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Just look at that SOUL.
Post SOUL, /vr/.

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That is in my opinion the best 8bit Sonic title

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Are you an ESL student?

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Reminder that a game with bad design and bad gameplay can still have soul

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Master System 8-bit Sonic is best 8-bit Sonic.

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The game has its problems, but that 90s cyberpunk style is great.
Makes me wish there were more games with dark cities like this to free-roam back then.

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Man, this art really sucks for a number of reasons. Excuse the autism.

>inconsistent light source
The shadow cast by Sonic's nose, the shading on his chest and the highlights on the bridge suggest the light source is to the right of the camera (from our perspective,) but the ugly pillow shading on his blue spines suggests it's coming straight from the camera, the shadow cast by Sonic himself and the highlights on his fur suggest it's behind him, and the shading on the mountains and weird pineapple island suggest the light source is to the left of the camera.

>inconsistent perspective and scale
What shape is the cliff behind Sonic? Why are the flowers facing up? How is the bridge casting such a thin shadow on that cliff. Why is the bridge so thin? What direction is the path behind Sonic? Presumably it turns to the left, but then why aren't the badniks chasing him coming from that direction? Why is the badnik's muzzle flash in front of Sonic's speed lines? Why does the water around the pineapple island seem to ripple from an outcropping that doesn't exist? This all gives the impression that the cover is poorly drawn clipart arranged in a poorly-planned composition, which is definitely soulless.

>Sonic's pupil is hidden behind his brow
I really hate it when artists do this to classic Sonic. It makes him way less expressive and less cute.

It doesn't have to be like this. There was classic Sonic art without these problems

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Your autism is duly noted *adds to blocked list*

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What game?

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Snatcher's Intro is full of soul.

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Vintage (not retro) console games are not soulful without dot crawl.

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Comfy. I need to fix up my jp DC. Thing keeps freezing.

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I'll dump some soul on you young twats.

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If you don't know this place... fuck you.

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lol everytime

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Which version has more soul in your opinion?

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Full of plagiarism too.

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Based, I love the spaceship. Best music player in any console. Today's consoles are incredibly soulless when it comes to GUIs and visuals.

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also, OoT Spirit Temple with that Desert/Snake Goddess. that image reminds me of that as well.

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Creative interpretation, asshole

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Spirit Temple more like SOUL Temple

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>Master System 8-bit Sonic is best Sonic.
Deleted an unnessecary word and the statement is still true.

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both have 100% soul
but japanese has extra 50% for being pure while american is back then soul made to appeal to amerifat market.

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i bet it's not fun but i love these graphics so much

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I can HEAR it

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Most soulful level in the game.

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imagine actually disliking the n64 aesthetic just because you like pixels sharp enough to cut through your eyes

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oh shit

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You call it an 'aesthetic' but the plain truth is that N64 simply wasn't powerful enough to handle textures. It's as simple as that.

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Let's see the resolution of that screenshot
anyway, 5th gen console warring is probably the least soulful thing in all of /vr/

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>t. bullshiter

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>t. assholocausted nintenmanchild

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>console warring on easter day

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That doesn’t make the slightest scrap of sense

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Fine, fuck me. But what is it?

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>not knowing PSO

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They should have that artist design handdrawn sprites for a 2D Mario for change.

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the one with the naked chick, duh

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why didn't they put the islamic chanting in this temple? gerudo paraphernalia literally has the crescent moon on it.

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This game did the stage play aesthetic far better than mario 3.

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fuck you guys are gettin' me all spiritual n shiet

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Isn't it beautiful when the yellow flowers in the background of Emerald Hill Zone get all glittery?