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What are some good examples of low-poly aesthetic in early 3d games?
Something like gif related.

The more lo-fi the better.

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It's good to see people saving the gifs I've posted.

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Post more. I'm working on a game and need more inspiration like this

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Holy fuck, that's literally one of the most beautiful design I have ever witnessed.

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You've only ever seen three designs in your life?

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is that from ace combat 3?

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>low-poly aesthetic in early 3d games
oh we gotta a little further back then gen 5

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where exactly is this from?

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i miss thinking designs like these were actually drawn up on-screen in real time through the intrinsic properties of the hardware involved and not the inventions of creative people using 3D sculpting programs.

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What game is this?

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bulk slash

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Looks like she's sucking a giant invisible schlong.

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Thanks. What does that meter in the lower left measure, and what does the AMDG badge represent? Does the game's story have any kind of metaphysical aspect to it, like Evangelion?

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AMD G is actually the name of the robot you're piloting, that bar is it's health meter.
No meta-physical aspects, the game just has an art-style that is reminiscent of Evangelion.

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Thanks again. Interesting mech name.

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Given the low poly count and dithering instead of transparency, I'm going to assume that's actual Saturn hardware

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>bulk slash boosted in value by $50 practically overnight about a year ago

Wtf happened?

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I like the way mech and flyer is handled in this game(with the 3D objects only used in camera fly-bys), the pre-rendered sprites really work here.

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From me posting gifs of it

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Asshole Youtuber "collectors" blowing each others off

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if only there was some smut of her

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You need to go far back to the age of 8 and 16 bit home computers, and games like Driller and Elite.

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learn to draw you degenerate

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oh no bewbs how can the children ever recover!

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Word got out that the game is based, 100% playable without understanding a word of Japanese, and the rest took care of itself.

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Without knowing jap the whole waifu aspect is nullified.

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Syndicate Wars

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Not enough to render the game unplayable. And honestly, if you stick to one waifu anyway, they level up and become useful. It's more of a neat bonus than an integral aspect of the experience.

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man this game always reminds me that I found it in a thrift store, got excited, opened the case, and the disc inside was Lode Runner 2

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Nice to see the guys from that Dire Straits music video take up boxing

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wtf, how come this board never lets me upload webm.s but there's one right there?

Also crashbandicoot racing looks comfy as fuck.

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Love and Destroy

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Ooof, I had one of those the other day. Looked inside the jacket for a Laserdisc copy of Heavy Metal and it was a LP record of Barbara Streisand's Christmas somethingorother. It's a rough time because you KNOW you're going to have to open every single other disc in the store or spend the rest of your life wondering.

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>tfw there was never a proper 3D Sonic game for the Saturn with those graphics
Crack smoking Sega pisses me the fuck off sometimes, man.

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>you KNOW you're going to have to open every single other disc in the store or spend the rest of your life wondering
Nah you can rest assured that the desired disc was stolen

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Well it was pretty much just that and the actual box for Lode Runner 2 below it, which had nothing inside. I'm fairly sure they just took the disc and put it in a 10 cent music cd case because the videogames were $5 in comparison.

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Who gives a shit about waifus you perma virgin

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>someone thought $5 for a $200+ game at a thrift store was STILL too much

I hate this world sometimes

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Quitters never win.

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I once found a case and artwork only for Jurassic Park operation genesis on xbox, and I actually spent like an hour at the store looking through every single dvd and game case. There was even a few Jurassic park 3 dvd cases thinking it would be in there, but no. I didn't find it. They still let me have the case for free though so I guess I got something out of it.

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You underestimate thrift store customers. I've seen a middle aged man arguing with the elderly clerk of the same store over a $4 set of dinner plates.
In retrospect I should have bought the case anyway, even if it didn't have the game.

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Yeah you should have at least got the case, they might have let you have it for free like what happened to me >>5518831 even if its just the case and manual you could still get some good money for it. What I don't get is, if someone stole the disc, why not steel the whole thing if it's already so valuable? It would be easier to sell a complete copy then just a disc only.

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Yeah. Ah well, it was about 8 years ago.

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Anime mechBitch can bang some serious head.

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recent models but this guy does that

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Literally any 3d game on the saturn and ps1

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I was always impressed by Threads of Fate. Maybe not the highest def images but there’s a ton of charm in the characters, particularly the animations.

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You people need to stop posting shitty tumblr gifs.

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What is the best low poly aesthetic?
Blocky, untextured (Virtua Fighter)
Blocky, with some texturing (Tobal)?
No shading (Megaman Legends)?
"Soft", with heavy use of vertex coloring (Threads of Fate)?
"Modern", fully textured (Chrono Cross)?

The developers hadn't a style set in stone. It wasn't well defined how good graphics should look, so we had a ton of different styles regardless of the console.

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Untextured obviously, Starfox4Life!

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Disgusting, too far back.
Please delete this.

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I love the look to this game so much.
Capcom nailed colours and the amount of detail.
I remember feeling a bit weird about static images overlapping gameplay around this era, but on loser inspection, they look more like sprites for the character profiles.

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Fuck you.

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This deserved the low ratings it got on release. Bugged and badly optimized, stuttered along on high end machines of the time.

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This 4D, not 3D. We're not ready for 4D yet.

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no one called it low poly back then, it was called 3d graphics.

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Is the rest of the game actually this cute?

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whats the name of this game?

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Girlfriend Steal

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you're right, no smut at all

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Pretty comfy, what is this from?

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I'll miss playing this.

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I really like bubsy 3d visually

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How do you niggas feel about the Brave Fencer?

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It's a guy who does it, not from a game.
The artist's name is in the file descriptions.

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One of my favorite PS1 games, love the voice work too.

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Something I did inspired by N64 graphics.

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>being inspired by great shit only to put it into topical political commentary that won't mean shit in the future

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Square's best game

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Hi Bernie Bro

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La creatura is eternal. And it's supposed to parody Gex, so being tied to a specific age and being dated in a near future is part of the deal.

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This, unironically. The simplistic design and lack of textures was visually appealing.

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He can just make la creatura's skin 1 shade darker every year to keep it relevant

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Jesus Marty really picked a shitty destination

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Exactly, either Freescape games (Driller, Castle, Master, Total Eclipse etc. I still have the 3D Construction Kid for Amiga including the tutorial VHS), Elite or The Sentinel.

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what makes writing a list of vertices into a program instead of loading a list of vertices exported by a modeling program any better?

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you are a fucking retard

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Based. There’s something I’ve always liked about the look of Excalibur 2555. Ugly low poly games are my aesthetic.

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i love this gif, is it from rayman?

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I like how the game looks like some lost 80's french euro comic.
And I don't get why people compare it to Tomb Raider so much. It's nothing like it.

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Thanks, based anon.
I love seeing these gifs, game looks wonderful.

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CTR is primo comfy cart racing.

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Nice anon!
Great btfo moment too!

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