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I've never played a single Saturn game in my life. This needs to be fixed. Recommend some of your favorites to get me started. Any genre is fine. JP-only games, too.

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Are you fine with multiplats? Or exclusives only?

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Nights into Dreams
Daytona USA
Sega Rally
Panzer Dragoon 1 or 2
Virtual on

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Anything goes. If I have played it on some other system, I might still skip it though.

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Are you looking to emulate or use actual hardware? That would make a big difference in reccomendations because Saturn emulation is still somewhat shoddy, and as far as purchasing games goes, much of the library is insanely expensive.

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Saturn ports are just about always superior to PS1 aside from a couple instances like the Donpachi games

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The solution is to buy a $13 modchip and a $50 used Saturn + 3D controller. People exaggerate how supposedly expensive getting a Saturn rig is.

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Lol I have never seen such a load of bullshit on this board.

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Elevator Action Returns

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Langrisser III-V
Panzer Dragoon Saga

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Well I was specifically referring to 2D games. Guess I should have mentioned that.

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Dragonball Z The Legend
Guardian Heroes
Enemy Zero
House of the Dead
Deep Fear
Resident Evil
Panzer Dragoon 1, 2, & Saga
Die Hard Arcade
Silhouette Mirage
Shining Force 3
Wipeout 2097

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Daytona USA Champ (Preferably JP since it has original arcade music)
Asuka Burning fest
Vampire Savior
Any Marvel licensed Capcom game
Guardian Heroes
Elevator Action Returns
Darius Gaiden
Rayforce/Gunlock/Galatic Attack
Metal Black
Street Fighter Alpha Series
Real Bout Fatal Fury
Panzer Dragoon Trilogy
Sonic R (hit and Miss)
Fighters Megamix
VF 2 and Remix
Radiant Silvergun
Battle Garegga
Grandia (Finally finishing their English patch I hear)
Shining Force III

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Sonic R is unironically based

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>Sega Rally
>Panzer Dragoon 1, 2 and Saga
>Radiant Silvergun (either use SSF's mesh to true transparencies or get the 360 version because it's full of disgusting mesh transparencies)
>Die hard arcade
>Virtua fighter 2
>Sonic Jam (Mario all stars but it's sonic instead)
>Daytona USA (not the original edition cause that has a shit framerate)
>Elevator Action Returns
>Sega AGES
>Castlevania Symphony of the night (the graphics are a bit of a downgrade from PS1 but it makes up with an extra character)
Temping, but a waste of time:
>Virtua racing Saturn (graphics might be better than 32X but gameplay and content sucks)

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*(either use SSF's mesh to true transparencies or get the 360 version because the Saturn version is full of disgusting mesh transparencies)

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I unironically prefer the look of Saturn Tomb Raider to the PSX. And people forget that at the game's launch the Saturn version had better lighting, since it took a hardware revision for the PSX's gouraud to not look like total ass.

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Cry more

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It looks shittier, darker, and grungier in every fucking way. It also runs twice as poorly.

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Baku Baku

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are the saturn ports for this even translated?

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Literally anything made by CAPCOM on the Saturn is gold.

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If you like shmups, you should play Soukyugurentai (preferably with the 3D Pad), Guardian Force, and Radiant Silvergun.

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>inside a cave

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Also good job ignoring what I was talking about. The texture gradients on will be posterized as fuck on a launch PSX.

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What am I crying about?

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The Saturn version's textures...

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...are so inferior to the PSX version's that the light gradient issue on early model PSX models is irrelevant. Especially considering that the problem was fixed by 1997.

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Theme park
Alien trilogy
Clockwork knight

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...are so inferior to the PSX version's that the light gradient issue on early model PSX models is irrelevant. Especially considering that the problem was fixed by 1997.

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based sony always wins babey

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astal, time crisis and nights into dreams are some of my favs. I've heard some great things about the panzer dragoon saturn games too but never played them.

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There you go anon

Baku Baku
Black Fire
Enemy Zero
Mass Destruction
Firestorm Thunderhawk
The Horde
Resident Evil
Iron Storm
Dark Savior
Die Hard Arcade
Deep Fear
Shinobi Legions
Sonic R
Akumajou Dracula X
Airs Adventure
Elevator Action Returns 2
Radiant Silvergun

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Tomb Raider
Resident Evil
Sonic Jam
Sonic 3D
Torico/Lunacy (expensive but cool if you like adventure games)
Fighters Megamix
Alien Trilogy

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for me the absolute best is Dragon Force.

But you will also have a great time with Deep Fear, Bulk Slash or Dark Savior (even if this one is hated by some Landstalker fans, I think it's good). If you're into adventure games, Torico is great too. And obviously all the arcade ports (vf2, last bronx, sega rally...). oh and some original 2d fighters like groove on fight

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>time crisis
wrong console buddy

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I like how the Saturn one looks more. But it's personal preference.

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here's my shortlist, even if some has been ported elsewhere
all of these are excellent
>Bulk Slash (really fun 3D mech shooter, no ports)
>NiGHTS (look up a video of how to play beforehand; very pretty game; has a PS2 and PC release)
>Panzer Dragoon Zwei (fantastic flying rail shooter, no ports)
>Sega Rally (excellent port from arcade -- there's also a JP PS2 Sega Ages release that's a direct port of the arcade and an old PC release that's a port of the Saturn release)
>Soukyugurentai (cool multi-layer shoot-em-up with lots of scaling and the lot; has a PS1 port but it was made for Saturn hardware first and runs better -- take note that the original JP Saturn release will fuck up if booted on a US Saturn and try to run an incomplete localization, there's a later budget revision of the game that does work properly, so burn that one)
>Radiant Silvergun (very stylish shoot-em-up full of bosses; there's an XBLA port that changes some things and supposedly has some noticeable input lag, so play this on Saturn)

also, here's some assorted stuff that's interesting
some of it isn't good, but it's still interesting
>Wipeout (very, very different and more forgiving collisions from PS1, different soundtrack)
>Galactic Attack (aka RayForce, ex)
>Sonic R (game blows overall, but if we're talking best looking Saturn games, I'd posit that it's the best looking 3D Saturn game)
>Ninpen Manmaru (somewhat rough 3D platformer that starts off easy and then jumps into obnoxious precision platforming with the controls that would be okay if they didn't keep fucking up out of nowhere)
>Burning Rangers (you're a cool future firefighter; the game is rather pretty, except for the fact that it's basically made of polygon flicker, has mildly okay controls, shame about the fact that there's only 4 levels; no ports)
>Sonic Jam (the ports of each game aren't that good with weird sound and there's inexplicable slowdown in Sonic 2, but it's a polished package and has a 3D Sonic World bit)

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Die Hard Arcade, if you like Streets of Rage or beat-em-ups in general. Also known as Dynamite Deka in Japan.

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>the ports of each game aren't that good with weird sound and there's inexplicable slowdown in Sonic 2, but it's a polished package

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X-men vs street fighter. Jpn import and have a good time. Make sure you get a pro action replay

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the changes in sound are excused because it streams the music and sounds from the CD, not the console, but it's excused because these are actually ports and not simple emulation. It's literally 16-bit Sonic running on the Saturn. The Sonic 2 slowdown is weird, but it's not game-breaking. It might have to do with the fact the original Sonic 2 already has slowdowns, in Saturn version, it actually removes some of the original slowdown, but has new slowdown parts in turn, and I'd say it's even more noticeable than the original, but again, not game-breaking.
The whole Jam package is still polished, as it includes many neat features like time attacks for every game's acts, as well as optional stuff like spindash on Sonic 1.
Plus all the other elements like the 3D world, all the extra content and the whole presentation.

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Personal faves:
Die Hard Arcade.
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Panzer Dragoon Saga RPG.
Virtual On

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Basically PD1 is their competitor to Starfox.
Zwei is their competitor to Starfox 64
And Azel/Saga is their competiter to FF7/ OoT.

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It's not so shoddy anymore to be honest. Mednafen runs just about everything fine.

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Exclusives only.

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>NiGHTS (look up a video of how to play beforehand; very pretty game; has a PS2 and PC release)
pls OP play the Saturn version. It has so much more soul than the other releases

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>Galactic Attack (aka Rayforce, ex)
aka Layer Section (japanese console ver.)

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Dark Savior, cool and unique story without boring garbage turn based jrpg gameplay

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dont. it's too late. anything worth it will be 100 dollars plus per game.

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File: 1.30 MB, 2500x3174, Saturn_Recommended_Games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here, OP. Chart older than /vr/, but still useful.

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You've never heard about this thing called piracy?

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Who the fuck actually buys retro games to play them? Just emulate or hack the console.

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Panzer Dragoon Saga has a unique in game language like the other two, and there are full English subtitles for it since it got an English release.

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The soundtrack is excellent and the gameplay is fine just weird to start off with.

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Langrisser? I think not. The Panzer Dragoon games all got US/EU releases.

IIRC Saga only uses the in-universe language in the opening segment for some reason, the rest of the game is voiced in plain Japanese.

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Sadly, some of the best Saturn games were released in Japan only, mainly its SHMUP lineup. But there are a lot of great RPGs that never got localized outside Japan. Assuming your are an NTSC/US fag here are my top 10 recommendations for that region:

1. Nights into Dreams
2. Virtual Fighter 2
3. Die Hard Arcade
4. Shinobi Legions
5. Virtua Cop
6. Panzer Dragoon II Zwei
7. Galactic Attack
8. Panzer Dragoon Saga
9. Virtua Fighter Remix
10. Daytona USA

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Huh, had no idea Parodius came out in Europe

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I meant Langrisser you idiot

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Read the OP again. He says JP-only games are fine too.

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dark savior

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I don't remember which ones, but some Wizardry and Falcom Classics had switches to play the games in other languages (including english, of course) with enhanced graphics and gameplay.
They might be worth a look if you're into that.

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my nigger

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Had a dream last night that a group of elite hackers got together to translate all if not most of the saturn games stuck in Japan. There's a ton of cool shit. Goddamn I want to fucking play far east of eden fourth apocalypse man.

>> No.5515767

too bad I sold my copy of the game in 1998 after rage quitting on silver castle

>> No.5515779

4th Apocalypse has been on the verge of being localized like 7 times by now.

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Just learn Japanese. It's not that hard.

>> No.5515797

Objective reminder that anything worth playing has been translated.

>> No.5515798

gana/kana are easy as fuck but kanji ain't easy nigga

>> No.5515804

On 16 bit systems, sure. Very far from the truth for anything after that.

>> No.5515837

Kanji is easy (memory techniques nigga) it just takes time

>> No.5515846

It's never easy. I regularly see japanese streamers and youtubers not know how some words are pronounced. The more pretentious the game, the more often these kind of words appear.

>> No.5515861

Low resolution fonts can also make it hard to identify them sometimes.

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Does anybody here know if this is a good controller to get? I want to emulate a lot of Saturn games and my Switch Pro d-pad is ass.

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Don't go for the black version - the plastic used on the dpad is really slippery compared to the original and that used on the 'slate grey' version. Also the actuators on the shoulder buttons kinda suck. Pretty solid controller for the price tho

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At the same price you can get an 8bitdo M30. It has a nice dpad. The cons are that it's slightly smaller than the original saturn controller and quite light, but those are usually not dealbreakers.

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Might as well buy a real Saturn controller + adapter.

>> No.5515951

>they made a bluetooth genny controller that works on a real console
not gonna lie that's tempting as fuck

>> No.5515957 [DELETED] 

If you want to play on the real console, you should get the 2.4g variant, not the bluetooth one.

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You’re being a pussy if you think learning Japanese is that hard. It’s not.

>> No.5515972

Anybody who thinks learning a language isn't hard doesn't actually speak the language they're talking about.

>> No.5515985

8bitdo shill. Retro-bit is a LICENSED SEGA manufacturer now. Nobody wants your crappy laggy controllers.

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Mednafen runs it just fine on a good computer, though it looks much better on a CRT and plays better with a controller

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why deleted? anyway, I know why you'd say that and it's probably latency related, but how bad is it? because I hate batteries. I'd rather just recharge when finished

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I tried playing Nights for the first time ever. I had no idea what type of a game it would be. It made no fucking sense. Am I supposed to read some manual before even booting the game?

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- Collect the blue orbs
- Once you have 20 orbs you go into the large transparent globe
- Once you break the globe you are free to return into the blue house thingy from the beginning of the level to start the next lap(the path will change).
- Do that 3 times and you'll get to the boss battle to finish the level.

Now here's the thing, you are not supposed to do the laps as fast as possible. Ideally what you want to do is collect the 20 orbs as soon as possible, then break the globe and then you keep repeating the lap to collect as many points as you can get. To do so, rather then going into the blue house thingy you should fly over it every time so the lap doesn't end right there. How you maximize your score is by chaining as many links as possible, by collecting orbs, stars and going through hoops in fast succession you will see at the bottom of the screen the link counter going up. You should strive to avoid breaking the link chain the least amount of times. You're supposed to get to the blue house thingy in the last possible moment(when the timer is nearing zero so you get your maximum amount of points)

Once you get at least C rankings on every level you will unlock the final stage

>> No.5516703

If you're emulating or have an ODE, get Magic Knight Rayearth, it's one of my favorite vidyas ever. If not, don't bother, it's not worth what it costs. There's a decent Utena VN that's fan-translated, too.

>> No.5517370

dont bother

>> No.5517371

street fighter alpha 2
guardian heroes

>> No.5517414

Just emulate CPS2 and Sega Model 2

>> No.5517487

Soukyugurentai is my favorite shooter on saturn.

>> No.5517496

Man do i miss snesorama.us

>> No.5517501

Oh. So you know that everyone can read minds.

>> No.5517509

Its that easy

>> No.5517572

No, there's a patch for III but it's incomplete. Out of those 3 Langrisser games only IV is translated but the patch is for the PS1 port.

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File: 3.91 MB, 1952x8750, sat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 11 KB, 225x225, deathcrimson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

when you inevitably buy a Stunner/Virtua Gun, be sure to pick up this absolute gem. it was released in japan only, but its perfectly playable being that its just a fun lightgun shooter. the software company would go on to make the excellent melty blood fighting games.

>> No.5518162

dark savior must have been the first time I felt moved by a game with the whole Garian-Gay relationship, and how they end up according to which parallel they are

>> No.5518741

As a kid I didnt know there was more than parallel 1 so this game would depress me with how brutal Kay's fate was.
I was mind blown when I revisited it as a teen and found out I only played a 1/3 of the game and Kay and Garian could actually get an happy ending

>> No.5518749

No, burn those $50-60 instead, more fun than playing this POS

>> No.5519178

>Radiant Silvergun
Got a good setup for this with a 360 controller? It's so uncomfortable I'm thinking of getting one of those 8bitdo saturn controllers

>> No.5519242

I wanna play SotN in Saturn so badly because I want to see the extra content but Mednafen is kind of a shit program that feels like pulling teeth. It cant recognize the audio file right now because you gotta convert it and rename paths too so it doesnt find any directories either. That GUI didnt help either.

>> No.5520046

Mednafen can be picky about dumps. Just check the cue file and see if all the filepaths are correct. Also audio files must be in .wav but romsites usually have them as .mp3s to save on storage costs so you have to convert them yourself and then edit the cue file accordingly.

Also if want you want to play is SotN then IIRC the PSP port included in Dracula X Chronicles has the extras.

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File: 95 KB, 1118x286, Screenshot_2019-04-23-01-01-02-839_com.brave.browser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, the PSP version doesn't have the Saturn exclusive content. Only thing it borrows from it is Maria as a playable character but even she plays completely differently.

>> No.5520619

KOF '95 also came out in Europe, it's also the only game to my knowledge on the Saturn that comes with its own dedicated cart that actually contains game data, since it didn't come out in the US it's the only game you can't play on a US Saturn even with an action replay.

>> No.5520621

I would buy this game if it was dirt cheap but it's like £40 what the fuck.

>> No.5521505

anyone from australia here remember seeing saturn in shops? I was a teen when it came out but dont remember ever seeing it. I know it was released since i have a bunch of games i picked up in 2003 for $2 ea

>> No.5521509

Nope, I've never seen a Saturn or Dreamcast at least where I live

>> No.5521518

strange. I remember only 1 place in brisbane myer center sold the dreamcast (mr toys game world), but never saw the saturn.. electronics boutique never sold it either...only ninty and ps1

>> No.5521520

That's probably why you saw one. I've only lived in rural areas, where even the gamecube was considered quite the exotic item

>> No.5521529

ahh thats probably why you never saw them. I remember the gamecube being all over the place

>> No.5521603

Digital Pinball Necronomicon. I can't recommend this fucking game enough. Also the game that came before it, Digital Pinball Last Gladiator.

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retro-bit's new controllers are better. perfect dpad and everything. and they're cheap. 20 bucks for the genesis 25 for the saturn or 5 less for original port versions.

>> No.5522162

Depends whether he wants wired or wireless pad.

>> No.5524513

I feel like the only person who ever played this game. wish there was some discussion of it

>> No.5525182

Fire Pro Wrestling S
Saturn Bomberman
Panzer Dragoon
Panzer Dragoon II
Guardian Heroes
The Last Gladiator

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fixed your image

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