>we'll be continuing in the path I mentioned before?
Not exactly sure what you mean by this (though I probably don't care). Are you talking about the overworld paths?
Last time I made a ghost house, go ahead and reuse it if you choose to

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More-so I meant the direction of the hack itself -- being one that is vanilla in nature that focuses on level design and not much ASM magic, so it's feasible for us to complete.

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Was there any hack that used all of these proto sprites?

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One super easy level and one hard level.

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There was a SMW beta hack that used a ton, but not all the new ones in here.

Sorry, what do you mean?

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I don't know how hard it is to recreate these sprites from zero, but it'd be nice to have all of these on a romhack.

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Doing things like custom gfx is something I dont mind so long as they arent too extreme and dont have any asm oriented blocks.

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I just finished my own SMW hack. I haven't released it yet because my brother is beta testing it, but I think I have taught myself a good set of Lunar Magic skills, and I would be happy to help out in the collab

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Cool! Considering this hack will only be around 30 levels long, if around 10 or so anons are interested it could easily and feasibly get done with the 7 levels complete

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Sounds good! How exactly do you plan on getting this all organized, though? Just stay in contact through 4chan?
Also, what kind of difficulty did you have in mind for the hack? Obviously the easier levels will be placed near the beginning, but i'm just wondering if there is an overall theme in difficulty.

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My vanilla-fu is rusty after 10 years of heavy chocolating, but I'd be happy to help with this. I assume you are waiting until the end to design the overworld map, when the number of levels, their themes and their ordering will be known? Are we allowed to add secret exits?

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I'm aiming for medium-hard difficulty, much like the VIP and JUMP hacks. That style worked really well and considering the hack size itll work well here.

Yep! Secret exits are allowed and the OW will be designed last. Anons can make whatever they want so long as itmeshes with the rest of the hack well.

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just got started on a bridge level
it's nowhere near done, but I am starting to get an idea as to what the geometry of the level will be like

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Looks neat so far, I look forward to seeing how it progresses. As we speak, I am setting up a new baserom to be posted later today

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So I'm missing one of the levels it seems. Does anyone by any chance remember or have the "Clockwork Cliff" level? At least, thats what I recall it being named

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Waiting for that new baserom, I'll start working on my level this weekend.

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First baserom is here! Included are the current levels submitted along with their respective map16. With the exception of
> Pages 2 and 3 of the Map16
> Levels 001, 002, 003, 00B, 01A, 030, and 055
everything else is on the table to be claimed.

Very sorry about the delay everyone, please enjoy! Happy claiming...

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Seems pretty okay so far.

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Ok, so the level geometry is pretty much done now, still need to add in most of the sprites.

Didn't build the hardest level in the world, instead opted to try and build a level with multiple paths and a focus on more vertical platforming

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Neat! Looks super fun as well, I look foward to playing through it

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File: 82 KB, 5376x432, Red Koopa Crossing v3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright here's the first ready to go version. Might tweak the time limit if people find it too tight.

tested it in higan and it runs flawlessly with no slowdown

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At the moment, a majority of the levels made feel at fairly World 1 difficulty. If this hack stays small then perhaps ramping the difficulty up sounds appropriate.

Besides that though, good job all the anons who contributed so far! Can't wait to see what the other anons who are considering also decide to do...

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An extremely rude 0 to 100 difficulty curve is part of the VIP experience. But yeah, to replicate that, people would still have to make hard levels.

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At the moment I think only 4 anons have made levels already...I think maybe it'd be best if we tried to limit level claiming to maybe 3 max, although it'd be a bit hard to enforce.

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>custom music
How would one do custom music? I assume a tracker and then insert it in the rom some how, unless there's a dedicated tool or something.

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Get AddMusicK:
Then get some music:
There is one comment saying AMK is not working on lunar magic 3.03, so you might need to try an older version if that's the case.
Follow this tutorial:

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Regarding music, if someone wants a song for their level that's not in smwc's database, I can give a shot at porting it. I'm not the best, but it does the job well enough.
I'm gonna start working on my level now, as promised.

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Also, for those not in the know, you can download this
and dump everything in the same folder as Lunar Magic. Then, you'll be able to play your levels within the editor without having to change the levels on the OW and go through the intro everytime you want to test something. Just press CTRL-F4 (don't remember which).

Also, question for OP: Lunar Magic adds the ability to make somewhat diagonal levels. However, the original game did not have that feature, and thus, no autoscroll generator exists in vanilla for diagonal movement. If I wanted a diagonal (or custom variable like in Butter Bridge 1) autoscroll, could I make the UberASM code for it? Or is that not vanilla enough?

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I am personally okay with it, but I'd like to get the opinions of other anons first. The ASM I wanted to avoid was moreso custom sprites/blocks mainly to give a classic VIP feeling. Any ASM included I merely wish to be QoL in nature, or be extensions of Vanilla SMW as you mentioned. An example would be a layer 2 smash variant for vetical/diagnol levels, but thats the most extreme case.

Of course, that does not apply to custon music, so if anons want to do stuff with that go ahead.

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I agree, and to that effect, I think we should avoid ever applying Spritetool or PIXI's hacks to the rom. Pretty much anything that can be considered QoL or Vanilla-extending can be made with simple hex edits, standalone patches, or UberASM, so no need to compromise stability.

While talking about QoL... Some people might not know that Monty Moles will come out of the ground slower in the Yoshi's Island submap, and faster everywhere else. It might be a good idea to disable this behavior so people's levels don't get altered by their placement on the final OW. Dry Bones also behave differently when in certain levels.

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>Dry Bones also behave differently when in certain levels.

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Applying the Monty patch sounds good. For other QoL stuff, itd be really neat to get any possivle sprite combination working in a level, altbo idk how feasible thatd be. Additionally, things like an Edited Browser Battle or Vertical Autosctolling to me sound fair game

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Dry Bones that throw bones fall off ledges, and those that don't throw them stay on ledges. In level 10D, the bone-throwing ones also stay on ledges.

Also, claiming level 2B and Map16 Page 0B.

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having any sprite combination work would be a nightmare to get to work. As for a modified Bowser, it'd be easier to make a new one from scratch than modify the vanilla one, I think. Gimme UberASM and a month or two and I could cook something up.
Also, the No More Sprite Tile Limits patch would be something to consider, so we don't have to mess around with the Sprite Memory setting anymore.

>> No.5567020

My intent was to use that in the next baserom. As for Bowser, I'm unsure if a new final boss would be the most Vanilla thing, even if it helped solidify the hack's place among the 2ch collabs with their own. I'd still like to hear other Anon's out on the matter first.


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Oops, forgot that we can't access any level from the OW. Claiming level 11, but keeping 2B anyway for the sublevel.

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For future level claims btw, what would you guys suggestion? I can set up a google sheets for claiming things but if anyone has a better Idea, I'm open to it

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A Google Sheets would be useful, yeah.

Idea: Move the sprite part of the Note Blocks and ON/OFF Blocks to SP1/2 so they don't glitch for anyone.

...Claiming Map16 Page 88, now I swear this is the last time I'm claiming something for this level. Have a sneak peek, not sure if it'll fit well considering other people didn't seem to use custom palettes, but oh well.

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I really like the look of this level. Don't worry about using a custom palette I was actually going back to give the levels I contributed ones too.

Put down other pages your put too

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Level 011
Sublevel 02B
Map16 0B
Map16 88

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I keep trying to insert custom music but I am getting this error. Any idea what could be wrong?

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Nvm, I forgot I was inserting a sampled track oops.

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I decided to make another level, aimed at the late game. It's rather difficult, but theres sections that I find to be quite fun.

Additionally, I set up claiming for Levels, Sublevels, and Map16 on a google sheet. Happy Claiming to that too!

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Here's the level I am working on right now. As of now it has no name, but it is an athletic level with a focus on moving platforms and quick actions. I plan on it having a secret exit as well. I claim page 0D of the map16, and I will put it on the google sheet as soon as I get access

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Really neat, it looks like a good mid-game level.

>> No.5568431

That's what I was going for!

>> No.5568508

Allowed access to everyone who wanted doc editing permits. Sorry for the wait

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Are we going to have switch palaces? If so, should we make them puzzle levels like a lot of hacks do?

>> No.5568748

I did plan for them. If you want to make them puzzle levels or more like how they function in the actual game is up to you guys. I'm fine with either

>> No.5568765

I remember this thread from last year. If you finish I'll play through it

>> No.5568771

Thanks for the support! But it'd also be nice if you contributed a level too

>> No.5568875

OK I finished my level, Megamole Hills. It's a simple level, probably good for an introduction, maybe placed somewhere near the beginning.


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will finish tomorrow

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This level looks fantastic so far! Can you link me to anything else you've made?

Good job too, I'll get that level tested

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>Can you link me to anything else you've made?
I rarely showed off my stuff back when I was on smwc, and I ended up deleting most of my old stuff when I left, so I don't have mush to show. I'm only warming up to the idea of getting back into the hobby thanks to this thread. I had forgotten how fun it is to make truly vanilla levels, without spending days on aesthetics.
Maybe I'll finish the level today, maybe not, I have to fix my car before the end of the weekend.

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Added back the little splash screen. I'll create a new baserom once all the current levels are inserted.

Also, for the anons who have submitted levels without custom music, would you guys be okay with it added to some? I get the feeling that it'd improve the experience, and the regular SMW ost gives the hack a bit of a generic feel.

>> No.5570193

I've been considering editing the Status Bar to make it more uniform, akin to what JUMP did. The main things I was going to remove were the bonus stars (potentially that minivans too?) and the score counter. Does that seem okay and fair?

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Current idea, based on some tests I did

>> No.5570308

Yeah have the ministars become coins like in JUMP½

>> No.5570319

The ministars were entirely cut out in JUMP. I think you're thinking of VLDC...? They don't really serve much a purpose though

>> No.5570537

Looks good! My level isn't done yet, but I'm down for some custom music. Maybe we can get certain songs to replace all of the vanilla SMW songs? Like for example, we can get a song to replace the athletic theme, so all athletic levels would use that theme. Or, each person submitting a level can include a song they want to be used in their level.

>> No.5570562

That's sorta the idea! Anons can pick and choose what songs they'd like to have play in their level. At the moment, all my levels and "Clockwork Cliffs" contain Custom Music, and I wouldn't mind adding some to other levels as too.

>> No.5570575

Are there any rules or guidelines for the levels or do we just make whatever we want?

>> No.5570576

In JUMP½ you get the amount of coins that you would have in ministars. Don't remember if it's the same in regular JUMP or the newer VLDCs.

>> No.5570646

You make anything you want yep, just claim a level in the sheet first.

Oh really? Hm, well if others want it I don't see why not

>> No.5571101

I decided to throw out my current stage 0B in favor of a different stage, as I felt it was the weakest of the ones I made. I intend to replace it with a switch palace (green).

>> No.5571139

Additionally, I noticed that a few levels suffer from slowdown. This could easily mitigated with SA-1 but...is that something we should do? I recall last year certain anons were against working with that due to some incompatibilities,

>> No.5571318

Well, what would be incompatible? If we are aiming to stay mostly vanilla, it wouldn't be a problem. Does it mess something up when you put it in certain emulators or the SNES classic?

>> No.5571319

On one hand, SA-1 can have some compatibility issues sometimes, yes. But since this is supposed to be a vanilla hack, I feel like it wouldn't bring too many issues.
AMK works correctly with SA-1, and so do the other bugfix/QoL patches that were considered earlier in the thread. PIXI is unstable garbage though, especially when combined with SA-1. But again, this is a vanilla hack, so I don't think we would need that anyway.

>> No.5571324

also, if a patch we need doesn't support sa-1, i can try fixing it, i was an early adopter who actively help in converting stuff at first

>> No.5571875

The only reason I considered it was to fix such slowdown problems, but conaidering the vanilla nature I was hesitsnt. Because we wont be usong any custom blocks to start, I don't think that would be much an issue....although once again I'm unsure. If theres a way to increasethe amount of sprites on screen without SA-1 use and slowdown, that would be the ideal thing.

>> No.5572605


>> No.5572759

I think it might be best to hold off on the SA-1 (though I doubt it would cause problems) for now and get most of the content done first. It gives time for people to revise their levels if they want to while still leaving the option of SA-1 available

>> No.5573065

Lagging due to massive amounts of sprites is also the VIP experience.

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File: 203 KB, 1854x690, yus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried to tone it down regardless haha.

Speaking of, here's the finished Switch Palace. It's gimmick revolves around bringing Yoshi to the end without having him eat anything.

>> No.5573357

I decided to insert all the SMW remixes from the VLDC hacks for use in levels. While custom music isn't mandatory by any means, at the very least these remixes will provide variety.

>> No.5573536

Looks good! Might want to throw a mushroom on Mario at the beginning so he doesn't get destroyed by the moles

>> No.5574605


>> No.5574820

What did you guys decide about the cape? Have you considered implementing the racoon tail from 3 instead?

>> No.5574963

We're going to keep the cape as normal. Personally, I don't think we need to use the raccoon tail, as it doesn't add much to the project. Maybe if we ever do a second, if this takes off, we can experiment with that and more ASM.

>> No.5574998

Yeah, vanilla is best for this kind of thing, especially if we want to attract new people who might not be too familiar with complex ASM. And we could definitely do with more people right now.

Lakoopa In The Sky should be finished this evening. I completed the last segment and only need to do the bonus room and the small pre-boss powerup area (will both be on sublevel 2B). Not sure which boss I'll use, probably Reznor.

>> No.5575019

That does up something. For castles, do you guys think we should be using bosses that allow easy editing for their fields (ie, Lemmy/Wendy along with Big Boo Battles) or normal bosses that are more complex (ie everything else, barring Reznor technically).

>> No.5575619

open your mouths boys, im here to drop some dookies!

>> No.5575635

...on a separate note, should we allow anons to design what levels they'd like and decide on world themeing based on that, or should we create the world themes going forward first and then create levels? The former would be more creative but the latter would be more uniform.

>> No.5575805

Former, the erraticness of level themes is a nice thing about collabs. Besides, it's always possible to create maps with wild geography that reflects the levels they contain.

>> No.5575839

That's fair! Also, I'm open to suggestions for adding music. If anyone has any suggestion, I'd be happy to include it for the next base rom.

>> No.5576097

I recall an anon in this thread talking about porting music. It occurred to me that a general trend that most collabs seem to be following (at the least, VIP and JUMP) tend to have the "mandatory Kenji Ito track" in the final level. In VIP5, it was Julius and iirc another Saga 2 theme, whereas in JUMP it was the Saga 3 final boss and pre-final boss theme.

If we decide to follow that trend too, it'd be cool to potentially use one of the obscure Ito tracks from like Saga Frontier or something.

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File: 220 KB, 4304x480, LakoopaInTheSky.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finished my level at last. I wonder how difficult the last part is when you don't know what's coming?

>> No.5576305

I'm glad you're feeling better OP.

>> No.5577796

Thanks man!

Also, going to test the level at the moment and add it to the rom. There are two other levels claimed, should I wait for their completion of create the new baserom now?

>> No.5577921

Just finished testing. The level is quite fun, but the last few setups in the second part (particularly screens 11 through 15 or so) are a bit too difficult, and spinjumping for that long isnt very fun. The last two screens however have some really cool setups that feel like they were created by the JUMP Team so I would recommend keeping those and trying to fix the other parts.

Also I made the music for the stage Reincarnated Soul from Castlevania Bloodlines and thought it fit quite well.

>> No.5578168

Thanks for the feedback, I have a few ideas to break down the spinjump segments and make the whole thing a bit less tiresome and instadeath-y. I might not keep the last 2 screens though, as I feel like they're the most annoying of the bunch. Maybe if I lowered everything so it fits on-screen, and made grinders sync up more with the left side of the screen than the right? I don't usually make hard levels at all, so thanks for the feedback.

Also, Reincarnated Soul is absolutely perfect, I was actually hesitating between some other Castlevania songs to play on the level.

>> No.5578190

I'm going to finish this one in the next couple days, I haven't worked on it much because of finals. You can go ahead and create the baserom if you want, dosen't matter to me.

>> No.5578291
File: 170 KB, 1845x840, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's fine, I completely understand. Real life first, afterall.

Also, I created some custom palettes for the ghost house level. I think it looks quite nice.

>> No.5578686


New Baserom time! This one adds 3 new levels, a lot of new custom music, and minor UI changes.

I'll also relink the claiming sheet for ease of claiming things within this hack.Happy claiming once more!

>> No.5578694

I must have completely missed this post. Extremely extremely sorry! I do agree that the spinjumping parts are fairly tiresome. The first half of the level I think strikes a better balance between spinjumping and platforming, so perhaps something like that more?

>> No.5579107

Finished the level I had been originally working on for last year's attempt:
Uses level C and sublevel AC and the same Map16 page as my previous level (I hope it doesn't clash with other claims). Also went ahead and updated my previous level to polish some stuff up:

>> No.5579172

Sounds good, I'll test both when i have time tomorrow

>> No.5579796


>> No.5579826

Wouldn’t forced damage not work any away? You can grab items then start+select to leave levels you’ve beaten already.

>> No.5579931

The cape won't br changed regardless so It doesn't matter anyways.

>> No.5580696

Hey I think I'm missing a few files, specifically those for the background of UFO.

>> No.5580769

Also I want to make a note that while ExGFX is being used in this to make certain graphical combinations look good, that's all it should be used for ideally, in order to keep this hack mostly vanilla spirited.

Also, once the files are sent we'll be at 10 completed levels. Woo....

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File: 31 KB, 500x850, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I decided to create a quick item farm level, which I figured will be useful considering most hacks have them. However, it's a bit plain. Would a puzzle of sorts be a good idea? I don't want to copy the JUMP and VIP hacks overly.

>> No.5581237

Just to clarify this, I'm missing ExGFX file #85 and the Map16 for the BG

>> No.5581705

Oops, sorry about that.
Uses Map16 page 82 for the BG.

>> No.5581824

Not an issue!

I was going back and replaying this and I realized rhis stage is a bit confusing. The room wkth the cape flying is also impossible if you losethe cape. Would it be possible to redesign that room to be done with traditional platforming too.

Additionally, something I realized that I never brought up -- any suggestions for the nameof this hack?

>> No.5582719

/vr/os before hoes
replace peach's graphics with luigi or something like that

>> No.5582740

I don't see the point in that, considering I don't think we intend to have much a plot either. Including Luigi is some capacity as a second playable character would be cool though.

>> No.5582975

Yeah, I relooked at the stage and realized I made a few mistakes in the sub level. I'll see what I can do and try to make a fixed version ASAP

>> No.5583029

No problem, thanks a ton!

>> No.5583087

I tried fiddling with the placement of the feather and drybones for a while but nothing quite played as well as I wanted it. Ultimately I just settled for a reset pipe.


>> No.5583112

The problem isn't the pipe - what is really needed is an alternate non-cape path too imo.

>> No.5583593

So "Unidentified Fishy Object" does not fit within the SMW Text Space. Should I do the double lined text screen patch or...?

>> No.5583857

Out of curiosity, would other anons here be willing to try out the current baserom and give opinions on the levels? Tweaking and refining overall I don't think wouldn't hurt either. I'll link to a (slightly) updated one with UFO added in.


>> No.5584630

I decided to add a few patches to a fork of the rom. I'm unsure if people will approve of them all, but I could easily revert them back
> Extended Overworld Names so people can name whatever they'd like
> Individual Dragon Coin saves, as it's a commonplace in most hacks
> Dragon Coin Counter on the OW so you know if you have collected a coin or not.

>> No.5585487


>> No.5586170
File: 92 KB, 3584x432, Boiling Thwomp Palace v4 sublevel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright how is this, I added in a climbing net for if you don't have the cape

>> No.5586191

I suppose that is a good fix. Can you send the mwl?

Additionally looking at the things I mentioned above regarding testing, patches, and the hack name would be nice too

>> No.5586618

I was trying to think of some other ways to make this hack unique compared to the other major board ones. One thing I had in mind was maybe making the hack star Luigi rather than Mario, which could easily help it stand out. Would you anons be okay with that change? I'm worried I'm doing these a lot mainly arbitrarily, and for a change as big as this maybe getting opinions would help.

>> No.5586962

Maybe sprite hack retro 3D glasses onto the character. Well, that'd be hard.

>> No.5587172

It'd actually be fairly easy, and I wouldn't be opposed to that. How do other Anons feel? At the least it'd be a good way to rep /vr/, even if not by much.

>> No.5587806

I tried some experiments editing some sprites but nothing looked good. Hm....any other ideas?

>> No.5587807

Sounds interesting and not too hard, yeah. I also approve of the new patches, doesn't affect gameplay but still enhances both the creators and players' experiences.

>> No.5587820

The amount of work needed to add sunglasses to all of Mario's art isn't the problem, it's moreso making it look good within the confined tile space (and the problem is that it does not look good in that space from my tests).

>> No.5587829

My vote is for no custom graphics, bar overworld. They never fit the same aesthetics, and in my eyes cheapen the whole thing.

>> No.5587838

The levels so far have only used graphics from Vanilla SMW in different ways, much like the VLDCs. I don't think that's the worst thing either, and it gives the hack a bit more of a unique feeling to it. As for the overworld, what type of new graphics could we even include for that to begin with?

I also wanted to iterate on one additional thing - the dragon coin save works different in this hack than in VLDC and JUMP. Here, it's saved after each individual Dragon Coin. While serving the same purpose, it doesn't change much and helps differentiate the hack more.

>> No.5588823


>> No.5589251

A majority of levels submitted at the moment feel and pretty much make up a complete World 1. Should I start making an overworld submap for them? The fact that at the moment, 7 of the 10 levels submitted feel like World 1 difficulty is semi-concerning. UFO feels more midgame and atm Lunar Athletic and Lakoopa feel more endgame, but outside of that most of the levels are fairly simple and easy.

>> No.5589343

sorry for the late reply, but here you go:

>> No.5589354

Thanks a ton!

Also I'm mocking up my idea for the first world's map. I'm trying to give it a very Japanese Hack feeling.

>> No.5589493
File: 31 KB, 512x448, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Map complete, I really like how it turned out. What do you guys think?

>> No.5589813

Although I like the map I think it's too early to be working on the overworld, especially since there haven't been any discussions on how we want to handle it.

>> No.5589980

I was mainly going by what was said in the initial proposition last year to have an overworld map rather than go level to level seemlessly. To me an overworld allows for more interaction and variety and for clever secrets to be added. I didn't intend to do any other maps because as you said, it's way too early. I was merely just placing the "World 1 Levels" in a map of sorts to see how they look overall.

>> No.5590758


>> No.5590764

LOLOLOL this will fail just like all the other collab projects before this.

>> No.5590770

Maybe so, but I'm willing to give it a shot regardless! Whats the worst that can happen, afterall? 10 levels are already done, which is roughly 1/3 of the amount I was planning for this first attempt.

>> No.5590935

Worst case scenario it still gets the creative juices flowing before mario maker 2

>> No.5591778

Bump, going to wait for remaining submitted levels prior to doing anything else.

>> No.5592562

That does bring up a good point -- considering Mario Maker 2 there'll probably be more custom music to use here and there considering unlike the graphics in SMM1, the music doesn't really clash with SMW much.

>> No.5593549


>> No.5594357

There's too much contrast in the background here. The background ends up being too distracting instead of staying, well, in the background.

>> No.5594361

What colors would you change?

>> No.5594425

Not bad. It's better than I could do

>> No.5594443

Lakoopa anon here. Somewhat ironically (considering the nature of my level), I was victim of a chainsaw-related incident this weekend and I won't be able to comfortably handle a d-pad for a while. I might still try to make the modifications I intended, but testing will be postponed. Sorry.

>> No.5594453

I'd tone down the red a bit and definitely the cyan around the lamps.

>> No.5594459

Thats okay dude! Feel free to rest up. Worst case I can make minor modifications myself, if you don't mind of course.

I work on that later today.

>> No.5594648

I was thinking about a major overhaul to the 2nd half rather than small tweaks. The difficulty should be lower, but a lot more varied. I'll take care of it, just probably not this week. I still can't move my thumb.

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