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post weapons that are fucking useless

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It's good for a laugh though.

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Works against enemies with a high pain chance.

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Primary fire might as well not exist.

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I had a friend who always used it and died. When I told him to use something else he refused because "It kills faster". He never understood dying means you never win

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Alein 3


Cattle prod.

I win, next thread.

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It's my go-to weapon for killing the Pinky Demons or isolated Pain Elementals because they're completely stunlocked throughout and it saves ammo.

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Fuck the Impact Hammer right in the ass

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Saw is gud for the pinkies, if you can get a chokepoint somewhere you can take an entire group of them, likely without getting chomped.
Mad situational weapon, but there's times where you can put it to good use. Berserk punching is a bit more practical though.

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Oh yeah, meatballs can't basically do shit if you corner them with the saw, you can even block their lost soul spawn when they die.
Not in the N64 version though, there that shit HURTS.

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Excellent for Pinkies and Lost Souls. Useful for Cacos/Pain Elementals under right circumstances. Can sometimes get away with a Revenant but expect a rocket or punch to the face to get through.

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what's wrong with the Impact Hammer?

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The secret chainsaw in the first level of Avactor was perfect, I sawed hordes of enemies that day. I wish more mappers would incorporate heavy chainsaw use.

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I think it's one of those aspects that just not everyone is fully familiar with.
Remember the Pro Doom Monster Strats video? It taught a lot of people a couple of new things, even people who have played a long time, I'm thinking somebody should make a video for Chainsaw (and I guess also Berserk) tactics.
I feel the chainsaw is a bit more of a defensive weapon than the rest of the arsenal.

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>on release
>adds tiny fraction of damage dealt to player health. Double of gained health will be eaten by the next hit-scanner around the corner.

>after some patches
>can fire without mana, but drains you life instead.

What were they thinking?

At least it sets shit on fire...

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Also, Blood 2 version is even more retarded.

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What did they do with it there?

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What DIDN'T they fuck up in Blood 2?

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>Laser tripbombs in Duke 3D
Is there any situation where that shit is useful?

>Shotgun and Super shotgun in Quake
Too weak for the bullet sponge enemies, which happen to be all in the game

>Shurikens and Shotgun in Shadow Warrior
Suck ass

>Missile launcher in nuke mode in Shadow Warrior
What's even the point, it's nice and powerful and all, but you cannot use without blowing yourself up alongside your target

>Bio Rifle in Unreal/Tournament
Piece of crap

>Alien gun in Turok 1, Mine launcher and Tranqulizer gun in Turok 2

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pic unrelated

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My-dead-grandma-runs-faster-slow projectiles spiraling away from crosshair.
Good luck hitting anything that isn't a behimoth or whatever they're called.

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meant to reply to >>5538975

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>Laser tripbombs
>Is there any situation where that shit is useful?
Enemies avoid walking into them like 99% of the time, so not particularly. I sometimes use them to blow up walls and stuff, to save pipebombs and rockets for fighting.

>Shotguns in Quake
>Too weak for the bullet sponge enemies, which happen to be all in the game
Hyperbolic. The super shotgun is passable for fighting off dogs and soldiers, as well as the weaksauce knights and the fiends. The regular shotgun is weak as hell though, but it's also your pistol-tier weapon, so to say.
It's no fun fighting the stronger monsters with the SSG, but then Quake's SSG isn't even remotely in the same tier as Doom's, and you shouldn't even be putting yourself in that situation if you can help it.

>Missile launcher in nuke mode in Shadow Warrior
Far more useful than it first appears, because you can fire one of them off into a place, and then make goddamn sure to be out of 'sight' of the explosion, to avoid being killed. On harder difficulties, it can legit be useful. Just fire and GTFO.

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The chainsaw actually works wonders against pinkies and cutiedemons.

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The grenade launcher alone makes it an excellent weapon to carry around. For truly suck-ass Deus Ex weapons there's pepper gun, throwing knives, stealth pistol, PS20 (the worst of all), any shotguns, and all heavy weapons with the exception of the GEP gun.

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Huh? Its not too bad.

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Wut? The flamethrower is a heavy weapon and it practicly 1 shots everyone except the MJ12 Commandos.

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So, you didn't finish megaman 2?

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The sawed-off is good once you start upgrading the clip size. And the assault rifle isn't useless but it's kind of surprising when you first use it and see regular soldiers survive a headshot.

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>except the MJ12 Commandos.
Which happen to be one of the few enemies which are meant to be fought against with heavy weapons, along with bots and bosses, none of which the flamethrower is effective. And it has small range, and it's very easy to set yourself on fire with it. It's a complete waste of inventory space unless the player is doing a self-imposed challenge, or using it for the novelty.

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being wily's only weakness doesn't make it not useless

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There are a lot of weapons in Fallout 1 and 2 that are basically useless because either you get them after you have more powerful or useful weapon (for example assault rifle), or it scales with armor values in a way it is useless in a moment you get it (flame thrower, most of energy weapons).

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>And the assault rifle isn't useless
It's use is limited in higher difficulties

>see regular soldiers survive a headshot.
The stealth pistol has the same problem. 10mm all the way

>The sawed-off is good once you start upgrading the clip size.
When I fired that shit on point blank range, saw unarmored enemies get a clear hit (they winced in pain), and somehow NOT die, I called it quits and never bothered with it again

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Very finicky, but you can pop a few of them and then spawn holoduke, enemies occasionally go into a fit of humping holoduke so that might work.
>Bio Rifle
Solid damage, more importantly area denial, even more importantly is the charge shot which cannot be negated even with shield belt + 200 hp.

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>Solid damage, more importantly area denial, even more importantly is the charge shot which cannot be negated even with shield belt + 200 hp.
This only sounds good in theory, in practice no one uses that shit, the game's too fast paced to bother

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Just shows what a colossal nooblet you are, OP

That thing was OK until they patched out the actually life leech function

The 20mm grenades eat bots for breakfast, nooblet

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That isn't Pistol

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>Mine launcher in Turok 2
It shreds the rooms full of the small bugs in the hive like no other ya dummy. Anything else is a waste of ammo.

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>throwing knives
good noisemaker. throw it at a wall, all enemies for 500 feet round will hear it and come running to stare at the knife in the wall while you tiptoe up behind and prod them in the grundle.

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every single limited-ammo weapon in Starsiege

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>any shotguns
oh you gotta be FUCKIN' kiddin' me, the assault shotgun BTFO's most enemies, including lesser mechs, if your rifle skill is high enough

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They were useful for lost souls and pinkys.

And fucking Deku nuts.

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>>Laser tripbombs in Duke 3D
>Is there any situation where that shit is useful?

When I was in elementary school, I remember my cousin placing hundreds of laser mines on the wall, one next to the other, as he was moving through the map.

After a while, one of them would get tripped, and it would explode in a chain reaction.

I have no fucking idea what map this was, but it was absolutely not one of the vanilla maps.

I also remember him playing on a map that had this cool basement room, but there was a window on the wall just under the ceiling that would let you peek at foot-height on the upper level.

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The fucking klobb

Fuck you, Ken Lobb

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Quake's Shotgun is actually one of the best for long distance. The Thunderbolt has a range limit and all other guns are projectile oriented.

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Most disappointing final weapon ever.

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Pepper spray is absolutely essential for a non-lethal run. Also PS20 used to be way stronger but they made the laser projectile weaker in the MP patch

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yeah, powerful but runs out of ammo pretty quickly, which is sad because using it is fucking satisfactory

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That other energy gun you find before it is vastly superior and way more satisfying imo.

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Bust a Nut like it's 1998 and accomplish absolutely nothing because these didn't do shit.

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if youre untrained its a fucking joke, but if you spec for it that gun actually does a good job. used it to save paul iirc.

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Both shotguns are good. The sawed off does the same damage as the sniper rifle, is nearly as accurate and has much more common ammo. The assault shotgun is the same but a little weaker, but fully automatic.
The flamethrower one hit kills everything but mj12 commandos and larger karkians. But normal human enemies aren't even threats with it.
The plasma rifle is bugged, but honestly it's not that bad, it can still mow down most enemies well enough and it can work as projectile sniper rifle.
The stealth pistol us objectively better as an assault rifle than Deus Ex's assault rifle. It fires fast, has decent damage and is silent. Biggest drawback is that it's inaccurate, but that can be fixed with mods and skill.
You're using the pepper spray wrong. It works very well, but its hitboxes are tricky.

Basically almost everything in your post is wrong.

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>The 20mm grenades eat bots for breakfast, nooblet
If you're wasting inventory space for 20mm grenades you would be better off carrying the gep gun. Rockets are far more common.

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Perfect weapon for killing Pinky. Not useless.

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You can carry all three heavy weapons in your inventory plus essentials like healthkits, batteries, lock picks and multitools.
Trying to act like you need inventory space in Deus Ex is retarded. You can always carry anything you would need or want.

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Chainsaw is for you to not get hurt in narrow hallways. You use it to stop pain elementals, cacodemons, and pinkies.

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>When I fired that shit on point blank range, saw unarmored enemies get a clear hit (they winced in pain), and somehow NOT die, I called it quits and never bothered with it again
The sawed off shotgun literally has the same damage statistics as the sniper rifle. You were shooting an enemy in the body with low skill. You wouldn't have killed anything, regardless of weapon.

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GEP gun a shit

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tripbombs = multiplayer, people will hate you for it
shurikens = can be pulled out of walls to save ammo, three full salvos kill you in MP

Shotgun = Riotgun = single fire for Ninjas, full salvo mid range kills you in MP

Missile launcher Nuke = MP, results in panic and butthurt of opponent, results in secondary damage

Bio Rifle = alt fire is one shot, one kill for unshielded players and small enemies in SP

but since you are autist without friends you never enjoyed these games in multiplayer

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surprised nobody has posted this yet

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Haha. You don't honestly believe that.
It's the strongest weapon by sheer damage numbers short of the dragon's tooth with the combat strength augment and the GEP Gun will reliably kill every enemy type in the game.
Rockets are very generously given to the player throughout the entire game, to the point where you actively have to waste ammo to use it all up.
Not to mention a handy lock-on feature that compensates for lack of skill which you probably need.

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UT Sniper Rifle and Shotty. The Flak and Lightning Gun were all you used anyway.

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I don't have a picture at hand but the pistols in Marathon are fucking useless

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It has unlimited ammo, which makes it overpowered.
Unreal's dispersion pistol at least lets you wait for it to be recharged, but it is still game breaking full powered up with activated weapons amplifier.

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GEP is noob gun
U R a noob
real men only use crossbow

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>>5539025 >>5539068 >>5539123 >>5539492 >>5539632 >>5540056
>>Laser trips in Duke 3D
>Is there any situation where that shit is useful?

100% revealed /vr/ never plays the games they criticize and just steal their opinions from YouTube or something

Enemies do in fact follow you, and it can be very useful in tight quarters areas you can backtrack from in either a vent or a door. It's not a fucking primary you mongoloids, just a utility you sometimes use.

As Duke would say: Blow it out your ass

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Dude, I replay Duke Nukem 3D a couple times a year, and it's very rare for me to get enemies to walk into the trip-bombs.

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Suck my dick or cock

>> No.5540169 [DELETED] 

Then you're not doing it right

And you can also take a proactive approach with them, strafing around enemies, planting it and then running away as they follow you into it. Did this a bunch of times recently while playing World Tour

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>playing World Tour, being Randy's bitch
no further word needs to be said

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Didn't buy it, got it as a gift

Enjoyed it for the new Duke lines, but don't approve of much else.

>> No.5540190

>new Duke lines
Jon St. John sounded bored af in this.

>> No.5540195

>mfw the cucks finally ruin DN3D

>> No.5540196 [DELETED] 

No disrespect to the man, but I've thought he's phoned it in since DNF and all its mini trailers and sound clips (like the one him talking about Blu-Ray), but I think it's more of him mastering the voice of Duke and how he think he should sound, like how the voice of Homer now sounds like Homer.

It could be an age thing, but his voice during the PS1 and N64 Duke games was great for example.

They did and they're doing it now with the Build engine in general with crap like Ion Maiden

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>>Laser tripbombs in Duke 3D
never played multiplayer? its absolutely the most fun weapon in regards to it

>> No.5540212

You must have never played online. Any of the tanks with cuttlefish cloak and heavy missles or the alien big guns and the turbune booster = jihadi wins.

>> No.5540226

You can still pirate it. In fact I recommend that, because there's a couple of pretty good levels in there.

I heard Ion Maiden was supposed to be really good.

>> No.5540228

Backtracking and baiting enemies for a shitty 100 damage explosion when pipebombs exist? Yeah sure, dumbass.

>> No.5540250

Or rockets. Goddamn the rocketlauncher feels so fucking satisfying.

>> No.5540353

The regular shotgun in TFC
Why do some classes have it AND the SSG?

>> No.5540370 [DELETED] 

>I heard Ion Maiden was supposed to be really good.

Ion Maiden is the diversity hire of the Build engine legacy

t. retard that thinks you always have unlimited ammo or something

>> No.5540378

>running out of the most common explosive type weapon
You're the real tard here bucko.

>> No.5540381 [DELETED] 

>Not understanding Duke levels and campaigns having different amounts of ammo and not all of them are the same

You argue like an incel

>> No.5540393

>Not understanding Duke levels and campaigns having different amounts of ammo and not all of them are the same
Literally in all episodes you can get both rpg and bombs in the first level, stop talking out of your ass.

>> No.5540397

Don't at me nigga.

>> No.5540418

>buddy gifts me world tour
>other people see me fire it up to get the files in order
Sometimes I start it up in steam and then minimize it and do whatever it was I was gonna do just to see if they still get pissed off.

>> No.5540429

>Ion Maiden is the diversity hire of the Build engine legacy
That doesn't sound like a very nuanced take.

>> No.5540437

You mean the flashlight?

>> No.5540443

Hey if it's good enough for Imperial Guardsman, it's good enough for Bitterman.

>> No.5540454

If you like torturing yourself with shit weapons, suit yourself. I will stick with the good ones, so will most players. The fact that you think they're good doesn't mean shit.

>> No.5540460

>alt fire is one shot, one kill for unshielded players and small enemies in SP
Maybe it works in singleplayer at low difficulty that you play, but on high difficulty and multiplayer, using the bio rifle will get you killed 50 times for each kill you could possibly get with it

>> No.5540542

at least try to make an argument if you're going to even bother to reply, faggot.

>> No.5540547

>and it's very easy to set yourself on fire with it.
You can't set yourself on fire at all

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The Bubble Gun from Earth Worm Jim 2 is 100% useless as it has zero range and deals zero damage, but was only put into the game to troll the players by making them believe it HAD to have a special use under the right conditions.
There isn't none, the gun is completey useless.

>> No.5540639

You play the game the way you want, I play it the way I want. I'm not going to use shit guns just because some retard thought they were good.

>> No.5540662

It has been some time since I played DX, I remember that you could set yourself on fire with the flamethrower, but I'm not sure.

>> No.5540726

It's only needed in times when you wanna conserve ammo.

Soldiers can be killed if you pop around a corner and can chainsaw them quickly. Then they usually don't even get a single shot off.

Pinky demons can be killed with it. I usually back up as I chainsaw them and it keeps me from getting bitten.

Lost Souls I shoot cause them bastards are fast.

>> No.5540753

I'd be alright with sawing the green haired zombies, because they do fairly little damage if you slip up, but the baldies is all kinds of pain, I always try to make sure there's either an obstacle or someone else between me and their gun barrel, because RNG can sometimes make them EXTRA mean.

>> No.5540874

Put a couple accuracy mods and/or advanced/master rifle skills and it's extremely good. And as mentioned, the 20mm rounds are OP as fuck, better than the GEP gun in virtually every way.

>> No.5541552

you first
the chainsaw is good for killing weaker enemies like imps and zombieguys. if you want to save ammo then you can use the chainsaw because it has unlimited ammo

>> No.5541569

pistol is good if you plan your shots

>> No.5541653


>> No.5541759

big problem is that the chaingun replaces it entirely

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This piece of shit

>> No.5541890

Imagine being this retarded

This. I still have no idea what it was good for

>> No.5541980

useless, adj. = having no use whatsoever
>Wily's only weakness = use

I have a feeling someone fails basic English comprehension.

>> No.5541984

it's good for destroying your grade

>> No.5541997

If you're running forward with the flamethrower 'shooting', you can very EASILY set yourself on fire. So, unless you get in range and THEN fire, you're gonna go up in flames like The Wicker Man.

>> No.5544565


>> No.5544847

It has no effect on your grade. Neither does the SMG. Only the infinite guns have effects on your grade.

>> No.5545037

It's only good to take down very small fry and shoot explosive barrels/panels

>> No.5545118

I like them, but I guess they're super weak.

>> No.5545168

Nearly everything on /k/

>> No.5545194

the fucking shock rifle from og battlefront

>> No.5545306

No you can't. You must be playing some kind of modded version.

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completely redundant and a waste of space and ammo

>> No.5545432

Quake's axe is pretty poor. At least in Doom you could get Berserk and punch like a steam locomotive for an entire level, in Quake you have the Quad Damage, a valuable but timed powerup, and using the axe with the Quad feels highly wasteful, when even Quake's modest super shotgun is pretty decent with Quad.

Other than prodding for secrets, or desperately saving ammo, what's the axe really good for?


>> No.5545438

About as useless as any videogame.

>> No.5545447

It's also a really shitty flashlight.

They sound kind of neat, but they shoot slow, have a small magazine, and the damage is really low (like consistently taking two headshots minimum to kill a regular guard, possibly more for the elite ones).

I think maybe they're there more than anything to be a source for pistol ammo and to have some enemies do weaker damage to you than the others.

>> No.5545490

It was the base version(no updates even).

>> No.5545734

Are you, Anon, suggesting my Smith & Wesson 'Airweight' Snub, with its 1" nub of a barrel, and the overall mass of a styrofoam cup, making the use of .357 Magnum loads produce recoil which feels like an angry Mike Tyson slamming his car door on my wrist, isn't a practical weapon with any particularly good purpose?

>> No.5545913

lasermines in half life dm are fucking ace

>> No.5545915

They're different in Half-Life, because you can both use them on enemies, and they make a pretty substantial explosion.

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File: 340 KB, 489x692, ImakuniGenerations63.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5546095

The only problem with it is lack of ammo

>> No.5546139

There's no point in doing that though since it's always more effective to just shoot the enemy with some gun

>> No.5546143

>There isn't none
So what's the use it has then?

>> No.5547451

The chainsaw rules dumbass.
Pistol is pretty fucking dull.

>> No.5547456

By that logic, the chainsaw in Doom isn't useless because it can kill enemies. In fact, that means it's not possible for anything in a game to be considered useless because everything has at least one function.

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File: 1.99 MB, 352x264, dude.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5547778

>or it scales with armor values in a way it is useless in a moment you get it
>flame thrower
Flamer is a fantastic short-range AoE weapon ideal for roasting random encounters with devastating weaponry but low armor (a lot of highwayman encounters), or any occasion where you might get swarmed (clearing out mutants bunching up in a corner in Military Base) and it's also a stylish and very effective choice for clearing the Wannamingo mine.
>most of energy weapons
It's really just Lasers.

>> No.5547903

glad i'm not the only one who thought this

>> No.5547914

oh god this the fucking klobb

>> No.5548529

I use them to fight stalfos, beats playing the waiting game.

>> No.5548608

3x the damage at the cost of only 2 shells. Definitely not worthless.

>> No.5548619

Most enemies don't even need 3X the damage, it has a long reload animation and is still a waste of ammo, considering stronger enemies are better dealt with using rockets, plasma, etc. It also has a shorter range. Completely pointless.

>> No.5548653

Maybe, but it is literally the best weapon in deathmatch.

>> No.5548663

>Doom's chainsaw

Man the chainsaw completely wrecks Demons and Revenants and if you know how to move and distance yourself, Hell Knights and Cacos too.
If anything the Chainsaw is OP.

>> No.5548712
File: 19 KB, 279x363, mother2_casey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5548779

It's great for arch-viles because of his low pain chance. The ammo is common and plentiful, and if you consider that the total damage of all 20 pellets can equal out to about the direct hit of a rocket (give or take, due to RNG), except without the splash damage danger.

People certainly undervalue the regular shotgun because of the SSG, but the SSG does have genuine perks to it.

>> No.5549198

>Calling the SSG a waste of ammo when the weapon fires more pellets than two normal shotgun blasts

>> No.5550336

You're kinda held back by how it latches you onto an enemy, so it makes it harder to do fast maneuvers with the thing.

In Doom 3, it didn't do this, and had a higher DPS, making it viable for fighting like 9 out of 10 monsters in the game, feels kind of radical actually, and makes Doom 3 more fun.

>> No.5551121

Useful for doing the auto-battle, which doesn't factor in the miss chance.

>> No.5552381

like other guy said, you can spray an area to stop someone from chasing you or to stop someone coming into a place and a fully charged alt fire will one-shot anyone.

>> No.5552858
File: 3.65 MB, 2268x3157, 20190504_044758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow thanks Baal

>> No.5553991

how to deal with pinkies in doom 2016? wasting a lot of rockets on them, even if I double jump over them and shoot them in the ass.

>> No.5555217

Keep shooting them in the ass? It works for me.

>> No.5555674

After replaying RE2 in preparation for the REmake i really dont see how its bad.
I dont recall it being any worse than the bowgun which was fucking trash anyway.

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