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Why are retro handhelds so comfy? My preferred way to game.

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Because you don't have to hook up a console and fuck around with getting out controllers. It's just pick up and play.

I say this having all my consoles hooked up to three TVs with everything well organized. Handhelds with a backlight are the GOAT.

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Why did you post picture of non-retro handhelds

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Best I could find. Feel free to contribute

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I agree, even tho I dont have a retro handheld, only a hacked psp.
I'd love to get myself a GBC someday since the game boy library is mostly unknown to me.

Here's something more in line with the rules.

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>this is what trannies think they look like

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>bed covered in discarded food, video games, and a cat
That part's correct

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They're only as good as their games

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The remind you of your first console. An iphone.

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>game as a verb
Put an end to your own life.

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>Usagi playing with a gameboy
Teenage girls in the gameboy era didn't want anything to do with videogames. They were all normies.

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They're not, without modification. Self-illuminated handhelds are the best. It's why I'd play on my phone if I didn't prefer reading books on my 300ppi electronic paper device.

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these bitches any good?

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It’s sad people think they look like this.

Paging that one tripfag: you don’t pass for this

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I like mine but ymmv.

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fake and gay

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You gotta understand, zoomers like him only get their info on the era from old cartoons.

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Only gays bought those. If any girl ever had a gameboy, she probably played garbage games and abandoned them after a week to do normie shit with her friends.

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My cousins had gameboys. All they had were hello kitty and barbie games.

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What is the mysterious robot on the newspaper

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I love my backlit biverted Game Boy.

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How come girls are NEVER autistic enough to get into a hobby at more than a surface level? Even ugly girls with no friends are still boring, intellectually dull and have no real in-depth autistic hobbies.

The very few girls with actual interests and deep knowledge about their hobby were extremely autistic and had obvious mental issues.

How come girls are always either normie as fuck or mentally ill? There usually isn't a female version of the typical awkward but intellectually competent nerd with autistic hobbies.

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I honestly fucking hate women.

I want to jam my cock through the back of her throat until I see the whites of her eyes open in fear as the realization that she might actually suffocate starts to set in. I’ll give her a moments reprieve to breathe and go for another round over and over until she’s on the verge of unconsciousness. Fucking stupid whore. She knows it. She knows she’ll never amount to anything more than a slab of meat to be used up until she’s nothing but a husk of a slut ready to die of a meth overdose from years of being a shallow dumb cunt.

I want a train run on all her holes, ears and nose included for days on end until she aches all over and can do nothing but shit out her liquid diarrhea from her gaped asshole. The diarrhea being nothing but her consistent diet of being force fed cum all day. Stupid bitch. I hate whores. I hate these fucking sluts that think they’re better than me because they were born looking a certain way. Fucking cunt I hope thirty niggers beat her till she cries and then rape her. If I were the judge will let them off scot free even with video evidence, then release the video on the internet for all to see so she can never escape the shame and humiliation she deserves. Fuck her and fuck women. If she were drowning and reached onto my boogie board for help I’d stomp on her stupid slut hand and spit in the water so there’s more liquid to take in.

Why do these cunts think they deserve anything in life when all they contribute to society is their used up Arby’s pussy? Fuck I hate them. Bunch of dumb bitches everywhere you go. They have no respect for guys that don’t have a perfect physique so why should I respect them? I’m glad they’re all going to end up old and alone, knowing they’ll never accomplish anything of worth in life. Crying on their deathbed at the thought of having lived a vapid life of being a stupid prostitute. Fucking stupid bitches. Dumb sluts, the lot of them. Fuck whores.

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>thad claimed this post was a joke

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lol wrong board seething cuck

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THIS, not sure why people are denying the obvious.

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Just because you bought one doesn't mean girls didn't.

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No retro consoles in that pic related.

If you wan't to play with "handhelds" maybe you should re-evaluate your gender reassignment plans OP.

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I want a handheld retro gaming trap gf

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You're in deep denial.

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Except if you're not a basedboy or a female and have big hands.

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You're still wrong, next.

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>If you wan't to play with "handhelds" maybe you should re-evaluate your gender reassignment plans OP.

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Cause poster is a weeb.
Not even funny ironicly.
Not retro.
More like the cry of an incel.

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The only handheld I've been playing lately is Neo Geo Pocket Color. Dark arms, king of fighters r2, sonic pocket adventure and puzzle link are comfy games.

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>No, y-you're wrong!
Sure thing.

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How is it for lag? Trying to decide between a new monitor for a backup emu PC or one of these to connect to a little CRT I have.

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Getting angry over it won't change facts thoe.

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I've wondered this a long time myself. Must be some sort of biological disposition, however, I try not to believe that our species can be held back very far due to these things, as it would incite the idea that people belonging to different groups really are inherently different with no chances to be an individual sans those inhibitions.

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It doesn't just happen with gaming. It's hard to find girls who have a burning passion about anything, while it's easy to find guys who get completely autistic with whatever the hell moves them.
My GF for example, plays some games with me. We are playing div: OS 2 in co-op a couple hours at a time, but of course, it's hard for her, she is learning slowly and can't play for more than 2-4 hours at a time. She does enjoy the game, and asks me to play it, but she doesn't experience the game like me or a bro would.
At the same time, she is having like a passion crisis. She likes a lot of stuff, but nothing really moves her in bursts of madness and passion.
She has invested a huge deal of time to try to understand what is happening to her and why all her friends, sister and basically all women she knows are the same as her, and why it seems to get worse as they grow older.
She thinks that girls have more passion when they are teens, but sex, attention and all that quickly drowns it. When they get older, the whole baby thing comes up, and women start getting more and more miserable the more they try to be like man.
She also has realized that very few females manage to transcend that and become what she is calling "true humans".

I find the whole thing fascinating. It's like they are hardwired to "enjoy" hobbies that have social value or help them attract men. It's never about simply enjoying the activity itself. There is always that social goal behind it all.

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You can play GBC on hacked PSP
>inb4 but it's not the way to play it you see muh accuracy muh original hardware
Don't worry it's not like that.

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Females in general (not ALL of them, but the vast majority) are incapable of appreciating any art form at more than a surface level. They are also much more susceptible to becoming normies or getting brainwashed by the media. That's why you will never meet a girl with relatively high IQ who is autistically passionate about something.

I notice in general, women lack passion or hobbies of their own. For example, I love woodwork and it makes me happy and keeps me busy all by myself.

I observe that women cannot do anything alone and be content. Any activities they do, seem to involve other people. Or they will go from activity to activity, but they are never happy or satisfied in general.

Men can make themselves happy and it usually does not involve other people. But women can't seem to do that. Am I wrong ?

Of-couse there are exceptions. But most women I see around me behaves the way I mentioned above.

Most women who do have hobbies are doing it for some alterior motive. I've never met a woman who genuinely appreciates exercise or cooking for that matter. I feel like all the ones I see who like doing shit like yoga or mountain climbing are doing it to scoop up a dude, get out .

Ex girlfriend from high school was a softball pitcher....because of her dad who was maniacal in coaching her. Last I heard she got pregnant from one of her next door neighbors. Her dad must have been crushed.

I'm literally trying to rack my brain of all the female friends I have and if they have an actual hobby. They don't. It's rare if they're in a yoga club or running group. But I don't know any of them who actually love doing something that has zero social value to it. Maybe shopping is a very solitary thing.

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They have the one passion, that condemns every hobby to a sparse existence.

This passion is to seek group approval and climb the social hierarchy. While man have sex, to just enjoy it, women have sex, to climb the social ladder. It's their expression of their sexuality.(Beside banging chad in obscurity)

According to Paul Watzlawicks "You can not not communicate."

I say "Women can not not take part in fight for social hierarchy". Imagine it as desire, that can never be satiated.

As a men I really appreciate the fact, that my sexual desires can be satiated for a few days, which gives me the clear head for pursuing hobbies, intellectual adventures or business. Women can rarely enjoy that silence from their sexual desires, because their sexuality is in large part a means of manipulation. The manipulation games, which are driven, by their sexuality never stop for them.

tl;dr Women can not be satiated in their sexual desires, which express in herd mentality and climbing the social ladder. So they just never have a clear head for hobbies.

It seems like for some reason many of the past hobbies that women usually did have fallen out of favor because of facebook/instagram whoring.

Previously, many women had hobbies like knitting, crochet, baking, sewing, needlepoint, and scrapbooking. Because many of these are viewed as things "housewives" did, all these strong independent "womyn" can do what is really fulfilling to them: Instagram whoring and spending men's money.

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Haha I know I can (ghost Babel has been crashing tho) but I really do want a GBC because of how it looks (plus I never had one as a kid).
Are the flashcarts for it any good?

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Female autism is more rare but also more fucked up and noticeable.

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>It's never about simply enjoying the activity itself. There is always that social goal behind it all.
I think that really hits the nail on the head. It seems many women, like people (not just women) do, is let themselves get swept up in life and cultural expectations and that leads them to not feel strongly about anything in particular. You even see this with men telling other men to not worry what a woman believes when they meet her because she will change herself to stay with the man, as though a woman's positions are so dispassionately held held that they can throw them away that easily. Its simply easier to do most things such that you get the social boost from it, but not have to put that much more effort in. Men do this as well, but the difference always seems to be that most men have AT LEAST ONE thing they are passionate about beyond the surface level.
Perhaps the answer is that most women are simply deeply passionate about social activities, which they seem almost as a hobby within itself? Many women see "talking/interacting with friends" as something they really enjoy doing.
Its not something that is impossible, however. My own mother is an absolute beast when it comes to handiwork and craftsmanship. She knows her way around tools that many men I know have never even used. She is very passionate about doing work on her house and can and has done anything from hanging drywall to cutting and laying tile.
Like I said, I think many women just get swept up in socializing as something their expected to be good at, and don't focus too much on other things. Because that expectation isn't on men, men usually have a hobby they are passionate about.

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They're good if you're willing to blow money on one of the docks so you can do component out and charge at the same time.

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I think it's the fact that the screen and buttons were how the game was meant and designed to be played. CRTs have a myriad of sizes and output differences but a handheld only has 1, maybe 2 major redesigns that games were designed around. Games on the DS are meant to be played on the DS and anything other than the original systems is a subpar experience, even the 3DS is a slightly worse experience due to the scaling issues it has with DS games.
I have a hard time going back to games that were on the original Game Boy because of the poor screen, yet I feel like I'm missing out on something if I play it on something like the Super Game Boy or an AGS101.

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She's an emo breeder, run away!
When did thei turn into a sociology thread?

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Have you never noticed how deep they go into the "makeup artist" hobby?
Counts as autistic to me.
Also nice get.

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Dude just looking to rationalise why they can’t get a cutie gamer gf

I think the reason so many trannies exist now is because dudes fetishise this type of woman so much they end up desiring to be them

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fuck off normalfag

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very deep thread
too bad most traps have subtle to not-so-subtle man features that enter the uncanny valley once you notice them

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Handhelds are not that comfy
>Straining to look at the tiny Gameboy screen

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You're really stretching here. Feels like you don't want to accept that women are shallow, and they aren't capable of ever grasping things like reasoning, logic or honor. And no cultural, religious, economic or sociological shift will change that.

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Teenage boys in the fortnite era don't know anything about the gameboy era. And certainly don't know anything about gurls. They're all normies who call others normies because that's what normies do to feel special.

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And yet, every time you see a pink-haired anime cutie with striped socks, you'll think of me. :)

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You can pick it up and play, as said, also you can just play in basically whatever location or position you feel like.

I like GBC games. Replaying Wario Land 2 right now, the game looks pretty good in spite of its limited amounts of colors, and I love the level design.

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Are you fucking high?

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My cousin played Pokémon and stuff. She would also borrow my Doom cartridges for her GBA a bunch.

There's backlit mods, and the GBA SP plays GB and GBC games.

>> No.5533805

>paying to do something the handheld should already provide

>> No.5533824

Then get a Gamegear, bitch.
Enjoy the 1 hour battery life and fucky capacitors.

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I'm willing to bet in japan there are more girly games.

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Handhelds are my favorite way to play games. There's something inherently intimate and comfy about the console in your hands that close.
That said, I have a Game Gear and that screen is more of a problem than the original Game Boy's.

>> No.5534212

Are there any import friendly (read: light on moon runes) Wonderswan games?

>> No.5534270

>these prices

Fucking christ, didn't realise the dock would be so rare. Thanks anon.

>> No.5534873

With those tiny, awful screens they're the complete opposite of comfy

>> No.5535108

They're handheld, hold them up closer, mongo.

>> No.5535518

Their screens are the opposite of comfy.

>> No.5535527

Growing up the only friends of mine who had any fucking taste in games were girls. Into Castlevania, Kirby, Pokemon, etc. While the dudes were into like shovelware and sports games.

>> No.5535535

>tfw never had a nerdy loli gamer gf as a kid

>> No.5535719

Only because you're spoiled rotten with modern phone screens.

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-Battle Spirit: Digimon Frontier
-Buffers Evolution
-Crazy Climber
-Dicing Knight
-Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit
-Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit Ver. 1.5
-DJ Battle -Turntablist-
-D's Garage 21: Tane wo Maku Tori
-Final Lap 2000
-Final Lap Special
-Ganso Jajamaru Kun
-Glocal Hexcite
-Golden Axe
-Guilty Gear Petit
-Guilty Gear Petit 2
-Gunpey EX
-Judgement Silversword
-Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum
-Lode Runner
-Magical Drop
-Mister Driller
-One Piece: Grand Battle Swan Colloseum
-Pocket Fighter
-Puzzle Bobble
-Puyo Puyo Tsuu
-Rainbow Islands ~Putty's Party~
-Rhyme Rider Kerorican
-Rockman EXE WS
-Rockman & Forte ~Mirai kara no Chousensha~
-RUN=DIM -Return of Earth-
-SD Gundam Operation U.C.
-Space Invaders
-Tarepanda no Gunpei
-Xi Little

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The original GB was designed to be very cheap for the consumer to buy, Nintendo would in fact start selling the system itself at a cost, to make it even cheaper still, the idea being that if the system was more easily available, then more people would get one, and they would want to buy some games for it (and this worked tremendously for them, selling over one hundred million systems, they made phenomenal profits on game cartridges).

>Color screen? Costs a lot of money, probably uses more power, skip it and make it a monochrome, these games wont be visual masterpieces anyway.
>Backlighting? Costs money too, and definitely eats battery life, just allow the players to adjust the contrast with a dial.
You 'get what you pay for', however, and Nintendo didn't offer a lit screen version outside of Asia, which does suck. Perhaps they didn't wanna crowd the market with too many models, with the GBC showing up eventually, but that thing wasn't lit either, so hope you can find a good angle to see the screen in your current lighting condition.

Some third-party solutions exist, some better than others, and given the lower cost of the system itself, maybe the added cost of lighting it up somehow wasn't that bad of a deal to some.

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why does everyone talk about hooking up a console like its some herculean task impossible to overcome if youre not atleast an MIT graduate? I bought a super nintendo recently and it took me all of 5 minutes too hook up to a normal, modern LCD TV that i bought brand new like half a year ago for cheap, maybe 10 minutes if you count going to the basement for a composite to SCART converter cause my dumbass bought a SNES with the wrong cable. When I was buying it all the lurking here made me thought that its gonna take me like the whole day to get it working and it took 5 minutes if even that

>> No.5537246

Go for it, i bought a GBC fairly recently myself because ive been emulating it all this time and i prefer real hardware myself and im glad I did
As other anon said you can emulate GB/GBC on the PSP but I find it more fun on original hardware just cause i almost feel like with an emulator Im spoiled with choice and I dont end up enjoying any one game as much as I do on real hardware. Also keep in mind unless you buy those reproduction carts from aliexpress games can sometimes get pricy, you dont always find the game you want and flash carts arent particularly dirt cheap either

>> No.5537658

>why does everyone talk about hooking up a console like its some herculean task impossible to overcome if youre not atleast an MIT graduate?
Nobody here is, you're reading WAY too much into that one post.

>> No.5537835

what? even girls i knew who didn't game otherwise had game boys. i know you're 14 but you've gotta understand how obscenely popular they were back in the day

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I think that game really had some of the finest sound design of any 8-bit game, the enemies are sent absolutely fucking flying off the screen as you tackle them, with a *PEOW!* sound not unlike that of a bullet's ricochet, it feels so goddamn GOOD to throw around your weight in this game.

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Based and red pilled. Is the Pokémon rip off game any good?

>> No.5541354

>why does everyone talk about hooking up a console like its some herculean task impossible to overcome if youre not atleast an MIT graduate?
Because everyone is obsessed with over-complicating shit with converters and special cables instead of just hooking up composite.

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Once you get a wife you'll understand.

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>falling for the marriage jew

>> No.5541410

Jews aren't actually real and were created by another group to distract you from our activities. Think about it dude do you really think someone trying to secretly run the world would let you know of their existence even if it was nothing but a bunch of morons? That's too risky.

>> No.5543859

>Pokemon rip off
Would that be the Dive Alert games? If so I've never played them.

>> No.5543871

It's honestly hard to tell if you're baiting for keks or are legitimately just dense bjt no.

>> No.5543874

He probably means Biomotor Unitron. I haven't played it personally either though. Just had a friend who had it.

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You know a Gameboy (Color) game I seldom see people talk about in general? Duke Nukem.

It's a pretty good sidescroller, sort of a rethread of the original two games, almost. I remember I read a review in a magazine way back when it was new, and it basically trashed it, saying it was a boring game where you do nothing but collect the letters of Duke's name.
I thought nothing of it and dismissed it, but trying it many years later, I found it was actually pretty fun, with some good and varird gameplay, and some pretty decent humor occasionally. Collecting the D U K E letters is an optional thing you can do each level, and it's just a way to score some extra lives, in hindsight the reviewer problably just fucked around on the first level and died a bunch, never advancing, writing it off.

Any GB/GBC games you felt didn't get the attention it deserved, and which people give no credit to these days?

>> No.5545592

handhelds were uncomfy eye and ear cancer until the Game Boy Advance

you all know this to be true

>> No.5545605

Don't you hate it when boogeymen posing as Jews run the world?

>> No.5545728

As a big GBA fanboy, I don't agree.

Not always easy to look at before lit screens, but if you had the right lighting conditions you could see fine.
Audio was as good as any 8-bit.
Graphics would depend on the games in question, but there were plenty of games which made excellent use out of the limited monochrome shades available, yeah, Super Mario Land is mildly crude visually, but then just look at SML2 and Wario Land, they look fantastic.

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Who knows

>> No.5545738

Shit taste desu.

>> No.5547817

Mortal Kombat 64?

>> No.5548005

Mario Kart 64. Look at the TV.

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