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What are some retro games where the excellent story compensates for the sub-par, banal gameplay?

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Breath of fire 2

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Certainly not FFVII.
BoF4 comes close though.

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Not my personal belief,
but zoomers always talk shit about Fallout 1 and 2 gameplay like it's bad.
The story line is pretty good no matter what.

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every final fantasy
most jrpgs

but defiantly not fire emblem, that'd be the opposite.

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as a senior millennial of the retired age of 33 even I can't tolerate fallout 1 or 2, not even morrowind.
>*low hp warning*

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>every Final Fantasy has an excellent story

Whoo boy you need to read more books

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No, story is never important. A game should be fun.

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you must suck at designing rpg characters lmao

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Looking back this game, i liked the story too much to not notice the game play was on par at best.

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I kinda get your point but your mistake is underestimating the RPG world. Sure, who wouldn't be able to hit a rat the size of a dog with a two-handed weapon? Probably even my granny could and she never even held a toy sword in her life but, you see, in these games you gotta invest the points accordingly.

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Grim Fandango

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That is really the definition of this thread.

I remember really hating the control system and some of the puzzles like the driving in the forest that were so incredibly tedious and badly thought out.

The characters, setting, story, and just about everything else is really great, so it should just have been a mini-series or a movie.

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Indeed. Running around Rubacava just talking to everyone is during year 2 was one of the best gaming experiences ever. Despite being a slog at times, I still love it.

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Gameplay is good in this though, it's good in OP too.

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in japanese the final fantasy games actually read like excellent manga

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not that anon, but the early fallout games suck.

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Chrono Cross
Fear Effect 1,2
Hybrid Heaven

FFVII isn't an example of sub-par gameplay though.

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>devs too lazy to make characters so they push it onto the player

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I like the gameplay. It and the time you put into it adds to the immersion with the time spent with the characters.

But then again I don't have ADHD, and don't give a shit for games like shooters.

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My first time playing Morrowind at around 11 years old I got raped by a fuckin mudcrab. Are you getting rekt by mudcrabs at 33 years old? Maybe you should take a soldiers dive off a cliff? Jokes aside, morrowind is only a miss-fest for like the first couple hours of the game as you level your skills up.

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>have to suffer for hours before gameplay becomes bearable
I get what you're saying, but that's still deeply flawed logic

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Morrowind isn't a miss fest from level 1 if you actually build your character normally and select a weapon in your major skills, and fight properly. I mean, you can defend yourself and win against a Dark Brotherhood assassin. Morrowind's problem is that, in-game at least, it doesn't explain itself. Unless you're using a dagger, you're not supposed to mash the click button.

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>That is really the definition of this thread.
This lol, I felt the same way as soon as I saw the post and then your post

>Chrono Cross
This is 2nd place
Man I read people say they love the battle system, I don't think I will ever agree

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>not thinking of final fantasy as much more than fantasy or/and science fiction pulp fiction

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For you

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FFVII has fun gameplay though. I loved messing around with materia and finding secrets.

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yeah but books aren't interactive. go take your stupid comparison somewhere else.

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you posted it, once I went through the game in your pic, I said to myself: "cool, nice story..." never touched the game again.

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Vintage/classic games don't have good stories.

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They have better stories than most modern games.

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Pic unrelated I assume?

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Final Fantasy VI
Beneath a Steel Sky
Conker's Bad Fur Day

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FF7 has fantastic gameplay though

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Xenogears. And I wouldn't necessarily call the story excellent, but it is enjoyable for all it is

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>choose your own adventure books
>colouring books
>puzzle books
>not interactive

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Most magic useless in that game.

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Brainlet detected.

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Great gameplay doesn't mean "I navigated a menu, clicked ok and a giant dragon appeared that shot lasers on the planet". Great gameplay means that the game elements fit harmoniously and the player is stimulated to engage in the activity of surpassing the obstacles.

FF7 has "great gameplay" if you only play JRPG's in your life.

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>Books aren't interactive
So if I write a book that makes a question you gotta choose and if you choose "yes" you turn to page 20 if you choose "no" you turn to page 40... Is this book a video game now?

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Story in ff7 is generic YA garbage. You do need to read more books.

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At least it doesn't have turn based battles.

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>not fire emblem
I guess you're talking about RETRO Fire Emblem titles.

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