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>moshi moshi miyamoto desu

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thoughtful nintendo keeping the same av cable for 3 generations.

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I still switch it between my N64 and Gamecube depending on which one I'm playing.

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what went wrong

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If you can't fit newer chargers on older devices or older chargers on newer devices, they don't have to test whether it will set your house on fire. Also, you are only warranted for authorized licensed chargers for that same reason.

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Why'd they change it from Wii onwards anyway? Same as with Sony and PS4

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The Wii connector supports YPbPr (and S-Video) for EDTVs.

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What if I charged them all at once

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>call number
>someone picks up
>immediately hang up

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SNES, N64, and GameCube do S-video over the old multi-out connector too

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>check official Nintendo s-video cable prices
Lmoa, retrocucks in a fucking nutshell.

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Now check the Monster ones

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>$80 for a fucking s-video cable
>they actually sell
People are fucking retarded.

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It's too bad gamesnow stopped making and selling his cables. Dude had nice high quality cheap cables

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I mad emy own Svideo cable by recycling the connector from a shitty Snes Svideo cable and replacing the Svideo cbale with a nice thick one i had from an old video camera, its literally 4 solder points and done, working perefectly after a couple years and its what i use for Snes, N64 and Gcube.

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>tfw no market for replacment SNES shells

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this is the best way to do it
you can actually make an rgb one the same way with a cut up component cable and some resistors and capacitors

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Fuggin' A.

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av famicom also has the same port

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It would be extremely painful.

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>this is the best way to do it
Best way would be to just get male multi out connectors from China.

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desu on wii they should've supported both the snes/n64/gamecube cable and the gamecube "digital" cable, on ps4 sticking to hdmi makes more sense for the long run

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What worries me more is the battery life of the 3DS and older handhelds with a chargeable battery. What if that's completely dried up and you can't recharge it anymore? What if not even 3rd parties would be bothered to make replacement batteries for those? So much for having a GBA SP or a (3)DS with some games or flashcart when you can't even power up the damn thing anymore.

I don't even care if most people don't want to deal with alkaline batteries but I'd rather rely on them if they're still available in 20 years than hope that the original GBA SP and later batteries outlive me.

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finally someone with common sense
third party sp batteries are barely functional right out of the box

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