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If someone sold a kit for one of these half-cab boxes you can sit your CRT monitor on top of would you be interested in buying it?

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rather have the plans/cad files. these type of things are always way too expensive. if it was cheap, yea. it would be cool to put a supergun in

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That looks stupid, you'd have to be on your knees or sitting Indian style to play on the controls.

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Well, you're supposed to sit on a stool or chair. It's supposed to have a similar form factor to a Japanese cab. It could still be a bit higher. About 25" would be good for me (I'm 6').

I think the control panel is a bit thick. You can get away with 3" depth if you're really good. That would give a lot more space for the knees.

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No. lol. That's one of the most retarded designs I've seen since I searched the front page of the internet for mame cabs 30 seconds ago.

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explain why you think it is retarded

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he might not realize you're supposed to put a crt on it. i think the idea is cool but the execution could be better

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>If someone sold a kit for one of these half-cab boxes you can sit your CRT monitor on top of would you be interested in buying it?
No, but I would reengineering it better to suit my purposes. Not a bad 1st draft, but I would certainly rethink a few of the angles and design, but overall its not a bad idea.

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can you post a pic with a crt on top so we can see how dumb it looks?

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>would you be interested in buying it?
No. At that point I could just get a fightstick for cheaper or shell out just a bit more cash to have the full thing. You'd be essentially paying for an expensive TV stand otherwise.

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the idea is it would be
>easy to move
>easy to rotate monitor
>able to fit large PVM-style monitors with ease

Yes, it is a TV stand of a type, but it also recreates the form factor of a candy cab for those who want that experience. It would be more stable than an arcade stick, and the viewing angle and distance from the monitor should be close to a candy cab if set up right.

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This is with a 29" monitor. I agree with some other posters that some tweaks would be needed to the design, notably a thinner control panel, possibly with a slanted underside instead of just a rectangle.

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What the hell did they call this style cabinet? I know they took them to events and put a pvm or consumer set on them but I forget what they were called.

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another version

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They are called "cigarbob" cabinets named after the player that brought them, who also owned an online arcade parts store that was among the first to start selling Japanese parts in the US.

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>"cigarbob" cabinet
Thanks! I have a new astro city so no need for one, but they are a cool idea.

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How could it be set up with anything other than a 90 degree viewing angle? If the surface was declined, maybe. This is just a cube with a control panel attached to it.

It's funny because I've seen this image many times in thumbnail and I always assumed it was some kind of a cocktail cabinet with a fuck hueg crt mounted face up, which would be no less uncomfortable a viewing angle and take up a lot less space

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If you're the real gramps can you tell me a story of degeneracy in your younger days? I miss storytime.

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Depends on what kind of CRT you use. I plan on using a 21" PC CRT with the standard adjustable angle stand.
Some presentation monitors have feet that can adjust their height and angle.
A sloped surface would work nicely. My own build will probably incorporate that.
Or just put some plain old spacers under the front of the monitor to adjust height.

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Ummmm okay so the first cab I ever bought was my Taito tri-crt Ninja Warriors. I used to have this bad habit of buying stuff with no plan whatsoever on how to get it home so we loaded it up in the back of this Subaru Brat and I freaking ride home standing in the back with it, no tie downs no nothing just me. The very first corner the guy took the thing tips and Jesus Christ I'm surprised I didn't die between the panic and the very real possibility of being thrown out the back of a ute at 25mph while desperately hanging onto what is still the top heaviest cabinet I own... I don't know if it counts as degeneracy but it certainly was stupid.

Also for the same price I could have had a Sega holographic cabinet if I had just asked if it was for sale, or a 6 player X-Men but that one might have actually killed me.

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what's with the bike in the front?

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Thanks for the story.

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No problem I got a million of them

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There are far too many reasons to list here but I'll start with the basics. It's pointless hipstershit. I have an end table, a crt and an HSS-0130. My setup is more flexible, more functional and all around better than yours. I've been making cabs since the 80's. I know a turd when I see one.

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pic related

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>more functional
That HSS-0130 will not be as stable unless you bolt it to the table, and then it will be very ugly. A dedicated control panel is preferable for me.

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It's ugly as sin. Compare that to the Neo Geo next to it. You've got what would've been all that empty surface area covered by the slanted monitor, making it more compact.

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It needs the tilt.

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You could build the cab and include a sloped surface for less than $200 using materials you could go buy from Lowes tomorrow.

Getting a Neo cab is at least hundreds more if not over $1000 when all is said and done. And there is the potential for a better monitor on the cigarbob cab than what you will get in an old candy cab, unless you want to hunt down and pay even more $$$ for a good arcade monitor.

Candies are great, but let's not pretend this thing and them are direct competitors. I think this is a good compromise for someone who wants a similar experience from the gameplay perspective.

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This is what I want. I would pay up to $300 for it. I can't believe no one sells a kit like this yet. The closest thing you can get is a bartop.

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There's an even smaller form similar to that, Korean arcade squat cab. Meant to be placed on the front step of a storefront and built to be resistant to both the elements and wear & tear from a civilized user base (so, unsuitable for white piggus). Or, if placed on the floor, yes you sit Indian-style to play them. I love them, small screens and all.




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Shit, they are really small! I bet you some smart guy will buy up some of them and resell them as mini cabs in the US.

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Buy the wood and make it yourself and you'll have it for less than $300.

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It will be just as stable and look just like your turd if mounted in an easy to make bracket. I mean obviously it won't have fewer and less colorful buttons but I'm talking about the mounting. You're going to have to try a lot harder than that sport.

Literally every "arcade" in every 3rd world village if full of those. They cost about 50 bucks. They're shit. But better than OP's turd.

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There used to be wooden desks with downward-sloped rears for monitors. Some were permanently like that and some could be tilted down or brought back up to be level with the rest of the desk. Same concept could be adapted for diy arcade cabinet use.

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>Literally every "arcade" in every 3rd world village if full of those
post a photo

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I've always found these types desk fascinating and wanted to build something out of one.

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I googled for a few things "third world shithole computer
and looks like etsyfags make them as well. Of course they cost more but not having to deal with shitskins might be worth it.

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>wants to buy nigger rig off etsy
anon, the shitskin is you

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That looks nothing like what is in >>5508172

I'm convinced you're a troll.

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I could probably come up with a design for this without too much trouble, though personally I would opt for a bolt/nut/brace construction over screwing directly into wood to give it more longevity. Does anyone know the typical monitor angles for arcade cabinets like this? I'm measuring 125 degrees on this particular picture.

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I don't know the angle nor have access to a cab to measure it, but I think a Sega Aero City would be the cab to use as inspiration for this project due to its straight lines. Someone has made a 3d sketchup design for it here:

There are some other versions on that site if you look in google images for Sega Aero City.

However, I think a version designed to house 19" monitors would probably be more popular than a full 29" size. More like this

There are a lot of other cabs on that site to look at.

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more examples

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and the thing is a lot of the discussion I have seen before about this subject of wooden candy cabs has been dealing with trying to recreate the smooth round metal look. But that is not really such a big deal for me.

A flat pack that was built and looked like western cabinets or Australian lowboy cabinets but in a different form factor would be fine. Something like this, but shaped like a Japanese cabinet where you sit on a stool and have a little room to put your feet underneath, and the monitor is not at such an angle.

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Thanks for the references my man, it will surely help. Probably the only other thing I would need is the actual dimensions of typical 19" monitors to see what range of sizes would be necessary, preferably in millimeters.

>dealing with trying to recreate the smooth round metal look
Yeah, trying to make wood look like stamped metal is an exercise in futility.
>sit on a stool
What height of stool is typically used? I have a 730 mm stool I use for working and my drum throne is at 570 mm, but searching around it seems it depends on the cab. Some people were saying that 450-430 mm were best but that seems a bit short.

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Nah I'm totally serious brah. >>5508172 should rush over to etsy and buy at least 3 of those.


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