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What are your thoughts on this game?

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It's one of the best RPGs of 5th gen.
Intelligent Systems also did a great job giving generic Mario enemies and animals their own personalities, and the NOA localization was amazing.

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It's objectively pretty great. The music, the art style, the presentation, characters and designs. The way it kind of twists the perceptions of the mario world at the time (friendly monsters and the like) and fleshes it out (like toads town).
And it does a good job drawing inspiration from older mario games like smrpg, smw, 64 and yoshi's island.

I wish it was longer, though.

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Never in my life have I had more fun pressing the A button

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It has cute characters

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One of my all time favoeite games.

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It's okay, but if you played SMRPG first then you're bound to be disappointed with it.


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SMRPG and PM64 can be argued for preference but PM64 is most certainly better than TTYD

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It's my favorite RPG on N64 :^)

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N64 is the best RPG machine of the 5th gen. Instead of lots of mediocre RPGs (Playstation) we got one masterpiece. Quality over quantity.

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Quite the downgrade coming from Super Mario RPG, but still a good game on its own.

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Will you bellends fuck off with this shit? SMRPG is leagues worse in every department

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Objectively wrong

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The only JRPG worth playing.

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>face veil
god damn it

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honestly, paper mario is objectively better then smrpg in almost every way. music? PM. yoko did an amazing original score for smrpg and i love her as a composer but PM's ost is more context sensitive and does a better job at conveying the atmospheres your present in. the level of exploration in smrpg is kinda booty compared to the feeling of discovery in PM. PM has replayability. I've played it at least 8 times and it never gets old. smrpg i got bored of after my 3rd playthrough. i love the animations and style and effects of smrpg and squares work has never once gone unnoticed in this game, in extreme quality but PM just does it better. the combat is jrpg bs, rather a very original style. the badge system is fucking incredible. gives the game unlimited replayability along with the other partners to upgrade. the sense of being in a connected world in PM is also incredible compared to smrpgs weird disconnected world map. i get that the world map in smrpg is supposed to act like a level select from mario games or like donkey kong country's world map with the little spots and the dots leading to them. its awesome when you see it as a whole after mario gets launched around the world map a few times but besides that you never really feel like you're IN that world. thats kinda my beef with smrpg. it feels like a bunch of levels, and rpgs aren't supposed to feel like that. youre supposed to feel like you're in a world. and im not shitting on mario rpg, im just saying i think PM is objectively the better game.

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It's pretty great, and one of the first games that was 100% uniquely "mine," where I liked it because I liked it, and not because everyone else did. Other than Pokemon (which I never really played correctly as a kid), it was my first RPG. I really liked it and have played through it maybe twice since.

Well, almost through it. Truth be told, I've never beaten it. Got to Bowser but couldn't ever finish the fight the first time when I was little, second attempt lost interest during Bowser's castle, and most recent (years and years ago), I lost interest in the Ice Palace.

I'v also never beaten Thousand Year Door. Tried three times, and get bored and lose interest on the Moon. I love both games, but never beat them But have beat Super Paper Mario. I feel like such a fucking faggot.

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You can have a good time with a game without beating it.

I’ve always thought these games were a perfect length but to each their own.

I loved KOTOR but for the last like 5 hours I was really ready for the game to end. Sometimes something you like just goes on a little long.

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I sorta know that feel, haven't played through it in a while because the first two chapters always feel like kind of a slog to get through. But Ice Palace? Come on anon, you're better than that, play through it.

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Paper Mario doesn't have a segment of the came as unforgivable as the beanstalk climb in SMRPG imo

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Only part I don’t like about the beginning is you have to wait for action commands.

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Paper Mario games are weirdly one of the game series I have trouble actually finishing as well.
I guess I value the journey more than the destination with them?

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if you don't enjoy the game itself why are you trying to get to the end of it? its okay man, if you don't like it you don't like it.

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I think it’s not necessarrily about not liking it. You can like a game and just have had your fill of it and not care about finishing it.

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Yeah, this 100%.

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>I guess I value the journey more than the destination with them?
But not to the extent that you want to continue the journey?

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I've completed it about twenty times when I was a kid. It's not especially challenging, but it had some sort of hypnotic charm on me. Plus I couldn't afford that many games.

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Same, I played this game a shitload as a kid.

Played through that promode fanhack about a year ago and had a lot of fun with it. Game has a phenomenal battle system and I felt like actual challenge really let it shine.

Hope someone else uses that starrod rom editor to make something cool.

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Is that promode game complete? I have been interested in trying it and now that I have my everdrive64 I want to play it on real hardware (I couldn't get it to work with my emulator) but a few reviews I read online said only the first couple chapters were completed and the project was abandoned.

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Fuck pro-mode. Majority is just "lol you do less damage, enemy does more". It's odd too since there's actually some points where difficulty is changed in another way, showing that the creator knew how to do it right but just didn't choose to. Like a lot of the bosses having entirely new attacks or different patterns? That's good. Having new items that change your strategy in battle? That's good. Having an enemy take 1 damage instead of 3? That's just tedious.

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it's supposed to be a difficulty mod, not a complete overhaul

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It might be my favorite game ever. I have very clear memories of going into the game store, seeing a new Mario game that I knew nothing about and not understanding the concept of the game at all and being super excited to play it and see what the game actually was. It felt so magical to be really "inhabiting" the Mario world for the first time and experiencing a real story in that world and I still think the game nails the lighthearted adventure feel in the same timeless, perfect way that makes things like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars make such an impact.

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love this game, played it many times
it's incredibly fun to play!

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Completely agree with all this. Still feels like it’s the game that got the feeling of the “Mario world” just right, and is a damn fine adventure story in its own right.

Your attacks aren’t any weaker so I don’t know where you’re getting that. Maybe a few enemies got a defense buff? I played through the whole thing and while enemies do way more damage I don’t remember Mario being any weaker.

Eh, only chapter 2 was really overhauled at all. If you want some big remix of the game I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want to play a hard mode version of Paper Mario then definitely check it out.

I’ve been wanting to mess around with that star rod editor forever but I’ve had lots of more important shit to take care of. Wonder how difficult the editor is to use. Kind of want to build a little project that’s just like a trial of 100 floors thing.

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Incredible. I didn't expect much out of it when I bought it, but was fully hooked after the first chapter. Then the 2nd chapter was even better. Of the 3 good Mario RPGs this is the most SOULful and has the best environments.

Paper Mario 2 has a better battle system and improved the visuals, but the environments there are more hit-and-miss, Still a great game, but 1 is more consistent.

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TTYD ruined all kind of balance the game had with its starpower and crowd mechanic that makes them too easy to re-use. I wouldn't say it has a better battle system.

You can trivialize every fight of chapter 3 and beyond with Earth Tremor.

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>Of the 3 good Mario RPGs this is the most SOULful and has the best environments.
I wish the "SOUL" meme would die, but you're dead wrong. Booster's Wedding, Axem Rangers, Nimbus Land... I could keep going. SMRPG was lighting in a bottle that Nintendo cannot recapture without Squaresoft's A team working alongside them.

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Oh fuck off. Booster's wedding and the axem rangers are gags that are certainly worth a chuckle but gone within 5 minutes. Nimbus land isn't even that interesting. PM64 most certainly had the better environments and scenarios.

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Quest 64 would like a word with you.

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Ttyd's battle system changes went deeper than just the star power and audience

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you can easily break combat in ttyd, too. It makes FF8 look like a hard game.

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I honestly love the game very much. I like the battle system very much. Oh and people will compare this to the ttyd so brace yourself we are going to have a mighty flame war.

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It always devolves into SMRPG vs PM64 vs TTYD, which is funny because on a superficial level they are all very similar games.