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I have a lot of games that don't have their original cases or art. How do you guys handle this?

I was thinking about making custom box art for the games that don't have theirs, and putting them in cases. (Something similar to pic related, that I just found online.)

I'm thinking about making my own cases for PS1, 2, and SNES games. Any recommendations on how I should do this?

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for disc based games I just use sleeves or any spare jewel case lying around. For cartridges i just store them neatly on a shelf in my closet.If I'm interested in the box art for a game I just look it up online

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Tbqh famalamadingdong I wouldn't put old GB games into the ds boxes if you want to collect a lot of them. I wanted to do this years back, making all the sleeves is a chore if you want them to look good, it takes up 3 times or more the amount of space the game actually has, you need to cut out parts for certain games, and you will start having shit stacked there that you will never play.
If you like a certain franchise like the pokemon games etc..., then do it for those if you want them as eyecatchers, but preferably just get something with less volume for the Rest. Just a shoebox with the carts in them are fine, use the original transparent little cases to keep them dustfree. Get a binder for trading cards (magic/ yugiho/etc) and put them in there. So many games fit into something like this, and it is much easier to browse them and look at the cartridges. Lastly, cassette tape boxes, small and transparent, could even make a Cover for them.
For snes you got universal game cases which are expensive as fuck, you could use old VHS tape boxes, but they are starting to get harder to find. There are also different cases, but I would siggest getting some where different console games fit into so it looks uniform. They also make reproduktion boxes, check ebay.
Discs is pretty easy, either get some CD/dvd/bluray/wii cases you are comfertable with and build around it, or you buy a bunch of old, shitty ps1 games on ebay and switch them for your games. Or you make a binder again like with the GB, but that is probably not what you are looking for with CD collection.

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Store them efficiently and play them. Shelf collecting is for miserable wankers.

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I guess I should have stated, that for the most part I just put all of my games in a big box, and I'm only making custom containers for specific games that I like a lot.

Not necessarily a whole series, but just the ones I'd want to actually show off or play with friends.

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You really think you own the game if you don’t have the authentic box? Protip: you don’t. Stay poor.

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Here is the best solution I ever found for storing cartridge games so that they look good.


Hope you like arts and crafts anon

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Just put the disk based stuff in a cd binder thing and then put the snes games raw dogged on the shelf.
Making game boxes or custom shit to put individual games in is hella gay and is honestly quite bluepilled.

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>hella gay and is honestly quite bluepilled.
So says you, but using terms like "bluepilled" is millenial babytalk, and therefore by virtue anything and everything you say or have ever said is a falsehood. So look what you've done. In order to keep my manhood I HAVE to make custom boxart now.

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