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Half-Life is the best FPS ever made. Do you agree?

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I do not.

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eww fuck no what are you retarded?

Deus Ex mops the floor with that shit waste of time

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no lol.

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No but it's really, really good.

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no but it's a pretty good game, and all the mods that came out for it were pretty fun.

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No, but it is one of the best.

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Half-Life 1 is undeniably in the top 3 for singleplayer.

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Tied with perfect dark

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Valve games don't have cutscenes. They just lock you in a room while someone talks at you.

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>Deus Ex
It's not retro though

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It's the platform release date that makes it Vintage Racket or not. A PC game from 2000 absolutely is vintage.

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It's pretty good but has enough "fuck this stupid game" moments that I'd never say it's the best.

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no, it's in the top 10 tho

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Top 10 of just the time that has already passed? Or of AAAALLLLL time? Should you play it? Or play it BEFORE YOU DUCKING DIE!!!!!!


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Which remake is this? Ever find a working original with vector display?

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of its genre

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One of the best, but not THE best.

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Fuck no.

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Yeah its one of them of course. Maybe not the best

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No. I hate the combat of this game, it's either piss easy on normal or full of bullshit bullet sponges on hard, and most of the weapons feel weak as hell. Level design is really weak too by the genre's standards, it's modern FPS tier with straight lines with a secret or two off to the side. Only thing that's interesting is its well done world building but that's not nearly enough to salvage a GAME

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No but it's a respectable pick and clearly among the all-time greats.

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Lmao level design is one of hl strenghts.
Just because its not mazey doesnt make it bad.

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Duke 3D isn't even the best Build game.

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"they're gonna need a bucket and a mop when I'm done with you"

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Just because it has cinematic set pieces/pacing and platforming/puzzle sections doesn't make it good. If it made the combat substantially more complex than it was in Quake then that could be forgivable but it didn't do that. It just strips away one of the major aspects of FPS without adding anything to compensate

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Anyone feels bothered by how nonsensical Black Mesa layout sometimes is? I mean the only way to get to Silo D in Blast Pit is to go through a pipe located in some dead end behind a huge elevator and metal door.

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Uhh, no.

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Phenomenal tech demo, as is the second game. But it really hides behind mysticism and unanswered questions (mystery business man, etc) to create allure. And unfortunately now it's probably never going to have the loose ends tied up.

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It's one of the very best of its decade, for sure, and one of my treasured favorites.
Shame Valve has continuously mangled and broken the Steam version for the past 10 years, and I need to set up a sourceport for my GoldSrc fix.

GoldSrc modding was genuinely a golden era of modding and homebrewing, rivaled only by advanced Doom modding.

What a fucking time to have experienced, I'm sad it's shrunk so much now.
Remember The Specialists? I can't believe nobody has ripped that off yet, that was some of the most fun multiplayer FPS I've ever had, and I'm so incredibly picky on multiplayer.

The venerable Duke Of Nukem.
It pains me that you're in Pitchford's filthy hands now.

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That's like half the humor in Freeman's mind.
Half-Life makes a decent attempt at some realistic locales, certainly for the time, but if you analyze it, it's full of a lot of nonsense architecture and machine setups.
It'd have to be a blacksite, because there's like a thousand greivous OSHA violations for every square mile.

Remember that chamber with the giant death turbine? Where there's no safety railings, and the only way to turn the turbine on is to climb underneath the blades and press a button, and hurriedly climbing up that ladder before the turbine blade gains speed and hacks your fucking head off? And then the chamber locks from the outside, and unless there's some remote way to deactivate the turbine, you'd basically be stuck in there forever? There's no windows or cameras in there, so if nobody knows you went there, this is now your tomb.
Lotta fucking writeups for that thing alone, either the feds cover for them, or OSHA inspectors routinely fall into one of the many inexplicable chasms without safety railings, and they're never heard from again so they can make their report.
At the bottom of each of every one of those giant concrete pits you'll find a dozen mangled skeletons grasping clipboards annotated with things like "JESUS CHRIST!"

I love how Half-Life strives for realism, but only just barely, and manages to be goofy as hell on that aspect.

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It's more important for a level to be entertaining than following safety regulations. You aren't wrong about them but it'd be dull to play a game with total environmental safety.

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Yeah, exactly. But when Half-Life approaches realism like that, then does that bullshit, it's fun to analyze.
Duke Nukem 3D does the same thing, but worse (but it's equally excusable, because it's sort of a comedic game, and everything operates on comic book logic).

A lot of modern shooters lack entertaining abstractions like that.

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Not really, no. It's supposed to be an engaging backdrop for a scifi game, not a damn up-to-codes research facility that's true to life. You're really going to be bothered by the 2 Portal games.

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I unironically prefer Unreal 1 or Doom 1 to HF but to each it's own. Half-Life falls into "generic brown shooter" category for me. But I admit that I don't have the nostalgia for it.

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Negative, trash life sucked and ruined FPS games, but it was definitely 50000000000000000000000000000% better than the utter fucking piece of shit they called trash life 2

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multiplayer mods are always a red flag for me since they're practically DOA and it felt like there were more multiplayer mods for HL & HL2 than singleplayer.

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Are you out of your mind?
Only a retard would put a shitty Quake knockoff and a semi obscure, overrated 2.5D shooter avobe the last good retro shooter. You just consider it a "brown generic shooter" because Call of Duty 4 popularized that term, you retarded pleb.

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it might not be the best, but its certainly my favorite

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Yes, if we count mods and are talking about retro.

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>semi obscure
zoom zoom

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Counter Strike is better.

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>this whole post
Are you 12?

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Nobody below 30 gives a shit about that boomer game.
Im 25, and even if i were 12 it doesn't invalidate a solid fact. Half Life 1 blows Doom 1 and Unreal 1 out of the water.

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>"generic brown shooter"
That's literally Quake.

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>Nobody below 30 gives a shit about that boomer game.
Sweetie, I...

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What the hell are you even doing here, stupid zoomer? Fuck off back to your shithole >>>/v/ and discuss your cowadooties there, no one cares about your opinion here.

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you dont know what are you talking about quakefag.

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>Nobody below 30 gives a shit about that boomer game.
And no one below 25 cares about Half Life, your point?
>Im 25, and even if i were 12 it doesn't invalidate a solid fact. Half Life 1 blows Doom 1 and Unreal 1 out of the water.
Not a fact, just your opinion. They are different games with different playstyles, the only thing they share is the fact they are FPS. Your pseudo criticism is just your zoomer showing. Also, not retro.

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>generic brown shooter
That's Quake not Half-Life.

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You may be right, but jumping puzzles suck ass.

It has interesting plot and exploration, but gameplay sucks ass due to its misguided attempts at being RPG

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>Duke Nukem 3D does the same thing, but worse
Can you name any examples? When I played it, I didn't really notice anything particularly unrealistic about it, now I'm curious what are you talking about.

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It's definitely among the better games of the linear narrative driven style of FPS. But that style just isn't really for me.

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Yeah, as much as I love Deus Ex, the RPG system was implemented very poorly. System Shock 2 had this problem too.

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Retarded zoomer, please leave and end thyself

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>I'm 25
Literally a zoomer. Why should anyone care about your opinion?

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>2D sprite enemies that have repetitive animations
>can't look up or down
>no vertical movement
>shitty sound design
>weapon animations have like 3 frames
>bland samey environments
>repetitive objective on every level
>HUD takes 20% of the screen
>little enemy variety
>enemies are slow as fuck and shoot slow projectiles
>35fps internal logic and corresponding input lags.
>Combined with fucking inertia implementation where you feel like you pkay as atank while walking, and you feel like sliding on glass while running.
>Also, ridiculously shit melee system, which restricts your movement in order to make your hits connect.

Why do people pretend its good now?

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Good pacing. One of the best pacing I saw, if not the best.

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I don't get why people who hasn't lived the 90s get in this board.

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>recycled zoomer bait
Doom was always good and well designed, half of the appeal lies in it's modding and mapping comunity. Even after 26 years it still attracts some new blood, who play the game and still enjoy it for what it is, true classic.

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Nice copypasta. But I think you are lost. This is /vr/, its /v/ board you are looking for.

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it's fun

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>ruins your genre

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>People who disagree with me are pretending.

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>crawl back to your shithole, /v/ermin

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and no hlfag refuted it. it's like half life doesnt belong on /vr/.

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>Half-Life is the best FPS ever made. Do you agree?
no, stop this stupid shit "best ever", there is no such thing, there are too many factors, are you fucking 12 years old that you can't comprehend this?

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only /v/ermin likes shit life and hates doom.

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This shit is /vr/ as the Dreamcast. Fuck off.

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it must suck being a half life fag and know your game isnt respected on this board and by the retro fps community.

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literally the halo of its time.
zoomers will defend this game.

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Seems like the REFUTE THIS fag came back

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hl killed fps forever im not the only who thinks that.>>5524478

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Agreed, Doom was good for it's time, nowadays is shit kept in life support because MUH NOSTALGIA.

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Can't wail till you start dumping screencaps from RPGcodex like you always do

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see again>>5523467
not the only one.

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No, but it shits all over Thief.

>> No.5524689

fuck off

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This. Based MGS and Half Life putting complete like trash like Thief in its place since 1998.

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you will never have a goldsource thread hlniggers
a game that killed fps will never have a long lasting discussion.

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Is this a meme i'm not aware of?

>> No.5524834

this is your average hl hater >>>/v/459773780
dont fall for the half life is bad meme /vr/.

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It's not even the best FPS of 1998

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yes it is

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Ok I am genuinely curious about what you people are saying here. Under what basis do you say that Half Life of all games somehow ruined the FPS genre?

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I don't agree, but I still like the game so whatever.

>> No.5524895

Shitposting aside it's pretty obvious, it started many of the trends that lead to the modern first and third person shooter that is very linear set piece driven level design, ingame "immersive" cutscenes, encounters design that doesn't mix and match enemy types much, lazily implemented hard mode, shallow puzzles, etc. The game that really damaged shooters is HL2 though but you can still see most of what HL2 later emphasized in HL1

>> No.5524901

>shallow puzzles
Why should shooters have puzzles though? Nigga just play adventure game.

>> No.5524902

only /v/tards say half life ruined fps
fuck off to /v/.

>> No.5524912

you have yet to prove why hl is a bad fps and game.

>> No.5524914

The "pacing" meme, which you can again see developed in HL2 which switches between crap exploration, mindless puzzles, gimmicks like car/boat sections and combat to keep the player engaged through sheer variety. That way it doesn't have to excel at anything it can just cycle between different gameplay styles to keep plebs entertained

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>Half life its not like doom and quake so is bad

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Half Life started trends for the better through. It took the already stale fps genre and added more story elements to make the point and shoot genre into something more interesting and grounded. Linear set pieces are almost perfect ways to tell a story and to showcase gameplay while at the same time allowing the player reasonable freedom in the boundaries of the game world. I personally think Half Life 2 was even better than half life 1, and I think the lack of more half life 2 inspired games these days is a real issue in the fps genre.

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you retards are the reason why we cant have a decent hl thread. why we cant discuss its mods.

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>Half Life started trends for the better through
>story elements & cinematic set pieces
stopped reading

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Pacing is a vital component to a game. Mindless shooting from level to level and nonstop action might be appealing to some people, but its very possible to have breaks inbetween large action segments to make those portions feel more special and allows the player a moment to reflect and breathe before continuing.

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Continue reading then if you want to actually make a point, if you prefer games without those things, then you can at least accept that both types of FPS games are equally valid. I just think that half life style FPS games have more possibility for fun and interesting experiences than mindless constant shooting offered by older classic games

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Half life is the game that attracted people who didn't even like fps single/multiplayer alike to the genre. I remember some would say stuff like
>woah even the protag is a nerd so cool

>> No.5524945

so i guess doom/quake fans and half life fans will
never get along.

>> No.5524947

Looks like its just the quake and doom crowd that have to be angry all the time

>> No.5524951

There's a reason I put pacing in quotes, there are countless ways to approach pacing in an FPS game and cycling between shitty gimmicks isn't a good one. All the old school FPS had good pacing, they had more natural gameplay set pieces, more atmospheric sections about exploration (which wasn't as dumb since the level design was better and had a lot of nonlinear elements) with sparse enemies, even some horror sections with jump scares and what not. Though also this is kind of a shitty trend in general, developers now view game design as a tool to get the player addicted, the whole idea of pacing is essentially "don't let the player stop playing" which naturally encourages casualization and shallow engagement because difficulty and/or complexity naturally lead to frustration or god forbid repetition. HL is a good example of the switch from the old school mentality to a modern mentality.
There is no point to be made because it's a matter of tastes, and your post agreed with me anyway it's just that you frame HL's additions in a positive light, I do not. Things like Bioshock Infinite and Uncharted are direct descendants of HL2 btw whether you like them or not.

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all those words no substance

>> No.5524957

whatever you say zoomer.

>> No.5524959

Have a problem with something I said or want elaboration? Don't be shy :)

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I think its clear that fans of all 3 of said series are pretty mellow. The problem here is bait. Calling something the best thing of all time with no points or opinions like the OP is exactly the problem here. the fps general has much less shit flinging than you'd see from the threads outside of it

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no they get along fine on doomworld its just on /vr/ where people think half-life destroyed FPS

>> No.5524964

The doom crowd doesn't even get along with quake most of the times and even in quake shit is split. If you add unreal and it to the equation holy shit what a mess
Enough material for a thousand years of shitposting

>> No.5524967

I honestly feel like any experience you can get in those games can be recreated with more detail and enjoyment in a half life styled game. Want the game to be fast paced? Give the player the freedom to play faster themselves. Want the game to be more exploration based? Give the player the option to explore the level at their own pace. Atmospheric? Blend it in with gameplay and setting seamlessly. Story Driven? Give the player story information that only the astute would find, since they are the ones most interested in it. Half Life and Half Life 2 do these things almost perfectly all the time, and they do this while both setting new standards for the industry each time. I know its a matter of opinion, and I can understand why you would say a lot of negative trends started from Valve, but Id wager that the trends these games started have yet to be explored fully. People just basically tried to copy their success and failed, just like the countless doom clones out there.

>> No.5524971

funny how noone is replying to the most sane post >>5524961

>> No.5524974

I really do thing Half Life is the best fps game of all time, obviously its a matter of opinion but I think it is the strongest contender just based on the game itself, the things that spawned from it and the fact that it is just the perfect example of what a FPS can be.

>> No.5524975

are you OP? if so why havent you put that speech in the first post? Half Life is really good but again you are being to vague. The point of this thread is to praise HL in a comparative way, dont start threads for arguing, thats no fun

>> No.5524982

Not OP, just a die hard half life fan who is salty that so many FPS games are absolute trash and Valve refuses to feed me the gaming equivalent of crack cocaine that was Half Life 2 and its episodes to me.

>> No.5524985

>lazily implemented hard mode
thats kinda of reaching

>> No.5524987

>Want the game to be fast paced? Give the player the freedom to play faster themselves
That's not how it works, games need to make that gameplay style fun and incentivise it instead of just adding it for the sake of it, Half Life is a good example of this actually with its hard mode especially when you fight human enemies, you can technically play it run n gun style but this style will be a total mess because of bullet sponge enemies, ridiculous damage when you're out in the open and mechanics like guns not being perfectly accurate when hip firing. The idea that you can have everything as an option is a total fantasy.
>Give the player the option to explore the level at their own pace
Except there's little to explore in HL styled games because the levels are so linear due to its focus on cinematic pacing, and because it ditched the genre's arcade roots in favor of realism you can't pistol start each level which changes how you play significantly and encourages exploration even more.
>Atmospheric/story driven
Sure that's the strength of this approach but even then imo atmospheric games focus on emergent systems rather than set pieces or tightly paced singleplayer, stuff like Deus Ex, Thief, STALKER where it's more about creating a world rather than an amusement park ride like HL.

>> No.5524994

Now when I think about it, are there any FPS games outside HL1/2 that have this "no perspective shifts, no time-skips" structure?

>> No.5525003

I've seen many people play Half Life very fast paced even on their first play through. Id say its actually the recommended way to play it. Ducking and weaving around cover like a madman makes you harder to hit.
As for the exploration aspect, Half Life scatters health and ammo in many different little off route sections of the game, I found myself exploring every bit of the level I could find, and still to this day I find new parts of missions I have never seen before. It might include less exploration than other games, but it has more than most.
And the atmosphere is there for sure. It has a careful balance to not detract from the gameplay by forcing the player into long drawn out sequences to have the atmosphere drilled into them. Set pieces are still the best way to do this, especially when you combine it with the freedom to engage those set pieces at your own pace.
And the amusement park design you speak of isnt really apparent to me. Plenty of levels have different ways and paths for you to go, and Id say that even though it might seem tight spaced and very linear, it does it too well for that aspect to seem like a real issue.

>> No.5525004

How's that reaching? Harder modes adding a ton of new enemies while making smart stat tweaks that make the games more challenging while preserving the pace and gameplay style were the standard, meanwhile HL just gives you fuck all health and gives enemies huge amounts of health forcing you into a defensive playstyle or outright ignoring enemies because you can't be bothered wasting ammo killing them.

>> No.5525007

git fucking gud

>> No.5525016

None of them were playing hard mode, normal's flaw is that it's piss easy
>As for the exploration aspect, Half Life scatters health and ammo in many different little off route sections of the game
1 or two side sections per level that are usually pretty obvious just to get a bit of extra goodies that you don't even need outside of hard mode. You can't compare that to pistol start in older FPS, you had to really learn the levels and make a plan on where to go when, using secrets to stay alive. It's on a whole different level compared to HL's simplistic level design

>> No.5525018

That is true. Lazy hard modes are a boring thing to see. Even so, the fact that half life's gameplay is fun enough for me to want to play through the game multiple times on the hardest difficulty makes it easy to see why they did it that way. You discover new mechanics and gameplay styles that were there since the beginning, but the easy enemies never forced you to use them. Play half life on hard difficulty and take it seriously and you will see what I mean. You cant play it the same way as if it as easy, and just being defensive isnt enough.

>> No.5525025

I'd say not really. They are the same. Half Life just lets you keep your weapons and health for a sense of continuity. If they made you find your weapons again it would be different in half life and not necessarily bad, but it wouldn't be a huge increase in enjoyment either.

>> No.5525026

HL's hard mode is much easier than most hard modes in older FPS, it's just not enjoyable to play since everything's such a massive sponge

>> No.5525027

you are overrating maze level design so much

>> No.5525036

I'm not talking about Wolf, and if you think most post Doom FPS have maze level design you never played them

>> No.5525039

most doom levels dont very good level design.

>> No.5525041

Absolutely one of the greatest. Great single player, and I'm more inclined to say it had the best modding scene compared even to Quake 3, but it's hard to say. But I love Natural Selection, so I'm a bit more bias to HL.

Sucks zoomers will never get to experience that kind of scene. Mods to them just means nudes for Skyrim.

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>> No.5525074

i cant believe some people hate this game so much because its not like doom.

>> No.5525079

>when basic bitch enemies are so spongy you have to rely on explosives to kill them within a reasonable timeframe

>> No.5525089

It's /vr/. Even SoTN gets shat on just because shitters think having a toxic opinion makes them interesting. HL will be remembered as one of the greatest FPS, and SoTN will be remembered as one of the best Castlevania games.

>> No.5525091

stay mad

>> No.5525093

Yes as we all know popularity and accessibility is the greatest indicator of quality

>> No.5525096

so doom sucks too

>> No.5525107

I never said that. You are literally creating your own argument just to argue with a stranger. Pathetic.

>> No.5525114

It's heavily implied in your second sentence

>> No.5525125

Well then I'll chalk it up to an issue of pragmatics in terms of text. Not sure where accessibility even comes from since I didn't mention it, but whatever.

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>> No.5525152

GoldSrc modding scene was peak modding scene. Don't even reply to my post, WADfags.

>> No.5525158

Doomniggers are the most toxic fps fans, they should admit that their precious game was surpassed a long time ago by superior titles since Duke 3D came out. They should also be grateful for the modding community keeping their shit game on life support, specially Brutal Doom wich breathed new life into it.

>> No.5525161

I am in disagreement with this statement

>> No.5525165

Layered bait, a bit over the top but still deserves a (You)

>> No.5525212

Maybe you should stick to those old fps if you find half life so hard.

>> No.5525213

hes right though

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>> No.5525339
File: 61 KB, 578x299, Tripmine_wall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only bad thing about Half Life is that stupid section with the nukes surrounded by trip lasers. Never want to play that again.

>> No.5525348

Half life is garbage.

>> No.5525354

The path is pretty easy

>> No.5525362

its bait tho. this whole thread is filled with bait

>> No.5525368

I dont know how that can be true when CS was a modded version that was better..

>> No.5525370

Saying that hl ruined fps and has inferior level design to old school fps its not bait.

>> No.5525374
File: 748 KB, 630x800, 1463686629407.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5525375

It is though. That is obvious bait. HL didnt ruin anything. Its just a game that chose for a different level style. IF you are talking about being bad influentially it is Medal of Honor that deserves that more. Half Life has cool diverse monsters that you shoot at with cool diverse guns. Thats that ruining or betraying anything. Its a good game like many of the 90s fps games mentioned. This thread really is a bait factory and I woudlnt be suprised if im replying to bait right now.

>> No.5525380


>> No.5525381


>> No.5525383

its definitely the best half life game ever made

>> No.5525386

Like honestly, wot

>> No.5525395

I love how people arent even bothering replying to >>5525375 Because they can't think of good enough bait

>> No.5525406

Really OP? Half Life is the McDonald's of FPS, boring, pretentious and cheap, it doesn't help that the engine is called "goldsource"

>> No.5525409

actually it was listed as full price when it came out. its a lot cheaper today it gets cheap on sale

>> No.5525410

Thats doom actually.

>> No.5525418

Doom was on Goldsource?

>> No.5525421

No but its boring.

>> No.5525428

Not really. Weak bait. I think it is on Goldsource though you were right about that

>> No.5525429

HL1 directly lead to HL2 though, which is named as one of the main influences for most of the cancerous extremely linear cinematic shooters you see nowadays. And MoH was a console shooter, Half Life popularized that shit on PC.

>> No.5525434

Cry more doombabby

>> No.5525436

But linear shooters today dont have various monsters or guns. You are grasping at straws mate. Valve never forced anyone to make new shooters a certain way. This bait is like saying the original Dracula film was bad because it was one of the first with sound, and modern bad movies all have sound

>> No.5525441

Sound isn't bad though. Dumbing down levels into straight lines and introducing a ton of cinematic crap is. HL wasn't AS bad since it was still rooted in old school shooters but it was a step away from that into what we have now

>> No.5525446

Stick with your doom wads and go back to the doom general.

>> No.5525448

Its clear you dont ever played hl in your fucking life.why bother with you doombabbies.

>> No.5525449

Nah I like watching HL fags cope when faced with facts

>> No.5525450

The maps arent straight lines though. Alot of maps have backtracking. Also I dont know what you mean by cinematic. OOT or MGS I kindof get why they call them cinematic but HL doesnt really have cinematography theres no different camera angles, it doesnt even go out of first person. HL did nothing wrong it just happens to not have labyrinth design and secrets. Protip dont use buzzwords it makes bait more obvious

>> No.5525452
File: 48 KB, 239x188, kermit the frog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this entire thread
>"You're only allowed to like ONE game!"

Half-Life is amazing, DOOM is amazing, Duke is amazing

At least we can all agree that Shadow Warrior sucks.

>> No.5525454

Yes yes ok zoomer

>> No.5525456

Finally a sane person

>> No.5525457

Please go back to your shitty general

>> No.5525462

why does everyone keep saying zoomer? does that mean gen z? people in gen y didnt even know what half life was before the HL3 meme or maybe Portal. SO thats yet another bait busted

>> No.5525465

I feel like anti-HLfag and anti-Doomfag is the same person

>> No.5525467

But we can all agree Half-Life is the most amazing

>> No.5525470

Stop. I see what you did there. You said something controversial to get replies. interesting strategy

>> No.5525474
File: 33 KB, 500x558, Alyx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do zoomers hate HL and HL2 so much? Honest question. I remember /v/ years ago was filled with threads praising both games and now they're constantly shitting on them.

>> No.5525475

Can't you people see the issue here? everyone is named anonymous so noone really knows whos saying what so people can easily bait one another and just have flame wars over more bait. Its time to stop

>> No.5525478

They're straight lines with the occasional secret on the side and some backtracking that's worse than Doom which at least had monster closets opening up, same as most other modern shooters. HL is cinematic because of how its paced and its reliance on set pieces that require no player input and have no gameplay impact. You can trace modern walking and talking scenes directly to HL's intro

>> No.5525479

popular game bad

>> No.5525482

again with the zoomer buzzword. Do you mean Gen Z? They probably arent even aware of the series why are you dodging questions

>> No.5525485

Its time to stop retard.

>> No.5525489

>a honest reply with no bait intention
There is still good in this godforsaken website.

>> No.5525492
File: 40 KB, 525x798, 2140d30b61441ede897b1d116430e93f0fbe91da.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5525494

Are you still mad hl still is considered one the best fps games ever with one of the best modding communities?
There is nothing you can do about it faggot.

>> No.5525497

But they arent really straight lines, it just seems like it. What do you mean about setpieces? landmarks? was the moon in Duke3D a setpiece? Making levels look different from each other isnt a bad thing. scenes of talking in video games have always been present, play an adventure game some time. Bait busted

>> No.5525502

what do you mean you?

>> No.5525504

Keep naming doom for gaming cred if you think you have an argument.

>> No.5525514

I'm sure most Doomfags have only ever played Knee Deep and only name it to sound like le real gaymur

>> No.5525516

It doesn't "seem" like it, it's what it is the game has some loops, side areas and backtracking but for the most part it's incredibly linear. Keep in mind that you had Unreal out at the same time as HL with really big open maps. Cinematic set pieces means scenes that are all about spectacle and play out without the player's input, they're meant to be observed rather than interacted with, or have any impact on gameplay. Games and even FPS had story but name a single notable FPS before HL that had something like HL's intro section

>> No.5525519
File: 149 KB, 596x333, cont.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can everyone just admit that bashing HL is trendy because its a OOT style game? It doesnt play like it but its on lists like OOT, MGS, SOTN, FF7 and more of similar acclaim. Those games get hated on by /vr/ for brownie points. Its no coincidence. Its sad. People like >>5525514 fall for a scheme in which people pretend to be interested in a vaguely related series to justify the OOT style bashing. They fall for it and its an endless bait flame war from all directions.

>> No.5525525

This is some hardcore cope. Also, do you know what OoT, MGS, SoTN and FF7 have in common besides popularity/acclaim? If you figure it out you might just understand why people dislike them.

>> No.5525529 [DELETED] 


>> No.5525532

cope? is that a buzzword? Yeah I think I do know what they had it common. They were good games. Are you going to deny that people dislike good games on this website?

>> No.5525535 [DELETED] 


>> No.5525540 [DELETED] 


>> No.5525541

Nah think deeper, they're "good games" of a very particular variety, some can even be contrasted with their predecessors like OoT and SoTN which should help you see just how much they shifted the focus

>> No.5525542

You fell for the scheme

>> No.5525545

There is nothing wrong with hl level design. Also unreal its just empty spaces.

>> No.5525547

You dont have to twist or rephrase the fact that they are good games. You also dodged the question. Do you think good games get bashed on this website yes or no? Do you think people bash games to get attention on this website yes or no?

>> No.5525548

I like Doom but putting it above Half-Life is stupid.

>> No.5525549

See you diverted the focus so people start arguing about Unreal. Trying some new scheme eh?

>> No.5525551 [DELETED] 

Doombabbies are embarrassing.

>> No.5525554

See you two are falling for the same traps that were just discussed

>> No.5525557

Half life was irrelevant shit even back then.

>> No.5525560

Sure lots of people here have shit tastes, difference is that when people bash something just to be contrarians they don't give proper reasoning for their dislike of something. All you're doing is lumping people with actual tastes with people who bait for attention and assume that because some people are being contrarians, nobody could GENUINELY dislike your precious game which is stupid. Since you're being dense deliberately let me spell it out for you, all those games shifted focus onto the "experience" diminishing the role of gameplay and had a massive influence on games that came after. There's nothing unreasonable about disliking say FF7 or MGS for launching the obsession with constant shitty cinematics, or disliking SoTN because it turned what was a really tight challenging platformer series into an easy RPG lite that kept people hooked because they could keep collecting dumb little trinkets and up their stats instead of through good level design. Crying about le ebil contrarians is the mark of insecurity.

>> No.5525561

Why are so many people ignoring >>5525519 ?
Look at >>5525557 He fell fro the bait and we start all over again.

>> No.5525564

So do you think good games get bashed on this website yes or no? I dont know what ebil is, is that a buzzword? Why won't you admit people make threads like this for flame wars?

>> No.5525573

Only /v/tards are obsessed about calling games cinematic.
Its time to go back.

>> No.5525575

Not as much as doom.

>> No.5525578

Yes I already admit it in my post, people do have shitty tastes and people do fish for attention but what you're doing is assuming EVERYONE who criticizes the games you dislike does that which is either delusion or insecurity. Also don't act dense

>> No.5525591

People criticize games fairly, but thats incredibly minimal when /vr/ has like a dozen OOT threads where contrarians say the same thing. This isnt the first HL bait thread nor will it be the last. People are allowed to not like a loved game or love a disliked game. But you shouldnt have trouble calling OOT or MGS a good game to have a point. This thread is no different from a daily OOT thread and you are no different from the OPs that fight tooth and nail for keeping threads like that alive. You have too much trouble admitting the truth of what these bait threads are.

>> No.5525614

HL as a series is

>> No.5525621

>hl doesnt have secr-

>> No.5525661

Doom back in 93 was far more advanced than contemporary games, it was installed on more PCs than freaking Windows. Fag Life wasn't nearly as popular, and it's engine was derived from Quake I.

>> No.5525665

it was less advanced than ultima underworld zoomer. you cant even aim up and down.

>> No.5525723

>all these retards defending garbage cinematic level design.

>> No.5525725

I like both, they're simply different kinds of games that i play differently and expect different things from. Half Life is mediocre at best if you just want more Quake, but as it's own game I find it pretty enjoyable.

>> No.5525770

It isn't the best, but it definitely ranks high up there.

>> No.5525771

that's only true for the first minutes of this game

>> No.5525778


>> No.5525792

It has a few more later.

>> No.5525797

the only ones i can think of is the occasional scientist or guard that goes "hey gordon go do this" and you can just walk past them

lambda core has one too

>> No.5525806 [DELETED] 
File: 43 KB, 631x658, 1549979516321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5525808

How is McDonald's pretentious

>> No.5525818

>like 3 or 4 segments where you have to listen to an npc for a minute
>"ton of cinematic crap"
you having adhd doesn't make a game bad, anon

>> No.5525821 [DELETED] 

>Half Life is mediocre at best
Glad we agree. fuck hl and valve games.
they dont belong on /vr/.

>> No.5525824


>> No.5525825


>> No.5525826


it's the last best FPS ever made, how about that?

>> No.5525828

Might as well take control of the camera and make it a razzle-dazzle Final Fantasy cinematic ("cutscene" is not a vintage gaming term)

>> No.5525829
File: 58 KB, 640x418, 1551230512886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5525830 [DELETED] 

keep defending crap-life pleb

>> No.5525882

Doom beyond Knee Deep in the Dead and half of The Shores of Hell is boring dog shit. Half Life is good until half of Xen.

>> No.5525898

whats the point of this thread?

>> No.5525919

why so emotional?

>> No.5525923

To get (You)s of course

>> No.5525940

this is so far from reality that it's probably a troll, but who knows it could be an actual retard

>> No.5525971

*cracks knuckles*
*mixes up a tall glass of Fazeberry® G-Fuel™*
Yep, it's Half-Life time.

>> No.5526007

The original Quake was better and it is the only Quake game I acknowledge.

>> No.5526010

Quake is a tech demo.

>> No.5526030

Quake II is the actual tech demo, you stupid fuck.

>> No.5526190

Deus Ex's level design is more realistic and still finds a way to be fun

>> No.5526247

Doom is a tech demo, Marathon is a tech demo, System Shock is a tech demo, thief is a tech demo, quake is a tech demo, quake 2 is a tech demo, duke is a tech demo, half life is a tech demo

>> No.5526498

It just feels weird to me, since Half Life has a rather grounded setting, and some of the levels stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe it's just me because of how I perceive the game

>> No.5526518

It was certainly one of the best games of its generation. It deserves a huge ammount of praise for all the design innovations and new mechanics that it not only introduced but instantly turned into industry standards.
But I wouldn't call it the best FPS ever made.

>> No.5526665
File: 485 KB, 1920x1200, DeusExHeliosEnd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Valve fanboiing
No. If you mean in terms of scripted events and plot, Desu Sex is way better. In terms of performance and lack of bugs, then Quake or Unreal Tournament is superior code.

>> No.5526679

>dude Goldeneye with physics lmao
the absolute state of PC gaming

>> No.5526810

Half-Life is full of color though.

Too obvious.

Quake isn't nearly as brown as people say it is. Though there's some brown, for sure.

It didn't have really any more physics than Goldeneye did, but it really isn't much like Goldeneye overall, either.

>> No.5526816

I was never bothered by the jumping and platforming in FPS games, I always think it's weird when people complain about it.

>> No.5526829

>Quake isn't nearly as brown as people say it is.
You're right. It's unfair to describe Quake as just brown, when it also has light brown, dark brown, black, beige, gray... it's totally a colorful game, I swear

>> No.5526854
File: 98 KB, 1036x768, e1m1_19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a far more cartoony game, so I think it doesn't really matter, but there's a bunch.
>first map, the building across the porno theater has an apartment you can get into, it's a single L shaped room with a mattress, a poster on the wall (that hides some drugs), and a monitor for a security camera, there's no doors, seemingly the only way to enter is through the windows
>right across the street, next to the neon sign, there's another apartment, it's a smaller rectangular room, in there is a couch, a bunch of guns, a glass of martini, and porn playing on a TV, there's no doors here either, you need to get in through the window
Who lives in these apartments? Spiderman? Does he have secret addictions to drugs and porn, and have these little hidden rooms which are impossible to reach normally, where there's no furniture but what to accommodate his vices?

Looking at the street itself, it's enclosed, you couldn't drive a car into there, and you couldn't drive out, it's more like a yard than anything, except there's sidewalks, fire hydrants, and the entrance to the theater with the "Now Playing" signs are here.

Now, I know exactly why it's like that, because they needed to have I think a minimum of 20fps on a 386, because it was 1996, and they couldn't have a giant and fully realistic city, and what really matters is the gameplay, so the supposedly far more elaborate first level is cut down substantially (there used to be a longer street with a bank building, a skywalk between the two tall buildings, etc), and the fact that DN3D is really a pretty cartoony game excuses a lot of it, but you'd still be wondering "Is this an apartment? Does someone live like this?"
None of that takes away from the fact that DN3D overall still paid a lot of attention to detail, and had lots of realistic clutter.

>> No.5526862

It's supposed to play a lot at gothic horror and medeival themes (having originally been conceived as a free roaming fantasy RPG), the colors used fits the environments and themes they went for.

I think it works, because there's some nods to H.P Lovecraft, and the idea that these are supposed to be some unpleasant places where humans aren't supposed to be, and how you're not welcome. That the locales aren't pleasant fits with that.

>> No.5526876
File: 39 KB, 640x480, q26_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blues, reds, greens, purples, oranges, yellows, etc.

>> No.5526879

I see red (a bit of the shotgun box in the background, the 0), yellow (the torch) and grey (the shotgun). Everything else is different shades of brown, what a piece of shit of a game.

>> No.5526885

More like, it's the hardware limitations of the time, it's what they had to compromise to make it run at 30fps at 640x480

>> No.5526898

Most people first played it in software mode and would generally average 20fps, only a nicer than average computer would get 30fps consistently, and later you would see graphics cards for real 3D graphics and the release of GlQuake.

30fps wasn't really on the table for most people when it first came out.

>> No.5526903

How does that relate to color? You can put whatever palette you want in the engine and it'll work the same as normal, the appearance of Quake was by design.

>> No.5526907

It was the gold standard of the time (double than what consoles managed), they sacrificed the visuals in order for it to viable in good machines.

>> No.5526909

>i--it's totally intentional
Kek, Quakefags are THIS delusional

>> No.5526919
File: 33 KB, 143x142, he comin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The world of Quake is dark. It's in the design document. Notice the monsters small, if any, eyes. You might not like the art style, but it has thought behind it and is consistent.

>> No.5526928

>design cannot be dictated by hardware limitations
Keep coping.

What was that, Carmack? Story in videogames is as important as story in porn? That's what you said?

>> No.5526943

Do you not like, understand how colors work with computers?

>> No.5526947

I remember running Quake in 1024x768 on a 150 MHz P1 with 16 MB at 50 fps (when the shareware version was first released)

>> No.5526952

I know that they were toned down in Quake for performance reasons

>> No.5526974


>> No.5526997

>shambler pic
I forgot how shitty some designs of the enemies were in "3D Brown Doom" the only decent looking monster were the ogres and knights/death knights.

>> No.5527113

imagine hating half life. what a shitty board.

>> No.5527160
File: 46 KB, 600x375, 8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, yes, considering all the colorful graphics people would put in the engine without modifying it.
Pic related was basically just a mod for the game sold commercially, and you have all kinds of X-Men characters featured in, their at the time, full colored glory.

Just add the colors and shades you want to your palette. Are you just bullshitting or are you genuinely slow?

>> No.5527176

They might have toned down the amount of shades, or tweaked the palettes at some point, because there's one or two textures which look like they have some slight color bleeding on them, suggesting they had a couple more shades before being made to comply with the palette.
That doesn't mean the engine can't have vibrant colors, it just means it was limited to a set range of shades, which every other game of that era also did.

>> No.5527194

It looks like absolute shit. So, they made Quake all brown because it was the only way to make the game have a reasonable look.

>> No.5527196

It's possibly the best retro FPS, the only other contenders I can think of are Blood and not retro FEAR.

>> No.5527212 [DELETED] 

Imagine liking nigger life. The nerve and ignorance of some folks.

>> No.5527218 [DELETED] 


>> No.5527232

i don't give a shit about DumP

>> No.5527242

All of you should be made into dogfood.

>> No.5527259 [DELETED] 

delete this thread and i will stop

>> No.5527298

I don't negotiate with homeless people.

>> No.5527305 [DELETED] 

keep showing /vr/ shitty taste then.

>> No.5527313

I don't even think Half-Life is the best game ever, I just pity your life choices.

>> No.5527331
File: 202 KB, 512x512, 89563e54-543e-11e5-852c-a03d56616ee1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So Valve finally fixed that texture scaling problem in OpenGL

>> No.5527334

Stop arguing with zoomers, for fucking sakes.

>> No.5527338 [DELETED] 


>> No.5527365

The only physics in Half-Life is a couple segments where you have to push boxes, are you sure you're not thinking of HL2?

>> No.5527368

>waah why doesn't a stone castle look like it was made with mix and match lego bricks

>> No.5527369


>> No.5527371

Was that what the recent update was for? Fucking finally

>> No.5527376

>not knowing that the faggot that posted that pic was using it as an example of how Quake totally has colors
Context, son, can your tiny brain understand this concept?

>> No.5527382
File: 5 KB, 499x129, Steam_2019-04-25_21-29-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, they actually rolled it into the beta build few days after. You need to switch to the beta updates to get this fix

>> No.5527383

Awesome, good to know.

>> No.5527385 [DELETED] 

dont pretend you are interested in hl now faggots

>> No.5527391

Awesome. Now I have an excuse to replay the greatest FPS ever made.

>> No.5527393 [DELETED] 

careful with those words you will trigger the doomfags

>> No.5527413

You seem perturbed

>> No.5527431

Enjoy your Monochromeke.

>> No.5527445

fun thread

>> No.5527446

shit thread

>> No.5527479

HL1 was great, and playing through it on sven coop with your bros was good times.

>> No.5527487
File: 1.61 MB, 2978x2393, 1555186734523(2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick reminder that Quake was the tech demo and Half-Life was the game.

>> No.5527613
File: 42 KB, 525x400, gibs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is colored. You see the purple sky? The green brickwork? The red blood on the monster's mouth? It doesn't have to look like it's in EGA display mode to be colorful.

Quake has plenty of color all over the place.

>> No.5528271

Half Life sucks

>> No.5528286

Quake sucks

>> No.5528290

Doom sucks

>> No.5528294

FPS games suck, lowest common denominator trash.

>> No.5528298

computer games suck

>> No.5528304

console games sucks

>> No.5528310

Games as a concept suck. Get a life, losers.

>> No.5528324

The internet itself sucks, it allowed retards, autists, and other kinds of human garbage a way to express their worthless opinions.

>> No.5528325

Life as a concept is rubbish

>> No.5528326

too many redpills

>> No.5528327

The human race sucks. I'm glad our time is finally coming.

>> No.5528329

the big bang was a mistake

>> No.5528383

Thank you, Douglas Addams.

>> No.5528541

Quake was the original brown and grey shooter.
Blood achieved the same thing without looking like actual shit. Unreal looks much better

>> No.5528561

Quake II was a good game

>> No.5528567

This, but unironically.

>> No.5528574 [DELETED] 
File: 221 KB, 610x484, pdp_double_decker_taco_supreme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One time I ate Taco bell and then got diarrhea, I didn't have toilet paper so I used my socks and had to go a whole day with no socks in my shoes, it was hard for me to walk on a hot 80* summer day in July. Gee I don't know what I was thinking, I thought that maybe trying Taco Bell's new Double Decker® Taco Supreme would have been good and filling which it indeed was, but man after eating that monster out, I felt a gurgling sensation in my anus and I let out a little wet fart and soiled my Deadpool undies which my grandma gave me for Christmas year in 2009. Luckily made it in time to a nearby bathroom on the highway as I was speeding 100mph to find because I couldn't hold it anymore! But in the end, I was relieved of my pressure and stress and will lay off Taco Bell for awhile until another day. Phew!

>> No.5528593
File: 104 KB, 600x371, 1555212370108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5528602

Amazing they're still updating it. All of id's games have been long abandoned.

>> No.5528614

Valve has broken the fuck out of Half-Life with updates over the years. Lots of effects and details from the original release aren't working correctly or are missing.

I'd much prefer they left it the fuck alone.

>> No.5528686

>Lots of effects and details
Anything else aside from that one OpenGL bug? Or you're just exaggerating as usual?

>> No.5528702


This isn't even getting into how the original retail menu looked (and sounded), a million times better than the Steam one.

>> No.5528718

It runs on Windows 98.

>> No.5528878

>>35fps internal logic and corresponding input lags.
Incidentally, it's not their fault that 70Hz monitors lost out to cheaper 60Hz ones.

>> No.5529105

Quake had an 8-bit color pallette, that was what got scaled down. It would have been 16-bit otherwise because that was the current move in visuals, but even then, Quake itself was already pretty resource intensive.
It still ended up looking better than many of the other games coming out at the time, and since the theme of the game was dark/gothic and all, they didn't need to work with a ton of colors anyway.

>> No.5529192
File: 21 KB, 220x271, 220px-Half-Life_Blue_Shift_box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back when HL came out, all the talks were about 2 things: the "interactive cutscenes" and the soldiers AI and how amazing they were.

Meanwhile, I absolutely love the first part of the game, but I think the entire Surface part with soldiers is terrible.

The first part of the game has amazing atmosphere, there are a lot of design cues taken by survival horror. After that the game becomes power-house vs power-house and the tension is gone.

Also I genuinely like Blue Shift best. Yes it's short, yes it's missing some weapons and doesn't have a lot of new content, but it's perfect summary of what makes Half Life and the level design is amazing, I actually like the soldiers in BS, those are the best soldier encounters in the game.

Meanwhile Op Forces is all over the place, it's all quantity over substance.

>> No.5529457

This should be the case. But mods are bipolar consolefags.

>> No.5530161

You sound like dick eating fag

>> No.5530302

Why ask stupid questions?

>> No.5530304

Deus Ex gameplay was clunky and the weapons were shit.

>> No.5530507
File: 30 KB, 244x331, 1449542407110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lots of effects and details from the original release aren't working correctly or are missing.
>video contains literally 4 visual effects that are different and those changes predate Steam by years (as per patch, released in 2001)
Yes, anon, you miss the old menu, but you need to calm down.

>> No.5530510

This is hardly the condemnation you seem to think it is, two fucked up particle effects and some patched out exploits is pretty far from the end of the world. The Bunnyhop cap is the only change that really sucks

>> No.5530689

>not raising pistol skill to advanced at start
Do that and all “clunkiness” will be gone

>> No.5530907

Half-Life > Opposing Force > Decay >>>> Blue Shift

>> No.5530909

redpill on the expansions, i only played vanilla half life. Also you didnt mention opposing force, is it bad?

>> No.5530949
File: 18 KB, 164x200, Adrian_Shephard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you didnt mention opposing force
He did and it's the best expansion if we're not counting Counter-Strike.

>> No.5530953

thoughts on the half life vs doom level design debate?
was autism?
which level design style is valid?

>> No.5530954

Half-Life has better level design. Anything that wasn't made by Romero in Doom is fucking garbage.

>> No.5530971

Both works, but it depends on what kind of game you're making.
Linear level design is perfectly valid if make a good effort, as is non-linear level design, likewise both are capable of being terrible.

You have to be 18+ to post on 4chan.

>> No.5531030

Sound is completely fucked on the latest Steam release. There's a shitty echoing and pitch shift if you stay in an area too long

>> No.5531034 [DELETED] 

How will doombabs ever recover?

>> No.5531050

By shrugging and then playing some more Doom?

>> No.5531650

It always was if you were using software audio. You probably talk about hardware audio support, which got removed in 2013.

>> No.5531653

Apples and oranges, it really depends on what your game is going for.

>> No.5531658

why they do that tho

>> No.5531668

thats not ricochet

>> No.5531671

You'd figure it would have gotten at least a sequel then

>> No.5531673

I have fond memories of it but i'd much rather replay Blue Shift or OpFor in practice.
That said, multiplayer and mods was always my main jam in HL.

>> No.5531678

shit taste

>> No.5531679

I don't know, maybe they thought nobody might want to play a 20 year old game on an old hardware. This really sucks, since EAX emulation is a thing, and if the source port would ever get released, there would probably be no way to port EAX/A3D support to something like OpenAL

>> No.5531682

That really hurt my feelings anon :^(

>> No.5531683

its almost like youve never seen conan the barbarian and conan the destroyer

>> No.5531702

Doom level design is still very conceptual and mazey.

Meanwhile Half-Life was very influenced by Duke Nukem 3D, some of its cues like the realistic, believe-able places, the way levels are connected, and the amount of interaction the player can have with the world; are directly owed to DN3D, except HL took it further.

I'd say Doom's level design was more revolutionnary. HL had its path mapped out by DN3D.

>> No.5531718

Wow talk about random.

>> No.5531736

absolute pleb

>> No.5531739

Even more random reply.

>> No.5531956

These ai videos are great (and the compression is fantastic). What's the source?

>> No.5531960

>its on lists like OOT, MGS, SOTN, FF7 and more of similar acclaim. Those games get hated on by /vr/ for brownie points. Its no coincidence.
No, is not. Probably they have in common that casualized their respective genres to attract a broader audience and killed what people loved.

>> No.5531975


>> No.5531981 [DELETED] 

wah wah games changed wah

>> No.5531991

Stil seething over 20 year old games lmao.

>> No.5531993

everybody still waiting for dat 3, we all got ways to cope

>> No.5532002

i was referring to this guy>>5531960

>> No.5532006

who cares, all you're doing right now is go on threads and say SEETHING

grow up

>> No.5532037


>> No.5532220
File: 994 KB, 480x302, giphy (6).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bold claim for a game that doesn't let you blow up mimes with bundles of TNT

>> No.5532260

>gives you fuck all health
>you can't be bothered wasting ammo killing [enemies]
That's actually a survival horror concept. I like that.

>> No.5532282

Satchel charge is the same thing

>> No.5532302

>whines about Blood and Half Life difficulty
why you doomfags are like this?

>> No.5532319

>degree in advanced dimensional teoretical physics from MIT
>gets a job in a prestigious secret military installation
>never spoke a single time with anyone
>had a small fag ponytail
>despite his education his older coworkers didn't respect him, and was ordered to push a shitty cart with an alien chrystal into a """""mass spectrometer""""" wich isn't dangerous at all, despite the fact hes using a protective suit without a helmet and the spectrometer is in a huge chamber with thick walls and blast doors, while his shit coworkers are protected in a confy control room
>doesn't give a shit about alien fauna running around black mesa
>doesn't give a shit about marines scent by the gobvernment to clean up black mesa
>used several black mesa scientists and guards as meat shields to draw fire from aliens and soldiers
>doesn't scream in pain after breaking his legs after a long drop
>can still walk and run with both legs broken
>doesn't care he's scent to an alien dimension with probably no chance of return nor survival, by the remaining shit coworkers that survived
>doesn't care about ending up enslaved by a mouth breathing retarded alien in a shitty human disguise.
Gordon Freeman must be the most autistic and psychotic FPS protagonist

>> No.5532329

>he doesn't even 'huh!' When jumping or getting hurt

>> No.5532386
File: 110 KB, 657x539, 1507078056361.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5532392

They aren't.

>> No.5532420

even marc laidlaw jokingly called him a psychopath

>> No.5532457

People like to bash Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, but I genuinely think they're better RPGs than the original. Not better games though, Deus Ex is leagues better despite its flaws.

>> No.5532612
File: 9 KB, 266x190, washedupgordanforeman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5532914
File: 287 KB, 1616x688, HECU_orig_models.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all. I. know. is. that. these. guys. KICK! ASS!

>> No.5532924


>> No.5532976


>> No.5533007

for me its quake. the pacing is phenominal, and while i dont find it perfect i find it the most fun to play. half life i find to get really, really fucking annoying when you do finally get onto the surface and theres that helicopter chasing you. i dont recall if ive ever beaten that area of the game i always just shut it the fuck off

>> No.5533008

I think it was pretty good, until the army men showed up, then it became full of hitscans, it would have been fine if all the enemies where aliens.

>> No.5533219


>> No.5533389

No it is fucking not

>> No.5533447


>> No.5533856

Great scripting job wasted. There is like one or two packs of houndeyes in the entire game and they are easily dealt with with the fucking pistol. Up until HECU soldiers HL is a walking sim with occasional monster or two that can be dealt with in seconds. All that shit would've had much more sence if houndeyes were just neutral creatures and player could have actually observe their behavior, instead they are hostile pretty much at the moment player notices them and then their life ends in seconds.

>> No.5533867

>IF you are talking about being bad influentially it is Medal of Honor that deserves that more
Give it a break. MoH was a playable 3D FPS on a controller without analog sticks, that's an achievement on its own. Allied Assault was great too, though it unfortunately started the trend of shooters that relied on mostly low damage, high rate of fire hitscan weapons that continues today as industry standart.

>> No.5533868

tabletop RPGs were literally deus ex's inspiration, if you want something else play something else.

deus ex is exactly as it was intended to be.

>> No.5533869

> on rails the whole time
> very little choice in what to do other than how you're gonna shoot enemies
> bullet sponge enemies

it's good the first time or two but why would you bother after that?

half life was great mostly because of the gigantic mod community

>> No.5533956


Go back to /v/, kid.

>> No.5533959

The mean age of /v/ is half that.

>> No.5534173

seething ****babs

>> No.5534176

Xen isnt that bad other than it not being clear where to go

>> No.5534183

I just think it is very underwhelming, since it's so short and not that interesting

>> No.5534379

Because its fun.

>> No.5534472

For me i just never felt like I mastered Half-Life. Like you get good at Doom, you get good at Quake, in that the earlier levels feel easier as time goes on. But with Half-Life I always felt like I was just moving from different game to different game, playing survival horror in the first bit, then tactical shooter in the second bit, then you finally play a fairly intense classic shooter in the last bit, followed by Xen (and let's not kid ourselves, Xen sucks. blather about atmosphere all you want but that section is retarded). But it never feels all that coherent to me and while I've beaten the game a number of times, including hard mode, I just never felt like I got good at Half-Life in an abstract sense - I just knew what was coming next and could play through the encounters appropriately, but I had no idea where the game was going ever or where exactly I had been. As a result, the overall game experience for me feels really clumsy, though I'll admit it's plotted quite a bit better than most if not all games at the time and certainly for '98 the game was off the charts immersive. There's a lot to appreciate about Half-Life, but ultimately I don't consider it a "masterpiece" in its own right, like Doom or Blood as an action game, or even as an atmospheric work I think it's superseded by SShock2, I just see it as a growing pain of video games as a whole.

>> No.5534523

For me doom is outdated as fuck. Blood is full of hitscanners and Ss2 is clunky as shit.

>> No.5534637

Yes and no.

On the one hand, it seriously pushed the boundaries for non-environmental storytelling in FPS games.

On the other hand, it seriously pushed the boundaries for non-evironmental storytelling in FPS games.

The gunplay is substandard. Many enemies are ridiculous bullet sponges and because of this, a lot of weapons are left feeling unsatisfying to use.

Its scripted sequences can elevate the experience of the action and story to a station far beyond what any of the raw mechanics of the gameplay are capable of, and... as enjoyable as that is, it irritates me.

It irritates me that a game I know is fundamentally shitty went on to be such a massive success that its shittiness has been mimicked with very little improvement for 2 straight decades. This game Half-Life poisoned and stunted an entire genre.

>> No.5534643

> But it never feels all that coherent to me and while I've beaten the game a number of times, including hard mode, I just never felt like I got good at Half-Life in an abstract sense - I just knew what was coming next and could play through the encounters appropriately, but I had no idea where the game was going ever or where exactly I had been. As a result, the overall game experience for me feels really clumsy

This. HL's core gameplay is very average at best. It's good for other reasons, but HL is the point where the old school "arcade oriented" FPS started to die.
The only altnerative after that for a while were the Serious Sam / Painkiller style, which is yet another thing completely

>> No.5534652

Can you niggers stop parroting the hl killed fps for once?
Fucking zoomers.

>> No.5534658

Also the enemies and gunplay are fine.
Im sorry hl its not exactly like doom

>> No.5534670

Remember when /vr/ wasn't just a slow /v/?

>> No.5534674

Remember when /vr/ didnt pretend to hate half life

>> No.5534675

Pretty well put.

>> No.5534694

>For me i just never felt like I mastered Half-Life.

That's because the only real thing there is to master in Half-Life is movement, and you don't need anything more than absolute basic competency in it to beat the game.

>> No.5534697


>> No.5534709

Only 100 posts more to complain about how hl ruined fps and how it sucks because its not like my old favorite fps.
Shit thread.

>> No.5534836

>blood is full of hitscanners
ill concede only if you admit half life is equally as bad about this. at least in blood they give you plenty of options to deal with hitscanners

>> No.5534837

Git gud with the marines

>> No.5534839

>thread asks if people agree to hl being THE best fps ever made
>hurr why are you disagreeing with me sure i asked for your opinions but i didn't actually expect any

git gud with the cultists

>> No.5534843

Im not the op

>> No.5534851

Yes It's easily top 3

>> No.5534856

Yeah, I don't think it's outright bad, I just think it's slightly weak compared to the rest of the game.

>> No.5534871

yeah but you still shouldn't be surprised that there are people who have negative opinions about half life or why they are manifesting in a thread putting it above everything else. not retro but just for an example, i enjoy halo, but of course if i make a thread saying its the best fps ever made im going to get differing opinions. at least, i wouldn't be surprised if i did. likewise i wouldn't be surprised to go into a thread with such a claim and see polar and even negative opinions

>> No.5534880
File: 31 KB, 480x480, 56226316_2088106681487708_4057445040942847835_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It irritates me that a game I know is fundamentally shitty went on to be such a massive success that its shittiness has been mimicked with very little improvement for 2 straight decades. This game Half-Life poisoned and stunted an entire genre.

>> No.5534891


>> No.5534902

>using the pistol
Boring as fuck, m8

>> No.5535085
File: 410 KB, 1500x1000, games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it, bioshock 1, and deadspace 1 are my favorites of those types of games, and they're all similar in a few ways

I don't care for FPS's in general; I played modern warfare 1-3 and liked the campaigns of them, but in general realistic shooters are not my cup of tea. Half-life is great because it's super creative and has it all; good graphics/style, good controls, creative setting, fun weapons, neat enemies, really nice platforming/navigation.

>> No.5535138


>> No.5535150

>really nice platforming
You are high.

>> No.5535157

it was really fun and decently challenging (at least on the ps2; I didn't play the computer version)
each area and puzzle was unique and memorable

>> No.5535315

I legit don't understand why people dislike Half-Life's platforming. It feels natural and easy to me.

>> No.5535395

Casuals that can't git gud and do some really basic jumps. Hell, half the time they aren't even jumps, you just have to drop down at the right time.
Alternatively, it's people that got so massively traumatized by the platforming + Alien Controller spam area near the start of Interloper (which I can understand, that part was just needlessly bullshit) that they started hating anything relating to Xen.

>> No.5535401


what do you think about system shock 1/2?

>> No.5535407

Well, that part was fucking annoying, admittedly.

>> No.5535412

One serious technical criticism I have with Half-Life (not related to its limitations) is I keep getting stuck on level geometry. I have a vague notion that this might be because playing it in 1080p is different than playing it in 480p from the perspective of collision detection, or maybe it was always this bad and as a child it didn't matter to me as much because I had more time on my hands. It can be pretty frustrating, especially in a tight spot, to have killed an enemy and then to have his death animation interrupt your getaway to reposition yourself to deal with his buddy, or when exploring and crouching and jumping around the levels to get stuck in geometry and have to noclip your way out. Breaks immersion a lot these days.

>> No.5535413

I have never played them. I've heard they're great, but I think at this point they're too dated for me to jump into. Likewise, I bought a few games like grim fandango, jagged alliance 2, and commandos 2 about five years ago, and still haven't played them. I'm sure I would have liked them back then, but since I never played them back then I have a hard time getting into them now. X-com as well.

I suspect some day I'll finally come around to it, just hasn't happened yet.

>> No.5535416

I never noticed that when I played.

>> No.5535419

Might be the modern Steam version. Seriously, try loading up Half-Life and note that while corpses are not solid objects and don't impede movement, death animations do, ie, the enemy remains an obstacle for several frames after death. It can screw you over in tight spots.

>> No.5535430

I don't have a copy any more but we'll see if someone else tries it.

>> No.5535441

this was a pretty bad problem in Quake II, too.

>> No.5535459


10. Wolfenstein 3D
09. Medal of Honor
08. Hexxen
07. OG Rainbow Six
06. Blood
05. Half-Life
04. Duke Nukem 3D
03. System Shock
02. Deus EX
01. DOOM

>Honorable Mentions
1. Portal - it has no 'shooting'. of bullets, anyway.
2. Alien Trilogy
3. Goldeneye - It sucks, but it created a demand for FPS on consoles
4. Alien Isolation
5. GTA 5

10. Call of Duty - the whole thing
09. Any Bethesda Shit
08. Chrono Trig
qqf 2f2aa

>> No.5535476

Rise Of The Triad is much better than Wolfenstein 3D.

>> No.5535525


You are right, I forgot about that.

>> No.5535549

Examples? I know it can happen but in my experience such spots are incredibly rare and are often out of the way. Like, off the top of my head I can only name one such spot in one map in one of the expansions.

>> No.5535650

You'd be forgiven for forgetting, because it shares a lot in common with sidescrolling arcade shmups.
Also I thought Doom 4 was fun.

>> No.5535660

>Wolfenstein 3D
Saying it aged like milk would be an understatement

>Medal of Honor
The PS1 games had good AI, but primitive everything else. MOHAA improved everything, except the AI, which was removed because muh large maps with six gorillion enemies (no PC of the time could handle that with the old AI)

Not even a FPS. Muh one sixth of the puzzle has been solved, now spend 4 hours looking for what changed

>Rainbow Six
Lol Rainbow Six

I get why this board masturbates to it, it's edgy as fuck, just like here. Every faggot here sees himself as Caleb.

>Half Life
More like Corridor-Life, Goldeneye with physics

>Duke Nukem 3D
The 90s called, they want their cringe back

>System Shock
The most clunky game in existence, the sequel is better in every way imaginable

>Deus Ex
Not a FPS, and you're a brainlet for even thinking of playing it as a FPS. Ugly graphics, need Revision to be bearable.

I don't know if you're referring to the original or nu-Doom, but both are brainlet games.

>> No.5535675


>> No.5535708

>one of the longest SP fps campaigns

tech demo

>> No.5535713

Do you ever do anything else?

>> No.5536015

Counter Strike is objectively the best multiplayer fps. As for single player? Maybe Doom. I doubt that we can call HL1 the best.

>> No.5536117
File: 23 KB, 220x305, System Shock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

blocks your path

>> No.5536143
File: 773 KB, 1225x1748, q3aad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5536150
File: 13 KB, 290x400, 1531161424121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5536240

>muh GMDX
Enjoy your not-Deus Ex

>> No.5536261

Haha! You made fun of him! amazing.

>> No.5536265
File: 4 KB, 109x139, 638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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