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Build engine thread. Topic: which episode or expansion is your favorite of each game?

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the virgin bloodgdx
the chad nblood

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Ion maiden

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everybody said it sucked

had to try it anyway

shoulda listened

shoulda learned

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bloodGDX is demo accurate, nblood still isn't

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Which water level is the best? Is it even possible to make a good one?

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i'll trade demos for having a source port that doesn't run in bloated disgusting javaids

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>t. casual

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Why does Shadow Warrior have to be so hard. I had fun with Duke 3D, but this game is kicking my shit in.

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The enemies have no stun when you shoot them and they can fire on you on the first frame

In terms of difficulty sw is harder than blood

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Based. NBlood is getting patched to fix demos anyway.

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it's poorly designed

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Just some random thoughts/opinions about the games
-Duke's kick button is nice and I wish more games had something similar
-I wish other first-person shooters had a worthwhile melee weapon like Shadow Warrior
-The life leech weapon in Blood can be used as a portable platform. So can all the enemies.
-The warhead and heat seeker in Shadow Warrior was interesting
-Plenty of the items/consumables are interesting to play around with, even if some have much higher milage
-The voodoo doll is probably the most original weapon in of all the games
-Shadow Warrior's vehicles had a high appeal, much more than the cameras in Duke

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speaking of the life leech in blood, I always thought it was underwhelming considering how rare the ammo was compared to something like the tesla cannon. I recently found out that in earlier versions of the game, it would steal enemy hp like its name implies. why was this removed?

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I don't know. I've always felt that the life leech was a bit of a dud weapon, if you take away the secondry fire which is boss/room killer tier. Also the spray can isn't very useful in any serious fights.

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I the one with the pirate ship and fort.

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Since when we need a topic to start one of these threads? Are you retarded?
Anon, I think you switched the two around. Don't worry, shit happens.

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Ion maiden got me so excited for new build engine game I'm going through as and blood all over again

What makes these dawn games so comfy, blood especially

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Like you niggers ever post your own replays here anyway, lmao

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I doubt it. It really doesn't look like they give a shit (which is ironic considering how much the duke4 homos tried to discredit GDX's gameplay accuracy, despite the various videos, yet they all collectively deepthroat NBlood even though it's proven shite). It's been quite a while since NBlood released and we have yet to have any gameplay improvement. All Hendricks seems to really care about is his eduke32 "empire" being built upon; he has no real integrity beyond that. Nukey has already proved himself incompetent considering he made the claim that his port was already demo accurate. It requires far more than just a "patch" I'll tell you that much. It's probably best he goes through GDX's code when it's made open source so that he can actually see what's up, just like he already copied the general reverse engineering method of GDX, despite denying it and being obviously caught out in a lie.

I get 4000+fps in GDX which is 20 times more than I'll ever need.

The replays in of themselves are not really the point, the point is that they prove nblood is inaccurate trash. Lol at you sad fucks that have been trying to shit on GDX for years now. I understand that that's quite a long time to be getting repeatedly BTFO'd for but pls try to contain your desperation.

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This, dealing damage felt off for me in GDX, especially noticeable with the shotgun. In NBlood, the shooting felt awesome and consistent.

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It doesn't matter what "feels off" to you because you are an idiot. Here's your "accurate" shotgun/gameplay in NBlood.

Meanwhile in GDX,

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Water is amazing in Build.
It's fun because for the most part they didn't give a fuck that enemies couldn't swim so it feels more like some awesome flying than some realistic, restrictive swimming.

Water transitions being teleporters, water is also amazing because it easily allows for some cool 3D layouts.

Flood Zone is one of the best maps in DN3D. Water Torture in SW is also one of the best maps in the game, despite being somewhat cramped. In terms of how tight the Sector over Sector is, and how smart the use of underwater teleporters is, it was one of Schuler's finest hour.

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Might as well be Blood General at this point.

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They're working on an official source port for Blood right? Or is that one of the two that people constantly complain about

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No it's something else entirely. And it isn't a source port either.

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Duke 3D was the one I played the most. I got to play Blood and Shadow Warrior at a family friend's house occasionally. Never played Redneck Rampage.

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Definitely Flood Zone.

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Just +back and spam grenades around corners, congrats you're now a master shadow warrior tactician.

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Duke Nukem 3D - Episode 3

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On NBlood vs. BloodGDX debate:

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holy fuck no one cares

they're both fucking fine, shut up with this dumbass dick measuring and just play and enjoy the game jesus christ

fuck off

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posted this in the wrong thread because too many threads >>5510609

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What is it about Blood that causes these threads to devolve into autistic slapfights?

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Look at the skybox

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Guess cause it's "source port" situation is so all over the place. You have people saying BloodGDX is better then NBlood and vice versa and the "best option" will never be agreed upon by everyone. I personally like NBlood more because I don't like Java programs.

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Which is pretty a much a non-argument and a neckbeard straw-grasp at best considering gdx's actual performance. If you didn't actually know the port was running on java you'd have absolutely no clue just by playing bloodgdx. Good job on being an absolute memeing asshat for the last two years.

And regarding slight visual differences in palette, only a fucktard would sacrifice gameplay accuracy for a slightly different colour palette here and there. Gameplay is always more important in an action based game... Or maybe not for u in fairness since you probably play it like a lobotomised dickhead.

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Good question.

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but goddamn it looks so nice tho

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GDX is not gameplay accurate too

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Not every game is worthy of an accurate well-performing sourceport. Blood is simply a pain to play either way.

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Did you know vixens in Redneck Rampage can be evaded perfectly (yes, even titgun bursts) as long as you keep circlestrafing and as long as she stays inside that circle you are making around her? That last point is important, she will try to leave, using teleporting (that's why she has it, I assume), you have to constantly make sure she ALWAYS stays on the same side in relation to the current direction of your movement.

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That having been said, if the current locales just don't have enough space for you to circlestrafe, the only other viable tactic I've found I could more or less rely upon, is just tanking it, while crouched, with the melee mode of the saw.

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>general reverse engineering method of GDX
wut? like basing port on tons of stolen code and trying to hide this fact? how the hell gdx is going to be open sourced then?

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Well at the very least it's far more accurate than NBlood. No matter what demo I ever threw at GDX it never desynced. This guy
played through the entire game and played the demos back in GDX with no problem. I have literally never found a desync in GDX, whereas in NBlood it only took three demo files for it to fuck up (and the same demos worked fine with GDX). I would like to see something like this
done in NBlood. I don't see it faring anywhere near that level.

Interestingly I just tried to record a demo of the map in your webm in DOSBox Blood to test it myself in both GDX and NBlood. When I replayed it in NBlood it got desynced immediately at the start of the map. However DOS Blood itself gets desyncs when playing its own demos sometimes, and sure enough the exact same desync happened in DOS Blood, and it happened in GDX as well. All three experienced the same desync, including DOS Blood itself. What a janky ass game lol.

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>The voodoo doll is probably the most original weapon in of all the games
How do you figure? It's essentially an invisible hitscan gun, nothing more. I would say Shrinker/Expander is probably the most creative weapon in the of the three games.

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>I have literally never found a desync in GDX
*Or rather, never found a desync that also desynced the same way in DOS Blood, as described by the ending segment of that post.

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Civvie is finally doing Pro Duke Nukem 3D and I'm unironically excited to watch it all.

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Since we're talking about versions. Here are the software vs hardware voxels

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I can't wait till Ion Maiden comes out, lads. I loved the preview campaign a lot.

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>my 6yo son would do better than him
>it's supposed to be ironic
>it fails even at that
Fuck off with your e-celeb bullshit you cunt

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Why do people care about this faggot? He can't play for shit and his humour is 100% reddit.

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Speaking of nblood, the newest patch just got released


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>I have literally never found a desync in GDX
*Or rather, never found a desync that didn't also desync the same way in DOS Blood, as described by the ending segment of that post.

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Hot take: I prefer the way GDX looks

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>it's supposed to be ironic

That's a new one. The videos are based on showcasing stuff and "tips".

>> No.5511245

That's what one anon said to me the moment I pointed out how much he fails at what he does. Maybe it was his last straw to defend his favorite e-celeb. Thanks for letting me confirm this matter; also very good sarcasm you have there with the "showcasing stuff and "tips"" part.

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NBlood v1.01 released

This is mostly bugfix release, though it adds some cool features
Notable changes:
-Many gameplay inaccuracies are fixed
-Cryptic Passage can be selected in launcher (Windows only)
-Cutscene support
-Polymost(OpenGL) renderer improvements(less rendering glitches, improved palette emulation, overall better performance)
-Overall better stability

Download: https://nukeykt.retrohost.net/

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Same. I'm going to start to lose hope if it doesn't come out within April or May though. I hope the devs have still been listening to player feedback as well.

>> No.5511307

>no fun allowed
Are you on the right board?

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We're gonna have 3 PORTS soon, plus original DOS, this is the most blood has ever had in years, just pick one you like and play it

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Software voxels look so much better. The pixels kind of blend together, giving it the look of a 3D model being viewed at low-resolution. Whereas the cubes just look like something out of Minecraft. Unfortunately I've heard it would be too difficult to implement software-style voxels in the hardware renderer.
How long is the campaign they've released?

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>How long is the campaign they've released?
Probably about 1-3+ hours, plus much more if you're intending on finding every secret and doing the bonus content.

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Nice defense control civvie.

>> No.5511373

>How long is the campaign they've released?
Been a while since I played it, 2-3 hours I think? then there's also Heskel's House of Horrors.

By the way, every map so far has been pretty fantastic, Heskel's House of Horrors and Washington Wasteland are absolute top tier build engine levels.

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Seriously the scope and progression of this level is so good. Some fantastic secrets as well.

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why does Civvie play in software mode? Is he that autistic? Using software mode with mouse-aim make me sick, I don't know why anybody in their right mind would pick that.

>> No.5512034

Cry more ZOOM ZOOM

>> No.5512042

sorry grandpa, but you're wrong on this one.

also im almost 30

>> No.5512128

civvie's great; yall dipshits are just being triggered little bitches cause he had mean things to say about ol' babyhands.

>Unfortunately I've heard it would be too difficult to implement software-style voxels in the hardware renderer.

now see, this i just outright do not believe. no way is drawing a simple rectangle on the screen MORE computationally expensive than rendering even a flat unshaded cube. somebody's just being lazy and making excuses.

>> No.5512137

>civvie's great
sorry civvie but i stopped reading right there.

>> No.5512735

>no way is drawing a simple rectangle on the screen MORE computationally expensive than rendering even a flat unshaded cube. somebody's just being lazy and making excuses.

t. Build Engine expert

>> No.5512950

>no way is drawing a simple rectangle on the screen MORE computationally expensive

That's not the problem, I assume has to do with orientation and a lot of engine rewrites. Although they could cheese it by applying a software pass over the hardware render, but then it would still need to rearrange to rectangles based on perspective and that would take extra work.

>> No.5513569

That's gotta huuurt.

>> No.5514197

>civvie's great; yall dipshits are just being triggered little bitches cause he had mean things to say about ol' babyhands.
This. Also zoomer infestation. All will be resolved during the DOTR.

>> No.5514246


Hi civvie.

>> No.5514315

It's ironic the fact that you're a civvie fanboy but call out for a "zoomer infestation".

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Which build engine had the best level design?

I'd vote Duke Nukem 3D.

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Is it true that Ken Silverman made Build because he wasn't allowed to play Wolfenstein by his Jewish parents?

>> No.5516491

It is impossible to truly say, but I think they all have strengths and weaknesses. I think that Shadow Warrior has the most rounded/acceptable generic levels over all. I think that Blood has the highest quality for themes and progression over all. I think Duke has some of the most gimmick interesting/ambitious moments and is the best place to study level design for beginners.

Probably not true, since Labyrinth is almost certainly inspired by Wolf3D.

>> No.5517039

Shadow Warrior is kind of annoying. I don't know why the cultists in Blood are so hated when the ninjas in Shadow Warrior are so much worse. Uzis, rockets, big fucking fire spells, partial invisibility, and they're always god damn everywhere. And often times necessary things for level progression are hidden better than actual secrets. Like walking into an active fireplace, turning around, and looking up to find a ladder to the roof. A roof which is naturally full of fucking ninjas.

>> No.5517123

Not even complete yet.

>> No.5517129

New version of NBlood (1.1)
>-Many gameplay inaccuracies are fixed
>-Cryptic Passage can be selected in launcher (Windows only)
>-Cutscene support
>-Polymost(OpenGL) renderer improvements(less rendering glitches, improved palette emulation, overall better performance)
>-Overall better stability
suck it GDX fags

>> No.5517130

why is it always nblood fans trying to start shit for no reason?

>> No.5517135

Why do GDX fans butt in whenever NBlood is brought up?

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If we look at historical importance and influence on the industry, it is DN3D hands down.
It helped take video game 'realism' and 'interactivitiy' a step up, and that didn't influence only FPS games.

If we pretend that all Build games are equal, despite Blood, SW, and the RR games coming out after DN3D and all being influenced by it at least to some extent, then I find the comparison hard to say.

Rides Again, being the later game, has probably the biggest and most detailed levels. By that time people had mastered Build and it also had the most and best amount of tricks and design mastery that push the limits of Build.

Shadow Warrior also has some highly detailed maps, and probably the most advanced use of sector effectors.
People often define old FPS level design as "maze-like", but while this is true for the Wolf and Doom era, it is a lot less true for the DN3D and post DN3D era.
Shadow Warrior's level design however in many ways was a step back and used more "maze like" elements. A lot of things are also less smart, the keyhunting specifically.

Blood's levels are definitely less detailed, often less than DN3D even, despite coming out a year after. However, they are more conceptual, gameplay is often more well thought, and they shine by showing a level of mastery on the design cues that DN3D had started.
Blood has the most "3D" feeling levels of all Build games.

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Powerslave was not hit by DN3D's influence because it was mostly developed before DN3D was out. It also doesn't share many of the level design cues as DN3D/SW/Blood/RRs because it does not have co-op and isn't designed.
Powerslave's level are however unique and in a way "out of time".
There is only one other FPS game with similar level design, Dark Forces: both games' levels are "not quite Doom-like anymore", both want to be something more and share an interested for the cues that DN3D popuralized, but neither game are quite there yet with those cues.
The result is those highly conceptual levels, with an interest on 3D layout, moving geometry, sector effector, a sense of realism and adventure, which are in between "Doom like" and "Duke like".
It is more unique than most people realize, and in that particular out of time category which few games belong in... Powerslave excels at.

>> No.5517265

Because it's shit

>> No.5517307

>There is only one other FPS game with similar level design, Dark Forces: both games' levels are "not quite Doom-like anymore", both want to be something more and share an interested for the cues
You could say just as much on Cybermage, Battlespire (not an FPS, but arguably "close enough") and even HeXen 1 as well. Maybe even Marathon 2 and Eradicator count to an extent, although both definitely gravitate toward more abstract approach.

>> No.5517312

Also, Quake has episode 4 which has, for example, E4M8: The Nameless City in it.

What I mean to say is that this semi-abstract semi-realistic approach likely originates from dungeon crawling games (which are essentially treasure hunts). Bradley - author of Cybermage - is the creator of Wizardry 5-7, the first game of HeXen devs was Black Crypt, an Eye of Beholder clone on Amiga, Petersen comes from P&P campaign design scene, Battlespire is a straight-out Ultima Underworld clone with much heavier combat emphasis, lastly, if I remember correctly, Powerslave's initial sort of a pitch, was for it to be an RPG, likely a heavily Ultima Underworld influenced one.

At least, that's my current take.

>> No.5517318

Also, even Doom 2 has levels that are much more thematic and fleshed out than that is usually the case - Monster Condo, Spirit World and Chasm (interesting to note is that, if I am not mistaken, Petersen has recently stated that all three were inspired by nightmares he had).

>> No.5517324

>if I am not mistaken
relates to
>all three

I don't remember whether he mentioned all three levels I listed - in the context of being inspired by dreams - or just two, Monster Condo and Chasm.

>> No.5517356

Tranny maiden

>> No.5517397

Jesus this game honestly looks amazing.

>> No.5517423

I feel like DN3D just had a better feel of progression throughout its levels than any other.

I love Blood, it has by far the best gameplay of the build engine games, and it has some incredible levels too but overall I feel like the progression throughout those levels feel a bit lackluster, it kind of feels like running around in circles until you have all keys, there's no real thought for the experience itself of going through a level.

Blood has no "Death Row", or anything even close to it.

>> No.5517441

Shadow Warrior doesn't have any more mazes or keys compared to Duke, in fact it probably has much less.

>> No.5517802


>> No.5517984

Anything new on Blood EX? Is it coming this year?

>> No.5518168

Last news was like a month or two ago the dev tweeted it would be out in April. Which doesn't seem to actually be the case.

>> No.5518819

I'm just surprised that the game has a brothel with high school girls working in it.
Wooo...it's a little bit nipply out tonight. ;^)

>> No.5518940

>you can now select cryptic passage on the menu
Is this the power of NBlood? Damn, might as well install it

>> No.5518948

Even though it's fan made, I finally got around to beating Death Wish. Even though custom textures would have greatly enhanced things, it was still really fun... better than some of the official maps.

>> No.5519021

How many people left are still keyboard-only? Mouse aim is shit.

>> No.5519270

Most SW levels have 3-4 keys, the same can not be said about Duke.

Key use is also oftentimes dumb in SW:
>start map, you can see a bazillion key locks
>find first key, backtrack until you find the corresponding lock
>key opens a single square room which itself holds a key
>with that key you can turn around again until you find the next lock
>which again opens a single square room which holds another key
>etc until you find the map exit

I'm looking at you Hara-Kiri Harbor, although many other maps have this syndrome at least to some extent.

Key use in Duke and Blood is generally better.

>> No.5519379


>> No.5519386

Did Duke 3D have mouse look originally?

>> No.5519390

Yes. You had to fiddle with the setup to invert the y axis though.

>> No.5519482

Yes but the Y axis is locked by default, you have to press U to unlock it.

Earlier Build games (Witchaven, Tekwar, Powerslave) didn't have the possibility to unlock the Y axis mouselook, you had to hold a key for that, but it's possible to fake it by setting that key to capslock, numlock or scroll lock.

>> No.5519758

God Tier:

High Tier:
Redneck Rampage

Mid Tier:

Low Tier:
Shadow Warrior

Shit Tier:

>> No.5519768

Heheheh, what a mess.

>> No.5519997

Redneck is one of the fathers of modern open world shooters.

>> No.5520015

I like civvies vids, they're comfy.

That said, hes a dumb fag for not loving trump but whatever idgaf about his politics just videos.

>> No.5520120

Why are you afraid of Java?

>> No.5520132

Civvie is casual as fuck, he claims to be a pro but isn't.
I don't hate him, but when you make a video proclaiming you're a pro at Doom, and then completely fail to grasp the obvious that E2M9 is about tricking the monsters into infighting, instead slogging your way through it like an idiot, you're not a pro.
He also isn't as good at Blood as he presents.

>> No.5520189

>A S C E N D E D tier: witchaven 2

>> No.5520215

Having grown up playing games like these in software mode, hardware mode is a clear improvement. 27 btw

>> No.5520218

Who the fuck told you that?

>> No.5520223

I actually like Chasm a lot, and I don't see why people hate it so much, it's one of the better late Doom 2 maps.

>(interesting to note is that, if I am not mistaken, Petersen has recently stated that all three were inspired by nightmares he had).
He did? Where can I find that?

>> No.5520256

That would make as much sense as the Christians that hated Doom because it involved killing demons.

>> No.5520293

I never got that logic. Wouldn't you be a champion of God himself if you're directly in combat against hell to save mankind?

>> No.5520328

No Spirit World mention, so, I guess, it's just Chasm and Monster Condo.
I also think I encountered a more detailed writeup of his on Monster Condo, but I can't currently find it.

>> No.5520334

Found it.

>> No.5520354

I'll have to take my time and read those. I love that jolly old nerd.

>> No.5520404

>tfw I'm the same age but was never allowed to participate in any sort of 90's culture thanks to my fundamentalist christian parents
>due to this I'm no better then zoomers who were born in the late 90's and like claiming they're "90's kids".
I fucking hate how much I missed out on. I literally had my first pop tart like last year, and first played Doom a few years ago. Thanks mom and dad.

>> No.5520443

Hey, you're a lot better than the average zoomer, you have some perspective on life, even if you were robbed out of a lot of experiences.
At least you're free now, and you know it was stupid, so you wouldn't treat your own future kids the same way.

>> No.5520492

>Having grown up playing games like these in software mode, hardware mode is a clear improvement. 27 btw

Having grown up playing games like this in software mode, I can say you're a huge faggot. Probably caught crying about "muh spazzing 3D" in PS1 and Saturn threads.

>> No.5520502

I don't mind the jiggly 3D that much, that's just how that was, but for first person, the obscene perspective distortion you'd see in 2.5D games like these is not that fun to look at and actual real 3D (with true colors), is just better to look at.

It just looks better, you cocksucker.

>> No.5520513

Enjoy your cardboard cutout enemies/sprites and lack of creepy shading and atmosphere then, you semen-gobbler.

>> No.5520530

They were always cardboard cutouts (but I never found it noticeable with original rendering or hardware), and the shading can be emulated, all without the loss of color or the janky perspective distortion


>> No.5520536

>all without the loss of color
Not really, no, paletted lighting has much the same appeal as pixel-art graphics. Reduced color depth makes picture far more high-contrast, makes details stand out more.

>> No.5520547

Not if the details bleed together in the same shade.

>> No.5520554

Admittedly, you do have a point.

>> No.5521804

I fucking love the jiggly early era 3D but hate the distorted 2.5D software mode.

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I love Powerslave

>> No.5523830

Is that NAM? WWII GI is better.

>> No.5523953
File: 135 KB, 800x600, ww2gi_007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is....

>> No.5523975

Really good map too.

>> No.5523980

lmao, looks like someone going to cut your throat

>> No.5524008
File: 211 KB, 590x330, imaiden_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still not released

>> No.5524015
File: 179 KB, 1024x768, chuck-jones-duke-alienqueen1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I find the rest of Chuck Jones' DN3D renders? So far I got the three bosses and the Octobrain.

>> No.5524026
File: 468 KB, 1200x900, Rtb_048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also on an off-topic side note I just noticed how similar the Alien Queen and the early version of the HL1 Gargantua were, specially the claws and torso extremities.

>> No.5524075

Done in good ol' HASH Animation Master. That tool saved me so much time ans trouble in the 90s.

>> No.5524076

Holy shit you are retarded

Witchaven 2 is bugged as fuck

>> No.5524487

How much better?

>> No.5524885

What are some good level sets for Duke? I played through pretty much entire workshop back on Megaton edition, now set some Eduke and finished DukeHard not long ago.

>> No.5525056
File: 184 KB, 382x432, tonnin tuet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

should I get the saturn version of Powerslave or just wait for Powerslave EX?

>> No.5525078

Why the fuck do you need to wait? It's already been released and works just great. I've played through it and 100%'d all the collectibles. It's a surprisingly fun first person metroidvania.

Make sure to grab this fix for broken mouse look if playing on Windows 10 though:

>> No.5525140

>It's a surprisingly fun first person metroidvania.
I'm sick and tired of this kind of bait, for real when will this zoomer meme stop? Nobody seems to call these maze games, because if anything that's what they are.

>> No.5525153

PS EX is a mess because Kaiser is a spazz

>> No.5525159

Ive seen this sentiment posted a few times, but why exactly? I havent beaten the PS1 version but I played a few levels and the gameplay felt the same as EX.

>> No.5525284

Shelly better sing in the final release
Caleb, Duke, and Wang all sang

>> No.5525309

Kaiser reverse engineered his port from the PS version, got mad/bored halfway and basically said fuck accuracy, faithfulness or anything that resembles the original and shat the whole thing out into the world...or something like that.

>> No.5525527

Buddy, I sure hope so. It's quite strange how Ion Maiden has ultra HD textures and colors that didn't exist in the old games, but there's still not a whole lot of Douk talk for the character and enemies.

>> No.5525553

ok but as i said WHAT is so inaccurate

>> No.5525567

Prove it.

>> No.5525601

maybe no one calls them that because you're wrong

>> No.5525696

That's true, the red hooded crossbow guys call you a fleshbag but there's not a whole lot. Maybe they should just go full blood and make the cyborg cultists chant code at you.

>> No.5525742

Sometimes I think that Caleb from Blood is part Amerindian.

>> No.5525767

never played blood before
I have one unit whole on GoG, but never touched it. Should I play through with nBlood or vanilla with Dosbox first?

>> No.5525775

You can really do any one of those, including GDX.

>> No.5525807

The enemies in Blood are some of the most memorable parts of the game sound-wise. Caleb is actually pretty quiet on the one-liners I've noticed besides the screaming/laughing and purposely scripted parts. But the monsters are constantly talking lines, like "more brains", "join us", "i'll swallow your soul" and "MODERN ARTS AND FEARS BOOKS" whenever you see them.

>> No.5525809

No, it's actually correct. A meme-word such as niggervania or whatever isn't.

>> No.5525956

To be fair its still in development. Hopefully they add more one liners to the final game. Discovering the Hellraiser bed warrants more than a "Holy Shit"

>> No.5525962

>modern build game using EXTREME graphics
>make all the enemies from CGI instead of clay
Seriously, it can't be that expensive to buy some clay from hobby lobby, mold it around some barbie doll or something, add bits of wire and shit around it to make it more synthetic looking, then create the sprites. Using CGI just screams low effort to me.

>> No.5525997

You know the map designs for Ion Maiden so far are fantastic.But I honestly want to see more cyberpunk stuff. So far we just got an office block, a subway station and a mansion. Wheres the neon lit arcades filled with destructible objects? Wheres the seedy red light district?

>> No.5526107

CGI is how fucking Duke Nukem did it and nobody is complaining about its art. 3D model rips look fine when they're cleaned up.

>> No.5526182
File: 328 KB, 1786x1911, Major Kusanagi,.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like she is channeling a bit of Motoko Kusanagi there.

>> No.5526191

Powerslave EX is amazing, don't miss out on a great game because some retard online is being edgy.


>> No.5526197

There's absolutely no reason to bother with DOSBox anymore now that we have 2 fully functional Windows ports. There's nothing unique to the DOS version aside from the shitty resolution and framerate and also the absolute dog shit mouse look.

>> No.5526319
File: 207 KB, 1781x716, tshirt_1345278214201_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that tshirt on the website
its so tacky but i need it in my life

>> No.5526327

>ultra HD textures

What are you talking about, I'm pretty sure Redneck Rampage has higher res art than Ion Maiden

>colors that didn't exist in the old games

it's a 256 colours palette like in the old games

Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage, and probably others too, all used 3D models. That was the standar then, not clay. Clay is far less convenient to use, it is harder, takes more time, less people know how to, and chances are you're more likely to lose the asset over time.
Clay gives a certain look but that look may not fit every game, and more importantly, with such restricted resolutions and colours, the clay look is often lost anyway. you wouldn't have known Doom was made with clay if nobody had told you

>> No.5526334

Metroidvania implies -vania. That name and suffix came after SotN and its derivatives, and therefore the Vania suffix implies RPG elements, stats to grow.

The console Powerslave is therefore not a Metroidvania but a Metroid. Metroid is not a Metroidvania, there is a reason why it's a mix of 2 words, 2 games, it needs both.
They're action-adventure games.

The term is trendy and used wrongly for everything, just like it was the case with survival horror when it was trendy in the mid 90's and early 00's, with magazines calling stuff like House of the Dead survival horror.

Compare an EX speedrun with the one and only PS1 speedrun, which is the version EX is based on. First thing you'll notice is that the EX speedrun is a lot faster, gee I wonder why....

>> No.5526591

It doesn't look like they're putting any non-hostile NPC's in the game, so no hookers.

>> No.5526662

How did Caleb get his bright red eyes? Did he earn them, or was he born like that?

>> No.5526723

It comes with being the leader of an evil cult worshiping a real god.

>> No.5526739

So he earned them.

>> No.5526749

Take Tek and War, and you get TEKWAR! Lets fight robots and guards!

>> No.5526751

>t. Kaiser in full assblasted mode

>> No.5526756

>I'm pretty sure Redneck Rampage has higher res art than Ion Maiden
It didn't.

>Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage, and probably others too, all used 3D models.
Blood used puppets build on stop-motion armatures, constructed by a movie prop professional.
Ultimately it's irrelevant if you use 3D models, miniatures or paint them. These are just tools. You need talented and experienced people on your team.

>> No.5526801
File: 32 KB, 528x528, artofim_11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It didn't.

The vast majority of Redneck Rampage and Rides Again are based on 256*256 textures.

For Ion Maiden, quote from the dev blog:
>Meanwhile our textures appear in very low resolution - 128x128 being the usual standard.
Pic related from their dev blog, probably a terrible example since they're zoomed in.

So it may have some higher res textures, probably 256*256 as well, but most aren't.

For enemies between RR and IM, it is hard to tell because the assets are not available for IM, but comparing the two they look about the same.

Conclusion: RR has higher res art, and 128*128 is very far from your
>ultra HD textures

>> No.5526809
File: 18 KB, 512x128, palette.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>colors that didn't exist in the old games

Also from their dev blog, the 256 colours palette.


Now, if all of this looks like "ultra HD with colors that didn't exist in the old games", I guess they must have done a pretty good job with the limitations they used.

>> No.5526813

>t. pleb

>> No.5527175

It's a loose recreation of inferior version of Powerslave.
Kinda like Doom 64 Absolution, the more I think about it.

>> No.5527206
File: 140 KB, 640x480, rr05.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RR has some nice texture work. Good use of faux-lighting effects. Like most BUILD tilesets it has that strange balance between filthy realistic and colorful cartoony.

Apparently done by the same guy who went on to be art director on Kingpin: Life of Crime.

>> No.5527265

Yes, Kingpin shares many designers, including level designers. It looks like Blackwell de-throned Mayberry as Lead level designer between RR and Kingpin; although Mayberry was given "story" for Kingpin so who knows exactly how it went down.

>Good use of faux-lighting effects.

it gets even better in rides again, where lights and shadows are a seemless mix between pre-baked lights on textures, sector/wall shading, and sprite shading. These guys really knew how to exploit Build.

>> No.5527514

It's quite interesting how some Redneck Rampage maps are actually decent, but others are completely flat and sickening.

>> No.5527529

Yes, the map quality in RR is really all over the place.

>> No.5527609
File: 44 KB, 411x395, Backstab9pl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wish someone would build Backstab map from BF2:MC in the Cube engine maybe. Playing AssaultCube in Backstab would be fun.

>> No.5527741

Confirmed pussy magnet I wore one downtown and you could hear the ladies getting moist

>> No.5528353

If Duke, Caleb and Wang fought to the death who would win?

>> No.5528381

Their enemies.

>> No.5528521
File: 592 KB, 894x1080, Tensi Yoka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We will never see the expansion of Shadow Warrior where you play as Lo Wang's baby sister, No Wang.

>> No.5528526


>> No.5528539

I wish Shadow Warrior 2 wasn't reheated AIDS tampons. Maybe one day we could get another good Shadow Warrior game.

>> No.5528654

>Dood remember blooddragon XD
Also Hoji died for nothing

>> No.5528665

I really prefer to think of SW2 as just not canon at all.
Maybe if we're really lucky, they'd do a new episode for the original Shadow Warrior, like was done for Duke, but that might be kind of hard to get away with PR-wise in today's climate.

Blooddragon was alright for what it was, though some 80s nostalgia wank is getting a bit on the annoying side these days, so it's easy to look at that game as kinda blasé now.

>> No.5528713

yah i didnt even mean to blast blood dragon
desu far cry should have just been blood dragon from then on

>> No.5528818

use the smoke bombs, use the gas bombs the smoke bomb makes you invisible pretty much and your punches do a ton of damage. It's not that hard

>> No.5529263
File: 52 KB, 397x439, nice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did M210 mean by that?
And where is Ion Maiden GDX icon?

>> No.5529286

>support for Legend of the Seven Paladins

>> No.5529508

I wonder if Ken Silverman is still alive at all...

>> No.5529509

I'd much rather play XDuke or RedNukem instead

>> No.5529606

With a female main character, it would have been awkward anyway. Either they'd make her a lesbian, or have her start bitching half an hour about MUH SEXISM, or say nothing at all. All equally cringe.

>> No.5529778

They could put in some beefcake.

>> No.5530051

He is. He teaches programming to kids.

>> No.5530090

That guy was/is crazy talented.
He also released his "long-lost" successor to BUILD in early 2018. Originally started to compete with then-in-dev id Tech 2, halted because BUILD had to be finished and refined.

Contains early footage of BUILD, POLYTEX, KENVEX and the finished BUILD2.

>> No.5530110

I can't get this song out of my head

>> No.5530173

it's pretty chill and at the same time gives that spooky and unsettling feel, fits the level really well

>> No.5530197
File: 39 KB, 640x425, nukem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wasn't really expecting strippers to be in the game, but I just like the idea of non-hostile NPC's in games. Duke has strippers. Shadow Warrior has the weird anime girls. Then Blood took it to the next level with the innocent humans, who acted as decoration and could annoy the player in firefights. They also had a chance to drop ammo or health if they player choose to peruse them. There were also bats in Blood that acted as decoration, but they actually can harm the player and be killed if you feel like bothering them. Additionally, Redneck Rampage has farm animals, like chickens, pigs, and cows, which you can kill for fun, and some of them will fight back. And on an even more obscure note TekWar also has civilians that the player is discouraged from shooting. Outside of Build, there's plenty of other FPS with non-hostile NPC's, like Half-Life, which has cockroaches, birds, scientists, security, guards, etc.

Am I the only one who enjoys stupid details like this? It's not even that hard to do on the Build engine.

>> No.5530279

>Originally started to compete with then-in-dev id Tech 2, halted because BUILD had to be finished and refined

That's not BUILD2, that's Polytex, and he released that as early as 2000.

>> No.5530303

The point still stands

>> No.5530307

Yah the game has a little body horror streak in it and its awesome
Really hope the game comes out soon and the multiplayer is good

>> No.5530530

IM will run like a shit on java

>> No.5530535

>things I pull out of my fat ass

>> No.5530573

I was honestly shocked by how incredibly good Shadow Warrior reboot was, vs how bad Shadow Warrior 2 was. The death of Hoji was pure kino. The reboot had incredibly good writing. Shadow Warrior 2 was a mess.

>> No.5531582
File: 199 KB, 800x975, 3029-duke-caribbean-life-s-a-beach-dos-front-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is it such a masterpiece?

>> No.5531586

The laziness of tbat box art doesnt bode well...

>> No.5531595

shut up pleb, like you could do any better in '97

>> No.5531610

Not an argument.

>> No.5531690

The water sound effects in Duke sound so delicious.

>> No.5531747

Get back to /v/ kiddie

>> No.5531750

Keep moving the goalposts.

>> No.5531756

Keep walking Zoomer shit

>> No.5531758

The low-pass filter it applies to everything under water?

>> No.5531863

Why is the Blood big box so rare/expensive?

>> No.5531867

Such anger all for some shitty box art, lol

>> No.5531891

Keep walking Zoomer shit

>> No.5531894

Man that's some really limited English vocabulary, ouch

>> No.5531964

Keep sucking my dick zoomer

>> No.5531965

>he's attempting to change things up a bit now

>> No.5531979

It's kinda not?
Travis' maps are admittedly the highlight and much more entertaining, by and large, than his DC maps, but not even map5, the best in this addon by quite far, rivals Mountain Pass from Cryptic Passage.
Wieder's tightest map is Wavemistress, and that one is explicitly derivative of Travis' maps (everything connected to the red keycard, as this level's "underside", is an explicit Travis-ism - see Beta One, Anselm, or even the barricaded room from Caribbean's level1). The other two maps are honestly whatever (boss map tries to pull quantity over quality).
And that third guy's map, Voodoo Caves or something?, is just ugh, although that jump towards the waterfall was pretty neat, I guess.

>> No.5531992

Although there is a possibility Lost Lagoon could be a kind of a spiritual sequel to Mountain Pass. Maybe? I haven't tried to examine it from that angle, maybe I will, eventually.

>> No.5531996

Not him but you are seething.

>> No.5531998

so mad righ now

>> No.5532018

>A group of buttons where you have to input code
>No clues at all, you have to bruteforce it
Is there any explainations why Build engine games do it? Nobody else seems to do it. Like maybe one of the Duke Nukem designers gone mad?

>> No.5532029

upgraded to buildGDX from plain old BloodGDX. I now have less voxels in game, specifically shell casings, candles and stuff. Tombstones are still voxels. anyone got a fix?

>> No.5532083

Replaying Duke 3D made me realize how much stuff was borrowed when creating Half-Life. Power plants, fighting in desert canyons, the idea of scripted environment effects and scripted enemies, the idea of creating a single flowing story. Even some parts like the Duke Nukem must die sign and the rocket launch were copied almost directly. On Half-Life's old website they also credit Shadow Warrior as an influence as well, which is harder to see, but that was probably the first FPS game with vehicles, turrets and ladders, which Half-Life copied as well.

>> No.5532093

Don't forget about pointless interactive stuff, like using the handdryer and the microwave in HL is directly inspired by Duke's interactivity.

Also the mere fact that the level design tends to be more realistic.

Everyone says HL owes a lot to Quake, it's true it owes it the engine; but it owes as much if not even more to Duke.
All of that is forgotten by history because Doom and Quake fanboys are louder.

>> No.5532182
File: 79 KB, 1440x900, capt0086.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

IM has some cockroaches in Heskel's House of Horrors

>> No.5532214

Only Duke Nukem does that AFAIK. There were a couple memory "puzzles" in Blood but they had solutions in the levels.

>> No.5532312

Java already runs any code like shit, now imagine trying to run a modern game on it.
There's a reason the only Java games in existence are ports of decades old games or shitty 2d based stuff.

>> No.5532442

>wrath aeon of ruin has a save item and its the only good for one use
How will save scummers ever recover?

>> No.5532448

Quake is a tech demo. It doesn't have much gameplay innovations even above Doom. Half-Life was the game that took the engine and added the nuances to it.

>> No.5532469

>tech demo meme
Stopped reading right there. You zoomers don't even know how many things that "tech demo" has started.

>> No.5532662

"tech demo" certainly didn't start Client-Side prediction for MP contrary to what is claimed on Wikipedia. Duke's shareware had that first and "tech demo" copied it.

Whatever I just said above about certain groups of fans being louder, and therefore being the one who write down History.

>> No.5532685
File: 1.61 MB, 2978x2393, The creators think Quake is poorly designed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5532693

It's not a matter of being a fanboy though, it's a matter of being objective. I like Duke the most but if you're not completely blind it's a no-brainer that Quake pioneered god knows how many things which are now taken for granted. Parroting the idea of that being a tech demo is just plain silly, Quake single-handedly revolutionized the whole gaming industry and not only that, now imagine if it launched with all the cut content, it would be even greater. Again, I must rectify that Duke is, along with Blood, my favorite FPS ever, but the comparison not only isn't fair but it's stupid to even try. They were arguably different in what they were trying to do anyway.

>> No.5532695

Wow imagine having a tech demo that is better than an actual game, must be humiliating

>> No.5533056

Is this legit or am I being memed on

>> No.5533073
File: 255 KB, 526x368, caribbean.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good levels and a fun theme it sticks to.
It's also got good music and a good Duke impersonator.

The box art isn't anything special, but it's a good set of levels with a full tropical vacation reskin.

>> No.5533081

True room over room opens up a lot for stuff you can do vs just the regular Doom.

>> No.5533089

Stay mad cunt

>> No.5533107

What's this from, and where are they citing that? Who said it? When? People who were still at ID at the time or people who since left?

Quake's singleplayer is pretty solid IMO, but I'll admit that Quake 2 felt much more finished and cohesive.
There's reason for that too, because Quake's development stalled, then changed direction and was turned into a giant compromise in a rush to have something ready for deadline. The atmosphere at ID was tense at the time and Romero was unhappy with the turn of events, planning to leave after he was done with Quake.
The game's creation was a sordid mess that left people bitter and feeling bad, and they wanted to just get it done and put it all behind themselves, yet what they did put together was a fun game that worked and is still remembered, and I think that says a lot about the skill and talent of the people involved.
Looking then at Quake 2, it was much more cohesively planned and they stuck to it.

>> No.5533687

I tried recording myself playing some build games. Anyone knows how I can make webms that fit the 3 MB limit but are still watchable?

>> No.5533702

Winkey + G if you're using Windows 10.

>> No.5533703

it's perfectly possible, especially without any audio, just gotta fiddle with the settings a little bit but WEBMs ain't hard to make

>> No.5533758
File: 2.96 MB, 640x360, 2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im using obs and ffmpeg on w10.
I think I got it.

>> No.5533778
File: 2.84 MB, 640x360, siegeb1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyway, this is what I wanted to post here. I just liked this mod so much that I wanted to share with you guys one of the boss fights.
The name of the mod is WG Realms 2: Siege Breaker

>> No.5533780
File: 2.67 MB, 640x360, siegeb2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5533839

>Is this legit

3DRealms answered in the comments, so what do you think.

>> No.5533872
File: 1.09 MB, 1432x3848, Boatmapspowerranking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wavemistress is god tier

>> No.5534089

impersonator? Mobygames lists Jon St. John in the credits

>> No.5534110

Shrapnel City

>> No.5534314

Literally never take anything he says seriously.
He's a clickbait artist.
We all know Broussard is shit and probably is taking a little bit of Ion Maiden's success for themselves, but it's not that bad.

>> No.5534825

broussard is not involved in current-day 3d realms
its an entirely different company using the namesake

>> No.5534849

I'm almost positive it wasn't him, and it was some other guy who just did a good imitation, but I can't find any source for that, and what little I can find mentioned says JSJ did, so I guess I just misremembered.

>> No.5535197

this is like 6 months old retard

>> No.5535279

I don't remember where, but I also recall reading that it was someone other than JSJ that did Life's a Beach.

>> No.5535283

WG Realms and AMC TC are just amazing showcases of build modding

>> No.5535330

If you fail William Shatner at searching for Petrovsky, YOU ARE BACK ON ICE!

>> No.5535420

>poorly designed and poorly placed enemies

>Quake 2 better gameplay than Quake 3

Written by a faggot.

>> No.5535429

The first one
The first one
all of them

>> No.5535442

I'm assuming "e-celeb" is shorthand for "electronic celebrity" and implies an internet celebrity. I've never heard of the guy you're bitching about, so I dunno if he's a "celebrity". I guess wake me if some big-time faggot talked about build engine games. Maybe darksydephil?

>> No.5535474

>>Quake 2 better gameplay than Quake 3
I mean, in the sense that Quake 2 has a real singleplayer campaign, and Quake 3 just has offline deathmatch with bots, yes.

>> No.5535498

Am I the only one who has a genuine soft spot for Redneck Rampage? I mean its vastly inferior to the holy trinity, but it has a charm all its own. Wouldn't mind an HD release.

>> No.5535510

Quake 2 sucks.

No. There are some people here who will swear that the expansions are top tier material. Personally, I find it to be an okay game in some places, it just has lots of big holes in it.

>> No.5535523

>Quake 3 just has offline deathmatch with bots, yes.


Quake 3's deathmatch is better than Quake 2's deathmatch. To the point that Quake 3's deathmatch is widely considered to be the pinnacle of its genre.

>> No.5535562

What level is in the bottom? I don't remember playing that one.

>> No.5535570

Quake 2 is ok.

Right, but Quake 3 doesn't have any real single player.

>> No.5535579

its from blood's cryptic passage expansion

>> No.5535748

Alien World Order is good but nowhere near 20 bucks good. Especially since I have the Megaton Edition.

>> No.5535790

Pretty much. The whole Randy Pitchford thing really puts a damper on it too.

>> No.5536116

The original has fair evadable enemies (although both alien require some getting used to) and genuinely interesting and unusual levels. Not to mention the killer art direction. It is nowhere neat bottom of the barrel. In fact, I personally prefer it to both Blood and SW.

RA added at least one bullshit enemy (biker), took a plunge with art direction, and I am really not a fan of whoever did the Refinery (which I would rate as Beadrey's Mansion equal at best) and Gambling Boat. So that one I will readily place behind both the Build quadro and Powerslave, no problem.

>> No.5536158

Also, I am absolutely following a bad example and exhibit behavior that can be (and quite rightfully at that) seen as imposing my taste, even despite it being a counterpoint. I should probably shut up, and post something once I have something both significantly new and coherent to convey. I haven't played in a while, as I am currently preoccupied with other stuff, though, and yapping and reiterating on my old impressions takes next to no effert when compared with actual repeated reexamination of the levels to be discussed. This sort of halfassing is a really bad current habit of mine.
Anyway, ramble mode off.

>> No.5536171

What's the worst official Build map? Hard mode: No Redneck Rampage or Duke expansions. Also hard mode: No Duke episode 2 and 3.

>> No.5536174

Faces of Death?

>> No.5536197


Also excluding ep2 does not equal to hard mode since it's amazing

>> No.5536232
File: 621 KB, 1600x900, SPOILER_duke0001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

EP4 is gonna be a wild ride, just hope it won't take 4 years to finish

>> No.5536305

That looks pretty cool, the textures work well together.

The only thing that doesn't seem to fit are those civilians which look pretty bad in comparison but with this resolution it is hard to tell.
Also wall shading.

Is that TRoR I see?

To be frank I haven't finished EP3.. in fact I barely played it.
X-264-2 or whatever is its name makes a very underwhelming start.
It is huge and there is no indication on where the player should go vs where he can't, the very samey shading and lighting throughout didn't help either. The fight near the base entrance with the turrets wasn't very fun either.

I still went on and reached the 2nd map, some cool stuff and cool use of the spaceship; but then I found myself in front of a blue keypad, with no key, and the only remaining path something that loops back to the start of the map. The key could have been anywhere in this huge space so that's when I gave up, and yet I had never given up on AMC TC before, not even in the optional forest maps.

Although I understand asserting quality control on a fan made episode where people are making stuff willingly on their spare time is hard.. let's just say that mission didn't make it for me.

>> No.5536401

blue keycard is in the queen's chambers, there's a platform in the first area you can land the flier on which leads to more parts of the facility - if it helps, the big cavern area's floor is all optional content, the bits you need to go are lit up.

>> No.5536429

>First thing you'll notice is that the EX speedrun is a lot faster, gee I wonder why....
Because the game is not lagging every 3 seconds?

>> No.5536825

TekWar and Shadow Warrior but on the Sega Saturn, PS1, and N64(N64 version would have the FMV sequences replaced with a static image of Shatner speaking).
Oh, what could have been...

>> No.5536846

These TCs are a fucking mess. It's like a child wanted to stuff something of everything in, the result is neither bread nor butter

>> No.5536914

I really agree.

>> No.5537168
File: 2.91 MB, 640x360, Base Profile 04.28.2019 - [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf? anybody get this glitch in SW Redux where niggas dont die?

>> No.5537219

Odd how they're strafing like that.

>> No.5537264

Never encountered that one

>> No.5537334

what an ass

>> No.5537346

this episode 2 is my favorite after replaying the game again, the gimmicks in the space levels are really fun. anyone who cries about the sentries is a fucking scrub

>> No.5537447

>Shoot bottles
Is caleb actually excited or is this sarcasm?

>> No.5537452

How is nBlood not accurate to the original? Details, please.

>> No.5537502

What is the best way of playing Shadow Warrior with original(ish) visuals and no hussle setup? I own the redux version, but I don't like opengl visuals and it seems kinda buggy, and DosBox seems to be an absolute ass.

>> No.5537520

The early 2000's called, they want their misplaced anger about Java back. Java hasn't been a slow language in almost two decades. The JVM has been cinched down into a very tight virtual machine that runs very quickly and garbage collects 99% of applications better than a human could.

>> No.5537529 [DELETED] 



>> No.5537535


Thanks for the heads up. But it wasn't necessary to post text wall spam. Now your post will just get deleted.

>> No.5537537

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

>> No.5537541

>there are people who fell for the bloodgdx meme

>> No.5537547
File: 25 KB, 600x451, 1539021968762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prove it, with actual evidence or fuck off to the Nblood Discord.

>> No.5537548

is demo accurate the only reason it's better or what?
Just trying to figure out what the gameplay difference are.

>> No.5537581
File: 10 KB, 407x416, ISHYGDDT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon... NBlood is also made by a Russian. If you're that xenophobic, I'm afraid your head is going to explode.

Both projects are open source by now however, so all your spyware claims are moot.

>> No.5537589

Redux is the only port with proper widescreen and CD soundtrack support. I know it kinda sucks, but it's your best bet. The game's just not that popular.

>> No.5537593

Does anyone else use virtualmidisynth with their own soundpatch? If so, what patch do you typically use?

>> No.5537612

I'd say that M210 is more of a Ukranian, Pole, or LIthiuanian.

>> No.5537618

He lives in Moscow.

>> No.5537639

I got Disney Sound Source to work properly for Shadow Warrior's sound effects on DOSBOX, but can't find any settings in setup program for music! Maybe the first batch of Shadow Warrior units shipped didn't have support for soundtrack, and the file I have is from those early copies.

>> No.5537640

Great game but the Saturn version exceeds it despite the console limitations.

I wish there was a mod that combined the expanded vertex count, animations and textures of the PC version with the level design and game play of the console versions, but that's likely never going to happen since it would need to be built from scratch.

>> No.5537641

Did he Tell you that himself?

>> No.5537642

I really hoped not to read these words but I guess I'll have to make with what we have available.

>> No.5537645

The dude doesn't give a fuck about his anonymity at all.

>> No.5537648

Emulate the Saturn version with Mednafen (standalone or Retroarch core). Plays 100% accurately and it has fairly modern controls if you have a xinput controller and do the in-game control remapping.

>> No.5537650

>there are people who want a low framerate

>> No.5537654

The single digit framerate is also just as as the developers intended.

>> No.5537659

>bullshitting this hard

>> No.5538429

>hard mode: No Redneck Rampage or Duke expansions

I'm going to mention it anyway: House of Ill Reputee in RR:R66. That map is so fucking shit it's probably worse than anything in Nuclear Winter.

>shitty 1996 usermap tier theme with shitty 1996 usermap tier layout and ideas, no originality or cool ideas in the design whatsoever
>Vixen Gallore especially in plain sight with little cover
>when it's not that it's fighting a thousand of stuff especially Sheriffs in the most cramped rooms ever
>everything is so cramped that half of the time when you're actually doing well, you can be sure some glitch with the architecture will crush and kill you

I swear the fucker who made this tested his map with God mode on.
How did this map ever get so bad when the rest of the add-on is really good? How did Travis ever find this map acceptable to the "yep, let's include it as is in our add-on" point ?

>> No.5538510

No he's just dead inside or mildly autistic.

>> No.5538889
File: 51 KB, 257x280, __helevu_original_drawn_by_hetza_hellshock__f0911968f36f9cca30ba851babe26a0e-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Talks to himself all the time
>laughs randomly when blowing people up
>is a walking reference machine
Caleb is more than mildly autistic for sure.

>> No.5538980

He has seen some shit in his time being an operative for the Cabal.

>> No.5539384

Is there a mod for duke3d that replaces all enemies with sentry drones?

>> No.5540039
File: 261 KB, 1200x960, 1501330580474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5540318
File: 64 KB, 500x79, titlesmall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is the Duke or Shadow Warrior equivalent to this?

>> No.5540441

Come to think of it, I don't think Shadow Warrior even had a Soundtrack before either an expansion pack or an online update. Also, Blood 2 is not as good as the original, but its ways better than DNF, Extreme Paintbrawl, Cyclones, SW 2, WitchRaven 2, and NAM.

>> No.5541804

There really isn't any mods for those games, the most I've been able to find are a hand full of small level releases.

>> No.5541810

SW has The Last Warrior TC

>> No.5542285

The AMC TC for duke maybe?

>> No.5542312

Blood 2 is fucking garbage

>> No.5542468

does the original Duke Nukem 3D have Doom-style auto-aim? cuz i found precise aiming to be hard when the character is moving at 200mph in the megaton edition

>> No.5542928

>Blood 2 is not as good as the original, but its ways better than DNF
>"Oral Sex was great, but the sequel, Getting Shot In The Taint, isn't as good, it is however better than Being Slowly Lowered Into A Vat Of Hydrochloric Acid

>> No.5543060
File: 17 KB, 493x481, Anakin laughs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5543098

Well, it is.

>> No.5543136

Oh how so? Engine difference and weapon choices make you angry?

>> No.5543142

No, I just think Blood 2 is extremely badly made, and wasn't particularly good on the conceptual level if you look at the game and see what they were trying to do.

For DNF, I paid like $8 for a used copy and I still felt like I was robbed and raped in a filthy alley.

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