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About to throw it away. Press F to pay respects

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Annnd? Like why did you feel the need to make a thread here? Post it on your facebook loser.

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i dont get why people just throw everything away. you can sell everything nowadays. theres always an idiot who will buy it.

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Have no way of testing it
>implying 4chan is better than Facebook

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>n64 controller, box o cords, and some shitty shovelware carts
Nothing of value was lost.

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You could buy an used N64, test the carts and then sell them alongside the console. Or you could just sell the box without testing anything.

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There isn't much that would make these not work, and even then, a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol usually fixes the problem.

Guarantee you slap $50 on this box and you'll get it quick.

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Doesn't matter if you test it or not, they'll buy it up anyway. You don't expect from nintendo game buyers to actually play their games instead of showcasing to their internet friends how much cred they have by owning original nintendo games, do you?

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Dude, there was a vendor at a flea market selling big box PC games. I was like, "Where did you get all these games? Were you a collector?" He was like, "Nah, I regularly go to the dump and this guy just dumped all of these games there so I thought that I would sell them."

If only that ever happened at my town dump... I bought about 20 titles off of the guy.

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(You)'ve won an award!

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shit bait thread

but like who cares about a box of shit n64 games? go ahead. see if I care.

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What the fuck? If you throw that away you are fucking crazy. Are you rich or something? All that stuff could sell for so much money. Most of us here have to work for days or weeks to afford the stuff in that box, and you’re just going to throw it away and make a thread about it so everyone is angered? We would all love to be able to afford that stuff and you’re making me jealous that you can just throw it away instead of selling it and don’t even care.

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