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Anyone up for a Diablo 2 thread? What do you guys currently got going on? I'm playing a meterob and bowazon at the moment. Bowazon is fun but gets owned in hell, anyone got any useful tips?

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99 bowzon who did the whole grail with her here. Can't give proper tips without knowing if phys or cold. But will try anyway for phys, someone will probably read either way.

Your damage will ALWAYS suck and your MF even more so. Accept this and you will enjoy the character more.

Faith on char or windforce with faith on merc are your only options for physical. Use goldstrike or witchwild if you don't have them. Ravenfrost, either gores or travs. Fortitude, Guillaume's face with attack speed jewel, damage as well if you've got one. Laying of hands, razortail, highlords or cats eye, atmas is okay too. Use magic arrow, guided and strafe. Multishot is for idiots as is Valkyrie. You don't need either if you are good. Max strafe breakpoint is also dumb, use second fastest.

If your problem is that you can't progress through hell, then farm NM meph til your brain falls out or play on battlenet and trade. Only options you have.

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Doing necro skeleton summoner. On act 5 Nightmare

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Tele army onto boss, walk away, profit.
Maybe I should get a new fire/ice sorc.

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Thanks for the tips. I've accepted that my bowazon isn't going to do a lot of damage but I still have fun. Right now I use strafe for mobs and freezing arrow for bosses. Why don't you like valkyrie though? I find it to be really useful and tanky. But I am definitely farming NM meph right now in the hopes of getting better gear, and I am using plugy. What merc should I use and how much damage do I need before I can actually start clearing hell?

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I was recently thinking about reinstalling it, had lots of fun with plugy and one of those drop mods the last time.
Made gambling really fun and really took a chunk out of the item grind which I don't care much for in SP. I remember getting everything to run was kind of a bitch the last time.
Whatever, I'll just go to b.net and download me some good evil.

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What did it change in gambling? In classic it was cool because you could get uniques and sets also rates had less affixes and most were good so yellows were godlike

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I still haven't played classic, except maybe for the very first time way back when but never properly.
The gambling could yield you some pretty nice items, I very often just gambled if I needed a better piece of equipment. Nothing major, just higher item levels and more uniques, better items in general.
But quite interestingly balanced, I really got kinda addicted to it. Couldn't wait to get enough gold for a good gambling session. The mod in general was rather nice, "Enjoy-SP Mod", IIRC.

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Valk screws up strafe aim by moving the enemies around (its why I prefer the act 1 merc. She doesn't drag enemies around as much) as well as taking points that can be put elsewhere. How much dex and life do you have? Dex is direct damage, so it might be worth swapping some.

I'd use the act 2 might merc for now. At least 1-2k phys damage for hell. You'll have a little easier time because you're using cold as well, but eventually I would swap to guided arrow for bosses. Once you get one of the bows I mentioned before, you'll do a lot more damage. What are you using now? I find the Harmony runeword a good stepping stone bow as well as a permanent offhand weapon for quick swapping when moving because it gives so much movespeed.

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I got back into it a few months ago while watching MrLlama on Twitch. I was running a bliz MF sorc and using it stuff I found to trade and deck out a Barbarian. I haven't played in a few weeks though, so I've likely dropped it again.

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Right now I'm not touching anywhere near that much damage. With strafe I'm getting around 150 damage at the top end, around 500 with freezing arrow, with a +1 skill rare bow with fast speed. I have 233 dex with gear on, on lvl 61. My gear is really shitty at the moment and while I've gotten some useful stuff for my sorc from NM meph, so far haven't had much luck for the bowazon. What's the best bow I can hope for from NM meph? I did land a hellcast crossbow but I'm not a fan of the normal attack speed. And the might merc is what i'm running but he dies super fast on hell.

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Skelemancer is the best first character since you can solo the pit with shit gear and MF on. You basically don't need gear aside from anything with teleport on it to get through nightmare.

But Hell games are dead anyhow.

I like just playing to the end of nightmare. Frenzy Barb and zealot pally are fun but need a bit of gear. I wish zeal worked with bows since it'd make bow pallys useable.

Steeldriver is basically all you need to have a badass WW maul Barb until hell.

The cool thing coming back is that rares are the best weapons again. Had an elite great maul drop off Hell Diablo with King's, Cruel, 40% IAS,
big extra damage, and leech. Basically the perfect weapon.

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Zeal/Holy Shock pally. About to kill Baal on normal. I'm playing single player and this is the most fun that I've had playing d2 in years.

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I've got a blizz sorc. Been trying to complete my Tal Rasha set forever, but I can't seem to find the amulet or armor.

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I thought about going the MF summoner for the first playthrough but they are WAY too fucking slow. I'd rather use the sorc to farm NM/Hell meph especially since you can re-roll the map as much as you want so the DOH lvl 3 is right next to the WP.

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Don't you need gear though? I leveled up a sorc but couldn't do Hell without plus to skills gear and gear for a merc.

Summoner can basically go naked since CE does insane damage across the entire screen.

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How mad are you?

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Well as far as meph you don't really need anything since you can trap him and spam meteor. I did the skill quests in norm/nm and picked up whatever dropped and farmed nm meph for a little bit. For hell you're gonna want/need some gear though. I restarted the game so I'm running on shit gear at the moment. The furtherest I got with the sorc was act 4 before I got stuck. I may try the summoner again at some point after I get my bowazon going, but I remember the first time I ran him and it was pretty fun, but really slow. Not a bad playthrough for when you're drinking.

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Buriza is really good if you can get it, I know meph has it. Just slow, but the damage is near windforce tier. Witchwild string and goldstrike arch as well are great mid-late tier too. I would try to make a Harmony runeword at the moment. Get the bow from nm cows or act 5 worldstone dungeon.

Best thing for your merc is lifesteal and damage reduction with high armor. Look for that.

I would also try and crank out another 10 or more levels for both you and the merc.The chance to hit/be hit will help a lot. Pump some more skills into freezing arrow if you can, too. Or completely respect into pure physical+ magic arrow. Your choice.

More dex is the goal as well.

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Meant for

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Any tips for a javazon? act 3 nightmare, level 45, 75% MF, shit gear, maxed on lightning

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Level up. Try to push to nm act 5, set to players 8 and farm the boss pack just north of the first waypoint. Ludicrous XP for 15 or more levels.

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Also what are uber quests/uber bosses

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Uber diablo spawns in hell mode and replaces the first elite boss you encounter. Spawns after a lot of stones of Jordan are sold. Of if you are on plugy, randomly after a long time or whenever you sell 1 soj. Hard to kill, drops a small charm with +skills, stats, resistances and more.

The uber bosses are Baal,
Mephisto and (another) diablo. They require lot of work to get to, your best off googling that. But you get a medium charm with similar stats to the first one, but it rolls for a random class.

They are all very hard to kill without endgame gear.

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anything else to do after finishing hell?

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Not really.
Make dumb fun builds, build a full class set, farm every item in the game which is called a holy grail. Get to level 99.

Start another class.

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I'll definitely try to get Harmony. I don't really like farming for runes because I feel like it takes too long to get anything good, but given the lack of choices for bows I may bite the bullet. Thanks for the advice.

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Paladins are good new characters too. Easy to make Spirit for them because you get 4 socket Paladin shields way earlier; get one with decent resistances in it and your resistances for Hell'll be fine.
You can power straight through Normal just with Holy Fire on, shit'll die just from the AoE fire.

Amulet's the hardest part to find supposedly.

This. Obedience runeword is a great act 2 Merc weapon, so's Smoke runeword until his resistances.

Insight merc, with maxxed lightning you should be one-shotting the whole screen by now.
In hell you might need to put a few points into a poison jav so you can take care of lightning immunes, or just run past them.

Harmony's runes are pretty easy to get.

Any tips for which class/build/gear to beat Uber Diablo? I beat it once years ago but I've reset/deleted my characters. I have decently geared Summonmancer 83, Meteorb sorc 85, Hammerdin and Javazon both 75.

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Smiter pally, guided arrow zon, javazon, frenzybarb, most sorcs can do it well enough. He's not that difficult if you're capable of clearing hell easy enough. Summon necro with urdar+balrog revives would be easy too. Anything with lifesteal and crushing blow.

Give it a try with what you have.

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>Summon necro with urdar+balrog revives would be easy too
Might give this a go. Never really used Revive much but sounds like fun

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Revives can be pretty damn decent in large numbers. Especially if you revive some really nasty monsters. Get a mix of range and good melee revives and you can do aight with it.

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Urdar types have crushing blow, they're real good.

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yeah main thing that puts me off is the mobs despawning after 2 minutes.

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Skeleton summoner is pretty chill

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I mod it to last forever.

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No CE is maximum comfy. Pour a drink of choice, play a podcast or good music and enjoy your trip to chill city.

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yeah honestly this.
as much as I like classes like Sorc and Javazon who can clear a whole screen with one button press, Summonmancer is just so comfy by comparison.
Walk up to a bunch of mobs, skeletons go in to attack, turn my attention away to the TV for 2 minutes, oh everything's dead... cool, repeat.

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Trying to reinstall this gem and I'm pissed off already, 100 tabs open and nothing works, should've never ever uninstalled it.
I already see it in front of me, the whole day will go to shit because I'm trying to install a fucking video game.
Gonna download a proper torrent instead of that shit Blizzard offers on their website, maybe that's a step in the right direction.

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I'm in A1 NM with a holy shock/zeal pally and I am deleting everything with ease and I have no mana problems (thanks /players x). Any suggestions on what merc I should be running? A2 NM defensive is the default but I don't know if it is necessary right now. If I were having mana problems I would craft an Insight for an A2 merc, but without mana problems I'm even more unsure of what merc to use right now.

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Attack rating one maybe?

>> No.5519542

I should have mentioned in my post that I'm already using A1 offensive merc for attack rating :3 my bad

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A2**** need the morning tea

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It's probably the best til you require one of the others. Could do something different and use the act 3 cold merc to freeze stuff.

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>Could do something different and use the act 3 cold merc to freeze stuff.
Reading more about this guy now. Is his Frozen Armor spell only applied to him?

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Not a fucking clue. Haven't used one in literally over a decade.

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Or try an act 5 guy with the runeword that gives sanctuary. Always fun.

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do whatever. keep in mind how you're eventually gunna get through Hell.
could always go with an Act V barb and make a cool runeword for him, or an Act I rogue and give her Faith or Edge

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Link to CE build? I'm curious

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No link. And you read it wrong. Its "no corpse explosion" not "no, corpse explosion".

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M8 just use anything to get 1 kill and then nuke whole screen with CE. All gear is magic find. Can literally make a functional build with only merc, amplify damage and corpse exp.

>> No.5519627

Use multi shot, nothing beats covering half the screen in a wall of arrows.

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How do I install PlugY?

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Does it not come with a readme file? Pretty sure its a simple drag and drop if you have version 1.13. Hell there's even an installer file on the website for brainlets.

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>only finds direct3D
>reinstall because something fucked up
>now finds no video mode at all
What the fuck is this tomfoolery?

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CE is the damage dealer of skeleton builds.

Skeletons, golems, revives and mercs just are there to soak damage and get a single kill. Then you chain amp damage and CE to wipe the screen instantly.

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i've become addicted to gamble circlets since they have such good suffixes

>> No.5520086

Editing the duration value in skills.txt I assume, do you just add a huge number or is it just plain 0 or perhaps -1?

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What is the tankiest druid build?

>> No.5520514

bear form

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When I wanted Tal's ammy I farmed a lot of Andariel Nightmare. Apparently normal Summoner hast the best drop chance though.

Normal Cows are also a good place to farm for it.

The armor is much more rarer and tc87 I think, so probably ancient tunnels or chaos are your best bet.

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Well honestly nearly every Necro build is a Corpse Explosion build because it's the only skill he has honestly worth a damn.
And he was stating that he doesnt use CE.

It can be annoying to get working sometimes, I ended up using D2SE launcher (comes with Plugy bundled in it) instead most recently because my PlugY wasnt working for some reason.
with the d2se you can select which version of the game you want to boot too, which is pretty handy.

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Necromancer curses are pretty good too. Decrepify is great for bosses and lower resist is usefully too. Blinding ranged attackers works well too.

But yeah, CE is the only skill that makes them viable. That said, you're talking 15-30k damage on the entire screen in mixed fire/physical damage in Act 5 Hell with each cast. Nothing else even comes close in damage output.

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Where can I find a drop calculator for 1.13? Both runes and items so I know who and where has the best chances to drop what. ATMA seems good but outdated, or does the drop chance not change that much past 1.11?

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The Internet. You dont need to install programs for that shit anymore

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Yeah, on normal difficulty. Skeletons are worthless after Nightmare and their main function is meat shield. All your killing comes from merc and Amp+CE. Decrep on bosses.

So in Hell you can't turn your head for 2 minutes and watch TV because when you turn your head back - the mobs are still there since they regen faster than skellies hit them plus if they're some extra strong extra fast mobs they're gonna get crushed like dried leaves.

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Strength + Dex to wear items, all rest into Vita. None energy.

Max Raise Skeleton, Max Skeleton Mastery, 1 point in Amp, Max Corpse Explosion. 1 point in Clay Golem. 1 point in Golem Mastery, 1 point in Summon Resist. After that either Revive, Golem Mastery, and I like to equal my Amp radius with CE radius.

Merc Act 2 Nightmare Offensive Might aura. Obedience, Treachery, Vampire Gaze. Forti if you're weltering in Lo runes.

Your items should be all MF. Shako, Ali Baba, Rhyme, Nagels, Chances, Wartravs, Goldwrap, Skullder, Gheed's Fortune. Gamble for +Teleport ammy since Maggot Lair, Arcane Sanctuary are complete shitshow.

Build is finished after 70+ level.

Summon Clay Golem in front of you as you explore, great for distracting. Retreat back, Cast Amp, wait for Merc to get first kill, then CE. Decrep on bosses. Dim Vision on Black Souls which renders them harmless. You can also max Light res and get Thundergod's, then Black Souls are zero problem and actually heal you! Always stay in the back. Rinse and repeat.

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Not the guy you were responding to, but I've never really played a necro before so I'm going to give this a go.

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I think I never had it turn out like this.

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>Gamble for +Teleport ammy since Maggot Lair, Arcane Sanctuary are complete shitshow.

This is what I never understood about Diablo 2. It's a great game but marred with some really unbelievable design choices I can't help but to think devs were bipolar or something.

Did anyone test Maggot Lair and Arcane Sanctuary with Necro in Blizzard North?

>> No.5521893

I don't even open the scroll, I just click on stones till I activate it.

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ES/nova build is coming along nicely, just missing a soj now.

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Is it worth buying D2 on battle.net? or should I just pirate that shit? I've never played before

>> No.5522013

Yeah I do that too sometimes.

>> No.5522225

Nah, bnet version is 1.14 and isn't compatible with PlugY which is a mandatory mod today.

>> No.5522657

Anyone want to play bnet d2 with me sometimes?

>> No.5522795

I know but I was wondering if anyone knows which ones are the best to use. I found one online but I'm curious how accurate it is. For example it says the oculus has a higher chance to drop in cold plains than the pit or the best chance for soj to drop is NM andy. This is the one I'm talking about


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Maggot Lair and Arcane Sanctuary are perfectly fine for a necromancer. Pre-CLoD just whacking things with weapons was viable even as a necromancer. Post-CLoD there is still no problem since skeletons having insane scaling, allowing them to one or two hit anything in those areas, or you can just use your mercenary to do that.

>> No.5523194

>If your problem is that you can't progress through hell, then farm NM meph til your brain falls out or play on battlenet and trade. Only options you have.

Yup. If you're on BNET, everyone uses d2jsp and sorc farming bots.

Though you're doing singleplayer, you could just install a drop mod to make runes and good items drop a lot more.

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playing a barb that yells things to death.

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another interesting way to play necro is lv20 clay golem and a holy freeze merc with the 75% slow polearm. great way to fight bosses.
With that much slow Baal and Diablo attack so slowly that they only get 1 or 2 attacks off.
You can also cheese bosses with a lv1 golem and Iron maiden..
If you have PlugY installed you can just reset your build a bunch until you get it how you like.
Edge is a nice runeword for necros too, I always have it on my switch.

You can also play it similar to a Lightning Sorc and go full Bone Spear build.
Poison Nova build is great for farming areas like The Pit.
Poison Dagger is a fun meme build where you can painstakingly one-shot one enemy at a time

In OLD versions of Diablo 2, Iron Maiden and Blood Golem used to be buggy in that mobs with Iron Maiden on would heal the golem and you by attacking the golem. I forget when they patched that out but might be fun to play with if you have D2SE and can switch versions quickly and easily.

>> No.5523543

ah that's the one I use, never even thought about or cared about accuracy.
If in doubt you're gunna have to just farm the usual places anyway (Pit, Mauso, Andy, Meph, Baal, Pindle, the guy in Act V first waypoint)
Like someone was saying in the last thread, a mod that makes a couple of the lv83 areas lv85 would give a much larger variety of places to farm.

>> No.5523752

I've been farming andy, meph, and cows so far, all on nm, though I really want the oculus and according to that drop calc nm diablo and baal are the best for it so that's why I asked. But I find it takes way too long to clear the arcane sanctuary so I may reset to lightning sorc right before I go for it. My MF is still shit but I did find kuko for my bowazon in cows, but I'm still holding out for insight and possibly an elite armor for my merc so he doesn't die so fast in hell.

>> No.5523802

>normal difficulty
Works just fine on hell. Might merc with Pride + necro holding Beast, arm of leoric works well too. 45-50 points in skele and its buff. Clears fine at 30-35k dps. That doesn't even include amp or revives.

Needs TP staff or enigma for act bosses though.

>> No.5523808

lol diabloIIbabbies

>> No.5523816

hi there diablo daddy

>> No.5523817

Why would you use skellies for killing stuff tho if not for novelty? Summoner is a MF build. Sure you can use those items together with charms and pump up the skills but then you lose MF.

>> No.5523829

You can still get decent MF though...and yes, the whole thing is a fun novelty build. That was not hard to figure out, ya dummy.

...and if you're really gonna go down this road, then I will just ask why you aren't playing pitzerker barb 24/7 when MFing.

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>unironic metafagging in a 20 year old game
i shiggy diggy

>> No.5523852

You should move on to hell andy at least. Overall the better drop potential is worth it. Just re-roll your catacombs maps until they are decent and you can run her pretty quick. I get that the odds are better at nm andy for soj and nm dia/baal for occy, but it's not worth farming for them exclusively when hell has better potential.
As for your merc don't worry so much about the insight base as it's cheap enough to remake, just use the first 4os elite polearm you find. Shit even an exceptional polearm would do as you're mainly after the meditation aura but the extra damage is nice. Dural's Shell is a pretty good budget merc armor.

What's your sorc build and what gear are you running ?

>> No.5523874

>would gladly start up another character
>really don't have the energy to go through Normal again though
goddamn instincts basically telling me that the real game starts in Hell

>> No.5523880

use the shortcut command -act5. starts you at level 33 in act 5 normal. Can go back and run through the normal quests for the rewards later.

>> No.5523925

just rushing the acts with a bnet party is like 4 hours of gameplay

>> No.5523968

>playing online in 2019

>> No.5523969

Does anyone know of a fucking stable version of this game for Windows 7, I missed out on Diablo 2 since instead I played Red Alert and other RTS growing up and now I can't find a single good torrent that works.
Should I just give Blizzard my money?

>> No.5523970

>Should I just give Blizzard my money?
I caved and repurchased the game in 2017. I have no regrets.

>> No.5523973

from a game thread over on /t/




I'm on windows 7 and have had zero issues installing it from at least 3 separate torrents and the official version, you're just likely retarded.

Run in XP service pack 2, as admin, use D2SE if you want, it can help. Also try glide, d3d and ddraw in the video options. Try running with -w in a window, that can help too. Also fiddle with the compatibility settings too.

also do this >>5523970

>> No.5524062

I've had shitloads of games run no issues with me tweaking compatibility settings. Maybe I am just retarded but i'll try that link and if it doesn't work i'm just gonna cave and buy it.

>> No.5524275

What do you mean? d2 is 200 times better online

>> No.5524304

It used to be but PlugY makes online pointless.

>> No.5524308

Only if you care about playing with other people.

>> No.5524408

With D2SE can I play in windowed that is maximized to fit the screen but only have the w10 task bar at the bottom showing? I used to play WoW like that and I really liked it. I can't get into windowed if it's really small ;_;

>> No.5524416


>> No.5524421

open task manager and right click, maximise.

>> No.5524483

Shut the fuck up.

>> No.5524485


>> No.5524494

Thank you for calling it a Diablo 2 thread.

>> No.5524806

exploiting other players' capital > stash

>> No.5524896

Sitting here with some beer playing a summoner and I ask myself how can I have this much fun when the game is basically playing itself.
It's a little rough at the beginning on /p8 though.

>> No.5525224

Made the window bigger, but the game stayed the same size

>> No.5525471


>> No.5525487

just click the maximize button on the top right of the window. it's literally how I play.

>> No.5525505

Change your video option with d2se

>> No.5525563

I get what you're saying, I just figured that farming those bosses would optimize my chances if that makes sense. I know the drop quality for andy and meph are a lot better in hell, but I really just want soj and occy right now, although I'd be fine with not finding a soj since they're pretty hard to get. And duriel's shell with vampire gaze was basically what I was thinking at this point. I just want to be able to quest in hell and be comfy, finding super elite gear isn't that important to me right now.

>> No.5525572

What do you use? For fullscreen it only seems to work with glide. Perhaps windowed is different?

>> No.5525612

Also meterorb with 2 blue rings and helm with 12+ resist, venom ward, gerke sanctuary, magefist, immortal king's pillar, mahin oak, and maelstorm with rare belt. Gonna keep mfing for a while but I'm just gonna stick to bosses for now.

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About time I get the fucking cube.

>> No.5525653

Dumb questions since I just got a legit LOD copy and haven't played since like 2004 when I was a kid.
Doing a legit skelemancer solo. I read Enigma is ladder only, does that mean the runes only drop in ladder? Or that nothing happens if you rune the weapon?
If you roll for say an imbue from Charsi and you get shit can you alt f4 and try again?
How does battle net work w characters, is it a permanent conversion and are there reasons to stay solo, ladder, or battle net? If I want to use a character on 2 computers does it break the original character? The

>> No.5525657

top fucking cringe

>> No.5525675

Jealous little soiboi??

>> No.5525691

You shut your whore mouth about my gems.

>> No.5525694

Andariel Nightmare and Ancient Tunnel runs have been pretty much all I've been doing....maybe one day. I don't even really know why I want the set so bad.

The mask seems to suggest I should be whacking monsters with this crystal.

>> No.5525707

>Or that nothing happens if you rune the weapon?
This. Use PlugY if you want ladder only runewords in SP.

>Charsi imbue
You can only do it once per difficulty, the higher your level the better the result.

>How does battle net work w characters
SP characters can also be used in open battle.net ("other multiplayer"). Proper online chars can only be used with the proper multiplayer.

>If I want to use a character on 2 computers does it break the original character?
If you're playing proper online you log on to your account. If you're playing SP/open b.net you can just transfer your characters save file and play on as many computers as you want.

>> No.5525737

I know you can only imbue once. I mean if you got shit could you quit w o saving and try again?
Also how are maps rerolled?
Is plugy not usable on purchased copies?

>> No.5525752

DDraw is the only one I can get working with windowed, I hit the 'Windows' key + the up arrow when I open the game to stretch to full screen. I've never liked to play D2 fullscreen, because alt tabbing takes too long and can make the pcs graphics all funky.

>> No.5525756

Nice. I just keep one column of the 5 of each gem, then only pick up flawless from that point onward. I find anything less to not be worth the effort.

>> No.5525758

Do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B2nzJwIDPI - gives all ladder stuff in single player. Really easy to do.

>> No.5525759

Just make a copy of your save file before imbuing, then paste it over the top if you want to try again.

>> No.5525761

>if you got shit could you quit w o saving and try again?
Nope or this: >>5525759

>Also how are maps rerolled?
Well you get a different layout. SP: Map changes after switching difficulty level. Online: Map changes with every new game.

>Is plugy not usable on purchased copies?
It's usable, but only forSP.

>> No.5525764

If you want to use plugy, it's a bit of a bitch to use with the most recent game version. You'll need to downgrade, which is sometimes impossible and other times really difficult. You're better off just torrenting a 1.13 version and using plugy in that.

However there is an alternative to Plugy with the latest (purchased) version, it's a program called 'gomule'. Let's you access your characters and move items around/store an infinite amount outside the game.

>> No.5525783

>You'll need to downgrade
Incorrect. I had a legit D2 installed on my computer with version 1.14b (I think it was b) and there was no downgrading necessary. I went to the discord channel of the guy who presumably made it, downloaded a plugy rar from a google drive and followed the instructions in the discord and I had it up and running soon after without downgrading. The D2SE.exe thing let's me launch a few different patches, it's pretty cool.

>> No.5525784

Thanks boyos. I really love this game even if it is mindless RNG and I'm against autisticly mining game code for perfection instead of having fun e.g Pokémon

>> No.5525785

I gotta catch 'em all, the drop mod I use changes it so perfect ones socket items when cubed.

>> No.5525804

You actually got plugy working with a 1.14 version? I've never heard anyone talk about doing that ever. Do you have a link to the discord or the plugy rar itself? Cause I'm pretty damn sure what you're saying is literally impossible.

>> No.5525834

I second this because otherwise I'm calling BS

>> No.5525836

I was phone posting but got out of bed to give you these links. I installed plugy from 1.14something sometime in the last few days.

>> No.5525843
File: 40 KB, 600x759, 1510823234028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>got out of bed to give you these links
..and I thank you for it. I'll give this a look, it seems legit which is blowing my mind desu

>> No.5525868
File: 572 KB, 800x600, Screenshot001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All cubed up, feels empty.

>> No.5525881

So this download comes with a maphack? If so I may try it out at some point. I'm using a pirated 1.13 but I did buy the game last year so now I'm curious to see if this really works

>> No.5525884

no the map hack is just a thing on the side you can download from the discord.

>> No.5525901

Do you have a link for the maphack? I've been looking for one for ages but anything I've found doesn't work for 1.13

>> No.5525908

see>>5525836 - https://discordapp.com/invite/8weTZHA

in the 'loot filter' section.

>> No.5525969
File: 3 KB, 142x79, 1.13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a filthy, filthy liar. Did everything to the letter...and if you read the leddit post, you'll see that the guy even says he runs it in 1.13.

>> No.5525972
File: 15 KB, 310x305, 1500515152557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh and I REALLY enjoyed wasting the time it took to download 2gb on australian internet. Cheers for that, mate.

>> No.5525975

I could be wrong here but my understanding is that it will install from 1.14 but can only run up to patch 1.13c, so still not compatible with 1.14.
I do use this maphack/lootfilter after nearly missing a ber rune in tals tomb, it didn't display because of too many items on screen and only by chance had to backtrack then seen it. Mine is set up to put a white box on the map for runes, uniques, ect. and not display worthless shit - small gold, small to normal health/mana pots, crude/cracked items, ect.
Pretty weird when I hit a superchest and only get 1 drop.

>> No.5525984

Different anon but shit, I was that much too late posting >>5525975
The loot filter is good though.

>> No.5525991

>The loot filter is good though.
Yeah I'm trying it out now, it's quite good.

>> No.5526003

Would you say it's worth setting up an discount for discord? I hate signing up for shit I know I'm never going to use only to find out I wasted my time

>> No.5526012
File: 12 KB, 300x300, 1523958041193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Discord is absolute cancer and anyone that uses it for anything other than niche, anonymous purposes deserves to be dragged into the street and shot through the head. It draws people away from websites like 4chan and promotes name/trip faggorty and drama which inevitably spreads back here. I despise discord more than almost anything.

I uploaded the filter here for ya: https://ufile.io/ptxog263

>> No.5526014

fuck wrong link use this: https://ufile.io/8vi7c8pa


>> No.5526021

Yeah that was a bad typo, I meant to say sign up for discord there. But thanks for the link anon.

>> No.5526038

This is what I'm running, the rest are blank -
ItemDisplay[tsc]: TP
ItemDisplay[isc]: ID
ItemDisplay[hp4]: %NAME%
ItemDisplay[hp5]: %NAME%
ItemDisplay[mp4]: %NAME%
ItemDisplay[mp5]: %NAME%
ItemDisplay[rvs]: %PURPLE%Small Rejuv
ItemDisplay[rvl]: %PURPLE%Rejuv
ItemDisplay[GEM=1]: %RED%%NAME%
ItemDisplay[GEM=2]: %RED%%NAME%
ItemDisplay[GEM=3]: %RED%%NAME%
ItemDisplay[GEM=4]: %RED%%NAME%
ItemDisplay[GEM=5]: %RED%%NAME%
ItemDisplay[SOCK>0]: %NAME% (%SOCKETS%os)%CONTINUE%
ItemDisplay[SET]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[UNI]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[RUNE=1 OR RUNE>1]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[7wa]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[xtp]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[utp]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[cm1]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[cm2]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[cm3]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[RARE rin]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[RARE amu]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[RARE EQ7]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[RARE EQ6]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[WP8 ETH ELT NMAG (SOCK=0) !7o7]: %NAME%%CONTINUE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[WP8 ELT NMAG (SOCK=0 OR SOCK>3) !7o7]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%
ItemDisplay[jew]: %NAME%%WHITE%%MAP%

>> No.5526164

From memory I changed it to one hour.

>> No.5526205

I've been trying to do this just now, have only just figured out how to edit MPQ files. I changed the duration from 4500 (which I assume is 'frames') to 90000, which should be one hour like you said. But the revives still die after 3 mins.

Anyone able to help?

>> No.5526208

So what's the deal?

Do i need to manually run this injector everytime i launch the game?

Cause i launched the game, ran the injector.exe as admin, select 2, go abck to game and it's worked, eg town portals are now called 'TP', but when i close the game and relaunch everything is back to vanilla D2?

>> No.5526209

Does this MH show you where monsters are on the map? Does it show you where the champion packs and uniques are?

>> No.5526212

>Do i need to manually run this injector everytime i launch the game?

you can enable that, if you want

>> No.5526215

Oh nevermind, I figured it out. Ezpz. Can't believe how easy this game is to edit desu

>> No.5526217

where can i edit stuff

>> No.5526218
File: 19 KB, 400x407, 6fe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have to run it everytime?

pic related seriously.

Theres no way to just make it autorun, either through d2se or....something??

>> No.5526239
File: 471 KB, 466x470, 1543857703077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not that I know of. You could probably write a script to do it, but I have no idea how.

Figure it out for yourself, like most people do. Everything you need is right there online.

I'll spoonfeed you just this once. You're gonna need a few things.

1- http://www.zezula.net/en/mpq/download.html - lets you open the 'mpq' files, which contain the things you want to edit.

2 - https://d2mods.info/forum/viewtopic.php?t=64096#p491943 - a decent way to view/edit the specific files

3 - www.zezula.net/download/listfiles.zip - this is a zip of 'listfiles' which you have to open in #1.

So a very quick tutorial example to edit the duration of revives.

>open mpq editor
>open 'patch_d2.mpq' and the listfile at the same time
>click on the left. data - global - excel
>open the skills.txt file with d2excel or notepad or microsoft excel
>find the revive skill in the list. It's #96. Scroll through to the right until you find 'duration'. It will have 4500 in the box next to it.
>change 4500 to 90000
>save the file as a text file 'skills' on your desktop

Now the part you really need to pay attention to. In your diablo 2 folder, create a folder called 'Data'. In that folder create another one called 'Global', in that, another called 'Excel'. Paste your 'skills.txt' into Excel. Now right click your diablo 2 shortcut and add " -direct -txt" in the command line, same way you'd add -w to make it windowed.

Everything should work fine. Mess around with the other txt files yourself to learn it and edit what you want. Read this if you want, explains what a lot of the txt files: https://d2mods.info/forum/viewtopic.php?t=34455

If anyone here knows faster/better ways to do what I've said, by all means let me know, I've just started today.

>> No.5526246

So my 6 skeles and golem keep getting btfo by Duriel in like 1s on normal /player 8. Have 10pts into skele 5pt into mastery and 2 and 1 for golem and mastery (not putting more in these skills).
Should I bring up skele mastery or just keep dumping into regular skele until it maxes?
God I hate Duriel.
And yes /p 8 in maggot lair and arcane sanctuary was Hell. Shouldn't have gotten rid of my act 1 bow merc. Act 2 merc just fucking stood there.

>> No.5526256

what lvl are you? i forget the name but you can cast the spell that slows him down and just let your merc/golem handle it, though it's gonna take forever on p/8. you may want to consider dropping that down if you're still in normal. it's not like anything worthwhile is going to drop and the exp isn't worth how long it takes.

>> No.5526257

if players 8 is too hard maybe try not run players 8 you sperglord?

>> No.5526259

feeding ya merc antifreeze will help, if you aren't already. I would try and put more points into summon skeleton itself. Even one more skele will help, and the extra hp/damage etc is good too.

also, just do it on P1. Christ.

>> No.5526272

As far as i'm aware you have to run it every time you launch d2. You can save/quit to main menu and start new game with it still running, it's just every time you initially launch d2. You could probably do what this anon said >>5526239 but I'm happy to launch every time as I usually play for a few hours at a time

It's also better (for me) to not have it running for new characters, as health/mana pots and small gold get filtered.

>> No.5526273

merc holyfreeze is NM, but yeah he should NOT be doing /p8 on normal. that shit takes way too fucking long with a summoner.

>> No.5526274

22 iirc. I killed him but it took 3 trips to town to go revive and resummon.
And miss out on better loot and xp?
Didn't even think to antifreeze merc, thanks. Actually I have 12 into skele, have to add 3 more points to get the 7th skele so I've just been bringing up mastery and amplify a bit.

>> No.5526275

>And miss out on better loot and xp?
The loot is the same regardless, just more of it will drop. In normal you're not gonna get anything good.

>> No.5526279

Read it again.

>> No.5526280

>took 3 trips to town to go revive and resummon.
That's typical for the act bosses with a necro, at least on normal. Diablo will be exactly the same.

>> No.5526295
File: 177 KB, 806x629, durialquest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And miss out on better loot and xp?
It's not worth the pain going p8 on him and loot is usually shit from durial. This was my hell quest drop from durial.

>> No.5526331

thx bb

>> No.5526368

When exactly is it a good idea to MF lvl 85 areas? Is it reserved for only the rarest of items that only baal and diablo will drop, or if you're not strong enough to solo those two?

>> No.5526369

Well he's dead now.
Its been years but I remember Duriel being the hardest boss as a Necro, hes just so fast. Diablo wasnt too bad and Baal was just slow.
Then again I was just winging it back then and on /p1.

>> No.5526440

Top kek

Just tried out that 'enjoy-sp-mod'.

The first unique enemy in the game dropped a green buckler, Hsarus' Iron Fist.


5 mins later it drops again lol off another unique enemy.

Get up to blood raven, kill her, drops all whites....boo-urns.

Reload, kill lood raven again, and i shit you not, 4 (FOUR) uniques drop.
greyform armor
the gnasher hand axe
pelta lunata buckler
hotspur boots

Im kicking myself for not screen-shotting it.

Im level 5 with scrub items, no plus magic find obviously.

I mean on one hand that seems just fucking stupid, but on another, fuckit, it beats 'farming meph till you brain falls out' .

Im a 34 yr old boomer, ive been there done that so i like the idea of being able to (il)legitmately get high lvl runes and uniques by myself playing sp but.....still.....FOUR uniques off blood raven.....

>> No.5526441

What fucking lvl are you? Level to 24 before Duriel, get 1 point in decrep and literally cruise through every fucking boss in the game afterwards. Decrep makes bosses shit, you can solo Baal on p8 in hell with decrep and naked.

Anyway, normal on p8 is retardation, drops are shit, normal is done in one hour and forgotten. You remind me of myself 15 years ago when I did all quests and explored every dungeon and cave. Stop wasting your life.

>> No.5526443

all those wasted chipped/flawed/normal/flawless gems.
specially the chipped, they get annoying to find later

>> No.5526445

>fighting bosses on players 8
>fighting duriel on players 8
mate just set to players 1 and cheese him with clay golem & iron maiden

>> No.5526447

>And miss out on better loot and xp?
duriel drops shit loot, there's a reason no-one farms him.
not to mention best player settings for farming loot are /players 3 or 5, depending how fast you kill stuff. /players 8 is only for exp

>> No.5526450

check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpNDhQ1Mh98

Vanilla D2.

>> No.5526457
File: 508 KB, 985x750, 20190425_192750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Third blood raven kill

she drops 3 uniques

the hand of broc gloves
knell striker scepter
pluckeye short bow

3 blood raven kills yields 7 unique items.

thats too much....

>> No.5526465

kek. Nightmare andy will probably drop 6 soj's at once.

>> No.5526519

He runs 1.13 for plugy but he doesn't have to downgrade his install from 1.14 to use PlugY

>> No.5526610

You just wait until you get to the Countess. I'm also hitting 30 this year, spend a lot of time doing countless runs back then and now I can't stand it anymore.
I want to play selffound SP, and getting items requires runs or trading so fuck it, I'll gladly play with this mod no matter how ridiculous the drops are. Before they were ridiculously bad, now they're good.

>> No.5526901

I followed the info in the links that
>>5525836 posted and I am running plugy without having to downgrade. It seems like your reading comprehension is lacking.

>> No.5526929

You're running two seperate game installations. That has nothing to do with downgrading or not. You literally downloaded the entire game again, which has nothing to do with what we were talking about.

>> No.5527161

This is why I don't use those mods that "improve" your odds to get better drops. You may as well use an editor to give yourself the gear you want if you're gonna do that. Part of the whole purpose of the game is grinding for gear. It's not suppose to be easy to get really good gear.
>But I don't like grinding for godly gear!
Then play something else

>> No.5527946

OK thanks for the tip.

>> No.5528495

This. Kinda ruins the whole point of the game. But at the same time I understand the feeling of getting mad drops all the time.

>> No.5528508

The way I see it, it's like gambling at the casino. Sure, you'd love to walk out of there with millions of dollars, but how often does that happen? Same concept here, you're literally rolling for godly gear when you mf. Yes it's frustrating, but the beauty of the game is that it rewards hard work but insanely great luck.

>> No.5528585
File: 2.77 MB, 316x213, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


that guy who did the blood raven runs here.

Im in two minds about it, i totally 'get' and respect those who like the way vanilla d2 is, and that extreme rush of relief you get when you kill andy for the 300th time and a soj finally drops.

But, on the other hand, im 34, ive played this game for years on and off, taken a barb, necro, druid, and a sorc through to hell, lvl 85 ish on all.And a amazon as far as i could but the lack of gear just ground that character to a halt in hell act 1.

All single player. There are certain unqiues -and builds that rely on those uniques- which were, for all intensive purposes, impossible for me to find/run.

I did the grind thing, found a few good things, but never what i REALLY needed.Id find tal rashas armor after days of grinding, with my amazon, etc.

Shit, i have NEVER EVER completed a green set, not even fucking arctic furs, i can find 2 or 3 bits but never a set.

Blood raven is a unique fountain atm with this mod, but shes only spitting out shit tier uniques, no broken stuff like sojs and fuck off high tier runes etc.

(i think blood raven in vanilla already has a fairly high chance to drop uniques already so maybe that in conjucntion with this mod is the reason for the overabundance of uniques)

The only real prob i have seen is no minor potions/bolts/arrows are dropping but meh, im sure when i get high enough lvl the major potions should start appearing.

>> No.5528736

>Id find tal rashas armor after days of grinding, with my amazon, etc.
Have you tried using plugy mod? The infinite shared stash is worth it just for this.

>> No.5528780

youve convinced me and basically exactly me.
>no green sets ever
never even got 3 things

>> No.5528797
File: 14 KB, 500x500, 1499787674301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>never completed a set
Literally how? I really don't think you guys have grinded as much as you're complaining about having done. How much have you actually played? cause full sets, especially shit like sigons, can be easily found in a single normal-hell playthrough.

>> No.5528858

you can clear the game plus ubers naked.
main limiting factor for classes like javazon and sorc is infinity runeword to break immunity. most gear is just about +skills, resistances and breakpoints on stuff like FHR, FCR and IAS.

mate Isenharts, Cathans, Sigon's and Civerb's sets are the easiest to finish. I get multiple pieces of that shit daily.
Just get 100MF and kill some uniques/bosses.

>> No.5528972

ive completed sigon's set multiples times on vanilla, also completed other sets too and only been on hell with 1 character (barb)

>> No.5528975

Wow it's almost like different people can have different experiences playing the same game?

'lol wtf soj dropped for me the first time i killed hell andy you have literally no excuse not to have a soj yourself'

seriously, fucking eh.

>> No.5528976

I'm in A2 NM right now and I haven't seen a piece of Sigon drop yet

>> No.5528980

just make mf a priority, really.

i try to get at least 100% asap then focus on whatever later.

>> No.5528981


>> No.5529142
File: 41 KB, 374x374, D8CRtMS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone here know how to edit/where the descriptions of skills are located in the mpq? I've been able to edit just about everything in the game, but cannot find these at all.

>> No.5529165
File: 47 KB, 394x580, 1366628500556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this. set items drop a lot if you have a decent amount of MF. there's a reason why Holy Grail streamers usually dont give a shit about set drops unless it's a rare set drop like Tal Rasha Amulet or something.
You'll get 5 or 6 set rings a day but 9/10 it'll be fuckin Cathan's Seal.

>> No.5529175

top kek i already found 4 of these on my run, currently on act 4 nm

>> No.5529445

Any place in particular that is good for farming a Lo? Probably just Hell LK?

>> No.5529451

They're very rare. You're only real options are doing LK runs, cow runs or farming Gul runes from the hell forge and cubing up to it. I'd do the LK myself.

>> No.5529641
File: 2.99 MB, 700x514, novalad.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

on this day i am nostalgic

>> No.5529648

I always loved Thunder Storm. I even went so far as to put it on a small charm to use on every class, purely for the aesthetic.

>> No.5530339

You'll find them in skilldesc.txt. Note that any columns that have "str" in their name are referring to strings in a tbl file, with top referencing priority given to Patchstring.tbl, which you can find in patch_d2.mpq..

>> No.5530636

How do you "exploit" other people's wealth? Newbs don't have stuff worth anything and experienced players aren't going to get ripped off in trade deals. "Exploiting" other people wealth seems like an awfully autistic way of saying that you trade.

>> No.5530656

buy low sell high

>> No.5530657

Who is selling low?

>> No.5530663

I don't see how the market isn't tanked these days. Certainly possible in the proper days of D2 popularity, but it doesn't seem like there's enough of a legitimate population left to do find real trade deals easily anymore.

Though I haven't played it in like half a decade or more so I dunno.

>> No.5530665

experienced players only know how to get full tal's and a few HRs; they're bad at the game because they only have a singleplayer mindset

hell, you can find it on slash which has a fraction of bnet's population

>> No.5530897

Idk over 100h? I was 12 when this came out, I didn't exactly play it like I had a PhD in it. Just played for fun. If it was a shit set I would just sell it.

>> No.5531056
File: 49 KB, 600x827, 1262425256337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>100 hours
Christ dude, I blew threw that in 2 weeks in high school. Must be at least a few thousand hours in and I stopped playing for like 5 straight years at one point.

>> No.5531059


>> No.5531075

ey you know, not everyone is a full blown faggot willing to sink 1k hours into a meme game

>> No.5531084

You're not even getting a proper (((you))) for that one.

>> No.5531098
File: 145 KB, 806x629, ded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking cursed archers.

>> No.5531170

85 lvl areas. Got one yesterday in The Pits.

>> No.5531203

can legit 1.14 copies be downgraded w the method ITT?

>> No.5531210


>> No.5531549

Yeah dude. I repurchased the game from Blizz (digital copy) in 2017 after losing my original discs and downgraded just fine from 1.14.

>> No.5532326

Even if they somehow fix the gameplay in Diablo 4, it'll still be missing the beautiful soundtracks and visuals given by the 90s. Fucking hate that Blizzard is overrun by this highly orchestrated composer that misses all of the ambiance given by the games prior to 2007.

>> No.5532554

They'll just copypaste from Diablo 3 I bet, menus will look like a Windows theme. What I really love about Diablo 2 is that stat and inventory pages look like they have been chiseled into granite plates.

>> No.5533417

This. And the bottom item bar w health and mana gloves are 10/10 aesthetic. Has anyone done it better?

>> No.5533418

First reply to this post decides what class I play, I'm incapable of making my own decisions.

>> No.5533446


Fun weird class

>> No.5533543

bear or wolf?

>> No.5533630

wolf...or elemental summoner

>> No.5533634
File: 48 KB, 562x166, heavenb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is the kind of writing i adore

>> No.5533745
File: 349 KB, 805x628, jav.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anything more satisfying than the explosions from a javazon?

>> No.5533768

Removing a single number from the code to allow Guided Arrow to pierce again. Watching an elite get shredded by the multiple pierce from a single shot is orgasmic.

>> No.5533947

I've got a pvp bone necro on east ladder
worth somewhere near $40 now and I've walked/traded for everything. I'm excited for ladder reset tho.
probably going to make a Necromancer(pnb) right out of the gate this time as opposed to a Sorceress; slower but efficient/safe. Dim Vision/Bone Prison absolutely rekts everything.
found a sick, sick sword this ladder and I'd post it but then it'd be obvious who I am, if it's not already to anyone who PvPs on East.

>> No.5533974

I know this might sound sacrilige, but is there any way to make the visuals/resolution more modern?

I loaded it up the other day, not having played since I was about...11? I remember it being the best looking game I ever played, but when I booted it up, it was like 640x400 resolution or something, and it completely wanked up my screen resolution.

Is there either a way, with the Battle Net edition, to either make it a modern res, or make it run in windowed? I wanna remake "Dian", my skelly necro

>> No.5534043

Yes, dropping Griffon and Titan's. Haven't got either in my 10 years of playing the game.

>> No.5534065

>i found a unique so everyone will instantly know who I am
not counting the hundreds of people who've already found every item in the game

>> No.5534067

>is there any way to make the visuals/resolution more modern?
>it completely wanked up my screen resolution.
can also just play it in 800x600 in stretched windowed mode too, looks fine
>Is there either a way, with the Battle Net edition, to either make it a modern res, or make it run in windowed?
nope. that's why most people dont play online/bnet these days. no-one wants to give up multires/plugy to be able to play with a handful of BRs, Russians and bots

>> No.5534074

If there are no talent trees the game will be garbage.

>> No.5534085
File: 254 KB, 672x777, 169284612956192.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There won't even be bloody stat allocation, let alone a skill tree. This is acti-blizzard. There hasn't been a truly great blizzard game since The Frozen Throne in 2003.

>> No.5534292

Playing plugy and I just finished NM and returned to A1 NM to open the cow level but it doesn't seem to work...Cow level is just wirts leg and a tp scroll in the cube?

>> No.5534298

TP tome, not scroll. The tome needs at least a single scroll in it.

>> No.5534301

tp tome, not scroll

>> No.5534305

Ahhh thanks, it's been a while.

>> No.5534307

Starting making a whirlwind barb but remembered that those were nerfed to hell and now I'm not sure what to do.

>> No.5534348
File: 75 KB, 800x600, 765080-diablo-ii-windows-screenshot-character-class-selection-screen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And the bottom item bar w health and mana gloves are 10/10 aesthetic. Has anyone done it better?
The only thing that I can think of is Diablo 1, which is basically the same but an older design, or Doom.
These two games for me have the most noteworthy HUD designs, not many come close. Same goes for D2's character selection screen, you can attempt to copy it (PoE, D3, ...) but the original will stay king.
And the classic D2 char select screen was even better than the LoD one.

>> No.5534391

I just got to Hell as a holy shock/zeal pally. My merc is A2 NM defensive and is getting dumpstered by mobs and is eating through a lot of gold. Should I switch to a ranged merc (a1 cold or a3 cold)?

>> No.5534426

Mercs gonna get his shit kicked in no matter what you go with in hell, until you get some decent items for him. Reduced damage by number or percentage are good, as is lifesteal and resists. He also needs a high amount of raw defense. It might not be worth it for you to keep buying him at the moment.

One little thing that helps a fair bit, make sure the merc is the same level as you i.e. sometimes he falls behind in XP, which lets him get hit more often. Sometimes the difference between him dying a lot and not is just the levels. Can easily replace him with a higher level one. I would also recommend, in this thought process, to gain some more levels in nightmare, the chance to not be hit is really quite powerful.

>> No.5534463

As I said, my merc is A2 NM defensive and is currently equipped with the Blackleach Blade Bill unique polearm. The damage is comparable to Insight, but it also has 8% life leech which is nice, as well as a 5% chance to cast level 5 Weaken on striking, which was proccing a lot. He also has the Rockfleece Field Plate armor and some yellow helm. I have an Insight in the bank (plugy) which I was using until I found the unique polearm. He is taking a lot of damage, even on Hell /p1 and is burning through gold. I was thinking A1 cold merc or A3 cold merc to allow them to freeze stuff but from range. Good idea or bad? I probably just have to suck it up and keep going.

Also, let me ask some questions about my current character. It has been a long time since I've played and I need a refresher. I'm a holy shock/zeal paladin and I've been abusing /players x up until Hell. I just cleared the Den of Evil and I'm level 71 lol. Current resistances are 36/49/64/16 with a Spirit made from a Superior Heraldric Shield. My body armor is a 4 socket Gothic Plate with a perfect diamond, perfect topaz, and a ral/ort for their resistances. I'm using Aldur's Rhythm Jagged Star (very fast attack speed) mace with two perfect amethyst (+300 attack rating). My gloves have 22% mf, boots 25% mf, rings combined 20% mf. I feel pretty tanky I guess compared to other classes, but I still take a lot of damage. Should I drop my mf gear for more tank stuff? I don't really have a lot to begin with, so dropping it seems like a bad idea, but I feel like I need to tank stats more.

Current stats: 112, 132, 202, 15 and current talents: 22 resist lightning, 22 holy shock, 6 zeal, 12 holy shield, 19 salvation.

>> No.5534474

The complaint is that the AI pathfinding for the skeletons is absolute shit, so getting them to go where you want them to is harder than actually fighting the enemies.

>> No.5534478

>Reduced damage by number or percentage are good, as is lifesteal and resists
With his current set up, the Rockfleece chest piece reduces damage by 10% and he has 8% life steal from his unique polearm. But yeah, I know what you mean by him getting his shit kicked in no matter what. I think for now I might drop him because he is fucking expensive.

>> No.5534490

>Should I drop my mf gear for more tank stuff?
Depends entirely on what you want to get out of the playthrough. If you are going to stop once you beat hell baal, then keep the MF - it will make the playthrough more likely to drop something cool, but if you're going to keep playing for a time afterward, then drop it for whatever you need. Can MF later.

With my last holy shock pally (I really enjoy trying to play HC with them) I eventually swapped out of Holy Shock into Fanaticism, toward the midway point of hell, once I had a decent base damage weapon.

It might actually be worth it to you to drop the Spirit and replace it with a socketed shield for more resists than Spirit gives. A pally shield would be the best. Could make up the lost +skills with shopping for a +holy shock scepter and socket it with a 2xshael or shael+eth.

>> No.5534498

I've been using the Treachery rune word for my merc armor. Made a big difference.

>> No.5534545

What merc are you using? I looked Treachery up and it looks like it is an assassin only runeword?
I'd like to maybe keep playing him after I finish Hell Baal, but who knows. I just reinstalled and got plugy going and I have plans for a lot of characters. I'll look into Fanaticism and keep my eyes open for a decent base damage weapon. Do you have any suggestions for a shield? I know that Spirit is popular with sorcs, but I built mine for the resistances because of how cheap the runes are.

>> No.5534563

treachery is really good for the % to cast fade when struck, which gives the merc (or you) 80% curse duration reduction, 60% resistances and 15% physical reduction, which lasts for 5 mins and can refresh.

As for the shield? Literally any paladin shield with sockets. Just the standard grey one. They can roll up to 45% all res naturally.

If you get lucky you can make a runeword in it, but even one with like 20 resistances as a base + some more res socketed into it would be huge.

>> No.5534760

not really like that, and it was a rare sword.
when you pull one of the top rare swords out of a ladder session, it is easy to see who they are (that found it) especially if they post it on the trading forums
it's a stretch and it really doesn't matter but its nearly as effective in outing me as stating my name here
there is a stark contrast in this thread between people who know about the game and people who really, really have no idea.

>> No.5534776

>there is a stark contrast in this thread between people who know about the game and people who really, really have no idea.
The fuck does that have to do with the rest of your post? also what are you expecting will happen when people find out who you are? Is your irl persona tied to it somehow, or are you just being a massive faggot?

>> No.5534809

No they are not, they're absolute horror unless you despawn all skeletons and let merc do the kills, but the merc is same level of pathfinding retardation and sometimes just stays feet behind while Scarabs are around corners.

I want to kick Brevik's teeth in for this.

Act 2 nm might merc, use any white elite polearm (thresher, giant thresher, cryptic ass, etc.) to make beginner insight or obedience, also any white elite armor to make treachery, and stick tal rasha helm on it's stupid head, or maybe stealskull or whatever the normal helm with life leech is called. Then when you find ethereals and ebug them, use that. White items drop dime a dozen.

His only problem are fanaticism boss packs and there is nothing you can do there.

>> No.5534850

I'm just saying, I can tell you don't really know what you're talking about - so just believe me, yo. & I'm just being a massive faggot. I get paranoid about trivial things.
this board is too slow. I'm used to my shitposts disappearing quicker than this

>> No.5534960

You might want to look for an armor with more defense, like a Godly elite armor or a Smoke RW in an elite armor, and more ranks in Holy Shield.
Also, if you had ranks in Sacrifice/Zeal instead of Salvation, you'd be able to leech better and have better AR, a weapon with more damage could help too, as would looking for more leech on your gloves/rings. Or just flash Redemption every 2 seconds if you have a few +skills for it.

Resistances go like lightning>>fire>>>>cold>>>>>>poison, and not having max LR can be pretty noticeable, try shopping for better resists on your gloves/boots/belt, with a bit of patience you can get of the leech/whale/whatever too.

>> No.5535027

Lvl 85 areas can drop items from TC 87 which is the highest

>> No.5535048
File: 51 KB, 561x207, ormus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is the diablo 2 champion really if not a meme nephalem?

>> No.5535271

So far I've gotten 2 titan's, 2 thunderstrokes (1 eth). Yet to drop the drop the elusive griffons though.

Right now I'm lvl87 running lore rw (sallet), peace rw (archon plate), titan's, head hunters glory with 3 Pdiamonds, ravenf, soj, mara's, razortail, +3 jav blue gloves, 30frw rare boots, 2 +jav grand chamrs, 5 or so fhr small charms and about the same frw small charms.
She is a beast of a character but still can't deal with light immunes. It's surprised me how often valkyre procs with only 2% chance on striking. The usual route on players 3 is the pit, tower, tals tombs (bail out if there's beetles), LK, clear worldstone 2 and 3 if no golems or beetles, then baal with no golems. And cows if i remember. I should add andy into the runs as well.
The current plan is to drop some runes for infinity as she only has 60mf. There is a rack next to wp in LK dropping threshers, so I'll have a good base pretty soon.

>> No.5535293

make a singer barb until you get to Hell, then respec to Fury barb or make a Pitzerker.

>> No.5535298

Gear. He'll need max resists, a lot of lifesteal and to be doing a good 2.5k dmg or more.
Then he'll be able to handle a handful of enemies by himself while you quickly nuke them down.

>> No.5535308

make an Obedience in a really good polearm and get him some better armor. I noticed a big difference when I gave my sorc's merc the Leviathan unique armor. his def went up to 11.5k and he stopped dying every 5 minutes. all my other hell mercs on other characters have just a Rockfleece or a Smoke armor and they die all the time.

>I'm level 71
you're a bit low lvl for hell still. I'd do more NM Chaos Sanc and Baal runs with /players on until about lvl 80.

>> No.5535817
File: 90 KB, 720x720, 1543647579278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would you guys change about the game if you could? What do you think are some simple things that could be altered to improve it? Say patch 1.15 came out, what do you want in it?

>> No.5535836

replace the useless skills
change the useless lv83 areas to be lv85 so we have more variety in places to farm
give bowazon, melee assassin a bit of a buff and adjust necro's Teeth skill so it's more like charged bolt (ie: actually useful)
fix mana burn creatures so they dont do 500x the damage they're supposed to
and I guess all the list of 150 bugs someone posted here in the last thread.

i'd just be happy with the lv83->85 area change though. fucking sick to death of Pit/Mauso/Tunnels runs

>> No.5535873

redpill me on lv85 runs

>> No.5535883

every place in the game has an 'area level' which determines the chance to hit/be hit of monsters as well as what items can drop. Starts at level 1 in the blood more normal difficulty, which increases as you move through the game. Blood moor in hell will be area level 67.

Areas with a level of 85 can drop every possible item. The pit, mausoleum, maggot lair level 3, etc you can look up the whole list. Once you get to end game farming, these are the areas you will grind. Some are faster than others for various reasons. Main ones are Pit, Ancient Tunnels, River of Flame/Chaos Sanc(minus diablo), Worldstone Keep and Baal+friends.

>> No.5535894

the problem is there's another dozen or so areas that are level 83 that literally no-one ever has a reason to ever go into or farm stuff in because they arent worth farming when you can just do another 10,000 Ancient Tunnels runs instead.
First places that come to mind are places like the Crypt, the random dungeons in Act 2 and 3, plus areas like all the lv83 dungeons scattered through Act 5 (the hell ones like Abaddon etc).

>> No.5535904

where do i look it up the dungeon levels

>> No.5535908

I'm working on a mod at the moment, this seems quite easy to implement. I'm about 80% of the way through everything I want to do. Mostly making lesser used runewords, uniques and skills more competitive.


>> No.5535910


>> No.5535924

These are the areas I've increased to 85.

Abaddon, Pit of Acheron, Infernal Pit, Icy Cellar, Frozen River, Drifter Cavern, Act 4, Durance of Hate 1-3, All Kurast Temples, Travincal, Arcane Sanctuary, Duriels Lair, All Tombs of Tal Rasha, Secret Cow Level, Tristram, Catacombs level 1-4, Crypt, Burial Grounds

Only one I'm unsure about is the Cow Level. Might be too good.

>> No.5535983

nah leave Cow Level. it's mob density, one type of mob and small size would make it too good if it was lv85, plus it's already a good place for farming base items and runes.

>> No.5536175

Is thar /vr/ server still up? I remember playing there twice and was maximum comfy.

>> No.5536219

So what 1.13c maphack are y'all using ?

>> No.5536227

knowledge of the game
once you play it enough you know generally how the maps are laid out, what some map seeds look like, tricks on how rooms/areas are shaped that give hints to where the next exit is etc.

>> No.5536228

ctrl+f maphack. Up the thread.

>> No.5536250

Maphacks as maps buyable at vendors, buying runes/gems for gold at ingame vendors, goldpickup, basically plugy, redesign of set items which suck even for level they are intended, viable uncommon builds which dont require expensive runewords, rarest unique items and perfectly rolled facets and then in the end suck again, ability to increase area level manually which should make entire game playable and not only few areas, adding content to act iv so it doesnt seem like halfassed crunched piece of shit it is, loot filters, adventure mode so you dont have to play through 2 worthless difficulties...

>> No.5536260

Now this is peak zoomer

>> No.5536268

Back to dii.net brevikdrone

>muh 4x4 stash and 300 alts for muling

>> No.5536278

30 FPS in SP, shiftclick to move items from stash to inventory/inventory to trader inventory, PlugY compatibility.
That's all I'd need to be happy.

>> No.5536290

>buying runes/gems for gold at ingame vendors
you lost me

>> No.5536346

make charms a separate inventory so this loot grind game isn't so annoying to play

>> No.5536524

Having them be active inside of the cube would be good enough for me.

>> No.5536656
File: 136 KB, 990x1024, zombie survival sheet d2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/vr/ have any thoughts on Enigma?

Was it a mistake? Should it be easier, or impossible, for the other classes to gain Teleport?

>> No.5537308

i like the idea really.
after a while it gets annoying keeping multiple stash pages of random shit like chipped and flawed gems for recipes and hanging onto hundreds of low/mid runes for crafting recipes.
runes for sale at an NPC though, I wouldn't have anything higher than an Amn or a Sol rune.
Maybe add runes to the Gambling list at a set price, like 100k and it rolls any rune up to Amn.
That way if you're desperate and need a rune RIGHT NOW you can drop the money to try and chance the rune you need, but then you still have the option of doing a few countess runs instead.

>> No.5537310

jah and ber are fucking hard as shit to find, so I think it's fine.
runes should just be untradable in online play

>> No.5537464

>runes should just be untradable in online play
This is perhaps the most retarded post in the history of the internet

>> No.5537784

you want a jah and a ber for your enigma?
go fucking do 10k Lower Kurast runs and find them yourself
dont just run Andy and Baal a couple of times and trade some SoJs for them
Honestly i think being able to trade on Bnet at all is fucking dumb. There's a reason 2/3 of the player base is just bots.

>> No.5537812

>not playing on a private server without bots and dupes

>> No.5538063

Just downloaded 1.13 and plugy, about to start my first ever playthough lads.

>> No.5538067

Fuck you fag. If you dont want efficiency play sp or open battlenet

>> No.5538148

For your first run, go in as blind as you can and see how far you get. The good thing with plugy is your character wont be wasted if you screw up stat/skill placement.
Post here if/when you get stuck and I want to know when you finish act 2.
What character did you pick ?

>> No.5538181

Sounds good m8. I'm thinking sorceress, since I've heard she's a good start for a new player, and I've always been a mage fan in general.

>> No.5538512

Oak sage or heart of wolverine for a Fury Druid?

>> No.5538546

>30 FPS in SP
Just play solo in a TCP/IP game.

>> No.5538563
File: 185 KB, 800x800, 1307887271927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

9/10 Oak sage. the HP buff is just too good.
Both are one point wonders though so if you want you could just put the extra point into Wolverine and switch to it if you need more damage.

not him but yeah you'll have a blast. first couple of characters dont look up shit online, just jump in blind and have fun.
once you've gotten to the end of nightmare on a couple of characters and played with 2 or 3 classes then maybe look at some good beginner guides so you know what builds to go for
>mfw my first ever character was a melee Sorc
>i struggled to get past act 3
>it was fun as hell though

>> No.5538573

Been playing on and off since the release of D2, must be 10k hours at least into the game, and I still have yet to try a melee sorc. Wouldn't even know where to begin.

Enchant with something fast?

>> No.5538597

Anyone else fall into the habit of pressing Tab like a dozen or more times a minute?

>> No.5538704


>> No.5538706

What's the difference?

>> No.5538739

it's actually a thing, but you need the Dream runeword, other expensive gear, blaze and a lot of points into Energy Shield to make it work, apparently.
I havent tried making a melee sorc since I was a noob, mostly cuz i have other builds I wanna do first and I dont have the gear for it

>> No.5538757

oh also you need the Passion runeword so you can use Zeal as well.

>> No.5539153

It can get fairly gear dependent on later difficulties, so you might not want to jump straight into it but build up a clown-suit for it first.

Basically you max enchant, warmth and fire mastery for retardedly huge fire damage and a big AR boost, then you get a fast weapon and go around deleting monsters with 15k damage attack.
For Hell you need max lightning mastery and an ass ton of high level charms with lightning damage and a fast weapon with like 1-400+ lightning damage, although they can at least be shopped unlike charms. Alternatively you will have to use FOrb to deal with fire immunes.

You can't leech for shit and your hit recovery and block rate are shit too, so you need to kill fast and avoid being hit. You can get good defense with decent gear and a cold armor skill and maybe a defiance merc, and you can stack fast hit recovery on items too, but you also need resists, attack rating , increased attack speed, +life, +skills, etc. and it can be hard to fit in all that shit no-twink.
Avoid maxing block unless you have a 5digit defense, because blocking will fuck you up. You might consider not using a shield, since 2h weapons have faster attack speed for Sorceresses.
Energy shield is good, although it has diminishing returns and mana burn will faceroll you if you rely on ES too much, so put like ~7 points here and just use it as a buffer for your HP.

The thing you really want is a Passion rune word, since its zeal oskill will make you much faster, letting you kill/hit-stun all monsters around you, and also crucially is uninterruptible so you can't get shut down by blocking and hit recovery.

You're still pretty frail, but at least you can teleport on top of monsters instead of having to run up to them while they shoot at you.

>> No.5540272

Does Barb play like a prot warrior, fury warrior, or arms warrior?

>> No.5540595
File: 136 KB, 800x600, stupid ith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jah and ber's rarity, and the absurd benefits of teleporting, makes you need to either grind or bot, so I don't think this is necessarily "fine"

Barb has some CC and great shouts so he's ok at prot, he is furious and he knows about warrioring so he's an alright fury warrior, and he has arms too so he's a lot like an arms warrior. He is dependent on gear, but not on great gear.

>> No.5541006

At what point should I start worrying about runewords? I'm at act V on normal right now and my stash is full of runes but I don't really know what to do with them.

>> No.5541015

Depends on what you've found gear wise, what class you are and what you're building.

Look up the early ones and see if any that you can reasonably build are good for your slots right now. There's a few that people build really early on like Leaf, Nadir, Steel, Stealth, Strength, Malice, Zephyr, Ancient's Pledge.

Things like Spirit, Harmony, Edge, Duress are not that hard to put together and are quite powerful.

>> No.5541136

From the start of the game.
There are some great low level runewords that you'll use heaps. Leaf, Stealth, Lore, Ancient's Pledge, Rhyme are all must haves for the level you get them.
There are other great low lvl ones like Steel and Strength are great for melee builds.

There are other good runewords made from cheap-ish/ runes that you'll use even into endgame, like Insight, Smoke, Treachery and Spirit. Hardest part of making a spirit shield is getting the shield. You'll need a 4 slot Monarch Shield (drops from late NM, early Hell) for most classes but Paladin gets 4 socket shields way earlier than the other classes. Harmony and Edge are good for Amazons, I even use Edge on my alt switch for my Necromancer so I can give lv15 thorns to my summons.

At a minimum you'll likely use Insight, Rhyme, Lore and Stealth on every character lv17+, and Leaf's +Fire Skills works on Druid and Assassin as well.

Like the other anon basically said, runewords aren't something you should skip until endgame, you should really use runes the whole way through. It's even worth doing some countess runs to get runes to slap in Fire/Lightning resist into a helm and shield for the boss fights.

>> No.5541220

Why are 90% of uniques and sets in this game shit?

>> No.5541224

Runewords too. It's what I'm working on in my personal mod at the moment. Just got runewords left to change. I'll probably post it here once it's done.

>> No.5541232

honestly, depends a lot on what patch you're on and whether you're using the expansion or not.
without the expansion then lots of uniques become legit good shit.
the main issue is that most sets are trash, with only a few exceptions (IK, angel ring/amu, arctic hands/belt, vidala feet/amu, tal rasha).
a bit problem with some of the runewords is there are a lot of runewords that are just too expensive for their bonuses. theres at least 5 that if they were cheaper they'd be good in-between pieces while leveling up or for certain builds, but they have a random Jah or Ohm rune in them making them too expensive to use.
Then there are some runewords that are straight up OP like HotO, CTA and Enigma.

or at least thats how i see it. i agree in that a lot of uniques/sets could use some love.

>> No.5541276
File: 2.74 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I ready for nightmare?

>> No.5541286

Yeah probably. Though It would make your life much easier if you ground out another ~10 levels. It'd be really quick, just set players 8 and do either Eldritch or Worldstone-Baal runs.

Eldritch is perfect for you right now, as he is level 34, too.

>> No.5541425

What am I looking for in a one hander for Fanatacism?

>> No.5541446

Anything at all with the modifier +damage. Pic related, not to% enhanced damage or the like, but pure +damage.

Anything with a high base damage or lots of extra elemental damage. Crushing blow is very good with high speed. A lot of the mid tier unique maces and swords are great with it.

>> No.5541448
File: 8 KB, 139x25, fs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>forgot pic

>> No.5542176

top kek the first time a coronet dropped on me was on hell, my mf is 73% i guess i gotta step up

>> No.5542180

What kind of attack speed? Also thanks.

>> No.5542334

Why? Leave the map up or turn on the minimap?

>> No.5542581

nightmare's basically the same as Normal.
The game's difficulty doesnt ramp up until Hell

>> No.5542706
File: 367 KB, 806x629, infin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright lads, samefag here >>5535271 . Time for the real question.
After cubing up some runes I finally have enough for Infinity. I have an eth Great Poleaxe, and a weapon rack next to wp in LK dropping Threshers.
What base would you make it in?
And what is the most ideal base for infinity?

>> No.5542707

i'd make the enigma in the base you think cutest
and thresher/gt for infinity

>> No.5542743

depends entirely on str/level requirements.
you dont want to put a runeword into a base that requires a bajillion Strength and lv80 to be able to equip.
if you have a weapon rack dropping threshers then farm it for a bit until you get a good Eth one then slot it.

remember, what a weapon rack drops is based on WHICH direction you approach the rack from, HOW you approach it (teleport, walking, running) and whether or not there are enemies near it or not.

>> No.5542753

I've had to drop a large chunk of my mf from NM (about 100 mf) so i can survive in Hell. I have 20 left on shitty rings ;_; ... let's say that I clear a boss monster pack with my non-mf gear and take a good chunk of the bosses hp and teleport back to town, equip all my mf gear and then kill the boss....does it stil factor my mf?

>> No.5542761

Only the last hit counts, that's why you usually want to let your merc get the last hit in if he has any MF on his gear, because your MF also applies to him but his not to yours.

>> No.5542789

why does this game has a hardon for stone of jordan? where do i find this

>> No.5542790

>fix mana burn creatures so they dont do 500x the damage they're supposed to

This hurts my sorc sooo bad. I maxed out Energy Shield and Telekinesis and put most my points into energy....it sucks to see all that mana instantly disappear.

>> No.5542798

nightmare classic andy has the biggest chance of dropping it

>> No.5542853

is it a bug though? its freaking annoying seeing 200mp getting one shot to 0

>> No.5542925

Works fine on ranged attacks, melee are bugged to do like 250x mana damage.

>> No.5543131

just have an ali baba's and a rhyme on weapon switch, easy 100MF.
there's a really low lvl dagger that's 100MF you could use too.

>> No.5543640

Is gambling even worth it? I never seem to get anything good from it.

>> No.5543657

And rings

>> No.5543705

chances to get uniques/sets are too low. do it for the odd rare circlet and to get rings/amulets of a specific ilvl for crafting (i think you need a minimum lv93 character to be able to buy the right amulets for getting the best mods on a caster amulet, i cant remember for sure, there are guides online/youtube)

>> No.5543785

gamble jewelry at 91 to get high enough jewelry for crafting at level 93

>> No.5544247

>remember, what a weapon rack drops is based on WHICH direction you approach the rack from, HOW you approach it (teleport, walking, running) and whether or not there are enemies near it or not.


>> No.5544747

What level should I be for skelemancer VS Baal on normal? Diablo fucked my shit up at level 29 /players 1. Ring of fire cleared all my minions and 2 hits on lvl 26 act 2 defensive had my dipping into my gold. Had to just amplify and spam Clay golems for 10 min to kill him.

I've got 15 into skele, 5 into mastery. 6 in amplify and 2 in CE. Rest is 1 point wonder.

Have runes for the +5 Necro skills runeword but need a 2 socket Necro shield plus 15 more levels. Should I /P8 grind through Act 5 to lvl 45?
Also of you max 20 a skill then get a +1 item to that skill does it go to 21 or is it capped at 20?

>> No.5544863

>6 in amplify
I thought you were only supposed to put 1 point into each curse

>> No.5544886

I was around level 34 with my skelemancer at /p5 and his fire ring fucked everything up. Had to leave 3-4 times to recast skeles and revives, and revive the merc.

>I've got 15 into skele, 5 into mastery
Quality over quantity. If anything it should be 10/10.

>6 in amplify and 2 in CE
The other anon is right about only one point in curses, you should get enough +skills from equipment. Especially as skelemancer you can equip pretty much anything.
CE that early only needs one point because you have barely any mana anyway until you get insight for your merc. Any +skill from gear can even tune up the mana needs too much.

>Also of you max 20 a skill then get a +1 item to that skill does it go to 21 or is it capped at 20?
Nah, you can go as high as 99 if you want to with +skill form items and if it was possible.

>> No.5544951

its true
if you find a weapon or an armor rack that drops something good, remember which direction you approached it from and save that map (assuming you're SP)

>> No.5544959

I'm assuming you're using Plugy and can just change your skills/stats as you go.
Make sure you have as many points into Skele Mastery as you do Skeletons.
Only get one skeleton magi so you have a cold skele
give your merc one of the +slow polearms like the Kelpie.
Put some points into Clay golem
get Iron Maiden and Decrepify.
With decrep, golem, merc and cold baal should be so slow he'll only attack one or two times through the whole fight.
if your skeleton army dies, just cheese him with golem & iron maiden.
if you still have trouble, grind another level or two and get a point into Summon Resist.

>> No.5545116
File: 499 KB, 800x600, Screenshot007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally found my Tal Rasha armor. A damn cow (Champion?) dropped it when I took off all my magic find in an attempt to find a basic Energy Shield staff.....Go figure. Kinda liked my old armor though.

>> No.5545414

The build I was copying maxed skele, mastery, and amplify. Then 1 pt most everything else and then rest in CE.
Was watching him destroy Baal on hell.
No its all legit single player but I haven't used my free respec from Akara yet. Was going to later tonight.

>> No.5545440

Is the build

>> No.5545486

damn, nice one anon.

>maxxed amplify
most curses are 1 point wonders, with +skill gear/charms doing the rest. skill points just give them more aoe. i wouldnt put more than maybe 2 or 3 points into Amplify and save the points for somewhere else, but that's just me.
even CE you can get by not going a full 20 points into it (a good necrohead/spirit shield w/ Bone runeword in a good +CE wand).
Either way, you should be able to get to lv65/end of NM just winging it. save your respecs for Hell in case you need to adjust something.
either way, Necro's the kind of class you can wear literally whatever or just go naked, as long as your skels/golem/merc are strong enough. Might merc with good gear helps a lot.

you're a madman but hey you do you. respect for going full vanilla

>> No.5545526

I guess I'm just retarded after rewatching the video. Have some respecing to do. You're right.
Vanilla is all I've known. I might try some mods after beating Hell Baal. Not sure if I've ever made it that far. I think I beat NM back when I was a kid when LOD came out.
I may just do the ladder runeword hack b4 then if I get the drops. Fuckin Ber

>> No.5545902

So after 75 normal threshers and 6 failed eth threshers, I finally dropped a 4 socket eth thresher from the rack - didn't even know you could drop eth and socketed. Think I'll just make it in that, if I find a superior eth 4soc giant/thresher I'll keep it for eternity until I have the runes to burn.

>> No.5546781

Well I respecd and just have 1 in amplify and I gotta say it's way better w 5 points. The larger cast area is a major quality of life bonus when dealing w the goblin jumping beans in act 5.
I'm sure once I get a +5 to skills shield I'll be glad I didn't dump the 5 into amplify

>> No.5546792

Decrep for fucks sake.

>> No.5546794


He had it right with the skeletons. Optimal progression for skill points with skeletons is 3:1 Raise:Mastery.

>> No.5546918

>Been trying to complete my Tal Rasha set forever,
Same here, except it's the armor I've never come across before. Found several of the helm and amulet so far, though.

>> No.5546929

Huh, so the stones work as long as the quest has progressed to the correct stage? Guess you learn something new every day!
I always used to open the scroll at least once, as I presumed the quest was made so that the stones wouldn't work before your character had the knowledge of what to do there.

>> No.5546932

>playing a barb that yells things to death.
Then proceeds to yell at the corpses to make more loot pop out.

>> No.5547040

Yes, no need to open scroll, actually takes longer to pattern to load than to click it randomly and find out.

I don't even open quest bar anymore.

>> No.5547507

I just got ethereal waterwalk from Hell Andy ;_; God I hate ethereal...

>> No.5547547

Where the FUCK do I get a decent belt? I'm A2 Hell now and I'm using the same belt that I've been using since a4 normal.

>> No.5547563

pray for a lenymo drop

>> No.5547661

i just go for one with good resistances or a set belt until I luck out and get something decent later. Arctic Belt & Gloves is 40%MF, with Vidala feet & amulet is another 50%MF. Or you can go sigon belt & hands to get 30% IAS on the hands.

>> No.5547664

Where to into Marrowwalk and Arachnid Mesh

>> No.5547669

found marrows in pits and arach from diablo recently
got an arach from meph a few years ago

>> No.5547742

>prot warrior
>arms* warrior
Berserker, Concentrate
with a prot hybrid due to Berserker's reliance on the war cry CC and Concentrate's avoidance stacking
>fury warrior
Frenzy, Whirlwind

in truth every class in D2 is its own tank and dps, unless you have a minion or you rely on kiting

>> No.5547750

buy +100~ life "red" plated belts from vendors if nothing else
90% is a harsh number considering there's a lot of items that genuinely fly under the radar of a lot of hardcore item finders but which are absolutely amazing to have around when you're a self-found player
plus you can upgrade some of those uniques too, particularly weapons

>> No.5547758

How many /players were you using?

>> No.5547780

0, I play on Slash

>> No.5547885

Will I lose my saves if I go from 1.14d to 1.13? I want to use plugy.

>> No.5547980

I don't think the saves are compatible. Either start again or hero edit your characters. I'd probably hero edit to the same lvl then find gear from there, unless I had some really rare gear.

>> No.5548089

Where should I go to grind for gear early nightmare?

>> No.5548095

Mephisto. Push to him as hard as you can. Will blow anything else in nightmare up to that point out of the water when it comes to drops.

>> No.5548101

just push straight through to Act IV and do some NM Andy/Meph runs.
Once you're in the lv60's start farming Chaos Sanctuary for exp eventually moving onto farming NM Durance/Throne/Baal for exp until you're say lv75 or 80 and ready for Hell.

>> No.5548107
File: 3.65 MB, 2268x3157, 20190504_044758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Neat was also wondering this. Just killed Baal fairly easy w a lvl 6 clay golem (item buff) and an act 2 merc. Was at level 41 /player 3 and just hit him w decrep.
Got 3 garbage uniques.
Does killing both Baals grant XP?

>> No.5548108

>both Baals

>> No.5548110
File: 450 KB, 1033x767, Screenshot_20190504-045812_CM Browser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 spawn? A real and a fake one.

>> No.5548117

Oh, the clone doesn't give XP. If you don't know, you can quickly get rid of it, just run to the left side of the room, there will be a little crevice usually with money on the ground. Run into the furthermost corner and go to town, then return. The clone de-spawns.

>> No.5548137

Oh good to know thanks.
So grind NM to 75 for a skelemancer?

>> No.5548142

I would. Shouldn't be too hard. Grind baal and friends, worldstone and if you're anywhere around level 62, grind Eldritch the Rectifier on players 8, who spawns just above the first act 5 waypoint. Super underrated for XP and some drops, just because he's so fast to get to.

Pindelskin is also really good for xp at around 66, if you didn't close his portal.

>> No.5548296
File: 16 KB, 400x449, 1544427380732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Driving myself up the fucking wall. Anyone know how to make stamina potions not drop anymore?

>> No.5548319

What >>5547750 said, reroll vendors until you get a plated belt of the whale, with a bit of patience you can get one that's ocher or something as well.

>> No.5548324
File: 88 KB, 637x712, 1531971400694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does a hero editor work with plugy chars? I want to edit these boots to remove the ethereal part.

>> No.5548326

Yes. Just don't open anything to do with the Mercenary, Stash, Cube etc Just open the character and go straight to the inventory.


>> No.5548348
File: 91 KB, 580x449, me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nevermind, I just ended up deleting the entire potion in misc.txt and itemtypes.txt. That should work.


>> No.5548376

There's a lootfilter/maphack earlier in the thread - >>5525908 . I use it to filter small gold, small/light/norm health and mana pots, stamina pots damaged/cracked items, ect. So much better without all the useless shit on screen.

>> No.5548595

Craft one?

>> No.5549119
File: 110 KB, 419x432, 1510428791942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just found String of Ears so thankfully I don't have to.

>> No.5549653

I find it so difficult to play a character that uses fire and/or ice magic. Fire sorcs, ice sorcs, fire arrow zons, ice arrow zons, elemental druids, etc are just astonishing to me. The amount of shit that is immune to fire/ice is absurd. How do you guys do it?

>> No.5549679
File: 3.51 MB, 2338x1912, 20190504_210229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When should I stop pumping Vit?

>> No.5549696

We use fire against whatever is immune to ice and ice against whatever is fire immune. Most of the builds you mention have a secondary component they can rely on (meteorb sorcs or variants thereof are common Hell clearers and MF runners, ice arrow zons (or "Frostmaidens") are likely Strafezon or Lightning Fury hybrids due to the amount of leftover points, elemental druid spells have some physical damage to them, etc.).
Your options are:
>skip the offending pack
Teleport or run past it. Act bosses are never immune to anything, so the game is beatable either way. Bosses are also fat MF targets, usually, so you can always fix your gear a bit. Conversely, cold sorcies are great Ancient Tunnels runners but poor Pit farmers, for example, so often the answer is to just pick your targets unless you are really big into fullclearing. Think about why everyone and their dog rolls a Blizzard Sorc at the start of ladder.
>get some help from someone else
if you play with a friend you can make teams that will compliment one another.
Crushing Blow, multi-elemental weapons, a strong mercenary or a wand with Lower Resist charges are all helpful
>Infinity runeword
but it's very expensive

Also remember that the successful hybrid builds generally have one skill that has relatively low reliance on synergy. For instance, Frozen Orb only really needs a couple of points into Cold Mastery to compliment it and Ice Bolt is ignored, so that frees up a ton of points to spend in Fire or Lightning trees. And Frozen Arrow on a Frostmaiden doesn't really need the synergy that increases freezing time, because it doesn't contribute to damage, so you can slam more points somewhere else.

tl;dr: If you don't mind, just skip the fire/ice mobs and possibly make up the XP loss by redoing a better area. If you want everything dead, sic your mercenary on the problem. Hybrid elemental builds are generally among the easier candidates for the Patriarch/Matriarch title.

>> No.5549704


>> No.5549707

The baseline is very simple: raise Str until you can carry all of your gear, raise Dex up to max block or not depending on preference (and the shield you might be using), and skip Energy.
Looking at this setup you likely want to graduate to Plated Belts (60 STR) or maybe a 4 soc Gothic Plate (70 STR; Summonecros are good candidates for wearing a fully topazed armor), so maybe put some points there. Or wait around for some other items to get you up to Strength.
Also, the hard rule on vita doesn't apply to a few niche builds (like the full Dex bowazon) and can be treated more loosely in softcore play, so unless you're working on your first Destroyer just relax and do whatever feels comfortable.

>> No.5549712

Blah, I obviously meant Guardian.

>> No.5549745
File: 2.92 MB, 4032x1960, 20190504_201126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm embarrassed to even post my gear. Playing vanilla self found. +3 summon skills wand is about it. Running 2 topaz helm. All my gear is MF based except belt I had imbued in normal haha.
Just got to the Countess in NM today. Should I turn players down to 1 and just kite to Mepf or Diablo? I guess I have shit for gear so should I just grind Mepf on like /p3? Or better to /p5 - /p8 grind champions/unique groups for 10 levels per act then do a bunch of Mepf runs.

>> No.5549759

>I'm embarrassed to even post my gear
You shouldn't. Self-found play can be unforgiving, and you're playing the most self-reliant class of them all, so you're really not doing terribly. A +3 summon skills wand is already nice.
I wouldn't even bother necessarily running Meph NM (though you surely can if you feel like it) simply because Durance of Hate 2 is large and it will take you a while to get to Meph unless you get an Amulet or Staff with Teleport charges, or get some high Faster Run/Walk from boots or similar item.
For self-found solo play, my rule of thumb is to simply keep pushing the envelope and progressing depending on how comfortable you are, then when you figure out you're at a roadblock deciding to do something else. There's no need to rush anything. If you're not constantly dying, you're good, and if you are, then it's either the gear or you're doing something wrong.

Anyway, if you are at NM Countess, you should lower to /p1 just for her encounter because high /players settings fuck up her runedrop, and if you have gear woes you might want to get runes to help fix them. ShaelEth in a 2 socket shield, TalEth or NefLum in a 2 socket armor could all help. If you have survivability problems, jam Rubies into your inventory.

Also, if you want stronger killing speed, the Summoner doesn't really get that from skeles alone. Do you have Corpse Explosion? You should start investing into it, even on /p8 it does a good job unleashing AoE damage hell if you Amplify Damage beforehand. Also, you might want to experiment with some other curses

Also, in Act 2 Nightmare, get yourself a new Offense polearm mercenary for the Might aura to buff up your skelly damage.

>> No.5549840

No tele yet, the one thing holding me back. Did just get a +40 MF Amulet in Countess run.
I passed up some shit boots in the shop w +20 run speed and kind of regret it. Need to upgrade shield (act 1 normal w 3 chipped diamond jej), boots, and belt pretty quick.
Is there a way to increase socketed item finds? I've got a bunch of runes (all you mentioned) and perfects.

I've only died 2 or 3 times and one was Diablo. Although been getting clipped for a few good hits so far in NM.
Ive got 1 in CE. I was going to max skele and mastery first then add a few into CE but we'll see what level I'm at when I make it to the Faggot Lair, may have to pump it early.

I plan on getting an O merc when I get there. Hope the level isn't too far below. Your summons stay the level they're summoned at right? I've got a +3 to blood golem wand on switch and use that to summon him then switch back.

>> No.5549917

where do you even find the .txt files in diablo?
i want to change Guided Arrow so it pierces again, guides online say "lol just change skills.txt" but there's no such file in my entire Diablo 2 directory

>> No.5549925

>Is there a way to increase socketed item finds?
You can use the cube.

>> No.5549926

how do you get attack rating on physical builds? i'm getting to hell with about 1000 attack rating and getting sick of missing a lot, but dont want to drop the VIT for Dex to get the small boost.
(I accidentally threw away my Angelic Amulet like a retard)
I'm considering Sigon's set because the helm's set bonus gives quite a lot, like 700 or so at higher level.

>> No.5549929

a well-geared merc, infinity runeword or just ignoring the occasional rare mob that's immune to both.

>> No.5549934

just burn straight through NM, NM's easy.
Most of your good gear will drop from nightmare Mephisto anyway. Keep doing NM Meph/Diablo/Baal runs until you're like Necro lvl 80 and then just #yolo through Hell.
Necro's one of the few jobs that can go through Hell with basically no gear pretty easily. Just make sure you have good resists and hide behind your skeleton army. Try to just run past or ignore Physical Immunes (though Amp Damage usually removes their immunity anyway)

>> No.5549940

by reading this very thread >>5526239

Making guided arrow pierce is quite easy. Add a 1 to the pierce column in missiles.txt

>> No.5549983

On a full blizz sorc, what do people usually put into cold mastery ?
I'm lvl 93 with +14 skills and infinity merc. 1 point into cm gets lvl 15 -90%.

>> No.5550005
File: 59 KB, 1024x768, 35b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay so after a good 12 hours of bullshit troubleshooting and file comparisons, DON'T DO THIS. Removing the stamina potion from misc.txt causes every Runeword to completely stop working. What the actual fuck.

>> No.5550019

Well last time I played physical was 2002 and being a retarded child I just gave my Necro a big scythe and went around slashing. Didn't make it to Hell as you'd imagine.
Should resistances be coming from gear or charms? I've got 3 perfect diamonds waiting for a good soceted shield to drop.
Or just take what you can get?

>> No.5550071

What runeword weapon should I use for on fury druid in nightmare?
I've been stuck with the same crappy unique sword since act IV normal

>> No.5550165

make Ral Ort Tal runeword in the first 3 socket shield you get, then make a Smoke runeword body as soon as you can too. good, easy-to-get runewords that'll give you plenty of resist.
Lore runeword is a good headgear you'll use from lvl27+ that has 30% lightning on it too. that should mostly cover you.

also remember you can chug thawing potions and antidotes to get a temporary boost to your cold and poison resistance. just chug like 10 of each at a time for boss fights etc. the duration stacks.

>> No.5550206

Basically just waiting on socketed items. Have a good rune collection.

Does the ladder rune word single player hack work on 1.14? That's all I care about for mods. Need that Enigma and Beast for merc

>> No.5550215

Sure does

>> No.5550259

Why in the god damn are you changing misc.txt if you want to change drops? Let me give you some tips about Diablo 2 modding, since you are playing the role of a caveman smashing things at random in the unfounded hope of fixing things. Always pinpoint the actual problem and fix it in the way that requires the least change. The real problem isn't the fact that stamina potions exist, it is that they drop. As such, don't fucking touch stamina potions, touch the treasureclasses which determine if they drop or not. Replace everywhere it says "vps", which is the string for stamina potion in treasureclassex.txt. Now it will spawn whatever else instead of stamina potions.

I don't really get what you expected to happen when you did that and I'm surprised your game started up at all. Do you have any idea how many things reference stamina potions? What do you think would happen when the game tries to reference something that no longer exists?

>> No.5550292
File: 19 KB, 500x327, 35qb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

christ alive dude, chill, only started doing this a few days ago and have never coded anything ever. Hell I've never even written a website.

Thanks for the help though.

> Replace everywhere it says "vps"

Replace with what?

also, removing the entire stamina potion lines from misc and itemtypes, then just shifting the rest of the sheet up works entirely fine. Had no issue at all and played through all of normal and nightmare.

>> No.5550294

Passion is pretty cheap and it can give you up to an 80% bonus, you just need a Lem and a 4os weapon.
Gloves and Helms are the best place to look as far as yellows go because they can spawn +% AR. Amulets and Rings can too, but Angelics is better. Charms are also good, flat AR is one of the few stats which actually scale well on larger charms, Lower Kurast is probably the easiest place to farm for those and in NM you can get the highest tier of flat AR on everything other than Small Charms

>> No.5550424

How do I check to see where an item can drop? Is there a big searchable table somewhere?

>> No.5550429


>> No.5550471

Keep in mind that resists can't go below -100, but also that Hell Meph has 75 cold resist and that IIRC infinity gives -85, so you are already at the cap and more points would be wasted.

>> No.5550527

Never knew that, thanks.

>> No.5550660

Hey buddy, it's me from >>5538063.
I just finished up act v of normal this morning. I ran a sorceress mainly using light skills. I did cheat a bit and used the stealth runeword (didn't go in completely blind).
All in all, it was one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a while, and I'm looking forward to nightmare next.

>> No.5550673

You should give the other classes a go at some point too, one thing D2 does really well is that they all feel different.

>> No.5550684


>> No.5550764

thread is older than two weeks and thus on autosage.

>> No.5550813

>first run of nightmare mephisto
>got a unique axe that took my damage from 400 to almost 2k
>and another unique with decrepify and teleport charges
feels good man

>> No.5551132

>tfw can't ever afford griffs
>bids easily go to 20 ohms
why even live

>> No.5551228
File: 388 KB, 678x690, 1543026255665.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw found 3 on singleplayer

>> No.5551547

New thread when

>> No.5551559
File: 14 KB, 120x120, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5552230
File: 46 KB, 175x150, duriel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Congrats dude, wish I could play again for first time. Good to see you made it past Durial (act2 boss) as he's somewhat of a pleb filter meme. I don't blame you for looking up runewords as there is no way of knowing what can be made or how to make them. Good choice with stealth armor, one of the best early on. Nightmare will ramp up difficulty, Hell even more so and you'll start to become more build/gear dependent - looking for more damage/resistances/faster cast rate. Just because you can move to the next area doesn't mean you have to. Most people farm nightmare/hell Mephisto and hell Andariel for a while looking for better gear.
Also what this anon said >>5550673

MrLlamaSC 's diablo dailies videos on youtube are pretty helpful and he has some guides for the different characters.

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