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2nd Gen has most soul

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what about the vectrex

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Is it me or does every Odyssey2 controller lose its button?

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These consoles never seem to be discussed as much. Makes me wonder what will happen if eventually NES and SNES aren't talked about as much. Or maybe they are immune?

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I got the Mega SG recently mainly for its SG-1000 (and Colecovision) support and it's been a blast. SG-1000s usually run $150-200 anyway and that's without any software. Wonder Boy is bizarrely fun, and Monoco GP is a blast; the sense of speed is great.

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Nah, 16 bit era had the most soul. The ColecoVision is pretty based though

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Hero sg1000 a shit

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So soul is making terribad arcade ports?

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it's because they're awful and the only people who care about them are boomers

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Soul is a meaningless buzzword made by /v/tards about shit they are constantly wrong about. why would /vr/ take heed to a /v/ talking point?

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Calling something soulful is really just a way of acknowledging that art is subjective without outright admitting it

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The only problem with the colecovision is the MSX

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..uh sure lmfao

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Nothing before 4th gen pls

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The Coleco and the SG1000 essentially the exact same system, with only minor hardware differences. Basically Sega cloned the Colecovision and made their own console based on it.

But yeah, the early 1980's era "generation 2" game consoles are closer to the third generation consoles. The Famicom did come out in 1983 in Japan. Same year as Sega's console.

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