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Is the Unreal series worth playing for single-player? Is there even a single-player mode? And how are the non-vr games?

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No they're arena shooters. Even when you set up bots to play with it's even worse than single player fighting games.

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>Is there even a single-player mode?
am I being memed here?

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The main series Unreal are, in fact, single player focused, with a traditional FPS campaign. The Tournament spin-off, which is far more well known than the main series, is multiplayer focused, but can be played single-player with bots.

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Unreal 1 + Expansion, definitely.
Forget 2, that was some backwards garbage.

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There's objectively nothing wrong with Unreal 2. Sure, it has long loading times (even on modern machines), and the enemies in the game have UT AI (which makes them run around like headless chickens arena shooter style instead of behaving like a single-player FPS would expect them to behave), but it's still a solid game regardless. Back in the day, I would rate it a 6/10, but re-evaluating it by modern FPS standards, I would bump the score to 8/10.

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you can play single player campaigns in ut too

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I got Unreal Gold off GoG just now and I can't get it to run.

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No, they're fucking boring.

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>I got Unreal Gold off GoG just now and I can't get it to run.
what about >>5553086

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I tried the unofficial patch but it has had no effect.

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have you selected the correct renderer?

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I tried all the ones available.

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what's the error?

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Depending on which video driver I choose, either it will launch but the screen will remain black, or I'll get pic related.

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show me the driver list

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File: 40 KB, 521x443, err.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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try patch 226 with one of these

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also, how do you have this?

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The official patch is asking me for the CD directory, and I'm using the gog version... Wat do?

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what in the absolute fuck is going on inside your computer?, 226 should not ask you for a cd

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did you choose "full install", right?

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...I hate you.
Unreal Gold is one of my favourite single-player experiences ever. It is definately worth playing for single player.

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>There's objectively nothing wrong with Unreal 2.
Well, it's objectively called "Unreal" and back in the day it carried some expectations.

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On the gog game installer? It didn't give me an option like that.

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What operating system are you at? It may in fact be a DEP issue as >>5553167

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No one cared about the main series anymore at that point. It was all omg UT2k3 sooo kewl!!!!

>He never played U2XMP
You zoomers will never know the finest Unreal multiplayer experience ever

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Windows 8.1. I tried making an exception for unreal.exe but nothing changed.

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Maybe try turning it off completely. I had the same issue back in the day and this actually helped.

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The last time I've played Unreal I used XP. No idea how it works on newer OS.

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Works fine here on Win 10

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Then you explain the zoomer >>5553263 how to make it work

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What was so great about XMP? I heard a lot of people saying it was awesome but never got to play it.

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it was nothing special
class based, you controlled generators that gave you energy for your team vehicles, weapons and your suit
it was ported to ut2004 (it ran better), although it's a professional mod, nobody played it

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>nobody played it
No shit, the original version was available for free, why would people play a mod version of it instead.

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>the original version was available for free
yeah, for unreal 2 owners, are you ok anon?
it was ported for a reason too

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>for unreal 2 owners
Precisely the people that would be interested in XMP gameplay. UT2k4 owners were interested in... UT2k4 gameplay. No wonder the mod version flopped.

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nobody played it, it came late for a game that flopped
when it was ported to ut2004 the game had 2 million players

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just installed the steam version and the patch 227i on windows 10 1903

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just installed the steam version and the patch 227i on windows 10 1903

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>UT2k4 owners were interested in... UT2k4 gameplay
Uh, UT2k4 had plenty of successful mods.

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>class based, you controlled generators that gave you energy for your team vehicles, weapons and your suit
Sounds sort of like C&C Renegade?

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XMP was NOT one of them, it’s UT2k4 version flopped completely

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OK, just saying that "2k4ers only cared about core 2k4 gameplay" was probably not the reason why.

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First Unreal (Gold) is a strikingly looking and sounding game, but then you realize, that none of the mappers were partcularly good (not even the one who designed the outside areas, as he also designed the godforsaken, gameplay-wise, abomination, called "Sunspire"), and you are playing arena botmatching with local "Predators" (named scaarjs) half the time anyway.

I would compare it to Serious Sam: The First Encounter. Looks great, sounds great, but when you squint, you start to see mediocre layouts, and, moreover, that despite looking sufficiently DoomQuake-y, it's a very different - and much more primitive once you get down to it, game, than, let's say, Quake 1.

In other words, both are a sort of a bait-n-switch, carried primarily by their respective aesthetices and by a set of sufficiently "classy" superficial gamedesigning attributes.

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GOG version works fine on Win 7 as well. I am 99% certain it's a Data Execution Prevention issue. I would shut it down completely if adding unreal.exe to the exception list doesn't help. Or run a installation verification - maybe it'll help.

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>whining about the Sunspire
Brainlet detected

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Copypasted yellow cubes don't make for a well playing level.

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But copypasted brown walls surely do make a good game, Quakefag?

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What's wrong with Sunspire? Sure it's not an amazing level but at worst the gameplay is forgettable, while there are other maps with actually fun gameplay like Na Pali Haven, Bluff Eversmoking, ISV-Kran, the Mothership levels etc. Even Chizra is kinda cool if you're capable enough to not get lost.

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gog version

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s3tc textures yay or nay?

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uh, are you ok buddy?

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idfags are the bane of retro fps discussions
your games are not the mario of fps.

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>no glide

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Is that why I played it a lot? Because it failed completely? I'll go back in time and tell all those people I was playing with that they don't exist.

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>I'll go back in time and tell all those people I was playing with that they don't exist.
Don't worry about that. They're real in your mind.

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>show certified, compatible devices

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Seconding this. As important as Quake was for 3D gaming it wasn't the most important, Unreal was just as important if not arguably moreso because it combined so many solid elements into one game, whereas Quake just had the standard id software fare on top of a really fun multiplayer. Quake showed what tech could do, Unreal showed what you could do with the tech.

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>Unreal showed what you could do with the tech.
So make a whole bunch of poorly designed levels and spam skarrj at you?

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Only the first game had a SP mode, the others are all arena shootan. The SP maps do have nice level design and pretty environments, but the actual gameplay is quite repetitive/dull.

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unreal is based dont listen to the quakebabies in this thread

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>game is so bad that kickstarts the most popular engine by miles

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Unreal (the first one) is a single player game. It was (is?) probably the greatest FPS released that year, and was much more atmospheric to me than half-life, probably due to more outside environments and fantastical alien worlds and NPCs that didn't attack you back (Nali), and threw you into this intergalactic war in a fascinating way as a prisoner
Many of the weapons (especially the alt-fires) and environments are very creative, and some levels are still very good and mindbogglingly affecting, such as the sunspire and such.

This is not true. You can play UT'99 single player, and the campaign is very fun that way, to move up the levels and unlock the other modes and become champion of all these modes. Yes it's basically just "botmatches" but at the time in 1999 it was miles ahead of Q3A, turok rage wars, other such would-be-competitors...Find me a single level in any other game of the time that can be compared to any "Assault" mode in UT99, especially the underwater sealab level, or train level, or the operation overlord map, etc...

UT2K4 has probably the coolest single player an arena shooter has ever had, where you build a team and recruit other members and manage it kind of like a sports team, you pick bots that have certain stats and personalities and specialties, and deal with player injuries and stuff, and win money, it's really well done.

UT3 kind of fucked up the single player and tried to make it more like a gears-of-war story type of thing. It's still fun but gets really annoying on higher difficulties, kind of unfair like 2v6 capture the flag that you have to use a "card" to get up to 4v6...but again, UT3 is just not as good in general.

Unreal II: the awakening I tried to like so much, and had lots of good ideas, but was just hard to slog through. It's not forgettable, I remember the early levels really well, and liked some of the characters in it, but it's not really a true sequel to unreal 1.

TL;DR: play Unreal, UT99, and UT2K4

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double tapping for hops gets a big YIKES from me dawg

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go back

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You have no idea how young most of this board is.

This but unironically.

It was pretty good. There was more to it than your average class based thing
thats the reality
people still didnt bother with it
all they need to do to bring back arena shooters is to make another Ut2K4 invasion RPG mod...let people have infinite fuel jetpacks and triple-beam shock rifles firing 3 times per second vs AI...it'd be better than warframe.

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>thinking sunspire isnt a masterpiece
>Sure it's not an amazing level
citation needed

ISV-Kran is more fun tho gotta admit.
based and Unrealenginepilled

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>not using shift modifier

>> No.5554678

Shift is for crouching
Mouse2 is the modifier, pleb
Mouse3 alt shot
God I miss my 3 button mouse

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Also important to notice is that a lot of single player maps/mods from the Unreal community were made for UT instead, which you can run with Oldskool. Since UT was far more polished and basically had all the assets from Unreal and more they'd make their content for UT instead, but still aimed at the Unreal crowd. So if OP wants to explore the community made single player content, UT is essential.

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Note you said engine not game.

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Unreal 1 is ok but overrated to high hell and back by nostalgia fags
Unreal 2 is genuinely one of the worst FPS games ever made despite its still pretty graphics
Unreal 3 was just MP against bots with a thin plot, not worth playing

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Original Unreal was ok, graphics were impressive for the time. Unreal Tournament was such a classic multiplayer experience, I'd argue it still holds up today, gameplay wise.

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The only Unreal I know of is 2k3/2k4, still holds up to this day, still play it to this day, despite there being only 1-2 populate servers.


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my issue mostly is over-correcting all my movements, and end up double tapping accidentally

>> No.5558796

You can set the time limit for the dodge in the settings though.

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Unreal 1 is single-player driven. It's cool.

Unreal Tournament has incredible bots that were unrivaled for its time to the point that the bot matches are still fun to this day.

Unreal Tournament 2004 is the only other Unreal game that's really worth playing, but it's also multiplayer. But again, the bots are fucking great.

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Unreal was literally free on Steam a while back.

>> No.5560441

Only the unreal tournament games are arena shooters

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Kill me, Pete.

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The campaign in Unreal 1 looks great but the level design isn't very good. Unreal 2 isn't really worth playing. UT99, UT2k4, and UT3 are really fun to play against bots but they don't have 'traditional' single player modes. In UT99 and UT2k4 you fight through arena matches with no story. UT3 has a story with cinema scenes and everything but it's not great. The branching paths and bonus card system is kinda cool though, I wish they had done more with that. I haven't played the Unreal Championship games so I don't know what goes on in those.

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unreal championship is ut2003 on console
unreal championship 2 is a total different game (a good one)

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Serious question. What is wrong with U1 level design? They are definately much more sprawling than Quake or Doom ones, with more puzzles and less fighting but I kinda liked that as a kid.

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there is nothing wrong, it's just id kiddies

>> No.5560941

The fuck your are babbling about?

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It's just NPC whining. Some contrarian SAID it was "bad", so these tiny brained NPCs that are unable of forming a opinion of their own immediately start parroting that meme, of a game they barely have any knowledge on.

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Play Unreal, UT99, UT2003 and UT2004. Skip Unreal 2.

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