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Who's better?

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Who what?

Isn't that Doomguy in both?

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SP: Doom 1
MP: Doom 2

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Personally I preferred Doom 1. Levels got way too open and convoluted in 2. The new enemies were also fucking shit. Who in their right mind thought the archvile was a good idea?

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>no super shotgun but also no chaingunners
Doom 2
>there's a super shotgun but there's also chaingunners
I think it evens out

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Anyone that doesn't pick Plutonia Experiment is a scrub that needs to git gud.

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I really liked the ambitiousness they had in Doom 2. Like trying to create large city battlezones with such limited technology.

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Wtf, I love brown and brown green!!!

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Doom 1 is mechanically the better game. Super Shotgun breaks the game and makes things too easy.
Doom 2 happens to be pretty fun, though.

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Doom 1 has overall better level design. Doom 2's level design starts to fall apart after MAP11.

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Everything takes too long to kill in Doom 1.
Doom 2 is much better on that front.

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Doom Guy was yesterday, enter Calamity Chap

"10/10, bloody brilliant"
- overpaid wanker

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In turn, there are far more enemies in doom 2. It's a shitty trade off if you ask me

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Doom 2. Only the first episode of Doom 1 is good (great)

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Doom 1's level design is only good in Knee Deep in the Dead, after that it shits the bed and becomes a fucking dumpster fire with Inferno.
Even if what you said about Doom 2's level design falling apart after MAP11 (Which it doesn't): Doom 2 would still have better overall level design than Doom 1 because Knee Deep in the Dead is only 8 stages.

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Inferno is kino

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Git gud

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doom 1 is the best.
doom 2 maps are not only ugly as hell but also a mess

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All of Doom II's new enemies and weapons were welcome improvements on game mechanics, but the original had much better level design overall.

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Doom 2's maps are mostly mediocre to bad, but the SSG and (most of) the new enemies are pretty great.

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>massive and quick damage hitscanner

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I couldnt bring myself to finish the bore that is Doom 2 and jumped over to build. D 1 is pretty great tho.

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Just because he's often abused in various fan maps doesn't mean he's a bad addition to the roster

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Mario Bros. at the arcade.

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if you disagree you're confirming you've never played them both through in each mode

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>Who's better?
What did OP mean by this?

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Doom 2 had too many Sandy Peterson levels. He had help in Doom 1.

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Doom II kind of, but it's like Terminator or Alien, it's better to just take them as a pair than argue about one over the other, they need each other
also >>5551404 is almost right TNT Evilution is better anyway, I consider it to basically be the real third game in the series

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2 was cash grab shit. I remember when it came out, should've been free to download, not a sequel. Also, maps are crap. SSG is okay I guess.

>pain elemental
>icon of sin


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What do you have against the Pain Elemental or especially the Archvile?

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100% agreed. Also doom 1 had best shareware

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>free to download
>in 1994 on a 3-4 kbits/s connection

Must suck being a Zoomer

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TNT looks nicer, but Plutonia is superior in gameplay, even if people pretend to hate the difficulty spikes.

>2 was cash grab shit.
Did you mean Thy Flesh Consumed? Now that shit is full of terrible level design.

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I like super shotgun but its not like a new game worthy weapon, its like an expansion maybe. It's no spear of destiny, that's for sure.
This but a little bit more ironically.
The new enemies are good. The first ~10 maps are good. The "city" maps are pretty bad.
Not him, and he's surely trolling, but BBS existed and by the mid90s websites were coming about more and more...I got plenty of maps for wolf3d, doom, duke3d "online" back then. I even downloaded shareware off BBS.
TNT and Plutonia have pretty bad level design overall but they're worth playing for sure, I enjoyed them, and "go2it" for example is pretty legendary, but they really are too obviously fan-made and not really official sequels, just selling fan maps as a disc.

They don't hold a candle to the quality of say, "Duke it out in D.C." - but again they're good.

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Maps for 1. Gameplay and weapons for 2.

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Get gud joel. People should make good maps in general, not maps tailor-made for your lack of skills.

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Like I said, must suck being a Zoomer

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each have thier ups and downs
>doom 1
>almost all maps are good
>not as much weapon/monster variety as doom 2

>doom 2
>some maps are shit and some maps are really good
>more weapon/monster variety than doom 1

honestly I like doom 2 better because I make maps. doom 2 has all of the assets of doom 1 but more

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Doom 1 is pretty shite once you get to the Sandy Petersen levels but the shareware levels are great and classic

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>It's a Sandy Petersen level

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I seem to preferr Sandy Peterson levels and find John Romero levels to be kinda bland and repetitive- Doom’s first episode disappointed me. I prefer Doom 2 to 1 by far and I don’t really see how people could feel differently.
What did I mean by this?

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Doom 2. Doom 1 is the most revolutionary, and Doom 2 is basically a level pack of the same game, so they really blend as one to me.

But Doom 2 by far. Better music, levels, weapons, and enemies.

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why was doom 2 so fucking brown and gray

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you can say I'm lying or call me a casual, but despite finishing and enjoying 1, 2, and TNT, I stopped Plutonia a few maps in because it was taking me forever to find the keys and exits and I just didn't have fun with the combat being so punishing

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I wouldn't call you a liar, but a casual. I've played Plutonia in its entirety a couple times, but I've never finished TNT once, because the pacing is atrocious, and the levels rely too much on looking cool and having design gimmicks, but having zero substance.

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Because PCs could barely handle 8-bit/256 color graphics in a time when consoles were already pushing 16-bit color.

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Doom 2 bigger better version of doom.

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Megawads that are better than both.

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>really are too obviously fan-made
They are not worse than the original Doom 2 maps.

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>Plutonia have pretty bad level design
It's universally agreed that Plutonia has best level design of the iwads, in both gameplay and looks. You don't know what you are talking about.

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Ive said it before and I'll say it again. Only knee deep in the dead has better levels than Doom2. The rest of Doom 1 is mediocre at best. Doom 2s levels are way more varied and interesting, its handful of shitty levels dosnt change this.

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Doom II

>> No.5558678

Unironically not retro, dipshit

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1 > 64 > 2

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that's an odd excuse considering the entirety of Doom 1 is more colorful

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Doom 2's levels are weird. Like they weren't worried about making a cohesive world, and more interested in seeing what goofy stuff they could do with levels. I suppose the feel is more varied in 2, but the music and atmosphere of 1 is so much better. Plus the difficulty and ammo amounts and stuff seems to have much more care put into it in 1.

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How do you judge good level design? Also there are some opinions in this thread that simply out one as a casual who cannot hack it.

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Doom. Doom II's levels were horribly designed.

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I mean he's right though. Doom 2 should've just been an expansion pack for Doom 1, not a stand alone game

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>Doom 2's levels are weird. Like they weren't worried about making a cohesive world
I think that's the problem with it.
Overall it's meant to be Doomguy journeying through Earth to get to the portal to Hell and close it up, or something along those lines. But the maps themselves only seem to follow a theme or progression like half of the time, the other half of the time being just "hey look this map is cool, let's add it in".

I was watching a Doom2 speedrun recently and they even commented that one of the maps was an amateur mapper's first ever map, got rejected from Doom 1 and was added into Doom 2 cuz fuck it, slap another one in to pad the game out.

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I would have never guessed the Doom 2 levels are supposed to be ruined cities.

Doom 1 looks like a mars base.

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Agreed. Map design in Doom as far as wandering around, exploring, clearing stages, et cetera was vastly better than Doom 2. Doom 2 official maps were worse than most fan made .WADs.

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A lot of people like to shit on doom 2, but I honestly found its levels more memorable than most of Doom 1.

>> No.5563667

I much prefer the level design of the first Doom compared to the second, though I like most of Doom 2's early levels before you get the city themed maps where I think the design starts to fall apart a bit.

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Doom 1 because it has much better level design.

>> No.5563760

Both are overrated to hell (through mars)

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Doom 1 has the best overall atmosphere, that's all. Once you've played too much doom it's just too easy and simple to fully enjoy. Doom 2 is an upgrade in every way in terms of how the gameplay flows.

Truthfully, the only iwad which really feels fun to me now is plutonia, but I've ruined myself by playing numerous pwads better than any of the iwads.

So what I'm really saying is, everyone in this thread should just go and play ancient aliens.

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The Arch-Vile is the best part.

>> No.5569029

What does the Doom/retro fps thread think?

>> No.5569092

Holy shit how could you fuck up that bad anon? Doom came on floppy discs

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They both have their charm, but I'd have to say Doom 2, just because of the new monsters and thus being a better platform for PWADs.

Also, yeah, D1 might have had better level design, and the slower and more horror-based atmosphere is fun at times, but D2 is often more fun to play. The big city maps might have looked like garbage, but they're a hell of a lot of fun.

Doom 2 is a much harder game than Doom 1, not counting E4 (which didn't come out until after D2, anyway).

Yes, we got the SSG, but we also got mancubi, arch-viles, revenants, and the hordes of monsters that came to define the Doom series.

I see people complain about him in a lot of threads here, and I never got why people hate him so much. Chaingunners are easy. On the other hand, PWADs that put you up against 800 revenants all at once...

Revenants are arch-viles are real problems. Also, maps that have you fight multiple cyberdemons at once or like eight of them in a row.

The difficulty spikes are the whole point of Plutonia AND Thy Flesh Consumed.

The latter is the only official game I can't finish (hell, a lot of slaughtermaps are much easier), but I respect it for being what it's supposed to be, which is relentlessly difficult.


Agreed. Plutonia is pretty clearly superior to Hell on Earth.

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