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Greendog is rad

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Go away joe

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i tried pushing greendog a few times here but no one cares
but that's ok because only a few truly enlightened anons know how rad greendog is

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The genesis version is above average. I like the city levels.

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Game Gear version is a fucking shitfest, literally the worst game on GG. Genesis version though is lots of fun and funky soundtracks.

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I do like it, have beaten it many times.

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It's literally mediocrity, the game.

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Why do you do this, 4chan?

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>Is Greendog /ourguy/?

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It was a crappy attempt to create a Fido Dido ripoff.

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Above average platformer with great music and artwork. Solid 8/10.

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based, it was probably one of the first games i managed to finish as a kid

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Worst opinion on /vr/ right now.

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probably because humans judge visually first and frankly this game looks like a diarrhea dump out my ass.

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Go away Ric Green.
Don't you have investors to hide from?

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Bring back Dave

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baka yet another example of the video game industry pushing unrealistic body standards for women. BE BETTER SEGA

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Here's your (You)