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I love this game's atmosphere, but playing it for the first time in 2019, it's hard to believe it came out nearly two and a half years after SM64. The camera and the controls are rage-inducing.

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never had issues with them, only level I remember being tough was the pirate ship

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I think part of the problem is I can't get run toggle to work.

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I find the same complaints here tho:


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>The Hero of Gallowmere
hey OP i just started playing medievil too a few days ago. yes the camera controls are shit and hitboxes around the zombies are pretty awful but there's something fun about this game that makes he want to keep playing.

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it's really not a platformer or an action game, it's basically a puzzle game/rpg through and through.

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Same. I get frustrating but I keep going, I'm currently on the pirate ship level.

That's the thing, a game with controls so unsuited to platforming should not have had so many platforming sequences.

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falling into the water and instantly dying because of poor camera and movement controls is instant rage for me. thank goodness for save states

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>thank goodness for save states
This game is easy.

It's a lovely game, sequel had to ruin everything with a shit atmosphere and impact damage from falling.

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>it's really not a platformer or an action game, it's basically the dark souls of PS1 platformers through and through.

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Yeah those levels where there's a bunch of places you can fall into water are infuriating.

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When I was 12, I plagiarized the intro sequence of medievil for an English assignment.

>mfw my dykey teacher knew exactly what it was
>mfw she gave me 7/10 anyway

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It's a charming game but not a really good game. It lacks a real direction and it works more as a world and graphics showcase than a game centered around gameplay.

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so you're saying this is the first time your playing?I'm confused by your post. This game is a masterpiece. Why do I actually doubt your playing it?
>SS from a website
Ok that rules out emu
>No picture taken with your phone on your CRT
Ok so your probably not actually playing it and if you are, your playing it on a LCD most likely, with a disgusting display and shitty input lag.

Which is it anon???

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Found it at a goodwill for $3 2 years ago, tried to play it for 2 hours and it was the first time i got motion sickness in my life, the camera is attrocious, your view angle is ridiculous and the movement is on par with several shitty Nes games, which is unacceptable for something that came out 10 years after.

Sold it the next day for $40 and never regreted it, same thing happened with Megaman Legends, attrocious tank controls, bad gameplay, found it for $2 sold it for $50.

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>wah! camera
>wah! controls
You fags always have to make excuses as to why you suck at Euro games

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I agree that Medievil's and MML's controls are bad but they were never dealbreakers for me. Although MML's slower pace is actually an advantage in this case because Medievil feels really jittery at times and can even cause motion sickness.

Anyway it's all par for the course for early 3D action games, you knew what you were getting into.

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Are you having a stroke anon?

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Did that with Link's Awakening, A+.
Thanks, Shiggy.

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its an easy game but one time i kept falling into the water because i was pushing a block and the character ran past the block due to a poor camera angle and fell into the water. 3 times.

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And Euro-lwys making excuses as to how it's somehow somebody else's fault
A lot of games are like this. Some of them get it fixed and some of them don't.

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>not using analogs

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neve had that problem with Mario 64 or a few other early N64 games tho.

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Look at all these zoomers having problems with one of the easiest games ever made. Also this title is great, you just need to git gud and as he said >>5511090 play it the right way or just don't even talk about it if you don't want to get laughed on. Finally, the Mario 64 comparison is damn silly for so many reasons I won't even discuss this matter. Just go back to your containment board please.

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How's Medievil 2?

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>female gamers considered Sir Daniel to be endearing, and was considered a sex symbol in France.[15]


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>How's Medievil 2?
Better story, better graphics, a shit load of hand-holding.

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>it works more as a world and graphics showcase
>Every level is covered in fog.

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It's great fun. Ignore people that say one is better than the other, all they can think about is comparisons in being 'right', instead of enjoying what they have in front of them. It's in victorian times instead of medieval and makes geat use of it.

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see: >>5511592

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