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Holy shit, you guys weren't kidding. This really is the best Build engine game.

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Crudux cruo!

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I like how the only time the cultists speak cohesive English is when you set them on fucking fire.

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its ashame they lost the source code

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Might as well post this here:

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Don't play on easy. On high difficulties they spend far more time throwing dynamite bars than using their hitscan weapons.

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GDX fags on suicide watch lmao

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You can turn that off

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What's the best way to play Blood? I have never played but always wanted to. Now that I've finished Dusk (great fucking game, I highly recommend it. All the retro shooter feel but not retro), I've been hankering for more classic shooters.

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don't listen to the fags shilling source ports

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bloodgdx is pretty good for higher resolutions

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I want to enjoy it but the dosbox emulated version just feels so old and the game is hard as shit. Game seems pretty good though.

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NBlood. Can't be any easier. You just drop the files into your Steam/GOG Blood folder and run nblood.exe.


BloodGDX is cool too, but it requires installing the big ass Java Runtime Environment because it's a fucking Java app.

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Why the fuck does EVERYONE complain about BloodGDX using Java? The install is literally painless, and the end results are wonderful (1080P 144Hz is achievable even on literally potato PCs)

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I don't like the dos version purely because the mouse control is shit, even with the enhanced mouse driver.

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GDX, nBlood doesn't have accurate gameplay

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What does the N stand for?

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The dev's handle is Nuke.YKT. I'm sure you can figure it out.

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Not accurate

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based and cacademopilled

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My favorite FPS of all time. Love all the horror movies references.

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Something tells me you're a nigger.

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Jump and duck you faggot.

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you look like a stupid

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Just play on Still Kicking like I do, my dude.

Fuck these tryhards.

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Its not lost, the owners are just really greedy and want a ton of money for it. But we have 2 reverse-engineered ports that are nearly perfectly accurate, so it's not really an issue anymore.
I dont understand the obsession with palette emulation. It looks way worse than 32-bit mode because youre not seeing the actual color of the texture, youre seeing an approximation of it within the confines of the palette that often looks odd, like that reddish soil.

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>I dont understand the obsession with palette emulation
It's nostalgic and goes really well with the overall 2.5D look. You're probably the kind of faggot who plays GDX with linear filtering and the upscale pack.

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"Java is slooowww" parroting. One of those "facts" that get traded from mouth to mouth and then become "common knowledge", especially from those who never used it.
Comes from the fact that it needs its own VM which during the stone age made it more clunky and slow on low end systems.

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Just finished it. Best fps ive played in my life hands down.

Completed it with autoaim off (shut up im a stupid millenial) on lightly broiled and have moved onto Well done now, what a fucking blast.

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No one plays Blood with just DOSbox. Get BloodGDX and it'll work fine.

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I was an idiot and bought the GoG version not knowing that it ran through dosbox.

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Download either NBlood or BloodGDX and drop the files in your Blood folder. They're literally made to support both Steam and GOG versions of the game. Who the hell is going to bother getting the OG CD's and installing everything manually via DOS prompt lmao.

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I do. What's wrong with using dosbox anyway

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Nothing. Ignore the elitist source port fags.

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>playing a buggier experience with choppy framerates to own the elitists

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Game that performs smoothly on any computer vs. game that almost always performs like absolute dogshit

I guess I'm an elitist.

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So I got Blood on Steam then BloodGDX and I am having an absolute blast. I'm playing on well done and its giving me a run for my money, but I'm quickly learning Blood's movement style. Its really awesome and it makes me feel like I'm an action movie with some of the stuff I'm able to do. Even better is how the levels really support exploration and smart thinking.

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I always get bored near the end of the first episode... I still love Brutal Doom on TNT though.
Type idmus30 to play Into the Beast's Belly and unload with the auto shotgun.

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Authentic, late 90's Win98 PC, if you can still find one in working order.

(Maybe build one yourself? Parts are cheap like soap.)

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Just download it and play with dosBox. DON'T play the "source port".

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Playing on dosbox is the only way to play the actual game. All "source ports" are just facsimiles of the real thing.

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Why do people keep shilling dosbox? The mouseaiming is shit

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This, especially if the port was shat out in Java poo language.
Java (and Javascript) are both shitty languages.
They are also extensively used by codelets.
And yes, the unholy combination of the two (codelets using a shitty language only ever designed for web site shit) produces some very poor results.

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GDX is best way to play. Only turbo autists use dosbox nowadays.

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Most people on this board post ironically.

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Shut up code autist. No normal player gives a fuck what programming language it was written. They care about the results. And the results of GDX are perfectly accurate gameplay.

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>current year
>having javaids installed on your PC
lol, enjoy your security exploits and ram overrunning

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Found the codelet guys!

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The new version of NBlood makes it the definitive Blood source port.

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i always get a kick out of people who think hitscanners are hard or artificiality difficult.

either git gud or play on easy if you want to be rambo.

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>code autist
not him or a programmer/coder/etc. but is that supposed to be an insult.

I'd want someone who does that to be at least a high functioning autist.

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What gameplay fixes did they implement?

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It's not a matter of difficulty. They think "hitscanners" are bad by design because "damage can't be avoided".

The thing is however that all hitscanners in Build games, minus certain bosses which is fair, can either be dodged, stunlocked, or both.

In reality hitscanner haters are mad at how poor hitscanners are in Doom/Doom2.
They're mad at Doom/Doom2 and nothing else, but they're so clueless they don't even realize it, just like they aren't able to game different games' mechanics or realize that mechanics evolved and got improved with time.

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Is it true that Nblood doesn't play movies?

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It does since the 1.01 version (and way before that if you bothered compiling the binary yourself).

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Looks closer to the original than gdx

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I think one of the Blood devs even said the Tommy gun cultists are unbalanced. It's not a big deal once you get used to it but just saying it's the player being a fag for complaining isn't right either.

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Cultists actually have a harder time hitting you if you crouch.

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Duke 3d the Best. Best leveldesign, best fps game of all time.

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the thing is that pretty much every time i hear about people complaining about hitscanners in a shooter it always boils down to them thinking "cover is for pussies" and rush out into enemy fire and then complain about artificial difficulty when they die less than 5 minutes later.

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There's literally nothing wrong with source ports.

Doom's hitscanners are fine, don't get hit.

This, they have this romanticized idea of Doom that isn't really true, and think they shouldn't have to accept that you can't dodge every attack like an Imp's fireball.
Different enemies require different tactics, but filthy scrubs will refuse to accept it and adapt.

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who the fuck cares if its made in java? it runs at legitimately 3000 fps on my computer

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That's the most ironic thing about these NBlood dickbags. They love to parrot how GDX is in Java and how it's bad code, when it's in fact NBlood that runs far worse than GDX does. I get really gross framerate kills in NBlood at times; it randomly gets all jittery in places, and yes I'm using modern hardware. That never happens in BloodGDX. BloodGDX gets slight microstutters right when you start the game for the first time but that's pretty much it.

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Don't you asswipes have some Star Wars prequel "memes" to go regurgitate somewhere?

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You cant dodge or stunlock hitscanners in blood. I mean sure on paper the mechanics are there but the problem is that youre not fighting them 1 on 1 with ideal conditions you are fighting groups so it becomes a game of damage minimization rather than avoidance, unless you wanna do cuck strats and throw dynamite the whole game I guess but even that will fall apart as early as level 3 with the big bar setpiece

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Well I mean what other reasons do you want? Playing aggressively, moving and dodging is fun, crawling on the floor and peeking around corners not so much yet it's highly rewarded in Blood. I think the games positives outweigh the negatives but the hitscanners aren't exactly an example of brilliant design, it just kinda works out almost on accident.

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>You cant dodge or stunlock hitscanners in blood.
Nigger, duck, jump and strafe, run from cover to cover, don't stay out in the open and try to tank damage because Caleb isn't built to tank damage, he's built for speed and evasion.
Get low, then get high, get behind cover or out of the way as fire comes your way, then rush back out and return it.

>I mean sure on paper the mechanics are there but the problem is that youre not fighting them 1 on 1 with ideal conditions you are fighting groups so it becomes a game of damage minimization rather than avoidance,
Boohoo? It isn't fair? Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and Shadow Warrior sure as hell didn't softball you with just one on one, nor did they constantly hand you ideal conditions.
A game is a challenge, of course conditions will get adverse and against your favor as it escalates.

>unless you wanna do cuck strats and throw dynamite the whole game
So you don't want to be smart and use the fun weapon pragmatically?
Did your dad fuck the soft spot in your head as a baby?

Who is this? What's your operating number?

>Playing aggressively, moving and dodging is fun
Which is entirely fucking viable. Notice how the player literally only takes 1hp of damage in this .webm

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I'm a new blood player. Never played it before this thread finally got me off my ass to play. The thing I found out very quick about the hitscanners in blood is there's three real ways to deal with them effectively.
1. At range. They don't shoot as much if you're very far away. This doesn't happen often, but when it does the flare gun is usually your best bet.
2. Rush. For some reason I've noticed the hitscanners have a tendency to stop shooting for a short time (roughly a second or so) when you get close to them. You can use this to rush a small group of cultists and blow their brains out with the shotgun. Mix in judicious use of crouching, blocking enemy line of sight with other enemies or objects, and you can come out on top.
3. Edge them, as mentioned in previous posts. Dynamite and flare guns work great for this, as does a double tap from the shotgun.

For the bar scene, the most effective for me was actually #2. I rushed them and got behind the bar and mopped up what was left after the dynamite from both them and me was done blowing shit up.

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See? Even the newbie gets it straight away.

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Dude dont give me this standard fanboy spiel this might be news to someone who doesnt know how to play but Im well aware of all this shit and my point stands. That entire webm is nothing but defensive play he is crouching and slowly peeking around the corner and only spends under a second in the enemy line of sight before being forced to retreat by the explosion, and this is a particular encounter in a hallway, you have many semi open encounters such as the one in the bar during the train ride AND stretched out over lengthy levels. Nobody will do a no damage run of Blood much less an aggressive one for very good reason, the game isnt built for that kind of playstyle at all.

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>the game isnt built for that kind of playstyle at all
It's almost like different games don't play the same.
I was surprised too, I'll never forgive Sid Meier for Civilization not playing like Starcraft.

>> No.5521145

Yes this is obvious yet none of it not a single thing you mentioned actually lets you AVOID damage, the game isnt hard at all if you just want to survive but doing something like a damage run is impossible and will put you at the mercy of the rng and force you into an incredibly defensive playstyle. Like the bar I can survive with good enough consistency to do no death runs of the episode but I dont think I have ever had a single no damage attempt, and even if I had it would be down to luck with the AI being retarded and turning away rather than skill

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Not all playstyles are equal and thats besides the point, you can say that Blood is good for a defensive game about damage minimization but dont go and pretend like the complaint that hitscanners cant be dodged is somehow invalid because you can flinch them, peek behind corners and crouch thats plain disingenous and you can't have it both ways

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Fucking this. Having proper mouselook, widescreen, and a constant decent framerate seems way more important than your 0.1% difference in accuracy to the original.

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blood sucks brutaldoom is way better

9/11 im not a racist

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Not true. I am good at FPS.

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>waaah I suck at this game and can't adapt my playstyle to the challenges it offers
cry more

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Cultists aren't, for the most part, designed to dodged in Blood.

The game however offers plenty of alternatives. You can crouch and hitscan will have a much harder time to hit you. You can pick around corners and throw explosives. You can stun enemies, in varying degrees. This also works against groups of cultists even when they're not close to each other: you hit a cultist, he'll want to re-position himself not to be in your line of sight, thus they won't be shooting in the meantime. You can use this to your advantage by firing a few bullets on each enemy in succession rather than killing one at the time, leaving you open to the others.

Dodging? Yes, you can do that, it is harder against cultists though, but that's where Blood's dynamism comes from, you'll be dodging stuff from ALL the other enemies, meanwhile Cultists take a different approach, most of the time.

Also yes, it is very much possible to beat the game without taking a hit. Of course you're not going to be able to do that if you rush into the middle of the room turning around yourself like a 10 yo retard, especially when there are Cultists on every side of the room.

Finally, let us not forget that Doom and even DN3D were not designed with circle-strafing in mind. Dodging hitscan in Duke is possible yes, and by design too, but the main intent of the game design was for the player to take cover, and it is the same with Blood. Things only started to change when WASD+mouse became standard.

In short, you're blaming the game for not being something it was never supposed to be, all because your simple "avoid everything" movement exploit does not work, instead of trying to learn the game's mechanics.

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Not an argument and I can, in fact it's one of my favorite FPS, I'm good enough to do no death runs of the first 2 eps on well done and will pick up where I left off later this year. I'm just not a deluded fanboy like you are who will try to contradict the fact that it's full of unavoidable hitscan damage with mentions of inconsistent ways to MINIMIZE it and mechanics that only allow you to avoid damage in specific situations that aren't reflective of most of the game

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>waaah not an argument waaaah I am so good I should be able to finish the game without ever taking damage waaah
Yeah we get it, you don't like hitscanners, go play literally anything else

>> No.5521752

>Cultists aren't, for the most part, designed to dodged in Blood.
>after completely agreeing with my point he proceeds to spend paragraphs completely contradicting himself
Btw no what you do with the cultists isn't "dodging", sometimes you can misdirect their aim, or you can minimize their ability to hit you but it's a crapshoot that simply won't work with any amount of consistency. Crouch? They can hit you. Jump around? They can hit you. Move around? They can hit you. Use tommygun to try and stunlock them? They can hit you. Try to instakill them with flares or the napalm launcher? They can hit you
>Also yes, it is very much possible to beat the game without taking a hit.
Prove it, and I don't mean savescumming parts until you get lucky, I mean actually do AT LEAST a level without getting hit or relying on extremely slow cheesy chuck dynamite behind every corner strategies. I'll be waiting

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This thread is a literal collection of crybabies I swear to me mom

>> No.5521760

Nah, I love Blood despite that

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E eryine criez about hitscanners because they are overblown egotistical players who feel like they should be able to complete the game without ever taking damage.
The thing is that they completely miss the fucking point of hitscanning enemies, which are an integral of encounter design in this game.
They are here to constrict your movements and target priorities, and to weaken your health and make you more vulnerable to the rest of enemies whose attacks you can dodge and other environmental hazards.
If you have a problem with this design choice and find it stupid, why are you even playing this game?

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Everyone who cries about hitscanners does it because they are overblown egotistical players who feel like they should be able to complete the game without ever taking damage.
The thing is that they completely miss the fucking point of hitscanning enemies, which are an integral part of encounter design in this game.
They are here to constrict your movements and target priorities, and to weaken your health and make you more vulnerable to the rest of enemies whose attacks you can dodge and other environmental hazards.
If you have a problem with this design choice and find it stupid, why are you even playing this game?

>> No.5521778

You don't really need hitscanners to fill that role, at least not of Blood's variety. If you want an example of a game that lets you dodge almost all bullets while still being challenging you can take a look at Max Payne, as long as you ignore the OP rolling anyway. The problem is when the projectile attacks are too slow and can be easily sidestepped, Max Payne avoids this by making them reasonably quick in relation to your movement so to dodge shots you need to have perfect movement and distance through the levels. Nobody will ever do this on their first run, or their 10th run, but eventually they can and it feels incredibly satisfying. With that said I don't think the hitscanners ruin the game or anything, but they are a minor annoyance and one of the signs that Blood's a bit of a patched together mess

>> No.5521784

>You don't really need hitscanners to fill that role, at least not of Blood's variety.
Why? Because a third person console game that came out 5 years later had another idea? I never played max payne, and probably never will because I don't give a fuck about it but it is clearly a completely different game with a completely different design philosophy. And once again, your only justification for finding it 'better' than hitscanning is that you can eventually grind the game to the point that you can't take damage against those enemies anyway, so they clearly don't fill the same role as cultists in Blood.
You can ride your high horse and use big words like 'patched together mess', but you're still poorly hiding the fact that you don't understand cultists role or encounter design in blood. You are just pissed off by the fact that you're taking damage. Which shouldn't impede your capacity to still finish the game in a no reload situation anyway, so you can take you 'patched together mess' and stick it in your ass.

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with source code of NBlood available you can fix your FPS issues yourself. GDXBlood is for all intents and purposes propertiary closed software and you are under the mercy of one autistic dev

>> No.5521790

>with source code of NBlood available you can fix your FPS issues yourself
Not him, but no I can't because like most people, I have literally no idea how to do this and if I knew I'd probably tell the nblood team about it

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No need to get emotional. Obviously once you already know the game like the back of your hand the cultists will have a slightly different role to any enemies that can be consistently dodged which is to give the player random chip damage even when they're playing very well. The reason for wanting for games to be no damage proof is simple and has to do with feedback, if the player's doing well the game should clearly show that they are doing well and if they're doing poorly the games should convey that too. Unavoidable damage is a problem because it's unintuitive feedback, you essentially get punished despite doing well. It's the same problem in shitty modern shooters except worse because they often make taking damage beneficial because of regen.

>> No.5521820

>muh feedback
That's the most retarded excuse I've read so far. Really, really fucking retarded. If you're actually playing the game well, the only feedback you need is being able to complete it without ever reloading on extra crispy. Not wanting to ever take damage in a good fucking FPS game with actual somewhat tough encounters is just speedrunner delusion. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with feedback. Again, cultists are here to limit you tactical options and even force you to be careful against mundane enemies if you lost too much health, they are an integral part of this game's challenge whether you've played it for 2 hours or 20 years. Bringing feedback in there is completely out of place. If you don't enjoy that kind of design, again, go literally play anything else, including modern shooters. Taking damage is not punishing, dying is.

>> No.5521827

And to hammer the point that taking damage is not punishing, your character (and enemies) behave exactly the same whether they are at full health or at 1HP. If damage was indeed a punishment in this game you'd have maluses or debuffs when taking damage. But you don't. The only punishment for playing this game poorly is taking too much damage and dying. Not wanting to ever take damage in that situation is purely a question of ego, not of feedback or anything else.

>> No.5521854

>If you're actually playing the game well, the only feedback you need is being able to complete it without ever reloading on extra crispy
Then you simply don't understand game design. Feedback is feedback, a game without good feedback will feel shittier to play even if the mechanics are solid. Your character also doesn't become ineffective in modern shooters with health regen when you get shot, yet it's punishment simply because it's taking damage with the appropriate indicators. I mean you get fucking shot, there's really no two ways about it. If you get satisfaction out of feeling like swiss cheese by the end of the level despite doing well then fine by me but I don't and I see no good reason to since it goes against all common sense.
>Not wanting to ever take damage in a good fucking FPS game with actual somewhat tough encounters is just speedrunner delusion.
That's wrong though as I pointed out in my Max Payne example, the game's already considered hard enough as is WITH the overpowered roll, without it it gets much harder. You can speed up bullet speed there too to make it even harder, and enemy fire rates. Go play it, and other games really. Vanquish God Hard is harder than Blood yet it also lets you dodge a lot of shit no problem, There are many ways to design challenging games besides hitscanners, and even hitscanners themselves can be approached in a ton of ways while filling more or less the same role. Don't need to be anal about it

>> No.5521864

I'm average at fps and I'm fairly good in bed as far as I know.

>> No.5521871

I get what you mean but I don't think blaming Blood for it is fair. In terms of "near unavoidable damage", games like Doom 2 and Shadow Warrior are far worse than Blood is.
In SW quite often there is almost nothing you can do, and like you say, it becomes more about "trying to get hit the least possible" rather than "trying not to get hit at all", meanwhile Blood gives a lot more tools at the player's disposal to make sure damage can be avoided, I've listed some but not even all. There are a lot of means and it's all about learning those means and learning when to use each tool best.

In Blood the mechanics are more numerous, the learning curve and skill ceiling are steeper higher. This is what usually throws off new players who claim the game is bullshit because the few simple tools they are used to in Doom and the likes are either not enough, or don't work at all; but in the end, once you learn the mechanics Blood is a lot more fair than some of Doom 2's setups or Shadow Warrior, and the higher skill ceiling and more numerous tools lead to a more dynamic experience and to
more fun because you have truly found awesome ways to avoid damage, versus repeating the same basic movement exploitment on and on.

>> No.5521882

>Then you simply don't understand game design.
>says the game who thinks damage is supposed to be the feedback of his level as a player
lmao I'm really done arguing with ill faithed dishonest pseuds on this trash board.

>> No.5521891

Yeah, with Blood the unavoidable damage isn't egregious once you learn its kinks, it's more of a constant chip damage situation which is why I keep saying it's a game about minimizing damage rather than avoiding it, you just will get hit randomly, it's something you have to accept when dealing cultists. I understand that a lot of shitters complain about hitscanners simply because they don't understand the mechanics but just outright denying that it's a problem and saying bullshit like that it's possible to beat the game without getting hit isn't a good defense of the game. It is what it is, a fairly defensive methodical game not really a run and gun shooter

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>> No.5521898

LMAO wew I didn't want to insult you but you're a fucking mong
Damage is one of the main fucking ways games let you know how well you're doing, why do you think it's such an integral part of ranking systems in games, why do people put no hit runs as demos of skills, why are a lot of action games balanced around no hit runs? For fuck's sake think before you post, how the fuck can not see how GETTING SHOT while doing well is counterintuitive feedback?

>> No.5521903

No shit, that's exactly why it's a problem, because you're expected to take damage even when doing well. Christ you're a fucking dense cunt stop wasting my time and neck yourself

>> No.5521929

Holy fucking shit, taking damage from hitscan is not a fucking indicator of how well you are doing in this game, you dogfucking mongrel. You are just a dumb cunt with an over inflated ego who thinks since he's good the game shouldn't even dare to inflict him some damage. You literally refuse to understand how your life bar is only supposed to influence the way you play, not your fucking personal satisfaction at being true 1337 h4ckzor.
Go waste your worthless life elsewhere you stupid fucking poser.

>> No.5521935

You really are a dumb fucking cunt. Please explain to me how the fuck damage is supposed to be an indicator of how well you're doing.
Took damage? Welp better reload instantly lmao
It is only an indicator if there are fucking maluses or debuffs associated with damage, lowered movement speed, lowered precision and other shit like that.
AND EVEN THEN IT IS A FUCKING GAMEPLAY MECHANIC before being a fucking indicator or feedback.
You really have to be an utter fucking pseud to be unable to understand such a fucking simple fact and try to lecture anyone on fucking game design.
Fucking hell.

>> No.5521941

>Please explain to me how the fuck damage is supposed to be an indicator of how well you're doing.

LMAAAO I'm done here, you're simply too shit brained to even comprehend what's being discussed there's no point explaining something even a fucking toddler could understand and something the other anon had no problems understanding. Do everyone a favor and stop with these kneejerk responses you'll save everyone a lot of time, fucking oxygen thief

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>now that I'm in a corner with nowhere else to go because my dumb fucking reasoning is exposed as the dumb fucking reasoning it is I resort to using the good ol' 'but even a baby understands' technique
Explain to us how damage is supposed to be feedback and not gameplay mechanic.

>> No.5521947

>now that I'm in a corner with nowhere else to go because my dumb fucking reasoning is exposed as the dumb fucking reasoning it is I resort to using the good ol' 'but even a baby understands' technique
Explain to us how damage is supposed to be feedback of how well you play and not gameplay mechanic.

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Are you a schizoid?

>> No.5521951

Two of these posts are mine, the others two are not, are you retarded or simply posting on an anonymous board for the first time in your life?

>> No.5521954

Here's a mind blowing revelation : the two aren't mutually exclusive, game mechanics serve as feedback to the player while having real effects on gameplay, most basic example is hitstun or knockdown which at once serve as a way to prevent an enemy from acting or get them out of the fight for a while and also convey the effectiveness of your shots or hits. If you can manage to string together a sentence without your handler helping you out, go ask someone if they think they're doing well when they're constantly getting shot in a game to get an idea of what non-retards think is good vs bad feedback intuitively. You thick as a brick useless dipshit

>> No.5521960

But hitscanners don't stunlock, don't debuff you, don't have knockdown effect or anything at all beyond making your health lower and your character more vulnerable to other sort of damage

If you're so fucking autistic that you take hitscan damage as the game telling you 'u suck lol' that explains why you're so fucking insistent on your bullshit. The only way this game tells you 'u suck lol' is when you're dead.
Again, the rest is just your over inflated grinder ego who can't fathom the concept of taking damage as a gameplay mechanic rather than a reflection of your value as a player or a human being. Which let me reassure you, is quite low regardless of how much damage you take or not in a videogame. So go cry elsewhere and play literally anything else that will make you feel like the true 1337 pr0 g4m3r you think you are.

>> No.5521974

Let it go nigga, you're literally too thick or too stubborn to understand

>> No.5521975

>the eternal zoomer

Imagine being this shit at games

>> No.5521989

>says the moron whose entire reasoning behind 'hitscanners bad' is 'but it tells me I suck at games'
>I literally have no argument and I'm a dumb fucking poser, better call the other guy a zoomer, that'll show him
the cancer killing this board.

>> No.5522395

Is it me or is AI broken in my game?
>enter new area
>has a few cultists and zombies
>cultists are retarded and start shooting at me while the zombies are in front of them
>zombies get pissed at start attacking the cultists
>they whack them with the ax a few times before seemingly getting bored and then everyone remembers me and starts attacking me together
I'm just not sure if it's supposed to be that way or not, or if infighting among enemies is supposed to last a lot longer.

>> No.5522412

It's a 2.5D FPS from the 90s, of course the AI is dumb as bricks.

>> No.5522509

I don't believe infighting enemies are supposed to stop infighting until one of them is dead.
I've never seen it happen at least, but perhaps something can trigger it

>> No.5522535
File: 311 KB, 1155x624, Dnuzt_sWwAES-4h-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5522653

I was 1st in tf2 servers most of the time yet I only kissed a girl once, checkmate.

>> No.5522667

Well put.

>> No.5523157

Depending on how the full release is. Ion Maiden might dethrone it. Also despite its flaws I do have a genuine soft spot for Redneck Rampage.

>> No.5523307

>Then you simply don't understand game design.

So Blood developers were all wrong and you came here to teach everyone good game design...

>> No.5523313

Monolith's games all have glaring flaws in them yes, or what are you one of those blind fanboys who thinks that Blood is perfect? Come on lol

>> No.5523314

Bitch, bitch and bitch.

>> No.5523326
File: 180 KB, 546x535, into the trash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you look at Max Payne

>> No.5523330

Not an argument brainlet

>> No.5524119

>why isn't this cat a dog?

>> No.5524125

git gud

>> No.5524126

>muh glaring flaws
Reminder that the only flaw you can find in hitscanners is 'but it makes me feel like I suck at this game'

>> No.5524145

Well in fairness, Blood 2 was a colossal dumpsterfire in every single way, but that doesn't make the first Blood any less of a stellar example of an FPS.

Sometimes a sequel sucks.

>> No.5524161
File: 49 KB, 800x411, 15383353343_4c042eb2a4_c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Subtle reminder that it doesn't matter (at the distances you typically have shootouts in Blood) if the hit detection is either hitscan or missile based. You are not dodging a shotgun blast from 30 ft or a Tommy gun salvo from a 100.

What matters in Blood is that enemy reaction time goes down the higher the skill level. On skill 4 you have around 0.4 seconds before Cultists can shot at you AFTER you initially wake them from their idle state.

>> No.5524205


>> No.5524261
File: 46 KB, 274x258, 1544188891956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BloodGDX is now open source:

>> No.5524282

It's not as good in terms of level design, but I think it's still alright for what it is.
I remember thinking those were the most impressive environments and physics I had ever seen at the time, and while that's well past, I still think it does a pretty alright job with that.

>> No.5524305

I wasn't 12 at the time so I could tell a horrible video game when I saw one

>> No.5524346
File: 21 KB, 112x112, 1555087107916.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"I can't release source code because legal reasons"
>NBlood waltzes in
>"uhh bros source's here don't pay attention to that other port play mine please"

pure desperation

>> No.5524435

nobody gives a shit about that javaids garbage

>> No.5524581

That's why I repeatedly said it's not a big issue and that I'm a fan of the game, but since you're an emotional female brained big baby who can't read that somehow got lost on you lmao

>> No.5524590

Not being able to think in abstract terms is a sign of a moron, nothing to be proud about weeb

>> No.5524687

Regarding hitscanners: Health bar being your mistake-o-meter and finite resource, having enemy that drains it without player fault can be frustrating.

>> No.5524753

Its a tricky situation because making reactions slower would make encounters piss easy because of how easy it is to peek out and take out huge groups of enemies, the combat would need major rebalancing

>> No.5524817

very fast projectiles
so fast that in average encounter you have to have near top angular speed to dodge them

>> No.5525076

Shills in full force tonight

>> No.5525090

That's possible now, yes. Back when these games came out hitscan was far less demanding to calculate.

>> No.5525104

*blocks your path*

>> No.5525109
File: 8 KB, 162x308, B1_zealot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oof, yikes, ouch
Forgot pic.

>> No.5525120

Now I wonder if NBlood is gonna steal some gameplay code from GDX now.

>> No.5525178

What's point? NBlood already is quite accurate after recent update

>> No.5525184

Can it play back demos properly yet?

>> No.5525195


>> No.5525468

You CAN play blood in a very agressive rushy kind of way but you need to be really familiar with the weapons, movement and enemies as with all build games. I mean you can't really play duke or shadow warrior too fast either when you're new to them. Hitscanners are a bitch I agree but they were in duke as well, you either take your time and get a feel for where the enemies are at or you move to quicky for them to be able to hit you. I don't really know what your point is. That blood is poorly designed to play quickly?

>> No.5525550

You're the one demanding a game be something it isn't designed as.

>> No.5525619

Better FPS

>> No.5526235

That's how you play the fucking game. Some people enjoy the game for those mechanics and that playstyle. Nothing you said makes the game remotely unfair in any substantial way.

>> No.5526264
File: 153 KB, 960x960, 1555907530228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I need the videogame to tell me when I should be enjoying it, and also to let me know what a good player I am through constant feedback
Apparently that's the core design philosophy for "fun" videogames.
>Max Payne has real hits canners, if you're going to play Blood, you should be playing Max Payne instead to know about playing Blood.

>> No.5526282

Why did they fail so hard?
Will it ever get a sequel or reboot that does it justice?
And is there anything worthwhile in the mod scene? Probably not, Build games, eh?

>> No.5526286

I hear Max Payne is fun. Why don't you play that instead?

>> No.5526324

go fix GZDoom then. Thousands of people will be grateful.

>> No.5526328

That's just two levels, even NBlood 1.0 could do that, it really just depends if you happen to hit a snag where behaviour is different for whatever reason.

The guy uploading these vids claims he's going to put the whole playthrough up of each level recorded in demos and replayed on NBlood. This will be a good test of NBlood 1.01 and we'll see if he actually manages to upload the whole game without desync, as was done in BloodGDX.

At the very least Nuke stole M210's reverse engineering method in general, he just used eduke instead of java. When asked if he was using the alpha code like M210 he laughed and said no, but this was proven bullshit because variables were named the same as in alpha code. The only reason NBlood even exists is because of what BloodGDX did, something no one had managed to do in nearly 20 years of Blood's release.

>> No.5526341

>Totally worth taking fire damage.

>> No.5526343

Remember playing Blood II for the first time was such a huge letdown. Any mods out there that port ideas from II into I? I've seen a few "Modern" based mods (like Death Wish) that would work fine with some modern-inspired mods (like some of the Weapons Mod list).

>> No.5526345

Not that guy
In pretty much any action game aside from hitscan-heavy FPS like Blood or modern shit it is possible to pass the stage/level without taking damage - that is considered to be the top skill.
In Blood and the likes you can't do that, therefore the skillceiling is lower and they are lesser games for that.

>> No.5526358

>In Blood and the likes you can't do that, therefore the skillceiling is lower and they are lesser games for that.

Stop saying that. First of all, yes, yes you can beat any level in the game without taking dmg, I could do it on Well Done, admittedly I couldn't do it on the last skill but that one is bullshit on purpose and meant for co-op.

Now if you say again "try it without throwing dynamites over corners!" I'm going to call bs: how many game mechanics do you need to take out to prove your point? These "other games" you talk about would also use any means at the player's disposal to reach the no dmg barrier.

Finally, you're pretty much saying the game has a LOWER skill ceiling because it is HARDER to avoid dmg. Hmm...

>> No.5526363

friendly reminder that no matter what you do, Blood will neveer be considered as top tier as Perfect Dark and will never have a community like Doom

>> No.5526367

>I could do it on Well Done
Why are you lying? Not a single person has done such a run, you included unless you think that savescumming until you get lucky qualifies as a no damage run of a level much less an episode

>> No.5526370

Why are you guys so unbelievably stupid? It's like I've entered the twilight zone where there's nothing but mongoloids. Hey geniuses, every time you criticize any mechanic in any game you're suggesting that it should be different than what it is, and if you provide solution you need to think in the abstract first and THEN worry about implementation, Max Payne is simple ONE example of hitscanners that serve the role of hitscanners while also being completely dodgeable

>> No.5526374

>These "other games" you talk about would also use any means at the player's disposal to reach the no dmg barrier.

No, some games are designed for no hit runs others are not, ones which aren't designed for such runs will turn into an absolute slog as you try every exploit in the game no matter how defensive or time consuming. Games that are designed for such runs aren't like this, they're balanced so that playing without taking hit is fun. If you want an example contrast Max Payne 1 which has fully dodgeable hitscanners with Max Payne 2 which does not. 1 clearly was balanced around a run n gun playstyle and dodging everything is satisfying, you can do it without slowing down and it feels awesome. Max Payne 2 wasn't designed for this, if you want to do a no hit run you'll do similar stuff you'll do in Blood - hide behind corners and cheese out every encounter because you can't dodge anything otherwise.

>> No.5526380

More or less, you can still do it but then it's just a constant stream of damage you can't do much about besides ration your health pick ups and medkit usage, I'm fine with it but it's not hard to understand why someone wouldn't want to play a game where anything resembling aggressive play involves constantly getting shot based on how the dice roll

>> No.5526381

Go ahead and turn Blood into Max Payne then. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

>> No.5526382

Should I play this on GZDoom or just run it through dos box?
Also, what IRQ ports should I set it to?

>> No.5526383

>completely dodgeable
Why should they have to be dodgeable?

>> No.5526385

He thinks that he shouldn't ever have to take damage, or the videogame is broken because it failed to let him know he was having fun.

>> No.5526386

why should they not

>> No.5526390

Makes for a fairer more consistent experience with better feedback to the player while also encouraging no damage runs that don't devolve into utter faggotry like cheesing every encounter in the game with dynamite, aggroing enemies with peeking, etc.

>> No.5526391

>Why can't I circle strafe every enemy like in Max Payne?
Because then there would be less variety in game mechanics, leading to less variety in play style choices reducing agency to the player.

>> No.5526392

there are now two blood source ports, don't torture yourself with wonky bugged game on dosbox. the ports are still better even if they're inaccurate here and there (most of modern classic FPS ports are innacurate as fuck to help with implementing QoL stuff for playing and modding)

>> No.5526393

Have you heard of a game called Max Payne?
I heard there's a whole community devoted to doing no damage runs in it, it might be more your thing. Maybe you can 1cc that game, friend.

>> No.5526395

That's stupid, the game still needs to be difficult and make it risky to keep enemies alive after aggroing to encourage quick kills and target prioritization. Besides Max Payne has a good amount of variety in spacing, you can't just circle strafe enemies like you would in Doom it doesn't work that way you need to watch your distance depending on enemy weapon and plan out safe paths through the level because of that, with a lot of encounters requiring defensive play. Nobody ever said you had to just outright copy Max Payne's mechanics 1:1 that'd be stupid.

>> No.5526398

If you don't like the discussion feel free to stop replying

>> No.5526403

I wouldn't know. This isn't exactly a Max Payne thread.
Last I checked, this was a Blood thread.
Was I mistaken, did OP trick me into posting in a Max Payne thread again?

>> No.5526409

And Blood is being discussed, with MP serving as a quick example that I didn't even mention in the post you replied to. You thread policing moron

>> No.5526412

- they can be stun-locked
- a single bullet makes them stop trying to shoot you and make them reposition themselves
- crouching makes it harder for them to hit you; and btw, this counts as dodging whether you like it or not because it strays off your circle strafing definition
- you can take cover, pick them around corners and kill them before they have time to shoot you, even on Well Done
- you can often see enemies around corners or in the distance before they can see you, with their body parts sticking out; and even use the third person mode to see further around
- you can use explosives, some of which are designed for the purpose of being thrown over corners, like the dynamite alt fire which bounces off walls
- you can use other enemies as shields. Other enemy types will infight, making the shooter busy. Same enemy types will move when shot, so you can often align them and regroup them, with the consequences you can guess
- for the parts which are really full of hitscanners, the game always and I mean always provides power-ups: akimbo, invicibility, invisibility

>> No.5526416

and btw I just beat e1m1 on WD without taking dmg. After that, I took a single hit in e1m2.
I'm sure you're going to say it doesn't count because I played by the game's rules and threw dynamite around corners.

>> No.5526417

It counts, it's just a shit-tier playstyle

>> No.5526420

Does Max Payne allow you to use that playstyle or do you have to circle strafe all of the enemies before you shoot them?
I wouldn't know, since I don't play Max Payne every day.

>> No.5526423


>or in the distance before they can see you
Forgot to mention, while your aim remains true in great distances depending on the weapons you use, giving you an advantage, that of enemies' gets worse the further you are from them; and most of the times they'd rather get closer than shoot.
The same cannot be said of other games like Doom/Doom2, where enemies will shoot regardless of distance and still with very accurate aiming.

>- a single bullet makes them stop trying to shoot you and make them reposition themselves

Speaking of which, the Tommygun alt fire is designed with that in mind. When you have enemies on all sides and can't possibly stun them all in a row quickly enough, the Tommygun alt fire does that for you.
So again, the game provides plenty of tools to avoid dmg, you just need to learn to use them accordingly.

Yes Blood is hard, but saying it's "impossible" not to get hit is bs.
Blood oftens plenty of tools and is a very predictable game. Shadow Warrior for instance is a lot more bs, there are many moments where avoiding dmg is near-impossible, and enemies' behaviour is a lot more random, a lot less predictable, you may not get hit during an encounter, and you may get hit re-doing the encounter the very same way because that 2nd time that one enemy in the back decided to shoot instead of walking for no reason. The same cannot be said about Blood.

>> No.5526424

Sure, you can molotov groups of enemies or throw grenades, or snipe them then hide behind a corner while in relative safety or at times simply use cover at a good angle where you can shoot them but they can't shoot you, you can move from cover to cover, you can use the retarded overpowered dodge roll or you can strafe

>> No.5526426

>it's just a shit-tier playstyle

So in short:
>using an intended game mechanics in Blood is a shit tier playstyle
>circle strafing in Doom is true God tier mastery; despite circle strafing being an exploit which lets you dodge bullets only because Pythagoras makes you run faster in diagonal and because the game didn't compensate for it solely because they didn't think about it because that playstyle wasn't standard then

>> No.5526427

I had no idea it had dynamite in it. That's pretty cool.

>> No.5526430

Developer intent means precisely fuck all, one is an aggressive running and gunning playstyle that's fast paced and rewarding while the other is hiding behind corners like a passive cuck chucking dynamite with no threat to you at all. Doom's not the best example anyway, ranged battles with hitscanners also require shitty passive strats and when you can dodge it's far too easy

>> No.5526434

There we go. You don't like Blood's playstyle. Now that's fine and acceptable, why couldn't you say that from the start instead of spewing bs like "the game is impossible and therefore has a lower skill ceiling".

>> No.5526437

The low skill ceiling thing was another anon, I already said what I think of Blood its an awesome game with minor flaws one of which is the undodgeable hitscanners with absurdly low reaction times and it rewards gay passive play with nice clean no damage runs while making actually fun, challenging aggressive play feel far more annoying than it should be because youre getting filled with lead constantly. In fact this whole mess started with me explaining another guy why someone wouldnt like Bloods hitscanners and watching him go ape in response

>> No.5526454

Because why are you unwilling to employ any other tactic against them?

>> No.5526517

Except nobody says that Shadow Warrior is best FPS ever and is beyond reproach as people like to claim Blood is.

>> No.5526606

No one gives a fuck about liking or not liking the game, everyone gives a fuck about your retarded explanations
If you want to play aggressively all the time and run around like an idiot without taking damage you can, just play on still kicking.
It's not like you have to play slowly all the time on well done, it just has a variety of situations and tactics that you have to use, and you refuse to because for you the only skill needed in a FPS should be running in circles spamming space bar. If you want to play like that, again, you can, play on still kicking or make a custom difficulty.

>> No.5526608

about you liking or not liking the game*

>> No.5526613

its about someone being salty over how not everyone consider their holy cow the bestest fps of all times

>> No.5526614

>I still miss the point, strawman everything I don't like and refuse to understand why my retardation pisses people off
hurr durr

>> No.5526616

it applies to yourself just as well faggot

>> No.5526617

No. The game gives you options to avoid what you complain about. Your complaint is a posture and null and void. And I'm not the only person arguing with your retarded ass.

>> No.5526623

im not that anon you retard

>> No.5526625

Then shut the fuck up if you have nothing interesting to say on top of that.

>> No.5526631

Theres nothing retarded about my explanations though its not like you even get half of what Im saying since youre a pea brained mong. You dont even understand the importance of feedback and game feel in making games fun, its a complete waste of time talking to you. I love how at this point youre in complete agreement with my original point that you can dodge fuck all in Blood whilst playing aggressively yet you still keep going. Didnt know this games fanbase had so many absolute retards in it desu

>> No.5526641

The options are total trash though that's the problem, they're inconsistent, cheesy and/or passive. Look at your own posts, you're actually defending passive cuck dynamite throwing strategies as a valid solution to Blood's poorly designed enemies lmfao

>> No.5526645

>he's still going on with his orignal talking points which have been trashed since the beginning of this thread
>he still can't understand that different difficulties have different playstyles
>he still parrots his retarded feedback meme
>he still can't come up with a counter argument that isn't autistically hammering those retarded points no matter how many times they get ripped a new asshole
>he still can't fucking understand that not every level has to pander to his adrenaline addled retardation 100% of the time and that variety in level and encounter design is a welcome addition for anyone with a working brain
Do you even read the posts you're answering to or are you so angry that anyone dares disagree with you that you just answer automatically

>> No.5526648

>look you're defending not running around like a maniac all the time and explaining that different situations call for different tactics lmao that's stupid lmao
The dynamite posts aren't even mine but they're completely on point though
If you find throwing dynamite around a corner boring I don't know what to say to you, just keep bumrushing everything like an idiot and pray that it works instead of actually thinking a bit about what you' re supposed to do or how you're supposed to use the environment and shit. I suppose encounter and level design variety are indeed bad things when you are retarded.

>> No.5526651

What counter argument? You haven't made an argument, you've stated that feedback isn't important which is completely and utterly retarded and counterintuitive as I have demonstrated along with getting completely btfo here >>5521752 after which you've shifted the topic from a defense of the cultists to trying to get me to justify a preference that had nothing to do with the original discussion. Lmfao imagine getting this defensive about a game where half of the enemies aren't even properly implemented where you can crouch to render major enemies worthless, where the only challenging enemy type is the most basic one because of how poorly the devs balanced the game mechanics, and where the most effective consistent strats are the result of the game's poor balance and broken mechanics.
>If you find throwing dynamite around a corner boring I don't know what to say to you
LMAO what? How the FUCK is checking behind a corner and chucking dynamite while being safe from harm engaging in ANY way? Are you legit brain dead? Holy fuck lmao

>> No.5526654

Imagine being so retarded that the only way to have fun in FPS is jumping, running and clicking until everything dies. I'm done with your dumb poser ass really.

>> No.5526658

You say this while defending the most braindead degenerate playstyle found in classic FPS, you don't have the IQ to be passing judgement on anything

>> No.5526661

>half of the enemies aren't even properly implemented where you can crouch to render major enemies worthless, where the only challenging enemy type is the most basic one because of how poorly the devs balanced the game mechanics, and where the most effective consistent strats are the result of the game's poor balance and broken mechanics.
Maybe you should just git gud or play something else, because you are unable to justify how any of this is bad.
Your only problem with this game is that you are literally unable to understand it. If you want to play Unreal Tournament, go play Unreal Tournament.

>> No.5526667

You mean enemies designed to overwhelm you with numbers and box you in becoming completely ineffective isn't bad to you? You mean gargoyles, a common enemy, being rendered COMPLETELY harmless by crouching while letting you do fucking anything to kill them isn't bad to you? You mean that the choice between taking random unpredictable damage and being a cuck hiding behind walls chucking dynamite isn't bad to you? Wow what a dipshit

>> No.5526668

>tactics are dumb, you should be able to kill everything without ever taking cover or thinking about your health bar, it takes a very high IQ to run, jump, click and dodge, why doesn't it always work here????

>> No.5526670

Not it's not. I especially don't understand your fucking problem with probing a room with dynamite or why you'd have to be a cuck to enjoy that. Having problems at home?

>> No.5526671

It takes even lower IQ to stand behind walls and chuck dynamite, I remember when this dumb playstyle was discouraged in these threads and outed you as a shitter but now apparently there's mongs like you defending it

>> No.5526672

It's braindead, it has no risk attached, it's more effective than most strategies you can use. Look up what degenerate tactics means

>> No.5526675

>I am too much of a poser to admit that my stupid pride in playing like a mongoloid is retarded
yeah I know
Different people like different things, once again if you don't enjoy the challenges this game offers on the highest difficulties you can lower or play something else entirely. Your problems with this game revolve entirely around your ego because you are a dumb poser.

>> No.5526680

Cope harder.

>> No.5526683

You can deal with them just fine. Different enemies call for different tactics.

>while also encouraging no damage runs
Why does that really matter?

>that don't devolve into utter faggotry like cheesing every encounter in the game with dynamite, aggroing enemies with peeking, etc.
Why are you afraid of doing different tactics and using your brain? Why do you want the game to be simpler and requiring less thought?

>> No.5526684


>> No.5526686

Yeah and some people (you) like garbage (Blood) and will defend it to death. Lowering the difficulty makes the game piss easy, it's simply not enjoyable any way you slice it. And what's this "go play something else" shit, too thin skinned to handle criticism of your precious gem?
And there we go, any "arguments" you had were smashed so now you're resorting to stock responses

>> No.5526689

Check room, throw dynamite, wait for boom, clear room, repeat in a loop until you win. It's the definition of a degenerate strategy

>> No.5526693

Playing defensively requires no thought, it's the easy way out and requires less proficiency with the combat. Can't clear a level? Just figure out where enemies are and chuck dynamite!

>> No.5526694

And you can't do that all the time.

>> No.5526696

Whip out the flares or napalm launcher when you can't, and as I said the cultists are the only enemy that pose a threat besides maybe hellhounds so it's not like you'll need it for anything else

>> No.5526697

>Playing defensively requires no thought
Not in my experience.

>> No.5526698

>any "arguments" you had were smashed
You didn't smash anything, you just said that using the tools the game offers is for losers. Which is so fucking stupid that it doesn't even need any answer beyond 'cope harder' because that's exactly what you're doing. Coping.

Also, for your first 'point' may I remind you that your complaints are 'but it' s too hard, but it's too easy, but I can't play this game like I play other games'. I don't think Blood is the goat fps but I'm not a fucking retard refusing to use what the game offers and then go on to complain about how it's not fun. I just don't fucking understand why you expect every game in existence to be beatable and enjoyable if you play it like a (bad) Unreal Tournament player.

>> No.5526704

Dumb zoomer can't accept that his skill at call of duty is of no use in a 90s FPS, more news at 11.

>> No.5526707

>you just said that using the tools the game offers is for losers.
Sure because the tools funnel you into a shitty slow defensive playstyle. Dynamite chucking behind corners was considered the shitter strat for a reason, because it's degenerate. If you don't understand this then the only one coping is you

>> No.5526714

What you mean peeking out of cover and taking pot shots hoping to kill enemies before they even start shooting? That's extremely effective in Blood, second only to chucking dynamite lol

>> No.5526716

And what's wrong with any of that again?
You fail to understand that it's not individual enemies that are dangerous but the fucking encounters themselves. Cultists and hell hounds, rats, hands, all of these are here to make you more vulnerable to the more mundane enemies and force you to use your entire arsenal rather than just pitchforking everything to death. What is wrong with that again? Nothing, except that you suck.

>> No.5526721

>hurr durr I am retarded
yes we know
It's funny because it's not my experience of the game at all
Different situations different tactics, I use dynamite around corners pretty often to prove rooms and yet I still find myself running, jumping, crouching and dodging afterwards, what gives? Nobody is forcing you to play like a complete moron. Some situations require defensive tactics before being able to gun everything down. You just have to use all the tools the game give you instead of, once again, being a dumb poser who thinks it's beneath him because he can't be arsed to understand how it works.

>> No.5526724

The only enemies on your list that can't be taken out with a simple check behind corner -> dynamite chuck strat are hellhounds, it's effective against everything else. It's crap because it's more or less the same strat for every encounter, and unlike circle strafing or whatever the fuck it's passive rather than active that is you're standing around waiting rather than moving and watching as the game tries to keep up

>> No.5526727

>I am a dumb poser who doesn't understand that every tools gives you access to tactics complementary with each other that allow you to have a playstyle both offensive and defensive according to the situation because I am stupid
yes we know already stop repeating that.

>> No.5526730

Well it's on you that you use dumber less effective strategies for some reason, I simply use the game's tools properly. No idea how you can be entertained by throwing dynamite behind walls though, you must be a real dullard

>> No.5526734

You didn't make any sense earlier but now you have completely snapped apparently

>> No.5526738

This guy made it pretty clear :
It's an intended playstyle that's extremely effective against the vast majority of the game's encounters, and not a shit-tier waste of time right?

>> No.5526742

>hurr durr let me strawman the point and act like he said or you said that you have to use dynamite on every single encounter even though you clearly stated the opposite repeatedly and your point is that you should use the entire game's arsenal of weapons and movements according to the situation at hand rather than being an idiot
Dumb coping retard.

>> No.5526750

What strawman? That's how you handle the majority of cultist encounters when going for a no damage run, you CANNOT do it while playing aggressively (aka using your other tools), you're forced into that dull shitty playstyle, and you're the one ADVOCATING it as if it's some kind of solution rather than something that highlights the game's problems. Are you really THIS fucking thick that you can't grasp this idea?
Let me go through the argument
>You can't dodge cultist damage consistently without using defensive strats >>5521109
>You can dodge them! Duck, jump, strafe and run cover to cover!!! >>5521126 (while posting a webm of a guy using ONLY defensive strats)
>Cultists aren't meant to be dodged. Dodging cultists? Yes you can do that. >>5521741

After which I pointed out that no, you don't do "dodging" in Blood, you either avoid direct engagements or you minimize the chances of getting hit, which was met with silence and an attempt to shift the conversation towards "well why would you even need dodging!!!"

Do you understand why you're a fucking moron that can't even follow the conversation or his own train of thought? Fuck's sake lol

>> No.5526757

Do you understand that there are several people arguing with you, that none of the posts you quoted are actually mine, that your entire problem with the game is that you're a dumb fucking poser who thinks he should be able to get away with running around all the time because stopping for even 2 seconds is 'dull' or cheesy or whatever the fuck and that you repeatedly try to drown this conversation in non sequitur arguments, strawmen and more generally ill faithed quotes based on your refusal to understand the specificities of this game?
Self centered mongoloid retard, go fuck yourself and be a dishonest pseud elsewhere

>> No.5526761

>Do you understand that there are several people arguing with you
Yes and it's on them (and you) to actually read the conversation they are joining and understand the context, it's not my responsibility to educate retards like you.
>because stopping for even 2 seconds is 'dull' or cheesy
For nearly every encounter which is necessary for a no damage run, which is being discussed? Abso-fucking-lutely you utter idiot.

>> No.5526773

I read this conversation, but you can't use shitty strawmen of someone else's posts to somehow discredit my reasoning. I mean if at least you had a point beyond it I'd understand but you can't even prove the guy wrong. Nobody is talking about a no damage run by the way so I don't know what the fuck you're on about. You are fucking stupid and you are arguing nothing at all beyond 'I fucking suck at this game therefore it's bad' regardless of how much you claim to enjoy it.

>> No.5526786

>I read this conversation
Then you didn't understand a fucking word of it, dunce. Your reasoning is completely fucking irrelevant you stupid shit.
>Nobody is talking about a no damage run by the way so I don't know what the fuck you're on about
Of course you don't, because you're a buffoon. It's the necessary conclusion if you accept that Blood's cultists are dodgeable. Dodging isn't the same as simply avoiding encounters and line of sight (or just not getting hit by a bullet because of rng) it implies bullets were fired and the necessary defensive actions were taken which isn't how it works in Blood at all, you can minimize the cultists' chances to hit you and prevent them from shooting but that's not dodging, the best you will get is once in a blue moon under perfect condition you can run around a small group of cultists and misdirect their shots with fast movement, but even this is prone to inconsistency because they can turn around and blast you. You know what this means? That the argument all the anons put forth are bullshit or outright lies

Seriously, what kind of fucking dumbass do you have to be to jump into a conversation you have no understanding of, derail it and then act like you've btfo'd anyone?

>> No.5526818

When everything goes wrong you turtle back to your single argument that you can't dodge cultists, or your retarded feedback shit, disregarding everything that's been said about level design, encounter design, the tools and tactics at your disposal and why the synergies between all of these actually work and are the marks of a well made game.
There is literally nothing more to be said as long as you refuse to acknowledge and engage that. Your only retort to it is 'some tactics are cheesy/dull because I have ADD and I should be able to complete the game without taking damage and without using them'
Now you're on another tangent about dodging because you got caught in a corner and your only way out without acknowledging that you're full of shit is inventing another debate and accusing everyone of not following.
Again, go fuck yourself and be a dishonest pseud elsewhere.

>> No.5526831

You are absolutely hopelessly stupid, you know that?
>Make point (hitscanners aren't dodgeable, saying they are is a lie)
>Retard appears, doesn't properly read it, derails convo into some irrelevant shit
>Try to steer it back into the main point which not only hasn't been contradicted but has been agreed with instead of arguing about some other bullshit or shit talking a game I actually like a lot for no reason other than to rile up obnoxious mongs
>The retard takes it as some kind of grand victory that I don't want to engage with shit he brought to the table due to completely misunderstanding what's being talked about

>> No.5526842

No, I'm afraid you are.
If anyone disagrees the slightest with your shit, you go on lengthy tangents that have nothing to do with the original point and then wonder why the debate just keeps going as you're saying bullshit after bullshit. You can get back to dodging if you so want, but that doesn't erase all the other bullshit you've claimed itt and for which you've taken appropriate flak.

>> No.5526863

Not really unless you mean me bashing the game, that was just to rile you up and demonstrate a point though little did I know you had absolutely no idea what was even being talked about and thus the point flew completely over your head and had to be spelled out here >>5526750

>> No.5526953

How about making argument?

>> No.5527159
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>Java was designed for web site shit

>> No.5527162

why we cant have a decent non-doom fps thread?

>> No.5527169

Java powers a few billion embedded devices on this planet, brainlet.

>> No.5527208

>you're not supposed to get hit in FPS games, since it brings you closer to the fail condition, and in any game you want to be as far from the fail condition as possible
>while HP may look like resource that you have to expend to progress through the game, that's not the case in most shooter games. Therefore, they enable players to have the ideal play of never ever getting even a iota towards the fail state.
>moreover, their UX is designed to convey to the player the idea that spending HP is bad
>but not Blood, where the nature of it's hitscanners makes such expenditure mandatory, even though it's UX is traditional in it's approach to damage

>> No.5527217 [DELETED] 

doombabbies should be banned

>> No.5527236 [DELETED] 
File: 371 KB, 800x600, pajeet_java.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck Java and fuck shitty """programmers""".

>> No.5527249

Why is this thread so bad?

>> No.5527268

>t. python scriptkiddie

>> No.5527270 [DELETED] 

doombabbies cant help themselves just look the half life thread.

>> No.5527276 [DELETED] 

hlniggers are much worse.

>> No.5527280 [DELETED] 

lmao id fanboys

>> No.5527356

the build engine thread is always wonderful, same with heretic/hexen threads when they pop up

it's that blood fans have always been extremely thin-skinned

>> No.5527414

cry more, fag

>> No.5527417

>look at me I'm retarded

>> No.5527420

There's probably just a few dedicated autists that ruin Blood threads for everyone else. The Build and Doom threads are typically pretty chill.

>> No.5527421

You can play Blood aggressively and dodge most damage.
What was your actual point?

>> No.5527427

He prefers Max Payne. He already said it earlier in the thread.

>> No.5527429

>It has no risk attached
>If I have to take any damage, the game is no longer fun

>> No.5527436

>controversy bad
>circlejerk good

>> No.5527537

>let me play peek-a-boo with cultists and call that aggressive

>> No.5527543

So, how should it work instead? Enlighten us.

>> No.5527589

>im contrarian for sake of being contrarian
the masses thinking they are unique.

>> No.5527641

>The Build and Doom threads are typically pretty chill
Sometimes, sometimes not.

Well I mean, is it bad that people do get along?
Is it good that people are angry at each other for preciously little reason?
Circlejerks can turn insufferable, yes, but so can constant, endless fucking bickering, especially when it gets petty.

>> No.5527652

Subtle reminder that there are a total of ~20 people posting on /vr/, all LARPing and pretending to keep the drama rolling.

>> No.5527842

At higher difficulties even taking a peek around the conner if cultists are present makes you take damage with high probability since the reaction time of an idle cultist facing your direction is instantaneous.
that is bad design - player can not anticipate the damage and can not avoid it no matter how much skill he has, unless he already knows the map.
Good design would be to make their response time non-instantaneous so that player actually checking around corner would have a chance to get back into cover

Difference between the two is:
in the first case player has to memorise the map through trial and error. Skill is not really a factor, prior knowledge grounded in repetition is.
In the second case a good enough player can recognise a threat of the cultists in a split second and get back into cover. Skill is a factor, and a good player can avoid taking damage. This makes skill ceiling higher, and overall gameplay better.

tl;dr - player can't "git gud" against instantly aware enemies, only learn their positions through trial+error that is bad.
Regardless of it all, hitscan is bad since most often than not it is done in a completely retarded way, by either giving enemies some arbitrary universal reaction time, or worse making said reaction time instantaneous, while it should be made dependent on a multitude of factors. I know that old games didn't do that since it was too complicated for a required purpose, but that is irrelevant in this case.
The best solution is fast projectiles and enemies that can interpolate and anticipate player movements and posible evasive maneuvres to lay down suppressive fire (like it happens in real life)

>> No.5527851

Hitscan exists to force the player's attack priority, if they were fast projectiles that you could dodge then they wouldn't be a threat. Doom does hitscan well (arguably asides from chaingunners), they're slow and predictable but can deal a ton of damage and have to be avoided in a different way from every other projectile.

>> No.5527862
File: 692 KB, 600x800, FAG ASS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hitscan is bad

>> No.5527940
File: 42 KB, 497x732, 200 percent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just blood, it's something about the game that makes people just screech autistic shit at each other over the dumbest shit.

Like fuck, both "source" ports are fine just pick whichever and fucking play the game. "oh muh demos!!" or "oh muh java!!" is irrelevant fuck off. And this whole hitscan discussion is just tards getting riled up over nothing. Fucking tired of this shit every god damn thread when the game is brought up, fuck you all.

Been playing any custom maps lately, fellas?

>> No.5527954

Mock the autists and go back to appreciating one of the best Build games out there! As per your other question, replaying French Meat while more surfaces for the sequel (assuming it's still alive).

>> No.5527965

Dude you are still arguing the same shit after like a month wtf

>> No.5528074

In Max Payne, they use projectiles. You can dodge those, because they're projectiles, which means it has a higher skill ceiling, and it has a competitive no damage runs board that players with skill can compete in. In Blood they should remove hitscanners, and give the cultists baseballs to throw at you, when you dodge the baseballs, the game is effectively responding to you, letting you, the player, know that you're doing well, and it makes you feel awesome like Caleb or Max Payne, just like in real life when you have to dodge baseballs.
Also, they should remove all of the cover in Blood, so you can't hide behind anything, and give Caleb a type of regeneration shield, maybe tying it in with blood magic, so that you know you're doing well in the game, just like Mac Payne.

>> No.5528102

>first the half life thread, now the blood thread
its time to stop shitposting zoomers.

>> No.5528107

OK now this is just shitposting

>> No.5528115

Duke Nukem is shit. I turned it off when it forced me to take damage from jumping down the ventilation shaft. It's offensive to my sensibilities as a gamer.

>> No.5528128

Posts like this is why we can't have nice things

>> No.5528163
File: 1017 KB, 202x152, whatafag.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In Max Payne...

>> No.5528184

Not only is the second greentext "quote" not something I said it also has no relation to the first one, avoiding damage always has risk attached in that you can take damage

Fast projectiles fill essentially the same role and can do so in a number of ways, it depends on a particular encounter you want to design. To force player into prioritization from a mid to long distance cone spread from randomization is good because it makes simple strafe dodging hard provided the bullets are fast enough and the spread's balanced for player movement, for close quarters the projectile speed is the determining factor. It's all in the balance, there's nothing inherent to projectile enemies that makes them lower priority, it's just that they're often balanced poorly. Projectiles range from glacial and easily sidestepped like the imp's fireballs to FEAR's undodgeable bullets that function exactly like hitscan, there's a lot of room in between.

>> No.5528218

Why baseballs I prefer apples

>> No.5528221
File: 964 KB, 1279x720, bloodgdx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woah dude, BloodGDX really breathes new life into this old game...

>> No.5528890

>low skill ceiling is worse than high skill ceiling
pretty much

>> No.5528923

wtf i hate duke 3d now

>> No.5528993

I know your post is ironic, but people say that seriously.

People fail to realize that fall damage was a new thing. Doom and its clones didn't have it.

This forced fall damage at the start of the first level serves as a tutorial.

The health pack at the bottom means they acknowledged the damage. Notice how with the hp you're left with 97 hp: just enough to realize fall damage is a thing, but not big enough for it to be a real punishment.
They could have slightly moved the bottom teleporter so that, with the health pack, you're back to 100. They could also have moved it even more so that there is no dmg at all.

Like most things in the map, it is a tutorial. Just before that, in order to progress, you have to learn how to shoot.

People who genuinely complain about this fall dmg can't think.

>> No.5529456
File: 291 KB, 1280x1600, gitgudscrub.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buh I don WANNA use the tactics that work!

>> No.5529459

Stop shitting up retro fps threads

>> No.5529491

>"bwoohoo! you have one tactic that always works, you should not be able to do anything else!"

>only one tactic that works
>several tactics that work

faggotry incarnated

>> No.5529601

>hello sit Java powers tons of shitty phones sir and systems that are equally as shitty yes sir
You can stop now Pajeet, those aren't exactly accomplishments.

>> No.5529779

But you're upset that the game doesn't play by the same rules as an extremely different game.

>> No.5529793


>> No.5529835

>"why isn't Blood like Max Payne?"

>> No.5530025

Checking behind the corners does IN ITSELF entail taking damage on higher difficulties due to movement inertia and cultists' reaction time. The only way around it is checking corners while already firing a tommygun which both will make the enemy reposition AND is literally impossible on the majority of levels on forkstart due to lolnoammo.

>> No.5530034

It's literally not unless you start firing tommygun specifically before leaving the cover, which, cumulatively, leads to MONSTROUS waste of ammo, which, oh by the way, you have limited supplies of.

>> No.5530053

The core criticism against Blood is that "playing Blood well" is impossible without the preexisting knowledge of the things-about-to-transpire on the level, either due to savescumming or preexisting playthroughs. Improvising on the game blindly will inevitably result in game over.

There is no skill progression involved in the game. At all. Playing 20 levels of Blood however much you please will NOT make you better at tackling 21st level blindly, because while you have learned what was what on previous 20 levels, what you would encounter on 21st depends solely on its leveldesigner's whim, and you can't predict someone's whims _EXACTLY_.

>> No.5530054 [SPOILER] 
File: 522 KB, 777x500, 1556313831695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5530064

At what? Divining the future? Why would I be playing Blood if I could do THAT? I'd go buy a lottery ticket.

>> No.5530127

Yes anon, we validate that you are not a bad person for being bad at Blood. It's okay.

>> No.5530136

that wasn't me either

The only thing I am arguing about is that fast projectiles are better than instant-reaction hitscan because they work almost same during head-on encounter while allowing higher skill ceiling (there's actually more things in which you can "git gud" with them than with hitscan) and only counterargument i get is "learn enemy positions from trial and error and toss dynamite from cover, because that's peak gameplay hurr durr"

>> No.5530165

>enemy attacks which give the player more time to react require more skill

Sounds like you got your ass handed to you in Blood, your pride took a hit and now you're making up nonsenses as excuses

>> No.5530208

Have you been reading at all?
I meant fast projectiles fired by enemies that can lead the target, anticipate your movement and lay down suppressing fire... you know... How it happens in reality?

but you're a retard that has only one answer that is "git gud", even if there's nothing to "git gud" at

>> No.5530265

There is a more specific word for it, "simpleton". Just my five cents.

>> No.5530527

Does anyone know how fast you have to be to dodge bullets in real life?

>> No.5530539

The spazzes here who get mad over hitscanning do not think that far

>> No.5530760

That guy that plays Max Payne thinks he can dodge bullets in real life.
Perhaps one day he'll find out that real life has a "low skill ceiling" and he'll complain that his "no damage" run through life isn't going the way he wanted.

>> No.5531070

>bring up an example to illustrate a point that something is indeed possible while talking about mechanics in an abstract sense
>the 80 IQ Bloodfags take this as suggesting that the example is the only way to implement it and should be copied 1:1 without tweaks
Imagine having reading comprehension this bad

>> No.5531081

lmao stop getting shot bro

>> No.5531083

I would but unlike these Bloodfags here I don't find satisfaction from a brainless defensive dynamite chucking playstyle so not getting shot isn't a choice

>> No.5531087

>stupid fire, stop being hot!
Guess you're not doing any no-damage runs then.

>> No.5531090

It's a video game, realism isn't exactly a priority

>> No.5531136

Depends on what kind of game you're looking to make. Realism is as important as you make it, and you can be as selective in its application as you want.

>> No.5531175

Have you heard about a game called Max Plane? I heard it does hitscanners differently than Blood, maybe a game you might enjoy for it's high spill ceiling.

>> No.5531257

Caleb (as most Build-engine characters) moves slower than Doomguy, but still fast at about ~8.4 m/s (if we consider his canon height of 1,93m true and calculate from there)
Tommygun muzzle velocity is 285 m/s
With simple calculation we get that Caleb should totally evade a non-leading shot at ~25 meters if he moves at full sprint

There is a reason why more war casualties are from explosives/shrapnel than bullets, as well as why suppressive fire is used by the military, and they don't train soldiers to be marksmen - that's simply not effective against relatively small moving targets

>> No.5531259

why are you bitches so hanged up on Max Paine?
look at Duke ands its Assault troopers - they fire fast projectiles that are dodgeable at long range, but not so much at close range and do not have instant reaction time so you can take cover if you encounter them even if you didnt know they were there.
And its on the same engine too.

>> No.5531472

Hitscan was a thing because calculating fast projectiles was costly.

There are instances where hitscan (or so fast it's practically hitscan) isn't bad design, but under conditions that:
>attack is telegraphed and can be avoided
>damage is consistent

If it weren't for damage randomization Archvile would be a good example.

>> No.5531502

>Game gives you weapons with instant projectiles
I sleep
>Enemies use those weapons

>> No.5531542

despite this statement being ironic, it is correct

>> No.5531543

>look at Duke ands its Assault troopers - they fire fast projectiles that are dodgeable at long range

No they don't. Troopers are a joke and are meant to be, they're cannon fodder.

If you view Troopers' lasers as fast projectiles for me this is just another example that, like I said, you in fact suck, got your shit handed to you in Blood, your ego took a pride because you keep thinking you're good, and instead of trying to learn how to play Blood you're making up nonsenses as excuses.

I hate the "git gud" meme, but in this case it literaly is that. You're like those modern streamers and gamers who expect everything handed to them without having to do anything, and god forbid the game challenges their wits or skills, because in that case it's the game's fault and it sucks.

>> No.5531545

I was referring to their concept and how they work outside of damage and actual threat level, you doublenigger

>> No.5531546

also Max Payne is a terrible example because bullet-time is the definition of "press X to win"

>> No.5531548

Yes, and their concept is to be cannon fodder barely meant to be a threat.

>> No.5531550

So trial ande error, memorization and hiding in cover is top tier gameplay according to bloodbabbies
good to know

>> No.5531551

it's more "press X to not die like a bitch" because of how most encounters are structured.

>> No.5531552

No you clearly haven't played it. The bullet time there doesn't just slow down enemies and bullets like it does in, say, FEAR, what it does is slow down the entire game including your own movement meaning whatever happens in bullet time can happen without it. Max Payne does have a press X to win button though, it's press direction + space to roll, but it's doable without that. Though desu I dunno how well a Max Payne style system would work with Blood and its movement/level design, that kind of thing needs extensive testing and balancing.

>> No.5531572

>FEAR, what it does is slow down the entire game including your own movement meaning whatever happens in bullet time can happen without it
iirc everything get slowed down to ~1/5 but pointman only to ~2/5, so comparatively you are twice as fast with it than normal

>> No.5531576

The only way I've ever had fun in MP was to force myself to never use bullet time. it's a fucking joke man, takes no skill at all since nothing requires any reaction time; which seems to be your problem with Blood's cultists too.

The devs knew this and realized players would play the entire game in "press X to win" mode which is why MP2 in comparison is infinitely harder and was designed with constant bullet time in mind.

Sorry man we're just not in the same league and everything you say you just burries your hole deeper

>> No.5531604

>The only way I've ever had fun in MP was to force myself to never use bullet time.
Same, no bullet time + no dodge rolling + no savescumming, great thing is that the game is perfectly balanced around that and lets you dodge everything, probably because bullet time was a late inclusion

>> No.5531606

Also Max Payne 2 isn't harder even considering bullet time, for starters you don't lead your shots and bullet time gets more powerful with each kill so chaining kills together makes you incredibly overpowered. Without bullet time you can't dodge enemy shots though. Be honest, you haven't played either much and are going by your assumptions right lol

>> No.5531634

Modern arts and fear books!

>> No.5532028


>> No.5532408

Arch-Vile is telegraphed as fuck though, you get an immediate audio-visual cue that it's about to happen, and you get about a second to get the hell out of his line of sight.
That more than makes up for RNG in my opinion, and the potentially higher than normal damage makes sure to teach you to never underestimate him or ignore him.


>> No.5532413
File: 31 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5532810

Playing on nBlood, and on e2m8 there are two spider bosses on Well Done difficulty level. After I kill one, Caleb says his miss muffat quote then the credits roll. I assume the credits rolling is the bug, but can I safely start ep 3? Never played this game before so I'm not sure what normal is.


>> No.5532824


>> No.5532836

Credits roll after you kill any of the two bosses, since script is tied to their death.
It's an oversight in the original game's design, where they simply added more monsters without regard to the scripts tied to them.

>> No.5533476

How to defeat the skeleton boss? I'm playing a mod where he's tucked away in a room with a key, but as soon as I enter he just about insta-kills me; or the 4 cultists in there take away most of my health and then the skeleton beast finishes me off.

>> No.5534330

Reminder that you chop hitscanner accuracy significantly when you crouch.

>> No.5534332

Why do people hate nBlood again? I don't want Javaids on my computer.

>> No.5534726

Tchernobog? He only does the hitscan fire attack if you're within a certain range. If you're far enough away you can shoot him in peace.

>> No.5534807

RNG is gay

>> No.5534853 [SPOILER] 
File: 15 KB, 308x196, 1556483488756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5535572

Yeah that's what I ended up doing, plus jumping around like a bunny and hiding behind objects to fuck up the AI.

>> No.5535641

bmouse is a thing

>> No.5535646

Bmouse isn't good enough in my experience.

>> No.5535651

it's worked great for me in all build games, it does require some tweaking to get the sensitivity right but it worked great after that

>> No.5535656

I kind of got it better for Blood, but for Duke Nukem 3D I didn't find it necessary.

>> No.5535685

New player here again. Late reply, but I just consider HP in Blood as another resource. In Doom you can get through any map with 0 damage taken, but Blood really doesn't work that way. Enemies dropping life essence is clearly meant to reward an aggressive player who moves forward while he murders.

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